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April 11, 2022 7:43 am

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April 11, 2022 7:43 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What do you think about Gnostic teaching---2- Were some books left out of the Bible---3- What do you think about Adrian Rogers saying that you have to be immersed when baptized---4- Does God hate some- Doesn't that mean he can't be all-loving---5- A caller wanted to dispute Calvinism.--6- Why are people so inconsistent, not believing parts of the Bible---7- Did Jesus speak in parables because he knew those people wouldn't believe anyway-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president apologetics research was found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine and Thursday.

Article 5, lines 772072276. I want to hear from reputed question of the Bible, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unibody Islam, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox atheism and agnosticism of pollution to oppose all cult stuff.

Christian theology and doctrine.

All you do is give me a call 877-207-2276. Alright so so what you last night. I did go after this show, our break and then I went in and did online avian set TV and goes out to Lord of the continents. Different nations different network TV network and we discussed the issue of of positive confession is heresy and so no big deal.

Tonight will be on the work we discussing the new apostolic Reformation a little bit of thought about the father confesses that there might be someone on tonight who is going to defend Kenneth Hagan. So I think it'll be an interesting possibility. We'll see what happens.

You never know, but don't be on avian set TV York Trinity Trinity places you go check it out to it'll be in three hours from now two hours from now they'll be 8 PM Eastern time. So there you go check it out all right for the lines going to be call 877-207-2276 what you recall, we can talk all right, let's get to Calvin from Raleigh, North Carolina, and welcome near I might, I got I I read a book, not God Bible: "scapegoat in right with Bible on it like all the beauty what Christ was about all not know. I got through stuff.

Over the years. It's Gnostic and it's just false. It's getting pretty credence in it so it is a system of superficial material that people wrote because they say Jesus said this or that there is no documentation to show what it contradicts Scripture.

The church knew what was a truth rejected those documents as false documents as just another work of the devil will try with Ali about the book of the Bible because I'm not a Bible with the agreed that the people at the book were not able to put out the world thought they were left out because they were never in understand this when the Old Testament was given to us by the Jews in the Christian church didn't have any problem with anything in the Old Testament when the New Testament came along. It came along because the apostles wrote and so the New Testament church recognized their authority and collected them and that's it. There wasn't any other book talus exclude this and put that in the just took with the apostles, wrote in. That's what Scripture is. So they understood the comes later on. People say I was taken out of the Bible. Now, it was never part of the Bible know Paul wrote things. For example, he writes to the church is writing authoritatively as it is an apostle.

That's that's in and you know if Bob from another country says all Jesus appeared to me to vision is what he said the church is going to your right go away and people safe hello see they took it out of the Bible what it was. Never. And we talk about okay I got okay thank you Matt, you welcome God bless. Okay, they fluctuating the call 20837737202773790B, I say somebody ties that even think about it or think about the threat. Yes, it is 2080 don't list admissible number. It's 877-207-2276 man numbers my hit all right. It's good to Valerie from Utah Valerie welcome you are on the I'm doing fine by God's grace we got okay for your child that I heard your phone, you can listen you on.

How can dry out okay.

Got sure. I believe that Jesus was sprinkled not immersed also believe that some people mistakenly think the word baptism automatically means to be immersed in it doesn't.

I can show from Scripture that is not the case but nevertheless Jesus was baptized and that's in Matthew 315 and Nick specifically says there that Jesus was to be baptized in order to fulfill all righteousness will to fulfill what is that mean means Old Testament law. So what did he fulfill well yet to be 30 years of age. This is out of numbers for the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, take a census of the descendents of co-sons of Levi families from 30 years up even to 50 years old to do work in the tent of meeting had to be washed with water and bring see that and Exodus 29 that to be consecrated to be washed with water that was interesting as it says in 29.9124 is be washed with water okay in Leviticus 86 it says that he walked with water, the priest to be in this position washed with water and numbers 87 as is and thus you shall do for Check the status of the Leviticus 8, six and 87 then Moses said to Aaron and his sons come near and wash them with water and thus you shall do for them for their cleansing. Sprinkle purifying water on them. The washing of the water was by sprinkling of people blown away with a Swiss as a Leviticus chapter 6 chapter 8 verses six and seven so close was a verbal blessing given exit 2039, 43, number six, 22, 27, and a voice out of heaven. This is my beloved son, whom I will pleased, and it had to be anointed with oil in this you shall take the anointing oil poured on his head and anoint him exit 29 innings on so Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit hit a verbal blessing. My beloved son in whom I will pleased he was 30 years of age and according to Levitical law sprinkled so there you go out. People are surprised to hear something to think about this choice of the here is a jewel to yes it says it will come about after this that I will pour out my Spirit on all mankind pour out my spirit. That's what the Scriptures teach to be poured out so that in that the Holy Spirit is poured right so if that's the case, we know that that that is the case, misfit's here port baptized and so we know that the Holy Spirit is poured out upon the subject to 16 through 18, but this is what was spoken through the prophet Joel and it shall be the last days, God says I'll pour forth my spirit. Verse 18 last days I will pour forth my spirit so there's lots of places where itpoured out next to 33 received in the fall of the promise of the Holy Spirit is poured forth in this what you seem seem so the Holy Spirit is poured forth. That's how it's prophesied.

That's what it is now with interesting is that's what's called the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the pouring forth of the spirit can people. Now knowing X15 for John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now if John baptized with water in it means immersion then those would assess for John immersed with water. You'll be immersed with the Holy Spirit only days from now. But that doesn't fit because of not immersed in the Holy Spirit delivers poured out upon us.

That's the biblical so if she emphasized that all of Judea was going out to John to be baptized. There were 300,000 people in the whole area and says all of Judea and Jerusalem are going out.

So how many people being baptized by John if he was doing this five days a week at eight hours a day in the Jordan River clears issue hypothermia in the water, but he'd have to be baptizing them like one a minute for eight hours.

It just doesn't make sense and so more show when this kind of things going on. John baptized with water to be baptizing Holy Spirit so the Holy Spirit is poured out.

Could it be that you be baptized with water, means you before but always report on or the baptism we report on you by John.

That's how he could do it for thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people and since Jesus was baptized according the law.

It looks like he was sprinkled more. There's more stuff like this. I like a lot of the program is great to hear on the radio and I went baptized as a baby and I know that not that my faith in Christ and what he get them out of crap but he paid it all the crap I know that Moran think that and and that on bad I get that you and I find it interesting that the different religions and how they either admires you or they sprinkling you are your take on it because I value what you have to establish something for years and years and years on my first time, and now I think you for taking the time with me today that you know go where it where it originated in the Old Testament kind of prophesied over it. I feel like from what you what what it was with a prophecy going to work when it comes time to type with me today about that man. Well, I take a view that's not very popular but the more I study convinced well let's take a look at what it says and needs are doing that you wait a minute. It's not as clear club Drive people say my ear for your time and I sure appreciate it and I will look forward to coming on. I hope you do great. I left you to couple ascetics so we think that folks that there is a lot more I could have taught on that this is absolutely not popular. I'm saying that I'm reading the Scriptures going from what it says. Why think this will 70776. We live call 77077 back to the show going on here with that we lost James will be called back.

We can talk about and now let's get to Mike from Denver like welcome here, I met Michael sure I question I thought I would like to pose to you.

I know that your children I was looking to date. Several years ago between was tight and Kate is a Christian apologist for Eric and an atheist but Molly talked about you know the Odyssey was talked about a lot and I also believe Helen Esther's Presbytery was saying that God is not all loving God hates some. Do you agree with that. I just want to know what you would get some 55 on 11 five God hates all who do iniquity would assess. Why do you think so maybe a few Christian debate kind of go around in circles when were callous to say there is no problem of evil God, loving. The problem is what what what what what we see collect you just mix some things she said, because not all loving, no, that's not a biblical statement take all loving Jesus will often bring this up to me in sync with your God is all loving us excuse me. Nowhere in the Bible to say God is all loving and also what does it mean to be all loving doesn't mean there's no justice, no holiness, no mercy you taking one aspect of his of his nature and rise raising above other attributes and then judging God by one of the fallacy of composition. The engines blue. Therefore, the entire car is blue false sleep.

You take all of what is called the doctrine of divine simplicity, so they often misrepresent who God is. When they do this in the Bible says for sure for God's love, which is really interesting, but it will says he's just also says he's holy so there's several attributes we have to combine and say how do we work in the mall but yet the Bible does say just for people who aren't sure about this will show you. The boastful shall not stand before your eyes. You hate all who do iniquity. Psalm 55 Psalm 11 five says the Lord tests the righteous and the wicked and the one who loves violence his soul hates. So yeah, God does hate people.

He hates those who love iniquity into violence. So when they say God loves everyone were to say that Scripture doesn't say that by now.

Matthew 542 to 48. This is God loves everyone in the generic sense, what we call providential love the sun and the rain fall upon everybody that's how he loves everybody that sense different senses of it, and we quit okay maybe like maybe getting out like second Peter three patient with you not wanting to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. Maybe in the context of Elder getting her anywhere. Well, this is this is not an easy one to get to quickly that you could set up your 39 nobody for any personal fault can repentance of them have asked the question. Can God want one thing and arrange another Masters.

Yes, if God wants everyone to believe, not much for any to perish, then why is it. For example, a first sample 314 God said that the iniquities of Eli's house will not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever or go to Mark for 10 to 12 were Jesus speaks in parables, and ask him why he says so people will not be saved. And so we have to harmonize everything and not wishing for any to perish, who's the any wood or who's the always is for all the can repentance this is not an easy one. I can offer several things takes about 10 minutes ago to the teaching on this, but so we talk of people going to hell that we have to get to Romans nine 9023 and then we get into the issue of file forgotten what a Christian just like this couldn't like this part Scripture would've got all the will to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, and so he does this kind of thing and then there's Proverbs 16 for which says the Lord is made everything for its own purpose. Even the wicked for the day of evil. So often what happens is people bring up one verse. For example, God is love, and they represent God with the one verse or God, is everyone just love the world that means you can't hate anybody.

It's not true in the very thing they stunted their own spiritual exegetical growth when they do the kind of thing we got to talk about this today for a couple hours earlier today online. Some people there.

I think you, I'll let that's okay with the issue of theodicy with reform people. There is no problem of evil.

God uses it. He ordained it. It doesn't mean he caused it to be familiar with ultimate proximate and efficient causation like little okay so how about this Adam and Eve were in the garden and Adam shows of his own free will to rebel against God.

Adam freely chose to sin. He is the efficient cause of his own rebellion, God didn't force them. The devil did not force him. He made his own free will choice and he rebelled and send that he's the efficient cause, the proximate cause of Adam's rebellion is the fact that God allowed Satan into the garden, God made the trees made Adam put them in that garden so that's the proximate cause the circumstances. The situation, but that does not mean God is the efficient cause that's Adam's fault, the ultimate because God is the ultimate cause of everything to secrete the universe and everything in it and then proximate is he created the circumstances and the place where we are in with the efficient cause is we do it of her own free will and so this is another issue of why evils in the world and God can work with it, but not be the efficient cause of evil. He could have proximate control over it.

He's not the efficient cause, so therefore it's within his sovereign plan okay okay thank you I like God bless. All right yeah those are interesting conversations and is worth the talk about those things more I like to teach on those and go to the more slowly more details Christians to get grounded into more understanding of how God can work sovereignly through different situations is a great God we have for the logic you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 will be really confused now title at the bottom of the hour fly and by so let's get to Alberto from Georgia, Alberto welcomed on the Alberto anybody there. Alberto, I did hit the right button time here. Maybe he's doing something else was ready because infrequently let's just hold and let's see you there couple minutes. Let me just jump onto the next caller don't know who it is that we just jump on and they welcome you on the air. Okay yes yes I am.

There's a break man, sorry for you although you raised is the whole of the river folks. We have lunch with you always. 72077657707 back everyone at 20 McCall 707-2276 roof line McCall with Qubec on Margaret still there. Yes. Alright, so we got all a little bit about the garden. Well, God, I get a providential idea that God created everything that I'm aware he allowed that, and that Adam, of course And then let die here.

The body and all that and I talked to Shane the body and spirit guide and not me.

You know what being worked out now you have to be born of the Spirit of God that I clearly Scripture all all and of course she is an like I would with your question. At that school.

Anything you actually believe what the other course don't you believe it you believe is not all human will is Scripture just you have any verse given the Scriptures tell you if I knew I would tell you had a time I often help people Israel know that versus over here. I help them out. I know of no lawful world that will easily Scripture right it will all into that. But notice the issue. God predestined it is not. John 316. Okay, so the issue God predestined that that's in that God does because the Bible says so for Christians who reject it is to reject Christian Scripture John 316 for God so the world he gave his only begotten son, that all the believing one possible stool in the Greek all the one believing singular doesn't say whoever is old. No no no no. The Greek word for whoever is close close it's not there in the Greek and John 316. What it actually says is possible. Hop the stool. All the believing one that's the literal Greek lot of people have no clue about this and I have to show it to them because all that person only hold on strongly that I fight the Lord got you got let me ask you question small? Let me ask you question will deny God's word in your rebellion is what you do not and you're not listening. I love I'm trying to help you then you need to listen trying to force you to do anything.

I'm trying to get you to listen for a second you want to listen okay well she's obviously not someone who wants to hear.

With the word of God actually says she is someone who is submitting the word of God to what she thinks. It says to her ideology. I tried to get her to listen.

She repeatedly refused to do that to hang up on. She repeatedly refused soak in all okay Mexican argument with a woman on the on the here so I wanted tell her own and show Russ to show her the verses that use the word predestined and see if she was going to agree or disagree with what the word of God says I can ask her question because this is something that people ask all or sale at time. She simply wants everyone to be saved well does he say that in word to say that no say he wants all men to come to repentance, not wishing for any repentance to Paris and when I talk to them literally speaking about these very verses this morning for couple of hours about an hour guest online in another venue talking and teaching on this and people were hearing were going through things.

I was explaining what it means was related because here's the thing we have to harmonize all of Scripture we do not want to take one verse and then raise one verse above the other verses when she brought up John 316. I showed her what the Greeks said basically kinda dismissed it, and when I do something else. He wants all to be saved. I was can ask her very simplest and asked her are you sure that God wants everyone to believe, and she's gonna have to say will yes then I may take her to Mark for 10 to 12 were Jesus speaks in parables, and they ask him why and he says to escape, so that people will not believe, then you have to ask the question why is it. If God wants every individual as they say, to be saved. Why does Jesus be comparable so they won't safe was not the case at every individual be saved. That's the difficult question to ask them and they don't want even get that far. She would even listen trying to get to that place of having a conversation. She's willing welcome to call back again. She's gotta be polite, okay, that's 100 actually do with with the text says not with what she thinks.

It says in her denial of God's word. That's what she was doing. Alberto from Georgia. He will be there buddy farther earlier at the trafficker. Yeah, my preacher that a man only limit the congregation yet that is built on live up to the did everything I do not remember though, that's hypocrisy that badly shouldn't do it. I think you know so they'll put you in Shane. I get on days like a muddy couple of rebuilder your span of time and but all things all rigged up. Emily is all set up church members and the knowledge and it kind of got a hold of the poor is forgiveness Alberto were the things I noticed your interest to your different you call up and not complaining at all why I enjoy your call, so please keep calling you, you bit different in that you you see things and then you asked these questions is usually about the inconsistencies of people's actions believe something like that truly interest puts on you, lady,, but what about brother or the people that make top all they let the denomination order and I went to learn the root of the Greek word put away with and in the original language in written manuscript you don't know and I'll be when are you got a little bit year to year. This is why in the right just yes. But just because of the study for years doesn't mean I'm right but I have the settings I know that things and so I can I can actually go through and find the verses that talk about people being predestined and you I want to do is in PC like she just didn't want to hear.

I mean, she just kept going cold. On the one thing to another to another and not the problem with this is pretty common in the church because they have a good foundation you know that it awakened They scream and shout you down and I went to listen, you know, it went up my pastor's original letterhead on Florida by his wife went by the Chronicle. Glad you got a question, should I scream interrupted me constantly living at the question and should be a really cool you think we want to reach out interrupted a preacher and quiet that Pam can't interrupt the creatures that that's a particular instance representative of all PF but I have talked to thousands and thousands of Christians been waiting for 17 years. My websites had almost hundred 50 million visitors got thousands and thousands of emails I've talked on pal talk discord, clubhouse, Facebook, Skype, I thought this thousands of people and I've learned a lot of things this minute right about everything I've learned a lot and will tell you a lot of people to submit the word of God to their own feelings and I like what about this. What about that, what about this and when you get someone who doesn't want to let it happens in a lot of places because they already have. God figured out and not allowed to vote, but any rate that enters inconsistencies everywhere in New Salem so this would read Laura, thank you, thank you for your girl, your great knowledge of the Scriptures. Okay. Will God bless and all right he function for open lines going to give me a call in the bricks coming up any second, but to the number 877-207-2276. Please give me call you right back after mass, like why call 7707 work, welcome around here talking to you hopefully you just may have to hold off a little bit okay will put them on hold script to the next caller which is Kevin from New York Kevin welcome to call info.

Okay, so we want talk about drinking that lady point you're breaking up breaking can you repeat that regarding their okay with now. Go ahead.

Yeah. So obviously God predestined people that woman's understanding of how to greeted God desires that none should perish welcome. I think it will why did you just be comparable so people wouldn't believe what I think God knows everything you knew those people and leave anyway and also Israel listless address that. Is there any case do you think where people without God's intervention, and you don't do any work on their souls anything like that where It is their natural state, unbelievers, and someone preaches is that enough to save them in a number by itself in freedom by hearing the word of God just just that without God working on them doing anything.

Just hearing the word that enough all question because now come by hearing and hearing the word of God you are looking people here. It was the creatures that right so the Bible deftly said that faith comes from hearing the word of God now. God willing extra step three. Prepare people to your I think that's true to the question becomes is an unbeliever in his state of unbelief is incapable of believing in God on his own sinful free will is the Bible so simply was a hater. God doesn't see for God can do no good doesn't desire him is full of evil is dentistry investors in the so then he would not be able to his own free will optically write no I believe we have the free will choice to choose God is rejected because it hard. But if the Bible says the unbeliever. You cannot understand or see the things of God that he said he does not seek for God. He does no good. He's a slave of sin. So how I would like that.

Just believe what it you got. Okay so that was a cancer.

Cindy can't his own free will. Right. The God has do something right because I believe that the Holy Spirit draws all men you will draw all men to myself. I think they were all likely hold on hold. Technically, Jesus said that that the Holy Spirit draws but Jesus withdraws okay okay why are they not one God. Yes, another topic, but Jesus is a fight with your I will draw men to myself. John 1230 is not proper for you say the Holy Spirit does that okay will the Holy Spirit's job is to convict all the right track exactly so they hear the word of God preached that while I've broken God's command on the center Holy Spirit job so I would say it's part of the drawing process so then you are admitting then that an unbeliever of this own just own naked unassisted free will won't believe in God, right yeah I agree that without hearing to validate with the preaching me with the preaching okay. They have to be convicted right Holy Spirit. Jesus says you cannot come to business father draws you. John 644 John 655. He said you can't come to this been granted to the father and the Bible says that she was been granted to believe 129 so this is more and more were see what God does right now what man does right right okay okay good, but I believe that every man is granted, the measure of faith is the wrong thing that God grant those to come to believe it's okay well this is what Jesus is this balance at let's balance at this good cook. Good conversation. So Jesus says in John 637 3328 John 628 they were saying to him what must we do to work the works of God and Jesus said to them, this is the work of God, that you believe in him believe is so work of God. That person believe in Jesus right.

Okay, good.

So then why is it some don't believe in Jesus because they are there are godly proud but gives grace to the humble strategy that's true. So is it is the only way to believe because God grants that you believe no because God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble cake, but it says in Philippians 21 29 assists you is been granted has been granted is the alias Pat was it's the NSP by giving you the Greek okay is that Aristotle goodbye I don't I'm a majority text only got a guy like him knocking James only by majority text only. I reject all of the manuscript you can majority text that'll believe which one you want me to go with King James reading James new King James modern King James Geneva Bible to pick one right and so let's go to Philippians 129 and the king to date unto you, it is been given in behalf of Christ number to believe in him, but also suffer. Okay has been good.

I is given right. That's the verb right Clarice the okay. It's the aorist passive indicative with that means is it's the past tense that you receive the action and its indicative in the proclamation. It is actually a fact so it is been given that you believe or is been granted that you believe is been it's occurs to you who does and I suggested it integrated because you have humbled all of God grants it to you because of how good you are, how no yes yes is good but god blue-eyed you say because you humbled yourself as being humble, good thing well you bible have good perfect there's nothing god no not know no don't don't don't do that will save the bible's definition of perfect.

if you have any verses for that. so here little time to make up theology.

god centered is himself, not us exactly what yes we are not so if it's us to believe just simply up to us completely and totally. why is it that jesus says that you can't come to me listening.

granted you the father.

i'm not saying holy okay i believe that is all god. okay, i believe that i believe that god is sovereign and i also believe that he has created us with a free will choice any for those who believe in the world and those before believe you didn't put in the lamb's book of life of the founders world is an image of so before knows who believe you have any verses for that script i want you first peter 12 says that first peter 12, according to the mortality guy react to read it okay who were chosen right, according to the foreknowledge of god the father. so you're saying then that god knows what people can do and he saves them based on what he sees are going to do no so okay so what is it based on that which is foreknowledge main everything does it get that where you get that you can't wait for god's foreknowledge, your assuming foreknowledge means that he knows the future, and all think it might be. i'm saying i do this with christians all the time. don't assume it. what does it actually zero. what you think about cutting okay so before time began before god created anything before you all is sheet that would believe so before we ever did it, we believe right because he knows who all was going so great is you need to leave so in time, it appears like were choosing god, but in reality it is not first so you just said we believe because he knows all who would believe the right accent that is making sense is not coherence lawyer for our perspective it doesn't know know it's it's incoherent. we believe because he knows who would believe.

that's not that doesn't work, we don't believe because he knows who would believe. we believe because he granted that we believe that acts 1340 x as many as had been to point to eternal life believed there point to turn left. that's why they believe god appointed to eternal life, and i really like because they believe know that's conditional. assume that means that god is choosing to the foundation of the world because of the good quality he sees in them, namely that he will build believe no in christ. yes it is, yes it is you are saying that god will choose someone based on his foreknowledge that they will believe you're saying is for his choices based on something he sees in them is favoritism rejected in scripture is god will bring will greater than still be it's it's favoritism is humanism. god does not keep how people say because of a good-quality and then would you agree i agree. okay, good. so is there a condition which people your god looks in the future, so to speak, whatever that means.

okay for and i will we know what you there god i am one of those are many more. i think i will. i would call them morons but but anyway, go ahead. i believe that god has always known everything and there was never any point where he did not know all ever good. now this foreknowledge of god that he obtains has obtained whatever you want. call it is that's right. but is it based upon what he sees. people will do what he knows will what he knows what's it based on okay which is based on. here's the answer is based on his decrees not on what he understands people doing different circumstances because they can't exist and do anything, under any circumstance and was god grants that they exist, but he would only grant that they exist. if it's his will and choice to do that. therefore, the reason they would make any choices because ultimately foundational god. this is why that's the right answer. call back tomorrow for the okay great conversational right time charters is the joy that i the lord bless you guys grateful back on your another program powered by the truth network

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