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March 29, 2022 5:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 29, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- I keep seeing weird lights on the video at my home. What should I do---2- What does Job 38-14 mean- Does it imply a flat earth---3- Can a Christian couple get divorced---4- Does Proverbs 8-27 prove a spherical earth---5- What is the spirit of Elijah---6- In 1 Corinthians 13-10, is -the perfect- the complete canon of Scripture- Did the gifts cease after the Bible was revealed---7- Will TV evangelists like Joel Osteen go to heaven-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more you sell the 2076] we went right elsewhere should you recall the poetry to make an adjustment to your okay we can adjustment so people can hear me in the audio area actually have so that we do on the on YouTube. I guess we also do it on Facebook where you can watch the show.

Watch me sitting here with my headset on not that big a deal, but people do watch, but was really good about his people in the chat room. There is a lot of fellowship people become friends from right so a lot of stuff going on my release and article today called what is the immaculate heart of Mary and will probably not talk about that.

I am so convinced that the Roman Catholic Church is so apostate. It is such a false church it's idolatrous read some stuff later.

Some of this to come up with. It's just insane, but not what happens will to see how that goes. But if you leave me a call 877-207-2276 or Terry Terry Terry Johnson. She's great.

I'll be down there you can be taken off all be done tomorrow will and leaving my list. I will be list on the error of Thursday and Friday.

Tomorrow and Friday because my travel down to Salt Lake City and Luke will be doing a show Thursday or Friday hopefully protect problems are also does a great job and he and I and others are going to the Hindu festival Mormons and God was witnessing stuff like that and know how Québec probably Monday see how it goes. Alright, so I don't have dinner someplace Friday. I don't know if the basilisk to check it out. Laura is a play she could find it. So as a private room or some like that without noise don't meet someplace. Just a counselor of the looking out big deal to say that slick, have dinner, select out to on Friday night will soon arrange if not, that's a possibility. You may call for guidelines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Cory from Raleigh, North Carolina Cory, welcome their weight element of the Saturday night and my in my bedroom by letting you what will sit against what happened at the Saturday night about 130 in the morning I was laying in bed about and Mike got most the night at my mom name I met the pyramid rattling at it made the trip north like that with movement Emily and a bit. I look at Apple my phone and I looked at my phone.

I felt lot or line around my room and there was no heat on Arellano Bangor in the bank that in a way were going to really like and they will be like bypass the league adeptly.

Dale noted they were they were some natural trails. I complained guy and start I got one in my room while I will come up with a camera running out of XO by my lackluster short when I left the house I got back at Melissa.

I want to camera my out morning and never saw not one so I will wait a week, back home yesterday and turn the light out, it would bedroom but it would stop me all of the remodeling room is live so they might be coming on your son that holds hold 15 arrives at the house with you and all you believers know my neighbor now your lady start and that it really brought out. It is all the young couple that lived there. After quite so present there, but I get out of work like I work at the bottom brought them in the house might be good about wreath about that that is now no runabout component yet. Maybe it might burn out way you go to church.

I do like okay okay so hopefully I'm sorry what about the baby out… Dammit where in that it. It was Guardian by Guardian, Guardian okay mask mask what must you restart the shamans are sinful should stay away from them. Consult people who are essentially on the side of witchcraft and the occult shaman is not that it's not a startled oratorical record that's bad okay almonds or I had no good shamans is like sends a good which okay doesn't exist. All right you are still so check it out. Shamans which can open doors of your call to give you such a good shaman. There's no such thing spiritually. There is no such thing so you could be get involved to give you doors because you involve the call. Do not do much. You don't know you got to go to church if you go to Melanie Hoskins the church you go to have with pastor women elders no elders over that okay good answer. I not okay does the church you attend have women pastors or women elders.

So does have women elders right it okay so you going to a false church also women elders are not biblical. Okay women are not supposed to pastors and elders, so your your your bad shape to go to a church is not biblical and you consulted a shaman which is cultic and bad when you need to do is find a good church to go to my website, and you look at the article look to look for in a church what to look for a church in the phone answer, some churches and you start interviewing what you do what you say that you have these question. You know what pastors and elders at this so yesterday. Sorry I don't go there and then you need to have the elders involved with your with your situation because if it could be a technical problem with the with the equipment that's always a possibility it could also be a possibility that you've opened up doors because while Cigna shaman is really bad spiritually. It's very, very sinful. Pretty bad.

You need to find a good survey but you want to go to is the good church is going to pastors with women elders got just forget that church so you can stop you that it is to write about and thought out loud lately so you can't hold you can have a shaman Camacho house not going about your okay so let me is so select what you are thinking of doing was having a someone whose involved in in the cult and spiritism come out and help you is that of the Lord Jesus Christ apparently know you not being taught at the church that you're going to and you're getting really can use. You need to find good church look for something like a Calvary Chapel or Rebecca Baptist Church or Evangelical free their Lotta good independent trends around but you have to know what to look for go to my website, and look up for the article but to look for in a church okay. There there. Everybody around audit but I know out everyone I leave out all going to make a ligament. You know that's what okay it's a it's it's a medium. This just like spiritism contacting the dead, contacting spiritual forces using divination very things like that. It is very bad cultic and quite sinful.

You need to stay away from it that we have out… Browse the Army away. Go to the house but would you let me ask you something you you know… It when you die and you go to heaven and God's talking to you when he says, why should let you have and what would you tell what's the reason you should go to heaven.

What is so I have a really yelled okay. Do you understand for one thing, but that at that, but I would work, but I believe you out time and I will be with you know that Jesus Christ is God in flesh. It you he died and I learned this good good right hand. You know that he died on the cross and rose the dead three days later it have you ever trusted in Christ look to Jesus alone for the forgiveness of your sins trusted with you to receive what he has to okay well if she only know make sure you're saved. I can't judge that over the radio. I don't know in person. I can ask a question but the fact that you don't I know I'm sorry to say, well, you consider yourself saved you go to Falls Church and you can check out a shaman who was is is evil. I so look apparently you don't find a good church didn't get involved in a good church get grounded.

You shouldn't we just listen. Some guy named select on the radio.

You gotta get involved.

The good local church a good bunch of people on the website harm. There's an article what to look for the church you check that out okay. All right logical you to call 877207 why call 7707 that's what you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877207276 that's good to Kurt from North Carolina current welcome and I really like that are debated that everything is going to get your thought on the one bill Job 3814 where it had the air take shape like they under seal it be to stand out like those of a garment would be what it at me. The question of context to give her your life than in the morning and cause a domino's place.

It might take hold of the ends of the earth and the with to be shaken out of it. It is James like clay, under the seal and stand for, select the garment the wicked.

Their light is withheld. I don't know octagon is I don't know.

It's interesting to do some research on it and see its poetry, so I'm not sure what he's doing tonight Evan I would tell you? Okay, try to slide to the Hebrew that they that really felt without him and that would I get that type of going and feeling would be like not billing clay of an envelope. They like the B-flat with the field or and like reading nouns like nonaudit you know that the good Donna I did I think about you don't believe the earth is flat. Do you not me out on the demo letter went out about the Bible does not say is I say that is that okay it just is this just ridiculous and was change like clay, under the seal is the say it is a single, but how the earth is impressed and changed and moved the way of seal imprints upon something else. That's what's going on, but there for the wicked their life is withheld and stuff on as look at you and the wicked be shaken out of it. So that's verse 13's or the good, it's a good ticket literally the day means that means then that the earth is flat, which is just dumb but so are the wicked and shaken out of the earth to humans is not the horse can shake a negative thought of it. Ask if I might be taken by the baking with. So the problem is that there saying that the earth can be shaken in the wicked fall out of it. That means is gravity that's working underneath the earth, which to them would be flat and that the wicked are going to fall off the edge of the Earth's letter stuff is just so Tom, sorry but it is system okay with your time with fabricated all right.

Okay like our octagon bless all right, let's get to Mark from Florida Mark welcome your requesting this comes up very often.

Naturally, right where I live. Third, South Florida, situation, but one into the core were you have too couple and are they know they're leaving Christian. One of them want to get divorced and the other one doesn't. And I've actually had the mapping you would like you in that situation. I don't really have any and instantly run into what I wanted to say there's a question couple one wants a dryer settle does not okay correct and then they asked you so. They did yeah I wanted without the core of this one particular situation recently with my barber.

You actually his wife served him and yet you go through the roof form that his wife serves him, Sir, divorced 00 served in divorce papers. Okay fire service. I was the surgeon okay service of the divorce papers all right. He goes her search okay to go ahead and you know why I asked Mo why would she do that while I know I had a mishap with pornography and I said well I can look anything like I'm having a lot of trouble following what you're saying Sen. so you're saying she had or she had probably had the you had a problem.

He did okay him overheated and since then you repent, you know, when I asked them I could you think and repent of it and Stockton. He not only repented, but he actually hates it for what it is and I will look that's good you know why which you know I said I don't believe that divorce worthy, but I want to get your confirmation on that or some insight on what so questions that go along with this, or if she claims to be a Christian than the elders of the church that they go to together need to be involved.

I don't believe she has the right to divorce him, though some would say technically that's a form of adultery and therefore she can get rid of them. That's something that the elders would need to to talk about because usually that situation is and by itself, it has variations in those need to be talked about, but if it's just this one thing, and he has repented of it the LD to talk to her about this as well as him to see if true reconciliation is possible. I don't believe that that is a deportable issue but you see is not as simple as that.

Because let's say there's either one now.

No more nowadays more and more women are being addicted to this list to say though that this man is going on for 12 years and he's just he's constantly doing this could woman divorce and I think there's a grounds for that at that point that a missing 10 years, you know, unrepentant kind of a thing where it's obviously an abandonment of the covenant vows a deliberate and unrepentant. I think that could be justified as a type of abandonment and adultery but if it how long it was how long ago it was the variables what her status of mind is all of it needs to be determined and this is not an easy one, which is not certain it's not so I can tell you because of the variation variation. I asked about I don't know exactly what you mean by variation, but it would strike that. I asked that question. You know, are you having homosexual feelings are you having no or the regular heterosexual and he said no.

It's normal life without that interest. I doubt that's what there's things that we could talk about but not of the radio got the other things often attached and so that's why the elders need to be involved and guidance today just to be involved as outgoing to tell you but I get it. So far grounds yet.

Thank you. All right, he voted right back after these messages.

7207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave Carolina.

He worked on with the immaculate heart thing was he's gone. Hey, let's get to see Jonathan working on John welcome around here so I was calling in response to get it was dollars back anywhere that your version and that Joe will I don't have an answer to that. What came to my mind immediately was in Job 827 he talks about that when he prepared the heavens, I was there when you do a circle on the face of the deep. And to me that is like extremely early description of the fact that yes the earth is round and before before we ever had anybody in space before we ever had any satellites in Job. It talks about the circle that was drawn in the deep.

Are you affirming that person's life. No, just the opposite goal. I think because a circle is flat circle is is flat but that says on the face of that of the deep Yahweh yeah and this is just when the arguments of the word sphere is used was used there like a ball. Then the problem with the word circle. Is this a case flat ground is what is in the circle the earth throughout the earth is a disk. DB well I now that we actually had people in space.

Now that we've actually seen the earth from space now on all quality center resting on the all they say it's just never happened. So and so less areas of conspiracy and what was the reason was the reason for the conspiracy was something I forgot what the reason was it. Anyway, it's all fake. It's all CGI. It's all there was never a moon landing and it's all fake. And for thousands and thousands of people are in on it. It's just yeah stew yeah you know yeah it is a circle that's fine. But if you draw a circle on on on the deed is the ocean and I now I did. Yeah, I know you come up with the wildest you just think about this, let's say hypothetically that he had the number one flatter through the world right and he is all the rights all these books and so these lectures always conferences and somebody sent him up in a there's a new balloon is going to be going year to hundred $20,000 per seat and it goes up, you can see the curvature of the earth… There is a six hour flight to say. He goes up there and he ceased earth is not flat its rowdy seas rotating he sees it moving. He sees it because Doughty was everybody there right it's it's it's it's a spear. The flatter through her to take all he's part of the conspiracy. Now that's what would happen now that it is concerned, it would've been a lot harder to to come up with that we do have that the the camera backs and we do have the technology that we could make it make something like that look real. However, we haven't had this technology all that long, but we do have some amazing technology that could and as revelation talks about the good that even school some true believers in the end times.

I I've come across different things that make it look like we can actually project things into the sky.

That is, images and so where you toggle kind of stuff. But the thing is, these letters are still in this like there to bring to flat and not thinking through all the stuff you care about facts. It's all the conspiracy they interpret everything. It is ridiculous.

Just it's a waste of time and they they cause problems with Adobe to exist. So okay yeah it's whacked. I've known numerous layout scatterplot.

I will pray for them, just like all the other sources of confusion that Satan put down there to try God because we know that he is the author of confusion, and is the author of chaos is right that all I want to communicate like present light enough letters are so good stuff right side that good for you right goblins. All right, let's get to see John from utility John, welcome Imad think that would make a welcome. So we got all right.

My question is what is the spirit of Elijah. Oh, this fertilizer is the. The style motives for, and stuff that Elijah was reflected in a John the Baptist member Elijah had a camel.

Her mental and so did John the Baptist were camel hair so since his dad was a priest. It's possible that that had actors in the temple with the temple.

It's possible that maybe Elisha's cloak of camel's hair was preserved in their and and was acquired by by John the Baptist.

Let's nothing more than conjecture based on a couple possibilities, or some things that are true but we don't know if it really that's what's going on. She was authoritative he spoke he had.

That's that mantle and/White was prophesied to come later and sought reincarnation stuff. This was going on. Elijah okay so it's not like you're a metaphor for the Holy Spirit or something. Now it has to do with the John the Baptist being 08 type of Elijah's optimum welcome goblins. Okay, let's get to Mike from Utah hey Mike, welcome the earlier not sure I don't want to kind of growing your your heart and your muffled head uses good news to because I'm I got the guys is with the go-ahead how that letter much better.

Now you're talking I think though about a year ago and I took your word, don't trust a guy named Gail Flick on the radio and I started diving into the script myself really deeply not limited to many people as birthday a lot of stuff and my frustration is you know I so wanted to be right. I so wanted to be more to the specialist I now cannot convert over the covenant was so gonna Creek pre-retributive turtle.

No, no. The big one was the continuation of the charismatic gifts kindly then my question though. I used to kind of be on the side where it no thief but I can get around a few things such as Scripture, the say that Kurt won't be without it until the return of the perfect now that is where I kind of something to head with some people where the perfect only for what I can read is talking about the return of the air talking about it being there. You can lesion of the Canon in my mind are too many and can you think could you help me with that. I even had people tell me that I'm really not a true Christian. If I believe well they have no right to say that to you that you're not a true Christian. If you believe the continuation of the charismatic gifts just so you know I believe in the continuation of every single charismatic gift.

I do based on Scripture and I like to have any of them to call me up until the Christian because of it in Alaska to go to Scripture and show me where Scripture is that criteria which you have elevated to an essential doctrine shown in Scripture where it says that with them generally want to do all speak into the brickle you have to trickle into the question to Jimmy want to do is let me revelation think I finally went right there and knowledgeably back rest because this is a right that folks after mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling. So one of the issues at that will say is that the continued revolution violates opposing right. Well, it gets revelation are short because how might you. Here's what you say why talking to people that what is what you say is, can you show me that in Scripture. Can you show me in the Bible where it says if anyone gets a revelation from God that it must be in Scripture Scripture to show me that it's not there so they're making it up is not in Scripture. Because if you're not using the very Scriptures that they want to uphold as the standard, then why are they uttering the standard is not found in Scripture, S .1 .2 as you go to first contents 14 and if each one has a tongue or interpretation of the tongue or prophecy. These are from the Lord then that lets church judgment, etc. these were happening in the church at that time they were never meant to be in Scripture. There is the proof from Scripture the proof from Scripture right there that there are 13 correct 1414 thank you okay speaking in tongues. Just read through deceit they're doing this, the church come together to do this by the book of mystic diversity. You'll find lots of them. There and you say if it's true that whatever comes from God and a tongue. The prophecy neglect has been scripted. Why did they do with their first contents 14 it's because your position is wrong to act like okay that's another thing. Now what you can also do is get yourself in minutes. But what you can do is go to. I would recommend this get your favorite Bible and get online and print up first Corinthians 12 and first Corinthians 13 and first Corinthians 14.

Print up first contents 12 1314 just print them up then with a pen or pencil. Keep in mind the charismatic gifts are not for today. Keep that in mind and cross out the Scriptures cross out the Scriptures that would no longer be in effect if that were true.

Okay so for 2012. 28 and in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets and third teachers, and workers of miracles, was not for today is also those who have aggressive feelings cross that out though speaking different because it sounds get rid of that will have aggressive healing to all speak in tongues long trip cross it out doesn't apply today if I speak in the tongues of men and angels in person is 13 one cross that out.

If I have the gift of prophecy cross that out and we need to first it is 14 oh boy and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, cross it out but is not for especially the gift of prophecy. No, that's not for today. Well in the gift of property for me. Also, the perfect week Karen with that of the returning okay so first is 14 you go through. It'll say for anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men at the Christopher today who speaks present tense, not for today cross about everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort. No prophesying. Get rid of it.

You speaks a tongue edifies himself but who prophesies edifies the church cross and help you do this you find a lot more prescriptive. 14 a lot more to cross out now. You can ask them the question is what I do with the secessionists I say do you know of any present-day teaching that invalidates large sections of Scripture and is a will, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses are nominal within the Christian context. You know of any teaching today that invalidates Scripture any part of Scripture to say noticing I do sensationalism like that all right now to show you something when you go to to to first contents 13 it says love never fails with her gifts of prophecy will be done away their tongues will cease knowledge will be done away from a nonparty prophesying part but when the perfect comes, the partially done away so the topic here is with the perfect comes, the partially done away.

So when as a child I spoke as a child of thought as a child reasons a child became a man I got away with it with childish things. Now verse 12 for now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Know that then refers back to verse 10, when the perfect comes the perfect comes, then we'll see face-to-face. What is the term face-to-face meeting think it's personal encounter and I have no Genesis 3220 or 30 that is was because I saw God face-to-face. Exodus 3311.

Moses spoke to on face-to-face number 12. Eight with him I speak face-to-face clearly not riddles. 35 for the Lord spoke to face-to-face on the fire is not is not know it's face-to-face personal encounter. Okay, others leave it there for now we come up and bring up the mirror a when I don't like that on hold on hold on okay so you see when this you when we when it comes when the perfect is coming.

That's when we see face-to-face in the ask if the Bible uses the term face-to-face to be personal encounter.

Let me ask you the question when G when the Bible is completed is that when we see Jesus face-to-face when you're, it's not good. Yeah it's with. He returns it just doesn't work then when I go to mirror dimly, what is that mean we see the mirror dimly see and that you know it just doesn't work for their perspective.

For now, I now I know in part, then I will know just as I have been fully known. That's a very interesting phrase. We don't know God or known by God, fully with the Bible is completed. We are known by God fully when Jesus returns because he only knows believers John 1027 my sheep listen to my voice. I know them and they follow me and enters other verses like this, you know, Matthew 720 3J.

Just whenever do you get what you workers of people so there's that.

Now you also gotta go to first contents 17 because first got oneself in this little do with the secessionists out is what it actually says is that you, the church is not to lack any charisma, any gift. Teresa correct that you're waiting for the return of Christ for the puck… So say a little do is to know I my opinion I would not to lack any those charismatic gifts will ready for Jesus come back.

I just quoted it right. Not exactly word for word, but this is what sets NFL site not disagree there some because he quoted the word of God and they disagree with with with what God says, I just quoted you are just referenced person is 170 please explain what it means to not like any charisma while were waiting for the return of Jesus. Any charisma about the author that if I call that name that we have every gift in our church like know that the curtain generally thought that Mira talk to them about this. That's correct is to church at large doesn't mean or ask doesn't mean that every individual has every gift will say won't know will then this dispersed among different individuals different churches right yes there you go to a self and you know and me not to focus on me, thought about me but I actually prophesied over girl once in detail and it came to pass, and I mean in detail, it did come to pass and she admitted it last. People tell him what happened in the whole death and also your secessionists did what happened to me happened or not. I said he was sick okay what you saying that it never happened. You never did it while it oh yeah, with the supply cancer. I can't exegete her experience was when something else only way way way I don't say look, I'm honest about integrity and are deemed individual you not do this for long time I'm telling you this is the truth is what happened until the whole thing is you please explain to can't. This is not a hearsay story. It's what happened and I'll tell you the secessionists in my opinion, some of them are just too uppity about the position and don't think critically. That's not to say, if you disagree with the critically of the part that you, but there are some who do you think very critically and I and I'm not including them in that group. Okay so let's see if you don't believe what I do not think a critic witnessing some do, but the kind were talking about disappear bring me you know prophecy and basically there is no more because of the Kennedy quote I will I bring up after this is a good way to look at that, but I bring up prophecy will be one Jesus returns because there will no longer be any more need prophecy. That's right that a credit that is not a good record on it like you because when Jesus returns new habits and new earth are made.

Everything happens sold as a reason for the things that they will because there is no longer new for them to continue.

At that point I try okay to go you got it.

I think Grady actually got good stuff. Just call me of the backup need help okay thank you all right talk you later. All right, it's good to if you still there Emily from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Every welcome on the third I'm sorry what you you'll know that I go and vote for you and your very muffled, but I think you're asking would people like Joel O'Steen go to heaven is interesting to know about you, I can't. I can understand you was my understanding.

Sorry, it's just that travel time are you asking that you like Joel O'Steen on the yeah okay I don't know if he is or is not, I certainly won't assert that he is I that I can't judge his salvation, but for what he's taught since a lot of I doubt a lot of things about him but I know he's going to heaven. No teaches landfall stuff right to okay money will complex okay also. She got less than a minute limit is to have defended the call to be our the studio tomorrow and Friday, unless something changes on this 24 hours traveling down to be driving down to us is Sandy Utah I was staying there and from there we going down I think to working for Spanish Fork something on Saturday Sunday to do some evangelism and work and stuff like that with the Hindu conference meeting. The Mormons are gonna be there little quaint couldn't be there. Look will be on the show tomorrow and Friday… The tech problem, but he'll be filling in for me and I'll be done or neutral. So by God's grace everything will be fine… You'll be doing a great job. So if you have questions.

Same for Luke knows his stuff knows a lot about King James and things like that. And the Lord blesses you greatly by his grace. A year we powered by the Truth Network

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