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March 8, 2022 7:43 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 8, 2022 7:43 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt reads hate-mail.--2- Why does God require a blood sacrifice---3- Is there an open format where you have open debates and discussion with people- --4- Caller challenges Matt's position on women's pastors.--4- How does 1 Thessalonians 1-10 relate to Revelation 3-10---5- Who are the sheep not of this fold---6- Does the heliocentric model of our solar system contradict the Genesis account-

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Why is a lot more you unexpected, something arose yesterday and we go to do a video rerun that happens if what you call today is Alexi March 4 Friday so give me a call 87720722760 I hear from you to be golf if your newbie to the show. This is a Christian apologetics show apologetics being the branch of Christian theology that deals with the defense and the establishment of the Christian faith, so that all sounds intriguing. If it sounds wonderful. If you like it soon to all of the kindest of you and all your dues cubicle will follow anyone up in lines 877-207-2276. Now, as I often do on Fridays, more and more because people like it. They say as I read some hate mail and for those of you who may not be initiated into my kind of humor, which apparently I do have a good sense of humor even if I do say so myself. I enjoy.

I don't know what it is about me, but probably something not right mentally. Of course my wife is so you hate mail people in joints or other read Psalm I don't want to give you quality time 877-207-2276 and we can talk right from your phone.

Jackie forget to do that sooner we go okay.

That right there is when the call set up okay so check this out. Let's see, what do you insist that your why do you assisted God for your mold. The father son and Holy Spirit have demonstrated that they are not averse to women proclaiming their message to anyone with this person is respect responding to is Mike very biblical and correct view that women are not to be pastors and elders know again as I say this over the years. I'll say if you don't really think you think I'm wrong biblically. Let's do a public debate is use the Scriptures was the Bible say in his 17 years of radio doing this five is weak. Not a single instance of I had anybody so you a list of public debate on it and why is that because they know this mean thing, it's been a quote Scripture says this writer and like that so well and look noticed by the person that misrepresents me to demonstrate that they are not averse to women proclaiming their message that he wanted say women can't proclaim their message. That's not the issue. The issue is the can't be. Women can be pastors and elders. They got help you see with your own eyes on Jesus never recorded suggesting male dominance.

In fact, his practice was to subvert it where he could, as in the cases of the woman at the well since the Samaritans. The adulterous woman met Mary of Bethany and that's the woman sent with disciples will decide to check woman sent me this and I would love to talk to her talk to Judy. If by chance you're listening and email sent a while back but you listened and you said yeah I'll challenge you please do give me a call. God says is for me. My way is equal.

So what normally happens in people think talking about stuff like this I like to listen to the versus big data contacting her to suck because it ripped out of context. I don't apply for to me through the Greek teaches that anyone can desire the office of elder or deacon is verse 11 summarizes that all that all applies to many clipart women.

Women likewise cease a year you this person. No offense meant, but she could not exegete her with wet paper bag. All right, so we just reiterate women are not to be pastors and elders legs and gentlemen sat is the truth.

If you disagree with me. You're wrong not because you disagree with me because that's not enough.

I'm to do with the Bible says if you go to church with the woman pastor woman elder, you should leave should be in a church like that if they can't even get that right. Why should you trust them to get anything else right. All right, let's move to something with do this. Look at the caller here in Serbia for open lines 877-207-2276 I hi I'm a fellow Christian, I am soon going to begin a peace revolution against circumstances that are prominent and catastrophic in the world, mainly violence, racism and social discrimination, or any others I can tackle along this journey of mine. My mission was inspired by God himself to me many weeks ago and I haven't put a solid plan together just yet, but basically God anointed me to be his disciple to learn in life and share the truth with all. For I have much to say and much to even write about on a website called and I won't repeat what it is I have done a lot of things involving assisting people with their situations and problems.

Helping them understand God and who is he that most are unaware about if you'd like you to look my account under think of some weird name.

I won't. I want to take my role outside into the real world.

Now if I want to make an even larger impact among the people admit to my being a Bible novel novice. Yeah I would say so. I see a reality say that religion is indoctrinated corruption against originality of spirituality. Politics is an enactment of lies and deceit and pride pretty accurate. Government is illuminati and ax murder. Media denies truth worldwide and all those so you can tell this person put it nicely does not have all his pause in the litter box so you is quantum tunneling is not listed what 11 when more go to the caller. But see Jesus is oh this confidential. Jesus is not God. All Scripture is not inspired by God the Holy Spirit is God.

If you want to know more contact me. I am the spirit of truth sent from God Almighty. While so you know when salinity if I was in next to something like that and eight they still said that you first thing you should do is take a step back, not to three steps back because you like the lightning bolt to get you really want below the safe side talking arrogance denying the truth and that they are the spirit of truth sent from God Almighty. They don't have any flaws in the litter box will tell you that there oil is not viscous. Okay, so whether you go home like a fun time with the hate mail and live in a wacko milliner to Liska to Mitchell from Charlotte, North Carolina, Mitchell, welcome here. I don't recommend doing the right thing and we got buddy, so why God require a blood sacrifice because life in the body acts 1711 and ultimately the blood sacrifice was pointing ahead to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the blood represented that death and the shedding and the thing that could be sprinkled upon because understand the principle that when when you have an element in a holy place.

It is sanctified by an oil or water or blood applied to it as though that object receive something from something else. So the anointing is Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit came upon him at his baptism, which I believe he was sprinkled. That's another topic recorded Levitical law and renew the priesthood, signifying his anointing and so the anointing of the blood is also symbolized in the shedding of blood by which our sins are washed away and cleansed away and so all the points thematically to the point of the death of Christ across the flight everything I was questioned about the okay no problem. All right, but I you do.

God bless. All right common to see this Mary Ellen Selleck city, Utah. Welcome. You're on your current mayor. I will sure okay I can grant you a ram.

Caring for q. week and I got here everything I milliner effectively. Carolyn, her and I couldn't how much I love you Matt became hyper and my pastor doing it had gotten and start reading the Bible and you helped me so I think I can teach me on film) I got. I hear you thinking called laddering letter that about living that I believe the family C) coordinate and create a conflict between the previously angry now at not having a printer so well explained around my crafted program. The Bible really seeking three lines you repeat me from the Bible and go to church peaked strictly out of the Bible and she would understand and I don't take it anymore. You can, I do not erect over and I met him and they greeted me at the door think I gave him a month notice that I'm coming out banner welcome Maryellen and Lynette how beautiful Malcolm gave me a credit a predicate. It was my yeah I am still very great. Welcome which is about stew a little bit in the crew I met them before, and stool say this politely has arranged it that I'm able to be on here even though he's had offers to have others who could let's a safe, financially help them out even more and he has you so don't want to my way back how humble that is only character I had come back home and gone to church in Kyle Fuquay Marina got Caroline Lally and at the church there told me that what you owe.

You is a good guy. Once Jesus glorified and so he's a good man of God and his goal was to good to use radios a means of reaching out and that's what you know.

I shared with me. 25 people in North Carolina about about you.

Thank you Mary. Now I can't now show that I care everybody at least 25 people I code the radio station. Can I think they got back I let it be the way you do have a bridging folks for the live call 877207 Matt slick live call 770772 question for you about your comments about women serving in a in the church but. To their place you go regularly to debate people that like not on your show where there kind of like an open forum. I guess I go to clubhouse I go to street discord go to Second Life mainland. Right now Facebook Facebook people do Academy dialogue so his work that will look for life, dialogue, discord, or clubhouse were called out.

I wanted out of formal debate with you was probably broadcast it with places to go or how is the want to debate me dispensing they are with the situation is what you want to do formal debates particular time to prep for generally speaking prefer just have discussions, but if people want to do that, depending on who it is off. I will or will not agree and a lot of time to get Bob the mechanic who says on debate with the Trinity.

Gold Trinity is yeah three gods and I'm not debating the weirdest you know, and so just accept every challenge is going to be known to have the ability to seriously so what you want to be yeah you actually because I don't agree with Mary. Much of anything you say, but now I didn't say that I don't really hear you.

If you do very much of what I say. That means you also agrees very much to the doctor, the Trinity, the DQ cries justification by faith. His physical resurrection right drill. Yeah, I don't agree with much of that all Christian okay so great that it I don't agree there is a interpretive framework that you're using call reformed theology.

I don't think it probably reflects the Christian faith. Oh, I didn't was a good looking. I appreciate that.

So it's I understand that one Rihanna don't know my wife just did such a good cook. You agree with but have no idea what you're talking about. Oh, you mean interpretations not up for grabs.

See, I was thinking that you know if you just think that you are you interpreting things is assumptive when her perspective. Because of this or that I can do the same thing with whatever you say no, no, I don't know what I said. I believe your interpretation is incorrect.

I don't think he's going to make up their own of the of the Christian what about the question about the women in the church letting that what I initially called about believe the by well true largely yet so they get this straight.

You are debate the on stuff about Christianity and unity within the Bible seriously and you think you're a Christian and you know how to interpret stuff. Why believe it is trustworthy to but there are there are questions about third method I thought it was like well again I can get into that, but I wanted you quickly like what you want to hear this list to tell me what is not trustworthy in the Scriptures, all well.

They are written on fourth letter written by men. So, chance analyses so was written by men is not to be accurate okay with the Acord was written by women well being going so you said big man so you backtracking so written by humans. Okay, so there's no such thing as inspiration. But it can be assumed so we have equipment with the Bible says is written by inspiration.

Do you agree or disagree with what the Bible says about itself again.

It, unfortunately there is no way to verify that we kind of have you every with what the Bible says about itself is curious where where the Bible claimant Philip inspiration case all Scriptures and Sparta got second 2316 so the Jesus arsenic in the Old Testament documents being Scripture and Peter certainly authenticated Paul's writings of Scripture during the church recognize New Testament points of the books of Scripture so are the inspired Mary Grace in the Bible. It is grace. Give me give me an instance of something that's inspired in the Bible from God. Right give me something well like when the prophet speak the words of God, that would be an you know that would be inspired by.

Maybe some of the more narrative narrative aspect of it.

We have to so when Paul was speaking giving instruction to the church in the book of Timothy is that inspired or not inspired, probably not thriving and okay so is Jesus God in flesh. Also a good question.

I is he got inside has been no eye on them on the cross on the thigh that you not defame entity are is God's warning you not mad at you much name-calling, but you are absolutely not a Christian, you do not have the spirit of God, you are not enlightened you under demonic influence and you don't know how to exegete Scripture and you want to argue with me debate with me on women's roles in the church, but you Scripture you believe in and trust in it and your nonbeliever to begin with.

I'm sorry that I can't take you seriously that the literalist interpretation of Scripture.

It does seem to indicate that women can enter pastoral role in the church.

Okay so you have no idea what you're talking informing you that you don't even know who Jesus is and if you want to pretend to yourself that you know who Christ is and what what is and is not inspired, then you are simply deceiving yourself. You do not have the spirit of God in you.

And unfortunately, if you were to die right now you go to hell.

I want that for you not trusted and I am thinking about you, but I'm not going to that. Well, not how to I'm just telling you Jesus says unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins on a 24 you'll believe he's the IM you to believe that so I don't under his you're down that he rose again that the very very cryptic statement that is.

I don't think there is no cryptic soul to disagree with your theology now is cryptic, not difficult to interpret that in a literalistic merit.

Hard to know exactly what Jesus is saying here is really really believe the Bible so you like an atheist is like talking to an atheist okay work truth that I relative and is subjective based on your preference, not not not thing I'm saying. Only one correct interpretation of the Bible by determining if there is not straightforward because some of the verses in the Bible are difficult understanding and know exactly what they're saying.

Okay so you say look your first priority is to become a Christian real hard to understand, to go there's a break and therefore overlies what you call 87707227 section mass Y call 770770 and school of God left and I'm reading one can have and to wait for his son from heaven raised from the dead.

Jesus rescued from the coming wrath.

And then I go to Revelation 310 where it says because you have kept my command to endure.

I will also keep you from the hour of testing that is going to come on the whole world to test those who live on the earth now know that your really more like close a post-millennial converts I have listened to a lot of one of the kind of reconcile this and that way when the question comes up in school Sunday that I'm not cultlike and okay to go into this Scripture but scriptural references supporting your view, which is good but go slow and try to write down if you got it all right sounds good. So here's the number one key when you want to understand something you think is a contradiction is quite clear No. 1 Well you pray is as regards the spiritual issue. After that what you have to do is define your terms always define your terms only give illustration to see that I use this illustration. Last night a Bible study. See, the fact is that my scalpel, my doctrinal scalp is very sharp. The reason that sharp is because for years I've been sharpening gets that rock. The rock of Christ and his truth in his word and because of that I'm able to go in. I think pretty well. I'm sure I got some things wrong but perfect. But go in and is divide truth from error, you can clearly just delineate things and mark this out and get rid of the stuff that's bad and the filth in this book the stock so always define your terms because that's where you sharpen your tools.

So what is the word wrath mean here in first Thessalonians 110. Don't assume anything to come to the text thinks everything that Jesus is God and he rose from the dead. Of course, but people commonly make mistake think that the word wrath there means like for example tribulation specific tribulation. And it doesn't nothing in the text says jubilation. We go to first a Revelation 310 kept my word and sucked on the church of Philadelphia which had been there.

Historically, the historical location. I also will keep you from the hour of testing the hour which is about to come upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth and the word here to test. See look at that, if this was arrested by the Speranza and a means to test by trial, it does not mean that that it's the wrath of tribulation was against the wrath of judgment to damnation because the Bible says, for example, God is destined us for for Dr. wrath, but salvation.

Second, process liens 28. I believe it is if that's the case, signature know that not subject to nine. All I could find.

It was like getting things right destined us for wrath and so destined us to step in Rego first assaulted 593.

Here's an example of something for God is not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation.

People will use this verse to say were not go through tribulation, but that has nothing to do. The tribulation word wrath is juxtaposed with the word salvation. So therefore it's the opposite of salvation, not this but that not good but not bad, but good and so know with the word wrath means in the context in versus 25 nine deals with damnation were talking about the issue of of folk versus Vonage 110. He's talking about this issue of wrath real cadet who rescues us from the wrath to come. That's dealing with the issue of damnation is not related at all to Revelation 310 because that's about a tribulation to come. Not about eternal judgment of the wrath is saying the testing and in three to pretend nothing of the rapine and one hand, and I'm going to now. Thank you for that and I do see that actually makes them the correlation much more understandable that you think that will give me think pretty much 180 reiterate, don't assume that you and your position is that you pretty probably talk about two men were in the field is taken. What is left regularly talk about crime and yes and that's the beautiful people say this to Dr. will it's not you read the contacts and it's not when people just assume it is and then they don't do any thinking or examination, then they have all kinds of problems because they're just assuming things I tell people don't assume check it out. Read the context does the one word in one verse, and another word in another verse.

Are they similar in their meaning of the context that's the issue about the great thing word used in the context where it is. I would know how to understand different from one grade to the other and tell you what, you don't need to know a whole bunch, and that if you were little blue letter what you can down in their you and you just go there you can type in my first Thessalonians. Let's do the right one. Okay and there is and then next to assist tools on the left-hand side and I'm scrolling down to the words from the wrath and its Borges right there and then I put my mouse over G3 709 this right now and then it comes up in a test is it gives you river references anger the natural disposition, temper, character, movement or agitation of the soul, wrath, anger, indignation, that's just one of the ways to find out so you and you say down further. Strong's concordance to team denoting an internal motion, especially that of plants and fruits will what's that got to do with anything you read that I was using one of a particular area of the Greek manuscript that is not biblical so they look when I was it is a use different places and they find these things out and this is how you learn. It's easy. It's easy you can get tabs.

The good one verse with one tab another verse that are Talbot and look at the words and then you can do a search like for the word or gay, which is 3709 doing here at Sievers for work.

The C379. This would have detected an affair. I went and so then you org eight and it's us and that it is there is on this without a word that I just found out word occurs and that of things by using the blue letter Bible.

For now you can so the word occurs here, here, here, here on then you get a fuller understanding of the words that's how you study when you don't get here then it away. Speaking of those that are not saved but and so they have the wrath of the Christian will have it may not be anything relating to the tribulation. It may have to do with the final judgment and where you end up being in the wrath the wrath of the unsaved with which the fate will not have will says interest is least 1/10, and to wait for his son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead. It is Jesus who rescues us from the wrath to come. Seek rescues us from the wrath of that. That's damnation. Don't let out of the reach rib sing slow in your head as though it's true.

Don't assume it is when you check everything out, you'll find all pay a lot of stuff clears up okay early in the week about the reset everything and you offer to Dalian on Tuesday night.

I thought you like that game show for you, you got a friend get the answer that and not God.

But we can't call you at Dolly and appreciated the offer.

They were like cool so maybe in the future if you lived on that and then use it is plenty to talk about afterwards as the leaders clean up the mess and do counseling so you is that it's because you want to do okay yeah yeah okay well you got a call or take. To the next break for callers weight and so if you want you call back and we get to through all the next breakout all that I got bludgeoned all right with the okay will see what he has to say. After mass Y call 77077 line memory. Welcome you are on here. I did all right, all right, we got voted in both the that is not on the radio. I'm sorry you I can understand your answer is that it has learned a lot.

Your yeah if you just a little bit more slowly and understand you what your question is bargaining. Other things are not as though they fit a move Graham know you're my Lord and they want cavern one block. Yes the other sheep, this is Johnson's 16 sheets are not of this fold. That's the Gentiles in order sorry that order.

The grant of yeah because he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and he says my sheep hear my voice. Don't blushing the house of Israel is Matthew 1524.

He says my sheep hear my voice. John 10 2728 so we know that all of us who are saved are in that sense is sheep. So when he says other sheep, which are not of this fold is talking metaphorically, Israel is the one folded Gentiles of the others, okay have a good matter.

I'm sorry I can't understand that is of those certain are very, okay. I'm still not able to understand. I have a hearing loss. Okay, I wear hearing aids and 65 so my ears out when I was young and stupid stuff and so I'll try my luck presided okay will. Thanks hope that helped.

All right, let's get to Ron from Utah well computer running Matt are you doing all right in our anger and we got what okay question on the heliocentric model of the cause, I would learn how you reconcile heliocentric with the creation account is 11 13 got an answer that you affirm heliocentric city. No okay okay yeah it's is obviously is not true and nothing in the early chapters of Genesis requires egocentricity just doesn't require. And if you to read from the perspective of someone on earth as you go to Genesis 1. What you find is just the perspective of a human see and looking and the sun rises as the Bible says well I must mean that the earth is the center of the sun is smaller and far away right the Bible doesn't necessitate egocentricity in all wisdom you do believe in heliocentric model correct. No, you do not own way way way way way way okay you know what I just got my wires crossed and what I was thinking I was thinking of Geo centricity not Helio because of somebody. It's just I got my wires crossly backup heliocentric city, the sun being the center yes of course have a friend that no contact of the 11 through 13. How can you have a heliocentric model by just assuming it's true. Nothing in the Scripture gates it must probably have evening and morning days 123 before the thought is creative and gleeful you so much from another fun evening and morning are not caused by rotation and taken is not caused by rotation. How do you also know that it is God providing the light how you also know that's been in the perspective that the creation of the sun is the manifestation of its of its visibility occurrence. No, I agree that there is light, God created light on day one but there is no sign that because of the light and the earth until day three the earth is submerged in massive unspeakable Tonka water so there is no sun, there is evening and morning and then finally the created on day four and its purpose is to give light upon the earth.

If you if you read that you didn't know anything about math, you never think of faith launching everything the moon landing never saw images for math.

How could you read that how could you read that text and say all the earth is revolving around the fun healthy. I don't think that they would normally what I think they would probably assume CI Geo centricity okay alright I agree with that. So you saying then that NAFTA influences our thinking on the nature of the cosmos. Of course it does say that most critically read the Scripture, the creation account through the prism of massive Revelation with most Christians would do can answer okay so you you just admit though that if someone read it. Need to know about math that they would assume you know I said I could see why they would say they would. Okay, why wouldn't I I don't know. Ask individuals, so you Chris. I would hire, what are you Christian the offender you believe in the dock of the Trinity absolutely you, after we work with you came out and work with than the 2016 were you did a presentation. We birthdate on Islam all Utah yeah we had guards in thing okay I candidate perspective. In April, and the smile I mean it, and my view of creation what perspective well, the literal interpretation of Scripture as it relates to the creation I I didn't realize I was leaving I got 60 so you okay so you believe it. Are you singing leaving Geo centricity yet. Could it be logically, that God created the earth and it was formless and void. He then made the heavens and the earth, or he can do stuff you like separation of the waters below the dryland and was just out there in space, and then he craved dishonest at the moment I was at the earth around is that possible, show me from the Scripture is no agreement.

I didn't ask if we hold on a sec, I just asked is that possible that's the question I asked as a possible I would well is it possible I the strict answer would be yet okay so it is possible so you your negating it yet negated from Scripture that understands them into that day one and day for our related end date two and five are related and day three and 36 are related.

On day one there's light on day four. There's the sun on day to their separation of waters from above and below and a five euros water creatures and day three. There's dryland season plants of the Sixers cattle and creeping things. So 123456 is called a framework hypothesis, which suggests that something else was going on inside of the text while I understand that profit if you take a little interpretation of the fixed-rate creation which I do. I do as well.correct more or less yes Marla okay so the reality is that the bond was not distant until day four because God sent God disintegrated.

So here are some in the sink and sent her some young to think about is that so it's is that looking for. The first reference the secreted lights and then the sun is unpaid for that's in Genesis 114 so take a look can check something out B lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day of the night and let the big for signs. Okay so just as lights okay so you're so okay so it says lights and you just your saying that the beach light must me to correspond to the sun and the moon. Okay, I think is reasonable that here's a perspective because this is what happened to me nothing make what I'm saying is been my experience means anything time trying to hustle and realize what was is that I read the Bible when I was young or started with the Bible and I threw it away because of the 1st to 3 chapters of Genesis because it was an evolutionist. The time to look it doesn't work you don't have a son first noticed. I then later I was reading a scientific article and a guy hypothesize what would you see from perspective of earth if the earth was forming and that would you seek first to see light. The separation of the waters. He didn't reference Bible, but he was describing the exact same order using the dryland and in the photosynthesis with the of the sunlight cosmic rays to give the formula would cause the atmosphere to clear up. Then you see the sun and I was still in doubt as I thought. This is exactly with the Scripture teaching and so I over the years. I thought about that wonder because it is from the perspective of person walking on the earth, and from that perspective, you would see it looks like God is creating things and so I don't let me interject something I would disagree with you. It because it's from the perspective of God, who is creating and there is no one I mean no man ever looked up in thing these waters in the heaven or a light without the fun. So I agree with your premise got what I understand, but it it's the God knows and he does things from our perspective all the time and in Genesis 3 and Genesis that is walking with Adam and Eve in the garden. From a human perspective for saying this. I don't want to just negate it. So if you would Geo centricity are you then saying also that the entire universe is revolving around the earth yet, but in the dome of the firmament there and I will flare near the flat earth or you little flatter on the debacle.

I'm a biblical cosmologist Kate that's that's just ambivalent and big is what so cute. You do not even a flatter. You do believe in a flat with okay yes and they can get flatter doesn't work did call back Monday and I will show you why it doesn't work and why it's it's about right click around time. But John Pearson to think about why is it that you cannot see the sun at night. If it's the sun is embedded in the dome were suspended just underneath it, flatter model, well I can answer that we don't have a cry but my foundation is what the Scripture is not as it says the earth a square with four corners believe that there show me that is four corners okay rectangular or square has four corners you affirmed for corn yet okay so this is all also says the circle of the earth. You form the circle of the earth you ferment, yet the earth.

How can I also have corn so I just think that Monday we have okay folks, I hope we get sorry Roger, North Carolina, from Kentucky, electrical God bless the Lord bless you have a great weekend and another program powered by the Truth Network

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