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January 10, 2022 6:29 am

Matt Slick Live

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January 10, 2022 6:29 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why do people always say that Jesus is God, but not mention the Holy Spirit or the Father---2- Can Satan know our futures---3- Is it biblical for a pastor-teacher to write and sell books or videos- To make a living from this---4- In 1 John 4-19-21, if no man has seen God, what about Adam and Eve---5- Does -the angel of the Lord- always mean the preincarnate Christ---6- How do you deal with the Oneness arguments regarding John 1---7- How do I deal with a situation involving church discipline of my biological brother---8- Can you explain your position on free will---9- In Deuteronomy 20-14, is the taking of the women and children of their enemies by the Israelites chattel slavery-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online at time you have questions about Bible doctrine why Lorenz is called responding to your questions and go up your degree holders group to a great Christmas. We did love that family over.

I'm sure Lottie will have family here in Idaho.

All were allowed to walk on the streets without being tackled for not wearing a mask and were not like the totalitarian regime in Australia and were not on the left coast so well. We had a good time with people coming over sin phone and someone brought over some coffee's dry snowball things made of cotton and we had a snowball fight and it was stupid for me to good time so they look folks, so we have five open lines give me a call ranks on the this is January 4, 2022 for the pod casters and don't know if this is live or not. Yes, it is why Doug Gilbert announcement small one to make. After the brother get 877-207-2276. I want you to give me a call to the question on theology, the Bible, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses Islam. The high you have questions about Eastern orthodoxy you want to know if something is biblical or not biblical. We could talk eschatology, secure rheology, new mythology, ecclesiology should with any pastors and elders without baptism is necessary for salvation.

Christians relates and interact in the real world. What we do we do about censorship and even some covert stuff if you want talk about that all kinds of things so it's up to you if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 not get this okay today is January 4. But on the second. It was Sunday, and that's when I started radio full-time. Five days a week in our day 17 years ago.

I've been doing radio 17 years, five days a week about that and let people know this but it took radio for two years before that once a week and so basically 19 years of radio 17 radio years.

So, five days a week in our day and enjoying it enjoying it now ready for the rest of this week, but what would you be doing next week is to have Luke Wayne he's good take over or I might have them on with me one day or something will. That's how comfortable he is going to start having him do the radio show once a week or for one week every three months and working up about because 65 years old got a raise up people to replace me. That's to be much impossible because I'm extraordinarily good at being obnoxious and irritating and nightly people can master that as well as I have. So I met the train him close his wife and around how to be more obnoxious and irritating because if she hears what I'm doing field but if you step really good at this with the special people. All rights and also congratulations 17 years of on the radio and how long you been on this network.

I think it's four years three, four, five years. I don't know in a while. Things do fly by quickly and by God's grace does have a good time.

Have a great time doing it. I really enjoyed radio.

It's a lot of fun. It's not easy sometimes, but most the time it is alright so and if your new listener that slick is my real name not radio name with Matt slick SOI CK and that is about it. So will give me call 877-207-2276. Let's get on the air with Will from Charlotte North Carolina will your new year is like saying that I appreciate everything you say would use the ghetto by the UN soak up everything will fence all the constant see if you're irritating and not just like I am. Your brain is fine and all you can just memorize stuff all over the place.

You get a break be perfect at something. That's why my wife.

She rubbed her forehead a lot around Anna what that's about, but you know how to worry about right as we got was a I hear people say let Jesus Christ got all by himself stands alone.

There I couldn't understand that because Coors we had those.

We had so just on figure out why would they say that no okay yeah I hear people your people often mention Jesus Christ and God don't mention the Holy Spirit would love it and it goes well just a matter of doctrine and the terms and then be little more clear than most people are so they with go to what's called monotheism, which is a teaching that is only one God in all places and all time in the Christian God by necessity has always existed, so there's no place or condition or situation in which the Christian God could not or might not exist and the Christian God has eternally existed as a Trinity of the Trinity is not three parts but we called three persons, and yet at the same time, the three persons share the same divine essence, but they express themselves differently in different functions and creation, so the father-son Holy Spirit are all the one being a doctrine called divine simplicity, divine simplicity means that God is just one. One thing not three parts not aspects not a bunch of characteristics that are separate and kind of flowing around selected. Sometimes, as illustrated by saying imagine the carbon sphere is pure carbon carbon 12 inches of sphere it's it's it's 20 cm in diameter. It is one thing and only one thing and that's what God is and even as a Trinity. That's what he is is one thing, so in that carbon sphere does knowing analogy, there's not three parts but only one substance, but how that one substance is manifested to us is in three persons, three persons share that same divine essence. We call that the ontological Trinity but they express different functions and creation. We call that the economic Trinity with that means is, for example, the father sent the son. The son did not send the father only. The sun became incarnate, not the father, not the Holy Spirit is so stuff like that. Three.

Differences in and how they function.

So that's that that now G whose Jesus. What will people understand initially what I mean when I say Jesus came into existence. 2000 years ago, though. She will know Jesus is eternal know it's not correct. Jesus came into existence. 2000 years ago. What we mean by Jesus is that the second person of the eternal Trinity added human nature work was made in union with human nature, and that union occurred 2000 years ago and we call him Jesus. So we say that Jesus has two distinct natures. The divine nature and the human nature is a big term for this call. The hypostatic union in verses for that are Colossians 29 Philippians 25 through eight. Things like that. He was 16 through eight and so what we see in the person of Jesus is that he has a divine nature and the human nature that union of those two natures, the union started 2000 years ago, but the divine aspect of the divine nature of course is eternal but the union began 2000 years ago, so people say that Jesus is God.

Now we have to be careful because when we say there's one God as a Christian were saying there's one eternal being who exist as three distinct simultaneous persons.

So when we say Jesus is God, we have to be careful that we don't say that God there means Trinity.

Jesus is God, the Trinity is God or gods a Trinity so therefore Jesus is a Trinity. No, we don't want to say that is called equivocation to the word God changes its meaning slightly in its usage. When we say there's one God were saying. One being who exist simultaneously and eternally as three distinct persons when we say Jesus is God, what were saying is that he has the divine nature were not saying he's a Trinity, but he is a divine nature because there's one being who was God. God is a Trinity was a Jesus is God were saying he's divine. It's in the put will be called the ontological aspect that the nature of the essence, the divine being the word became flesh and dwelt among us. So when we say Jesus is God – we meet and that's the clarification. It needs to be had. I give you a lot of information there but I hope it helps. So good. It so Sarai will need to study more about the last question that I had. It was also hear people saying Satan is speaking to you. You should have seen this day, whatever, whatever, and I couldn't understand out those I will if a good thing into the future. Why would he. Why would he allow why would he do what he did to Jesus on the crowd thinned him to feed himself and PC would give vehicles about his defeat, why would he do that if he completed to the future when you see the idea that Satan peeked into your future is found in the book called second Murano pulse. It's not my right leg so yeah or no or third direct to me or you don't.

It is just is not there in Scripture.

Okay, people say things like this all the time and they say it is always true.

When I am known to say to people is show me that in Scripture. I say that so many times, the people at the figure getting irritated and so I had discussions over the holidays with people in online and I think show that the Bible actually that God's word show that to me in Scripture and is a Vico show to me in Scripture. The verses that support the concept I'm going to reject flat out right. I'm not interested. I don't mean to be impolite when I say this and I'm not interested in your opinion as fact, but is God's word. So when people say that Satan can look into your future really worth that's in the Bible mutually hesitations. If this makes sense. So people very often. This is when the problem that's happening. The Christian church today is that people have a word from God. I believe in the charismatic gifts, but they've a word and I know that this will God put my heart and it is though they have us a straight line to God, and they don't submit it to the word of God. Because if they did, it would require them studying the word of God and most people would rather just feel their way to theology is that of studying what God is revealed. This is why so many people are in error and I'll say things like Satan peaked your future. Blah blah blah is not in the Bible said you don't have any any friend Fitbit peach dear Charlotte looked abundantly, but no recognition, no I don't but I have a friend who used to live there and he'll know some good churches in the area so you can always write us and inflict carbon reports of the churches in Charlotte. I think Charlie here knows of websites can probably put in the textile repeated where they have some places resurged for some good churches what their break, I verified Fox for open lines will call 7720776577077 charismatic slave break that letting off sugar and carbs and feeling really good, working out or die quite a bit and I said I'm also perfecting to be obnoxious to my wife ladies poor woman typing stuff his left foot. So if you would participate in that all you do is go to the right hand side to find the link should work to change things around little bit, but you can also just go to to a Facebook if you want to look up Matt slick live on Facebook Matt slick quietly watching joining and touch like the people there. Lotta good good conversation. Alright, so the information to find a church think Charlie spine is Sanskrit TMS.

The Masters seminary.ED you so the Masters seminary TDS.ED you and if you I found out that all the good news or the search thing on that site and just I can find a church and it'll give you the page so it's, but it's the Masters to search and therefore find a church and they have a good a good listing their mattress and there is good stuff we have for us giving three open lines of what you call 877-207-2276. Let's get to more armor work freshening from a North Carolina welcome your nearby. You have thank you talk a little louder. I have you I have you maxed on my my sling, I think so make BBQ can up a little bit of something to but I will see what was working out I think so. Talk about.

We cannot, I hope you know what more you what you doing question feeling many like that little will move the Bible everything I'm basing make the way DVD I don't think the lady sleep now but anyway the whole family. People like that my future sure we have the right to make a living out of what we do the pastors. The Bible says the pastor, and so the minister of the gospel. So I've written several books of the Christian defense manual subsides a science fiction novel called time trap of science fiction science fiction but atheistic of the risk of a fiction novel and apologetics and atheism fiction novel called influence the right answers.

Wrong beliefs, a course on Islam so written several books and we have the right to do that and it benefits others just like I'm writing articles on car and if you think about it have written about 5000 articles well that's equivalent to 100 bucks okay so so him.

We have the right to be limited to the right books and study. No you know about the Bible that my mind and you will about that but you Lotta people write books send and explain things. So I've done that and people benefited from my writings on the on the website as well as in book form prescribed since the glory I don't know maybe one time about what I know you know I think the meeting because I know it can't be. If you have a job so really every time you speak what I believe I became a speakeasy daily admin because you need to get full amount I might know him to come up that you got it.

The same state. Everything in it so loud the big guy… You a question again the question of the members of the blabbing what I'm saying if you have a John maybe get profiler something easily writing faith that they paid me Jesus Christ like that and I okay I borrow that I feel it now. I will you have good loan you show your everyday thank you God bless you Rotman okay from goblins. Alright you folks going to be called three open lines 877-207-2276 Mason from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Welcome here, it's what you out of my mouth but a question that will call you go talk about why Vonnegut Turton, Charlotte Trout on Mahmoud are doing better.

I go to started Baptist Church the Matthews area and then there's also cavalry third, the pastor there is John Monroe. I have never been there but I listen to them on the Truth Network and got a very good that thing is suggesting, but not from God or night .11 lever I love God dictate a brother is a liar or whoever does not love their name out love God and they do not think family the dictation of the man there that my question is I read it is because the nomad God is is is that you hold.

I will see that the lines 877777 Matt slick live call 77077 charismatic back to the show little tech problem producer to break there and when bad happens.

Not a big deal back on here alright so the Québec to Mason. Betsy should be back on your with the masonry still there. Jason okay so it's a question trying to send a question all monologue question will begin working on drug or when I was reading I got there first thing that no man anything God and now, but before the fall.

There is the "Avenue Goddard so that was my understanding, reading it, is that no man has everything God and I want to what exactly will you write lever walking with God, the pre-incarnate Christ in the Old Testament there and also in Genesis 17, 118, one the Lord Yahweh appeared to Abraham in Exodus 6213 God says he says that God appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty.

He calls himself God Almighty says I'm Yahweh appeared to them, God Almighty nexus 24 nine 211 Moses and Aaron. Aaron Devon Avenue and 70 the elders whenever they saw the God of Israel and go on and yet it says Jomini to know. Ms. ever seen God, and first Timothy 616, 17, God was not approachable like no man has seen or can see.

So how do we reconcile this loan because very easy when we understand the doctrine of the Trinity Salinas is Newman's everything God.

For example, John 118 you find the word God there after verse 14 means God the father.

We know this because John 11 says in the beginning was the word word was with God in verse four and again was a word word was with God the Word was God. In verse 14 and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us/Jesus when he speaking he is speaking of God. He speaking of the father and John does that John speaks that way. 20 rights help what's meant by God. And we know that because Jesus says in John. John 646 is no menacing the father at any time, so he specifically referencing the father is not the one who has been seen. They were seen God in the Old Testament was God Almighty was the pre-incarnate Christ whom they were saying and that's how you reconcile good angle from an element.

God bless all writing folks for open lines of you want to give me a call 877207227601 herein.

Give me a call and let's see this going near with Carson from Minnesota Carson welcome on their there. Carson yet but I am all right about that.

What they think Onyx right you mean they will date… The word angel means messenger and so does the big discussions about his inner critic being a reference to messenger or is it actually the pre-incarnate Christ who was that, and some say that there's an angel equated being who carries the name of God and therefore it can say he is God and I disagree with the good. Exodus 602 and three.

This is what it says there is really important because a lot of people fail to to take this into consideration about the end of the Lord being equated being is as God spoke for Moses said to him I am Yahweh. Now there is no way that's an angel, because as God is speaking and calls himself Yahweh.

He says I appeared Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty so we know that that is the case. So, at least not okay. So it will insert where no you nexus six is is God spoke for the Moses so because it says God spoke fully to Moses on concluding that it was God who, speaking to Moses as God says I am Yahweh.

I'm sorry we were you at the end of the Lord right right I would not say the angel of the Lord Jesus, I would say he's a pre-incarnate Christ looking church to go to church looking Lutheran Church domination can acquire our math all right Elsie I went to Nancy this college just just checking because you are asking questions. Sometimes people who deny Christ as her ass was kinda question nothing you are you making noises in the background there to do something right. Well that you people who were driving might be hearing clicks and sounds of people doing the radio. All were talking and they might be looking around the what's that noise that my car is it what in the cut axle you want to make sure that is clean as much possible. So the angel of the Lord is different. Discussions about it, but at least here in Exodus 6 its God Almighty, who, speaking, and who appeared because that's what God says is not an angel is in a created being represents God it's actually got himself and with her to make sense is to understand in John 646. The father has is the one who's never been seen and so can be the father was there pre-incarnate Christ next to make a lot of sense out of the like.well, it was to have seen the pre-incarnate Christ to the father at a first Timothy 616 3.the context of father he dwells in unapproachable light. No man has seen or can see it. First Timothy 616 six I thought that with no because this has he dwells in unapproachable light who no man has seen or can see seen Jesus on and also in I got that dog won't Journal that I had what that with… That getting with the way in the workbook with God you would'll get it out. But here what a monolith or even try to carry in your life is the father build faith word was God beginning with the with God work what they look in the father believe that with God the father reading into the text you want to make it say what they wanted to say, but is not much going on. It says in the beginning was the word remember in the beginning is Genesis. In the beginning God said, let there be light, so in the beginning God said that's his word. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, so if in the word we know is not just the spoken thing.

It's actually this the person okay was with God and yet was God so it's a great verse to show the plurality of God, and it is the oneness. Note that it's a non-Christian cult religion.

The oneness Pentecostals so they just rip it to destruction. Unfortunately, how I feel like them wrong of me can't you docent, you can't because it's a little vague and they just cannot believe what they want so just cannot believe he did argue with them but I can approve the with its this point on, the level that they have you not to be able to get through to them, it just would you like light well the signal UTC you say that because your oneness and so you're reading that text in light of oneness theology. That's why you hold that position. You do okay by the what I'll do is say a sake so we disagree here and show you where you what it actually means what you not agree with me. So here we go back and forth laterally get very far. So I do the taken a John's was a John. John 638 is a good verse and yes oneness people for I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. That verse is a problem for them because it says I can do from heaven, who's the who came down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me, that means he was sent from heaven. He was already in heaven. The high CC how can you have that if if God only one person in heaven when there's no incarnation yet been sent. See the problem that they would help that's morbid of a direct problem for them.

John 638 and it is a problem in effort to try and get around what they do is is just atrocious. There's a break every question after these messages they vote for open lines of what you call 720776577077 back on here with Carson from Minnesota. Carson still there. Alright so you? Go back to work well will land that one act like I am God. Yet he says God spoke for the Moses said to him I am Yahweh.

That's not an angel. Exodus 62 and three will completed to you, okay, what are you trying to demonstrate what your point is saying that it is an angel criminal on the believe that the well it depends. CC Lucas said it was they mean by that they mean a created being, or they mean the pre-incarnate Christ as an angelic representation. That's weak but it's doable if they say that it to something means messenger from the Lord and in the gotta be careful with all that, but I don't think you think of like I am the God that you have a diverse, always find scriptures read the context he was going on and I can find it a very but oh how you like any of course I have this I have about how you know I don't think that Christ there. Been a while and the incident it occurs at different times in different places and it's been a while since I've looked has mainly concerned about it as it relates to the New Testament because I want to find if the end of the Lord is Christ, or potentially Christ, then I would not expect the angel of the Lord to appear in the New Testament, the phrase at the end of the Lord as I would've expected, but it does and actually 26 2012 712 23 and so then I had to reevaluate stuff that occurs several times in the New Testament, an angel of the Lord, but I want to go to see angel of the Lord and that little bit different and so we do that find city. It does occur in Matthew 124 right and did as the age of the Lord commanded him and took Mary's life so that angel the Lord is a created being.

It's not Jesus. Obviously so you see is wise not an easy want us to go over to look at and remember this was years ago. I did this and see how many times the phrase the angel of the Lord appears in the Old Testament stuff, which does occur, I think a seven-time so I think the colors waiting to you as you have anything else could have a full set of colors might move on.

Yeah okay will have four more callers wedding want to get some before the end of the hour I got blessed. Alright, let's get to Willow from Wisconsin. He will hear God hanging in her question for you more out of circulation actual away from the barking dog somehow yeah you have a brother actual blood brother professing to be a believer and over the last couple months.

Ron's not only me but the people in the church as well, mainly dealing with like feeling, and that we may have other issues behind that well with the reason of the stealing of the addiction issues and whatever.

But my question is, so I went and about the and I didn't really go with plan so the next step that I did have a lot of trouble.

I have asked burgers and singles tennis sounds in the background really tough on me just let you know I'm working on and working.

So you guys got to get this yet and we were going to church for a while but the confrontation he has left their church and I don't know if you are going to the a lot of things are so much a question though not my question is the next step is to bring somebody else and in my pastor notebook about volunteered doing that. My next question. If you keep putting it off like he comes up with all the though I know questioning it when I get my question is should I confront him again. Okay to be so you've already confronted him right because he's your brother. Yet we talk about this right okay so Luke 18 methods you are talking about here, and what you do to go to him first and talk to him if you won't have that you talk to the elders of the church is going to the elders need to confront him. And if you refuses to repent.

At that point then you take it to the church and the church now and then you pray for him because people often in drugs and things like that. They have become enslaved and Jesus is not their Lord but in that sense. And if you're Christian God of discipline or kill him, take him home but is not well it is a manifestation.

He's not okay to go do talk to the elders.

Alright that's what you do buddy and pray for Michael right alright well I think you are. I have loved, okay, it's a bill for Maryland bill. Welcome your near payment.

Thank you all. Sure we got up and I have a question on three will I had heard you and latent flowers talking about the thing with compatible with free will versus libertarian free will and on the sure latent flowers is not met him in the stuff we disagree. I think he's in a great deal of error in particular because your tax reform theology unnecessarily.

Any host libertarianism, which I believe I believe is a form of humanism. Having said all that is compatible is him is the view that man's free will is compatible with God's sovereignty, predestination and election that God is greater than our free will we have the for the freedom to make choices consistent with our nature that are not forced and that God's work and sovereignty is partly compatible with the libertarian would say no it's not that this is the problem.

Libertarian would say God can't either. No, what were going to do because if he knows what were going to do then when it's time for us to do it were no were not able to do things different. That's a faulty logic or argument. A lot of use that or they'll say that libertarianism that means that you're just simply free you as even as nonbeliever to choose God or not with us, not with the scriptures teach at all and started libertarianism as my my opinion is non-compatible is compatible is him is the biblical view I will defend that all debated debate lately again on it but that's that that's the basics okay will thank you very much. I had never familiar with the term unwanted germline information on before you go to me explain something a lot of people are humanists without realizing it.

Within the Christian church. Humanism is the idea that the human being is the standard of righteousness, truth, morality is one of the things I will do is I'll ask someone to say I'm going to ask you a trick question so you're ready they say yes is free will, the ability to to have a choice of good and bad. You can do good or bad and you're able to do the known forces you and you freely choose to do either one classes that free will. What you what you say that it is a good definition of free will, the ability have good and bad options you can do either one, and you can choose which one you want to do that free will. No man and nature. You write and also God wouldn't fit in the definition and the prompt. The point of trying to make with people is that they assume their own standard in her own cells as the standard, but God can't choose between good and evil. He could only do good, and yet he is freedom so free will must be defined in terms of God, not us.

And so then you have the idea that God is the one who or free will is the ability make choices that are not forced but are also consistent with your nature that includes God and man, and we understand that man's a slave of sin a hater. God can do no good can't receive spiritual things, etc. we understand what free will is to the unbeliever. He's perfectly free to to do what he wants, he will always choose to reject God into going to stop soap but libertarianism would say no there free to be able to believe in God compatible some Satan know they're not because the Bible says they can't and so that's where we get into our stuff okay okay that sounds great mapping think a lot at my wife and daughter daughter bought me the mother of all noble for Glenda is pretty resource. Would you work out with it. You know, just that it substantial motherboard is billed alone. We call the widow maker, the mother of all the books the bone you know it's one it's at like 10 years old I got updated because I could double the size now.

I could easily very much God bless.

Alright, Douglas. Okay cool all right is good to anonymous from Indiana.

Welcome your near Mary is I can for you. Got a question on flavor and Old Testament. Deuteronomy chapter 14. The Jews are allowed to have their love to have the women in the in the little one at the start command to kill all the men like what you did that chattel slavery, how they limit the kidnap to get their own will you nonbeliever non-Christian. What is curious.

I'm Christian okay I just got here and listen to your answer. Sure I would do what Deuteronomy chapter 20 in verse 14. This chattel slavery, are they kidnapped against their own will. When a new and little one.


All right.

Okay thank you very much. Sure. And so it is little the children.

The animals and Nick did kill the men and things like that and was in the context Vista has with the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, parasites, invites the Jebusites. While on-ites and and so chattel slavery means that a person who is his chattel has no rights has no freedoms and you were completely owned by someone else and that's what chattel slavery is that's never the biblical position.

When the slaves of all kinds could be freed and could voluntarily dismiss something could voluntarily decide to be slaves and some of they'll had to observe religious holidays and a master punish them, punish themselves and if they were to escape turn chattel property and it was the return slaves escape not return my calls were time the Lord bless you my tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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