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December 22, 2021 10:27 pm

Matt Slick Live

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December 22, 2021 10:27 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is the number of the antiChrist -666- connected to man being made on the 6th day---2- Is it correct to say that Christ's atonement was sufficient for everyone but efficacious for the elect---3- Is Ezekiel 22-30 a prophecy of the Messiah---4- Do over-the-counter pain medicines use abortive fetal material---5- What do you think for someone who was reformed, to now say that it is demonic and become a Roman Catholic---6- Is it fine to say we accept or receive Christ---7- Where did the other cities East of Eden come from---8- Were their people outside of Eden---9- How would I explain to an unbeliever who Jesus is---10- How do I deal with someone who says they are a Christian but is using a lot of profane language---11- Does God discriminate---12- Are there different levels of hell-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is knowledge is a lot more you write, weekend weekend is normal and so there you go. Hey look we have five of them want to recall all starlight 772072276 and we hear from you.

We can know we can call if you go to question go to comment tell you to do like us to give me a call.

All right, so, so we were having a an end of year matching funds drive.

So if you want to help out. I don't advertise on the show but people do you know for the real estate network, but I don't push the ads push push my own stuff so every now and then. However, I will talk about various things like go and of your driveway.

What were doing and appears matching fund drive. So if you do donate $10 gets doubled to become 20s.

Whatever you put in it gets doubled automatically and if you're interested in doing that all you do is go to and on bottom left-hand side you'll see the count of the navigation thing in the bottom left consumer donate and check that out or discard a condo/donate and you that you'll be able to go straight to the page taken to PO Box send everyone to do so few want to help us out 200 matching year end of the end of year matching funds drive us what it is about it is getting call with what you know more about it all right all right would also do something else going as all get a debate in two hours on limited atonement and the link and information is on check it out if I shall be there. It should be interesting.

It should be interesting to see what happened three or four guidelines give me call 877-207-2276 now I started Charlie or before the the error of the show and one of things that over the weekend was get some social networks of got going and you know last week I was telling people we got a Facebook page mess look like Facebook page and up. I put the link in of condo/Matt slick life going, he can sign up well.

Turns out I reinvented the wheel turns out we already had one of them.

I didn't even know it was not in my normal list of links that I have a knife came across it and so I'm kinda girt about that. We do have a normal Facebook live page and so I read instituted the link up on Matt's on condo/Matt slick life so you can go to the actual patient we have for the link is and stuff like that and you have 1.4 thousand members in it and you can give no you signed up, please do be doing all of our videos for the radio show at the end of the month you remove it strictly to my slick life Facebook and YouTube and also on Odyssey and for those of you who might be turning in new Matt slick lives radio show and that's because my real name is Matt slick this happens work for real, that's it, I think so narcissistic.

Stuff like that but it is what it is. This is a great need for great things for you apparently all right feel the logic want to give me a call 877-207-2276 when we get to Rudolph from North Carolina Rudolph welcome here man being created only a man you think Kinect will never man is six there's a lot of people don't know this kind of stuff but there's demand patterns in the Bible 12 disciples, for example, the 12 stones in the month among the 12 tribes of Israel.

And we have Greek letters and Greek letters and Hebrew letters to the Old Testament written in Hebrew, the New Testament written in Greek and letters with both Hebrew and Greek are also numbers you write a word in both languages get up for medical value also is called battery up.

And so Jesus Jesus in Greek is 888 and so that's whatever work circumcised on the eighth day. And Jesus rose and if they which is the first day of the week so man was made on the sixth day, and the Antichrist, his number will be 666 which means that his name ended up either Hebrew or Greek or both will be 666 that's what that means no background for that. Okay, why no man created yes we are created in six days in the six songs is real simple.

Okay okay alright alright God bless. Okay, let's get to Dave from Kansas City day welcome here on the year.

Thank you out when I was in Bible college, I learned the definition of it, was quite dynamic.

What is less efficient the world efficacious only if you let and I had the Scripture verses. But I lost.

What's your response that is biblical to the book because Jesus is God in flesh the value of his blood is infinite, so it sufficient to save everybody. The question then becomes, what's the legal grounds of the atoning work because sin is breaking the law of God for John 34 and so Jesus bore our sins in his body as people say he paid for their sins. Payment is a legal thing. So if you paid for your sins.

And since breaking the law. Therefore, to legal debt than the legal that it is is dealt with.

And so if you literally bore the sin of everybody never lived, then that would mean that every have to go to heaven because Alderson is paid for. People say will know it is.

It paid for but you got to accept it it it states that the non sequitur so if I have a debt at a local store and someone you know from my nickel family with the storm he pays off that he tells behave for Dr. debt was paid for okay that I click start can call me up and hold accountable for that. It's gone, it's paid for. That's what it means to be paid for and so how could Jesus have paid for all of our sins and people still go to hell when the when they pay for the sins we got accepted that it's irrelevant to whether or not the debt is paid the sin debt paid and this is a non sequitur for a lot of people because it understand the basic logic is understood how to think this so my definition is early. All right, it's a fish right at station for all efficacious only if you let you know that yeah is efficacious. Now there's different levels, that of being efficacious. Did Jesus bear the sin of everybody never lived what you think yes or no. No. I think the world of elected what right does the will of the world.

The world of the elect know the word world. I believe there John 316 distills with all the nations because Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Matthew 1524 is not set to the whole world, but because Israel broke the covenant on then we, the Gentiles are grafted in, and that's where the whole world. You should come sin so there you go. Make sense.

All right, that was easy. Let's get to Wendell from Fort Worth, Texas.

A window welcome here LOL Matt nice to hear you again and I really appreciate your with them and your intellect, you sure talk in the next click on this check in wisdom and intellect. I figured my catalog number okay yes yes all quite young talking to Matt slick out all right at. I'm happy the vehicle traffic 2230 right search for man among them who would build up the walls in the gap formula land so that would not destroy it, but found no one. Thus have poured out my indignation on them if consumed with fire and wrath their way, but the dates it is the Lord okay with you that a messianic prophecy argument. Now how do we interpret it that that's not a messianic prop will I would look forward to see if it is referenced in the New Testament be verified as a messianic prophecy and so the context is I'm looking, it's this is the sins of Israel in the book of Ezekiel and Son of Man the house of Israel has become dross to me. All of them are bronze to iron their forces of the Lord God become dross as silver is melted. The furnace for my wrath on you and the word of Lord came to me that's Ezekiel Son of Man say to her regularly bear the principle of law. I searched and people in the practice of oppression committed robbery south of your country in the of wrong, the poor and the needy in the preface sojourn without justice district permit so there is no nobody there proceed to be good to do what needed to be done in that land. So God's wrath upon them righteous men in the city while I will write a good thing out of contact that with no man that you go back to the book of I bail weeks.

I brought it back with my right arm at the outdated so if it if it if it proper, and the fecal passage with PI. They up at they look that was no man bear, but God did it I beat it back. After the in the gap at Calvary between simple band and a holy like God. The last that that's later on. Of course, it's been a while as I read is even going into Ezekiel that level so I can't comment too much on it but the ragged context of Ezekiel 22 does not seem to be messianic, but it seems to be just a condemnation of of Israel how bad the nation is and he can't find even a right person in there and so his indignation is good and report upon them.

That's what seems to be the top but Isaiah passage.

Not sure which we are talking about seems to parallel or something relate 159 for what you bleaker your sins. That's 50 3 PM that we different you got. I wouldn't go in and mix these you always going to context first and then see if the topic discussed in those different contexts is interrelated and then you can look at them into relatedly and see that here in Ezekiel for that. All right I just want to make sure we got that was no man to stand in the gap that the gap had to be greets that somehow but the cost without my different copy all right.

I do want to get out that the last thing something wrong lead people astray that it is best just to let it sit inside of its immediate context not apply.

Think too much unless it requires that oars clearly messianic and you'll know is clearly messianic in the New Testament states that it is, but I don't know of any reference New Testament talks about now. There is no differences between a quote and an allusion. LOL okay now. All right, all right, thank you for calling you why 07772072276 right. I do have it already messed up on the list get to Devon from Nampa, Idaho. Devon right here.

Alcohol recovery area eight.

So what's up, so I know that in her past conversation… Coded things like that and like you've also talked about how it was developed or developing deal felt yes human tissue is well so I guess my question is what what your stance on like modern over-the-counter undeveloped.

I guess using the same thing like I got Tylenol.

Why would I know about it. Refrain from using it best I can to benefit from the killing of the unborn right you want to. And there's a lot of ethical things there that are tough and deciding how far you go… Between that person in the Lord what I can tell you is that I don't want to take any medicine that has been developed through killing the unborn and prompt profiting from it, just not what I wanted to write yeah that's what I was told that I been taking Tylenol for years like what documents are such that you are not going want to get the code acting as a theory and then because of the old beetle cellophane and then like all right honey Tylenol is developed yes in the vaccines were so one was developed using 40 feet of material and all of them were so were not just develop but didn't testing used for board and so I don't documentation website but it's what you know is it's an issue and to we Christians deal with, but you still advised they do not take it is like there is a is a gray area here and you there is there's a woman who had cancer back in the 50s or 60s or something like that and had a rare cancer and they took the material of the cancer and even growing it in his become a standard testing material and its effect.

The amount of material is greater than her whole body weight was initially and so developing medicines out of that.

I don't see a problem with human but what you do.

This is a question if you like to decide what you do.

Here's the thing, like the Nazis they experimented on the Jews in concentration camps, and they learned a lot of valuable information about the human body, and that information can be used. To save people from now what do do you go ahead and say yeah I'm going to use the information even though it was gained to the torture of people you say there just might be in vain if we don't use it or do you say I don't want to participate in benefiting from that back then, what if it was done it all back in the 40s like it was and is like 80 years ago, almost well. Is there a time span when well you know that the medical information now just on paper and would benefit from the words that they learned from paper on paper for those experiments.

This is not easy to just wade through and say yes. Note that good. That's that. And this is why I say that people need to make up their own minds about this with you if they have something that's been used on a material that is a question asked if aborted fetal material from 60 years ago. Mix K was then entered yesterday, but you and Milledge being saved, so to speak, that we have a question we have to ask is it worth it and then will you get the standard visits worth or not. So this is just a very, very difficult question to answer. I can say is absolutely yes or absolutely no and so I say in my opinion, I don't want to participate in the benefiting from the death of Nazi of the Jews in Nazi camp and want to benefit from vaccines made from aborted fetal material human.

I just want to know what that is an issue. So what if my wife to the hospital and there's a she's unconscious and it is new drug that has a 90% chance of saving her life and it was developed and with little material from it was built 20 years ago when I do. This is a tough situation to a safe no. And then my wife dies or do I say yes and save her, and she's benefiting but is not her choice because she's unconscious to this kind of stuff is not easy to deal with is just not easy to come up with quick answers and I can't tell you that it was for you to say this is what we should do what we shouldn't do that can't Dr. I was taking a class at some point and I got a raise the question like something about the world benefit from human I guess like face leads medical type. You know the Nazis didn't like like was that on you don't I mean you and so I would like to sit in on a panel of ethical ethicist, Christian philosophical ethicists who want to take the principles as much as possible and then apply them as best we can and it is like a set of Sagan. It is not easy to do, is not easy to so I will start not to say this is not easy have a definitive answers for you okay right okay I will thank you God bless okay but that's one of the most difficult things to answer folks.

It really is. It's not as simple as some may say and the Scriptures don't declare anything about it whereof, so it makes it even tough through the lines of you and you may call 877-207-2276. Let's get branded from a highly printed your here are you don't like doing all right hanging in there what you got got questionnaire wondering what you think about Buddy Cooley's reformed theology or run like all of the and I call Calvinism state Kennett and flat dictation of first John 219 write exactly what I thought was because in every orifice. If they had been of a similar for me of something, say something like that is just willfully ignorant lines about what you call 775077 so this is from your success that are used heard actually keeping on YouTube and it is upon you even greater with is persons my gospel. Sam is now saying Calvinism is a tannic yeah okay Sam has problems and I know Sam like that in people know you let people know we've fellowship together.

We dusted the gutter got a cell number if you say and that that is something that I need to trust so I know it is usually a private message to a friend sent in a private message to a friend of mine are you daemonic it all went out. Well I could say a lot but private conversations about stuff like that as a Sam's blowing it to say public is blowing and it's unfortunate so you and there's a lot of people who know him know when well known for years. He's brilliant when it comes to Islam.

She just really is a fact what he's going to split it will need to pray for you and we do perform in the repentance. But yet it is he would Calvinism teaches is that God from all eternity. Since he knows all things, knows exactly what his will in all things will be and is working all things after the counsel of his will and that God has predestined people. For some patients not upon their goodness or their ability upon God's mercy and grace because peoples goodness is not good ability is sinful and so Christ came to redeem the ones gave given to him by the father that he bore their sin rose from the dead and all who put their faith and trust in him will be saved. Calvinism teaches and teaches of man is totally depraved that sin is touched all of what is and that's that effective sin. Incapacitates the unbeliever, to the point where he cannot freely choose Christ of his own free will. Sinful God has to intervene and if anybody prays and ask God to change someone's heart and springlike Calvinist changes heart.

The compass website got to do it and you are God's chosen people for salvation not based on any good thing in them but in looks good in God and that's irresistible grace does not mean that we can't resist God's grace. It meets at the time of regeneration that got regenerative work upon you cannot be resist. That's what that means.

And then because of Christ's great work. We are purse we will persevere in the face and God's indwelling us and working guaranteeing within us.

This would Calvinism teaches people call it daemonic that set okay right here yet because I make this work was going to heal him go further. If this is the well is going to look further down down and become my will get worse. You bless your YouTube. That's an essential kind of a thing okay three of the lies going to call 877207227 all right, let's get to Monterey from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome your brother. You thanks theological word for what you God offers salvation is not on our part or joy when you sleep, we received him that the word in Greek. John 112, it means of discussing lumbar know and means to receive and were receiving Christ we are trusting in him to accept to receive so it's fine to save accepted Christ he received Christ you trust in Christ as fines for "very good girl I did you receive guidance properly you can say people need to choose to believe in Jesus and they do and that they need to receive him and trust in him is what I tell people you need Jesus. All you need to believe in him, you need to trust that I talk and I try and persuade them and God in his mercy and how it all works just pray during witnessing a pray Lord, open hearts, open heart that they would receive you.

That's what I do.

I like that all right like you have a very Merry Chris. My brother you to my brother right God's eyes register right okay right now let's see next long as Wayton is Leon from Utah highly unwelcome doing fine by God's grace. So we got well in a lawsuit by or your your ministry. I mainly appreciate everything you will know God gets all the glory because if you knew I was back in my early days of I deserved immediate judgment, damage, God's glory. Thank you.

Got a question question is trying to minute to it. Unbeliever and it was a believer a long time ago.

He would not get there in the book of Genesis and read the Bible, but he said and when Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden of Eden was saying that there were 12 tribes outside of the garden of Eden that will waiting for him. You want to know where the 12 tribes come so sick to my voice and go when he gets kicked out. It doesn't say how long it was between that and other stuff that kicked out but it doesn't say got kicked out and then immediately there were 12 tribes out there are always other nations doesn't say that for the for the verse November whenever anybody says something like this always ask where was it say that you always go to read the contact and so what you find here is after Cain killed Abel Kane was exiled and you would out to other cities. That's probably what he's talking about and so they come from to settle the land of nod East of Eden and what were they people come from Adam and Eve children. It doesn't say that this is an man had relations with his wife, Eve conceived agape at the camp became to give birth to the butter people is either the first was born.

So, how long was it before they lived long time. That's all. And all the Bible is doing is just recounting specific things.

If this guy thinks that Adam and Eve have the garden they had Cain and Abel had a problem then… Holy cities will he's got it wrong is not the Bible stack teaching hundreds of fond while okay and Ella believer church Christian and he was trying to describe. I need to back up. I never come across this question and although I know the Lord is like here you go way out here than other believe your to back you up in the other believer but then look, here's the garden of Eden where it represents the garden where Adam and Eve were in no way got kicked square you don't like where just representing the garden and eat it all. He go he just motioned that are never okay gotcha yeah yeah like you would take an iPad and write it where it okay if the garden of Eden out garden of Eden to get computing back on the garden again and you had 12 tribes in each day.

They both mentioned… Cain and Abel and even stand to see coach. I didn't come until quite a bit later right so the guy is not as further not. It is not close break seven say after mass, like why call 7707 donate 20 books will be imported on 800 200 so you can do that by going to Corbett work CAR M.RG/all information he does there even mail something in the addresses of the bottom of any page.

All right, let's get back to Leon from Utah. Yes okay I got a believer next gallon and this is where the garden of Eden and and outside the garden of Eden. There were 1212 tribes and no okay so there won't long write right thing is with someone who says something is wrong which I pick up on quite a bit. Sometimes I way whether not I want to bring it up or not, because not always wise to just jump in correct somebody is not a good thing. But if it's heretical then I will jump in and in this one. I would've jumped because it can be very deleterious to a person's faith doesn't add up to what I really appreciate that you jumped any got that answer there, but that doesn't just tell you that people don't know this but the 12 tribes work for couple thousand 3000 years later, so it also doesn't say when Cain and Abel were born as if it was her first child or second child or 50th room 100. This essay, so it could been a long time, and given plenty of people out there having children, particularly whether genetics are so pure and this grout and you have 32345 children very easily and didn't have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds very fast within a few generations with or 200 years. If Cain and Abel are born at that point you all would make sense. See that we want to embarrass anybody not want to shame them, but if it is something heretical that's really problematic. I know I try and correct them up politely. Okay I for one more question.

Sure we haven't the day I can come if they were a believer in Jesus Christ and they were asking me about who would Jesus Christ and my flight. My question is where what good point. A good starting point and a is you got it right but would you send out what you would say to those whose Jesus.

I'm a Godard lobby everything he creator of everything Alpha Omega but sometimes they don't understand that and problem and you know on you. She's pure, you know what you do it because when they ask Jesus is my wrist. My responsibly, Jesus is. That would explain this.

People know who is in the civil Jesus is the one who died on the cross for our sins, and he claimed to be God in flesh, the creator of the universe. I discovered write to this we claim to be in. This is what happened.

He got the crossroad three days later. That's what Jesus this it was got a motel of God is the one and only true "exists in the universe, revealed in Scripture and manifested revealed to the person of Jesus Short you know what Matt had died on the cross but I felt like they don't they don't under like you will likely do you know that right.

You still get to know just depends person level but you sometimes don't know, and so use writing the truth and saved is that makes sense or any questions about it and I will ask more.

This is no God in flesh know I will focus on crucified was that told you'll find this kind of thing is more prevalent because people are woefully about the Bible is the Bible hundred dollars of the bold book that's how it is among the youth that disenfranchised culture, ways of the Lord right and what would you open your heart be if they read the holy Bible. And yet I read the holy Bible. Okay what your fate had no fate know I could tell Christianity know that no no not nothing I get to be the only Bible that it morning and also people read the Gospel of John is about who Jesus was, in a special way shows his deity to the special way my going to be special. We could read it.

Check it out because John records things that you saw with Jesus because he's not witness your people to read sick you know it it's in trouble. Take an hour to read if you just read straight through but you regal portions to sue is what it is what you think is you want talk to me. Ask questions later.

Absolutely okay thank you very much that you, God bless your ministry like I can't find work that drive but I know you, but in short we have a very blessed Merry Christmas and your family as well will be to you and thank you very much appreciate how good day, it was Leon from Utah we have for the lines of coming give a quick call 877-207-2276 Gary from Utah hi Gary, welcome you mad at me again. I all right hang in there and what he got. Okay, listen lately here where your input on how our network that would do in that situation okay and I was hard enough to witness to people who are so young. They then people that you run into like I did on that Type example that you can actually child meet new friends, etc. I'm on the girls broke out the email ago and she put got that woman. She Bible study and and anyway I don't like the people the and he was also socially since she was claiming to be Christian and being very profane yet and affording the rainbow well and in homosexuality and what you do correct. Witness and advise if you want yet is is I would just go.

Remember Colossians 312 okay and it says known as the chosen of God holy blood at the heart of compassion, kindness, humility, John was patient with one another, forgiving is is your foul language is cussing is it worldly as a godly life is fitting into your patience and humility and kindness and she was. She says but also Colossians 38 the put them all aside, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech from your mouth one time. You know I was what one thing you can sit. But this way someone is as follow Dennis before a social thing for people to be Christians in an oddball point about us excuse me, I can't tell the difference between you and the unbelievers speak right and you will say to me, who has you the one who judges are said nobody but the Bible says.

Colossians 38 remove abusive speech. It shouldn't there be a distinction between you and unbelievers, but apparently you're just like your language in your speech condemnation will either know what you think about that. As far as homosexuality thing goes and I would just politely say I don't see how you can be a Christian in support homosexuality is Lee II because it is a statement like that almost all emotional is all your you're a homophobe, and I described what I say your credit right now and go straight back on sick sue. Look what you mean by residency. Will we be by homophobic was that mean you are supposed to accept it.

If I don't I'm homophobic right is that what is with my daughter is okay for me not to accept it is okay for me to say that I believe it's a sin that all right. Who are you to judge calling me names homophobic you CC I know have a little lot of fun problems about root that we ruffled okay. I'm not about your to correct those in error work and trying to do that before she blocked me. I would think well youth that you will.

God doesn't discriminate method know we got 28 is yes, he does discriminate discrimination yes interesting with the word means in different contexts.

God discriminate corrective judgment. Those who trusted in Christ and those who trusted in Christ, he will discriminate okay they had on at sea with people living out with understand people want God to be what they want God to be. They want him to be on their side who would never judge who doesn't say anything bad, who accepts all people, because God is its New Age Jeep right Jesus got mad at people in and overturn temple tables called brood of vipers you whitewashed sepulchers driver out of the Democratic and I say don't. This is what Jesus did to the people who work teaching false religious stuff. I'm sure he got one last quick one level of suffering in hell, or the one level yesterday at levels.

Some will be with many stripes and some with you soon. Okay brother know that… Yeah, in fact, if you go to Carmelite see Corinth levels or degrees and 6° of punishment (right what what whatever you condition, degrees of punishments you degrees of punishment and help there you go. And the answer is yes okay okay and I got the rivals were letter is are still in Scripture how much severe RA, and I think you will deserve who trampled underfoot the son of God. He was 1029 other okay okay right thank you very much you looking very much God bless her heart.

There we go. Sorry about that time Jeanette please call back talk about that is why his great power by the Truth Network

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