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December 10, 2021 5:46 pm

Matt Slick Live

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December 10, 2021 5:46 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What happened to Christ's divine nature when His human nature died---2- What does it mean that we will be justified or condemned by our words -Matthew 12-34-37---3- When someone is born again, do we receive an incorruptible Spirit- --4- How old is the earth- Does geology refute the Bible---5- According to the Bible, what happened to the Jurassic period- Are dinosaurs real-

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Matt Slick Live!
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is the president's blog calling you have questions about Bible doctrine maps. What why branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick writer, but welcome to the show hold on to cough and I'm to be coughing a little bit because I went to the gym today I did a new exercise on the treadmill and it really wore me out and work I do that it really work hard, but I come to cough a little bit for a few hours afterwards to drink.

No big deal shall be doing that like just a deer hit the mute button. All right, now we are doing just let you know on December 19, 2021 were doing a fundraising drive for the month of December. If you are interested in supporting us in this ministry. All you do is go to in all the information you need is there and whatever you donate will be doubled for the new donation will be doubled. Any new know if you your regular from five dollars a month to $10 a month and that extra five will be counted as the whole year and matched people already start to do that.

Thank you very much for those like it is cough to strike off from working out hard. I can work out.

I got a workout because so 65 is upon me, and I've got to be in good shape and I had to get my abs back when I got married, my wife married me.

I think the only reason to marry me because I had some apps now. I just have ab and so I have to get those back and big shots are likely again.

You never know what will happen, but the shot get in shape. All right now we have four lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 also let people know that we've got Matt slick live YouTube account working and were actually broadcasting to that on YouTube will stay on are no current videos a little bit of regular move.

Although the mess look like videos over to that mastic live YouTube. We also have Messick life Facebook and its sense of narcissistic know my name is Matt slick for the newbies and the Mets look like, but that's just what it is and if you mind that you only wanted to listen to some of them slick.

The radio disc but that will be moving over there so if you want you recommend the people go over to those things and check them out. I went to the website slick live. One word, and you go there and see the links for the different places we can be up and you go there and bookmark them and start tuning in their because of the mainstays all right. Something else I do say we did the donation matching funds driver did the stuff your you know I just wish I had a good mind, but it things look to my mind and I can't talk about what it will come back to me later probably midnight you all right if you're new to the show. This is a Christian apologetics show apologetics is the defense of the Christian faith and working to be Robbie entry questions on that as we do on all kind of topics (one more thing here. I'll be doing some video work and talk to on the Board of Directors last night to late for the wee hours. We pray and let people know we have needs. If you have editing ability videos. If you interested in doing something like this is not a light requested. So it's a serious request and it wouldn't be all the time eight hours a day. It would be doing one minute videos and putting them together and in uploading and things like that. I'll be uploading the raw file someplace and I can't find a boy to do what I can do it myself. We learn how to do all the kind of stuff. Anyway, and those were doing stuff like that. I phone slider on order and on the Teleprompter that someone sent me a while back him using that to all the stuff we got to go to videos because that's what the world is moving and young people they can read when they're typing on the phone at 80 miles north of her fingers with her thumbs are going all over the place and then you ask the question they stare at you and then it took like put you on the phone, oh so what we have to get into the phone, running into seeking a video stuff so were looking were learning. If you have experience you want to help out some suggestions. When I checked some things chemical. I'm always open to be taught. All right, let's just jump on the heirs get the root go from Raleigh, North Carolina, Rubio, welcome your on their body. Yes, I can pay you what to look at you about them in the well this is what happened to it. That's a different difficult question to answer because there was a union between the divine and the human nature and is called hypostatic union so the one person died on the cross and the attributes of both natures are ascribed to that one person.

So when the one person died on the cross, the attributes of both those natures were experienced by that one person now. We have a doctrine in and theology dealing with the the the nature of the divine that cannot be affected by us and when we when we look at that and we talk about that. There is no ontological effect.

We can have on God. He knows all things from eternity. And there's a question in theology. How do we influence God.

How do we affect God because is artifact will gather risk God is grieved by some of the things we do, etc. so how does that work with not exactly sure is worth a good discussion. Nevertheless, when Jesus done the cross. How was the divine nature affected. I don't know how it was affected in the sense of of was it saddened was it did experience about some pain. I just don't have answers to questions like that we let the person experiences things so we get in that area of theological examination. I try not to get too deep because it's easy to make mistakes okay okay okay thank you and welcome God bless. Okay they focus. What you may call 877-207-2276 we have four open lines give me a call let's get to anonymous from somewhere about something. What's up hello Matt and Mary, yes I can. Well, I thought I was anonymous I just want to make your point your webmaster. How are you brother man. Now it sounds like you wow well listen I don't want to think a lot, you probably will.

I know you probably will do anything today but I wanted to wish you publicly a happy birthday. Happy birthday my friend. Thank you. 65.

Today while at an audit of your birthday.

I want to go to and make a donation and I hope the yellow thing thing on your date of the quarter ministry for you, your family and brother been an honor to work with you, side-by-side. I know it a lot a lot more but you, you're so I just wanted to tell you happy birthday last couple years of knowing you have been a pleasure and has many more doubt it does now now well I don't know.

I mean for you pollute more downs than ups with no more than we don't have the calls which I want to hang on a little bit okay because I want you to some people know I did not know his calling and I don't just know couple years and I see is the webmaster for carmakers. Great works of the current website is his development. He's a guy put together and did all the stuff we have problems. I got him fix it so having said that, seriously want you to give people how to get a hold of you. They won't let might as well you done so much for me on stuff we have paid you for some reason that payment is run out and I talked about getting on a retainer go I will talk about it later.

That's how you have been just pretty interesting, utterly gracious. I don't know which one it is with member I want you I warned you about life Carn I normally don't now I think we can work and normally I don't run like that that ministry in the great cause of the feline I've the deal done that but but no, I do the website. LOL I want you to talk peace peace I web design and graphic design all that there but not about me mad about your birthday while you appreciate that it's 65 today. Second, went to the gym and logged in to him little keychain thing and you and is of walking and there's four people behind the counter in a little hey it's your birthday could look at the monitoring. Yeah, that's right.

And I said hey by the way, okay. How old do I look. I just thought I would ask and got some 65 right it. Well, actually, one guy goes below 45. There it was maybe 50 and the I said what you got her to say I don't really because really they died yeah and I said well thanks I'm 65 and like what and I said yeah so you Medicare to hold that it is kind of sobering sobering because I'm old people 65, you know I turn with when I turn 40. Earlier this year. Think for me it was love mom. None of our prompt tomorrow, and yet the living day. The best Ugandan yellow live for the glory of Christ, and that that what you're what you're doing and it it is sobering when you get older and you realize that at some point you're going to have more days behind you than you have ahead of you and the kind of money and encouragement and motivation to do the most you can for God and and for his people, though it is a daily reminder to live that way you as we sometimes mentioned I must mention that two years ago we were talking about you working with us in and costs and everything I've ever setting up for the gym lever not warning you about what it is to work with Carmen and the you said I can handle it. I see pictures of you in the past two years and you've deftly degraded. That's obvious that you work for Carla little bit. All I would say more more little me and yet look like me. Eric Hilton getting the you got your welcome held beliefs are married and so is she stuck so and so I was all right brother have been appreciated but only way I birthday got okay to say we got the domestic life stuff ready on. We can switch it over to the website for the website of the YouTube domestic life and when I got the message and I wasn't going to reply to those on hold on Friday though you know where I'm surprised the last time ever call the radio program. It was Rush Limbaugh thought he really now I got the call screener but never met on the show though, that I not like you just going downhill. Let's all just going downhill said you get Caesar to get it right.

I got blisters on it was Joshua and he's the guy really. He's done a great job. He really has just wanted to say thanks to Josh and to peace is his website and he does a lot of stuff and he's been helping us out beyond the pale. Let's say that's because that's what it is. All right, so old is a break hey we have a fear of the mines, but even call 877-207-2276. Be right back after these messages. Mats like why call 770776 charismatic slave back to the show on there with Jean wagering welcome, my brother and I wanted to call you a happy birthday. Long now I gotta get brightened up. I know you going back to work at going to get the app that I love you laugh and I got a question you never had a birthday you never had a birthday. I asked you out with your feet wouldn't hear only as old as you feel my brother all I feel about 90 I'm doing pretty well actually money. Finally, you are I can run I can jog I can still do martial arts if I wanted I go to the gym so I'm very blessed to have very little pain love it. Okay I got sold. Now my my way around the block two more times and you have but I'm on a close race with. But there was a lot like that is pretty good on their skin is not great. I love to hear from you. I love you hear the people all of the hear people at the real question but the thing that I know their intrigues and I know the people you have concerns with that I feel your heart with where they stand in life and you know basically where they stand when they are in opposition with what the word says the only thing I noticed Sadie anybody is you must be born again and walk by faith and not by sight. That's the bottom line to trust in Jesus a man better to trust in wells yourself with. I can do for you. Well, now cannot play right up to be right.

I what's going on.

Notice your world on the walking through right now. I'm grateful he's granted his face and a grand that we blame him so that by his grace we can serve him and honor him and one day we will enter into his presence directly, and I'm grateful for the opportunity but to serve him for all of us who are Christians who know him by his mercies by his grace. He's be glorified.

Nothing he needs it because you know he desires it because it switch right to do that claimant and back without playing one thing I'm so blessed to be the beginning of it all. Good. We need to be humble, less for sure. I'm working on now outmoded lady the other day she would point out to be out of the store. She was born out the minute. I was flabbergasted but I said you know there's one thing that understand, you can't fix Outlook at 801 is completely broke.

God wants you about to be humble and on the van. They are great about our you ain't going to get nowhere that's true true trust in Jesus will you well.

I wish you a very happy birthday HJ your lap allow verb ain't never seen or your family and we will celebrate Jesus Christ birthday very shortly goodwill praise got man thanks appreciated but all right I call me when you hear me better. We'll see company all right through the lines 877-207-2276, Stephen from Iowa State. Welcome you and Matt happy birthday thanks buddy appreciated. Weird, but got five if all shout out your web developer for taking on that project I worked in the web developer or five years and that wouldn't of been easy though. I really hate the work that he did the reading is taken on neglecting his extras because it's just I warned him that always happens and he sees that's right it does with particular with Carmen but got my question is yet. I've memorized Matthew 1234 through 37, the last part of it being puzzling to me. It's that them that by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned and is wondering how that fits into the eye by faith alone in Christ.

You notice he said before there was, was crucified and is talking to the evil people and what he's doing is telling them that your words you can condemn you that's what's going on. Debbie justified in the sense before God by your own words are to be condemned by your own words.

You can be saved and so that those who were justified before Christ have confessed Christ justified by our words Lord Jesus save me Lord, I depend on you, but the Pharisees, they are justified and condemned by their own words does he deny who he wants us what he called the whitewash of the curse is twice as you you said you brood of vipers.

There you brood of think about that in the garden of Eden that was the snake of Viper. You brood of vipers.

He is really insulting them no because Jesus is the blotter like a Cajun surfer dude he wouldn't say they mean anybody you brood of vipers.

As we said to them, among other things in SMS was going on talking to them about to how they can be condemn other words that's yet to make more sense or make sense I get I get that on hundred. I don't understand like the part that said about being condemned by the word flake if they denied you to figure that make sense but I don't I don't understand being justified by your words parts so just so you know words mean what they mean in context and so a word single word Dick yahoo here in Greek is to justify to 232 justifies the key Apple and it is used in the New Testament 39 times and so for example in Luke 729 it says that the acknowledged God's justice and so they acknowledge what he was doing, and it's from Dick yahoo again. They acknowledge God's justice incident so it has different meanings in different contexts. The next 1339 Everett who believes is freed from all things mess were Dick yahoo again.

So it has what's called a six place semantic domain in Luke 735. Wisdom is vindicated by all her children were justified by all her children but doesn't mean that it gets saved so it just sent it has a series of meanings in different contexts. So context always determines the meaning when we talk about Matthew 1235 to 37. It's good that you are memorizing 34 to 37 good at memorizing Scripture he's talking to the evil ones is talking to them is condemning them and he says in verse 35 the good man brings out of his good treasure, the good man brings out of his good treasure what is good to evil man brings out of his evil treasure what is evil so you talk about what is by their words will be right and wrong words of Christ have right, whether or not going on okay I like to give a folks for the lines give a call 87720776 max Y call 770776. Here is Matt's leg back to the show for blind.

What you may call 877-207-2276 skip to anonymous California. Welcome around here welcome welcome hi corruptible bear. I will now how I felt near you now hope that I'll get it corruptible bear who they are in Christ God, or other right before anyone I like it. I'm not sure I understand your question. Okay so talk about your human spirit right.

Yeah. Going in classical the Holy Spirit is listen corruptible, and when were born again of the Holy Spirit lives in us and then we struggle as often is the case with her own bad ways and sin and things like that but that's called sanctification. So I'm not sure to quit your question is no.

If you know, they are right, like who have right you create new creation or key. I'm still not sure I understand your question, but the human spirits is independent of our physical bodies of the shares and the pain of our physical body. When your physical body dies, our spirit can continue and does continue so here neck pain when you because it's our soul. That's what we are makes us alive and has self identity.

We experience that pain and it's a physical thing and when we are separated from our bodies before the resurrection with the Lord, then what is the state then our awareness of pain. I don't think to be the physical pain and that sensors were not in the physical body and will be resurrected into our physical bodies as a prophecies talk about. Then maybe we might build experience pain, but I don't know because so the world to be like, what would it be like to that extent, so I just don't know now not beer and painting it.

I think I okay I thinking I might start to get an idea what you're talking about incredible spirit of the human being was reborn again can experience pain yes yes we can. What are born again we can experience pain. Well, you see, what we would invite even our spirit because what we are is is spirits soul human. That's what we are at that saying that we are can exist independently of the physical body but does it experience pain yes it does the that thing I called me and when I stub my toe. It hurts and experience that pain that's going on there. Thinking going to buy it type part being yeah that's that's one view, soul, spirit and body, I lean towards was called dichotomy that soul and spirit are basically the same thing and in housing a body but you know it doesn't matter either one is is acceptable. So I wouldn't worry about it would listen to many people who say good to go to tripartite. Some Cartwright part tripartite is him. The reason is because sometimes will say will the soul can be possessed with the spirit cannot be possessed by demons, and the kind of do that sometimes not all, of course, and that is a dangerous doctrine that I sent to say the trite economy is not okay yes it's fine, it's just that this is one of the dangers that some people have gone into who held to that position and direct dichotomy may be correct within orthodoxy, but I'm just saying that I got to know for sure I but I lean towards dichotomy where sample spirit of the same as me to be wrong. Now will will you everything. I reckon a new spirit. No we we already are as Christians, new spirits that our bodies are not ready for the new spirit, yet not caught up yet but when Christ returns, the resurrection will occur and we will then be restaurant raised in glory. This is first contents 1535 to 45 talks about this. That's when can have new bodies to my wife can certainly use that she's got all kinds of ethical issues she's doing right this second to next break I got it will get some for you is everything familiar with all of the stuff is, even as we decay when we were redeemed, our spiritual renewed, but our bodies are not not yet but they will be guarantee of that is found in Romans nine Romans eight 2930 Romans eight 2930 says this for those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his son so that we he would be the firstborn among many brethren and those whom he predestined he also called and these whom he called he also justified and this would justify the also glorified wealth glorification largely could mean the glorification of official bodies. It's already spoken of in the past tense. There which means guaranteed. Because of Christ subordinate to have just got to wait for to happen next time. Okay. Is there hello the Greenville Gloucester 321 okay if I do put lines going to be called folks 877-207-2276 and that we have thought that went up in my cubicle all right you guys a heads up on a few things. Not a big deal but were doing an end of year matching funds drive to the month of December. If you want to donate anything you do donate will be matched if you don't need $1 million that will be great to tell my friend I get up $1 million and you know space coffee in the air. Kind of a thing, but you know people do a few hundred of a couple thousand.

And you know whatever, but whatever God does whatever you do will be doubled and found that for the month of December and we do need that because the beginning of next year's always financially difficult for us because it obtained missionaries punitive and advanced months in advance because it's cheaper in the long way to do that because of bank fees that goes across countries particular and African nations in South America and all the jet we do this, the banks know we do this we doing it for a few years, we have people who are familiar with the going and they they recognize it's all acceptable. It's all done so well, that's that.

And we have for medical me know if insurance for car for because it's a good insurance so that's indignantly or to or close to it and so we need to meet her help and also moving towards doing the videos here. The stuff on domestic life, going to mess with life Facebook and also on YouTube, and so if you want to get information for the links of your dues go to Karn that org see slick live. All one word. It will give you the links and stuff right there. You can check it out.

Let's get to hose. I guess hose from Texas toes welcome you on the your on your on your way it's going, but it's going. We got married.

Question though you and Bobby do you know the you know how old the error by dating rock with 4.5 billion you go and you don't like her to be little break. I get angry that no art be happy and already I hope good thing on their agenda and biblical word you know that that year, or five in the Bible belt yet. So you tell me that in the geology crap class they attack Noah's Ark is everything okay yeah okay okay okay okay okay so the attack Noah's Ark the limited to Christianity.

All right what I might do this because of what you said maybe tonight tomorrow next few days. Adults release some information is an article of the collecting stuff in my mind science outline and hold on, I'll explain limited after the break. Okay you hold on to write that folks after these messages they tell Matt slick live call 770776 pairs.

Matt slick say, Don going to go or go okay now so Jos I have information on the stuff about age of the earth and what I want to do is I can put it up on the outlines on car so if you were to go to this where you go, you go to Scarborough/cut so you take that list taking the cut-and-paste stuff and I have outlines their and all will do is I'll work on getting the outline of science up there and I have information that is very useful on dating methods, age of the earth. Things like this that are problematic on their perspective from your side so there are issues there really are. For example, there was call poly Street trees poly Street trees are trees that are fossilized to 600 million of rock strata will if that's the case, and how can that you know the rush is significantly near I was at work and then there dating method to get radically different time periods for using different systems like Ruby and strontium, and potassium argon make dating methods will take certain rocks nor supposedly certain ages and I get radically different dates of millions to billions of years old different welding of a nor how old they are and seek me tie something when I was in class I is an anthropology class back in a secular college and I right was a good class and the lady was definitely anti-Christian and an atheist and secularist to humanist and evolutionist all the stuff and so I knew that she was can start talking about human ancestors and fossils so I can only do so much.

I prepped on eight at exactly 1 of the ancients like us to look at the scene. I think it was a kid and I had the information in my notebooks record from class to class and lo and behold, of all things, she actually toes for reason what you do the same thing. She actually raised the issue of how evolution is true and she actually brought up that exact hominid ancestors that I studied.

I raised my hand in the class. She suggests and I said what you said that this is Bob Loblaw. But I've done research and I open my notebook big notebook and I said right here and I had quotes from scientists who kept more degrees in the thermometer saying that they were not. It was not a human ancestors that was this was that I meet I would like to quotes and leisure expert-the guy who was the curator the natural history Museum of London and things like that. I looked at her siblings would he do with these and she said they're all wrong. Then I raised my hand again and she wouldn't call on me for the rest of the class for 20 minutes and for 20 minutes. I kept my hand up while she was talking on I click asked more questions about this should work. Talk to me she was not open to dialogue is not open to anything that was counter to her facts and she was so upset and aggravated with me that My hand up people give notice and my hand stayed up at it than the rest of the class and found it was time for us to leave and as I walked out. I said to her. I enjoyed the class.

I'm looking forward to coming back and I walked right by her.

She did not like that and outline you have information you can do stuff like this. She did not bring up stuff that again. The class she didn't bring it up anymore and I I know what it means I've done to the Case of the tunnel.

The stuff so here's the thing I want to get this information in a release it on car and it will have stuff and you could take it and you could print. He could have it with you in your geology class.

This isn't exhaustive, but there are things in their that are worth looking at and I went on. In addition to this letter. Tell everybody if you have citations" that are relevant to this kind of topic which includes the Big Bang dating methodologies, fossils, galaxy, evolutionary theory, human ancestors, missing links the Miller experiment expects mathematical odds of abiogenesis entry genetic entropy in all kinda stuck send it to me at info would you sent to me and I will need the page number where it's at. A link to worry if it's a video you don't like eight minutes and five seconds will give you three hour video site that coaching here. I'm not to listen to you to go here.

Look there and if it's in a book I to check out make surveys good. But if you find stuff that's good. I will put in that outline as well. Okay so that's for everybody list.

I readily okay to go to my questions are in stuff and so there are things you can That you know them, not yet.

Okay. What happened to the directed. According to Bible your Bible yes I yes will not.

The answer is yes you can read the last three chapters of the book of Job. This is your homework I'll go read the last three chapters of the book of Job. It talks about two immense creatures, one land-based and one water-based. It's a very God will absolutely have no problem with that and you know I have to get more quote for the sign stuff like that. There, finding genetic information in bone marrow from dinosaur bones. How's that possible. As I possibly can ask my age, I would have my documentation, read my what you know you she said this. I just how's that possible, and that there's carbon-12 problem carbon-12 is as a half-life of just over 7000 years of the unit for 257 we have five 520, which means that in 100,000 years or should be no carbon-12 left and anything that used to be alive and now was that 100,000 years something carbon-based, but should not have any carbon-12 it because of the half-life issue. Well then why is it diamonds and coal shales have carbon-12 in him physical to billions of years old. You could recently explain that there are questions you can ask and I would be doing that in class and I would go to me if I would go to the teacher in an off off you know how to add a classified his office and say hey that did this to one teacher I should do this with teacher who was an art teacher and he attacked Christianity in an art class. I went and I talked to him in his office afterwards and I said look, said I want you to know that I was offended by what you did was known reason for you to have to come in and start attacking Christianity and it just so you know I study this stuff. If you say anything against Christianity going to raise my hand to challenge you in the class and he looked at me because you know what because you're right I should have done. I was surprised.

He says I really appreciate you coming to me talking to me and it knows my geology class.

My geology class and I remember his diskettes because I know what you're going through in my geology class. This professors witnessing this is saying that at the age of the earth walked to him towards his office after class, I said, you know that there's a lot of problems with the geological record rightly said yes it is a lot of problem of the fossil dating methods said yes, the one you believe in evolution all the stuff because good is true.

I never I strapped I start walking is what you know there's problems are you just assume it's true that the problems are serious is that he doesn't care.

That's how it is with people is how it is right and the like. In my mind.

I played a lot faster.

You very you know you get tech Christianity ain't no big knock Doug, me and Betty were my friend. The Christian and now you a few the fact that no ongoing ongoing attack Christianity out of nowhere all know our heart report and no question correctly and not have our evidence of why we believe will be in our Bible. I'm with you have had a lot of experience a secular school and we had a philosophy class and the guy tech Christianity I'd chosen to philosophy classes. He would let me in the first one when I defended Christian faith because he didn't like the idea that anybody would be in there who could defend Christianity usually does in attacking and went to another flossy class.

Six months later and I got in and it evolved into whenever he would say something that related to Christianity and truth in God we just look over to me. So what's the position map and I'd say Palmolive because I would challenge and an that most people are capable of doing that, I'm not knocking him. It just takes some practice. It takes some work and am I can help I can help people do this right here and I think it might break a light indicate where you been all you get up really that you doubt about how your your giving up little and get one talk to that you know that you put out there Katie that leaving Ryan. I get that all kinda with them yet. I could tackle that as well because you have understanding basic principle.

This is important for people to hear if you're in a philosophy class and issue truth comes up. There has to be an ultimate always think in the terms of ultimate.

What is the ultimate is the ultimate biology.

Is it physicalism is that naturalism is it evolution. How do you have absolute truth value without an absolute ultimate truth giver existing basic question if you know how to work with it you can cause a professors to have conniption fits politely use it with him and he said this and that but how do you know that's the ultimate commune of his reason beyond this how you know that empiricism is the right way to judge truth it's it's only an expression or derived out of your sensory experience, how you know your senses are related representing or interpreting reality accurately and don't you have to retrofit rationally or with rationalism is not superior empiricism. At that point that you judge all empirical values by what your rational mind says.

But then what justifies these laws of logic that you appeal to you.

These are the kind of things that we talked about in class and the profs didn't like it like it right. My email.

Do not know more about anarchic entity philosophy beyond.

Do you know well and I haven't have another outline on philosophy of a developing my outline on Catholicism is 190 pages but my outline on and I went to Calvinism hundred pages 90 pages.

I have one on evolution. The science which is about 35 pages. This outline stuff so this is good.

I do this I do have seminars, online right teach people how to handle it. They bring the questions in not that I'm an expert in this, but certainly going up pretty quickly when I get a question I can answer I go and I look and I figure things out. Love science. I mean I say I really do. I love documentaries. I like watching the science that my thing. I love runtime. I got to go okay. I arrived I sorry Nate and Craig.

Please call back tomorrow, but that was worth testing on the above that logical sure is the Lord bless you all and by his grace the back of your tomorrow it will talk you another program powered by the Truth Network

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