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September 7, 2021 4:00 am

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September 7, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- I worry that I've committed the unpardonable sin.--2- What do you know about Ron Car---3- Was Jesus talking about 70 A.D in Matthew 24---4- What city is depicted by Babylon in Revelation 18---5- Matt discusses whether or not the pretribulation rapture is biblical.--6- What do you think about the Westminster confession's division of the law- What about theonomy----7- Who is the queen of the south--8- Doesn't God want all to be saved-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max likewise glances called responded to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick walkable show match look to match look live.

It is suits September 2, 2021 will be able have a good day, black a lot going on and if you recall, we have five lines 87720776 last four digits bola CAR room on your phone website Christian apologetics research ministry. Tonight will be teaching on my house like I just Bible study under teaching on the interpretive principles of the Bible to be different starting release. "Good year not this radio station to be putting on YouTube select that life and people could watch people assignments at the house over how to teach them some principles go through some stuff and then have them do some exercises and so you won't be a lively discussion will be interesting. Alright, so last night. You know the oneness of Pentecostal people have been surfacing and argue against God and the true living God. Even though they think you believe in true living God. They don't and so on. Know one of the seat Facebook groups following my name is brought up frequently in various things and so not see it pop up and it all came overly saying and I want only to somebody. Next thing you know, get a conversation going on and I want another soul. I wanted to have a discussion open discussion with oneness people answering questions and this might help one showed up from India is pretty good guy in the sense that he was articulate diligence English was really good and we had a good conversation but I will say this that were several places where he was stopped, absolutely stopped and were someplace where he thought he was stumping me but he was mistaken because he didn't understand the issues and he thought he did not try to tell him that he needed to study certain areas and in order to understand some of the more technical nuances of apologetics doing with Trinity and stuff, you're not. But anyway, it was that center final. You saw that last night if you want to comment about a call and let me know talk about. If not, no big deal. We have wind up in lines 5 lines will give me a call 877-207-2276 and the those of you might be tuning in for the first time not so sure shows about Matt slick lie. That's my real name is Matt slick and I'm a Christian apologist to defend the Christian faith, and have been doing that for about 41 years 1980 and my website hundred and 47 million visitors and it's almost 26 years old working on it for quite a bit doing a lot of work a lot of research lately and doing a lot of research on COBIT and hopefully will release of information next few days trying to develop as much accurate information as I can and I have a few more areas of study. I need to get into the bison caution tape in the police line do not cross state and a duplicate of the door and with a laser detector. You don't zaps people to come. I'm telling you, I get so distracted because are some of issues in life to take care of that. It's hard to finish working so clear to my work on a that happens right all right for open lines give me call 877-207-2276. For those of you who did here and watch that thing last night and cures know what you thought because I ended pretty quickly afterwards that my voice was going going and stuff. All right 772072276. Let's get to Dave from Salt Lake City day welcome your on-air minutes three, last year there can last you are you there Dave can hardly hear you Dave. Dave, I can hear you buddy. Okay I'm in a put them on hold and maybe your keys you can talk to if you can and will see if we can get that connection a better all right. Let's get on the line with Ryan from Ohio Ryan welcome your on-air thing that I figure to be more convenient to call you during the Q&A that you got method I got to make it brief in reference to the unpardonable and I got worried that by quoting Scripture as I was trying to study it and figured out that I committed it by quoting down the leak, but I got ignorance or the devil can easily come and twist that will it's it's a good sign that you're worried it's a good thing because you're worried if you had committed the blessed Holy Spirit which you haven't what it is that if you had the holster been working you would be convicted.

It wouldn't be an issue. So many people really worried about that are the ones who I mean people really saved who might say the committee but here's what it is. It's actually saying and believing and asserting that Jesus did his miracles by the power of the devil, that's what it gets right and I just repeated it.

That's not blessed with the Holy Spirit of just telling people that's what this context menu.

12 2232 that's what it is just reality. It doesn't mean up I'm saying or mean it is instructive people that's that's what is okay yeah and obviously I cannot keep it short. I trust in Christ. I love Christ, you know that when I wasn't doing that either activation or actually say that about him, but I was reading the text and I like oh no you know what I mean after I read it thinking, came and 30 is that there is, the devil uses lies so you were… All right, you don't worry about it if you committed or not to do is just to praise God and keep try to be used by him that they don't think I committed absolutely without a doubt, no okay thank you for checking are big man. I got plus okay all right it's a list of the afflicted lines. Give me a call 877-207-2276 all right is get on the phone with Tom from Northern California to look at me on the year. I remember the name of the redemption curtain panel. Ron Carpenter Good character or not a good one.

I have no idea why I Ron, you were picking) for grant writing and in light came on. After she was teaching in the church after nap women, pastor Holden did not babysit watch if they become pastors, should they should be a need to be rebuked politely and properly said no you're you're in error. And according to Scriptures, but of course people don't receive that kind of thing. I love this guy is or is not teaching that, but if you say he is if he is then he sees an error, but I do know for sure about hiding that arrangement today or not. When obligated to ties.

Dave anybody says you have to ties that the wrong we are. We those who have died to sin to us in and died with Christ. Romans 66168 are free for the law of Romans seven for tithing is an Old Testament law requirement, but we are no longer under that Old Testament law because the new covenant is been ratified.

That's Hebrews 813 Heep Undine 952 16 so were no longer under the obligation legally to type you have to write. You don't have to don't have to, but you're free to whatever your back hurts a growth may be adventurous, but if you don't ties what Nonno I'm going there thinking that you have to try baby I felt hurt because the calendar congregation or Catholic high when it nonbiblical, but that be a false start by peeking no false church. You know I would just take the purses and errors.

You could be teaching justification by faith alone in Christ alone can petition the Trinity hypostatic union justification by faith we teaching all kinda great stuff. Just be an error on that limit telling all that that a great many pastors and stuff of people lately make a lot of mistakes because they don't study in depth. Certain things they need to, but they don't. We are not obligated type I like to think were free to ties for free to to support ministries were free to do it. Not obligated as I we have to and that's the thing were free to be able do it so do that and supports various ministries so that they can do what God is called to do because people need to have that support would work can all right thank you Mark for your help rightly. God bless. Okay, you may call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Jason from Charlotte, North Carolina Jason, welcome you on the air.

I can call sure, my question is related to the chapter that everybody print on the college's 20 40 and it has to do with all basically twofold avoid answering two questions. My question to you is you believe that you would most definitely talking about 70 A.D. all admit that with the tribulation. He was talking about and I'll give you a rundown of thought perspective of how I quick. Basically, they asked him to question if you click on the of all of that. Not one film will be left on another based on that profit. The hypo left him to questions like that will find a bit the and then they have to make second question and what will be the sign of your basically the Greek word rue the which means establishing your kingdom.

That's what they always ask them and try to get in the flesh that so my question isn't based on that is that because the language seems to be when he and ET the talk them and he said during the first matter, and then he tells them. Basically, there's something that they can do about it that Ron Lee you know Jerusalem will be destroyed by the you know Carol McCoy called basically the Roman and that he could not one of the this generation will pass until all the things Bill and they tell another earthquake all at the base of what your question would you? So do you look do you see it as that that profit was that that was built in the years that mitigate the that that one tribulation speaking and been the second part of that one thing, what time is a lot like a functioning right back with guides for the lines giving call 87720727 second right back Matt slick. Why call 770-7276 is met. 76 or Jason are you still there. All right, so were know if Matthew 24 was fulfilled by 70 A.D. right yet pretty much a question as I viewed it to question why do people don't blow it all up in one thing, make all the masking are you a prearrest.

I'm not sure what all the all the labels mean it means that everything is and says everything was fulfilled in 70 A.D., even the return of Christ, as I don't I would say that there's many appearing Christ and he disappeared maybe judgment that was profit but even in the book of Daniel will hold hold so the answer is that you don't okay so there's a view called partial plagiarism. Partial plagiarism is the view that what was spoken of in Matthew 24 Luke 17 was on prophetic and it still has not yet been fulfilled. But it was also representative of many of the conditions the times around then and people did flee to the hills. Historically, when when Jerusalem was coming under siege. They did do that so was called partial plagiarism.

That's fine that's within orthodoxy. Full plagiarism is not full printers and is refuted by errors of Scripture were Jesus was returned to the clouds and they say now.

He returned in the armies of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. this is false. So yes, to some degree 24 was fulfilled, but will be completely fulfilled, yet just to be fulfilled. Okay… You think were coming from throughout. I don't think there's enough focus from teaching him that that would all happen your 70 A.D. and that Christ would profit fine and that it did that did happen. I think there was to question yeah yeah it did happen and you like to write you but actually there's there's so three tell us, when will these things happen.

What we decided to coming and the end of the age now, you could just to but you could make in the three decided to coming and the end of the age of the entities contacting the second part she considers 32 or three questions but the coming of Christ is at the end of the age which is not yet happened. You agree that in their first question, though, that telling them there's something they can do about it.

Leave at the end of the second part of the question it says basically like will be at all the likely people will be drinking given in marriage that will be expecting it. What I'm get that signal as it was with what you just quoted was the wicked are taken.

Are you familiar with the well that's something that's rooted out but III have a little bit a different perspective because I think that the rock that we could never inherit the earth lately lately lately lately you not focusing you to focus because of what one thing were talking about you jump over something else. We don't really get anywhere but you do withholding under no that was based on your choir, your comment that you did your question about the wicked next to way it's to mentoring the field one is taken. One is with left the context of of that is it's the wicked were taken just so you know people don't get that. But that's what it is that's all I would know I gotcha. I would, I would say that would be the first time in the world, will you write the wicked are taken basically write sinister sentences. Finish your statements okay first time in a world that what that what the date of lot lot. The wicked were taking out quite righteous were left.

They were preserved 20th.

The gardening father I pray that people not be taken out of the okay and think one. I'm just curious what are you trying to get at what's what's that's she's like you just you just call if it is talking about the things I want know your question actually is ever answered that question so you did and you did a good job. I brought this up made reference to the beginning and no no no you did.

He said that I should. That's what the context of the wicked were taken, but he may go ahead. So what was your party a question of your other question know my point is just that you have questioned whether the rapture teaching is totally accurate and I do believe Christ is coming back, but I think it might be one of aunt like every eye shall see when he come back because I don't believe that we can ever get that inherit the earth. Even if it's for seven years, so that Christ taught the masculine using direct record giving three trim rapture made or post-trip rapture you believe the rapture not what every more specific or so. I'm not of the thing I question whether there's going be 1/3 coming where do you come back in that and then we don't appear later when I asked. I think when he comes back he come back every eye you you so you affirm the rapture but we go through the tribulation right then Christ raptures the people out. Will that brings back us into the tribulation like article I got Jason, Jason, Jason, Jason, I ask you questions. I'm looking little frustrated answer questions he don't answer you sky talk sometime for something else nice, but the rapture will be just be very direct. Do you believe now you did that. Are we going to go through the tribulation. I meant all right were moving on is not a direct question and that is just difficult to work with them so words can move on folks thought about that.

This is what it is. What you may call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 African lines you call is good to adjacent Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome you on their Dragon arm of work on color and quick regarding Revelation got right and ability and about Babylon destroyed and always. Are really curious about the referring think Babylon is now Iraq be referred to our country and our country thought I be honest I don't know.

And people have postulated it will be literally Babylon over there in Iraq. Some have said that it's the Roman Catholic Church. Some have said it's America United States.

Some have said it's the rebuilt Roman empire Union of Europe and of which we are by default part of because were the offspring of of England, so to speak in other countries.

From there, so I don't know. I do not know. Some think that Babylon is a an economic system that it's just that is is the economics was to be all over the world as it took to be honest I don't know which one it is. I just don't so I can tell you those of the theories. I don't know where so much about how one drop of read again the more the ongoing development could be doing to break the hold, you can if not that's okay but David move on the breaker okay. God bless. All right they folks have wide open lines you call 877207276 will be right back man's leg. Why call 770-7276 charismatic/laughing because were having a conversation chat during the show and any like to be there to see what was going on.

But hey, we have wide wide open lines of argument, call 877207227 significant nobody wings of the recall victories for a lot of people. They were surprised when I say that the ones were taken and on your team in the field was taken with left a lot of people really surprised that it's the wicked is a no no no access to Goodwin's rapture and it's not I want to do is read it and show a couple of things and we can all just use this to convey instruction instructive here wildly with commerce 877-207-2276.

All right, so slip 17 starting at verse 26 and this is what happened.

The days of no law so it will be the date of the Son of Man. They were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying until they were being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, the flood came and destroyed them all.

So as it was happened in the days of lot they were eating. There were drinking they were buying and reselling they were planning the rebuilding day that Lot 1 and went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. It will be just the same on the day that the look Son of Man is revealed. On that day. One is on his house top whose goods are in the house was not go down to take them out and likewise the one who's in the field must not turn back lots wife keeps his sticks to keep his life will lose it, never loses his life will preserve it. I tell you on that night.

The two men, one big one will be taken and the other be left with two wooden grinding the same place will be taken at a be left and they answered him will where Lord were to take and he says where the body is the vultures also will be gathered to take take the place of death.

Now remember what it says in Luke 17 is at the ones who were destroyed were the ones were eating and drinking being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, the flood came and destroyed them all.

That's who it's talking about. That's the context when we go to the parallel for $0.37 for the coming the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. For in those days before the flood they were eating, they were drinking they were giving in marriage to the day that Noah entered the ark, so that this is the day eating, drinking, Mary, and they did not understand the flood came and took them all away to middle be in the field will be taken when we left.

Context is the wicked are the ones were taken out. Functionally, the rapture's first Thessalonians 416 five verse two rapture occurs. These are just not verses about the rapture when his rapture occurred is not a question I'm going to go through everything and and would have to experience tribulation severe tribulation force around alive something that happens but nevertheless, so to make an appeal was taken.

What is left that is not the rapture is not the good who are being taken out is the wicked were being destroyed. That's what the context is my 2437 Luke 1726 and following and you just read those and you'll find out now. This is important because in Matthew 13 Jesus teaches and he teaches about varying green stuff right and he says of the kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in this field, while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went away when the wheat sprouted and more grain than the tares became evident also the slaves of the landowner came into the camp sir. Did you not sow good seed in your field.

How then does it have tares, he said to them, when the enemy has done this, the slave said to him do you want to stand to go and gather them up but he said no. For while you are gathering up the chairs, you may uproot the wheat with them. Allow both to grow together until the harvest, and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first gather up the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them gather the wheat into my barn. So Jesus says the first ones gathered are not the good but the bad that's what Jesus says right there. Matthew 1330.

This is interesting because Jesus then explains his own parable in Matthew 1336 left the crowds and they sent you please explain the parable of the tares of the field and he said the one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man in the field is the world and is for the good seed, these are the sons of the kingdom of the terrors of the sons of the evil one, and the enemy who sowed them is the devil in the harvest is the end of the age and the reapers are angels, check this out.

So Jesus is saying that the harvest is the end of the age and in the reapers are the Angels very clear. Just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, and will throw them into the furnace of fire in that place to be weeping and gnashing of teeth, not what we hear a lot about different pulpits and stuff the pre-tribulation view is that the kingdom of the devil is basically now and things are getting worse and he's going to rise and take over and second-best notice to talks about this and so then we the Christians are to be enraptured, out of the bad system because it's not God system. It's the system of the antichrist to be taken out of out of the ungodly world would be delivered because were not to go through the tribulation, the wrath of God which to misapply that this is the view that basically held all the time. In most churches I've ever attended and I believe it's the case because it's convenient and it's reaffirming and it's a little 11 I'm asking for it. It's a little ear tickling because it's exactly want to hear, but I would.

Jesus says in Matthew 1330 is the first ones gathered are the wicked. Now he says this happens at the end of the age. At the end of the age. Certain things occur into that.

But this is what he's talking about and he says he says very clearly. He said just as in verse 41 the Son of Man will send forth his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness to wait a minute what he saying here is that the wicked are to be taken out of his kingdom and in Matthew 1330 he says. The first was taken of the wicked to be burned if the first was taken of the wicked enter taken out of his kingdom in the kingdom of Christ has to be now simple is right that a Matthew 13.

I've never heard anybody speak about this from various pulpits.

What I have heard is the Lord's going to come back and he's going to take us out of the world so that we don't have to experience the wrath of God and the antichrist and everybody claps because that's exactly what they want to hear but is this what Jesus actually taught.

Jesus actually taught in many 24.

When you see these things run to the hills, we see the abomination of desolation. He's talked about this. Just get out of there. He talks to the disciples and the church in the sense of you have to understand you could be seen was going on and suddenly will fall away and betray one another. False prophets will arise. Lawlessness will increase this what you see.

Does this sound like you to get out of everything. Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of the prophet, the holy place, then those are in Judea flee to the mountains now we get into some side notes about what a lot of the stuff means, but this is for then there should be a great tribulation, and unless those days we cut short. No flesh should be left right and we talked about the return of Christ, then that's the end of the age. Jesus returns. It's the end of the age. Yet he says the first was taken or the wicked are taken out of his kingdom. This means folks that we are in the kingdom of Christ. Now people simply wait a minute can't be the case because things are so bad. What makes you think that if Jesus is ruling that everything to be hunky-dory and asked that is a serious question, what are you assuming, is it really difficult position because if he if he says he could take the wicked things out of his kingdom.

That means there has to be with stuff that occurs during his kingdom, reign it's right there in Scripture Matthew 13 and I believe is the case I suspect is the case, is that because of Christians largely have adopted pretrip rapture that they are not seeing other areas of Scripture talk about the rule of Christ now and if he is that King we have the right then to go out into the world and witness and teach about our Lord Jesus who is the reigning King. It's his folks right back up his messages at five of them identical 87720776 give a call mats like why call 770-7276 charismatic/unwelcome back to the shoulders gone there with Maxim California match welcome on the air.

I was going to what your you agree with the way that they divide up the old wall.

It's been so long so I read got regard to the PCF that I can remember whether divisions are. They hold to the simple moral and priestly law division with I'm sorry I did it. Yeah, that's fine. I agree that ceremonial law. I also called the priestly disassembly speak with his priest did that so that's fine and no problem.

The first question though if you want to be.

That's right so I like the on me to some degree you not another's. There's a lot of variation within's economic discussions and so I can to cite overall that's great or overall NOx notes not but I do like some aspects of it, but not others.

You know it's a tough right kind. Now I get lost all right, let's get on the phone with the Lisa from Richmond, Virginia. Lisa welcome here. Hello having a problem. I hope.Haley Elyse are you there. Let's see how now have a connection probably get every now than it does happen and you have an issue they can know know if we are not. I can't hear I can hear Lisa or not.

So let's try to get Lisa there no about a Chuck are you there yet. Well, one woman went strictly okay. Thank you God bless right three of us how to balance into Israel, Greensboro, North Carolina Lynn, are you there high technical problem hi, I can hear you hear me well okay you have merit, preferring right and I'm sorry that he is and why you I don't know. I don't know what it is when people call opening us by revelation and specifics like that you don't very infrequently. Do I have an absolute idea of what it is.

In order to to develop a theory, I would have to do it will be necessary would be necessary is to do a study and a revelation for about three months because every almost every verse has to be cross-referenced out of the Old Testament and parts of the New Testament and to find out the meanings because Revelation was written in such a way that it's a code you have to go through and look and find out what the code is and look at the word. For example, Queen and the word south and see if they find interrelationships in it just gets really involved and a lot of people have done this kind of stuff and they have differences of opinion switches why I don't do it because I want to add even more confusion to look to the whole issue but I don't know who the Queen the South. This to be frank, is Donna there drive back and forth from working out right way and I hear you saying maybe my thing broadcast in the morning. Okay I'm online finally get a day to get you back on something called 111. This is, it's a denial of the Trinity Trinity says God is three simultaneous distinct persons. The father-son Holy Spirit oneness denies that says God is only one person.

It's heresy to faulty well they say they but yet they they twist Scripture to get what they want and I had many discussions over the years many many many discussions and it just takes time working to pick anyone this person and I can work with them and I can bring them to the point where her ring to the point where his answers are now contradicting each other and discrediting himself I can do that I did last night. As a matter fact but that the thing is is because they don't have a biblical view. They think they do but they don't what is oneness to heresy about our actually wanted all all people say better, and that by the time he created what kind here's the thing really have a few minutes on this little on the quick side but not too fast and okay and say that when when people mention this.

Generally, they've not done a very deep study on it. I'm not knocking them not wanting to just the word all okay.

He wants all to be saved and we go to second Peter three, nine and 10. He will you present. He wants all to be saved but who were the all I can do things like this to read you Mark 410, 11, 12 soon as he was alone his followers along the 12 began asking him about the parables and he was saying to them to use been given the mystery of the kingdom of God but those who are outside get everything in parables, so that while seeing they may see, and not perceive them all hearing they may hear and not understand. Otherwise my return to be forgiven Mark for 10 to 12 so Jesus is saying he speaks in parables, so people will not be saved. So I bring it up. I'm not sitting Scripture. Can Scripture try to get people to understand that they have to do more of a study than just that. He wants all to be saved and and they don't they don't go any further.

Interconnecting spring with word all means and in the context but the thing is, John 316. For example, the gospel of the world gives only begotten son into the world needs every individual.

How do you know I have to question how do you know because Jesus was not sent to the whole world.

He was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel is quoted in Matthew 1524, he says, I was sent only to the lot. She was a house of Israel. He wasn't sent to the whole world as in every nation he was only sent to the nation of Israel.

And so when it says he can. You know God so loved the world, gives only begotten son it means all the nations, not just Israel showing people.

These kind of things and they're just not used to hearing something that is not the cookie-cutter theological perspective is delivered for most pulpits, just as two men in the field want to take a one is left.

The ones were taken of the wicked. I shall look for the contacts and every time I never saw anybody that they always agree that's what it is context clear and so when we get to the issue of the all I can show all kinds of versus all kinds of stuff that are really interesting how God used the term and so for example, Romans 518 so then is through one transgression. That's Adamson.

The resulted condemnation to all men that everybody undoubtedly even so through one act of righteousness. The resulted justification of life to all men, will justification major saved to all men, but we know people go to hell. So why does he say all men.

If it's not all men, because that second all biblically is different than the first night introduced us to people they can look at me like I'm crazy and I say I'm crazy about the searcher. Sounds like an acid. Let me show you Scriptures I show them what the teaching of the word is and almost all the time.

They say I have never even seen this written heard of this – I know it's a problem because it's right there in Scripture.

He wants all men to be saved but doesn't arrange that all men are saved, because he has to grant that they believe it's 129 grants of repentance equitably to 25. You can't come to Christ must been granted to the father. John 665 wants all men to be saved and all means every individual within a problem. Also because of first Samuel 314. In the Old Testament God swore that the sins of Eli's house will never be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever. So we start showing people the stuff they don't know what to do with it because they don't have a framework to to develop an understanding of how to put together.

I can teach them how and this is I do it and sometimes word all means everybody and sometimes it doesn't need to terminate by the context. That's how you do it and God does do this but took a few go to Romans five starting around verse 12 and to start reading the site seeing how the same word are used for two different groups they can see representation and I kick with it to David because within the shell. The three just a lot there. Mrs. Alyssa for teaching Bible studies in other contexts go through it slowly, then teaching, but it's there actually yes I did I do and I actually just accidentally stumbled on an old cipher not even have up and yes M the M is my last name is slick as Alexi Kate M. there's an article there called all men saved and you can read is it God's will that all of the saved go read those are these are old articles but going to read those as much my website and its cult Calvinist corner but is not likely.

It's it's all I forgot it was even there. I decide to break that M and you'll see all men say that is a God's will all be will be safe. Okay, check about you call me all right. God bless. All right a buddy sorry early church from David, 13, and I want to hear about that a child I was at a big event go back tomorrow, we'll talk that all rights Lord bless you have a great week.

Great evening. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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