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August 4, 2021 2:56 am

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August 4, 2021 2:56 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks with an Eastern Orthodox caller about Baptism and the long ending of Mark.--2- A Oneness Pentecostal called to claim that Jesus is the Father.--3- Will those punished in hell have physical bodies---4- Why does God punish unbelievers in hell rather than annihilating them---5- What does it mean that we are made in God's image---6- What does Peter mean when he says that baptism now saves you-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a Matt Slick Live branches called in responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick did get much sleep last night had a power nap to the gym worked out and clanking on scriptures versus dogs been productive as I was praying with Charlie before the show did not last night my wife and I were printing and what we are talking first before he prickly. And the I was thinking I was thinking and talking to her about this and she acknowledges that she says you that we have a great privilege as Christians to be able to serve God and to speak his truth would be prepared to see you know, try to draw attention to myself. But while you do radio and lecturing. Teach Bible studies and all of that stuff and my wife never talk about how great privilege that is and I just feel so blessed and along with that which interesting is the contrast we were talking about early life and stuff that she made it his lot of things can of interestingly woven into what talk about my past because of of what how I was raised and she made a comment and now I wasn't planning to talk about this on the skill jumping in and bring this up know it kind of do with white privilege and she made this comment that there is a way privilege for you. My life is a good point and the recent talk about.

That is because the privilege of being able to speak the truth. God's work and what a contrast. It is from those early days are so many things I regret is as a new believer before saved and stuff like that. Even some the stuff after is a verse in the Bible.

Romans 621. What benefit were you then deriving of the things of which are now ashamed for the outcome of those things is death. Of course I have things I'm ashamed of as an unbeliever, and I have think I'm ashamed of.

As a believer and yet God in his great mercy has allowed me to to do what I do radio and I get is this huge website and I get to spend time sitting each day researching the word document doing today researching Scripture for Scripture of being able to write articles and talk with the employees of this ministry and international people who are working with this ministry and things like that is just it's a great thing ever privileged and we got talking and about where I came from you if you think about where I was, you know I talk my wife and one thing led to another and I started talking about my mom and my dad like my mom grew up, my mom and dad grew up during the depression and I will talk about all this can establish my wife as my wife made his comment white privilege and I wanted to mention a little bit. My mom grew up during the depression, and she and her mom and her sister sometimes had to go out into the field fields to look for weeds in various plants for food and their father what moms they had left them so they had to fend for themselves, and was a very, very difficult time and then my mom's mom, my grandmother whom I never met. She passed away from cancer and so my mom had to work very early and she worked during World War II and factories and she worked in B-17 bombers and she she worked inside the wings. Because women were smaller and they get into the wings and do things that men larger men couldn't do and she told me stories about being left to say not accosted but teased Mark because of her for femininity. As she was good looking woman and no visit. The advances that guys would make and how she had to fight through all of that and the condition of my data. My dad during the depression, which is saying his family situation was pretty bad and I remember something my dad told me that he had to sleep on different or someone told my mom who told me that my dad didn't know I mom knew this. Apparently my dad when he was in his mid teens would sleep on different people's porches or the depression because I had no place to sleep because of of the home life situation and that he would often from place to place and sleep some time to couch surfing the lifetime to sleep on porches and didn't have much, so he lied about his age when he became 17. In order to join the service and he was in World War II. In the Navy.

He then joined the Army and went to Korea and he joined the Air Force and went to Vietnam and he had to struggle a great deal and then talk about this is because I talked to my wife about all of this and I said you know it's a it's a surprise that I'm able to do what I do, considering that we moved 26 times before I was 12 years older than what it felt different elementary schools and I was anorexic. It's very rare among males are never going to the fourth grade and the first day of a new school 1200 schools and wondering how long it will be before he got beat up because as a new kid in school. This is how it was and I got mixed up in the cult of things like that. My wife goes and there's your white privilege for you. It dawned on the cook that's right it was no white privilege. It was work and stuff and difficulties and trials. I know my mom and my dad had great ones depressions leave living the old people's porches and going out the fields to eat. Noah was given privilege because of the race. They had to work hard and my dad did. My mom did and I certainly did, and I have worked so hard to get where I'm at and that's my wife made that comment I thought I would share that you know which interesting is what God can do with broken vessels, God can redeem my mom and my dad everything and recently the and you how he can work with a broken vessel like myself who moved 26 times and was anorexic and you know it had no social skills and was it all diagnosed with Asperger's and tell you and then God take such a person says your use you. God uses broken vessels. What can he do with you if you're not that broken. What can he do with you if you give your heart to him and say Lord. It doesn't matter what race I am what gender I am how big or small, how much I know how much I don't know Lord, would you please use me in the capacity that you have me now and train me to be used even more in the future.

It doesn't matter how much I do or how little I do as long as I'm doing with you want me to do what would happen there.

She is not white privilege its Christian privilege, the privilege of being able to serve Jesus Christ that he is the one with whom we should identify not in our race OR gender, but in our relationship with Jesus Christ. This is how Christians ought to be the Christian privilege of being freed from sin of being able to be used by the Almighty God of being clans, and that we can love one another.

The matter who we are what we are and share the faith with others so that others might come to know the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that that's what I got out of of my wife as conversation last night and the one thing she said sparked it sparked, there's white privilege for you. If she does that every she will say things I think she's listening some hope. It is kudos. Maybe a sandwich after the show, but she will say things that are often very wise and insightful. Of course I love a shadow of doubt cast over her because she married me.

So that made me wonder about her judgment. Overall renown shines through last night. Hey folks, that will give me a call three open lines all you do is give me a ring 877072276 was get the John from Salt Lake City John, welcome.

I good okay okay hanging their men and I really really enjoy what you and your 100. I know you are definitely enacting salvation by grace which I may not get up but that meeting that you marketing team goes believe and are baptized will be made. So let's talk about that. Would you agree that those who believe and go to church leasing here okay. Would you say that those who believe and read their word, the Bible would be saved. Would you say that he who believes and reads the Bible will be saved, but he who does not believe will not be saved. That's correct right right about he who believes and read his Bible, but he who does what will be say, but he does not read his Bible will not be saved with happy true good, so the emphasis is on belief. He was believed and is baptized shall be saved, but is disbelieved shall be condemned does not say he was just was not baptized. If baptism was a requirement, then it ought to say there that you have to be baptized to it should say something but he was disbelieved and refuses to get baptized or is not been baptized will be condemned. Then you have been to work with okay yeah I don't know very well.

24. Look, let's finish this up with Max first let Lexmark finish with Mark because there's something else going on with Mark after he had appeared in a different form is Mark 1612, after Jesus had appeared in a different form.

The two of them will he did not appear in a different form. He was raised in the same body. He died in first contents 1535 to 45 John 219 to 21 is a problem. Furthermore, in those 11 verses of Mark 69 through 20, which are not found in some of the ancient manuscripts in those 11 verses are 17 words that suddenly appear in just those 11 verses that don't appear in the entire Gospel of Mark 17 new words and I read a Greek scholar who said there 17 non-mark in the words used in a non-Mark consents the music style was different to the question is why is it that these new words appear right there in those last 11 verses but not the entire gospel of Mark and the text seem to be different and it has what we would've appear to be a top doctrinal problem departed different form and the text doesn't appear in many ancient manuscripts, so this is why say I will never preach out of these verses I I am not convinced that you were targeting. I am not convinced that they are because there's different endings. They dissed frequently does not exist in all the manuscripts there's a doctrinal issue with verse 12 would think Jesus appeared in different forms plus are 17 new words that appear there that are not in the rest of the gospel of Mark to me right is evidence to to doubt it. Yeah I'm I could dismiss that I'm saying I won't preach out of them. Not convinced they're in and that's why it says later manuscripts add verses 9 to 23 earlier manuscripts don't and usually the earlier ones are the correct ones. This is why this is why I don't go to verse to approve a but hold onto every devotion right back at his messages that I call 770727. Here is Matt's leg. I ground when you start like that. I think it can estimate your out of canasta with her to go matter is, it does matter really is a does it matter why he said because I will then know what presuppositions and assumptions you come to the table with all know how to cater my answers better to switchers to go to. I'm I'm okay thank you so know I do. I do believe like that Luther wanted to talk about Lutheran ranges from talking about the evidence did you know about these 17 non-marking words used are you familiar with the 12 I was very end of the gospel. I did you know I scenario with God. Are you familiar with verse 12 words of Jesus appeared a different form.

Since your Orthodox.

You would then understand that Jesus rose the dead the same body. He died in right right so can your silly thing on so then can he appear in a different form. I don't think I will likely wait wait wait wait wait… John John John John, click the sites of mystery and you dismiss it youth understand something.

Jesus prophesied his own resurrection and John's to 19 to 21 destroys this temple and I will raise it up to speak in the temple of his body. Enforcement is 1535 to 45. It says that which is sown is that which is raised and so the body of Christ was raised in a glorified sense and and in John 2025 to 28 and I said put your hand into my side.

Put your finger into my hand. It was the same body. He died and that was resurrected and glorified. Do you agree with that but then I'm off then how is it, how is Mark Mark John then how is it according to Mark 1612 that Jesus appeared in a different form. Would you agree that he appeared in a different form.

No, I don't know.

I mean, obviously I do I do and you but I'm quite sure I really want to John.

John John F. Yet the reason I've come to this conclusion is because of the of the dents because of what the Scripture says and prophesies about Jesus. Physical resurrection and the fact that there 17 non-marking words used in a non-Mark consents in these 11 verses and for the fact that it says that, or that that history shows that there's different endings and at the one you're referring to is in a later manuscripts at night in an earlier one plus the verse 12, which you can't respond to. So why would you ignore the evidence you win the argument. I then argue then you can say then that Mark 1616 is not a good verse to go to for your position.

Great. What's next, we got that my might. I don't agree with what you're right.

I believe you know that Alsatian at night is me that all I have to venture salvation is 99%, an act of God, but it 1% function of our will and you have packages like whoever read him him he will give power to become God.

Behold, I stand at the door knob.

Whosoever opened the door, I will come. There is will our will involved in elevation.

Okay so you know just graces you, what is irritable, great God Alexa there's nothing we can do and were not.

That's not true that's not what a resistible grin on his irresistible grace is the teaching for the reform community that, upon the point of regeneration that the grace of God cannot be resisted and that person will become regenerate. That's what resistible grace means I debate with Eastern Orthodox people regularly and it's unfortunate that they don't know what to criticize very often this is the case here, and that's what it is with there now when you say salvation is 90% inactive got a 1% act of will. Can you show me the statistics derived data Scripture from that so that we know that that's what is true and this is not something you just made up to very obvious that so no effort wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. One thing the tire you said 99% of time is the act or when I presented act of God 1% of men so that's what you're saying okay and I'm just asking you 99% you have anything in Scripture to back that up in that statistical set know you don't know okay so let's go live her face with verse and look at on the whosoever John 316, got to love the world and every feet and be open again this look at John. John act of the will list that I we agree we have no problem with that. I don't deny that winters act of human wealth.

But just so you know John 316. It does not say whoever it doesn't say that in the Greek it's pass half the student loan all the believing one that's the literal Greek plus ops Boulogne the word for whoever in Greek is host's Omega Sigma with the rough breathing Mark over the Omega and that exists in the Greek, but it does not exist. There is all the believing one that would John 316 says going out of her. She would look up well anyway I got a run, but I think verse that I mentioned and I think there are many, many other not fired, behold, I stand at the door and knock.

Whoever goes for all the with. I got angry and I have no problems versus now I get a question for you if it's just if the human will, because using nine & 1% human wealth.

If that's the case then why does Jesus say you can't come to him with us is granted to you for the father. John 665 here and why they behold it ever okay I'm asking you. I ask you a question.

If what you're saying is true in the way that you're trying to say it, then why is it also true that you can't come to Christ unless it's granted you can. The father you are the one who said that your will is active against deciding to come to Christ. But apparently Jesus is of the contrary masking you to harmonize him contradict. I harmonize it on are not the paradoxical harmonize humble who ever comes is the one granted by the father to come to Christ. John 655 and elaborated by the father never really open the doors because you've been enabled by God to do so don't take credit for what he does. He grants that you you.

Philippians 129. I run my wife calling me.

I might John please call again.

I'll be debating Eastern Orthodox die on this issue. On August 7.

You can tell folks that generally speaking, these Orthodox like the Catholics are very well-versed in the very issues need to study how discussion, Jill tell you I recommend you DO Catholic Dottie partisan position is followed Scripture for lines 877-2077, said to me right back after the mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave all right with you. This white person is preacher, preacher T from Arizona. Welcome here hello yes I can great what about my dog. I'm doing great how you doing well that I would share my report real quick log here believe the gospel that you get to God the father manifest in the flesh, and your heretic would do in your heretic and a dollar theater not take up the world came at barely 30 preacher, a major preacher would have a quick preacher you got my show here teaching heresy.

I just wanted to reach out nature, but you got me all you got me thinking how we want about 88.

He said Jesus is the author that's false doctrine, a man, a man wait wait wait as they are not a preacher you and I take what okay I put all I love heretics, I do. I really enjoyed it, but they gotta take 5P quiet for a minute and they got let me respond on my own radio show saw to try and get back on the air here. Let's see if he couldn't slow down okay preacher if you don't be pull items to cut you off altogether understand why not talk can you stop is okay. You said you okay. I put them on hold again because he's being obstreperous and you look at that word obstreperous is really good work. Let's try another time preacher are you there there okay now get a question for you.

If Jesus is the father then why was he praying to the father touches my question that I came in my father's name and then he let me respond all of you got me up when you respond with an answer that question I came about.

Not when you pray to the father for his father want Tronic. I'm trying to give you their victory click you will let me answer it. Go okay will let me. Yeah. So do you think that I am, my father's name, and they receive me not, and if you look an idea not differ on what the child or an uncle at the clinic. Given hedge the government shall be upon his shoulders and his name shall be called wonderful Counselor that mighty God, everlasting father in the print defeat don't even proclaiming that the name of the father is Jesus is the main excuse the name of the respondent and Hammerstein. Please let me respond to this little dog to hear what it means to debate with the nonbeliever I regenerate you that. I went evil. That that was nowhere to be okay preacher, known as your client client client base.

Okay this is what it's like to do would brainwash people a false watch this on the go to Judith and I'm in a good first three where it says contend earnestly for the faith. Now on the go to jute to what acts 1717 so he always reasoning idea leg of my dialoguing debating in the synagogue with the Jews I got from Gentiles, so it's biblical to do that alright so it's okay to debate about it now preacher you can handle being polite, okay. Is he was rude, go to so I can ask him when he goes to Isaiah 96.

This is what they do and notice he did not answer the question. Folks will get to that you went to this verse. Isaiah 9648 child will be born to us, based on will be given to us in the government will rest on his shoulders.

His name will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace. What they'll do issee he is the father and say will wait a minute, it says his name will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace and what they're gonna do is say will. That means his. He is the father well is his name. Also called wonderful Counselor in the New Testament answer is no. Is his name called the mighty God in the New Testament answer is no. Is his name called eternal father. New Testament enters no is his name called the Prince of peace in the New Testament and the answer is no.

So what is it mean when it says his name will be called is talking what the attributes and characteristics of how he is going to be, and Hebrews 13 says he is the exact representation of the nature of God in the context of the father, which is why he be called referencing that his name will be called that business.

A heat is that, furthermore, when I asked him if he is the father wise. He praying to the father. He didn't answer the question in oneness people routinely fail to answer the question, and even more difficult questions which I can ask him and unfortunately he was so rude that he wouldn't even let me reason with him.

He wanted to dominate in order to teaches damnable heresy.

Adam from Arkansas welcoming on the air there you go you got what I ate. Yeah, I divide with a friend of mine and I thought about it all week. No physical pain at all and that the spiritual pride remove why more unimaginable. He was telling me that the viewer part to tear the wicked one. They'll be in a resurrected body through ejector the wheat.

The to smooth the tears wicked any resurrected nurse debate about exactly how it looks like you to be resurrected in a body that will not die in the sense that it will not be literally consumed by fire, but they can exist in any form in eternal damnation in hell. Conscious torment and got the foxtrot get out, though I know way to get a resurrected body. But I want to sure about the tears I got with a resurrected, we tend us to understand it to be resurrected and glorified body, so wouldn't.

But this not a glorified body in the sense that the unbelievers have a puts a resurrected body because they will be cast into hell. So is it is worth, I do a study on that to see if it is an actual physical body that I'm not sure that it is not sure.

It's not top my head. I've always assumed that I should so that's my position as we understand so far.

Okay with her to be consciously tormented by a rhyme affected couple and furthermore it would make sense to say that the conscious torment that can undergo not just be a spiritual one but actually physical one because it had the fire and flame, and how does it affect the spirit which is not affected by those kind of thing so there you go. Let's get to the sketch of Kevin from Raleigh, North Carolina. Kevin welcoming on here I call one that was report that ox want to argue with you about the other 99% is God's work in one person's work that was pretty much dispelled by Martin Luther in bondage of the will was not okay?

Those that are nonbelievers that do go to hell. Why, I guess the question is can turn question, but why would why didn't God just make them go away.

Meek, they were created, so they can be uncreated, so to speak, because of God's being so holy and they had a chance to meet his standards through the salvation and grace of Jesus Christ that this is fair punishment for not.

I think that's part of it, along with something else in that same in the illustration I use this if I were to slap some guy in the street in the face, he might take a swing back at me might not it. Whatever if artists left the president will present that is in the face.

Then then you know I it's a federal offense. The exact same action gets a different result based on who it's against. And so if we were to sin against the infinitely holy God implication is infinite offense because of who it's against. If someone is simply annihilated, then that infinite offense is terminated in a sense, it means that say the people who committed an offense against that infinitely holy God don't have to endure the comparative repercussions of that infinite offense is not infinite for them. It's temporal, if at all, and they taste they stop existing and this is the logic that I wondered about that and apply. Don't you know God being holy is what we really don't comprehend well that makes you sit back and think about just how holy God is coming as a Christian we think all we gotta have an economy great wealth. How do we look at that view of God hauling that the Pope is somebody that not Christian goes to hell and they are suffering for as you just described the offense. I doubt the most holy holy God annihilated down to answer my question. Thank you very much God bless you. Along those lines, I think that the punishment is conversely, much as you reject the folks you read that death is messages that I call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg guy in the text chat, made a really interesting comment really thought of before. My name is Joseph and he said regarding violations, the punishment of annihilation would be a mercy and eat a lot. That's a good point. It's a mercy Steven and grace is a very gracious move because they don't plan to punish forever. It's a mercy to stop her punishment and yet that would be the consistency because how could God show mercy to those who are outside of Christ.

You know it in the data.

It's interesting and I like that.

So anyway, let's get to Wendell from Fort Worth.

I guess that's Texas when the workbook around here. Thank you so much for being a great expiration. I carry chat and okay and relate key and made okay. All right. I believed God made in his image map grapple with that one member and I want to know what you think about that word what you know about that word image well next to our apparent that I'm sure God is spirit, but right now John 424. Gotta spirit and in 20 Friday flag spreads not have flesh and bones as you see I have 4 to 439 is so the word image of looking up at an interlinear is the Hebrew word send them and it means so vainly show image and likeness semblance so we are in the image of God. Generally, was understood is the difference between what's called a communicable and incommunicable attributes of God. Let me explain things. So God exists and he has certain qualities. One of them at the society and that is his eternal independence of all things he has new immutability. He does not change. He has omnipresence. He's everywhere all the time. He has omniscience. He has been on whiskeys, all knowing this on the sapiens, which means he has all wisdom.

These are attributes that belong to God that we would say about God is that he is not dependent upon time nor space but he couldn't dwell within them. While we are dependent upon time and space and so the we would say these are incommunicable attributes that cannot be communicated to us. God is omniscient. We are not God is everywhere all the time. We are not God's has always been.

That's not the case with us. The communicable attributes of God are those attributes that are characteristics of belong to him that we can participate in.

So he loves. We love, he hates we hate. He reasons we can reason he could recognize others we can recognize others. Yes, attributes of personhood we do to and so the it's could consider that his image deals with the communicable attributes of God. The could be communicated to us that we can experience a because were made in his image. That's what it means.

Okay okay all right so okay will let you when living at the attributes of God characteristics allies gain. Okay I like her because everything is more technical than most attributes are exhibited out of the on toss so a bowling ball has by necessity, hardness and lives around us are spherical vanity and so those are that those exist because that's the nature of that will be safe. Attributes are I don't like think it too much function if another word. Those are the qualities or attributes of God that can be communicated to us, but the attributes reflect on the on toss but are on toss is in the image of God our nature. Our essence so we can share certain characteristics because of the image that we have which is similar to God's but we don't not omniscient were not on the present etc. so that the what I do. Thank you very much for All appreciated your welcome call back anytime okay I okay got lost. Alas bye-bye all right, let's get to see that would be away for life.

Want to give me a call. By the way, at 877-207-2276. Let's get to Matt from Tennessee hey Matt, welcome your on the air think that I would in a debate here couple days ago trying to get more knowledge in my belt before I rehash this with this person, but I know that the Bible is very clear that justification is by faith alone, but my friend is insistent that it is through baptism into what he threw at me with first Peter 321 and I know you talked about is not the removal of their what's up trying to explain that to him, but he is stuck on that baptism was correspondence of it. Now if they achieve so was wondering if you could give me any tools that my toolbox when I rehash that bout with you two things work with one corresponding to that, in the Greek is the Greek word NT to fund antitype representation corresponding to that. So what is the antecedent what is referred back to that's in verse 20 it says right who this is the question. When asked what is baptism correspond to the baptism that saves what is a correspond to verse 20, who were once disobedience when the patience of God kept waiting the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through the water so that is not seated corresponds to what was a correspond to in the previous verse, the people in their dinnertime to know other people were saved in the art so that is in every response refers to the ark.

The ark is what saved Noah. It was not the water right and Peter uses it water as a means of destruction in another verse. I forgot where and Peter, but he does that he mentions again destroyed the water and things like that the world and thanks so think about the ark as it has one door and the people entered into that door and God closed the door. There's only one door.

Jesus has he is the door. He also says that what is opened by God can come to close was close by.

God cannot be opened at the entered into that ark.

God closed that door and then God opened the door for them to exit it after the flood. This is the word of God. This is salvation representative and in that sense a big safety water so Peter comes long as is corresponding to that, and I believe it's the ark that's what saved the that's what baptism saves you will hardly enter the ark by faith sews the phrase that say them in the bigness a little bit. Baptism saves you.

But even though it is not removal drip the flesh, but appeal will the baptism that that Peter talking about is an appeal because sometimes what they'll say is baptism must mean immersion in water. But Jesus when he was baptized was not emerged. He was sprinkled according to Old Testament law to enter into the priesthood and I can back it up as go to Hebrew's screen numbers 87F shocks. A lot of people particularly them as I can want to sing its immersion that I can show plenty versus where it is not the case.

You could ask 15 right John baptized with water, you be baptized with the Holy Spirit that baptism is the charismatic movements that comes upon them and trying to so this is why Peter saying no no no is the baptism simply covenant sign it in water.

This even say that the baptism that you have there is a baptism of water. It doesn't say that he's assuming right. It says that this why I think he says is an appeal to God, and that baptism is a figurative use because it by reference of the ark in which my friends, you can't say that I baptism saves you in the sense that water baptism by immersion is what clouded you from your sin is a problem there is one thing, here's another thing you go to Romans 51. This is what I do with them. I time it says having therefore been justified by faith. I asked him what is it mean to be justified, and the answer is found in Romans 45 to the one who does not work but believes his faith is reckoned as righteousness. And it goes on to talk about and justify so it's the righteousness that imputed to us by asking this question and you should ask your friends?

Does the Bible say were justified by faith is good have to say yes.

This, then, are we justified by faith.

When we have faith, what you gonna say if he says no get you baptized and not justified by faith. Are you right.

He says yes will then adapt is not necessary because people are justified before they have faith for the good baptized achievement okay yet I make that. Thank you for that in the door I going to tell you that I was with the one year Bible study that you're doing your home and you are mimicking somebody making fun of you and everything that every time that I meant if I stay with my own words that put it better than my brain.

I hear you going that's what it is like a friend friend Nathan Moxley about that because I was able to see it says he exaggerates and so now I exaggerate what I say it is only flawed bullet allocate, I will probably do appreciate you already Douglas would have a go tonight okay hate the way Glenn Kelly is in the text there. I want to give a little kudos for Glenn by the way client newsletter of the of prayer.

Glenn wouldn't say this on this. Say this. Glenn has Karma running over the years he kept it running for like 10 or 15 years 10 years probably, and did an incredible amount of work to keep it going and a lot of expense to himself. Glenn also wants to say this. Glenn is one of the guys was a first responder 9/11 and because of that he's got some sickness and some issues and he has to deal with a lot of for personal health issues and his IQ is 189 was 29, he said, and he's a lot smarter than me, but if you doubt your friends when you write so on.

That's Glenn Kelly he's in there and in the chat I was given about shout outs and and stuff. Please pray for Glenn. He's a great guy or looks back to baptism. You can understand something were justified by faith in Christ. What he did, not what he and what we do is not by faith and our baptism not by faith and our faith in our communion, not by faith in the sacraments.

It is by faith in Christ. See, the Bible says in Romans 328 we maintained that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law apart from the works of the law, that legacy will still estimate law well. Great was good. Romans 452, the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. What is credited as righteousness.

Baptism or faith is faith with the people or to doing tumor say that baptism is necessary for salvation, or saying that you have to go through a ceremony in order to be justified before God that faith in Christ is not enough to save you. But faith in Christ. Plus what you do now. Paul says in Galatians 5125 and recommend people read. This is as if you receive circumcision. Christ will be of no benefit to you.

You have been separate from Christ, you who are seeking to be justified by the law by works because what he saying is you're doing one thing, circumcision, and that he and Paul says in your seek to be justified like my works by your doing this the same thing with baptism because call the relates baptism and circumcision together.

Colossians 211 and 12. There you go by faith alone in God's grace alone in Christ alone say, not by faith in Christ. Got the gospel another program powered by the Truth Network

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