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July 15, 2021 9:43 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 15, 2021 9:43 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What happens to the mentally delayed or aborted or miscarried babies--2- What will God say to us when we die---3- Who is Matthew 7-22-23 talking about---4- How do you deal with the SDA argument using Jude 7 to say that there is no hell, just ceasing to exist---5- Why don't so many pastors deal with topics like homosexuality or abortion---6- What are the best arguments to use when dealing with atheists for the existence of God---7- If someone is a false teacher, does that mean they are not saved-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches call to respond to your questions. 770-7276 Matt slick so he looked. I was out to her last week and all the people want to know what happened was off her family emergency will give too many details but it was definitely emergency and I had to fly out of state and take care of family… A hospital emergency situation and luckily details book cover this. I bought a ticket like it 2 o'clock and was on the plane by 4 o'clock and was there and had to go to emergency and need to remember to select that everything worked out okay. Everybody's okay every work. It all worked out okay just let you know to be there for a few days so anyway, here's a praise report. Should I get on the plane and this is my me I had to rush in and pack really fast. The ticket get on there and friend. I dropped off the report in them getting on the plaintiffs in the back of the plane there and in the sky to see behind me. He's waving hello you could see one is Matthew postmaster and I recognized him always to work together in a certain place and okay cool and really cool and high civil weekly doing plane here.

He says he's going to see his sick mom on sorry and I civil you don't Google the same city civil war where she had lo and behold she was at the very same hospital that I had to go to in all of LA the very same hospital. You have got to be kidding today.

We can assure you maneuver together. He said well I got my sisters pick me up. I said okay no problem in a couple minutes later he calls me. You'll take my sister Jill will take us both to the hospital. So what about that on this plane. See you guys been seen for couple years and he's going to the same hospital that I have to go to and his sisters picking us up and and she did.

She was really neat sweet time and got to the hospital very quickly. How about that for the Lord provides. So praise God and I just thank the Lord for all that everything worked out. I do want to thank everyone of you who sprinkle some people knew what was going on and say thanks for your prayers really appreciated the body Christ came through all right hey we have smooth and logical to give me a call 877-207-2276. Not sure but I think we have some new stations online now in Ohio, so we'll see if calls from them and just in case.

That is the case right now. If your true snow this year was about Matt slick is my real name is Matt slick live and so my drivers license number certificate. All that Matt slick and I am a Christian apologist I defend the Christian faith in my website is had over hundred and 46 million visitors written thousands of articles several books ready for 16 years, five days a week so there you go. If you have questions on theology at the Bible, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses written sites unity behind Islam, civil baptism, you oppose the Colts philosophy. Various things like that you can you recall, we can blab something to have answers and something I don't see all rights open lines you may call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Randy from Kentucky ready welcome. You are on your home. Praise God that like all all understand where like baby.

Baby nature. People that are poor like that lately all by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 says the Bible also does not tell us what happens to the mentally deficient or those who are lost in miscarriages or abortions.

So we yet we don't know and don't make any comments about it other than to say I hope that all of them go to heaven and that's my position have lost a son record birth.

He worked effectively. Perished literally in our arms. I expect to see him again on the day of judgment in the afterlife Bible just does not tell us. We know that God always does what is right and whatever happens is right, but he just doesn't tell us so okay but like every doubt that is exactly right. That is great wisdom. Don't add to what it says because then that's usually when heresy abounds, but with the closer we can say is that see here we go, there you go, can say is that we have David who said when he lost a son shall birth. He said I know I will see my son in the resurrection, and so there's an implication there that the children go with you the covenant situation and adds another nuance to the whole thing, but we don't know how much it applies just to the people of Israel because all people are undercover and obligation with God in Adam Romans 518. Romans 519 talks about so is more complicate the electrically separate the children to come to me. So the children is blessed. So a lot of people think that basically they'll go to heaven and I like that position. Hope that's what it is and some will finally get to heaven. Thank you very much you welcome very much right and hateful.

God bless our okay Randy from Kentucky. So now we have the open lines again Morgan life. You cannot give me call 877-207-2276. Let's get to see Rick from California Rick welcome your on the hello are you going I'm doing all right so what's up Mike going down my question is what will they died. Thank you, really well. There's nothing in the Bible that says you can say anything to us and I'm aware of.

So I don't know I just not have seen that when we do we die we face in God and ask, we know what what we're doing and things like that except there are no Jesus talks about various places in the Gospels about requirements in the parables requirements would be done with what I've given you this to the people who have certain abilities and things like that so that's the strongest we get to is a hint that maybe he might ask you something. But the thing is that those who trusted in Christ to believe he's God in flesh, and that he rose 3 days later and he's the atoning sacrifice for sin and those who have trusted in Christ alone, by faith alone, not by sincerity, not by works, baptism, not by anything by faith in Christ alone for its atoning sacrifice, then we have passed out of condemnation passed out of judgment so we will be with him for ever and it will be a reckoning based upon our works. We have done what he gave us with everyone. An increase in reward or a loss and report happened the day of judgment, but to work. At least you know how close are you and how great is your reward in heaven versus hell and you may have lost little reward in heaven, but you're still in heaven. That kind of thing all you think what we are like, or anything like that be an accounting and here's the thing about what's happening in the Christian church today. Therapeutic Christianity is the best life now mentality worship songs that are about God blessed me is that of outscored nesters inward this other self-centered, narcissistic, theological stuff, preachers and teachers and things like that. Which is why the church is so ineffective because it's atrophied because it stretched too comfortable and apathetic and so a lot of people are who are Christians are going to be surprised at the loss of reward, because every Christian is to pick up his cross and follow Christ daily entry of the great commission manifests that's that's between God and that individual. But we are to use with God is given a glory for the expansion of the kingdom and so people Christians who think were safe and that's fine by faith justified by faith.

That's good, but realize that God requires of them to do it and save the biggest trophies on the shelf. He saved us to send us and for his glory and course.

Isaiah 43 seven but this is what do we do as Christians were not to be narcissistic.

One other thing the Bible belt, Christian Lord for help on dog art from me is Matthew 7 to 23 but are not Christians are not as has Martin saved the day that they're appealing to salvation based on their faith and their works so he says it will say to me on that date yesterday of judgment, did we not prophesy in your name.

Did we not cast out demons in your name perform many miracles in your name and Jesus is all say to them.

I never knew you depart from you workers of evil. Now, even though they were healing doing things in his name.

He called them workers of evil because it's not done for the glory of God not done it. As Christians, but for different reasons. So this just a demonstration it's on the day of judgment. There be people who are appealing to salvation based upon their faith and their work little we did as well tell you when I'm facing Christ and in this not happen. God said watch legend heaven.

I'm guessing because of Jesus. Because of that, that's right, he atoned he died, he rose and heat you don't. I was granted. Even the faith to believe in him. Philippians 129. That's it. I got nothing else, it's all of Christ. Okay you don't all go great command of all the above one another that awful know them as God. Okay, that's – commandment Deuteronomy 65 which Jesus quoted Matthew 2237 and squeezed command of the second one from Leviticus 1918, love your neighbor as yourself which Jesus." Matthew 2239 he says in this and those two commandments of the summation of the law, the greatest commandment to love God. Second is to love your neighbor you'll notice there's something about love. A lot of people think that that love. It means make me comfortable. Nope God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, Jesus is greater love has no man than this, but he lays his life down for his friend John 1513 and so the nature of love is other centered and so to love God is a focus on him because he's a great is that there is an nothing beyond him.

Nothing greater than him is the ultimate standard of truth and then because of that we are to love others as well. Other centered this myself.

Okay, everybody.

I write you folks might want to give me a call 877276577077 back to show everyone 76 for my with Matt welcome. Thank you Lord for Kurt here because my brother and dad really go through thinking a lot about my error like thinking and you were they really have a lot to say that working all be destroyed.

No hell out of Agoura. But if you read anything you include what it talks about the angel and now we can keep it. A man left in chains of darkness's comment judgment. Whatever it is, but I'm forever, but they cannot reword that and also in this tackle first of June 7 is very interesting read. Six and seven and show you why what he's saying is incorrect because it is SDA group which I would never recommend anybody to go to I be glad you lets discuss it or debate with them about various things. This list has enjoyed six or seven angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode is kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day. Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them since they, in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh.

Ask people they are exhibited. This is important because exhibited in the Greek here is in the present tense. Just me present tense.

This is important okay why are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire. The word undergoing in Greek is was called a present participle participle is 18 walking, seeing ING word and they have, in Greek, present participle's different participles, so the present participle takes its it's time location in time past present future from the preceding verb, which happened to be in present tense. So are exhibited is now as an example in undergoing. It's like saying in the Greek are presently exhibited as presently undergoing the punishment of eternal fire. It's happening now. That's what that was talking about, so he completely fails to understand that versus teaching writing a record record man may think back to whatever I challenge the guy to debate I met in person at NRB in Tennessee last year and I said, you know, I'd love to build a debate on these issues and I said I'm a Christian apologist would love to have discussion with you on Mike Schonberg and arrange and he said no, not interested in the Bible telling you an answer to everyone who would ask you.

I said, I'm asking. He was Nickerson right so why talk about you talk about reveille.

Valiantly the refills talk about working nine and 11 and Revelation 1411 and on about God right will allow the noise enter smoking forever and ever.

The beat that because the chemical leak exactly in his house.

Anything my brother that Jehovah witnesses do the same thing I like talking with my because it is doubtful to my brother to go to your site and I don't think you know they Pretty wisely. Come on, there's a whole section on annihilation is hundred 82 articles dealing with 182 and a lot of them are word studies and things like that but I juiced a lot of articles on this this error of soul sleep and the issue of eternal punishment. So the annihilation us are flat out wrong. Usually witnesses cult is wrong. The estate movement is also wrong. And that's not even the worst thing that the STA teaches the worst thing it teaches us that our sins we put on Satan at the end which is harassing Jesus. Really, I did not know that related near the exit whopper great guy or something and want to talk about a lot, having called radio show or have them email us if you want to have discussion over the phone to talk to Sean things but it's a Lotta people consider this data be occult is depends on which of the which portion investigator talking about, but it's definitely has some cultic things in some false teachings.

Okay, right RMN God bless. All right, let's get to see that would be Rick from High Point, North Carolina. Rick welcoming on the 30 there hello can hear you Rick you on that. Okay, we got what I want to okay yeah and I just know all about so I just needed to difficult okay yet.

I stopped Bob Sokol call you but all about, you know the body of Christians who are special in the modern-day chart politically correct and just feel good all the good people didn't know nothing about.

Please let people know Chris Is not that complicated question Rick. You have a question. Is Michael Lockwood what about modern-day Christian church when purchased.

Nope, not pastors were use to address this make homosexuality odd how comfortable he will hold you to ask you?

I can get all you want to really take off and to start talking. But this is a call and talk show how much question answers ready to okay help but what you're watching my question.

You what what what did you think will revolutionize the modern-day church all what you way should be in your it's biblical persecution. The persecution of Christian churches coming, it's most definitely Wesley, the Christian church is going to be purified because the Christian church has been lazy. The Christian churches failed to be other centered is been self-centered how we have heretical teachers like Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, we have Joel O'Steen out there people bought into comfort, theology, lazy, lazy, pathetic, and persecutions coming online. Call 87720776. Why call 77077 the bottom of the hour. Call 877-072-2762 Rick R okay you interview him or say something you actually remind me of me and that can be good.

I could not because you see things and you're concerned about and I may give it a good dedication to the Lord and appreciate and tell you the reason I'm hesitant somewhat let people rant. I don't want to go to save the regular longtime careful thought that's all right it's all right okay I got a quick question, and object law all want you to explain why all of the major thing you got all the land on the conveyor or Christian why is homosexuality ago.

If you're on abortion all all three people talk about the first question back on the I want you to give you insight all today's modern-day racism probability biblical sent and I'll thank you Matt. I enjoy talking to you okay God bless our so where these things talked about very much more in my messy working on something about all of this and am having it formulated how children be presented and stuff like that but one of the great tragedies in America has been the separation of church and state. Nothing in Scripture says church and state are separated. Nothing. Kate preachers should be preaching full politics from the pulpit because Christ is Lord over every area of existence not just church stuff and the unbelievers can have the second domain that's not how it works.

Jesus is Lord now, if your millennial like me and we are in his kingdom, and the reason that the kingdom is doing as much as it needs to is because were not believing what we can and need to move forward and and change the world but that's another topic so I believe that a lot of pastors are afraid to speak because they're afraid of persecution. They're afraid it might offend the people to conjugation if they're afraid of persecution and also afraid of people in the congregation might leave because of if they preach something that that is true, then they should either repent on their knees right now or when they hear this and of your time.

Lord speaks of them to repent and then I start preaching to please God and not be men. Pleasers all we need to be able to count the cost is Jesus required of us to get the cross daily and for not willing to do that they were not willing other were not qualified as ministers of the gospel to preach and teach it needs to be done. We need to speak of homosexuality and its great sinfulness. Abortion is great sinfulness of socialism is not biblical folks. It is not biblical to call me if I can tell you why I wouldn't is more discussions on and that racism, of course, is not biblical fact, the Bible is ever address racism in the sense of color of skin, because it doesn't care because wrong one race.

We are all one race, the human race. We have different different skin tones heights body shapes and that's how it is. That's how I see people living I care about is your Christian or not a Christian, but the first care of actions and I went to a kind of person you are you good character. I don't care what color you are, don't care, and so this is the biblical position and what is happening is in order for the left to remake America and the movements that are alive and well in America in the leftist news the leftist media the leftist tech groups where conservatives are being penalized and being censored with they want to do is control and get more power in one of the ways they do this is to foment unrest and problems in the way to do that is I'm white so I'm automatically guilty white supremacy and all whites are racist with you and will admit it or not, and this causes resentment.

It causes problems it causes factions in the minorities are taught that the whites are bad and evil in and assist met systemic racism and CRT Christian critical race theory. All this kind of stuff is used by the enemy. Romans SUV Ephesians 612 says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities of darkness.

This is a spiritual issue and we Christians need to put our eyes on the word of God. We need to start preaching and teaching and taking risks to please God and would tell you some Philippians 129 says is been granted to you to believe but also to suffer.

God appoints these things to us. The reason suffering is appointed by God to us is because we get so comfortable that we become apathetic. We don't do what's necessary and if we become comfortable. We don't need to pray for God to deliver. We don't need to pray to God to help and so our knees don't get bent that often in humble dependence upon God as we open our hearts and our minds to him. And because of that the church become lackadaisical and so we We see things like our best life now or Jesus died on the cross to sanctify your ego trip that was Robert Schuller and course.

Joel O'Steen says in your best life now despite your best life now. What narcissistic kindergarten wimpy ride theology that is the guy couldn't preach his way out of a wet paper bag despicable preaching and teaching and Joyce Meyer, who teaches heresy about the atoning work and the significance of Christ is his death on the cross. There are so many heresies out there folks. TD Jakes denies the Trinity there so many teachers out there, and yet the Christian church committee for bad Christian church doesn't have enough knowledge to be able to do with necessary and safe enough of this. Why it's comfortable if you sit in a chair all day, day after day after day you get up while I didn't feel so good we going or comfortable churches, day after day after day and all of a sudden it's difficult out there Lenten feel-good comfort so the ghosting some praise songs about how God blessed me with turn on Kenneth Copeland. The talk of how God wants us healthy and wealthy list talk to people. This will seek them out tickle our ears well. God had enough of it and he can purify the church folks persecutions coming over talking more about it later produce videos you piece of prize what's coming down the works on the basis of government and how they define terrorists and Christians right in line in that definition.

It's common folks just let you know let's get to Chris from Boise, Idaho.

Chris was about a Matt, are you alright this little bit of what's up ignored yet so okay so I had a question I I can't eat it. I know it. Speaking out like that are do you think that God okay, that are that are effective and you know what that knows about the 80th thing that I have there like an arrogant yes now like condescending arrogance that they have an so my question you what you think of that law.

I just wanted it briefly describe what I was thinking when the God is like that. Their foundational particle in the moment that the universe sprang into those particles have as an energy has aligned itself with no with the laws of the universe in order you're in shaky ground when I okay that's how I did. I saying their record of the laws with simultaneous behavior. Separating them, and that was that the laws of physics and the relationship to matter and things like that.

So the main areas of doctrine, the deal with the argument to do with the existence of God or moral and very very fact of things existing and also rationality and irrationality is the tag argument. I'm known for that and the necessary preconditions for intelligibility. The universals that undergird the laws of logic and not getting into right now. There's also the issue them of morals and universal moral principles. The valid validity of truth statements in the law of excluded middle to get into this I could do a seminar on this, but also one of the things you can do is talk to somebody you know Caesar talking on camera in the pickup and they drink out of it glass gallant.

There's evidence for director Nick Lesher holding and is a house so will because it exists in the very fact that it exists means it has a cause and the issue of the cause of the things that caused because all things that must God is no. You saying that all evidence in all actuality does not point to God break me like that, folks like why call 770776 older, yet there are so I could teach and maybe do a seminar so I can online and go through arguments and how to answer things like that because it takes a little bit of digging so you can plug hole look at create them in the process. Okay okay so I like watching and I want that the with you and that your honey and it would basically acquiring a panel that I get back argument that I think you guys got stuck on a like that that all are right on basically entered a valid right now. I call it the gelati dogs, where he said is not physical, Norton, abstract and civil than what is it need to know what it is.

In order to tell you is not either one but it doesn't make any sense because the evidence is that abstractions are of the mind because the laws of logic are not on the physical world because property of the physical world are measurable like like a dark bowling ball has roundness has mass has volume has reflectivity is density like that. These are properties in all measurable the laws of logic are not there for the properties of the physical universe if the property and physical universe, but they occur in her mind until just tell me what our thing is certain babysitter, not abstractions within what are that he didn't have an answer.

And so, the atheist essay well you don't have to have 1/3 option we did know it is not saying is not an abstraction to submit is not and so he did not do well all right that there may not be a label for what you say like you really are quite label on it without being they're saying saying. I know it's not an abstraction is what he saying he recognized it is not a property. The physical realm that means is not dependent upon the physical realm we get it has existence if usually more sophisticated got into the idea propositions that are truth bearing entities that don't have as they would like to say abstract qualities, but this is more science fiction.

Anything else so you know I'm ready form and have more discussions yeah I hear you. Maybe yeah, I've created but yeah I want to look in the back argument because I think I made up anything good faith, dark and nonpaying.

You can all definitely look into it more, and I like to hear you guys go at it again last night.

Yesterday we had about three or four years ago in Dallas. I don't think because he's a materialist, you can look up that you can see what happened after that debate he got upset about. Take a look know I appreciate it. Thank you Ray goblins.

Alright, let's get on the phones with Ed from North Carolina and welcome around here about yes head welcome around here you.all right we got a little while all the heresy all I hear them all the time in their Lord. They may think they call right are you there fault that they're not exactly ready to say they Apple. Will you be saved and have false teaching different levels that people can have, but it depends what what it is what you say if I said you that someone said the statement. He could have helped himself. Up until that point where she said I commend my spirit was hands at that point you could couldn't do nothing for himself anymore. He had become sin.

He was no longer the son of God when you will you think of that solicit Jesus at the cross. Stop being the son of God, either. That's Joyce Meyer. Okay, here's another one from Joyce Meyer Wright says that I see the minute that blood sacrifice was accepted. Jesus was the first human being that was ever born again, that's understandable heresy. Jesus paid for our sins and help, he became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not stay dead. He was in the grade 3 days during that time he entered hell where you and I deserve to go legally because of our sin, he paid the price. There is a most important decision you'll ever make. By Joyce Meyer second burning May 1993, page 35 that is damnable heresy and what others heresy. You believe in and also slick, or in annihilation is not heresy, not you still be saved.

Damnable heresy is when you attack the person work of Christ as an example was true living God, and to say that Jesus finished he told that there paid the price there and help his damnable because it means that he did not finish it on the cross, when he said so in John 1930. It is finished, he bore our sins in his body and the cross. First Peter 224. She is teaching damnable heresy. She's never repented of it called her Christian and all publicly am telling you you can't call her a Christian because if she's going to say that Jesus paid for. Says he paid the price in the hell where were supposed to go. That's didn't not bringing this blood sacrifice on the cross and she said this is spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve to go there is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth so you can't go to heaven unless you believe that Jesus went to hell where we deserve to go and remember, that's where he paid the price.

This is damnable heresy.

I cannot call her sister in Christ, there's more. She says were little gods. She says she's not a sinner with a host of hell was literally on Jesus and they were laughing. She gets revelation knowledge I'm telling you this is serious stuff and publicly. I would love to have a discussion with her. We tried to contact the ministry, they won't have anything to do with and I called on the carpet.

I publicly now because she's a false teacher if she were to say look, all these things I thought I repent of them. They were all false. I've come out of this in a recognized air.

Then we can move forward but if she will not do that and I'm certainly not aware that she has. It's possible she has but I haven't seen it while I have not seen it and what she's probably done is not teach it anymore.

Probably because people will jump on her and so it looks like was happening in my opinion is that she's she's wary of saying stupid heresies anymore right that that's just her what Kenneth Copeland said you he is right on lot. I will I my early life that he is a man that heretic. He says this heaven has a north and south and east and west.

Consequently, it must be a planet faith is a power yeah so spirit and soul body with Texas chemical to ministry 1985 audiotape 010601 side one. Okay about this. You don't think this was the first do you know is a copy of the mother planet is what he said there. This is called heresies here right this is bad stuff that was all. Be careful how I'm saying some things that I wanted to tell you this, Kenneth Copeland is. It is a sadly horrible teacher theology.

He says I was shocked when I found out who the biggest failure in the Bible actually is the biggest one is God.

He lost his top ranking most anointed Angel first man ever created first woman ever created, etc. because got a failure can couple said God spoke to Adam into existence in authority with words. These words struck Adam's body in the face, his body and God were exactly the same size. Yeah, this is this is flaming heresy. All right God has had no avenue of lasting faith are moving in the earth. He had to have covenant was somebody he had to be invited in. In other words, he couldn't come. God is on the outside looking in order to have any say so in the earth. He's going to have to have an agreement with the man here for God he can't do anything with may have agreed to work with them.

This is this is stupidity. He does you know how to teach a basic theology.

This is such blatant trash trash okay. I'm on the national level. It's easy to do if I wanted to do the same thing. I know how I like to do is tell people to want to hear, tickled her ears and send out gimmick stuff to get money and speak in eloquent terms, and you have to have a little of the talent and how you present words brothers and sisters. You must believe in the word of God. You go wanting you do it and you say it and you watch the congregation because you can using body language and using your tones and and a cadence you can influence how people receive things and you can get to say amen amen and amen you can do it longer. Teaching and I remember the incident. The instant when I realize I had that ability and was in Southern California. The Chapman traffic circle was a small church there.

So my Christian center nose teaching upstairs and I realized that whatever I said next, I could sway one way or another I could shape the words one way or another and get the people to believe a little something that we have one of the belief I remember right there stopping right there I said, I pray to the Lord for he is your truth to manipulate anybody.

I purposed to speak the word of God matter what it is with the truth of God's word is and people need to hear it when you hear Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland and heretics. They need to hear it. Benny Hinn is a heroin addict and how you feel about what about mad about what you Copeland are very public because were with rich sorcery to its source around New Age and Eastern mysticism you have, what you say is exactly with the New Age teaches that as you speak you send out words into the universe and they come back to you because there's a divine essence out there and if you confess things positively that good stuff comes back to you negatively. That's that's come back to you. You have to confess it because you're like a little God because you Christian the East. You have to be able to profess and claim the truth because God wants you healthy, wealthy, and if you don't claimant that you won't get it. It's manipulate teacher I could teach it.

I just believe I can't say Holy Spirit will I work time right right back all right hey sorry Ryan from North Carolina, Micah Colorado give a call tomorrow guys bless you is great. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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