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June 30, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 30, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the move toward totalitarianism in the United States.--2- What's the difference between the day of Christ and the day of the Lord---3- If Calvinism is true, then why witness---4- Where do you get your data on liberals and what they want-think---5- What's the best thing to talk about regarding witnessing to my liberal friend---6- What should I do because people are putting signs up saying to burn the gay flags- How should I respond to that---7- I believe in the all the spiritual gifts can I attend a cessationist church---8- Why are angels mentioned in the passage about head coverings---9- Before I was a Christian, I paid for my girlfriend to have an abortion. What does that mean for me-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive at the board you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a Matt Slick Live branches goals are responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick one. One for the pod casters to recall you do delete 772072276. Same as always were trying to be a little bit different tonight's little bit different from ceiling if we can broadcast live video twitter. I tried something and I don't work or not. So will you just go and check things out. If you want to see the climb twitter account so that's that. Okay. Interesting. All right little bit of searching problem on the karma website and don't know why. So okay anyway so that we have a tech guy working on that just let you know just looking over doing it all right hey five open lines give me a call 877-207-2276. All right, let's see we have four prayer ministry if you want to give us a call. Give us a call if you want to email us from prayer prayer he wanted you in prayer with us, then you can contact us at it so that we want to do more and more, and condition tech guys can fix the search thing is we send those messages coming up. We just discovered it five minutes ago so that the tech guy know that there's an issue on the karma search feature and so any rate of some sub got messed up about two months and I would even be a slight adjustment on something and messed it up. It's an outcome of a running joke because I did accuse you do it you know so love five.

Open lodging may call 877-207-2276 if you want to join us. The prayer ministry or you need prayer. Just go to this email is there and also we stay on the air by your donations and just talk with a little bit so there's no particular need nothing.

It's an emergency, but you know it during the summer months the things usually get slow, but I'm also going to be talking a little more later about what to do to prepare for the coming persecution when I talk like that. I know that a lot of people's eyes bug out they know this is America, things are pretty good. I'm actually working on something on what to do and how to prepare your family.

It's good thinking is sometimes the case, my work on one thing, it often becomes more correct to have resources and articles, and other things committed to that might be the case, and if you were to go to carbon torque/persecution, then I think you would check it right now, that you should be able to get to the articles don't stop working there either. Not theirs to fix the search thing and the second little pig is messed up anyway by going to the persecution that what is fixed able to see a list of articles that I've written over the years, but persecution and what it's what's happening in here in America. If you have instances of you have personal personal accounts and if you were to write something and send it to us. We might be able to develop a small area where we could put in people's real life it's examples of who what when where you can keep your real name if you want or you don't have to be don't want to. I we can put a note in there saying that names changed to protect you. Things like that because certain legitimate Christian faith is under attack were not in a post-Christian society.

When an anti-Christian society that you think about this the, the government, our society is promoting and legislating immorality and anti-Christian thought. It is promoting a transsexual stuff, molding abortion, promoting pornography, promoting LGBT Q stuff trying to get little boys little girls to share the same bathroom having a drag queens come in and teach our children. These are all moral issues and now the government is legislating morality in the area that belongs to the parents and I suspect Tucker Carlson tonight to be discussing a parent-teacher meeting of some sort of forgot where were two people were arrested because of the critical race theory idiocy that's going on a lot of really upset and lawsuits are being filed in our country's been attacked from inside so out when this is how it works biblically when the truth comes out and I mean the truth of who Christ is that homosexuality and lesbianism are sins transgender is and is a sin by abortionists in his heart talking like this and standing up for righteousness and saying to the leftist school board members know we don't want to. Critical race theory taught we don't want the awoke this in our in the schools indoctrinating our children see when when we start talking like that the oppressing oppression comes, you have to understand that when a society moves more towards a socialistic ideology that is going to get worse then you have to consider that socialism is a type of totalitarianism and I mean by that is, totalitarianism is with the state has absolute control absolute control. Dissent is not allowed. Dissenters are not allowed in totalitarian system and will total totalitarian so the there was those who resist the dissenters have to be squelched and quieted.

This is what totalitarianism does not think about what's happening on the left. They are trying to silence the opposition we know that the far left Democrats and disbar leftists are trying to silence people from being able to voice their opinions. The social media outlets are censoring people we know this kind of thing is occurring and is going to increase because they are the ones who were in power and because in my opinion the Christian churches failed to stand up to unrighteousness and has failed to prioritize what is worth risking your safety and your security for and because of the Christian church has largely babysat and give hammock theology and therapeutic sermons and things like this that is because the Christians in this country contributed to the Christians in this country and their spiritual apathy and atrophying, so there's not many people now who are willing to face persecution and suffering for the cause of Christ here in America, particularly with the idea that old's neck and appointed us to wrath, but will get rapture out is just another link in the chain that supports and anchor down in my opinion, apathy, the Christian church is obligated before Christ to make disciples of all nations in order to do that we are to gear our lives, our work and our words for that and God in Christ gave us that command when he is Alaska great commission.

So therefore go into all the nations make disciples making disciples of all the nations and this is what were called to do by Jesus, and more and more. This is not happening. It is not happening and to be careful how I say thing I want to needlessly offend anybody but truth needs to be spoken when the Christian Church is apathetic, largely apathetic.

Not everybody and it is there plenty of people who are willing to risk for the sake of righteousness.

But the Christian church as a whole has failed in that ability and strength.

Ballista set an example in the world because is not prioritized righteousness in the things of Christ over other things in the Christians lives and so therefore the Christian church has become ineffective. The Christian church is perceived as weak and this does not add any motivation for the youth to stay Christian. I mean that the loosest sense, but to stay in the church because most of the churches are losing members and people don't know this but 80% of the Christians raised in a Christian home and go to church within two years ago in a secular college 80% lose their faith. They're not Christian. Dropping equipped pastors aren't equipping them as much as a need to visit mean that that's what they do try and in a church setting to equip that they know all children to stay in the faith understand that's not the case but the Christian church need to become far more aggressive in its determination to present the gospel to a fallen and decaying world.

And we need to do this is much as possible to be at peace with all people, but the preset gospel and to not lay down and because the Christian church has largely done that though the progressives have gained power and gained influence and now the Christians are free to speak up. Well it's time to speak. It's been past time to speak up, and the Christian should prioritize this one essay here look good to the calls would need to prioritize your life. This is part of an article I'm working on, but you need to decide the things that you're committed to in your life and you decide which things are willing to suffer for and need to decide to be totally committed to Jesus, and you need to ask yourself, are you willing to suffer for Christ's sake and these are the kind of things that you have to ask yourself. And when I talk like this.

I know that a lot of people just kind of rolled her eyes and say well it's not that bad is not a big deal if you study Nazi Germany see that with the Jews, started the first thought when it happened. When you study communism's rise in the Czechoslovakia same kind of attitude. Don't worry about it. It'll blow over. Gradually, though the water temperature got so hot that people work killed in that that heat is a frog is an thing of water actually turned the heat up. It doesn't realize until it's too late. We Christians need to realize that here in America. This is an anomaly in history our peace in our security.

Here is an anomaly and the reason it is because the founding fathers wove Christian principles into the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and this is why we prospered and this is why things went so well, but now that the left is in control and is trampling the Constitution underfoot and try to confiscate our guns and trying to penalize our free speech and we see the left trying to go after trump supporters. Not that I'm a Trump supporter anything but the idea of political oppression upon people who were being labeled as terrorists because they don't bow to the political party in control. This kind of thing is is soft totalitarianism. And it's coming and you'll find out in history that when people gain power like that. They never voluntarily give it up. They only want more power and they use crises and problems to gain power when they gain power.

They will oppress those who resist are you going to resist. This is what's coming in the parable that some regard left right back after mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show. Let's get on Georgia Road on your button to wait for Alberto, there will hello right there all yes that's that's me. The Lord, I don't see the difference between them. They look of Christ is used only in Philippians the Lord is used in action the epistles they seem to be the same thing to what what it meant, administered that they want a day of the Lord that beckoned me in a state that they attract the rapture that the preacher say that I don't know what why they would say it's like, it seems be the same thing as far as I'm concerned. When I look to the Christ. If this is the rapture that it has to be. According to Jesus own words in Matthew 13, where the first was to come. The wicked before the rapture so you don't ask him that, but I don't know what incident may they call the Dallas because the day off right that a Philippians only to linkers inflicted yeah earlier that will hurt… Bed.delete church that would lock on the back of right and back of a publicly Jan Van devil Baptist Church on a social gospel bid.

I know I do seminars when I preach and things like that I was bringing Dr. no was bringing things like this people are surprised I don't. From what I've understood. Pastors just very rarely speak very good theology are very deep theology.

I don't really interrelate a lot of things I do and people are thankful for and I think the Christian congregation wants more exegetical preaching and deeper preaching. That's what I think with the pastor's character to to do there to do when I say this I know Patrick think Americans know that the job is was was quick to Christian for the work of ministry, and that means doctrine. It means apologetics. It means counseling to meet all kinds of stuff for the work of ministry, do okay buddy all right thank you start out that you get what a great web that a private will say his love a godless body.

All right, all right. Goodness get to Ryan from Pennsylvania.

Ryan welcome Iran.

The air that your mother by Richard Michael Don vibrator in your knee report back regarding your inviting maker: I think your retro theater here.

If your theology would tell the truth that God is to be a lot on the foundation of the world better than the rest will be condemned. A lot of the medical apathetic are not part of the matter we pray or not, whether the matter we do apologetics do not will have no bearing on the go to heaven and hell will we do what we do because God is commanded that we promote righteousness that we seek truth and we resist evil. This is what God is called us to do is good reformed theology but may conduct it is good reformed theology to obey the command of God, since he commands that vendor if he commands it, then we are to act in obedience. Do you agree that we should do what God commands well what I think you're good. Whether we obey or not okay doubt through you like will be saved in the rest will be condemned slowly out of you not matter what mass they are not you mask is it good thing for the Christians to obey with the Lord God commands your theology is currently a male is what we obey what God or not vetted and have 21.

You don't answer my question and and to you understand what you're criticizing you to understand reformed theology. This is offered to live according to Gordon, you don't you tort hold on the elect will talk in the family have somebody Ryan found that I have the world, Ryan election is one thing I asked you about doing what's right before God and before people that should we do that even if God is elected. People are we obligated as Christians to follow that command of Christ preach the gospel, which is what he commands to do and resist evil and do what is right is that what were supposed to do was think with your answer to that. One of my my throat might look.

But the reason I'm calling about your theology and I sky was less interested (I'm asking you a question. I know you're not answering the question, are we as your Calvinist teach Calvinist actually teach. Believe it or not, that we are to obey Jesus and that we are to separate us and were to to evangelize as much as possible to see the funny thing is some of the greatest evangelists I know are reformed in your theology. George Whitfield was a very strong reformed individual and he was the greatest evangelists of the 1800s.

I think that if you are trudging you should go back and tell him he's wasting his time obeying the Lord God quickly got the victory drug on theology did not let that girl about I got to be saved and it was Amanda zero Ryan what do you think I should get the radio answering questions if it's just you know God predestines elect thing should be not not well here what you're doing is likely contradictory to what your family that you believe we have a lot lately and the resident convention that was divided from the father of the world laughs with my restlessly contradicting on theology know the Bible says were chosen for the foundation of the world before the foundation of the world is Ephesians 14 I mean you can just take your Bible you don't like it, but does not also the same Bible tell us to give an answer to everyone who would ask is now the Bible says in first Peter 315.

How do you reconcile it since you get one complaining. How do you reconcile the command to give an answer to everyone who would ask you and Ephesians 14 which says that God chose us in Christ of the foundation of the world you reconcile that I don't have to reconcile God.

I don't believe you like… Well, all of the a lot and I don't. I do believe that Christian activity is a direct effect on those that go to hell. So you don't are you all Christian that I don't believe I just did, or so I've known and unknown. He has an effect on some well you just as unwise as so just as on just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world is Ephesians 1. Four. You agree that God chose us in in him before the foundation of the world. I believe you can't not always limited the Greek medical degree could see the says some hay it's not there. So what you just did was alter the word of God to fit your theology. So let me ask you continually mount just as you. Let me ask you. Ephesians 14 just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world do you believe that God chose us in him before the foundation of the world of court also delayed. You also believe X 1348 which says God points people to eternal life. You believe that is not all will then so the why and I evangelize. Apparently more than the folks we write back after mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave give me a call 87720722760 shop from Georgia welcoming running or I know I called now when I talk about I getting out a straw man are abundant and I know what he talking about what to say thank thank you because we don't breath reformed people lose and one thing I wanted to talk you just to hostile but God ordains the means as well as the ends and so he ordains us to accomplish his will in their levels of that that we don't understand and that's part of the reformed faith to think she understands reformed theology in that respect. He doesn't but nevertheless the point where he understand it well enough and comfort your representative at ample label really a large group like the credit for carrying. There are large and why Because my nonprofit carrying high school principal told me that I yell. He knew somebody trying a lot on the PE like that time when debating with and felt like a standard Bellmore saying hey, this is wacky on every debating whether or not I more feminine way for the Trinity information. My never met a Presbyterian high school principal told me that I'm not that was a last-minute Mary worshipers information yell article I read a lot of stuff that you become I believe makes you question how I'm married, representative sample when you talk about what I do is I watch watch Tucker Carlson.

I watch Hannity. I have news now yes and I watch you will not bear false witness against an old okay and so I want. I also have a new South called conservative news Pro which I highly recommend that people get sick, but the Christian and it goes through a lot of the listing of news outlets that covers a lot of what the left says you go when you can read what they say.

You can also go to CNN, MSNBC and look at those websites as well. I will sometimes go to USA Today and I'll go to the New York Times and read there and then as far as books go, what I'll do is I have books like breaking the news by Alex Marlowe the smear by Cheryl Atkinson live not by lies by Rod drinker, the doctor, the lesser magistrates by true hello and others, and it will lose. It is read, listen, take notes, things like that and I'm glad I more than one type of liberal I'm a researcher I can't just go to the leftists and to learn with the right is from the leftists and vice versa. I go to the left and go to have a news folder and on my web browser okay and I have brightened Mark Fox the Western Journal.

I have CNN I go to is nothing I forgot. That's pretty liberal but slightly idea which I think that's what they say is usually SKU information on either side. Best I can find liberal were on the ground around well. Time freeze on the I had a reputation can even on the left are going to say they're a bit detached reality because they want to make money and no not sure the there are leftists everywhere and another in school and they are brainwashing children and the sounds conspiratorial but it's just true. The left are trying to get the children. This is one of the tactics of totalitarian regimes and socialist regimes want control of schools to indoctrinate and so you don't have to go very far to look at my career in the local public meeting you have first-hand experience of that. Well I got you wondering if I asked directly about why really help clicking on anything that I'm in Atlanta area that we definitely got Bible Belt by outlining now balcony.

I come over yeah I I am aware that, for example at New England might get a different effect of in California, for example, one of the reasons my wife and I last California about 17 years ago was because they were coming down on on on homeschoolers sing with homeschoolers needed to teach inside of your own home and they were definitely moral issues. In fact, later I was out I grew up comfortable that my children were homeschooled to run for it very much. For I don't like the secular states controlling too much.

I'm not a tablet with the Bible says in the Bible says that we have a representative form of government the right of self protection.

And when someone does something bad you don't outlaw the instrument you out.

You imprisoned in you deal with the people who are the bad people. So when someone pick up a stone to and kill somebody with a stone don't outlaw stones you tackled the perpetrator so would someone use the gun to kill somebody you don't outlaw guns us with the left trying to do and is social regimes. You know when it they want to they want to disarm the population so they can be in control, and this is history. This is what happens in the reading books on on this kind of stuff in Anderson plenty of examples of this kind of thing done if it is if it doesn't stop if the rate that is going continues with Christianity is gonna become illegal and or potentially illegal account of the Bible might Bible Belt Bibles out the dilemma I'm waiting for is something that starts in the Bible is his propaganda and illegal because it doesn't support homosexuality. In fact, there's a new movie coming out, which is in the works called Matthew 46.

The movie and it's about how the Bible has been altered by people like myself in order to stand against homosexuality when in actuality the Bible supports it and so's it's another twit they are coming after even the word of God. I even have of the cult of the Bible called the Queen James Bible and it's where they alter the text of God's word in order to make it to prove that they're going after God's word, and not just stop sauntering around January. Recommend your Franco they they should go to Carmen the other websites that is there, but I've always been the kind of person that there's a need go take care of that there's a problem, go fix it if there's unrighteousness, deal with it but unfortunately too many people are just she pulled the work of facemasks when they don't need to wear facemasks, they will just how would it matter told all the time and I don't want to get out sometime. What reasonable cost.

You will are you a very bagel airport you will are you aware that the end and 95 mask and stronger better is required to stop the virus because the virus the coronavirus is smaller than the this is between the fabric material standard facemasks you wear that while there are way it figure out how well high-risk County fell you later cotton with polypropylene in the middle like the only thing a little below the 95 by likely see it doesn't end a difference.

It's not reducing is not causing the reduction that they hope it does to me.

I see there's a control marker. The popular the people who were in charge want to see some degree. How much will the population just go along with what is one of the things I don't wear a mask thing over and on all right evokes mats like why call 770727 lesson one a liberal topic that I would actually be able to bring up for their betterment.

Yes, Jesus rose from the dead, Jesus Christ, more comforting and trying to argue with him about you. If they want to know this about the masks and bow to the state requirement of medicines and vaccinations and shame if you don't to do with the state want you to do then know that's her business but Jesus Christ wrote my representative, I can hear you what you think I ought not one it's far from hundred percent effect recent tests have been done on on children in schools who wear the masks within one day there.

They did sample testing and it got all kinds of germs that are now accumulating on the mask and staying on the mask. Tuberculosis is one of them. There were samples that were taken and the kids are touching the masks all the time and so then it becomes a harbinger of germs and and and stuff it. Why is it that if you have I've had covert and my wife had covert so were immune we we we survived it and stuff they want me to get a vaccine. Why do I have to get a vaccine for something more immune to. Why does this, the state want us to do that. Why is it that schools are requiring students a college is requiring students to have the vaccination or you can't come to school. Even though the kids of adit.

A lot of them fêted and the tests are showing that the sum of some negative side effects to the to the vaccine.

You probably heard about the heart problems are developed in and some the youth roots.

There are pregnancy problems or some other issues I need to get the documentation more right about that.

Yet, research, and the more I research that I want nothing to do with it. I don't want to take it, but I have natural immunities why we need to take to the why is this why is it telling us to take a vaccine if we already had the virus and are immune to it. Why wanted to know how I want to get between you and God. That's fine. What you want, but my question is you can understand.

I've studied cults and control techniques for decades. I've seen how the cults control people in Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science Islam of Roman Catholicism. The control means I've studied these things and some progrowth and so I see the same kinds of things that are going on and it's a very, very pop problematic issue. I'm very concerned about is I don't think you not messing don't wear a mask because that there are some benefits to it but we have to understand that we are responsible before God and yell out doctoral to talk a little more about.

So we got home and I love the colors waited longer and I think I'm fine and so kinds around complex writers like to talk about Mike from Iowa welcome you on their merit. You become my best friend and she said it was okay for me to lust after my life lust after L letter noticed was a baby and you are trying I'm doing I'm doing it a lot.

So here's what I'm struggling with. We haven't someone in the little town that I live in when around and posted signs on peoples doors that led burn that gay flag is a part of me that wants to to respond with something about God in the lives matter at all you know babies matter and I'm just like when I heard you earlier talk about how we've gotten so complacent very convicting dissidence and stock so would you do I do what I don't. I don't want it. I don't want to offend anybody. I know it is very offensive.

Let the truth offend don't you offend with the truth offend.

We don't want to seek to be offensive, but we want to seek to be truthful in the tell you okay I got more than a couple experiences of witnessing and in all my 41 years of doing this is one time one that I think it went really well. I didn't blow it one. I'm not not getting just one. I remember hours I reviewed that must've been from God so and even then, like Eric, it's probably blinds me to what I write you how I goofed up. But this is not we do we want to go through and we want to be wise. The Bible says classes for five. Conduct yourself with wisdom toward outsiders like your speech read with great yes rooms were five and 600 okay you know in this we need to do and take a risk sometimes be sensitive as much as you can be ashamed of speaking that gospel you you want to go into a hospital when people are involved in emergency room and enter their husband or wife is in a car accident or try to save her lively look okay it's time for the gospel. Not a good choice for time. You know is with the winds of what we do in my view good time. You students out to say so good-faith I don't believe good healthy. What I care. The idea that it's that's probably not a good idea and I tried that.

Okay thank you how much you know how to mess up. I detailed all the way to do that all right love your love your program. I really appreciate you right middle. God bless, Mike Fife. Let's get the faithful Morgan faith love that name here. There is Dr. Brown and I love that you have a lot of common well I bachelor and Dr. Brown met slick okay thought that I was on line of fire like Dr. Michael Brown life with met slick he's far better to tell you everything right so there you go. Then the question what I think it been a believer for over 50 years that even event in Miami, Florida and been out here in Oregon about 10 Years Hwy. cannot feign our staff house church fellowship how they 30 to 40 years. Many years ago and Abbott that in the last 10 years indoor again and Oregon appears a very liberal solemn thought national TV for going around lunch or the neck down my head that had just passed away about a month ago he probably wasn't a burglary in as much as I love our cat in the script cruising in a battle I can add diet I get began about four weeks ago I pending a new church I've examined online doctor and what how I usually approach in accessing my has been, and that with me. I'm on my I want to come under some authority.

I the Scripture let you now is that which is a major question.

You have a question by question. All I believe the church I made that point are at station that I have retained about the holy Eric Gatto operate in my life to my car language in many of you have a question though.

Well my question with how can I expand a church where they are railing again experience that basically I believe the biblical let's if you see yeah I got I I'm on the lineal understand that I go to Calvary Chapel and believe that because I went to Calvary for a while and I been blundering any errors in the Oregon wilderness well to say it's between you and God. And if it's an if it's important enough issue for you to be really concerned about it been the need to talk to the eldership and things like that. If you blog I wish I thought I had been allowed without don't believe in miracles or healing L45 aimed at major healing in my life. I'm a math.

My life is on the line you yeah I would never negate that God proven himself to make that I cannot do it from the date that believe that things talk to the elders okay and I remember first Corinthians 17 take that verse with you first.

Contents 17 and the word gift. There is charismatic Christmas.

Okay if Richmond is once I got to the site all right run more question. Okay, first Karen 11 plan to move away from all created for the land then, but the woman for the man off the one you have power on her pad because of the angel primarily firsthand that okay why did you learn and because of the angel so we don't know what it actually means different commentators have different ideas and the authority issue, as do the federal headship in the culture. Women were to where authority symbols over their heads to designation that they were under the hood edge of their husband and so they were to reject that you're getting that authority but is not a symbol that we use today so don't need it.

Paul says, is because of the Angels and that's what is a discussion among some theologians are not sure what that means because of the fallen angels and needles render authority and to what extent we do this and how much of this is cultural and how much of it is not cultural, that's a debate that's been going on for well okay I will not be much okay alright let's get to Marty from Alexandria, Virginia Marty, welcome your own. There they met neck area. I am last week that you are really very eloquent, talking about Mother's Day you brought up mothers having miscarriages and mothers who didn't have children you really call them mothers and technically they are father was.

I really enjoyed it and just made me think I will confound 62 met and back in my early 20s I made much to my shame before I was a Christian I paid for portion and I just wanted to know how you look, I know I know abortion is not the article.

I know I'm not gonna go to hell because I have Christ in me. But how do you how you look at that and how do you what you call somebody that's done that help help you will look to see if I can relate a lot. Okay and I have some information on that issue I just said on site but when I encounter people who are like you in that situation when there is please do the following okay vote for the time John is more about that topic.

The Lord bless you always back on there tomorrow by his another program powered by the Truth Network

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