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June 3, 2021 8:10 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 3, 2021 8:10 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Do we have free will---2- Is the concept of guardian angel in the Bible---3- What type of angel is Michael---4- Is it possible to be filled with the Spirit and still go to hell- What about Judas---5- What do you make of Ezekiel 28-19 in regard to soul sleep---6- A caller followed up regarding a work situation regarding Covid and the vaccine.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is found alive that more you have questions about Bible doctrines is a max Y branches called responding to your questions. 770-7276 Matt slick. Everyone welcome to the show match would live and if you would give me a call. We have four lines. All you have to do is darling. 772072276 last four digits will harm CAR room next to Christian apologetics research ministry website harm that were checking out and we are newbie.

This is a Christian apologetics show we do here to answer questions discussed sometime time I like. And though the goal is to elevate Lord Lord Jesus Christ and work against false religious systems and false secular systems as well. If you want to watch the show good karma toward the websites on the homepage in the middle of it on the right hand side you'll see a link for the watch.

Not a big deal like to watch sometimes. We have nice community people come in usually 5060 70 people national chat room thing happens if you're interested in leukocyte for open lines 877-207-2276 River prayer ministry if you want to give me what to contact us. You want to pray work be prayed for all you do is do well to send an email to prayer and get people who want to do that and also really quickly just let you know we are going to Israel next year. If that sounds like you want to join us for having already signed out foraging is good karma. and all the information you need will be right there. Not a big deal and set him going and Lord will so there you go. All right for the lines 877-207-2276 get Alberto from Georgia I meant welcome here. Yet there yet. My question is why do they charge it that unbelievers or gracious have a free will and that I will lay you have a preference for free nation of Preston.

The word we have great… Then I heart will follow. The work is not the follow that list. Let's define your terms a little more free will is the ability to make choices that are not forced you just want to make a choice and not forced upon you just freely do it that's free will. Unbelievers have that believers have with God has that and we need to adapt that definition a little bit because a lot of people unfortunately think that free will means the ability to do anything you can think of that's not true. And also have to make sure that people understand that God is a standard of free will is in God can only do that which is consistent with his nature, he cannot make out why he cannot not be God.

You can't misrepresent us or anything.

So with the modify the definition of free will.

The city free will is the ability to do anything you want to do it's consistent with her nature as long as not forced on you that's that's it, so everybody has free will and that sensory believers and nonbelievers slowly talk to the free will of unbelievers. What were saying is of the unbelievers at the Bible says enslave us in Romans 614 to 20 can do no good.

Romans 310, 11, 12, can't receive spiritual things first is to 14th etc. because of this. This means that they are free. There just free to act in a manner consistent with their fallenness, so therefore they will always freely to choose to do, they will freely choose to do that which is contrary to God. They will always freely choose to do that which is simple so out we don't deny I don't deny free will. Reformed theologians don't deny free will or millions. Don't deny it. We have free will. Atheists, some atheists were consistent materialist will deny free will, but that's another topic so so they quit.

Example the beach want to work now have a choice to make, but he greeted go to work and responsible lawyer a bill for God so loved work at the beach like you preference it would go so little work joyfully apart, but appointed it, but it's a visual preference for more major doors on the work then then pointed beach welcome people will act according to their desires, they will act in a manner that with many weight options and so unbelievers and believers alike make a choice to go to the beach or go to work in a particular day, and I can do that unbelievers unfortunately are not able to freely choose Christ to their own sinful enslave free will and the Bible says so. This is one of the mistakes that a lot of people are teaching in churches today that they can. That is just up to the unbelievers free will in their sinful enslaved state and so that's that's a false doctrine, but a lot of churches teach it because they're not starting the vocal theology very much is good feelings and sensibilities and some so God has to open your heart to see does to Lydia and X 16 €14 the mind of the disciples to understand the word of God.

Luke 2445. The grants we believe lip is 129, etc. and we cannot come to Christ less than granted to us by the father in this. John 665 so these are the things of the Bible says and most people don't like them because they have humanistic philosophy woven into their Christian theology.

Humanism is man centeredness where man is the standard of what is right what is wrong what is true what is false, etc. and so what do we do as we look at our own experience and we say what I want in my wisdom chose God. Therefore, that's how it works at the humanistic philosophical position to determine truth is not submitting that will to God's throne sensibilities is what Eve did in the garden.

Genesis 3 led to the fall. So this is the stuff that I do discusses quite a bit in other areas and for more death, libertarianism compatible his determinism and the a CT of God. In fact, one of things I'll do about the build is this for fun is when we attribute to a creature or thing that attributes belongs to God alone and that idolatry what some people do is they don't realize that that the quality of God's non-enslavement to sin is attributed to the unbeliever and so what they're doing is exit committing a heresy by trimming equality to God to the unbeliever and that's called Pelagianism.

Semi Pelagianism is the view that the human being is a type is touched by sin and but you still able to make a free choice. She just needs the pre-being and grace of God for the new grace is the grace comes before that enable someone to believe and that is ridiculous. I call it kindergarten theology. It's amateur theology and others incompetent theologians who believe in it and it's just ludicrous because if God is going to will that you come to salvation.

He gives you a certain amount of grace as we know how much grace to give you to get you to get saved in the scenario course he does. If you want to get saved was good to throw his glory into your presence and you get a break can confess Christ so it just get tired of the amateur theologians out there who want to make pronouncements on how gospel to be how manageable to be when they don't understand are talking about. That's the truth, as were the reasons the Christian church is not doing as well as can be. That's just one of the reasons others as well. I'm I'm now rambling a little more that help you get good beauty and great great yeah about earlier about the play with Yankee man would continuing the evil no. We can help right well it's the nature of the unbelievers is to sin is how much do they sin, so an atheist.

For example, will choose to do what we were on a human level would say is good and bad might get the wallet back to some of it is dropped on a human level, we say that's good on a divine level. It's not because he's not doing it for the glory of God, nor is that effort cleanse the blood of Christ, so unbelievers can only do that which is sinful, and have degrees of sin that they will commit the believers can still sin but we are sanctified and justified through Christ and our works are filtered through his blood, so therefore we can run through Christ do that which is good because of running return to persons while at least the reason I would go to because it would honor God on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And so that's why would and so that would be that a good work because the motive is good and the standard is good.

The motive is to glorify God. The standard is his righteousness, and so as loving my neighbor accord with God is revealed and not a humanistic philosophy which is becoming unfortunately more prevalent Christian churches today and read him saying this again is the apostasy is coming and the Roman Catholic Church as is already apostate. The Eastern Orthodox church as apostate and that Protestantism is going apostate, little by little it's moving into apostasy. Not everybody not all pastors little teachers at school. Of course you plug it once I know several that really good.

I noticed hundreds and hundreds and thousands of really good pastors and teachers out there, but of the overall way things are going is towards apostasy, which is what the Bible predicts in second-guessing us to okay okay thank you God bless you a YouTube and God bless Albert the thought you lingered all right, all right, just get to Martin from Virginia Halo by the way for open lines 877-207-2276 give a call okay Martin, you're on the mat sure all I don't know what tied up car but I have not been written about Angel all the angels monitor that whole section, questions about angels checking out. You know what which the ideal of what I strata that yes our chairman, principalities and powers you were about, familiar with our like gardening that the helpers of the Lord God, I don't know of any guardian angels in the Bible regarding how would I like Michael you go looking Michael Archangel all your archangels and are fewer archangels interned in the New York regular angels. That's the general consensus of people talk about guardian angels are assigned to us individually as a whole, but I don't see that in Scripture, it may be the case at all… Part but you're right arm.

How would you classify the following.

Well Michael is Satan probably is an Archangel and some say that you have heard me would know for sure that her three angels in her name and that's Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer.

And Lucifer fell in 1/3 of the angels felt except by the elected leader not electing that they could leave a message all right evokes me right back after these messages that I call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show with realism.

It's okay. No big deal. Okay the swing person is Kim from rural North Carolina can welcome your on here, for like 2120 Matthew wanted to know where I could hear the first working. I can't wait. I don't, Matthew 17 2120 okay you have to avert that the it possible you go to the spirit know little things of the spirit of God means that the Spurgeon dwelling. It was what minister to me. So you know, the major said when that and what what what what what I will wait but you can be careful, you can just assume certain things were to say that Judas was filled with the spirit okay. It didn't have to be worse is that will no no, the way that it. When he did it by the Holy Spirit, by the power the Holy Spirit.

You can be very very careful what you do. You can't just say what he did by the power the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, the disciples do it the exact same way.

It might be the case, it might not be.

We can't assume, okay, we know that the power of Jesus name is is such that the sum of the schema think it was in acts eight or eight I believe it was to remember for sure. They were casting out demons and demons jumped on because they were using Jesus name this power in the name of Christ.

But in Matthew 10 it says Jesus. Some of his 12 disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out to escape authority to do and I would assume that that was Judas in there as well who had that authority but doesn't mean he was saying okay okay they would with not live with him saying so would well well notice what it says. Many will say to me on that day. Do not prophesy in your name and your name cast out demons in your name perform many miracles. It doesn't say they were casting about it says they're going to claim this so we do know that demons are very deceptive and we could have Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, you could have Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, you could have all kinds of people work in false religious groups, and they could say the name of Jesus cast out in a demon could just lay low and pretended cast out in order to get people to be deceived to believe a lie is certainly possible so they said they said like that is it necessarily less leftist the logical issue and when we look at it and were cast out demons and perform many miracles. The implication is will yeah they did that because they so we perform miracles.

Well, okay, that they can perform miracles but the unbelievers can perform miracles as well. The sorcerers of Pharaoh's time were able to mimic a lot of what Karen could do an article on this a few weeks ago how to identify false miracle workers so it's possible to do this is to be very careful what we say so comes down to this that the name of Jesus Christ is very powerful. Even unbelievers can use it and just because you cast out demons, etc. doesn't mean your Christian and then there's the issue of demons can appear to be cast out and not really be cast out. And then there's usually really can be cast so we it's very difficult to discern between all of the variations which one is the right one at any particular time, yet asked more questions you have to say okay what is this what is that, ask questions and stuff that that that's window is laying the foundation. The logical options. I do Scripture and then send now, we would have to look at particular instances to see if they're true or not of God or not. And I did note Bob that it would doing not what says I never knew you means they were never saved. It's a phrase.

If God knows you.

Your safety does not know you're not Sadie said I never knew you then those people who were prophesying casting out demons and perform miracles were never saved. They were never saved. Don't get hooked on this idea that they have to be indwelt by the Spirit of God in order perform a miracle don't get out. Don't do that okay because if you're poking a miracle weight you have to know you don't know you don't because there are accounts of false religious systems, and people who have so to speak, raise the dead.

If it is occurred even once, which I doubt. But if it even occurred once again.

That's proof is not the case but there have been demonic manifestations of feelings it's that's out there, but indicate out Jesus gave him the authority is given authority okay says in John 663. The people who were betraying him, and it says that Jesus this is pretty good life. The words 64 Seesmic for there are some here who do not believe of her.

Jesus knew from the beginning who they were, who did not believe in who it was who would betray him.

John 664 right okay all right Hope that helps. Okay, buddy.

God bless you. All right. Okay, let's just jump on the line. The swing person is Jamie from Seattle, Washington. Jamie welcoming on the air. A song I didn't know what you make of Ezekiel 2819 as far I think it indicated that additional mortality. I like your interpretation. Ezekiel 20 you hold music to the idea of annihilation. Yeah, you know, the socially got me okay 29 all who know you among the people are appalled at you. You become terrified you will cease to be forever yeah never be anymore forever. James version is gonna work for forever though. Okay so if that's all the verse you had to make a case for the Lord of the verses that you say on anything that that would have to be interpreted. Some of the writer. How do how would you like execute that I would seem like I would say that if that's the only verse you had. You could make a case for it.

That's what I said okay if you only verse but it's not a fault with my 877-2077 sexually like that matters like why call 77077 charismatic slave, Jamie, are you still there alright so that a question for you with adversity with the context you the power by fire or something, or generally to be the devil because it says you are right yeah cherub and in verse 14, you were blameless in your way. Verse 15 in the abundance of your trade and by the multitude of your iniquities only, so if it's dealing with Satan the mask. If you believe Satan's gonna be annihilated.

I think I've made all the lost annihilated said that it I really like the language could be the wrong perception. I do prefer additional mortality because I think that's what's taught in the Bible that life is granted by God as you don't receive it, and that would mean you got the socially thing that you just get your deceived by that the false teachings of the annihilation's group you are. I get that a lot yeah yeah you should hundred and 82 articles on this hundred and 82. I'm just overhearing on this okay and all kinds of studies in all kinds of stuff and all kinds of ways. Now if you're going to say that we stop existent with a bad stop existing their nonexistence is Europe is the punishment is that correct you yet affect I get that out. I mean Annihilation visitation of life. Okay, so I wanted just Jesus died for our he died of a hold so your suggesting and that person is annihilated. That's the punishment right yeah how is nonexistence of punishment. This is nothing I wanted. I guess I would say the losing life.

God is a God of the living Saddam experienced at the losing of life. I don't think the Bible is clear is if your meaning.

The terms of creative thinker into hell I would do you do you experience losing life. Yeah. Losing life because it's his decision is nothing that expired in February.

I experience nothing like the man on the bridge like where the man on the bridge when he jumped I you like tell Eric know if Dr. John was still on the bridge now that's before you studied how God talks about punishment as I can tell yeah you haven't no matter greater theology, but I look at this time. So glad the when he punishes people to experience the punishment.

Genesis 413 Cain said to God, my punishment is too great to bear. His 1920 there. Much of the punishment they shall not be put to death's and clinical 623 says, punishing the wicked by bringing his way on his own head punishment that this is some of the verses an interesting point. We were talking about the corridor in that group that were open. You'll come visit but that punishment or judgment that is that talking about the year leading up to hundreds of his judgment always the punishment that comes from God's judgment. You both ways. I would think.

I've studied all of the words in the Bible, old New Testament. I can save your buddies okay duration in nature not specified approximate 55 versus a 44% says the duration of the nature does not specified a punishment. Another category, 30% and I think all these percentages had over hundred percent because something could be interpreted in two different ways. Okay, so it's very long period of time approach. Approximately 30% of the verses talk about punishment.

Talk about the experience over long period of time. 21% talk but death or physical destruction, and 5% for figurative usage.

So which one is the right one, which was right when the punishment.

I'm not sure I studied that word, at least not recently yells at him excited to go to staff that glitter looks like our car ice look of annihilation on orcs and go for little reviewing it I have looked at some of your stuff there. I'm still looking at it would be the most productive way to engage that I mean I articles this rate it okay still studying a check when I say go.

She would check you know and if you disagree with something let me know and that's fine. You know maybe unless I got everything right all the time everywhere and I really do study I mean II so I know I got a lift a lot of stuff to see the thing we know that God uses punishment in different ways. Why is it that you must assume then that punishment is nonexistence of the wicked. I guess for me I think the picture of the events described in Genesis is which is why I would feel the best place to start on indicates through one because of the nature of man and the way it becomes – and that animals are said in the same way that I would mainly also stand out that when God said, give the lion the lion the garden with but you won't die and then when I see God saying now man has become like one of us going good from evil, and he banishes them from the tree of life left. He live forever. Presumably, and then write it with reverence and makes sense to me that that's the cessation of life because it contrasted with your Q you live forever sort of thing so you all a site in the following in life right to the devil is annihilated. The devil who deceived and thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone with the beast and the false prophet are also and will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

How does that house and well you look at that verse carefully. I think I have been stating that one big one right begins to fade. What you're saying, but the no rest day for no rest is like I predicted cancer that were there, but I'm still look at it.

But it seems to be indicating I think continuum or whatever, as far as the go rest to be contemporary leading up to the good with the language or so I applied in the future is what I recall from looking at torment all there is the future passive, they will will be done to them.

They will be tormented, which means torments occurring upon them, the not doing it themselves. The receiving the punishment. Okay… Now start to fade. Also in that right around there about that. There is no more need for assignment because there's no more night so that by going continual day and night. There is no day and night into the future because there is no more night. I guess you can trust his number.

Yeah, sorry.

I look as simple as a mouse, so okay so I guess it's sort of like a fire that's was with the beast is at symbolism, the false prophet.

I symbolism if the tormented day and night to get the language used in the Old Testament were okay. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah were, let's say, so you know it's like it's also said the lake of fire is the second death is the second death of the separation from God and eternal sense seeks is that you got it you can understand something you your view is socially right right review. I just meddling on the idea that when a person a human being's dies, he just review this is sole ceased to exist or does it continue to exist in unconsciousness, I got to be parted from the body so that Megan Russell does exist, then you are a flaming heretic. Okay I'm explain how you like that it might've got out yesterday resurrected exist in the conscious form of snug daily living. I don't know what my stuff said doesn't exist. There has he has no existence. Okay, that would mean that I would rather stay. I got a technical conjugate with a live in little Donald can't jump off in different directions will fast. Okay so teeth are you the casing leagues the human soul continues to exist or not continue exist. So which is it like that and what continues is a conscious or not conscious, not conscious. This is not conscious of does expend any energy I then it is I don't know energy expenditure that is not alive nonexistence like dad yeah yeah right you think will think these things through and eat before going to break your you to think about something what you're saying will deny the atonement. You're saying that I don't want to do that, you're saying that Jesus human nature when he died. The physical nature ceased to be ceased to have existence that denies the incarnation. It denies the hypostatic union denies the resurrection damnable heresy is not professing this just don't know. That's what it leads to bring it right back after these messages, please why call 770-7276 is Matt slick back show with Jamie. So there right now, you lose what I'm saying because this is very very important because there are people well known individuals who are teaching that Jesus sole ceased to exist. This is damning. What it means is it's a doctrine that any decent church would kick you out of and say you're not part of the car.

The community of Christ if they were to teach it.

It would be like saying Jesus is not God cannot call yourself a Christian, you must leave you, you stay here in an orbit but your outside the Christ somebody would say the Trinity is not true outside the Crockpot and it is true you know.

This went patient that would fit her. Jesus has two distinct natures divine and human. This is called the hypostatic union. The attributes of both natures were ascribed to the single person that's called the committee cut to bottom. Jesus, by definition, has two natures and they are both real and they're both actual and are both alive for any locally. No I forgot, no I permit you got everything got a two natures, the hypostatic union go to Carmen. Look it up if soul sleep is true what the school level. If soul sleep is true, then the human nature goes into the nonfunctioning no attribution no consciousness, no doing anything. This would then invalidate the mediator ship of Christ because you have to be an increased as a human being to be a high priest, and it would be revenge of human nature died or the other dog teenager died and I write this came up last night with my good friend Smokey I called you heretic because I'm saying it that is God beside the divine site diet think the other side died, look to therapy. You are very you're very confused. You are so messed up. Okay, you don't know what's going on okay suit the divine nature cannot die only the human that you can die if anybody says I cannot listen.

I bought it. If anybody says a divine nature died. They are teaching false doctrine if they teach that the human nature ceased to exist are also teaching false doctrine because it would mean that the hypostatic union is no longer in effect, that means the person of Christ Jesus, who, by definition, has two natures no longer has two natures, therefore, is no longer Jesus rising several in one man write right 11 person one person one person one person from that of course because I think I am on it.

Nature of person, but you don't know his monism in this context.not okay to write my bike. You could get slow down your to focus needing to go to Carmi to read the section on harm on the hypostatic union committee cut to idiom autumn and need to go to the and isolationism section and read up on soul sleep and its many problems and she's what I wanted to be Chris date on and and and Gatlin peons I be glad to debate them on this issue of the human nature of Christ dying and ceasing to exist is all called to the face or to your heretics because they are I think there need to be more work on the subject matter on no no no no no no, I don't know know this is not more work on their heretics and anybody who teaches a divine and human nature ceased to exist as Herrick is heretical and is destroying the hypostatic union and invalid design nature to look like the right look look look look long and I are not listening. I say something and you jump off in a different direction constantly.

You don't focus on right here and try to clarify about it. I take what people say I want you to do is go to Carmen read up on this okay will I will dig. I promise you that I'll do that. I had certainly get Michael back.

It all right thank you okay talk later. All right, let's get back on the year with the Markham Florida mark welcome you on the animatics era.

Get your neighbor from afar, a dog on the guy that yeah I'm I'm a gentleman I I called you once before I had some issues that live my job, or they were asking about the duet surveys that were not anonymous, asking us to go out and then answer questions that we had cultivated we take the vaccine and I and he refused to go ahead and answer this question, it's actually progressed since that time, and they've actually came out and said that in order for us to take off our masks. We have to get to a 65% to John, the population of the workplace vaccine and I I immediately II did not make any sense to me because now they're still required. People are vaccinated to wear their math and very I think it is just an it is it is a logical and I height it decided to go ahead and do something on how was kind of the ringleader on this.

A lot of people fall behind, but I I decided to take my mask off and refused to wear, and just quietly do my job and I did that after they went ahead and started bribing people in a way they they sent out an email saying that will give you $100.

If you are vaccinated you come and show it yeah series I save the email every single transmission on the site and saving and keeping record in case I need to do something but yeah $100.

If you and then you bring in your your little certificate from the CDC that that you been in that you been vaccine and given the vaccination and that's why Fidel enough is enough to take my mask off now preemptively before they say something like, while it now that every way that we reach 65% backswing vaccinated. The vaccinated people can take their math stop.

Everybody else can't tell her vaccinated and I'm like now to do this now before the something like that might happen don't all that well, but I been preemptive in that and I kinda led the charge, and a lot of people watch me do it and they followed suit. My question, Matt is. Is this the Christian thing to do because I I know there is Scripture on being subject to authority and it isn't really my way to go and be very defiant at my workplace is really not me. I'm very cooperative and I get along with people I work as hard as I can what your take on what I said it so this is a tough one because it was a difficult question. The because if you're going to be a doctor and nurse. It's been a dinnerware mask in emergency rise situation soon. I worked in the emergency room before I didn't wear a mask that is they want to be to do that now I got you. I could see that. Okay, I could see that okay but my in your job. It is just you know you just push the pencil. Whatever good were it depends what's going on because we are not in the medical field. I know that if you are not in the medical field at all okay. I'm saying that we are obligated to follow our employer's requirements until they violate Scripture. Nothing in Scripture says you can or can't wear a mask. What we got talking about here is control and we have a right of freedom and freedom of a control of our own bodies and that's biblical what they're trying to do is control us and I called them control markers cults have control markers go to a more Misko step in a Mormon church. For example, you'll see control markers walking around had have a certain kind of look a certain attitude of a certain style with the shortwave unit of the speak and certain dress. You control markers you know the group is following with the control of people want. This is what is Corona called it's it's not a monocoque when it does I'll tell you what I think it is a Marxist socialist agenda put upon America in order to control people in the submit and shut down the businesses so that we can be weakened and then use of the local culture ideology stupid ideology. I collect with a Democrat with the it's all the crafts who wants to get control this country and turn into a social paradox socialist paradise which can destroy this country and I agree with that and that that's the kind of the reason why am I'm kind of being defined against it and it has all you do it for safety anymore because I've had it in life, I'm fine and I believe it or not only were following mandate. When a matter of three weeks.

We had eight people get Corona while following the mass mandates and everything and now the state of Florida. The governors lifted it and you know I'm I'm just like, what's the difference that it were so respectful to getting it larger thing is we being controlled and related and then that this is the issue and yeah I think it's wise to wear masks in certain times and nodded.

Other times, so is just an issue. I think everybody's freedom of choice.

I mainly to point it out and leave it because what is it now if you want to work fine.

Don't know who listened what if you have a bad ad is a bad commutable disease which it would you wear a mask in your own house system came over and you say, look, where the sky when you get sick and that's fine, but your choice she did with the work and work there for Cindy want to force people into trying to get this passport of action vaccination passport it's control is control is also sensitive to this accident cults for so long they are all you have control and the things people don't know to be controlled. It happens all the time. You know control a call control markers and so there is manifest in different ways and you I can see it right away okay wearing a mask you don't know this pandemic is you don't how bad it is. I can see that but after a while sick. Wait a minute. The evidence is in supporting this anymore busy or anymore or you guys who lied about it. Now being expose that you lied about it, etc. it did come from Wuhan and their factor some articles out there that says that China may release it on purpose in order to help destroy other country so they get dominance out of its true or not, it wouldn't be surprising to trust the comics the communist on the trust so I don't either don't trust him and I had I've yet just real quick. I people have asked me at my work.

I said I said look know I do this for the greater good of God's church, because ultimately that's what the being attacked here in the end. Am I wrong for saying that you're not getting it a spiritual term that they can control you. If the government can control you and take away your guns, and they can control you, then they will control what church you go to a what is said in churches if they allow them to exist. This is how governments that are oppressive and work that would happen. Socialist countries and communist countries have church sanctioned church and state should know sanctioned churches that I feel like I'm doing this to be a guardian for the gospel that's that's really what I'm getting at, because I know this is this is way ahead on the battle that I'm going with it. It's tough to because there's a lot of liberal wackos at my work that are really coming down hard on me writing me out to see her dollars a seminar just beginning to take you believe in abortion. Guess why because this woman's right to choose what to do with anybody.

Yes I choose what to do with my body leave me alone. Same thing thank you thank you I will try Herb Raleigh folks there you go. A great weekend.

Great evening. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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