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April 20, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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April 20, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- What does it mean to shed innocent blood- Who is considered innocent---2- How can it be right for God to tell Israel to kill infants---3- Are some sins hereditary---4- Are Assemblies of God churches Christian---5- Does Romans 11-17-21 say that you can lose your salvation---6- A caller wanted to dispute claims in one of Matt's books.--7- What does it mean to be ready for Christ's return-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max what why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 as old garlic 772072276 little out of breath, was running look for before the show.

I was pushing the schedule too much or which you want to watch it really exciting what we signature with your headset on talking and truly fun, but we do have a lot of people in the chat room usually about 50 people and you can people make friends and out of exchange phone numbers and done all kinds of stuff go and stuff like that. We went through and give me a call.

Like I said 877-207-2276 hateful you know that we stay on nearby your support, not your betting that you know I don't believe in that kind of stuff. Last I was watching TV and I was just me believe. I think is like midnight or something is watching the religious channels which for me is is pretty frustrating, but something with this guy was on nursing send your donation of $777 $777 and that was off the thing of 77 and he said if you do this they'll send you a keychain and the keychain had a little emblem on the end of the keychain thing and it was the 12 stones of the high priest government and you the 12 stones and you know for $737 and thinking what a lame gimmick to get people like to give you money.

It just people fall for it.

Let me tell you, folks, if you're out there and some guy or girl on TV is saying, look, you know, if you send in your seed faith. God bless you. Don't buy into it. It's manipulation, the blind, and so in our karmic meeting today. There was our guide our missionary in Brazil, said that these preacher guys in Brazil.

That's how he worded sit on TV on his TV show had an invisible covert mask on an invisible covert mask and he would go through the motions of putting it on to say, this invisible spiritual covert mask.

I says if you send me out like five dollars in the mail will mail you back an envelope with an invisible spiritual covert mask that you can put on and he said he make thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on before signing up. Okay, so thinking.

What if I would additionally like that. What would I do not fight was on TV. I say okay look of what I do is mail you an empty envelope. It's empty nothing and it's going to help you because there's nothing in it is just an envelope from us and what I've been asking for anything, but if you want you can send us money because it'll help us to stay on the air and will send you an empty envelope with nothing in it. I lets out, it would people sign up now you gotta have the gimmick. So maybe when we go to Israel come back I'll bring some stone, some the stones did not cry out, and then on some for $25 each that you personally touched and what all this idiocy that people do people and Christians fall for. Don't fall for folks just give because you want to support a ministry not because you give to get a little gimmick thing is ridiculous to spacing that anyway I smuggled wining opening prayer. Let's get to Kim from rural Hall North Carolina welcome given on the question is coming, current 617 and 15. Basically, verse three, it was not. Proverbs 617 and was it for you know what first Samuel 15 12 recovery but no great story looking a go strike Amalek, and utterly destroy all that he has not spare him, but put to death. Both man and woman, child and infant arts. She camel and donkey and from 617 haughty eyes, lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood heart doesn't like that okay yeah I got the sharing agreement that would be double pointed out to.

This is exactly what God's will to do if you because they had been swimming in a tribe that will point what would be considered innocent blood by our standard is different than innocent blood by God standard. According to God. None of us are innocent.

If God seeks for us to be executed to be taken out for whatever reason he desires. It is always justified because of what ever God does is always morally right. So if you says to a people go wipe out the men, women and children here could be several reasons involved. Usually what happens in the context is the cup the nation has been has been warned numerous times about their sin and would not repent and so God writes about and select the average guilty because this is how it is and in other times it's nation is going to be there to corrupt Israel and block the messianic line so there wiped out other time is because God desires whatever reason she's always tell us to wipe out a group of people usually it's though to make way for something else and when it does men, women and children. People sold all innocent now know nobody's innocent. Everybody is guilty of sin and everybody deserves to be judged and taken out. It's only the mercy of God, lets anybody live people and say will wait a minute with the babies & babies have a sin nature, and I know people may not like that theology, but that's what it says in Ephesians 23.

We are by nature children of wrath, we are by nature born this way we have that fallen nature to all who did not was Adam and Eve when they were created and they fell and Jesus who never sinned and never had a sin nature, so this was going on there. None of them are innocent and Proverbs was talking about is is of a different context. You can see some is innocent is not innocent before God and the these theological sense, but it's innocent before. So you or me. You know they didn't do anything wrong and were telling them that that's murder at that point you want to do that but if they've if they have murdered someone and they found guilty of trial and they are then executed. Accordingly, that's not the shedding of innocent blood that make sense. You kinda grab the fact that 90 someone being in the right to free a boy in the chow would be shared good thing that would be correct depending on the kid instead. When God executes somebody it's always the right thing that God has done.

She has the right to take anybody's life because all people have sinned against him and the wages of sin is death.

The fact that God does not take people out is just a demonstration of his grace and his patience and his mercy with us when he has the right to execute anybody at any time because all people have sinned against him. That's what's going on there. When is talking and Proverbs about we don't shed innocent blood. It speaking about people like you and me. We are not the ones who can go out and just destroy someone because well they haven't sinned against us, but all people sin against God's will is a right to execute them.

But not all people sin against Satan you or me. We don't have the right execute them. That sense there innocent. So baby in the womb from a human perspective is innocent. We had it hasn't done anything wrong to anybody. Okay so that's it.

So that's the shedding of innocent blood.

The pastors correct. But if God wants to take a baby then he has work to do. And another thing is with these these the people in the Old Testament in this nation.

For example, the work became nice were worshiping Moloch what they were doing was taking a a young philosopher Rico.

They were taking these bronze idols that they would heat up and their human bodies and the heads were of oxen and the arms of the human arms of these idols will be extended out.

The elbow subsided and the arms out, palms up, and it would take the babies newborn babies and put them on these these arms because they did this after the.

The valley of this idol was heated up with fire so that the whole thing was just red-hot and they would put your third newborn babies on here and sacrificing to Moloch so they were pagan. They were murdering. They were shedding innocent blood in that sense, because with this and to them. Babies hadn't done anything to them was no lawbreaking that they, not the babies had done so.

God warned the nation's profits and don't do this for two, 300 years to figure out it was. And finally, God had him wiped out out people criticize God. What you can't do that. Yes you can see, can we have to have a standard by which we can say that God is or is not right. This is the thing.

A lot of people say I don't approve that will you can you can argue with God on the day of judgment is the infinite God who are you to say it's right or it's wrong.

You have to submit what God is said what God is done so when people criticize they have to have a standard of morality that is universal and applicable that God himself must adhere to when they don't like just to sit down and shut up. The kind of thing. But here's another thought the parents or the adults were already given over to the depravity of your heart and mind when they die they would go to go to hell will what if part of the deliverance of the people was with her all wiped out. Then one of the potential theories here is that all babies that when they died in infancy go to heaven and that's a debatable issue but if that's the case, then God would be saving people out of hell by having the babies killed, but as children killed young, so they go to heaven is one theory. Another thing is that if the population had continued to produce children and pagans know hundred and hundred thousand thousand people in their ungodliness, and more more people going to hell, and God stopping that different ways of looking at the say well it's good it's bad it's right it's wrong because it is not as simple as one is innocent. What is not innocent just a couple can have an accent and you might want to question what you say that something can be carried on and be ready to essay eight in your heart and you keep it and I know the chow that Jack can produce. I have that hating well is not made is that it needs to let it is not a genetic thing is passed down to DNA, but there is a condition of federal headship where the male represents descendents and so the sins of the father can be passed down to the children. But what that means is, for example, the Canaanites were pagan serving the false demonic gods.

The children would also suffer because of that they be raised in that and so in that sense the sins of the parents were passed down, not that it became theirs because the father did something bad, but in their own raising. They became as bad as the parents like you got blood for both the right that government budget is one of my 720776 max Y call 77077 charismatic sling back your brother all right hanging are worried about. Anyway you're walking there for about a certain religion for tractor graduate and bark like being called type character. I grew up in a Catholic church, and you know that I can kind of understand that I walked away from the Catholic Church a while thought been going through a Assembly of God Church and not that you were throwing them in the thing. Next, But but you did say they were somewhat of a type of occult church and I just was wondering if you could ban on that a little bit that explainer.

I never did get it there. Condition of that before you have the sums of God is within Christian orthodoxy, but they teach women to be pastors and elders, and for that alone I would not attend. And there are the they attend.

They affirm women pastors and elders and write our current that's our lives through their material that's is an un-biblical position at the house. And I've gone through their their position. The position paper and the arguments that they use in support of it are very bad guy would debate their best person in all public listed debate on this issue. You don't I know there are good arguments and arguments are pretty weak and they misinterpret things and misapply things are not very specific in understanding and so this is a serious issue and the reason is a serious issue is twofold. One men are the leaders in the church there supposed to be leaders of the church and if men don't lead in the church. Churches go apostate and the prophesies are prophesied significantly 23 and is it the issue.

The visible church, so we need to have men who are standing up on biblical truth and not compromising and when women get in leadership positions.

Men tend to do nothing and become lazy about this issue and this is out of place.

It's wrong, I'm getting more theological issues about a book, not right now to your thing is that 80% in my personal research I did a lot of research on this article. Three. Four years ago 80% of the denominations and churches adopt pastors within two generations also start adopting homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle need understand something the Bible says I do not allow a woman to teach or exert authority over men of remain silent for Adam was first created as first Timothy 212 and 13, one is not to have authority for men and people will complain about that, but the very next chapter. Paul says and spent our first Timothy 315 is giving instructions on how to behave in the household of God, the church is specifically stating that her and then in a Titus chapter 1 verses 5 to 7 infertility chapter 3, I think Paul is telling us that the the elder pastor is an elder the elders to be on their musical like us.

A man of one woman, how that happening for a woman is very serious as a theological issue that we can deliver the background. Adam and Eve were in the garden and she ate of the fruit first.

She ate the fruit first. Then she gave it to Adam and then he ate. So they she send first and then Adam sinned, they both hid in Romans 512 it says that sin entered the world through one man, not to a woman.

She and he were both in the world she was in the world and and ate the fruit but sin did not enter the world through her but to Adam.

This is important theological information it needs to to be included in this discussion of women leadership.

Furthermore, when they were hiding the pre-incarnate Christ came to them and said to the man where are you in say you would've done it is Adam and Eve, what have you done he said to the man where you you dressed Adam why because he was right. One is spiritual authority. He's the one with the buck had to stop so this is how God this is why Paul says what he says when he comfortably 212 13 because of Adam was first created that would it says a woman is to remain silent in first Timothy 212 silent, and it would means in Greek is as the record assess Nokia and SOP means you could be even more silent means you're not quiet as in no sound.

That's the word Sadako and it's not use their it's a subpoena which is used it, which means keep it down. So if there talking to hate even more silent we don't have a word like that anymore's alligator silently not silent with the integrate think they have it more silent, more quiet, keep it down, hush it out so this is what he's using it as a Greek word assessing the can't talk there not to be speaking up and dealing an authoritative position in the church.

This would follow the same and so having said this, if you if anybody out there listening to me is attending a church with a woman pastor.

I'm an elder. Just leave slave go find a church that has a good godly man teaching and preaching.

If you don't like it. In talking woman pastor elder and have him call me in the show will set up a debate.

I will go to the Scriptures. There let Sue the word of God sets are not now I understand what you earn or not I get basic. I just issue that you have about and the guy got to have a male delete faster than them, but you're right, they there is one female assistant pastor occasionally. She gets up and preach. But that's heresy taken everything you said in the consideration what turned out there. Would you recommend that actually follows those examples that you laid out well there's a denomination called Calvary Chapel and though I send out the on the 40 my theology there not I'm on mill there not know. It's okay, but they they they go verse by verse, they won't have women pastors and elders with pretty good denomination. Another one is man's opened the United Reformed Church is good. Generally there's a rule I tell people I think church or a denomination has a word united in it. It's bad, that's true, it's bad. The only exception aware of his United reformed their good record. Parker United reformed okay there good or good denomination and an evangelical friend is a good denomination but I've heard a couple things I do know so you will go over the last part evangelical free ED free. This is called evangelical free.

So what I would do was go to the website go to car and go to the search engine and look up the article what to look for in a church what to look for the church and I go through Everett. This article I listed out here the things to to consider because issues like charismatic gifts or not charismatic, it is a debatable issue, literatures, and affirms her tinnitus is okay, but there are certain things you want to look at and one of this is anyone I would recommend you do at this point is call up the church and interview them over the phone up Ella Curtis of the things that are listed in their and you are writing a good idea and if they seem to be okay and you get there if it's a church facility and it has a library the window the library and see what kind of books they have. If they have books from Joyce Meyer, Joel O'Steen, Kenneth Copeland, then just get out there girl here are not here folks, the right back after these messages the man's leg. Why call 77077 charismatic slave. Brooke will mail when he got garden or Utah. Yes, I am okay now all the critical melanoma sort of agreement.

The medic noted by the limpet on the article and think about the script writer. Romans 11 everything right everything through our faith 21 numbs the workweek about like Jones was, you know, they will not regret it was taken out in the lower on that risk factor them into 2000 and it then thought there that they seem like you are high-minded to look down upon good docket that would announce practice early and would not regret now way I read it out and as boss and that he grabbed the dam thing, but God can take you out so how do you read it. My mom is reading that good faith to me if than I thought that you can lose your salvation and for anything but the McGill misery is a lot here quickly and commitment and will have time to go through it all, that in John 637 through 40. Jesus talks about him coming down to do the will of the father and the will of the father is that Jesus lose not of all that he's given me this little father sent me that all he's given me. I lose none of this would Jesus says in John 637 to 40. So Jesus always is, will father so therefore he can't lose any. This is real simple. The other verses, so he will then will go to bring all this together so we will go to Hebrews 1026.26 if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth and no longer make a sacrifice for sin, and will also go to Hebrews 6436 and the 64 through six. It says in the case of those who have been enlightened have tasted the heavenly gift for been made partakers of the Holy Spirit who tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then have fallen away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance.

Okay, so there's a lot here in and not try to confuse the issue, but is let you know this is not a super easy topic to another go back to Romans 11 M and a reference and stuff in Romans 11 what I believe is happened is my opinion about this area of Scripture that God works covenantal unity speaking confidently because when we understand that the olive branch is something of Jeremiah 11 that God refers to Israel. Israel was a covenant people. Covenant is a pact or an agreement between two or more parties and covenants have signs you could stay in the covenant by keeping the covenant boundaries. Or you could be excluded from the covenant by Brooke breaking the covenant boundaries I could talk about this quite a bit, but an example of the covenant is a marriage my wife and I married, we have promised to be faithful to each other week. Neither one of the broken at covenant responsibility even though sometimes it you know we haven't liked each other were still committed to each other and we keep our colorant box in the symbol of the covenant is our wedding rings okay and this is how it is and we love the Lord so we are forced to love each other and sit with children tongue-in-cheek. Okay now so the thing is that Israel according Jeremiah 1116, is called the vine is called us to be the olive tree, God speaks covenantal of Israel people were included in the covenant by circumcision, even though they really weren't aware what was going on by the covenant necessity. They were kept in and then put into a covenant God works covenantal with Israel. This is why Jesus says in Matthew 1524. He said I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Jesus was not sent to the whole world.

He was only sent to Israel that's covenant requirement of the covenant that God made with Abraham, but because Israel broke the covenant.

We were grafted in to the vine because they broke it so will be get to Romans 11.

This is the kind of stuff that's all back there behind the pulse talking about and he says will show you something. He says don't be arrogant with one another because if you Gentiles been grafted into this olive tree. This branch in the system. It means the covenant nation of Israel God's covenant faithfulness even grafted into what God is been doing. Don't be arrogant since they have failed. They broke the covenant.

You can be wiped out can be taken out a covenant. It never says that you were saved in that this has been. They were other unbelief that they were taken out okay if it means that your saved and then you lose your salvation and contradict what Jesus says when he said that will father is that he lose none.

Jesus always is, will the father so Jesus can't lose any so we can't have that. Also in eyes as I reference in Hebrews 64 through six is says those who once been enlightened in heaven and they fall away.

It's impossible to renew them again to repentance, with its if the person you can loser salvation according to Hebrews 6426 with a often used for that position. You cannot be returned to that position.

The says it's impossible to renew them again to repentance process.

If you if that verse, but that'll greet us with, they say it means your salvation is so many people use these verses if it means that you cannot you cannot be renewed again repentance that we have a problem with the Romans 1123 is and if they do not continue in their unbelief will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again to wait a minute now. What we see is God able to graft in the unbelievers back in the way to med if that's the case, then how is it that they could have been in if they were saved, loss or salvation which Jesus has can't happen because of his.

His words in John six or 740 and if you can loser salvation Hebrews 6426 is used.

What says there is a possible room again repentance that how can any grafted in again it is making sense so this is why I say this has to be covenant language because as I said Jesus was sent to Israel. He was not sent to the whole world is about this floors a lot of people to show them this Jesus own words. Matthew 1524 I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

This is because of the covenant that God had made that Israel will be blessed and the whole nation ultimately to Genesis 12 three which Paul quotes in Galatians 3A: to the gospel but nevertheless, so this is how I look at Romans 11 because God is not done with Israel and it says in verse 24 for if you were cut off for if you were cut off from what was is by nature a wild olive tree and regret the contrary nature to cultivate idolatry. How much more will these were natural branches be grafted in their own olive tree when a minute to grafted in their already enter Israelites enemies are saved when they were in an inner grafted in their already there.

CC was going on is can't be about just salvation.

It cannot be this why Paul was all over that. I do not want you to be unaware brother and all I want to be aware of record to be do not want you brother to be uninformed of this mystery, so it will not be wise in your own estimation of partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in so that all Israel will be saved. An incident against cultural Testament is called in the Old Testament covenant language.

Talk about the covenant. What is doing with Israel. This is covenant language and when you understand covenant. It makes sense. But if you say hey you can loser salvation, then it doesn't make sense because this is critically grafted in again. Verse 23 that Isaac but the super 6426 says they cannot be renewed again. Repentance in Hebrews 1026 says some that is, there are no longer make a sacrifice for sin. They've left we have conflicting interpretations that can't work the way to harmonize a mistake. Hope you never lose your salvation because Jesus said so and is covenant language because this roof referencing Jeremiah 11 about that the the olive tree, which is Israel covenantal Israel make sense kind of one of the question of the we have of full lines called back and get in line to kick his people to waive the right.

Okay, a half-hour support from Chris. They slept good. Great question. The great question okay. God bless. All right, let's get to write for Pennsylvania. Ryan welcoming on the thank you, thank you for inviting me to call back on reading your book object may be of and maybe doing a video book with you of this book and I'm going to be the recording the following of the note, including a bespectacled conversation ends up vomiting what you read or study of the very thought writing this book. Are you aware that the book is meant to be a low level. Is this a flowing kind of discussion. For software about that that's out of the accurate right now it be accurate right thing is inaccurate. Okay.

And exactly what areas it inaccurate and I love or thought about what I have you read the I would write that function after these messages the mats like why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg. All vitamin tobacco segment.

Ryan, are you still there okay see one. What atheist have studied well at C Dan darker, Eddie Todd Bosch. I've read Bertrand Russell said of the continent.

He's an atheist with the West, but that I've talked to hundreds hundreds of atheists over the years and stuff and had formal debates with him so okay well you do you derive the barcode you think that Margaret Rapier is like giving Dave Alvin of the many, a few about them. Barker okay answer as many alias to many of his adult so okay so what which appoints a will in what area my inaccurate of all our human breaker was that mean humans transcendent creatures with me, but arguably okay let me ask another question swinging by that. Okay you you thought about trying everything the book that I read out of the bedroom and come to a knowledge of something that is because of many gods in the Genesis 126, 28 we can think God's thoughts after dark in our check in the greater so that we can apprehend the transcendent nature of what God has provided for us.

Okay, so Bob that we can understand something that is rent better than we can understand the receipt understand it as transcendent. Not clear what you mean by that.

Okay we we understand truth to be transcendent, but we all do that without will is nature is that is transcendent, have varying truths that we are not all the people hopefully apprehend in various ways, transcendent nature of the objects abstract object like a matter of burnout and the idea that we that it had been through it but not actually about. It is not done on the south east if you can apply the criticism you really should learn a little more about what the Christian apologetics is an issue transcendent. I've been doing predicament apologetics far more than you out, and I've been doing it for far longer than you and more literally elder you in a more regular out of my 50 50 65 okay limiting apologetics for 41 years is that you been I haven't you been doing tubercular 41 five that's awesome okay so first year 40 with the that means 41 years, so 41 times what is still 41 so okay I think I'm under your government in the world source you know I don't document every definition, everything I've learned throughout my life. You just learn things and when I do examination would worldview is what I'll do is write an article I get in a car what's worldview and I bet you better go look it up right now with coded different sources noticed to define what it is you dogs look around that heart. I am recording this video to get it from your about the currently you are you have not much of the colloidal Obama that he gave you Carl Marx love written on his manifesto and Nietzsche admits of Nietzsche also okay so yeah okay so children is on it in my in order for me to be acceptable to you, do I too if you have read all these people not only read to me that is already so great, so another words for your subjective preference. In order for me to be acceptable. I have to submit to a list you come up with. Now what I write about but about and also I found that I'm not a form of atheism. I blog about logic you want. But if you usually informed about the women imprinted by long ago that's incredible. That's incredible what he look, I enjoyed our conversation, but he just jumped in the realm of the ridiculous so you move along the gutter.

I will have a great weekend. All right, let's get to Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly welcome here on the air, current so sorry. Yeah, this is never going back to my computer. Okay come back for years. I've always heard people family I was growing at are you ready for Christ's return. You need to be prepared. You need to make sure that you ready when he comes back and now I'm hearing that. Are you prepared for Christ. Nothing for Christ and his name is already written in the Lamb's book of life, part of the much more ready. Do I need to be II can rating on their's and what do I need to be prepared starts to laugh and laugh as I was more ready to do some stretching, but it's a bit stretching to loose the warm-up. No, sorry, all that is. I love the ridiculous ABC crackup. Sorry. They're like oh my Calvinism to defend against writing about it for 30 years I would look out of the seminary urine for the key stock in right here years of sorry is correct to be up okay. People don't know that life will start. It's hilarious.

Okay Keith. Keith is the production guy we're talking about having a sense of humor before the show started, so he loved always laughing. He's correct okay sorry I had no goal and you like to be pretty ridiculous.

This is this is fodder for the ridiculous like barefoot 40.

He smiled back at me give you. :-) So we know you struggled okay honey series okay now. Should we get ready for Jesus return yes we should we should always be ready.

That's the whole point. What I believe that the New Testament does not tell us very much about exactly what is going to come back he wants is always to be ready and expecting his return.

And if unfortunately please and I salute the ponchos now even pretrip rapture than that one of this problems. There is him get ready for the rapture the escape of everything.

But if you believe you're going through it. It was a hot ready go through to prepare myself and get that gospel message out to be not to be a perfect opportunity preach and teach. So I come back I believe that a part of the do anything special are extra. Right now you are saved YEAH okay but I'm thinking that if I are you ready for Christ return on the night as ready as I'm ever going to be marked out like you know get out increase because yeah you're right and I think about it from your perspective because family member who need to hear in their right and so you would want you to come back right now because they go to hell right on. If he carries this more time for more people to come to faith so okay well thank you Matt for anything that collar before me on the radio link. Click the United had discussions before. Over the years.

He has many times called back and apologized.

You're right about this and I was wrong. He's really that's good thing about them.

People who do that, but it's been so often you know, as I call you now. Well, back, and I probably got I don't know maybe will you got a reputation who know our II Mac and I appreciate that and thank you and enjoy your weekend you to God bless. Okay all right is good to Chuck from Birmingham, Burlington, North Carolina. Sorry get along with her, but eventually one year that's all right Matt I think that a very soft they want butyrate.copy fell right at the door never paid out and I had a Mac yeah I was a standard of what what it was sufficient, which he didn't know I was setting them up with a question that's right okay yeah I reported your you know you have not how you know that probably Effect my heart. Right right thing when I caught it but I really like betting on the news came on their now the body thinking about and bring you terrible.

The leftist wacko morons in control of our government are going to destroy America. They want to clear control us. And the reason they want the guns away is they are getting afraid of the people that their insulting and the people that their staff whose rights are stepping on and they don't want to have the power to resist, which is what the preamble the Constitution says were obligated to do so. They don't want us to have that ability to say we've had enough of this. So they want to disarm ice and control us with their propaganda.

Yeah, it terrible and running down the you know this week. No get this right so I know some about vague on purpose.

I know somebody is a sickness where the there are vehicles being made that can go down streets and aim electronic devices at your house and they can tell how many guns you got where they are married and where you are in your house again but for the bad guy now except they're designed for going to neighborhoods yeah yeah oh yeah okay you really know what they're really real.

This is what's happening because Christians are now not supposed to be doing the unbelievers are prospering and are going to continue to do so, and if we Christians owns Hennepin resist what happens in Canada with that church delete the rest of the pastor and they put a fence around his church and will go back and discuss her happening here in the country is divided the leftist are your causing racism to become just all over the place but everything I even read an article to my wife yesterday where certain fonts of font you cursive and noncoercive in block letters. Some of the racist fonts it yeah got to Dartmouth where you Dartmouth clear the line right really got a little go. I don't know what happened. This type will rise up, I cannot believe where it but it is time to arrange it to rise as they are eligible to watch God's love is the nobody I got was things like books never goes away. Folks maybe back on the air on Monday and by God's grace.

Hope you have a great weekend. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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