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April 10, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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April 10, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about his experience at a Mennonite church.--2- How did you come to care so little about what people think of you---3- What do you think about Bible College in Oklahoma---4- What is your opinion of covenantalism---5- An annihilationist wanted to debate-discuss this issue.--6- My daughter and husband are Christians but go to an LGBTQ church. What can I do-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the board you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a map slick.

Why rises called to respond 77207276 Matt slick welcome stuff, writing articles, relax a little bit will get Rick to your service resurrection service I went to him went to a different different church last night to check out of service months ago months ago before we can tell you have a five open lines of want to give a call, please do eight 772-072-2760 McCall, and so months ago I are you a motor in Idaho and there are Mennonites appear and the women wear long dresses they had little, In the back of her head and stuff like that. The men wear beards and so I talked to a woman with her children there. She's very polite this months ago and long story short, went over to their house like about a month later so to discuss theology to see with the racks for the really nice people and the bunch of them that Darren and had a good time and I don't like reformed theology, but the other Trinitarian believe in justification by faith alone, and all that good stuff while I got you an invite. Couple months later you must live. I guess you I got an invite to go to their there Sunday as it based resurrection service so I went there last night with a friend of mine Joe and them so they were a lot of bearded guys and some not bearded guys. A lot of long dressed women and not long dressed women all kinda mixed and interspersed in the hold that and they sing a cappella children get up children as teenagers and young young was get up and sing a cappella on that a cappella fan. I'm sorry just just not for me.

Wow, it was really nice. I was really surprised at how nice it was there harmony is the music that tunes I give you heard them before and they were beautiful. I really enjoyed it was really great when it was my experience last night and I have a good time appearing in the Idaho see that behind the people I met before and they were very nice. So there you go. That's what I did anyway what you McCall five open lines 877-207-2276 and I let's see we were going to Israel to let you guys know it's up to following up about.

We got to 2025 people already signed up and statement of claim with an X next year in March right around March 11 or so going out to Israel if you wanted to checking it out. I just go to Carmen and you can check it out looks likely to be having our missionary from Columbia he's gonna be going so praise God and my wife's going my my daughters is going will save you normal to see if things go and then those of you who know me and Melissa me for a while.

If you go and you meet my wife that he could commiserate with her and is like being married to that guy and chill to stare at you think a couple of days. Come up with an answer, but to be worth it all right for open lines give me a call 877-207-2276.

My wife sent me something to read this San Rafael Warnock, who was a minister, Rev. faced criticism over a tweet that he posted on Sunday Easter Sunday saying the meaning of the holiday is more transcendent than the actual resurrection of Jesus.

And currently this guy is in the Senate or some like that you give a senator or counselor forgot which tweet was deleted but was picked up by websites and the daily wire the meaning of Easter is more transcendent than the resurrection of Jesus Christ as your pastor of new Ebenezer Baptist Church is out said whether you are Christian or not commit commitment to helping others.

We are able to save ourselves maybe was the senator.

I don't know but to my wife are that to me and I just said something to talk about on the phone I got a heretic and I would even say that he's a brother in Christ, I would say that he's a non-Christian. The reason is because to say that that the meaning of the holiday is more transcendent than the actual resurrection is basically stupid defecation. It is really lame. Obviously he does know is talking about will post to be a minister of the gospel is not administer the Christian gospel and to say that through commitment so that you immigrants again this, the meaning of the Easter is more transcendent than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a Christian or not, through a commitment to helping others. We are able to save ourselves. That is flaming heresy that is hair wrist CHERUSY that is damnable doctrine to say that unbelievers can say themselves through commitment to helping abutters is such as blasphemy of this guy does not notice talking about he could not argue his way out of a wet paper bag. It was facing downhill those of neon light pointing to him accordingly.

So it was bad news for him. We have heretics all over the place of people wield those to see me or hear me talk about this kind of thing sometimes and you know it also has a heretic, not a Christian them I could upset the judge well Bible says Jesus is not you believe that I am real diner sends Johnny 24 a is not me saying this, Jesus saying it, and Paul clearly teaches that justification for salvation is through faith alone in Christ alone and go to Romans 323 28 Romans 41 through seven, Galatians 216 to 21 Galatians 3125 to go through and read these think the Bible clearly teaches the stuff and Jesus warned us in the last days, many false Christ and false prophets will arise and deceive many. And that guy is a deceiver. He doesn't know he's a deceiver, but he definitely is a false prophets in Ohio.

I know that because I know what the Bible says you see if you know the Bible says if you study the Bible you study the Trinity that hypostatic union justification, imputation, satisfaction, judicial forensic substitutionary atonement you study these things, you recognize that God gave us the word of God for reason and said were justified by faith, not by doing good, working, helping neighbors with my faith alone in Christ alone that of the Bible says that if you're to deviate from that you can't have sale salvation and to be lost of the spirit of the antichrist is alive and well and that late friends and reserve listening. That is antichrist theology that the sky was was saying search like antichrist theology. He just doesn't know enough to know enough all right for open lines of you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Chris from Ohio. Welcome your near a model supporting good though all of you know Dr. Brown, maybe a week ago and all of them about how you know what you know me know I work father and all I heard you want to say that you know that he was burned to tradition and how the father know that you know about hello Dr. Brown, that facility think about and he just emphatically clear that it made a blood it is research you become a rabbi and that they thought I was lying in the typical Internet is that what you think about was not what I heard. And if you talk to a rabbi who said it was alive and that would make sense rabbi would deny that because rabbis don't want to admit that Jesus knew what he was talking about was prophesying is on return so you know I remember reading about it, just so long ago I read so much over the years that I came to tell you I got stuff to read it in a book on ancient cultural norms and things like that and I talk to other Jews completed, Jews were not Christians who so one guy remember very in particular is in the and when were Texas near border town is after speaking years ago, and we met at a hotel afterwards were talking and I brought this up to some the people that were sitting there because it came in any single business talking talk theology, Matthew teaches us okay and so they were all around talking and this guy was so Jew who became a Christian and he was very dedicated to the Lord and very dedicated to studying Old Testament theology and covenants and and weaving them in the New Testament, and I have a lot of good information.

I mention this issue of the wedding supper, and no man knowing the hour and he said nobody knows about that. He said how did you know about that as I read it someplace and he said he was impressed that a Gentile would know that. And he done his research to soaps, you know, I, I, I could talk to Michael Brown and the see what he says but they built a summer research on because that's what I'd heard that the Reddit 111 place so you know okay. It's always possible that I'm wrong but that's what I'd known for years and Reddit. So right and no personal level. How do you ordinarily don't care about. Thanks so much for the negativity.

You will be cocktails open the Lord so how did you go about not caring about people thought about, but you will go to this place. Don't care what they think about will be cocktails go about it and I would know I was raised that way. See my last name is slick and my dad was in the service of my dad stuttered he said exactly and my mom's IQ was genius and we moved 26 times before I was 12 years old I went to 12 different elementary schools than when I was 12 years old. I weighed 66 pounds when I was 17 years old or not. 19 years old. Excuse me. I weighed 117 pounds when I was 6 feet tall, so I was extremely skinny and I went to so many different schools now because of this was traumatized and I didn't start having nightmares being murdered until I was 35. So the thing is, I had to learn how to survive emotionally and mentally.

And what I did was I realized that people, a lot of them are just jerks and why should I why should I care about what morons wackos and losers who were thieves who were bullies who were all these things will execute what they think. Who cares. So I care about them and don't care about them didn't change me any doesn't change them any. So they call me names okay whatever is good to something else somewhat. What is it matter so would someone sit you know of a public figure and someone will email me your the biggest idiot ever heard of. Etc. etc. I just chuckle. I think really the biggest that's pretty impressive know that my tobaccos are. Can you give me some examples because I would like to know in what areas I am better at being an idiot than anybody else that would be awesome to know I write I got it right back in the come right back off and insult me.

I think that that wasn't a good answer. I want to know what and so I just enjoy it.

So what's the big deal is. Someone calls me a name so that we will do you know there is anything they want to know you're a coward you're a liar you're a thief know certainly got sick know is not true. And I think accused the various end of it no know it's not true.

Don't say that never done that never will do that, etc. but you know other than that, what's the big deal seriously. Who cares what people think that's what the social media stuff. I do not understand why someone will type something into Facebook or twitter or whatever it is a negative negative response in the days Roland so does it change anything like me, so who cares who cares what I don't like you. Does that mean you're not a person physically and not worth anything. Of course not. But a couple of it was Chris from Ohio with four lines 3 open line. Call 877072276 chemical mats like why call 770727 cares mats like back show with Rick from Iowa Rick welcome.

You're on here I want to find out you are aware of. Remove Bible college in Oklahoma and it will let your difficult.

It's so so so I and positive confession.

The name and claimant blab and grab the got always want to help.

He always wants you wealthy, and I just want you to be anything but prosperous and your money in your seed faith and you'll get to just $10 you get $100 can of the things and so it's not to be it. I would recommend people stay away from my thank you okay okay God bless. All right three open lines going to make all 877-207-2276 Tyler from New York Tyler welcome you on the air.

We got like good evening brother. Are you waiting on them question about the federal it anything coming up a lot in reformed circles lately. I'm really you. I I know only vaguely about it. People have been missing from guy named Peter like heart, read a book called the baptized body and it just goes way back around 2007 like I know the PTA had a thought going on where he eventually lost his credentials and his license to preach in the denomination because of his preaching of it.

I know guy like that will thin and thought I picked up on it and I've heard you know like radical and bring it back to Roman Catholicism. So, I mean I've heard in part and I don't really buy them if you can give me more educated like idea what the document not really future basically comes down to is understanding that reformed theology which is very good also teaches covenant theology and covenant theology is teaching that a covenant that God works theologically. He was covenantal likeness of theological perspective. Perspective called covenantal listen. So God makes a covenant in Hebrews 1322 blood of the eternal covenant with either Trinitarian communion. The father gave to the son, the elect and the sun was to become man and then redeem them in the Holy Spirit applied redemptive work to the elect and so this is the covenant well. Also, there's aspects of covenants.

Different covenants deliver look Latin for covenant is testament to Old Testament and New Testament.

So when the third millennium BC. It was was called the suzerain vassal treaty pattern and I'm narrowing this down to give the background were to answer you why this is my federal vision here with the covenant aspect is a problem.

So in the covenant aspect of father suzerain vassal treaty pattern in the 10 Commandments for it. It's a big king in the litter little kink so suzerain it's becoming a vassal is the lesser King and ended group geographical area, they would make a covenant in the big king would say this is who I am.

This is what I've done 10 Commandments on the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt shall have no other God before me on your mother and father, for he who doesn't prosper. It doesn't will be judged, etc. so the pattern of the covenant is that there is an opening.

This is who I am what I've done here. The stipulations with the boundaries of the covenant. You do this and I do that if you don't do this.

Here's a consequence if I don't do that as a consequence and her. Here's our obligation. So these obligations and consequences are the covenant boundaries federal vision is getting into the aspect of covenant boundaries and say that you remain in the covenant of the redemptive work of God covenant by maintaining the covenant boundaries as well as maintain and keep this covenant boundaries in your inside the covenant. Your saved and course sets Roman Catholicism, which says that there are certain things you better do to keep yourself right with God and and so now the federal vision issue. From what I understand is saying similar things and you better keep the covenant boundaries in order to be inside that faithfulness of God. And you'll belong to do that you're okay okay okay justification and and think occasional mouth. Yes, it's kinda like that signification is just simply be more like Jesus. But the covenant aspect is an a for Jesus had. For example, making a covenant with you and is prophesied in Jeremiah 3131 Jesus is the one who initiates the new covenant with his own death.

Hebrews 915 to 16. So with that we have certain covenant obligations now within covenant theology. We can then justify infant baptism because covenant includes members of the household and members of the family. So, for example, in acts 1614 through 16. God opened up Lydia's heart or mind to understand the things that Paul was saying and then it says her whole household. Then got baptized, and so why would the whole household get baptized if she was one who believed the idea here is the covenant aspect inside of covenant Israel they understood this and go into acts 1631, when the the jailer. He became a Christian and his whole household was baptized.

Also, this is best understood in the light of covenant theology that some people say will the whole house will got baptized because they believed say that except that one of this is the will household you and your whole household. If you believe will then you will got baptized, it's better understood in the idea of covenant theology because the Old Testament covenant system was extremely detailed with different kinds of covenants and that's just how it was in the Old Testament and so Jesus didn't do away with covenant teeth continued. In fact, with the in Genesis 12 three God says to Abraham in you all the nations shall be blessed, and the sign of that covenant was circumcision.

And that's in Genesis 17 so that phrase in you all the nations shall be blessed in. In Genesis 12, three is quoted by Paul in Galatians 38. He calls it the gospel.

So the covenant faithfulness of God to the Abram.

A covenant is that in the in the covenant with Abraham. All the nations of the blessed is still a valid covenant will eat Abraham a covenant had children in it and so they covenantal lists will say well then we can continue with it at St. covenant you see this guy go to other areas as it gets it gets deep. There's the covenant of works. Covenant of grace. There's Abraham a covenant the way it covenant Davidic covenant, and so it's really steep right now, having said all that when people start saying that you have to keep covenant boundaries in order to stay saved. That's salvation by works okay and make a mistake that Eric may like were all smooth like they started by works and not by stumbled over Christ tried while the make sense of being, as you always with spiritual never physical while well don't know there is a physical aspect of Judaism because they were the ones were circumcised or the actual blood descendents in God is not done with national Israel for Romans 1124 to 26 so there's a spiritual Israel that's true Israel, but covenantal Israel is what's interesting is that a covenant.

For example, a man in the Old Testament would become a Jew and his whole household get circumcised. Slaves get circumcised. The children get circumcised. Why because they were under the headship of that father called federal headship federal vision to see the relationship talk about Wilson's son about this once is conversation with the get time break. So unless they honor the Nautica brother. Thank you God bless Tyler New York Post McCall morphologic 772077 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic 7776 20 from the chemical chain from Boise not too far away.

I do enjoy their yearly as I can. You buddy will affect your logo public so my only people know me by Peter got what you to failure called God only point that out simply to stay that I wanted to actually know how to get in contact with you. I would love wanted to add a discussion with you on annihilate. I am not you are okay and and I figured that if that was something that you would be at then you probably want to know a little bit about me rather than jumping in. I think about that. So what next with with a particular issue kind of an isolationist are you a physical list annihilation nests on what I would argue, you know soon as you die physically, says with the spirit is a product of the physical brain the physical burning body dies, the person ceases to have existence that is resurrected on the judgment and then annihilation of the one leaves that as people die they are unconscious and soul sleep and continue till the resurrection, annihilation, and some say that their conscious after death and then in judgment. They were annihilated. So which one are you just curious. I believe basically that the Bible you lead talking about like going entrapment of the other and stuff like that are brothers and all the fiery image of you, I would like to think that it little and that there is conscious torment.

I just don't think at the terminal I think it does what I do and eventually destroyed okay so then there destroyed after they pay their debt. Basically, you and I think that's also going to give you an uninvited but I believe I think that's part of the explanation of the like. For example, while in London in so would a murderer you know serial killer murder receive a lot more punishment times and say just a little lady just didn't believe she make cookies for people enough for both dice one suffers longer than before. Annihilated is that it will so I believe that I don't know I wouldn't eat that any part of a dogmatic way okay because I don't like God got the dog in the Lord that I don't know sign SGI's vision or that it is not something but it brought out of the and that your position with the problem is then that the reason one suffers more is with a broken more the loss with their doings. They punished according the loss after they finish the requirements of the law why the annihilated went they saved is a done with the law requires the weight of the weight of anything.

I think it didn't have a question if they have paid the price of that sin through their suffering when the sufferings done.

They paid that price accordingly long, where they then saved a set of annihilated the wages of sin and ultimately debt my the context of that birthright thing, but the gift of eternal life right that indicates immediately fairly strongly that the ultimate penalty or stand is ultimate death, or in annihilated about. We do not suffer that rather we get it on like the inverse of it and I may not ask the same question over and over again and not answering the reason you can't answer. It is because your theology is insufficient in its incorrect if you're going to say that people suffered varying degrees. Because of the intensity of their sin that made that the court of the severity of the law that's given to them and there are different degrees of punishments of the what you're saying is that after they suffered, according to law, fulfill the requirements of the law, then why are they saved after they met the requirements that God has for them. According to the law where they save them as a learned.

It is clear that the requirement is ultimately debt the way that that's what kind of death.

Romans 623. We do that that would be in God that that isn't direct contrast with eternal life right out of her thinking will indicate how eternal death, right, and death is spoken of in the Scriptures is conscious.

Many times in many ways. Why would you pick nonexistence as what it means. Since we know that there people who are alive after death and go to for sample. 28 for that second Corinthians 12 to I know a man in the binder in the body do not know such man was kind of the third heaven we heard things and saw things as conscious after death. In fact, I didn't really kill Jesus right and yet we know that even after his death he was still human right. You agree with that right okay so then they death the physical death means. He continued on after after their physical death so hiding the wages of sin is death. That death is the physical also is just eternal and not just what you claim to be annihilation you have to demonstrate that Romans 623 means nonexistent that you begging the question I would point to get up again that the indirect like that. In direct contrast with eternal literally the temple. I know this was the back and started a little wind outside okay and I let you eternal see eternal life is with God, eternal death would be like without God eternal existed without him eternal life is is is is unending life with God.

To say the same thing you like that I don't think that is the reason that I think that that doesn't work is because right now as a believer I believe that I have liked Godot to put it another way, I think Unigroup I believe that I am degenerate right and that the people who are around you not be scrambling trying to know that the court ultimate God that that that very often are not regenerate was spiritually speaking, the day the fair debt for their weekly life like there literally alive right so the way I'm expecting a little like I would expect that the office of the inverse of that is little that could Artie have spiritual life you live here in the now. So you're saying then that immortality is given only to those who believe in Christ right yes I would be conditional immortality. I was leaving I with the Angels of the Angels to the heavy mortality is never said that the Angels have the mentality to have all my I wouldn't be able to give a definitive scriptural answer, but I would think they have a holiday they could also be killed so they have immortality.

And yet is not said they do. And then there's the, the eternal fire for the Angels retinas about like another big and big.

I think because the of the really like fire right now it is left structured, depart from the accursed month in the eternal fire which is peer for the devil and his angels eternal fire that's gonna does it end if it's eternal I don't know.

But the book of Jude also said thought and Gomorrah were destroyed with eternal fire. The bottom tomorrow are still burning in the physical okay so were stuck by math 2541 is one verse at a time because I'm teaching to Jude.

Presently, believe it or not occurs once into the eternal fire. So does that fire and that the devil and his angels are then prepared for. I know I do. I believe that I fire and that I would describe that.

So then so then the Angels are going to be eternally that they had Angels. The devil will be eternally punished consciously right without end. What I do believe you and I will definitely grant that there is one place that I believe each of the all got to torment and it is or we all drop in the beat as they are, can I forever, so there people, people. Profit the Beazer people so you know you believe you're headed also specific people right yes they are and they are people and so you're saying that they are going to have eternal existence.

But then you pick and choose which ones feet deep.

I'm just giving you a warning if your debate me this is how it would be because you're already out and try the origins of asking should you want to do this I will.

I certainly would, and the audit feel that with it with that lap when I feel that there that only something to go back. A lot of the I think that I'm getting pretty solid and I'll bet it does seem to me like the leg again with the regeneration of our early. We can say that we did the data to be separated right absolutely back right but again I have that life right now you have that life right now.

As Christians we all have been like right now, but we're expecting a literal physical eternal life in the act right on the brake when before the break when it correct you on Jude is a son of the more the cities around them since they the same way as these indulged in gross immorality with a strange flesh, are exhibited is in the present tense. As an example of undergoing the punishment which is a present participle in present participle is preceded by present tense. That means that the participle tense takes on that present tense which means the presently undergoing eternal fire.

Presently cities right here folks.

We write that got his messages. If you want give me a call 877207276 of the RightFax mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic book about your body, what you call it for open call 8772072276J Boise, Idaho figure as your invoice is going Boise where Boise area roughly well technically I'm an eagle, but I usually pay Boise okay yeah I go to church periodically cover Chapel and Eagle just off of state estate. I got to state and I tend to neglect their notch and inflict state needle and I go out to state and Eagle yeah this pond Stargell fishing there was a person anyway so okay, so back to this is to have you read my material on annihilation is among car. I will read all of it. I've spent the rest of our right seek the view you hold does not invalidate your Christianity you believe that when Christ died that his human nature contingent. Note the nasty did you do, you affirm soul sleep of Christ. At that point all I don't really I get the audit would probably be no I haven't barely made it back in court and had been leaning more towards now and the more that I knew that the more that I feel like it.

Not the correct theology help you. Then we go to the full heretical view right Chris date holds to physicalism which means that when the human body dies, the human soul ceases to exist that heretical because it would mean that the hypostatic is destroyed. That would mean that the catches of Christ ceases to exist as a union and therefore the person of Christ is the and that's absolute heresy.

That's, that's what. Instead, he teaches okay and physicalism that you make a noise vector is a little bit more when… Okay. And so another view is called soul sleep that when Jesus the human brick being dies there.

Their soul goes to sleep. That's problematic as well because if if the soul goes to sleep. There's no activity of the human nature will Jesus is the high priest after the order of Melchizedek and he has to be a man or to have high priest. I give the Scriptures for that but nevertheless if there was no activity of the human nature, though in one sense, the hypostatic union is not invalidated. In another sense it is because lack of activity and involvement of the human nature and the person. Therefore, there is not high priest high priest functioning for those days. That's heretical. Your position is that he was conscious and continued on and that you only hold to the final judgment being annihilation so that wouldn't be heretical. I just think you're in error. But it wouldn't be heretical in that sense because I was actually the question that I asked today other than a debate that what I did want to know you felt in my view, not I know that there is differentiate between people and I had. I wasn't quite sure on your review. I personally don't see it as a board identity. Actually, though, how it can be 8001 of the things that I think they thundered earlier, fleshed out theology, but I find it to be a fairly salvific problematic is the idea that people like you annihilated early because there's no real punishment than in my opinion, we have logical problems.

I would suggest articles agreed to email me and I will inflict on that horrible savings is not okay. I blew it okay and I teach a Bible study and Thursday night showing them what you want to come you can come to our I am actually off on Thursday night that would that would be perfect.

All all email you about that harm it at Matt like I don't matter, and work medic on the Al-Aqsa leader. All that I pretty okay. All right. It was J from his voice.

See, not Boise that happens.

Let's get you Dan from Minnesota then welcoming on here are mad are you doing buddy government like I am. My eye caught in your throat like 10 years ago or so, I guy is kind of it in a interfaith marriage. You know my wife is Roman Catholic and 9.that we've been trying to work things out for a long time been interesting but is usually melancholy about the true detritus that was their life asked her. She believes Jesus is God in flesh. So yes, ask if it's okay to preach to him, she should say yes if you pray to Jesus and asked him to forgive all of your sins, will he forgive you for all of your sins asking that she was using was because you put a seed of truth in her mind because Jesus has come to me.

Let Mike 11 2728 the kick in the mean I'll give you rest. At 1128 well they can pray to Jesus and they can pray to him and asked the forgive wheel he Jesus is ask anything in my name and I will do what John 1414, so will you forgive us and that the underlying thing is if she does that she doesn't need a priest anymore. Right yeah it thing you know it go.

If you DO imputed for you right, you know she didn't want except that your you think a capital project may cause a legal fiction, you know, and thought that because they don't understand that we can never be right with our own right know That his right to apply giving his right. The foolishness of the gospel that dams millions to hell. Christ gospel try to be a good husband and no we don't. We don't talk about it much because it never ever get anywhere you know it is Anita DiPrete and hander to pray with not really Cendant is not really need to be praying with her regular basis when you can do is to say, hon, I want to pray with you once and I want to deny whatever it is before you go to bed and you pray to Jesus you're the federal head. You're the leader of the family and you praying free to Christ to set this relationship which is rated good people. And Mary Ashley were that you know the head of the family. Ephesians 5 2020s for read through that the head of the wife is the husband you're the head say want to pray to Jesus. We both agree we can pray to Jesus will do it. Both agree on Jesus okay and in that when she gets used to praying to Jesus if she is already Jesus has assigned you not regenerate. Pretty Jesus and in that you can Lord Jesus that you forgive me of my sins, etc. shall hear the seeds of truth and hopefully she'll the truth, guttural, comfortable.

We have questioned the logic, I jumped in and derailed you little bit.

So which book your question, no, I thought about that all big welcome for years and you you help me a lot through the years.

The euro figure things out to James White a lot you yes yes history, but anyway that car.

That was my daughter just married she know she is ill of rocksolid Christian she regenerate sheet all my kids artwork them great debris working at that that duty at upper about a decade of the leader and that I took the kids and they all met Christ. Those good but right now she is married to a guy who is the Christian guy at the strong guy. He's been out that they study the word but then going to a church lately that LGBT inclusive and my daughter's best friends is bisexual and they're very they're very sensitive to this whole issue and that it is kind of wondering what I could talk to them. The best way to not lose about this. Would she be willing to talk to me over the phone very gentle and talk to people on the radio. Most the different very original. Just ask questions if she's willing to be glad to have speakerphone. Thank you to listen in and can answer those questions and talk to her and explain what's going on, or should call the radio I can do that but am even willing to okay what you need to do is be very, very loving and patient and kind and ask her to search the Scriptures about this issue is asking you search the word of God for what God has to say about this. I like to know. Maybe. Could you consummate tell me what you find as simple as that.

We want her to be changed by the word of God. The caterer that telling her that the word warfare: the Bible at 35 and that the take out a contact meeting there was commander sleeping with Lloyd Sena without her consent rights or cynically to us and it's men betters means prescription 610 and the reason the word wasn't there in the Bible is because it hadn't been invented in English yet to describe it, but the proof of what homosexuality is found in first Corinthians miscreants me. Romans 126 through 32 yeah and you may align with the bandgap and how he was a Mina is 19 talks about it as well. So it's in the old and the New Testament.

And so the idea of this is supercritical as I can answer those objections and the way God designed things was Adam and Eve are not Adam and Steve.

So that's priceless to be in us what the Bible says in first Timothy three and Titus everyone 527 talks about the theology to be husband of one wife, and this is how the model is of God in us in the coin toss means man better men who been with men.

And so the leftists who don't know their theology was saved and met with children no quite gossiping with what that means and in English are sent us from our men. Men betters that's what it's talking about going to bed now okay right very good about that. I will talk about that contact you again then. If you're going to and I can be very nice and and I I am people refuse approximately meet me in your nice schedule. I'm trying to be nice on the radio to let you know what I'm been with someone I can see the body language and that's a different thing for me so if they can I see the phones to you homing you duck it out to win a motorbike when Roxanne know you catch more bees with honey than a hammer here can go very good.

Go go doing that thing been away for a while. I have been to a lot of other things in and feel that my faith. God all the time.

Lloyd might try to learn more and more active but came up to me about I give you call. Thank you and let instills rebuild the dues. This is only by God's grace in this station. This network really is very gracious giving praise and support them to get an address given at unless you everybody read it on the Lord bless you by his grace once again on the tomorrow dwelling, another program powered by the Truth Network

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