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April 7, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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April 7, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- What are the Scriptures related to women not being pastors---2- Was Paul married---3- A Catholic caller wanted to dispute Matt's position about the church fathers and baptism.--4- What are your thoughts on the NAR movement and Bethel- We are living with a family who is very into that, should we do anything---5- If the thief on the cross was with Jesus immediately in paradise, doesn't that prove that nothing other than faith is required- How do those who believe in baptism for salvation get around that---6- A caller wanted to discuss the conversation with the previous Catholic caller.--7- Matt discusses the JW belief that communion is only for the 144,000.--8- How has Satan already been bound-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max Y branches is called responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick call as usual to do was Darling 77207227601 hear from you. Please give me a call five wide open lines we can blab so today I got busy working articles I released three articles today.

What is the great commission of Jesus.

What is baptism. Baptism hadn't written an article called what is baptism but this article under article I wrote called, what is the priesthood of all believers. It's not something I really talked about before, and to get into that little bit later got calls come in and stuff like to just briefly say that what it says in Peter is you as living stones, are built up as a spiritual house for holy priesthood. That's first Peter 25 in first Peter 29 but you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation who is he talking to is talking to the believers right and this means that we are the priesthood. Why is it important to think about what the Old Testament priesthood was it was the priest in an office would offer sacrifices on behalf of people to God what is a Roman Catholic priest two offers a sacrifice of the mass to God and people participated there in the old testament style of priesthood. They haven't matured they haven't gone to what it needs to be now.

And we, as a priest priesthood that is me were priests in that that strict sense what it means is we don't need a priest in order to go to God.

We can go straight to God, ourselves, we do it through Jesus.

He's our high priest after the order of Melchizedek. So all people who are redeemed or entered the service of Christ are able to act as priests in that generic sense because we are able to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus is what it says in Hebrews 9 1019 I think about the priest.

Only the priests of the Old Testament could go into the holy of holies, he can only do it with the shedding of blood and before that the holy of holies had to go to the holy place in us how it was an attempt to do various things get the holy place in the holy of holies, as we have confidence to enter into the holy place by the blood of Jesus. We were able to get in there because of what Christ has done so.

We then can act in that sense now as it priesthood of all believers being able to go in. Which means we can offer to people we can offer to them the gospel message that saving message.

We don't need a priest to do what we can do it.

We can then intercede for people but by praying for them is called the priesthood of all believers is just a brief intro wanted to let you know what theology is good for I love theology love it so much I would marry and let's get to Rick from High Point, North Carolina Rick, you're on the air. Thank you so much Matt sure I'll grab thank already written down right now I listen to young women past is not supposed to "right right okay do you want to give memory descriptions to support. I just wanted to normal job and are likely okay. First Timothy 212 and 13, Paul says I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over man but remain silent for Adam was first created, he ties it in to the created order. Okay then good is 1598 Lessig to go to first it with the 517. You can then tie in the issue of the pastor as a teacher, an elder is a teacher different I 517 elders, a teacher right in the place of authority they preach and teach. So the elder passerby definitions an elder Sophie go to Titus chapter 1 all right that you look traverse five Paul says I left you in Crete, that you would set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city, as I directed in the word elders is in the masculine, it's clear I masculine form. Namely, if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife that verse six of Titus 1526.

So what this is clearly telling us is Jesus and Paul says that woman is not to be in a place of authority over men because of atoms in a coup and was first-graders which occur it's a creation order mandate. The elder is a teacher teacher, by definition, the preacher teachers. The elder and by first Timothy 517 and Titus 1526 says that the elder is to be a man of one woman or a husband of one wife, and so that woman cannot fit that. So that's it approves with or not he pastors and elders. One thing about Paul also did Q2 not to be my okay yeah yeah right now that goes on. I don't know all was right, Galileo, and he will call up almost all day for handwritten yes you he would've been married yes every little because the drug remains not to be max that can be true right this account because he could on the other lost and lost his life. She could've passed away and he chose to remain unmarried is a certain child a bit of what your eye on the other thing about your opinion. No reincarnation is that false doesn't work can work against not good but do you believe in this course not. Okay I don't need an overall I had a lady. Last week she said she believed that she was here in another line if you believe in reincarnation. Quote I don't believe in it will hurt his a thing you know he was 927 says his appointment to die once after this comes judgment. That's it.

The reincarnation cannot be true because the Bible refutes it now. The reason I on what nine Hebrews 927 okay okay I is that a client fell down into my nation by his of his and even asking say look, you believe in karma. Okay, as it will yeah you know Connecticut with reincarnation, so your past life you or whatever. And before that before that you had a lot of different incarnations right and what's the purpose of all your reincarnations with the purpose pastor with the purposes of the purposes to go back be with God and meld the divine consciousness, or whatever it might be that she might say, and you have karma right which means that your next incarnation depends on how well you do here right to figure out.

So does that mean that you had a first incarnation. Yes, so does not mean that you had perfect karma because he had done nothing wrong. You're on your first incarnation you were perfect karma and yet you couldn't make it back to be with God, whatever it is, as you say, with perfect karma what you think you could do without perfect, that okay right now to make a comment on the black mark cannot hate determined that the black people that that the black people have adopted nano Demerol are balanced. I don't think African-American.

I don't like that term at all but one reason is most useful act okay. Love is not quite like saying that everybody flung after going out the continuity is black and does not say I was you. You have a good American essay so you have a government know about abdominal blank me okay I got it I want it when I don't I lunge a German ancestors from Germany. I don't say I'm a German-American panel same a white American essay American and that's how I view my people. All of the don't hate you. You some American that's all that's it. How to get previously well is because less is Elizabeth a tool to beat everybody down complain and whine. You know you not just I was will let Matt you you will not you, not wanted in any any editors on the Bible college as I know racism the God that began in the Bible when one member of that bad about the burnished. Yeah, I won't think of when it does act as numbers chapter 12 verse right one through eight. Yes, because American Moses. A Cushite woman who was from Ethiopia which was right was black case right but I don't believe that it was because she was black, that they were conservatively there was any racism with with people like that family that was okay. It was because I was a Cushite and not in the Jewish system and that they complained, so I think it is okay that one will freshen get stuck on Bible questions. No one will bother and it to Mr. but I have one part of the Bible you read wasn't really going to be perfect as a father is currently in Dana and in own line in about the city.

We often strive for perfect now well know were not perfect, but I will fuel their own professional and be inhumanly well says in Matthew me turn this off a little sound is Matthew 543 through 48. You love your neighbor, etc. God lets the sunshine, the good and bad. Therefore he perfect your father in heaven is perfect, as Matthew 548 the context of a loving everybody equally with that as we strive for perfection of ideas to strive to be like Christ. Okay right of Sica there you go. I know you have I know you have is going on is only met you Matt, you are basically I'm so slick you arrive at Douglas all right hey for those of you who might of just doing didn't like the skies, and so slick that's my last name as my legal last name and works great for radio call slick live. They felt before, but I did want to give me a call 877207276 is get the Parker Illinois Parker welcoming on the air. Yes, I can tell that I printed your article. Karma the other day and it and recalled earlier.

Thought I'd gone bad.

There people that after the menu had family that all of them but it is not something you honestly believe that the father of Ron Pollock are in their inventory and did not put it in the regeneration. Once again, which was was back at my notes minimum public partner in this picture. I miss you so your red or red. No doubt, not Like a very intolerant and early Christian doctrine defendant from the beginning of the movie universally agreed right of admission to the church in regards admission to the mission admission to the church doesn't mean salvation yet yet yet I am a doctor at the dog how to combat our mission very clearly to candy how I think I meant to convey or to obtain to convey is in it meant that that's what was he was demonstrating or that that's how it was obtained permission is the church father is right back at this message is Matt slick live call 77077 charismatic slave, Dr. all right if you believe that baptism is necessary for salvation merits urgent.

They arrived at an agreement. So what church do you go to with your photograph which church to go to Catholic. I okay so we do some stuff okay, let's see this is what Chrysostom says. He says that they said that he who adhere to faith alone was cursed. He shows that he who adhere to faith alone is blessed and he said that those who worst enemies and sinners neither justified by law nor by work should immediately through faith alone be advanced to the highest favor the otter. It said through faith alone. I look for finding submersion the day of the Lord's appearing Vincent of learns said the profane novelties must be rejected and that faith alone adhere to which the universal church has held constant, instantly from the earliest times which church father you can go with drunkard.or denied out of the regeneration number one would be deleted out of the regeneration directly related out of content like a rock star then why does he say faith alone right by law and why you are out there, know that one is a letter there that had an accurate read. At the end. I wonder, what cleansing of the thought just about fiberglass and water be clearly believed that that is a sacred thing. He didn't see it didn't say that Roman Catholics then you're stuck on your tax return medical research and I darted out like an operator, will stop stop stop stop insulting me you don't know what I like or don't like what church history should also I don't like church history is when the Calvinist okay I have met on the church's unhappy publisher just run some study and read on. Excuse me if you're going to look look look, I'm trying to talk if you can it be rude. Let me ask you question. Does the Bible not command that you be gentle and patient with those who are in opposition that I am not aligned as they are and when I got is not can I review Scripture conductors over the wisdom toward outsiders make the most of the opportunity.

Let your speech always be with grace is that how you're speaking to me about my father not can you can you answer my question. Is this how you are being with me are you speaking to me with grace or are you accusing me of sin. I I am I am doing a got going. There and caught fire. If you cannot answer the first let me ask a question Mr. question.

Does the Bible teach that were justified by faith about the product. Then, if the Bible says were justified by faith.

I would justified by faith. When we have faith are if as you drive your article on I started to cluster not congealing to deal with it.

I'm asking you a question you say were justified by faith when I'm asking you all be justified by faith. When we have faith if we describe are not trying to figure will you still were justified by faith. Romans 320 rooms for five rooms, 51, Galatians 216 to 21, justified by faith. So I'm asking you if were justified by faith, then I would justified when we have faith on an invite Bennett and America would you house it. I just simply" a mask of God is one who grants us and we believe and grants his faith with his 129. So when God grants us that faith with God grants is that sufficient for salvation.

We have have faith alone and not of yes or no on top and I asked your question Mr. Catholic apologist assignment justified by faith in you trying to weasel little bit sorry but that's what you're doing. You're not answering the direct question. I remember that I said to the Philippians 129 says a God grants that we believe he grants us faith. So now I'm asking you is that faith that God grants to us that is that faith does it mean that when he grants it to us that were then justified since were justified by faith that never ever ever that without okay so you might break the law you not answer my question I've asked you if we are justified by faith, he said yes I'm in. I asked if you would justified by faith. When we have faith alone.but don't I live in the same thing alone.

I said when we have faith when we have faith that I before God and not by the faith that God grants to us. Philippians 129 he grants. We believe that God is. That's the word justice in the Greek, which is belief and faith in English same word in Greek when he grants that we have for status faith that we believe is that faith sufficient for us to be justified, but in five so I'm trapped in a larger credit offering I asked you and all everybody's listening to how you avoid the questions how you can and I'm not. I after the question about you and I went to the church fathers and I read you the church fathers. I read you other stuff I read an argument about the menu you do not like out and rake out. You know, I didn't say originally with you.

I was not positive in Parker.

I didn't say I didn't like reading corrupt croissants Chrysostom.

In fact, Chrysostom was when my favorite church fathers. I love the way Chrysostom spoke his cold golden tongue.

I think he's awesome. I'm just saying the quote you read didn't prove what you wanted to say that salt and then you have the nerve to say I don't like Chrysostom are you kidding me, though I know you don't like her. I like about your credit. I just hung up on folks and I hope you listening to this when I just now told him that I like Chrysostom because Chrysostom which I do I'll tell you why, but I do like Chrysostom and he says I know you don't. He then just called me a liar and he just ignored the facts and notice what happened. This is one of the tactics of just people who don't have good answers they have protect individual so I started seminary 1989 and graduated in 1991 movement by mass of the divinity. Dr. Robert Godfrey was the history professor read Chrysostom and I still remember still remember what he said right that Jeff is my man's leg.

Why call 77077 charismatic sling 877-207-2762 Drew from North Carolina, Drew. Welcome you are true whether his button is faith. Yes I did for him to wait a minute what I do. So Drew are you there five here okay all right what he got but also good. II collected about accurate new thought reprobate metal movement.

Yes. No. One your thought on that, but I'm more. The speculation that my family and are in right now where were we. We I made a good bit of moving in with the family, but I have a light they have been in and out A baby literally two days ago though the.African and eat breakfast in a very unique way where it only literally worked on reports that an whenever there's prayer out how it in that I downstairs living room and and it might be a game like the kind of battle that Jan how much you know about that but with Mike pursuing find a miracle. Looking back, I got kind of the new apostolic Reformation, a cloudlike very, very like to collect out word the Lord will find in wonder what your thoughts on it but I felt I like I need God protect my family and away I keep a little bit of separation that I have a mic in my being up while being an eye at no expected God talk about like vanilla to make me jump in all right new apostolic Reformation called in a R is that movement that has a lot of dangerous teachings and it and one of them is at this prophets and apostles for today and that there's a hierarchical authoritative structure by which words of knowledge, words of wisdom. Prophecies from God are to be judged through the hierarchical system. They seek signs and wonders, a great great deal almost to the mystical level that seems to be the primary focus over the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ Knoefler music has done a lot of damage in some areas. Teaching some heresies remember one lyric I forgot which song but I can find it I was gonna start writing a section on karma analyzing lyrics of Christian contemporary music, which I like a lot of it lets out one of the lyrics I hate is God would give you permission to blah blah.

And that's harasser and so don't get permission to God it's us that's insanity. And yet it is on anything. There is audit worship, so nevertheless, I've read a lot of material from the NAR people are very knowledgeable in a lot of areas, but they push the gospel in the person of Christ in my opinion below the seeking of the signs and wonders they seek the signs and wonders themselves more so than the person in relationship with Jesus Christ. And that's what always leads to ever onward avoid my my, the underlying question I really want.

I like you are in Mike my situation or ground that, but what would you recommend would be like what it was and they know that you need a separate or it's because it's affordable is that if society was a pre-out loud is nothing wrong with and you know is fine raise hands and pray tell it where you want to praise God I would do was go on the web and get books on the new apostolic Reformation is one of things as opposed to research and write on.

I've been to Bethel to been there and I would not recommend it to go there never but so you can get books that are written by people who already done the research and you get some points and pointers and things like that think Justin peters has done work on Justin

I looked in and of the eye. I've written a book on super apostle and I were talking about that. It was good.

I camera the rest of the title to talk about what you thought about all I believing it is still out of the top. You know that not like relating at the will almost bed and it was at first expect. Whenever I was on but about it and all optical data out-of-pocket research and I was going about our okay.

But regardless, Drew and I met all right. He folks flip and landed when you call 87720722760 in her to give me a call let's get to Jerry from Charlotte welcome you on here.

Yes, I can welcome okay I get that question click I cannot hear loud people at Colin about that is what is required or not our are not on the cross, paying and dad believe in.

I how it any anything be required yet again with the Lawson say is the season the cross was baptized. This is not record that he was baptized so I say again with the link for that. It was, or those that he died under underwent some ghostly under the old covenant. Therefore, he didn't need to be baptized but actually Jesus died first and then that means that the heat that the thief died under the new covenant so like if you heard the exchange ahead with this guy before is one of the questions I ask baptismal regeneration this and it always stumbles or be justified by faith. The Bible says having therefore been justified by faith. If they say no and they just deny Scripture and then I asked the question, are we justified by faith we have faith and in this Catholic guy did exactly what about half of the other ones do. What kind of faith and so that's why with the Romans basically clippings 129 the faith that God gives us is the faith that God gives us sufficient for us. We justified super justified by faith and you can answer the question because if he says will yes will then the baptism is necessary in all his church father research and stuff just goes down the toilet can't have that.

I and so he he. But he's what they will do what he was doing what they'll do is demonstrate that the Scriptures are not the final authority of the church fathers in a dry error in the church, Israel and a mineral that probably around your age now within it from there.

Probably not going either in Italy, many, many years of therapy and finally at Assurant do not doubt they would. I know I don't know how I'll eat differently.

I've never even heard of. Half of them and on their I learned a lot what what will you thank you and praise God, and he gets the glory. So I'm just a sinner saved by grace. That's it.

With a big mouth. After I YouTube God bless. All right hey folks, we have nobody waiting right now. So if you would give me a call 877-207-2276 know about that previous caller.

I want to make a points have already set it on the site again that what he does. Did and what others do like him with a used church fathers as they put the church fathers as the final authority they don't use Scripture is the final authority it's the church fathers are going to say the church fathers were unanimous in that they all agreed. It's not true. I got the documentation and I have it on my website. Church fathers do not always agree with each other but what they will do is find church fathers that they think agree with them and they will quote those church fathers as white noise. I say I need to get a T-shirt that says my church father can beat up your church and furthermore just to make it doubly clear. I think Chrysostom is one of the most brilliant church fathers is writing his preaching was stellar and he is just wonderful that I recently was thinking of, literally, of studying his preaching to learn how to be a better preacher and so when this guy said that I hate Chrysostom yet understand something. This is a technique that those who deny facts and deny truth will often use in order to make themselves appear more knowledgeable or make their opponent, like myself, appear hypocritical and false is in order to push their agenda and you can understand it's not an issue of Scripture it's always an issue of the church fathers with them and this is why they are misled. This is why they believe in a false gospel because if they are to say that baptism is necessary for salvation, then they must also say that you can't be saved without baptism, which means that anybody who would confess Christ as Lord.

Trust in the sacrifice of Christ by faith would not be justified right back after that it is organizing a call 877 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave all right for Polonsky to call 877-207-2276 was good to Rick yes Rick yet nobody got me one you hung up go on limited street you could talk to him to hail Proto and you will know get to him because he caught up in religion.

Many people know me I'm a Christian, born again, but when I think they lack. I hate religion religion is a joke, mandate, level make and then I'll stay when you go back to the box now not know about. But when you come when you talk about religion in it, you cry say pre-coordinated young adult. Just make in your part of the gunnel had so strongly thanking me a probably wrong when you said just about my faith alone used to justify when you have faith that screwed me up a little bit because I got faith now what I'm thinking he meant was what they will know I have faith. You have a faith doesn't take away much of the you have a faith we will have a faith doesn't doesn't make me not justified by believing all your inquiry now and my mission been out with salvation well work for saved from the righteous judgment of God by faith in Christ.

That's it by faith in the center as of the Scriptures teach and this guy wasn't able to deal with the difficult questions I asked him I ask all the rest of them the same question. It's very simple, very straight out will answer to the question is, you know, I would justified by faith.

Yes or justified by faith we have faith.

Yes, otherwise not correct bye-bye faith is real simple, and if or justified by faith. I have faith that when I justified baptism. It is just it's this is not stellar. It's not rocket science is not calculus, and he could see it. Which is why he couldn't answer the question that he's not the only one that others have said this the same kind of answers affect what often do is say number justified by faith we have that get baptized. That's another response will give us 804, justified by faith week are baptized them not justified by faith we have faith right I got no feel that there is no way you miss your call it because I couldn't do what you do. I get frustrated sometimes listen to the idiotic people on the conscript dock is not rocket science and make that one a complicated and it's not rocket not you about Amanda makers. I would lose my religion I will lose what liquors and radio right now.

Hello, no one man, you can tell you I blow it many many many many times many countless I probably blown more than than you have in a lot of areas. This is whence so much that some of the past things I've done. Nevertheless, the Scripture says that the person's will to be gentle as possible and harmless adult learning that course we can be strong. We need to be. But this idea so I want that to happen.

In fact I'm on this court which I speak_to three times a week in the evenings for a couple hours and I try to be as polite as I can with the unbelievers that got relation with atheists. For example, that if they were to come to mind John they do welcome to stay here and they know that and I'm not rating them I'm dismantling their arguments and II say look at you know that against you personally, but look, this is what your arguments is a switch and that you say. I know I understand that.

We appreciate your kindness to us. So this is I'm trying to do because of what Jesus says to do to Paul the apostle right so only to do that we only were do we do. Happy to know that practice isn't it okay is respect Moslems, atheists, whatever you going to write my dearest friend, a job witness but we don't cross that line. She knows she's not. Don't get me to convert no not go good | so I guess I just wish that that you know Muslims have more spiritual control now in the real world.

And Kristin is on and then I just wish that that the Christian society could be as strong and normal bit, but at the foot. It is okay where's the Christian society could be as united and as strong and lay religion out of it as muscle because that way. If we stuck together much in babies being we will be back on top. Thank you so much Amanda is true red brother God bless Rick. I think it is all to have nobody waiting right now little bit unusual to want to give me a call.

All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 I got a an email I wife led me to answer over the air.

See were doing Bible study last night got into an argument. My husband all of his family are Jay Dobbs was arguing that the partaking of the memorial is only for the chosen 144,000, and by eating the bread and drinking the wine you're committing a sin that's with the jobs was to teach.

They teach that only hundred 44,000. Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to take communion and I showed him a few Scripture John 651, etc. and that that would not support his argument but he insisted that Jesus was only talk taken, talking and commending his disciples to follow the commandment to have a verse is approved. It's for all followers of Christ actually can find a particular verse. Let's see. Sources say that it's in the go to Matthew says if you don't take this you will have nothing. Jesus said this Peter Fenimore is, as Peter said I won't do this. He says if you don't take this. You have nothing to do with me or something like that and maybe something you know could find that because it would take something so Montesquieu Bible Peter if you don't take. You will have nothing to do with me I think is the rough phraseology and I can't find it. So no solidified.

But it's where he said that I wish I that versatile top my head.

My apologies, but it's good solidified it to look for to pay attention in the chapter so guys looking out the know of sick but he would.

That's a verse that says that if you don't take the communion supper then you having to do with Christ in it and I forgot the exact verse I should note that, let's see. It's not that one so well will also find if I can find it today and I'll try and mention it tomorrow but that's a good verse for that on that issue and I would recommend that if people. If you have jewelers with his friends and invite you to their yearly only happens once a year I communion think go to it. You'll get cooties but go don't take don't do anything. Just observe how everybody passes the plate and does not take it. It's really very interesting.

They don't take the communion all right listing the phones with Adam from Utah Adam welcome you on the year I met.

Thank you very much for taking my call. Okay, I I actually want to say that III love you did as I listen to as often as I can. I go to and wanted know that in there and then I know it is not a lot I think 25 bucks a month so anybody would think not argue that by five but think of freshly cut the four car.

Anybody have a question about millennialism. I agree with you about 95 think that everything if they do not understand millennialism. It does make that okay well the millennial's position is that were in the reign of Christ. Now he is the king and Satan was bound at the time of Christ.

Because Jesus said he was bound. Matthew 12 2232. In order to A Man I Say to You That Burst an Argument, but I Don't Understand How That Support That Statement Bound Because He Says Yes to Bind the Strong Memo Free Plunder His House and That Is Casting out Demons Is Casio Dema.

So, Therefore, That Means You That Any Bound in a Remaining Balance Forever. What Is a Bound Forever to Says He Was Bound Says Okay and so Looking and so and There's That.

And If the Kingdom of God Is Now Then the Unbeliever to Be Taken Out Of His Kingdom Right and That's Where I Will Set Us.

Matthew 13 Mammoth Athletic That Wrapped Talking about the Rapture of Unbelievers Argue Argue That It Well with Interesting but but How Do We Not Have a Thousand Year Reign with Christ. Well It Depends of the Word Thousand Biblically Is Always Using a Figurative Context Got on Stage Okay Cattle on a Thousand Hills a Day for Thousand Years, and in Revelation 20. I Saw an Angel from Heaven with a Key in a Chain and Laid Hold of the Dragon and Bounty for Thousand Years Was His Fictive Language so There's That. And Plus, Here's Something with the Think about Okay and I and by the Way, I Just Want to Say I'm Glad You Not Just Buying What I Say I Think You're Challenging a Don't Accept It's Because I'm Saying I'm Tickled. I like It. I Appreciate Your Ministry and Sometimes I Think That You Get a Little Rough but I Think It Will Afflict You to and I Think I I Think They Could Do It in a Good Way and I like to Show Again. I Don't Believe Everything That You Say.

Even Though I Support You and I'm I Just Started Their Anger.

I Believe That Will Have a Reign with Christ without Dad, without Dan and I Definitely Think That There Is This Rain That We Get to Have Me in Thinking Now He Lives Was with It Now Forever in a Resurrected Body. But I Don't Believe That Where in the Brain and How Can Read Some Else My Fast We so in the Premillennial View Which People Believe That's Okay Is like What One of the Issues I Think Is Important in the Premillennial I Believe in a Pre-Wrath Rapture and I Believe in It Pre-Millennium. I'm in a Millennium Okay Will in That View, Then the Rapture Happens before the Thousand Years Right Correct Okay Is That Thick, All the Judge Marriage That Involve the Judgment before the Seventh. All Comes out.

Jesus Said, Behold That Come in the Night at the Revelation Came an Interesting Little Hint Right There after He Said That the Irascible Time I Was in the Time You Read This I Got, Especially When You Get into That.

The Lord Himself Will Dissent from Heaven with a Shout, with the Voice of the Archangel. The Trumpet of God and the Dead in Christ Will Rise. We Will Either Make the Cut of the Gutter in the Year. Comfort Yourself with What One Another with These Words. As to the Time and the Ethics You Have Known Me What You Want to Teach You, for You Yourself Know Full Well That the Day the Lord Come Just like a Thief in the Night. Okay, That's the Rapture Come Look at-the Night Right Now.

Mention It at a Revelation in Second Peter 310 Going Quickly Because Was at a Time Is What Assess Figure 310 with the Lord That They Have a Lord to Come As a Thief in Which the Heavens Will Pass Away with a Roar and the Elements Will Be Destroyed with Intense Heat. That's When the New Heavens and New Earth Are Made to the Rapture and the New Heavens and New Earth Are Said to Be on the Same Day Right Yes I Believe That That's Means That the Rapture There's No Thousands between Them after the New Heaven in January.

Millennium Audit. I like Joanna Is Not It Ever Is a Call Back Tomorrow? I'll Post. God Bless Great Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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