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March 25, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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March 25, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Why was it so urgent in Acts for everyone to be baptized right away---2- Can you explain Mark 4-10-12- Is Jesus saying he doesn't want some people to understand or be saved---3- Does God audibly speak to people today---4- Why are there so many more generations listed in Luke 3's genelogy than in Matthew 1---5- What does -son of God- mean---6- Who is targeted by the Equality Act-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research what is found you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max like why branches is called responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick 12th of March 20 medical broadcasters of datable to give me a call. All you do was delete 772072276 or 77207 car CAR on your dial, which is also cargo to Christian apologetics research ministry to check it out hundred 45 million visitors to the site on for 25 years bring apologetics along long time ago. If you have questions you want to know about the Bible about God, Jesus baptism will exceed one of the mark for 10 to 12 in all kinds of stuff to be coming up in the next few minutes going to do is delete 772-072-2761. We just jump right onto the calls. Let's get to Brad from Iowa Brad welcome you around here that I don't read it hanging in there one day go aging, but I know the evil done to live at them as being a darker salvation and I was going through your debate that everything that you done with regards to water baptism with their phenomenal and I was scrolling through one of the one of the comet.and I happen to come up, brought the questioner or somebody with that question. To get your thoughts on it.this wanted to see what you look at it day read the comments or that your bed if we are saved before baptism occurs.

Why is there. I spent the urgently associated with being baptized in some of these instances of the New Testament that detail conversion. The Philippian jailer asked what must I do to be saved, we read that he and his entire family. More than that. I shortly after doesn't seem a little convenient to go through all the trouble to have himself and all the family that I in the middle of the dice if they were already saved but seems like they could have waited until morning or a few days later after they cleaned up the carnage from the earthquake. When Paul encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus.

He then goes into the city square and I find them instead.

And now white areas valorize and be baptized, and watch what I've been calling on the name of the Lord why is there an urgent figure regarding baptism. Why didn't Ananias they let go get you any drink and get going up, then later you can go be baptized in other instances throughout the gunships was going on soon ask you do you hold to you deny whatever is baptism.

Water baptism is necessary for salvation. When you say will absolutely not know. I do not know. I know how to answer that question. It was okay and I'll send it interesting why there's a good didn't dress it so is it your sense and theology described as an understandable theology.

This is what happens with false religions.

Teachers legalistic stuff out just just so you know if he requires baptism as necessary for salvation are several problems. One of them is, it is necessary yes it is it necessary he'll say yes. Okay. What about babies who die in the womb is a well they didn't feel it was unnecessary for them when we said was necessary.

So which is it was necessary, not necessary, it cannot be both necessary and also not necessary. So you want get a month get him on the stent and everything to do is is a lasting question the state room 320 rooms for five rooms, 51. We are justified by faith and ask justified by faith in you to say yes then asking this question are justified by faith. When we have faith that's the question to ask and if he said yes and water baptism is not necessary if he says no that is not to deny justification by faith. If he says yeah justified by faith.

When you get baptized in your spin, you cite your dinner not justified by faith. When you have faith. Are you right so that these are just quick and slick little things to get going now understand something covenant is how God works of the word and let covenant is testament Old Testament, New Testament old covenant new covenant. Jesus has yielded the covenant he gives in the bread and the wine, the Abraham a covenant was the sign of the covenant of circumcision.

The sign of the Adamic covenant with the trees this sign of the maleic covenant was the rainbow we have the covenants and covenants have signs. That's how it works. And so what is baptism now initially something in future little theology hopefully will go there to answer him a little better than I was. Go to Colossians 2 and verse 11 in him you were also circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, having in removal of the body, the flesh by the circumcision of Christ, having been buried with him in baptism and which are also raised up with him through faith in the working of God raise up a dead so notice how Paul relates.

I don't usually quite but he relates circumcision and baptism and embrace bloodletting to teach about the stuff of a choice of laughs and fun. I love talking, baptism/8, I'll send them. You see how Paul relates them and nothing equates to 1 to 1 because it's worth a serious discussion to Mrs. Smith circumcision of Christ is baptism will ask him what is circumcision. It's a covenant sign was with the replacement of the covenant sign because circumcision involves the shedding of blood, which ultimately points to Christ and the circumcising of your hearts, the cleansing and the covenant elastic in your heart and all of that now with having said that, if you were to go to Romans 411 is hopping around for no reason you received. Abraham received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had while uncircumcised. So I would look the sky look at look at this. Does this mean here that Abraham was the head faith before he was circumcised or after and will before, but it says receive the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of faith. This is important because this is theology take this is Romans 45 was just six versus earlier to the one who does not work but believes in him would justify the ungodly, his faith, his credit is righteousness. And he says in verse 11 we see the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith.

So it's talk about things justified so that the what circumcision was as a sign the seal seal like a wax seal on a letter it's seal is that it makes it in a legitimate, officially kind of thing to proclamation. It's a visible manifestation of spiritual reality to seal the righteousness of faithto them look sick. I want you to understand something. First of all, circumcision was a covenant sign and baptism certainly seems to be related to that covenant sign you see what I'm saying and it have to say get this right there that are not taught this stuff really ever exposed to something, you see that. So if you were to go back to that he was an act 22 two roughly 3 to 16.

Why were they hurrying to get baptized. Baptism and the culture was also something that was done to the Gentiles when they were signifying a public declaration of the conversion into a belief system. It was used that way. And so it which is hurry up and get baptized because you should get baptized because it's a relationship that covenant sign that you're proclaiming first and furthermore earthquake right with be shaken up and Angela putting forth. They're still there right now okay again you know so that I have an attitude is going there and then will get a good it actually to 16. Get up baptized wash away your sins, calling on his name was washinghe could baptize baptism means water also doesn't doesn't show you where baptism means pouring of the Holy Spirit.

I can show you were baptism deals with sprinkling like a sugar baptism was probably deals with immersion right from the Scripture – tell them this and they do with this essay will show you yeah show me because it's not there just that is I show it to them they got you never saw this afforded you is because you understand what baptism really is is all you've done is just listen to your church teach you what they want you to believe in you just don't open your mouth, your eyelids are half-mast here going for it and you know right because their teacher before the people and I will tell about your teaching a false gospel you are yeah you die right now you're at your lost teach. I told you this is some of it is more naturally yeah not work on it.I really I think a lot of a different approach. I never really thought about before and… Maybe I at if you viewed this before and thought maybe admitted that make that iPhone stuff, but I have an come across a video of James White talking about the approach of being dead in our stand and how can a fiercely dead person do a spiritual act bring about spiritual life and act like amazing I like you meant a lot of bent down like out the date of the committee and holding a position answer that likes you. Anything you can have answers to convenient grace. We have free will. They can come back and responded that okay. I met James yet. Great guy, but this is that units in the he's right, of course, there's another group, the responses people connect with doctors responses all of the place but you have to become to know how to answer the responses and this is what takes a little more practice with baptism that if you want I would recommend this is fun for you. I recommend you go to Carmen look up why was Jesus baptized because I going through and I show what I believe to be the reason she got baptized because he says in Matthew 315 to fulfill all righteousness. That means fulfill the Old Testament law. So in this article, I forgot where I learned this stuff from attitude.

I think I don't have any right over the years, but if you have a regular sub so long ago.

Never any rate he Leviticus 8 numbers for exit 29.

The requirements to enter into the priest to be 30 years of age. Jesus was a high priest at the incident and he was 30 when he started his ministry head-to-head in a verbal blessing given on the priest, my beloved son in whom I will please have oil applied to and the oil represents Holy Spirit first John 227 the anointing which you received and had to be sprinkled with water that's numbers 87 the priest in order to enter in that priesthood had to be sprinkled with water. If Jesus was a high priest at the ordinal Catholic.

He was 526 25 clearly teaches that he is. If that's the case then accordingly. Old Testament law had to be sprinkled and I show this to them because they don't know what to do with it because they are told that baptism means immersion what I'm doing is messing about and so we can all go to acts 15 for John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit company days from Alaska.

This baptism in immersion there and water.

Yes, this baptism the Holy Spirit will immersion yeah and then when I do is I take a little bit more into the verses show them with the baptism of the Holy Spirit is actually the pouring spirit is poured forth in its action quoting out of Joel chapter 2, I show that I go to now here. Baptism is pouring doesn't it. Okay. And the reason I do this is because I want to say to them, so you don't end a fellowship to open lines 877 Matt Y.

Call 77077 charismatic sling Kim from rural rural Hall floor to say welcome here, or you saying that not only not want to except about what they won't.

Yes, you read it for people because I use this in a set of Scriptures a lot defending biblical theology. People say little guy was able to be saved and that everyone necessarily meets every individual who ever lived, and see if that's true then why does he speak in parables, and they say what what I say because Jesus answers the question he speaks in parables, and says here so that while seeing they may see and not perceive them while hearing they may hear and not understand. Otherwise they might return and be forgiven.

Jesus speaks in parables, so people will not be forgiven of their sins is Mark 410 through 12.

For the people who were saying what Mark 410 to 12, three of yourself. It's what it says and I have shown this to a lot of Christians and they just have never heard of it and why haven't you could bring a Bible shift right there on time like back it up with other scriptures to not only know that okay sounds good luck.

Alright so for those of you who might've been shocked by that. Let me read the this colorful rickety section of Scripture can be long or short. Just call the prick, this is Mark 410 through 12. As soon as he was alone his followers along with the 12 begin asking him about the parables and he was saying to them to you has been given the mystery of the kingdom of God but those who are outside get everything in parables, so that while seeing they may see, and not perceive. And while hearing they may hear, and not understand.

Otherwise they might return to be forgiven and I chose to people that does not make sense. The blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer Jesus that I know standing. The door of my heart asking for permission to get in.

You know what I did in my wisdom let a man the only species trees please call me fair-haired and everything address at a woman's nightgown and you and always delicate. He wouldn't speak in a way, to the people could get saved you know is not only there if I would go to for example in Proverbs 16 for the Lord has made everything for its own purpose. Even the wicked for the day of evil.

What is Proverbs 16 for this is Romans nine. Let's see to read 2122 and 23 of Romans 921 2223. This reading them. Okay, what is not the potter have the right over the clay to make the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for common use. Would've got all the will and to demonstrate his wrath and to make is known or stupid to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory. I read these things to people you know I've had people say I agree with that, your God's word. Now I don't lose your interpretation. I said I was just reading you this is exactly what it said you rejected because your image of God is not biblically based, is based in what you want what you desire and what is tickle your ears from various places. This is what it says is God love us. Of course he loves us is a patient of course he's patient does he speak through the prophets and apostles. Of course he taught us to see up there just whacking people to know is not. We have to understand it in his great sovereignty. He's the king and it gets more complicated. Nine heavies, discussion board deep into these issues. Six. 5 to 10 minutes to explain trying to help people yet understand that God and God's economy.

There are no mistakes. There's no holes. God knows exactly what's can happen because he's ordained everything that ordination is not necessarily mean that he caused everything by a direct hand but it does mean that everything that does occur, occurs by his permission.

By his will. It's either his direct well or he's is permissive will where he permits people to do evil, and he can certainly permit people to go there natural way to destruction without intervening to save them and they go and in that sense, they could easily be prepared ahead for that guy could prepare them for hand as rest vessels over wrath is to do that because it was her going. He's designated to go and he speaks in parables, we will not get it saved. I teach at the people they not sure what to do. I can tell you what to do believe the word and find a church that teaches all of Scripture, not just the parts that's appeal to, because once you accept all of it.

Your theology changes you actually start doing better theologically and in your Christian walk with God.

You do anyway I just thought I'd give you all that information there you go, let's go to Dave from Kansas City. They welcome you here, grab my life but I did. I fact I want you know it's funny.

I believe it. Another thing I grew up in the NEC LA church and the one of the big donors and no elderly woman painted a picture of Jesus with long flowing flowing blonde hair lies in a big long suffered an affiliate.

The cops are pretty growing on. We had one of the dilemma here I'm finding it a lot carpet for the beat Hoyt in the particular I know a couple of uprising couple months ago you had computers on which you use you two are my favorite discernment and and apologetic people is great, but is now the problem is you know II was. I guess that I would Lutheran growing up, and eventually I got saved and independent fundamental Baptist church.

I then went to Assembly of God church I went to a Presbyterian Church Bible church and now back in a Baptist Church so I went through that whole can NHF some good points and I'm open to the fundamental but you and and and and just and I was even fixation us and you're not right. I get that I and up by dominant Baptist Church now and I'm between that you know I'm in Kansas City and there's a really wacko church up here in Kansas City. I think you know what, I'm not. That might might yet you note. Justin peters had a guy on from his his own pastor that God is able to book of God doesn't whisper where he actually doesn't believe the God audibly speak today to any course and you believe that no okay all right well what my problem is and that's what I'm that's the question. If God audibly speak to some of the Baptist books now are sounding more like the Assembly of God books that I just plan the Baptist books and in the book started saying God speaks to you write it down its authoritative will Scripture yet. That's that one is her legs waited around that easily consistent is 14 objects speaking in tongues was inspired of God and then a trip to Chicago the spirit of God's right Scripture now that when I say can God audibly speak today. Of course he can.

He's God you can utter something and then a million people could hear if you get a donkey yet. That's why morale every so hold on okay right Becca is already full. Jeffrey open for the life-giving call 8776 max Y call 770776 charismatic slave going back to second Peter 120 to 21 knowing that part, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man, but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

Now why writing audibly like I'm talking but the most popular book a great student to date beat is called if he's getting prophecy from Scripture and writing it down.

We need to have another Catholic grantor Council of Nicaea and canonized that scripture between Revelation and Matt.

So here's the thing that's going on.

The cessation us have it easy that you say doesn't happen and you're all wrong. That's it is one big rod and a sweep everything and anything and that just tonight we had a conversation a few weeks ago. To suggest that you won't have a question on the charismatic gifts. He said he's not interested in the okay and he's adamant that cannot interest is very well that I can rot at the thought because you cannot you can't get your own. I know this instead understand what he does for a living tackle is that he sees the idiocy constantly and I okay is find a big deal. So here's the thing. My throat so so the issue is that you can God out audibly speak yes.

If he says if I'm walking on the road and he says that I love you. That's all. Here is that Meda has been Scripture rated will now start intended for an Scripture ration their revelations of God that were intended. One that and some that were not Jesus.

Everything Jesus spoke was inspired everything but it wasn't intended to be Scripture.

Most of what he said, by far was not considered to Scripture because because it is also inspired just was what was necessary for the that's a different thing to the logic of life. He speaks it in and you have work from goddesses by blocking the Bible who says so is it prescriptive. 14. Like I said people have prophecies exhibit and validation of the prophecies that have interpretation of tongues was admitted.

Scripture no right there was being done and it wasn't raised as an issue with an Scripture that whole line of reasoning. I'm sorry but this is faulty. Okay, now that's what I wanted your perspective because I recently been caught between the two world and again coming from a Baptist okay I gotcha know and enter dispensational students asking can God perform miracles today. Yes. Can God speak to us.

Have you if you're happy to be a missionary context can he have you speak in a language you don't understand what people get saved as possible and see what they say this a.

Possible will show me that the Scripture and they came in today. My prescriptive 13 I got an article on it web services down at the moment but any rate they can't look just the cessation's position is very weak.

It really is. Yeah, I understand that and you know and obviously the abuse of the other side because you don't want to fall in one camp or the other.

And that's what I just thank you for your clarification could really help me. I don't know the answer but it really help me think it right. Take a look at this one verse first and fifth 17 just never first Corinthians 17 first printing of 17 it says that the church us. We're not to like any charisma, charismatic and Eucharist gift charismatic.

You all are waiting for the return of Christ and his cigarette, says any and ask you be with that person that this it was only for the Corinthian church, then go to verses later recall God is faithful, who recalled in the fellowship with us in Christ Jesus, that only for the Corinthians to okay now I agree I just I think we see so much and again being a Baptist system to God back in port.

I see so many abuses on you know the other side and it's a little hard to navigate you nothing need to make in documenting experiences because wackos are out there doing stupid things. As a minister to get you well I mean the poor.

You know that's what happened thing with this topic promptly. They prophesied the truck was going to be elected president and all the people want not send you now, and now they have to back of the prophecy in a closet even more problems so you know it just thank you for your input. Though I really appreciate it. Allison reasonable okay sounds good but God bless thank you Dave from Kansas City if you want to give me a call if three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to that would be Hannah from Seattle Washington and welcome here. I have a collector of your little hard to understand. Okay.

Oh and my not coming in clear that you are you are you okay let me know and know I am a Christian and I have a coworker who we probably have lunch almost every day together.

They coincide him and he was raised Christian button on converted to DNA to intentionally and so we had a lot of theological discussion currently were talking about the genealogy of Jesus you know that the court first objective is well lighted, you now math. It why it why is Matthew line in Luke three you know different and so easy I will at that easy answer. Well, yeah, I come through the genealogy that Joseph and Mary. That argument so he can advance that can tempt me with why there are so many more generation through through Mary side venture that it's probably because it's real simple answer, probably because there are more people on that side. Why are there because that's how many there were. I guess his argument is that Mary and Joseph. It by this list would not be alive the same generation together asking and exactly how long each person live. Have you done a study to see how long each one with to say that they couldn't of been alive by genealogy. Are you assume that everyone there lives the same amount of time. Let's say 25 years soldier, assuming you have the answer to that know you can't say that the genealogy is magic. Don't match the ghetto I'm 64, okay. For example, I'm 64. I don't even have any grandchildren yet. I got a friend who is a 65 and he's a great grandfather soaked okay so you know in my genealogy.

This could be one or two kind of a thing you might like me. My daughter, so to speak with him to be three or four that your your friend to go see the cabbie the same were contemporary because that means he would be alive and all the stuff is not thinking critically okay okay okay I got her the map and everything ago.

And sometimes the genealogies are skipped on purpose. Sometimes certain the kind I've heard you mention it before any marketing to where you found that or know why you think that I learned it. I've read so much of heard so much… Only lectures a been to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours in college and seminary you know and it's like when the Internet I don't know just so many things I know about Jewish wedding feast procedures that few people know about a Jew one time. She is a Christian look to me says I am really impressed. He says nobody knows about that when you get that. I don't know I just picked it up someplace so I couldn't tell you conspire. Laura got it. That's where one question I got back okay on another thing we work. I disagree nine was the whole Joseph adopting Japheth ended on finding and like involving, you know, giving him a fate like the adopted teeth at that time getting and all legal right involving airship when he said that that would have never gone by with Jewish students back then. Well, that's at least what is Rabbi staying in touch so I'm I'm just kind of questioning.

Do you have any way you can point me as far as like how adoption would work back in that day and time know that I don't I would go to Biblical archaeology review and Biblical archaeology review website and he might have some information like that, or you can go to commentaries on those chapters, and sometimes you find a citation of this and that is what he's doing is just tell you just repeating see what his Rabbi is saying and say will. The Bible is particular, the New Testament has repeatedly been demonstrated to be accurate repeatedly say all you're doing is looking for reason to deny Jesus Christ and you claim you knew that I do this I go to Daniel 924 to 27 and ask him to explain Daniel 924 27 article and check it out okay thank you folks for open lines even call the last segment of the week 8777 Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic sling back.

We are frequent. I did want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to John from Florida hey John, welcome are part of God right that whatever Berkshire but I know it now, it is your take on and Luke 135. It kind of sounds like like that particular time you will be called of God and like Rick forgot about that.

For that reason, the holy child to become of God not going to take on that niche. Machining problem with the issue. She's just and in that culture. In that context, it meant that he was equal to God's length you but I'll tell you that Adam is called the son of God in 338 so there's different contexts and when Adams called us and God is a direct creation by God's direct hand and in a sense, Jesus is to because of the Holy Spirit upon him word is already existing okay so the terms of God has its meaning of equality with God in the context okay this could be used in other contexts to social going on right effectively do this to me. I go to John 518 because it's an important verse in this as well. For this reason the Jews were seeking all the more to kill him because he was done with breaking the Sabbath, but he was calling God his own father, making himself equal with God. What is calling God his own father, making himself equal to God. So it's a very interesting I think this is the son of God, and some cults will say the terms of God means he's not God is a son of God but not God.

In Alaska mold and what is the term Son of Man is not meant that tell you this quick and I appreciate the answer. You could think about it.

Questions no block go ahead little one but I'm not. There are no genuine thought 88. Seeing me openly challenges in a Trinitarian, and think of the super cooler if you get on one day debate with the beta from South without the bathroom I clicked on rights.

Such a plus a social going to call. We have four thin lines with this color. Let me just tell you that were planning a trip to Israel to check it out go to Carmen see ARM is one and will forward you to another page of your site old information or the going foregoing a year from now and the great. My wife and attending a going giving devotions and having an archaeologist go along with all things work out all kinds of information about insurance to go in covariate itself like that you want to go and check it out all right so two year from now the get all that info. There also have three's online schools want people to come out ranked schools this quarter, veteran/schools, it should give you all the information you need and when asking a little bit of a favorite her curious about something and it's one of the issues were doing. The website is looking at traffic and things like that so I would like if you guys would out there in radial land. If you're able to go to right now is go to If you're driving them to their cakes and ice on the look to see the traffic.

It's up because I want to see how the radio is is spreading out what's going on when to seek and will have ability to help them looking at the site visitation rights and buckets on his right go up good so you get that shot.

Okay, alright, let's get to Daniel from Oregon Daniel welcome your on the air.

Greetings, I was looking at your equality act and you grip the article that you open and I really liked it to. Very explanatory, but I just wanted to clarify like his targeted mostly athletic businesses. The work like public servant.

Yeah, people were equality act is a dangerous thing. And the reason is because it's forcing the acceptance of LBJ teach you into society, forcing employers, employees to properly deal with according with the state's big brother tells you and a saver do this under the guise when it hit you're going up keep going folks appreciated the is under the guise of reducing discrimination only.

It's a euphemism reduced discrimination who wants to be discrimination. A lot of what discrimination you want to know about while in the slot have discrimination. So in order not have discrimination with remove your right to force things on you because this will recalling freedom and it alters the religious Freedom restoration act read the entire restoration act. I read the entire equality act and its sick. Here's a thick what it does is it codifies immorality. It actually legislates as proper homosexual marriage transgender is him the requirements of using pronouns to what you want and even though the First Amendment says that you cannot pass a law that infringes on freedom of religious expression exactly what this is doing it's exactly what it is to make sexual orientation, general identity, gender identity, excusing a protected civil right forces compliance and threatens religious freedom and the reason it doesn't because the definitions that are in the words are used does not definitions keep things like quote other place of or establishment that provides exhibition entertainment, recreation, exercise, amusement public, gather, or public display for public gathering. This church and so it's that you're not it didn't make any allowances for church. I did a search for the word church that would occur in their Christian so this is a real serious problem. The leftist wacko moron's threat, so angry about these leftist to gain control over government with the want to do to our government with what did Austin want to force their morality on us and if we don't comply than were the bigots. This is a serious prep okay and have Maria call you, religionist. A quote from the gay guy about it and have a document.

He says quote from my vantage point as a gay conservative. I can see that the quality that goes too far for any levelheaded gay rights advocates to support and its blatant disregard for the basic right to religious freedom is appalling. That's what a gig person in a document. Should I get I get you about this kind of stuff because I think that's it. We Christians continue to sit there and do nothing and not raise our voices got there and make calls and petition, and you don't have health grievances heard in go out there and gather not to write it that the left is stupid to to actually do what is right and be there protest when you do it a lot. It is a habit now used to happen a lot but Christians are to comfortable fall of the blonde haired like location servers Jesus dressed in a woman's nightgown wait for the preacher ablation rapture to get out of here and were losing our right is Alex thinking about you know that the book of Daniel chapter 3, you know that story where it literally it up in the then bowel. Whatever it wasn't unlike the like parallels a little bit here you that all depends how we react to it right.

It does, and we Christians are obligated to fight unrighteousness and the problem is we don't have, so to speak. A leader inside of Christianity that we all this goodness of the county where one person basically says okay is all do this. I had this idea for a long time. What to do. I think what should happen is somebody who has the organizational power of its stuff. We have a national database of Christians and conservatives who want to participate and for example we have also been a through C was 26 letters was changed to 21 letters because X, Y, and Z could all go together.

You don't cue things like that only last name start with these letters.

What if on your first essay you have five days or six days.

Whatever it is, seven days a week this matter. Take Sunday off that everybody in the country. Conservatives went to the respective capitals. If you're too far to travel to the capital go to another place like the City Hall where they hold up signs and another for our semi want the country back in one of the side to say go to this website and everybody with the first letter starts with an a dozen on the first day of whatever it is actually September 1 and they'll show up right and then they go home they stir for hours in the next day the people D and you go through this so that it's there all over the country and it happens for your three weeks and you say this is what we want and then every pays five dollars to join because of the money goes in for lawsuits because the leftist to start sewing and make problems and had to fill with people with cameras filming. Whatever happened so that we can defend ourselves because the unbelievers will ask and be very dirty in their tactics, but if we Christians are not willing to do stuff like this when the enemy is and they were and were just told turn the cheek doesn't mean what Jesus did. Jesus and Satan are the cheapest of nothing to music. The greatest insult you don't insult back at the context and so we have the right to protest and we ought to this wish I was more of a national figure and I can rally people I talk to lawyers or talk to people is with a single list to something you don't have a natural thing on. Here's the emails for your different cities and iteratively email the crown. Adam send them letters. You don't each person's intent letters, middle and end. That would have a protest and would have it all done and we surround the place known the valley threats. Of course, and leave the place cleaner when we leave. This needs to happen all the time and the news media help but to be used to happen to because her leftist wacko moron's as well. LWF leftist wacko moron this with the kindest sign seat I could I get a call from our earlier in I really care about it. Doing the I think that we are going to be required go up there when we didn't do what we were supposed to do right at the servants of God.

Yeah, I am going about that not help you through your ministry well pleased. Please, God, you know we can do it if we Christians do not focus over the weekend. Richard your pastor have together against long Lord bless you back on your another program powered by the Truth Network

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