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March 3, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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March 3, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt asks for prayer in CARM's effort to start a weekly radio show in various African countries in order to help provide sound teaching and doctrine.--2- Isn't God's name Jehovah- Hasn't the Bible been altered to remove it---3- I bought a knife but didn't realize it had a grim reaper on it. Should I still keep it---4- Is it okay to listen to heavy metal---5- Is it okay to get married after a divorce---6- What's your position on the age of the earth and why---7- Why are Christians so afraid and dismissive of the book of Mormon-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the car. The more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a map what Y rises call to respond to your questions at 877 life if you want to give me a call five open lines of each nobodies wing right now so well 877-207-2276 the so had a busy day today.

Talk to some people in Africa trying to get some radio shows going in Africa one in Nigeria one and maybe Malawi, maybe one in, I think it's so Nigeria can you Nigeria was and Malawi were trying to do is ask you because I want you to pray The Spring Pay for the Lord to Be Gracious to Us and Bless Your Efforts Will Return to Do Is Get Some Guys There Whom I've Been Interviewing.

I've Known for A While.

We Have These Meetings I Tester Theology. I Tested the Gospel Presentation of Refined Some Things and the Goal Hopefully Is to Get Them on the Radio At Least Once a Week out to Be Only Half Hour, but the Idea Is to Preach the Gospel.

We Don't Have A Lot Of Money and Really See If We Can Get This Going.

So I've Been Told Some Some Amazing Things That That's Not Some Bad Stuff Is Going on in Kenya in the Nigeria. Nigeria so the Guy Said That That Some Churches Are Actually Offering Sacrifices of Dogs or Pigeons in Order to Help Atone for Sin and If A Few Churches and Some Other Aberrant Wacko Stuff. Some Churches Teach A Lot Of Churches Teach That You Baptized to Be Saved.

A Lot Of People Don't Know That Jesus Is God and the Positive Confession Movement Is Is Rampant, There Is This Idea That You Have the Name in Claimants and the Become Rich and Wealthy and Things like That Ignorance Is False Gospel Is Being Preached after and Though He Said That in One Place Thousands of People Would Get into the River without Any Clothes on and Then Something with Money Upstream and This Was a Wash Away Sins and Some Other Stuff It and It Just Aberrant Stuff out and so Were Hoping to Do Is Get the Gospel Message Preached the Gospel Message of Justification by Faith Alone to Christ Alone. The Doctor, the Trinity, the Two Natures of Christ Resurrection Is No Need for Baptism to Be Saved. Appetizer Course in Various Things like That so We Just Tell You That That the Theological Teaching Is What Is Needed and When I Say Theological Teaching. I Don't Mean You Have To Have Final Eight Books and Write 18 Pages 20 Pages Reports on the Trinity Not Talking like That but the Idea of Them Able to Articulate with the Trinity Is Who Jesus Is. He's a Man Right Now Why He Was Baptized. What Justification Is What Imputation Is the Basics of the Christian Faith. A Lot Of Pastors Don't Even Know the Stuff Here in America, but It's Even Worse in Third World Countries and so Were Hoping That by God's Grace Is Me That My God's Grace That Will Be Able to Rectify A Lot Of Problems There. You Know They Don't Have Really Good Internet and so Are You Talking about Some Radio Going and Maybe When My Do a Webinar out There so These Flying out to Africa and Speaking Then Maybe We'll Do Some Webinars We Can Have People There. In That Context Is to Be Praying about This and Asking People to Pray for Us and Join Us in That As Well. Africa Really Needs Us to Look the Here's the Thing Necessary and That's What Faith information idiocy is is prevalent in an area what people will do is think that the blonde hair black Caucasian server Jesus is there to give you a wonderful life and you increase your health and increase your bank account that of Christianity is being pitched as to a lot of people that way. Get some in the church and the tide, because we tried to get work money blessings coming from God so people who were duped by this false teaching. I will going to church still try Jesus in that way, but then her life doesn't get better after few months, you know, maybe they don't get a better job and get whatever they want.

While I tried Jesus, so what else is there, hence enter Islam and this is what were trying to help stop because Islam is increasing in and this in Africa but so it also is Christianity.

But if a false gospel is taught in Africa then false converts abound, and of course the cults and false religious systems will will increase. Mormonism is there is a culture of Jehovah's Witnesses is theirs is a cult oneness Pentecostal is there also was a cult of the doctrines of the truth are buried under various heresies, half-truths and flat out lies from the enemy whose work through his of present-day prophets and apostles to be able to restore the true church, blah, blah, blah and so people don't know what the Bible actually teaches and the date they succumb to these kinds of lies and in the comfort of their lives, they think of things can be good and is not right sorely be praying about this more and asking for information on on the radio stuff and apparently there's some open slots there and so in a week or two or three or 45 to do is move forward and buy some radio time out there and then the guys who I'm working with Sargon to be doing prearranged videos. You know the audio tapes are then scheduled radio station next month. So when the guys. He's a doctor, a doctor has a doctorate in Christian theology over theology with them and Alyssa say that there's always people who need a little bit more so he presented the gospel. It was really neat. He presented it in a really easy to understand way and was really great teaches.

Read the stuff that he's gonna be doing that and I just got a big kick out of it was great so let's have Anaheim's proficient got about this is your opportunity even as Christianity is being looked down upon and stuff like I've always believed that I don't care how bad it gets preach the gospel. I don't care what it looks like out there preach the gospel get it going, God will open up the doors and things happen and I just said is my philosophy.

Trust God and go into real simple trust in him move forward go with it.

Doors open. Keep going. If the" different direction, and to keep closing and stop reassess prey and then take off again. Go do something. You know my ticket year two or three who knows. That's what I believe in and so that sounds good, praise God. Hey, you could look this up. And the whole issues of prayer. We need using this in prayer.

Thank you very much for look what's with you guys. You get five open lines 8 772-072-2760 McCall after that meeting I get on I was interviewed by an atheist, and he's asking all the questions or a lot of questions or should say that's tend to be well seen as embarrassing to Christianity. Why would God kill all the babies in the flood is not wrong for God kill babies in the flaccid no white white. Why would you say that from and isolate it is wrong to do that.

I said who said who are you, and we get talking.

I said look guy that's nice. Got to look at things easy on you. I said I would love it if we just talk about. So what justifies your Bureau on your inner feeling of resentment in and out your condemnation of the seat you have anything to offer said God has a right to do with his creation as he desires.

Besides that everybody is born by nature, sinful and he is a right up to deliver them into the righteous judgment will I just don't think that's right you know is not reducing harm or that you think that reducing harm is the right standard to you and out and I was trying to pin about this a little bit but I said, look at your show I'm being nice. I'm being easy on him and he kind of chuckled and I said if you ever want to really discuss this.

Let me know and we can really get down to brass tacks about it so that enough for a while and he was nice enough guy, I'll admit that and then I had a 43 minute interview with Eric Johnson from MRM Mormonism research ministry and if you go to karmic I don't think will be up today but to think we could chime in a few days. Whatever he's going to put the URL the link to to our interview and what it is is talk about Israel trip rose with the COBIT what about this. What about that and we just talk and it's not a big deal watch anything that is for people want to go to Israel with us next year and will be going and my wife should be going and you get to find out really in person how obnoxious I really am and how irritating I really am I my wife will just just as a strike payment and then you have a lot of sympathy for my wife and that should be the new person to be praying for it in your life. You say how did you put up with this for all these years. Is it by the grace of God because I'm a little obnoxious and irritating.

She says sometimes is it well then, honey, I'm good have to perfect those spiritual gifts and if you rupture for had a lot all right for the lighted want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Eric just let me know. He says the karma the videos up so if you want to check it out.

Karma and check it out if you have questions about the trip just email him at eric@mrm.rg Mormonism research ministry MRM. It's only three letters.

My website karma's for letters to finals any more help with that slick and quick), the skill of phones with Ed from Charlotte North Carolina and welcome on the air and upbraided God.

What got right to the Christian God want the Christian God. The only true God, the cricket what what what his name was God's name we he reveals his name asked. I am his name. I am I am I found inside King James version's dominating creates maintenance that is Jehovah's name, the creator of all things. Psalm 83 Tina yeah thought that you create banging against King James version says that the King James version exiting Jane. I'm looking at, says Lord new King James Kim, JR, this is Jehovah lower in another downtown hundred. Now so what why do you think is Jehovah speak Jehovah's name was in the Bible more than any other name, and that man take to get out his name out of the Bible and King James version it only for God. Well let me ask you, do you know how the word Jehovah came into existence believe. The inspired word Jehovah was an English word okay is not a noun through A. Open is our heavenly father name ain't that lack that throughout freight. Okay will not call for an occult got ready yet in the leg. But look, let's look at what the Bible says here, God said them to Moses at the gun, behold, I'm going to the sons of Israel, and I will say to them, the God of your fathers has sent me to you. Now they may say to me what is his name what shall I say to them, God said to Moses, I am who I am. I said thus you shall say to the side of Israel I and I'm written by Emily Wade settled.

I can hear you guy guy guy guy guy please.

You need to be patient and stop over talking I'm asking you okay question, I'm just reading what it says here next 314 says I am who I am.

That's what God says his name is okay I am I am I will look bad on my recovery. What we can bring on how to where I bring what you stay on stage is okay is a little to get back after the break free of lines 8776 max Y call 77077 pairs met and were defusing that is a test that you can click on that article. The new society we've opened up the comments, just that the only article the entire site will do or doing it too. So if you want to add to read your article make comments and there would love that were using this experiment to see how many articles you might do that to so that will be released off.

It wouldn't comment and after level. We will stop having the comments and the most common become part of the overall presentation of an article permanently so well maybe maybe not, but we'll see how this can work. So if you're interested karma and click on the multitrack counts if you listen to this later is not there. Just go to navigation or go to the search. Just type in the new society will check it out. It's about what happened with the new society and the leftist agenda that's going on.

No absolute God LGBT abortion-rights homosexuality writes big Dick censorship a list of things on their site and check it out. All right, so Jehovah Jehovah is just simply the Anglicized pronunciation of Yahweh.

Yahweh is the attempt to pronounce the name of God in Hebrew, which is the tetra graviton. The four letters of God's name, which is I am guilty five hey and this is his name when he says in exit 3, 14, 15, this unit that my name is I am. That's what it is sites I am and so we get you a latte for the verb to be.

And so it's just the way of pronouncing color transliteration so I can look at Spanish La Mesa is the table okay and so what we would do is transliterated LA and in space, and ESA just La Mesa and don't become the city name now so it is a transliteration in Maine is the Hebrew Soviets and it became amen or amen.

Whatever you call it in the Greek's was a transliteration of pronunciation. That's what it is. So Yahweh is to be the transliteration pronunciation of the Hebrew to be and that it became Anglicized to Jehovah. There is no J sound in the Hebrew so when people say this statement generally is not well well educated on the particular issue of why that's like that in the recent they don't use Yahweh think they should put it why H WHI I like to personally. It was the Jews who decided to substitute that name. I deny pronouncing it. I denyLord and because he did not want to mispronounced name of God. And so that's why it's done Bible is like that word hello RD set of Yahweh because no one knows how to pronounce it and that's why it was done outweighs nothing malicious. Nothing sinister a lot of people who hold this kind of stuff when you got it right name if you don't say you can't go to heaven and stuff like that. They say that is it just a plot to get the name of God, you know, slick.

Take your right hand put in front of your face you look to your left f-stop is outside itself like a folksy fopen lines letter to give me a call 877-207-2276 Josh from Texas just welcome.

You are on the year to a okay what's on microcellular the eye.

Went to actually bought a knife from a guest anything. I didn't realize it at first but it had a have the like a Grim Reaper wanted 10,000, one in the if the you know something that I know you thought you would talk about like object symbols and felt like in villages, wanted to know. You know I get your take on that. That's something that Sean get her. I didn't realize it at first but the idea well it's kind of subjective thing, you know, if I bought a knife at some place and then I saw a scream Grim Reaper I wouldn't panic you probably wouldn't use it because I like that symbol that's all. And probably just put away uses a toolbox in the garage and some like that you know Carrie, I have a knife. I carry my time is that you push the sum up on the top just blink slick. Sadly, fasting expects interviews a few times, just a tool know and am I like things clean and stuff like that. But if you decide to keep it and use it that was stuck to be a big deal.

Okay, it's you don't want to don't want to use anything with the symbol as a representation of power and on. This is why I've got this represents power represents what I think about that, but it is just something that you got. What if someone gave it to you as a present Grim Reaper on what you do. Sorry can't take an oath of the trash you don't know and be like all thanks and you look at the Grim Reaper in Hopewell is not what I would've picked out you say it, but the you know just took away someplace. If you want or if you feel lucky. Not a problem, and find something to get you.

I think limited. If the light now I get back from that.

Or pentagram or something like that sort of I get the idea of the Grim Reaper, falls into sort of philosophy or something are kind of ancient felt like that yeah and what is it was a pentagram on you. Reason is a good issue is a pentagram you know me or about me.

Oh yeah get out and I know that is yes demonic manifestation a depiction of God's thoughts about that of the of the devil within the goats head and things like that so you don't something like that was definitely our cultic and this is just me. Me, I would. I was scared and I would probably just destroy it as a symbol of my dedication to my Lord not caring anything so that's just me know so you get a little Grim Reaper fee. Whenever you such a big deal Sunday for my ticket a bridge without the you know but then again we are in agreement with your aunt driving with that, it kind of like a form of art as a matter of listening to a lot of heavy metal and and death metal and so I got and I look at a lot of that is just kind of an artistic Russian and a lot of people don't understand that. And so they look at it as something that's really like you know you will and felt like that but there's so many different forms of art that if you looked at it if you if you didn't and as you know, our felt like that than you would see you see it as something that evil will. Here's the thing about if I were in to researching the Colts and I had to collect various occult symbols. That's different than just collecting because I like him for research for the purpose of exposing is a good thing you get to heavy metal, which I found that and what level of art is acceptable. Kate voted what you recall getting called big 770 mass Y call 770727 is Matt's leg lines of what Dr. Josh from Texas just regular all right now about art are the different levels of arts and there's a gray area when it comes to art.

Some people will have art like the statue of David, which is just a beautiful statue which is great work of art. And he is quite naked and that's arts but then sometimes you might have naked arts and its pornographic aware is the dividing line is difficult to ascertain with the issue of music you never discussed grind core and death metal.

I can't see them as glorifying God. And so you might say will hurt their irked for us to be art sleeping well is mean it's okay ultimately biblically all art should ultimately for the Christian glorify God if it's not to say that we can't appreciate a movie doesn't glorify God or some music this glorify God per se because we live in the real world we want to enjoy various things we have to draw a line someplace safe normal go beyond this so you know I'm not a guy who likes heavy metal collect every kind of music actually from classical to heavy-metal.

I don't like country-western, and I certainly don't like polka and I don't like Chinese opera or similar to how country-western is something like a basically everything else and but I draw the line on certain areas he know I'm not going to listen to that there some songs are just so good.

They sound so great, but you find yourself humming the lyrics and so the lyrics are just ungodly slicing. I'm not can participate in even though it's art. So what I do is try and use my freedom with wisdom and not listen to stuff this can be ungodly. I don't want those words in my head as images of my hat so I draw the line at the place I draw the line and I don't want to stumble others without there's good Christian heavy-metal as an example and under some good stuff out there so there's skillet you know I mean is this pretty rock to heavy-metal kind of you can check that out or kill striper back in the 80s.

I did pretty good. And so the other stuff that we can listen to, but we gotta be careful what it is that we are listening to, and not justify just because we say it's art make sense yeah you think this not use our freedom to indulge in something that is ungodly.

That's the point. All right thank you Randall God bless you about okay hey folks, Cliff organized in a call 877-207-2276.

Ryan from Pennsylvania running welcome near I'm not you well llama student on your arm school about been a great resource for learning more about theology so that you will. I have two sisters who they've been divorced and remarried and I was wondering of is that something that they need to repent of defense with is that repentance and that that situation so if they send in their divorce then 30s. The confession of repentance and confession and stuff illegal to some some variations of this so let's say that there's a man and woman they're married and one of them commit adultery, and the other is being faithful and a divorce.

As a result of this adultery the one who did not commit adultery is free to remarry. Another person and if they were that person bears another that person has nothing to repent. Let's just say that Amanda woman are married and they just get divorced for under vocal reasons will get into that sack to get married was committing a divorce from un-biblical.

It is like you anymore. Just whatever I do see later in the gets divorced is not grounds for divorce in the remarry and they have technically send in the fact that their divorce was on biblical and now there they are joining himself another. I would say that is sinful. Also now what they do. Let's say the they've been remarried and they realize when I really blew it in a divorce and now I'm married now to why do and what you do is the person I would just go confess that sin to the Lord. Maybe talk to an elder or pastor the church I get this off your chest, bring you before God confess that it was sin and then continue on in that marriage, as they are, and don't get divorced because the nexus adding another sin upon and so that's what you would do less what I would recommend is people do is if they realize they've done this and send in that respect, then, confess it and move on, but not get divorced again just to make it right with the staff not adding goodness to it. It's a problem except you think you did okay. You like it if the woman was divorced by the man. Is it better for her not remarry defense if she was the adulterous and say she was a Christian and an ecclesia Christian knew better and committing adultery and that he divorces her because of that she's not free but he is doesn't mean that you will get remarried anyway and then that's where things were that condition on if she was the one who was adultery adulterer and he or didn't you know because that the grounds for divorce in the Bible are abandonment and adultery. Let's say he abandons her just as I going to do with you anymore. She's willing to work on it and he's the one who leaves let's just say he to commit adultery, or he just said I'm just done with you likely more.

I'm leaving and she's willing to work on it, but he leaves and he divorces her. She's innocent, she's free to remarry.

You will come of the answers it all right complex all right he folks are going to give a call. We have four open lines 87720776. Let's get to herb from North Carolina herb welcoming on it draw near their I hit the button.

I'm calling you little. Okay, here's about what your position on the age of the earth and why I believe the yeah I do believe there has nothing to do on the radio I carry on the phone. Okay that's fine yeah I don't believe that the nurses millions of years old and think your sufficient evidence and insufficient evidence in all read some to have a young earth, and that the Bible certainly implies a young earth, and so I as my whole to biblical reasons to do with the idea that there is millions and billions of years old. Dante would all do read some stuff to. And I do a lot of the work on this. This Ricoh and Ricoh. So do us reading here on dating stuff Anderson problems with dating methods. They can understand something about evolution. Evolution macro evolution of speciation under speciation with Phila formation. Phila is a body type like a horse as a body type of fish is a body type of bird is a party type, etc. different potty body tactical Phila and so evolution macro evolution teaches body type development over millions of years. Well if is not millions of years.

The naval through evolution just falls apart. One of things you probably have heard about his carbon dating. So we just talk about this or nobody waiting will talk about it. Maybe after the break as well so carbon dating is using carbon 14 carbon 12, 13 are stable carbon atoms. The carbon-14 is and how many neutrons rock and we have too many so so what happens is that the carbon-14 it is an unstable isotope this means is that by just existing. It will have a cold half-life of 5730 years, which means after 505,730 years. Half of the mass of it is just automatically disappeared just by existing because the atoms do weird things to themselves and electrons vote on the neutrinos of the dozen, and it is becomes last because this is important. This is important is pleasing to Phila lines 877 Van Slyke why call 770727 charismatic sling back to Charlotte to give you a little bit of information dating stuff and will get to the call on the book of Mormon should be interested in that at all yet is done with carbon-14. Why is that so important because it turns out that after 100,000 year there should be no carbon-14 existing in anything. So let's say a squirrel gets buried guys gets buried. Then after hundred thousand years that fossil that whatever is under the ground should not have any carbon-14 in it because that's just the nature of how carbon-14 works so shouldn't have any carbon-14 in it.

Well that's this with a sigh to say okay except for finding carbon-14 in coal deposits and diamonds which have a lot of carbon in them and exposing millions of years old that can't be knowledge of years old, carbon-14's and it just cannot be. And yet it's in there loops also Mary Leakey found 400 pieces of the skull.

In the old movie George Gorge of Africa mishap 1950 and she said it was a helmeted ancestor 1.7 million years old and this is a people is synth and present gentleness. Yes and so they did some carbon dating on it and found out that it would be 10,000 to 3100 years old women. Why would carbon-14 gives in his and Jennifer Lopez was 41.7 million years old. Corner rock data.

Why would it be only 10,000 years old. According to carbon-14 hoops problems.

There's problems like this in the evolution of evolutionary model and the Québec listing over here on my notes to try and read a little bit of stuff on on dating method on the reader slowly because there's a link to some numbers and hear but will emphasize the stuff this is principles of isotope geology, second edition 1986 a place to scene. This is a era of ancient earth ninth of years old, please to scene two recent lava dated as less than 1.6 million years old from its position in the rock layers which have been dated at 773 million years old. Using this as a dating method. The rubidium strontium dating method upper my scene to plea is seen lava was dated at 52 9 million years old by potassium argon dating and dated at 31 to 39 million years old.

Rubidium strontium dating method that means the same stuff the different methods are getting many many many many millions of years. A difference the first when I said this was a less than 1.6 million years old. The police a scene of lava flow and yet it's said to be 779 years old. We get big they know it's not that with the promise in another case lava dated strata graphically as plea of same to Holocene that is less than 5.3 million years old gave rubidium strontium method dated ages of 570 million years old and 879 years old.

Another player seem to Holocene rock was dated it being 1.5 billion years old by the rubidium strontium method and a Miocene to Holocene assigned rock, which is less than 24 million years old was dated at 1.2 billion years old.

In other words, it is numbers probably confusing other words, the different methodologies give you different dates is one more. Another interesting case is the stark contrast between the age of zircon grains and the helmet is not your rights of New Mexico, which date is 1.5 billion years old by the uranium lead dating method and date only about 6000 years old by the uranium helium diffusion method that's only part of this. Why is it that these dating methods give conflicting stuff by millions and millions, billions of years and yet decide to say this, I will everything is which method you use which ones the right one. Well to presuppose that the earth is billions of years old he presuppose evolution is true then you have to have billions of years old and the lead attests the throats of the contradictory couples can't be true. So this is how it works okay and that's only part of the issue. There's more and we can get into stuff about strategy always straight fossils trees that are fertile, prickly flashlight through hundreds of millions of years rock strata one single tree. For example, we can't have that and then having got into the drainage issue of major rivers and inches per 1000 years and how erosion would occur and it it just means that they can be millions of years old because the erosion would mean for example let's see the Amazon River inches per year is 13 inches a year! 8 inches of year erosion from the Amazon River and so that means how many feet in 1 million years is 233 feet in 100 million years it will be 23,000 feet, so in miles. That's 4.4 miles, so another words if the Amazon is 100 million years old will then he would've eroded for .4 miles down but to stop obesity in this is one of the issues are just some of the stop having got into other issues of salt there's a lot of stuff. Anyway, there you go to some information.

Let's get to rhyme from uterine welcome. You're on the show that particular word on the local carbon dating via I really enjoy fine as long that's true, but the I mentioned that I have a really up and that you, but that was the thing though. Quick question at I am a member, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and in my experience of the last 40 years.

Give it give or take it like Kristin that they're happy to read it. Books that are written about Jesus Christ from any type of author and their object the thousand thousand books out of the place that are good good reading, but if you like. People are sometimes there's so afraid of and dismissive of another good book with all the century have a lot of issues with but generally speaking, why, why would people not given the time of day. I understand your your belief that we believe in a different God and going to go forth breaking it down to bare bones. For what it's worth, that the quality of the submitted testifying of Jesus Christ light why not give it a chance is not true.

Jesus says the law and the prophets were until John. John the Baptist is Luke 1660 Joseph Smith's claim to be a true prophet of God.

Joseph Smith boasted he did more than even Jesus keep the church together, but just as Ness said he saw God the father. The Bible says he cannot be seen going all these details you're already getting past this thing that I do not have to the book of Mormon were terrific that I may like it if I write a book about you describe your you not willing to read it. You not willing to fit look into the good that it might be be offering the world to pray the name of Jesus Christ just because I'm not some of it or because the profit not to follow UBC dinner sent something Mormonism is not Christian. It teaches a false God false Christ and false gospel.

I know you're already getting back up my question that you understand this is the issue okay if you want to talk about this. The book of Mormon does even contain the organism.

For one thing, will not do that to me to an arm of flesh again like a month. This does not literally on stage everything okay because book of Mormon extend laughable explain how the ads are there and Mormonism is not a bother you right now I Jesus Holy Ghost is also part of the Godhead, so there's that's three God said, and just as you and I are able to because of the grace of Jesus Christ become heirs and joint heirs with dockside.

Is it possible to get a hold of good. I had enough time to acquire people afraid of you.

Hold on. I just asked you one club.

I just ask you one question, yet the demigods are there Mormonism you said at least three will bull's-eye 15 once it is only one God.

You know as well as I do not listen but let me explain that when the second when you well and when I sent you that put you on you to slow down. James Talbot says in articles of faith okay and your free time. You don't let me answer my question To hold okay so he asked a question going to answer the question.

This is what Mormonism teaches and he asked for the book of Mormon. So the book of Mormon says the Trinity is one God, almost 1144 Messiah 15 five James Talmage was an apostle who wrote articles of faith. On page 35 has a Trinity three separate gods, which is correct. Mormonism contradicts itself. It says that God is increasing in knowledge. Joseph Smith said so would give the book of Mormon says God is unchanging and Mormonism. God is in the form of a man is a form of a man, but in the Bible. The Bible, the book of Mormon. All my 1824 says God is spirit, James Talmage says that he was in the 70 square.

This is produced and sold in Mormonism Mormon bookstores okay articles of faith. Page 55. Hell is not eternal, but joke Jacob in the book of Mormon Jacob 311, 610.

Hell is eternal. Get this Brigham Young Brigham Young. The second prophet of the Mormon church in the Journal of discourses find three, page 266 said that polygamy was a necessity. A potted practice to get the book of Mormon condemns polygamy was. I 11 versus 24 ether 10 five Joseph Smith said the but the book of Mormon was most crippled of any book on earth was correct and yet it does not have church organization plurality of God's plurality of livestock and word of wisdom or that God is the exalted man or celestial marriage, or that men may become God. 3° of glory baptism for the dead, eternal progression, erotic priesthood or temple works of washing anointing endowments so Mormonism is contradicted by the book of Mormon, and he wants us to trust the book of Mormon and Ryan are you there would have an audit, but that there I do put you on hold because you are talking and did you hear what I read for the book of Mormon. The problems I did and I fitted it absolutely correct and true.

You get a book on all the time that have an issue or a difference of opinion, and it is you let them report one topic at a time, but anytime I call you candidate you start rattling off the Scriptures are thing that all lipids you have pages written on an anti-Mormon stuff. But you know if you were to allow me the time and I know we were very sure in time to retort with any one of those specific doctrine you there's an easy explanation for every single one of them theirs tell you what is single dialogue about this you you and I can have a dialogue intake that the and you couldn't know we can publish it later and you could tell me how valid something out of the invalid condo work okay. The defined time with Ryan very glad to talk about that woman is not able. We got a go but all that right Lara and Jacob from Wisconsin call back tomorrow. Jerry piano the Lord bracelet back on your

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