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March 2, 2021 3:00 pm

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March 2, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- What is the emergent properties idea---2- What does the phrase in Hebrews regarding forsaking the assembly mean- If pastors aren't meeting because of Covid mandates, are they violating this---3- Did both Joseph and Mary come from the line of David---4- What are the best verses to use when speaking with SDA---5- Has anyone you've debated ever changed their minds and come to Christ---6- Are demons the same thing as the Nephilim---7- Will we see our family members in heaven---8- What is British Israel-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max Y rises called in responding to your questions at 877-207-2276, charismatic, slick fabric, 25th, 20, 21, and your five open lines call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 waiting. So when you make all good callers yesterday. Of course, and callers, and a lot of times what happens is people call towards the end of the show we can get them all last night so that was one of you will please call our right okay so let's see what give you a reminder that the Israel trip is still going on car and a lot of fun. Hopefully you check some things out and links of stuff going on here so you do this to remind me to change a little setting that for the audio people watch the show to and if you're interested in watching the show, you can screw website on the homepage. Big deal. We can watch and see me doing this we have for a chat room to people for the chat room so there you go. Alright so you got that going on and let's see the guy yesterday Greg called in and looking for the emails I looked yesterday and I didn't see anything. I asked this guy to email me because of the debate sequence cable to date on the document Trinity or the deity of Christ, or something like that and I don't see an email from him.

So I'm hoping you just missed it. Or maybe something else happened but that does happen if he's listening. I hope it does happen. Give me a call okay let's see see good afternoon reaching out to see if Mr. slick would be willing to have intellectual debate on this chat on this channel or the signs and wonders channel with a noninitial preacher who will present the gospel in a way I know this is interesting thing is over now and then. And that's us right there some 80 delegates at four emerge read and stuck for open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to John from North Carolina, John, welcome you on the matter back to follow up in our garden with the nightly at all on talk about emergent properties wanted to know how you would respond when they talk about how emergent property is, there stuff that they or God. Oh okay, I think, understand, so emergent properties are those properties of something that developer manifest when certain conditions arise so your property of an apple would be redness. For example, and that that emergent property might be some like sweetness because of something that that occurs when it's tasted so become the best way to to exemplify but nevertheless, so that they generally try to do atheists. They use the emergent property idea dealing with explanations and conditions for God or that they don't want God to be so they want easier to properties ideas. Okay, so for example let's see, you think what you might be talking about here is the idea of the transcendental and the laws of logic for the laws of logic, your lot identity log on conviction law, the split middle. I don't know what you're using, but to those kind of things are difficult for atheists to deal with because there universally immutable abstract entities. They have actuality.

But they're not properties of the physical realm.

She can't find them under rocks.

You can freeze them so I think sometimes atheists have said that the laws of logic are emergent properties of the physical realm.

And then I asked to define how that's possible. That's where discussion comes as I think that's a Kathy are talking about. What was the context of the discussion here. Having yet they're all it is that about current thought about logic. They would argue that if that emergent property of the brain are trying to get away from God being the door of the immaterial concept that we hope that everyone else that truth is that you got them.

They don't realize that their argument is already just a heads destroyed them so you have property dualism is or substance dualism is regarding the brain and the mind is my with those not there. Okay so substance dualism says that the mind and the physical brain are different substances. The idea property dualism would say that the mind is a property of the physical brain is what he's talking talk about his property dualism.

The idea that the mind is an emergent property of the physical brain so then you ask it. Do you believe that when the physical brain ceases that the mind ceases to exist and nine tentative time tending to say yes. At that point you got right in a footnote explaining how you say, the physical brain in your worldview must operate under the laws of chemistry and electricity.

Letter chemical reactions right in the sight yes is it okay so then when I speak to you, you hear a sound in your ears and a necessary chemical reaction occurs in the brain right so yes, how does that necessary chemical reaction produce proper logical inference. The issue is that if the physical brain is all there is and that there have property dualism and that the mind is a property. The physical brain, not us, not substance. Dual dualism, which we Christians hope to that this the soul is separate from the body. They are different things, but they work together with the atheist. I asked them how they can trust their brain to produce truth, if this restricted to the laws of chemistry. How does one chemical reaction that leads letter chemical reaction in the brain produce proper logical inference. I can't say anything at this point thousand debate with the well-known atheist metal hunting gala site a few years ago and we had a discussion in this kind of thing came up and it got down to the point where just kept saying no you bring me to say that just because someone remember that if he saw that but I said it over and over again. It really upset him, but of you know if if you get us there to say that naturalism or materialism is true, which means that the universe is all there is the physical components of the universe and that means that the physical brain must operate under the laws of physics, motion, matter, chemistry, etc. now say yes if that's the case, then the brain must operate under the same laws. Logic of motion, matter physics, chemistry, regular call it in the sink, yes, then all that's happening in your brain are you are chemical necessities.

Chemical necessity how you produce truth in chemical necessities and at that point, when it they say well above all about. I disable you bring me to say that mental like Leon Aguilera robot on Argyle and they are actually art family that they would be robot because of the medical product that make sense off like I got about a month.

It's very powerful. It works a lot and I have actually had discussions with atheists, and within a month ago I had this discussion with an atheist and you would get like three minutes explanations for things I would just say you bring me to say that and he got Somerset because I just gave you that you didn't do this and you didn't get you that you can just say that you bring me to say that and on man you know they were the atheists and roots are coming include, but you see, the problem was that this is what their worldview leads to his absurdity. If their physical brains are limited to the laws of chemistry, physics, motion, matter and it necessitates chemical reactions in the brain does not necessitate logical inferences and furthermore about this single delivered further on this if two people who disagree on something in their worldview. The atheist materialistic or naturalistic worldview, chemical reactions are occurring. Two different brains one guy and another guy, Bob and Frank argue with each other politely with her argument whose correct. If truth is a product of chemical reactions. The only way to determine if someone is true is to leave that worldview. Mrs. was important in order to find out if somebody's true you have to leave that worldview and believe in transcendental's because transcendental's are not depend upon physical chemicals of the brain transcendental's are things that exist independent of our physical brain and we just apprehend him, so they were to say that the atheist can argue with each other or whatever and they want to say something is or is not true. There's no way to know that inside of a worldview that would bring to just chemical reactions to establish truth get the leave the the worldview. In order for them to do that they have to refute their own naturalism and so their position is self refuting that make sense that you guys like them. I got left arraignment sounds good, but okay got blessed this. I love talking like that and I do have regular discussions like that with atheists little time to get into too much here on the year because it hurts people getting brains faith urged the little would be just say so. It iterates a hope that made sense. They we have for collided want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is get to Greg from North Carolina.

Greg welcome you are on the air good evening how you got thank you.

Thought you might love them talking Greek when you're all I thought that I could understand a word you're a fan of the operative but not about a questioning recording Greek part in the Bible work that about respecting a family of ourselves occurs. I went to the church where they had Monday night service and I kept thinking about my mind that you know a lot of the college mylar own imagination without the Holy Spirit was maybe big in my heart or whatever but that you know the perspective of a ourselves that is only that phrase.

It only leading toward the believers are that leader. After maybe good.

I was wondering some pastors are just not having church you don't find churches that haven't services on Sunday night you'd feel he could find churches like during the week like object meant that they get Calvary up as a youth after almost every night there college blood is coming, chapel due, chapel still have Wednesday night blood, but it is hard to find a church that I went they do those small group with good Robert and I like to get together with the whole urgent on now just think I'm funny my house that night I wanted to get your take on that streak is slightly bacon.

The part worth about four thinking about the fellowship that they can be referred as was as far as I said that guy got another Deborah be right back. The man's leg. Why call 770-7276 is Matt's leg back to the show signs of all right, Gregory still there.

Alright so we talk about this. He was 1025 to forsake the gathering summit together of the people work for sake of essay the Greek word here.

This is fun to say it's some to let it's kind of fun work. There in That Book Any Rate, It Means Very Important, Canadian Term Native American Term Will Speak of That Disc. I Think It's like Tangent. My Favorite Greek Word Is the Word for Compassion and That Word Is Splotched Did Some I Just Love That Word like Blogging, It's My Soul Any Rate, Let's Get Back on Here They Go to Charlie's Back against the Actually It'll Surgery so Maybe I Position the Texture to Be Okay Back on. So It Means to Forsake the Desert Leave behind in Such Good Question. Our Pastors If They're Complying with This Ridiculous Covert Lockdown Stuff.

Are They Thin for Sake in the Gathering Summit Together and Never Thought about That That Is a Good Question Than Normally What It Means Is You Know You Don't Stop Going to Church.

No Injury between Churches.

Are You Just Move Someplace over Your Take Couple Months off. Kind of a Thing. It's Okay, but the Idea of Not Forsaking Is to Does Not Be in It Not Be Involved with That We Don't Do That Such a Good a Good Question.

Pastors Would Refuse to Have Church with a B. Forsaking the Assembling under Certain Circumstances Think It's Fine If That. But the Pandemic Waited While the Pandemic First Hit. We Did Know How Bad It Was and so I Could See Why People Shut Everything down, It Makes Sense. You Don't Want to Do That except That It Wasn't Done for All Kinds of Other Stuff That Happened in the 1900s but Nevertheless I Think Because the People Who Want the New Society Use Victimhood Control and Visa Pandemic in Order to Emphasize and Keep That Control and Then Skull Thesis Antithesis Pushed the Antithesis so That Will Will Accept More Draconian Measures That Just Me until I Don't Have Much Faith in the People Because I Understand Theology. I Certainly Don't Have Much Faith in a Republican and Governmental People Have Even Less Faith in People Left. But Nevertheless Great Okay so You Got Me Think about This Really Got Me Thinking about It As a Pastor in Canada Who's Been Arrested Because He Did Not Forsake the Assembly in That Sense He Spoke, You Had Enough of This, or Can Have for Having Church Meetings and He's Been Arrested. We Do Know That John MacArthur Was Was Fighting Back Here in America. In Southern California, for the Same Thing and Let's Just Say I Know of Pastors. I Say This Become More Accurate.

I Know of a Pastor Who Never Stopped Meeting. I Was Livid That I Will Say Where, but I Know That's Supposed to Talk but I Appreciate Your Take on What Outfit but the Thing about Chronic Get about out Good Point As Far As They Pandemic but I Was Thinking about Just in General As Far A Lot Of Churches before the Pandemic.

They Just Stopped Meeting We Could Begin to Go to Church Sunday and I You Know Nobody Nobody Wanted like Nobody Wants to Do That Anymore, but I Don't. I'm Not Trying to Accused Pastors Are Anything but They Say That Because of Late Enough I Don't Know. I Mean I'm Not Here, I Probably Would Get by Lighting by God without Our Pastors, but I Don't Just That When I When I Met That Funny My Funny, My NFP Pastor That Was Preaching Was Interested in You Than That You Get His Masters in Southeastern and He Happened to Be Speaking about Love and I Just I Just Felt like There at That Meeting on Sunday Night. I Felt like That with What I Felt like That Was of Sean Love to the Congregation Because Were Able to Get There. We Get Together and I Don't Know You Know I Don't Know What Situation Is Referring to Which Pastors Where, but Here in Idaho We Pretty Much Still Free Here Where Masks Don't Have To Wear Masks Even Have Churches and Church so That's How It Is Here in Idaho for the Last Bastions of Freedom I Think That the Good Places but on As I Do Not Want to Know Why Those Pastors Were You're Talking about Aren't Doing That You Know with to Find out the Situation Is Applying Topics Now Know You're Still Not Talking About the Pandemic, I'm Talking about the Pandemic I Was Diabetic. The People That Pastor Is Not Been Yeah I Do Not Know. I'm Not Trying to Accuse Anybody I'm Not. I Don't Know Because I'm Not a Pastor, and I Don't. I Should I Should Yeah I Need I Need I Have Asked the Get Ready Go to Group Right Now and Eve Eve Eve on the Staff and out at and They Said They're Working on the but That Everybody Has the Small Group Thing and I Need to Get Involved and Bob Are Due It out.

I Love This Monger and I'll Get Enough Fellowship but I Do A Lot for Your Question for Your Input. Please Edit the Okay Let's Get on to Other Colleges Guide Right Middle. God Bless, but He Thinks A Lot I Think about Bob Okay Alright Let's Go near with Valerie from Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome Boundary Is Not If She's Not like It's Hot out I Think to Be a Little Bit of a Transition, but I Really Feel That Guided Reading of God and Faith. Jewish Faith and I Will. I Really like That.

She Really II Believe She's a Year) Question in Class to My Genuine Heart Is Really a End of the Line of David Hank and He Can't Get It. John Died Where He Where He Comes from Mary.

I Believe Both of Them. Both of Them Come from David.

Let's See Different Genealogies. I Have an Article on This American Come from the Line of David. Yeah, Let's See. I'm Looking at the Genealogy, so Mary Is Considered of Luke and Joseph, Matthew, and to Do This Let's See David Let's Genealogy Started. Abraham Goes to David and Araiza.

David Is Split Mary's Side and Solomon's Side so in the Genealogy Looks like You so That's What Happened Is That David, the Genealogy Splits One Goes to Mary, Joseph Reichhold on Right for Folks. Please Stay Tuned to a 587-7207 Mass Y Call 770776 Charismatic Slave 776 with Valerie Still There. All Right, so If You Were to Do a Little Bit of Research and Know the Genealogies in Matthew 540 Done an Article on It, Whether Different Genealogies for Jesus. One Is of Mary. One Is of Joseph. They Both Go to David and It Exploded. David Had a Son in the Matthew Went to Solomon and for Mary It Went to the Sun for Children of David and Solomon Look at What the Sunbeams to Give You Anything so Then It Goes down and on What David Yes Okay so Here's the Thing. Also There's a There Is Jack Anaya, Jack Anaya Is in the Genealogy Found in Matthew and Esther. The Genealogy of Jesus from Joseph Side, but Jack Anaya Was a Curse Put upon Him Saying That None of His Descendents Would Be Able to Sit in the Throne of David. Okay, so None of His Descendents Is Sometimes Some People Will Say Will Jack Anaya Was Cursed. How Then Could Jesus's Descendent's in the Throne. And the Answer Is As Simple That the Biological Line Was through Mary the Legal Line Was through Joseph Biological Line Proves His Humanity Back to Back Back in the Legal Line Is Right Is Is There No Descendents.

Let's a Biological Descendent of Jack Anaya Would Be on the Throne Will There Was No Biological Descendent of Jack Anaya on the Throne, but Legally the Legal Aspect Went down to Joseph so A Lot Of People Don't Know That When Not on Luke and Nathan Matthew Solomon and Self-Help.

I Have the Genealogy Analysis on It's on on Carmen Wider Different Genealogies for Jesus and Okay I See a RM See Okay Look up Genealogy.

Yes, We Could Do Is Go to Google Whatever Search Engine. Just Type in the Word Carmen See ARM and Then Type in Different Genealogies for Jesus and It'll Get You Right to the Article You Are Really Actually Got My Well If She Has Questions I Can Answer A Lot Of Them out and Encourage Her to Contact the Show, but Let's Just Say There's Some Questions Out Of Judaism That Are Just Too Deep for Me. Then I Know Somebody Who's a Guy Named Trevor and He Can Answer These Questions and I Wouldn't Be Able to. He Stated He Does This Out Of Judaism Is Completed You and He Knows All Kinds of Stuff and so Is My Go Teletrack When I Have Questions like That All Right, since I Arrived. All Right Three Open Lines 877-207-2276. Let's Get to Dave Charlotte, North Carolina, All the Check Questionnaires That We Would Share Our Faith and Gave Me a Book to Read Called the Great Controversy and I Found out yet Not Bound up Here Seven Day Advocate and I Was Just Kind, Wondering What Exactly Can I Get Back to the Script I Can Get Him to Shed Some Light Because I'm Not. I'm Not Really Familiar with the Seventh-Day Adventist Father Believes I Just Knew That It Was Something That Cannot Stay Away from You and Stay with Him Now Sneeze Coming on Swimming Minutes. These Are the Single Clients Will Keep Going Here so I've Done Okay Point Which Is Lingering Sneeze. As You Know the Kind of Mess You up so Well Mass Was through the Guy Look out Right.

Yeah, That's Right over My Face and I on I Can See Myself on My Monitor and It Usually Makes Me Not Just Anything That Lets You Know so That That's What Work Is Limited to Talk about What They Affirm All Right with the Little Bit Because You Have To Understand What It Is That the Issues Are so They Affirm the Doctrine of the Trinity, the Father-Son Holy Spirit in Three Separate Simultaneous Distinct Persons That's Good.

They All Also Teach Properly.

Jesus Always Existed As If Somebody Called Michael the Archangel in the Old Testament the Call Michael Jesus Michael to Them Is Not an Angel Created These the Pre-Incarnate Christ the Mistake Michael for Jesus in This Mistake. They're Not Denying the Deity of Christ. Okay, I Okay They Do Affirm to the Carrier's Atoning Sacrifice of Christ and They Affirm Salvation by Grace, Not Works. However, at This Point.

This Is Where We Got a Starts Examining Because Some SDA People in the Sky like Little Subgroups. Some of Them Are within Orthodoxy, Barely, and Some Are Not Fixed This Issue Here. Salvation by Grace You Have To Ask Your Friend. Is It Necessary to Worship on Saturday in Order to Be Saved. Ever since Forgiven to Go to Heaven. Now They Teach That That the Sabbath.

Saturday Is the Property of Worship There 81 Do That That's Their Privilege Does Not Make It or Break an Issue but If They Say Your Friend Says Yes You Have To Worship on Saturday to Christian Then He Probably Is Either Not a Real Christian, or He Just Does Not Know What the Truth Is He's Been Misled for This Is the Thing That Ask Asking This You Have To Worship on Saturday to Be a True Christian to Be Forgiven of Your Sins Have To Worship on Saturday. If He Says Yes You Have To Worship on Saturday or Ever since Forgiven to Be Right with God, Then He's Got a False Gospel and Work with. This Is the Main Thing That They're Talking about the Great Controversy Written by Ellen G. White and Ellen G.

White Was Closely Prophetess Asked of the Bible Says Animal Profits after Jesus Rejected John The Baptist Actually Cannot. In the Old Testament Sense and Think like That SDA Do Not Call Her Works. Scripture but the Great Controversy Has Something Called Investigative Judgment and This Is Where It Gets Really Bad with the Fate of All People Be Decided Based upon the Investigative Judgment.

This Is What You Got Ask about Two Ask about the Investigative Judgment He Will Know What That Phrase Means the Investigative Judgment Investigative Judgment Asking Is This What Decides Our Salvation. Just Ask, Don't Say It Does or Doesn't Just Ask Him What Is He Say See What He Says and If He Says Yes, That's What Determines Our Salvation That He's Not a Christian. If He Says No, No, No System of Rewards and Stuff like That in Heaven, but Then He's within Orthodoxy Okay Because That's Okay but the Investigative Judgment of Been Told by Different People Is Interpreted Differently within SDA Environments.

So This Product You're Something Else They Teach Our Sins Will Ultimately Be Placed on Satan That's in the Great Controversy. Page 422. That Is a Heresy I Would Say to Damnable Heresy, but It Did Are so Many Things with the SDA That Are so Close to Being Very Heretical, but Not like It by Borderline Yes the Very Least Is Borderline and Now They Teach That When You Die Don't Exist Anymore Is Called Soul Sleep There Version of It That There Is No Eternal Hellfire. They Don't Affirm Predestination Which Is Dumb Because the Bible Tells Us That Were Predestined.

They Deny into Baptism. That's Okay. The They Deny Usually Any Use of Alcohol. Okay so Yeah Yeah Tell Me That He Drank Some of This.

Proverbs 31 Six Proverbs 31 Six It Says There Read It to You. Okay, Not Advocating the Let's Get Drunk. Nothing like That about Proverbs 31 Six Says Give Strong Drink to Him Who Is Perishing and Wanting to Him Was Life Is Better, Let Them Drink, and Forget His Poverty, and Remember His Trouble. No More.

So If You Want to Drink. That's His Privilege but He Can't Say That That's the Right Thing to Do Because Is Actually Advocating Drinking Right There Is a Medicine 316+ Jesus Was Greatly Are Not the Break so Sold on the Right. That Is Not a Boat Right Back and Mats like Why They Call 770-7276.

Here Is Matt's Leg Debris Still There Record Entry Question Sufficiently Judgment Everything out at the Time Carmen Look up What Is SDA Teach What Is Said That the Evidence and Teach Give You a List of Things Right There When I Should Do Is Write an Article. Questions to Ask Your SDA Friend.

That's What I Should Do Is Write an Article on the Okay but Sounds Good. Will Talk You Later God Bless All Right Is Good to Wayne for North Carolina.

Wayne Be There a Way Now Just Got through Driving Home from Charlotte That Breakout in a Row from Charlotte to Go. Charlotte Is Awesome Place I've Been. I Have Learned A Lot from Your Map Looking to You for Three Years Now. Usually My Son Is in the Car with Me Driving Home and Eat You Going to Call the Dispensary Might Remember That Name.

My Question Is God's with These Debates You Give It. Given You Know That You Do. Do You Ever Get Anybody to Listen to the Truth. You Tell Him, and They Change Their Mind on the Spot or Maybe Call You Back a Light Later Owning Yeah Tell You That There Are No Longer an Atheist. I Believe Now, Now Getting Annoyed about That or Know Is Rare and the Reason It's Rare Is Because the Atheists Who Want to Debate Me Are Usually Those Who Are Well Practiced in Their Eighth Use of Been Very Committed to It and Have Been for a Long Time so They Think That They Actually Have the Ability to Offer a Good Debate. I Don't Because Radius. They Have Faulty Presuppositions and All Kinds of Stuff and so Those People Know Is Not Happened, but I Cannot Say How Many Listeners Have or Haven't Been Affected.

I Do Know That That the Listeners A Lot Of Times Are on the Fence Are so Sure and I Had Atheist Tell Me Again the Really Good Arguments. I've Caused Them to Think and That's Good. But the Ones I Debate Have a Formal Debate That Some like That. No, They're the Ones Who Are This Rarely Happens When a Convert. Rarely I Love Me but with Other Apologists. Okay Well You Keep on Doing the Good Work You Doing up Early.

Enjoy the Day on My Way Home from Work Will Praise God Praise God and Thank You Listen Okay Okay Alright and That's Why Debate Folks Is Formal Debate Is Not That I Believe That I Can That the Debater Behaviors. Debater Won't Get Converted, but I Do Debates and Shows the the Vacuous Nature of the Atheist Position and Hope That Listeners and Viewers of the Debates Later Will Be Influenced, the Lord Jesus Christ. That's the Whole Goal. All Right, Let's Get to Next Long As Witness Chuck North Carolina Chuck Welcoming on Here, Adding That Really Enjoy Your Show. I Get That Looking to Buy. There the Other Day about the Old Rabbi and Not Get It All Back. Okay, but He Was Talking about. We Have Parted Spirits on the Earth and Aiming for a Bit. The Parties Spirit like They Were from the Death the Following Yard There. I'll Bring That's What a Staircase on That We Don't Know If It Is or Is Sort of a Series There Are Fallen Angels, and Then There Are Also Demons.

Some of the Mythologists Suspect That the Demons Might Actually Be the Naphthalene They Were Half Breeds between Fallen Angels and a Women and That When the Flood Killed Them That There Are Spiritual Released and They Are Always Looking to Get Back into Bodies and That's Why Demons Seek Possession Going to Dilute the Herd of Swine. This Is One of the Theories We Know If It's a Fact of His True Bathwater Theories That Are Categories in the Angelic Realm Powers and Principalities Are Demons. There Are Fallen Angels and Stuff so That's It.

We Don't Know for Sure If He Says That Is What It Is Is Making a Mistake.

He Should Say Here Galleries. We Think That's This and It Could Be This and Here's Information I Was to Work for the Perspective That Is That and That's Okay to Do It That Way but He Said No That's What It Is Because No No You Can't, Because Bible Doesn't Say Okay Thank You Very Much and Not You Answer the Question for Well Well Your Spirit, but Doing It and Work Art. I Work Hard, That's True. Let Experience and Because I'm so Slick That's One That Help Though It Said I That's Right and I'm Totally Sank That Eric Should so Loudly That Okay Hundred 88.

I Know That My Go Right Unless You Can.

Thank You Matt Okay for Those of You Might Adjust to and Why My Saying I'm Slick Because This Might My Real Last Name My Legal Last Name Is Slick Okay so We Joke about Having on the Dance Liquid and You Are All My Friends at the Got Gastro Good. I Know I Got Them All Right. Let's Get to Play Carolina Click Welcome Brother, Matt, How Are You Me a Long Time No Talk. God Bless You. First Day Evening. I Just like to Say Thank You for Doing Everything You Do on the Unit of Doing Their English That They Do Here Because I Share with People about Truth. It Is Your Being More People That You Know You Give Me Your Wonderful Things That You Bring Forward about You Know Scripture and Biblical Way. Last Night I Went to the Prayer Meeting about the Study and You Know I'm Thankful That Were Able to Get inside and out. Some of the Churches That Opened up but Last Night the Pastor Was Preaching on Something Specific and He Talked about. He Went off and Got off the Beaten Trail for Just a Moment and He Said Y'all Know I Do. Oh, the Wedding What He Said He Shared Something about That. You Know It. No Duty or Family Member Site Will Be Nice to Dance with Uncle Joe and Have You Know, There Was a Real Man. I'm Looking Forward to Being with My Sister. You Know Who Passed Away so He Could Come As a Bit of Thing a Problem with That Because He Said Scripture Does Not Say Coming out Even Brought like That You Know Think You Know You Know That I Know People Married 3040 5060 Years Because I Got a like That.

I've Been Married to for so Long, but I Have the Thing. When Somebody Said That They Go to Get the Note They're Going to Get to Be Delightful.

Whatever in Heaven.

So He Achieved a Little Bit My Direction Because I Know Probably Clay Will Look It up and See If We Could Find out If That's True or Not but I Was Looking It up and You Know First Corinthians 15 It Said That You Know We Will Be Changed, but It Doesn't, He Said That Scripture Does Not Bring out Anything about Being with Bardwell Going to Talk like That so Help Me out with That. Okay I Think I'm I'm Talking about. There Will Be No Marriage in Heaven up between Us. You Mortals Might Me.

My Wife Examples When One of Us Dies.

We Are No Longer Married. Because the Covenant Is till Death Do You Part. That's It. Sorry Mormon's Mormonism.

It Says Marriage in Heaven for Time and Eternity, but Not True. So Marriage That Sets There's Going to Be a Marriage Feast of the Lamb with the Bride of Christ to Believers to the Marriage Ceremony with Jesus in Revelation 19 Talks about This so That We See Our Loved Ones in Heaven. I Sure Suspect You Know, My Wife and I When We See Each Other in Heaven We Will Be Married at That Point, and If We Can I See a Reason, One Can See Each Other except Maybe That Should Be a Higher Level of Heaven Than Me. I'll Be Scraping down in the Bottom Given Feel Celestial Gum off the Floor, Will She's a Glowing Basket As You Deserve A Lot Be Married to Me. So, Normally Speaking. Yeah, I Think We'll See Each Other in Heaven We Will Be Married, but the Word Creek What He Shared Is Correct Because Scripture Does Not Support about, You Know, Being What You Know That the Money That You Been Married 34 a Year When Stuff like That Because As You Just Stated. He Says Being with What Is Me by Being with Physically Next to Some Llamas Uniting Turned out He Ate Last Night. I Love My Wife That I've Been Married to the Law, but Scripture Does Not Say That We Are Going to Be Married or Together in Heaven, yet Not Arrogant That Married in Heaven, so Together Is Different Because Together Means What It for 3 Feet Apart from Each Other.

That's Together. I'm a More Literal about Visiting My Together Lease Is No Marriage That's Correct. When I Can Be Married to Each Other Get to Heaven.

That's It.

Okay. And I Would Hundred Rebecca Dockable on That. I Know One Person That I Can Call up and Get Clarification on the I Am Very Thankful That You Do Bring the Clarification out and Also That I Would like to Probably Complement You on Is Not about Being Slick without Your Knowledge.

Your Godly Knowledge in Your Biblical Wisdom That You Bring to the Table and You Lay It out so I Look at It Said like. Also, Those Two Things Because It Says A Lot about What You Do As a Godly Man That He Has Brought You a Dream Where You Are Well. I Was a Thank You I Would Take to Umbrage with the Idea of Me Being Godly and Knowledgeable Get A Lot More to Learn and I Got A Lot More to Grow in My Sanctification but I Certainly Appreciate That Sentiment. I Really Do, and God Gets All the Glory. Well, I Mean You Know the Bible Says That Workers Occurred Only to Get with Each Other about Which I Actually Go Back and I'm Just Thankful for You Because Only You Bring out the Knowledge and the Wisdom That Is That Is Taught in God's Holy Word Numbing You Know I've Heard You Talk about It for Another Year of Virgie Furyk Enemy You Know I Get a Kick Out Of People, Hearing People Say and I'm so Glad That You Do What You Do You Know You You You Bring Us out, but It Is Just Wonderful Blessing, That There Are People like You Got Do This Because It Helpful That It Brings Insight in Your Able to Digest It so Just Thank You for the Knowledge and It Was That You Bring Will Please God and Thanks to the Ship to the Network Because Say to Me Details, but They Enable Me to Be on the Air to Say That Okay I Are a Mere Will. God Bless Your Brother Thank You Much and You Have One Avoiding You to Bless Our Right Let's Get to Last Call James from Missouri Hey James, Welcome. Yes, I Can Get about a Minute to Show We Got Buddy I Harp It's Your Call It on Your Website That Cut and I Did Wonder If There Any That Are Not That World Delete I Believe That They Got All People That That Brilliant Partner. We Really Ever Met Who Are Not Talk about What It Is First Limited Time British Israelite-ism Is a Teaching People the British Isles Are the True Jews and the True Descendents of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Now, How Far They Go with It. That's the Issue.

If They Say You Have To Be Agree to That. To Be Safe Will, of Course, Would Say That's Not Missing Is Not True. If They Say No to All People of the Gospel. That's True It Is, but I Would Say That the Case about Maritime and Evokes the Lord Bless You by His Grace Back on Here Tomorrow. Have a Great

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