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February 26, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 26, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is it right to pray to Christ rather than to God---2- What is meant by the 1000 years in Revelation 20---3- What do you think of the ARP church---4- What was the reason for John writing to the churches in Revelation- Does it have to do with losing your salvation---5- When did God create dinosaurs---6- Did Islam come from Ishmael's descendants---7- A caller wanted to discuss the end times and proposed his verses for understanding the 1000 year reign. He agreed with Matt's position.--8- Doesn't the statement by Jesus that not even He knows the day or the hour His return indicate that Jesus isn't God-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is really found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines version maps. What why bribes is called the respondent 77207276 Matt slick arrived one Matt slick mesh look like today is the 16th of work, 20, 21, 20 give me a call with five open lines. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 acre newbie we answer questions right training for questions on theology, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam all kinds of stuff and I guess I'm offensive.

And the reason I'm offensive is because I talk about the truth and I don't really care what people think.

That reminds me, you know the cancel culture stuff which I was studying and writing on social justice on the column website people who don't line say something and then people other people online will say hey that's not right. You mean and always wanted.

What would you care when you care you know I I'm a public figure and I had people say things about me for years and years and years and you don't like to say stuff, you also know you're meeting your lives.

Your big your hateful take your okay whatever device you you don't get enough just the legal people write stupid stuff on my Facebook or whatever it is okay, what's the big deal I do know that in this latest funeral cancel culture environment that people lose their jobs over stuff, you know, which is just but you know as far as other stuff goes, I don't understand why people take it so seriously, whatever you have been threatened with death had been swatted up and followed in cars: beef stew and all kinds of stuff babies. My family gets me this is what life is like in the public arena so anyway just a thought of toppling it on a lie was a big deal. Not but he looks going to give me a call again five open lines. You may call 877-207-2276. Now I give you live update on the Israel trip. Remove the date a little bit is a little bit and good for March 10 through the 22nd of next year of 2022 so well so anyway and Everett were doing that for reason I talked to Eric Johnson. He's heading up everything because so he good at a guy named Joel Kramer. Joel Kramer is a Biblical archaeologist and when I was there. Israel, five, six, seven years ago. He would long and for like three or four days he was with us, tell you. Seriously, I'm not saying it was really impressive. We went to for example a member. This went to Jericho and stood on the walls and is nice you have your but a tourist. Hey look is at the wall and he would literally say this is the wall, look over here see that you see this thing here that pottery look at this is the layer whatever and we would get this. This grates is a world-class archaeologist Biblical archaeologist and he took us up to Kumon K-1 worthy.

The young Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and we got to go in the cave.

Hopefully he'll do it again. It was really interesting.

He's getting along and it's really great seriously and really is the and so it's is a major good thing there so he lives in Jordan and the that cortisol contingent on if he's able to get the Israel from Jordan next year, which should be a pop problem but you know how things are and let it we want to start to register people so if you're still you know you want check it out all you do is go to karma Israel and the we like you to start beginning of registering so loosely to see if we have enough demand to make registration open so go to karma see ARM and go to the link at the top. Anyone who fills out the survey will be the first to know about the trust registration is guaranteed hundred dollars off the trip. The cost of the trip and I will be limiting the trip to 35 people and this is on one bus still limited room and out so to Eric Johnson and I will be getting devotionals going to trip work is been there many times does Israel well. Things like this, 13th, 14th, 15th trip, things like that so check it out okay. We want you fill out the form is a survey in the top of page near the top where it is a survey just fill it out because it really helped us out to find out who is interested and stuff you got to like nine people so far entertainers of Mike that I do know who deftly want to go and so it's is building and this is after just a couple weeks so is really good if you're interested in checking it out to karma and we have four phone lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Calton from Raleigh got order light of Christ take a look at the calendar was a get you on your body, your near so we got buddy I might just have a question on the Lord.

A lot of pray to write the post. The praying to look him and you think right that the conduit to get the LOM so if it right but MP3 right of the post to pre-two LOM you think right of the conduit will you think you will Jimenez and yes it is okay to pray to Jesus, but who do you think Elohim is Elohim of God omnipotent one.

Did you affirm the doctrine of the Trinity. Yet if I do I don't okay so you know that Jesus Christ is God in flesh second person of the Trinity right correct okay so Jesus has asked me anything in my name and I will do it. You know you looks know John 1414 and is a phrase in the Old Testament says a call upon the name of Yahweh is found in Psalm 116 for Zechariah 13 or 13, nine, and it means to pray and worship Yahweh. When the Jews translated the Old Testament Hebrew Bible into the Greek by 200 BC. They translated the phrase call upon the name of Yahweh to the phrase in Greek call upon the name of the Lord, so that phrase is is about the Lord God, and Paul the apostle applies that phrase to Jesus first enters one to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus so you can pray to Jesus. Okay, I was or what your computer because some reason always think of praying what I was what I've been reading with that you have to go to Christ for not get the LOM and not so you visiting I'm not will is a yes or no to that because we don't want to is that we go to get our prayers answered.

It's not like we do see is God's butler up there musical you are prayers answered with a dualistic craving for God. Christ reprinted the father pray to the Holy Spirit rolled the one being how it all works but that's I would insult we pray and submission out.

Jesus is the mediator first Timothy 25. The only way to the father through Christ next to said first Timothy 25 and also in Luke 1022 and Matthew 1127 talks about this. The only way to go to the father is through him. So Jesus reveals the father. 1127 so this will be the do is understand who Christ is, but get the father calls us in the fellowship of the son Christ Jesus's first contents 19.

You can't have fellowship with some of you will spend time with and talk to so we can talk Christ in pray to Christ so well all works out really nicely okay about your okay you okay thank you very much you look very much. Alright God bless. We have three open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276 disc at the Greg from Sunbelt North Carolina a great welcome on the talking about a question about your ability to think about a year. We were talking about it and we were know you got a point about Revelation 20 where it talks about the granite for a thousand years, and we want to know what your explanation is that what I'm not trying to argue with your wagering. Want clarification Journal.

No big deal whenever the word thousand by itself just thousand God's own God owns the cattle on a thousand hills a days but a thousand years.

We find that it's in a figurative context to look at Revelation 20. Then I saw an angel may ask you if it's literal or figurative son angel come down from heaven. Would you say that literal or figurative. There I would literal my I would agree holding the key of the of this and a great chain in his hand, literal or figurative, I would probably figuratively I would agree with you. He laid hold of the Dragon literal or figurative. I believe talk about faith that Dragon could be worked were dragged alive probably were. Dragon is figurative, the serpent of old, that would be literal. Okay he laid hold of the Dragon figurative, the serpent of old literal with the devil and Satan literal and bounding for a thousand years. Is it literal or figurative city, less the question we have to ask is it little figurative and Revelation 20 Revelation is is very symbolic book and in the context of Revelation 20.

There are figurative things used. It doesn't mean that the thousand years is figurative, but it does not mean that it's also literal. We have to be open to the idea that you literal or physical or look figurative because in the thicket of context as well.

To suggest a point. Plus, think about this now so those who supports all mail will say will you Jesus was a big guy.

Jesus said that Satan was bound because during the millennium, Satan has to be bound right is not right now. He says he bound him for a thousand years at Revelation 20 runners to alright so if you go to Matthew 12. This is what's interesting is because Jesus is cast out demons and that they said the Pharisees are you doing up by the power bills above the ruler of the deep demons, and the Jesus of replies to them and he says so let's see. Therefore say okay we got so in verse 28.

If I cast out demons by the Spirit of God and the kingdom of God is come upon you want. Let if he's casting out the demons by the Spirit of God, which is to was, he says, then the kingdom of God is come upon you well. Was Jesus casting out demons by the Spirit of God. Yes.

So then the kingdom of God is come upon them right process to be talking about beginning of God, and could put on your thinking of God was on. Could you not heard Tommy could be living the next verse, or how can anyone enter the strong man's house and carry office property, talking about casting out demons unless he first binds the strong man so who's a strong man that Satan so Jesus is saying that his kingdom is there and Satan is bound right there. Matthew 1228 29 okay and to really make it mess things up a little. Check this out this is Matthew 13 near the pair parable of the wheat and the tears right and he says in verse 24 the kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field while they were sleeping. The enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat of this is in the kingdom of heaven can pet may be compared to a man selling good seed break don't come back over the rest of it show you something and release the hold on hey folks, we all have provided want to give me a call 877-0727 Matt Y. Call 770727 tares mats like after the show we have two open lines 8777 right Gregory still there for alright so and no review little bit Jesus as if he's casting out demons by the power of the spirit in the kingdom of heaven is come upon them was that mean you know it doesn't mean then that there are in it now or what could because the kingdom of heaven in the kingdom of God. Our space was synonymous and Matthews is one phrase in the end it got remedies. Another choice Jesus is Matthew 1325 the kingdom of heaven is paired to a man who had a field so good seed, and then it was on the bad guys put tears in their and they asked Jesus when she would go get them up and he said allow both the grow together until the harvest time of the harvest will say the reapers first gather up the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat in the barn for the tears of the wicked. So the first ones gathered at the end of the is a harvest of the wicked are you there naked noise. Are you doing something or listening not start but it okay. Did you hear what I said good okay so the first ones gathered are the wicked or the over the good ones are gathered together at the tears of their wicked the first ones gathered correct are the wicked right is Matthew 1330 Matthew 1340 were Jesus interprets it okay and what he says and 40, 41, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall be the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those commit lawlessness. That means the wicked are actually existing here as you take the wicked out of his kingdom.

If it's this just a kingdom that is in heaven. It wouldn't make any sense. It has to be here on the earth.

You see through our big whopping to get to heaven. Anyway, what judgment great white throne. They are not sure what great) to be, but the now that's a spotlight they would be close to heaven would be of great) judgment right now that's good question. Where is physically where is it. But see, there's evidence here for this.

The idea of a millennialism that the millennial reign of Christ is that for figurative rain. But that Satan was bound at the beginning when Christ was there and he said it was already there. He's doing it so their support for that but let me tell you, not every physician has all the answers. Not every physician has all the answers I got rightly agree with that.

Thank thank you appreciated Matt slick appreciated yeah that is what I thought your help operation you reluctantly give you your mortar.well you say one thing is that unfortunately in eschatology to study the end times what happens is a lot of people look down their noses at others who don't agree with them about the millennium with its premed post-trip, rapture or milk free milk post mill and it's a real problem and so what I like to do is show people there's good arguments for a millennialism, but maybe it's not the correct position but don't be so fast to judge another person. Based on this and just so you don't believe the Bible like I do. It's a form of prayer is it the look of pride and arrogance. We gotta be careful that we don't look down the nose at others have a different view. They have the reasons we need to be very gracious with everybody that's not my concern is that I agree with you there. I agree with you there. We are so a lot of the power we have to show a lot of flavored and and and and show the world that were workable eat when we were sharing love of Christ not were not about showing a and and derision or anger like that so is the right attitude right. God bless thank God for your help. Thank you Matt with me about okay, all right, that's good to Joanne from North Carolina to and welcoming on the air. Joanne hello I don't hear anything, let's give it a try to live longer. Sometimes that does happen and all, and father gave the collar when I got in line. That's all right for me, mean you don't hear me yes I hear you fine Albert hate back okay they can think back so got a question that if you get made. Like you, thank about they first IR. I'm not first about the ARP church, the sea, they are the something Association reform Presbyterians right that's what it is I haven't found anything bad about them. I don't know the position is on women passion is not yet reformed Presbyterian associate reformed Presbyterian yes it reformed and I don't know if the position is on women pastors and elders if they affirm it but I wouldn't recommend them if they deny it, then that's good and as far as the because sexuality is a broad and necessary topic.

Then I hope that what they would do is condemn you know, fornication due to sodomy, homosexuality, lesbianism, and all that as as being what they are sinful and begin at the same time entrusting love to them as well. I was I'd hope to see that so but I'm not okay that I just haven't anything to really disagree with support right there be luster hello Pakistan okay will just move along.

Thanks for that call. Let's get to Gabriel from Georgia hey Gabriel, welcome here on here you know, making every yes I can refine sorting up what will the reason John wrote the seven churches in Revelation because I'm not will study on the book of Revelation and I have a frantic trying to use the light just you know get the pool bay. If you're Christian salvation book of the judgment and spout the adoption of the parts.

The night I came right thought you want to know your thoughts on ticklish thing. Well, his little bit of bread I've actually been to all of the locations of the seven churches in Turkey and so had the prevent doing that and I wanted Israel trip to Turkey and conduct ethical all that was really cool of the very different theories about why the written one of them is that the seven churches are seven dispensations and they reflect different times. Another one is a seven churches are seven levels of spirituality. I think the reason the seven churches were written is because the seven churches were blowing it and that need to be written as a as a representation and as a verification of the problems that they had had a different ways. As always for us to be able to understand and to learn and to grow from these churches is serving God way they fail.

As a reminder us in our areas where we failed every vote the right back after these messages we have to align seven Matt slick live call 770-7276 is Matt slick back of the show gave her you still there. There all right a little bit more info is that there were a lot of other churches around the area, and Turkey, modern-day Turkey and if you were to look at the map were those seven churches of Revelation are listed you'll see that they are on a circular route so that they could give a letter to I think Ephesus could take it on to call a say Colossae for the college they can take it and be sent forward in a circular area is a lot of churches, but it would've been out of the the geographical range.

So that's part and parcel of the know the natural reasoning because you could send a letter of an investment in a male route of circular communication route. Probably also because there were certain issues of each of those churches that need to be addressed and there were for the benefit of the Christian church as a whole because when I read I like reading about seven churches personally. I read about it. I feel bad about myself.

I'm bloated here get there.

You know what the you get the point right right that help you help help you about the bit bases earlier, one that Margo knew that the did review the dispensations. I don't think it's true, but this is some of the sentence been offered no quick question what will be the best reputation as far as the mighty believe in date… About always ask what they mean by speak outside of the Bible because what if you would your praying and the Lord wants to put something upon your heart, is that thinking outside the Bible will not sense, yes, but not really. You know what about people in his. I know a guy in Israel who said that I met a guy in Israel who said that she disappeared to him and could be covered on the spot because he looked in the Jesus size induced knew that he was God there are Muslims all over the Middle East having visions and dreams of Jesus and are coming to faith so can God work in charismatic kind of way. Yeah. And what about charismatic gifts. I affirm all the gifts for today all of them and so what if someone speaks in a tongue is interpreted. Wells that belong in the Scriptures. Now, can he speak through a person is it possible that God could have someone like me go to China to speak any Chinese right and what if I surgically can Chinese for a minute because of the Holy Spirit is that possible. I'm sure I thought I would. It's possible. Can God do it. Of course you can. Has it happened. I thought I understood there is anecdotal of the world.

The sky things happen so is that speaking outside the word well yeah how, but then again, no, because the Bible says these kind of things can happen to you seek where he mean by that phrase, speaking outside the Bible. SB examined it or there are more of it. Maybe they will hide it like today that had welcome okay and so since I affirm that this is possible. I also want to say that what's happening in the charismatic circles is basically Kara's mania and you I can work today from God imitate what was going on… You I don't buy that stuff God could certainly do things I would say is not normative and anything and everything that anybody experiences must be subjected to the word of God. It has to be people speak in tongues and there's no interpretation will first print is 14 says to do with interpretation. Otherwise, keep quiet in the breaking the word of God all the time. So when you say Revelation knowledge. I've heard people to look at Revelation knowledge and got the Holy Ghost could be Revelation knowledge unites stuff, and I hate this stuff because they don't think they want to do at this point is is submit the word of God to their so-called revelations, and that is why formula for disaster. So though God can certainly do things we have to be very very careful about it.

We have to say that all of it must be subjected to the word of God always.

Every time the word of God is the final authority. Otherwise you end up doing stupid things like these guys are perfect hair and perfect teeth on TV you know still in jitter jokes in tongues and laughing okay Matt, thank you. Welcome and God bless.

But right babe you too. Thanks let's get to Chuck from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Chuck welcome but applicable will minimal enjoyment of ministry much of a quick question as far as the dinosaurs ordered all of course all about authority when they came about or as a reporter for heaven and earth thing though there very very inquisitive leisure thing is electronic data look at it live Bible now folded very inquisitive about animals like this book we talked about met with. It was another animal which them about what the equipment show anyway. What is your you look like when I came about. I believe they came about. No one got created of the land and move them everything that the water or the error. Things like that no thought for the plant that humans need only look at things and I'm opposed the bill on illuminating what you now. I'll let you serve. Well, it turns out that there are cultures that draw dinosaurs on caves and their ancient cave drawings with dinosaurs in Lotta cultures have stories of dinosaurs in the eye by believe like you do that God created them when I could to land animals. No big deal. We have lions and tigers and bears.

We have what I have a transgressor asked if they want to say that the dinosaurs and and humans did not live the same time within wires or cave drawings of dinosaurs. Why are they finding DNA inside of dinosaur bones and in there in the bone marrow because you know if it's 60 million years old. Wires are still viable tissue in their note give me a break. It just doesn't work very well so you think the Achilles' heel is there's three main areas of the keel of the Achilles' heel of evolution, read something to you and beseech you if you'll build working at your kids okay let's Thomas can read something and this is on Bob explained to the first, and then I read something else carbon Fortner 712 1314. Carbon-14 is an isotope, that's not stable, has a half-life, which means that by despite being it's if it was 1 g of current 14 and 5730 years becomes half a gram despite self just by doing nothing while half-life and it is not a stable isotope and so that means that carbon-14 will and will understand the math but does this what I've read from different places it can no longer survive in an organism after hundred thousand years. So if you think a squirrel is eating and drinking and breathing in all the stuff. Carbon-14 enters into that system of that squirrel intersects regular rate and is a certain amounts in the scientist know that the awesomeness percentage because of this and that whatever the illicit a squirrel dies is covered up by mud right away and is to scan a frozen and 50,000 years later the uncover this all theory here, they uncovered the squirrel lately carbon dated the can carbon date the age within a few couple 3000 years based on how much carbon-14 is left over so theoretically after hundred thousand years. There should be no carbon-14 it's impossible to carbon-14 doesn't work as a dating method biological things that are older supposedly than 100,000 years old they are, but it is talking question and become wiser carbon-14 found inside a diamonds which are carbon-based and a side of show coal shells different parts of the world you think is causing millions of years old it. Carbon-14 exists in them if there's if that's the case, then they shouldn't. That older should not have carbon-14 in them. They do, and people tried to contamination doesn't work as reasons for so the dating methodology is the Achilles' heel because evolution needs millions and millions of years. Check this out place to sing to recent lava dated at less than 1.6 million years old from its position in the rock layers which is been dated to 773 million years old. Using the rubidium strontium dating method so there's different different dates for the same Strada upper Miocene policing level was dated at 5 to 9 million years old by potassium argon dating and dated at 31 to 39 million years old by the rubidium strontium dating method and I got more I can just keep reading like this. The dating methods of how old the rocks are contradict each other, but you don't hear about this, this, I got more about this read so your daughter God created them all night out 98% of all space okay regular folks to open lines 877-0776 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 is Matt's leg combat.

We are to open line. Call 877072276 look at the Carl South Carolina Carl welcome around here on the Ishmael and that covenant went through Abraham. I will was a man planned really that came out of the Muslim faith that kind of Akron where you left Ishmael and have many, many defendants make a nation they get to learn to go into that beware the Muslim faith arrived well, Arabs are already around that time and it is one of the series is that since the descendents of Abraham are promised prosperity and he is literally descendent of Abraham. Therefore he received that some think it was the group of people and eventually were seduced and lied to by my Mohammed and became Muslims/1 of the theories, but there was boy was born 13 years prior to Isaac instantly.


The number of sin right explain and then the course. Isaac is called the only begotten additional cycle that helps in what it when they refer to the defendant children of Abraham and the defendant were Christians, we are grafted in as children of God through Christ we included Danette children's are descendents of Abraham law adopted were adopted… On its adoption is a legal thing and so if I were to adopt a child in my home. That child has all the legal rights, etc. familial rights of natural born children and so we are adopted in and Romans 11 talks about this being grafted okay. I appreciated Matt Douglas you will commit God bless. All right, let's get to see Mark from North Carolina, Mark welcome hello hello yes yes I think you have a question, but I will give you a call, called the millennial kingdom. If you hit they should delegate if Scriptures would look up your understand that much better.

Okay, if you look for a day.

I hope you okay Daniel 244 Jeremiah 23 five.

Both of those tail when the kingdom is set up that you also gave Matthew which is good.

Romans 512 Revelation 510. Now, that's when we write on this earth in the article. First Corinthians 1525 and 26 Hebrews 28 that will tell you when Christ reigns, then go to Revelation 2036 and that will take you when we write with Christ a thousand years is not a literal thousand year or so to start is at the cross and it keeps going until the motor turns and often got his years. You are 100% correct that while X that's good.

Most people don't agree with me and that's okay well I wish thing I wish they would know which you would be more of that. New colors there is no literal 1000 year point millennial's daughter get the cross hands with the old return stories all that's my position right now is my position. Well, that's right. And I was also go to first 2465 verse two.

The rapture is a day of the Lord to come like a thief in the night and in you when you go to second Peter 39 the new heavens, new word and intent. That's right, all that stress right now. I know you have is north of the truck and another call, I will hear pure color so but such great work you call the called investment dinosaurs of his dollars Mohammed people watch a documentary is Genesis history document and it will explain how we did all the dinosaur books think that this is I think I've seen that unlike Netflix or something you think you to put okay try to kill her by watching and hips explained that I think I reckon if it is on YouTube.

I recommend people download it because we YouTube going.

They make remove it because it's not a little correction off but to say that the you know I love God's word so happy to see these people call you so that you are able to correctly the right information. I hope I'm correct I believe I am you will you will help him see him here to conform to what you're saying there is no literal without the directories will really aggravate you and I can talk I so agree with you. If people want to believe but that's all right but well it's almost the devil.I.people have a second chance. Who are these people telling that they get a second chance. There are no second chances that the strength so that it was likely something and what gets me is that people are in my opinion has a potential being lulled into apathy because he would get wrapped up before you think is best with worry about anything. That's what bothers me. That's right, the opposite of what Christ teaches about suffering for it night you got that right. You should email me should we should talk. You should email that I was looking I would love to get a really good are you so much older. Don't about admiring the conflict.

Usually, people get to know Mr. maybe 10 minutes, the most 12 and they're not impressed anymore. They go about your SLO only are working my humility and proud of it. Yeah working on some fundamental ideas about what you don't let God bless you.

Contact me email me okay I sure would like you all right, wow, now this is so you guys know out there regularly and I do not tell you everything. I don't stuff. There's a lot there's a lot about this and I taught audit for 1 to 2 hours at a time in Bible studies with words and everything.

There's a lot of stuff and a lot of people converted over to that position. So is make it right. Hey, let's get to Mark from Florida Mark welcome you are on the year are you there mom are okay and my question is how would you go and respond to a Jehovah's Witness or even a mother or mom that first use that rep writes that it be at the divine nature is you want on your disrespect, but we did get it sent met 24, 36, that they are generally no one knows not even the angels of heaven, nor the son but the father alone.

All right saw explain with the cultural context is black. Write this down Revelation 1912 right. Revelation 1912 his eyes are a flame of fire, and on his head are many diagrams and he has a name written on him which no one knows except himself. He is clothed with a robe dipped in the blood in his name is called the word of God will that mean that Jesus has a name and no one knows except himself, that Ms. Guth audit is now so therefore forgot apart is no something you can't be God. Just the same as Jesus did know something so he can't be God.

Revelation 1912 with me. Dr. so that's what that's how you can respond quick and slick. But here's the context of the six of them more time to understand this and that. When I have a quick quick quick quick question about that that person's on Revelation 1912 didn't actually now it's reversing a role in giving Christ something that the father doesn't outbreak is the idea that the thing is that the Jews often spoken exaggeration.

If you go to, for example, to Jude Jude for talks about they did neither only Lord and Master, Jesus went a minute so the father is not the master north cc they speak like this. It's an exaggeration, then, and it applies to genocide the little go to Jenna to a John 17 three you the only true God, and then to Blazek to deal with as well, but I'd recommend. I'll give you the context of why Jesus said what he said there 24, 36, but you need to go to Carmen and look up call upon the name of the Lord, and if you're interested in really learning how to witness to them by the DD Christ. They have no way out of this very good argument to give Chuck converge. Running low on time to get to the context of why Jesus said what he said, no man knows nothing of the hour. It had to do with the wedding feast. I've had this confirmed to me by people who were raised Jewish, became Christian. This is not I'm the only Gentile that they've heard of who knows this and I did my research, but any rate, when back then the father of 1005 another house would arrange wedding between us, a son and a daughter and the wedding had to be arranged in advance. There's usually a year-long engagement and then they would have a day when it was in day or two of when the wedding would occur because the relatives had to come in from long distances and be there for the wedding because you can hop on a car and driver two hours ago hundred miles. They couldn't do that by so they would also have to have the fatted calf, the wine produced hold that they had to know when the wedding feast was to be correct. During this whole time.

This year the sun was to build a room addition onto the house of the father goes with Jesus. I go to make room for you house for you mentioned for you. I go to prepare a place for you, they'll come and bring you to myself this is reflection of that. So he had to bring this had to make this room, and the purpose was that once the wedding occurred, he would get his bride and bring them back to that room and that's when they lived in the father's house. That was a cultural thing. All right, that's a setting so no one would know the exact date or time when this would be allowed to occur because it was the father's duty to say. Go get your bride. It was a sign of respect and honor to the father so that the friends of the groom would say so when can you get the bride only the father knows not the son but the father alone if they knew what was going to happen, but maybe not exact second but they knew and so then the father would say go get your bride, the trumpets would probably would go to go to the bride had wouldn't come back big feast hope that that's the whole context is an idiomatic phrase it does not mean literally Jesus didn't know okay so likewise where the father did not new when he was ready to go out and announce the wedding. He would tell the stage doesn't make doesn't make the sun inferior to the father in any way dismember though Jesus is made under the law, which is wine in John 1428. He says the father is greater than I.

Is made on right on Galatians 44 made under the loader needles. He was tonight so I this is what you do. The first Corinthians 1 to thing call upon the name of the Lord, you learn that you believe that a not lovers of tomorrow is the point is, I will write you a ride that was Mark. The Lord bless you all and my great tomorrow. I hope you

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