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February 24, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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February 24, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussions with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions testimonies from those who have purchased CARM's three schools.--2- Can a person who has the gift of tongues also translate-interpret---3- Is it possible to have a full, abiding presence with Christ now or will that only happen in eternity---4- Do you think world leaders today have demonic counselors, similar to Pharaoh's magicians in Exodus---5- What does -asleep in Jesus- mean- Are you just unconscious until the rapture---6- My kid is talking about zombies and saying he sees them. Should I be worried---7- What did Jesus mean by saying -let the dead bury their own dead----8- Does -the dead know nothing- imply soul sleep---9- A caller wanted to continue the discussion of abiding in Christ.--10- When someone dies, are they outside of time like God---11- Are there any verses in the New Testament for or against capital punishment-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mass Y is the founder and president of the pursuit of knowledge of his research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine mess would live well what you can recall we have we held for five open lines 877-207-2276 last four digits spelled C a RM1 your phone or wherever you go from the weight right now all that's sick.

So, just a reminder on the Israel trip.

If you want to get out just what is real harm all one word, and there's the commission we have to be thought a form that just gives us an idea of how the people to go and as far as the medical requirements I'm not exactly sure what the requirement is for inoculations and things like that.

I remember you going to be inoculated. But I don't know the status will be in the year to be happening so well, maybe an issue might not be an issue. I don't know will just have to see if you want to give me a call about that. Let me know or you can email Eric at what you know what it is down just at info at current networking email us and that'll help a great deal right there any questions we can know eventually get answered right five open lines 877-207-2276 so little you know that we have schools if you want to learn your theology I really recommend that you do because a lot of time people think the theology not a Christian still think is necessary to learn like all and you know is Jesus and that's it. Let me tell you that the people I've taught over the years have taught Bible studies. I teach theology when I do that this highfalutin big stuff all the time and here's what you know, 15 page exam.

Now it says I weave theology into the lesson has a lesson to your topic and over the months of the years that have been doing this people I taught have repeatedly said that they didn't know how interrelated the stuff was and how important it was and how it affects their understanding of Scripture prayer even and they've all said the same thing and that they are glad that they learned more.

It's always been a benefit this and they've learned things that they didn't know that they would learn and experience. Thanks, and have also stated that unfortunately one of the side effects is that when you listen your pastor's sermons become little more critical. It's not that I teach been critical and I teach to the contrary, actually. But I warn people that when they start studying theology a little bit.

Nothing that would just basics that the start understanding more up with this text is saying that a preacher will be preaching out of an expert looking women about the subject and they've they've told he repeatedly that is.

Had a pretty strong effect on how they they hear sermons and read the word and and this is a good way. It's a good thing. The critical I know that people God uses different people different levels and be very gracious and pay attention to sermons and stuff like that but learning your theology is very important and I would recommend you go to the website CA is a lot of information there. I've been writing articles there for 25 years and I fully read and I know how many 5500 articles maybe we got a lot there and so we also have I also wrote some schools, a school of theology of school apologetics in a school of critical thinking and the school apologetics and critical thinking are good, but the theology schools need to be. You need to study theology because only then can you understand the other issues in several rings there.

Some of the lessons written little new material. Go check out the schools are for $33 each go there to You can check out the stuff you want and it will say this not to tell people that if you can't afford the schools but you want the schools that I got to do is attached going to do is just email us so you want to schools but you can't afford them and they will continue okay so that's what we do and there you go rights when we just jump on the phone this get to Glenn from Texas Glenn welcome the on the air and also to be a mistake about you today was that I statement a lot.

I hope that a good way yeah yeah you did ask a question the media say gay folks this guy here. I know that I does that for years and years and years of super smart guy loves the Lord.

He's got quite a history of stuff and he has kept Carmen running over the years so many different ways and times, and you can thank him for whatever reasons. Carmen still is around and Mike is given you the thumbs up kudos body thinking that my question is about that but wanted to hear you are talking specifically not speak in tongues in Scripture. According think they were doing if they were to do it auto translated to the church right after they thing in the Bible doesn't say it says someone has a gift of tongues. Let another interpret that seems to be what's going on and but there's nothing the Bible them aware of this is the same person does. It can't also interpret so that this list does say x-rays look to when he prophesied graders one who prophesies someone who speaks in a Tampa tongue unless he interprets. Looks like that's the verse right there for 24 25 it says that what is mixed tongues can insert about that so that you may receive it. I read it well, but you know Here that so brothers are you from there and I would like. I can't believe you tricked even opened the back with but while that yeah so anyway, but that I would challenge with that and wait in a way that I read it but that I can translate the same time, you will rather your yeah it's so that's what it says now so I can actually put a sentence first contents of 14 five speaks in tongues less interprets, so the psyche interprets the tongue.

The thing you know is is it a angelic language is of a tongue that's a normal human language that this person doesn't know or is a language he does know, and then he interprets it so don't know if you might. What it is not an end that I know many gibberish or yet so I will talk be block where people think they they were trying to admonish me for going there worse, they audibly deplete how the plant that lamplight to cure the same boat are to where you get yeah this is so young looking and go my wife and look because you want to find a church to get used to and forth in the reformed churches are little bit. So… A traditional which drives me crazy got in the nontraditional reform so I'm stuck in the middle and the and I just can't get used because they don't want me to teach like predestination because you can't do that. That's what Bible teaches. But you know how churches are.

Yeah, I get it, you know, I am there with you but I family I don't buy down here look like the building, but with all that I need to be accountable church. I keep the street. I know each other so long to be accountable to me just pay me. You know weekly that will work is the product then out that I got them just looking out for your click it that right yet. There's got to be X mice lectionary that the other day to get slighted of the new site. It's this lectionary right slick dictionary and see lectionary on car and a bunch of stupid words I've made up.

I will think my free time rather college get to catch up her ability to get the blood okay Glenn, no life. Okay, guys like you is 189 seriously like guys great guts. All right, forgive me a call when one of line 877-207-2276 Jonathan from California. Jonathan welcome you on here.

Thank you for having me having me over the years I've used car and probably for My life.

I'm 34 now are you today when I was an early Christian. I used Carmen when Mormon Jehovah's Witnesses would come to my door and we went I would print off pages from your your website not got a giant red binder that I went through and highlighted everything. I still have today. It's one of my favorite possession was awesome. Yeah, I love you much for the work you praise God praise God just love doing it was for exactly what you meant was gone well. Apologetics with major determining factor for me, but that is not my my question today I'm part of the mentoring and discipling group with other pastors as well. I am a youth pastor and techno-California bit about ministry for eight years and getting my doctorate and started my doctorate and held it will herald spiritual formation and I been reading a lot of books on Andrew Murray, Brother Lawrence Frankel pocket guide who are qualified as Christian mystics and I know that word is a taboo word but guys that are really interested in the idea of the abiding presence of Christ. Specifically, more from like John 15 question is, as I've been thinking about it in one of that's a topic that I'm thinking about writing a dissertation on and it's just my first two weeks going to help. It is, is it possible to have a fullness of the abiding presence of Christ, or if that's something we have to wait for and the next life with designer terms first yeah so was made to have an abiding presence of Christ because he's always in us, never will leave us. So in that sense sure to have it so really means the mean that extra turn yeah I would knowing John 15, the abiding end of mind that we become one, I get it. The what if the abiding presence. I would I get that which is qualified it with John. John 15th, the love of the love of Christ and the benefit date and manifestation of Jesus comes to the fullness in the in an individual's life. Recognize that well you remind the jury that might clarify right back after these messages via one of the 17720722 max Y call 770776 is Matt's leg so everyone I am so there's book called Scott's workings and is written the original one in the early 1800s and 1800s and a reprints and then they had a another version of it. And let's say that some of the things were kind of removed, so I have a copy of the original and reprint of it and it's about the Presbyterian divines on you know Presbyterians are the walkaround really stiffened and that the point fingers looked at her long noses at you with the basic interest of the imaging will apparently some of these are documented on the website, which is now down the back of if you want to talk, but abiding in Christ. Some of these guys apparently the stories go that one of them said that he was going go down in the garden and spend time with the Lord and witnesses said that when he was in the garden was a second figure there with them and this happened regularly. There were stories of of a priest who end up staying at a man's house when his and divines house and the good of the middle night and left and some stop this kind of road toward you leave us so priest so that so-and-so's house at least talking to demons as he heard voices of the men's room and another voice to get here. Both the man and something else and someone else and and the guy said no no no talking to demons is talking to the Lord. Go back and listen and he did. The priest got converted so there are stories like this one man said he made an arrangement with his wife to pray for Scotland and he prayed eight hours a day for two years into a regular's wife. To do this because he wouldn't be available today at the end of two years was a revival in Scotland. There's all kinds of stuff like this there's anecdotes John Knox George Richard John Fleming. Some of these guys think they some of them say they audibly heard voice, the voice of God like a church predicting the future. Things like this and it came to pass these reflect Calvinists Presbyterian divines look Scott's workings that the only thing think of that mean in what you're talking about that level of intimacy is a true I don't know, but this is what was recorded yet you think you think it's possible for the common Christian to have such an intimacy with Christ that that it one to become one letter was a means to become one yeah, I don't mean that we become Christ that that's right that the union between the two as creator and creation is that being abide when I see you here and this is what we do to mess up when you mess up like the craziest creature distinction must always be maintained always absolutely and so there's a sense in which God can give us more than what we normally abide in. I had that extreme privilege of that occurrence of my conversion with the listening writable presence company who I felt something and maybe try a little, no, no, no, on the ground sobbing in the presence of the permeating holiness washing into my very being and reducing me to just nothing and I remember it gets of God did that. Can God do that with people yes. Can he reveal himself to various people. I don't see why not see thing the Scripture that negates it is normative, I wouldn't say so, but I think it could happen if we seek him yeah let me get I guess it is an example what one of my mentors after 25 years there every five years and in youth ministry. It's not the action that he is ready. Take care, but this guy will Exhibit 3 in the morning every day to go into his den to light the candle on is a representation of the Holy Spirit and then you know the Lord wake them up. Thank you Lord first thought the morning goes to is Danny read the word place of worship music on the guitar and all throughout the day's turn to have more conscious awareness of the presence of Christ in you know you every time Lord added great goodness. Make what you make known to me and take from every kind and form a degree of pride amended God's relationship with Jesus is off the chart guy that I see you now having a wonderful relationship with Christ them.

I look around I look at the average Christian in my church in my youth group or whatever and I don't vent nobody seems to get that. So I guess my question is like. Is it possible for somebody to have that kind of union with Christ where there is either no protection of the wrong words but I unity with Christ that is ultra-darn near perfect on this life.

I would say perfect.

Those terms need defining pricing*form or close and that he is… Desire to fellowship with us.

I think is possible think that he will gifted like your special friend.

I'm not I can do that because my mind I'm out surfing within three minutes of praying. You know get back on track and could my mind is so that his weight is autistic, so some evil can do this and people can't man all night and will be awesome. I heard a preacher once say that he wants to be so close to Jesus that when he dies he doesn't notice much of a difference that be nice book letter. The modernistic of a guy name a famous sprinkler pocket. He was a missionary in the Philippines that he said I Lord I don't care on what I think about you every minute of every day and I don't care how long it going to take him to Connecticut by Diane Bennett Diana process and have wonderful bookwork.

Brother Lawrence wrote a book called practicing the presence of God in the sky would like peel potatoes and he hated potatoes, but he turned it into this spiritual discipline where he grew his love for Jesus peeling potatoes in the monastery. I want that but I don't have it yet but I want that pray to God and ask him to give it to you because anything that's good that comes from God in flesh we don't need any help their flesh because it's pretty bad, but any good thing that comes from him is a gift from him so just pray and ask for that much I appreciate that health rhyming goblins – I okay all right is good on the phone with Seth from California Seth welcome your one year hey Matt, thanks for taking my call so question for you reading the Scriptures. Recently I was going to Exodus and is going to the portion where Moses was facing Carolyn he had rate of the plague of the target areas of the plague of the frogs and then the Pharaoh. It had his magicians might replicate that. So I guess that's fine. You got me thinking like okay will I do remember and saying all those discussions of softening out mediums and necromancers and essentially in the Old Testament write these leaders would have the people in positions that were essentially using evil demonic interfacing these kind of things right.

My question for you. You think this know that a new thing assigned you think this kind of thing still happens the day with today's writers like today is a use of mass like why call 770776 charismatic slave to Seth is still there. I am all right, now I don't have any personal knowledge or documentation as to whether or not leaders particular here in America are in contact with occult forces or are purposely seeking them for manipulation and power. However, there seems to be some anecdotal evidence out there of such things. In some areas. One of the things is to be human growth just to research on closing the Bible. We do know that there were leaders who were involved with the cult and generally leaders want power now cult is one of the ways people get deceived into thinking they can get power have power and so I wouldn't be surprised if some of the leaders involved in something occult I wouldn't be surprised with doubt that some of them trite séances in them.

You don't Ouija boards or whatever it might be in their private areas and or might they even I don't know if there is might be an organization where they are very covert and do secretive things.

I do know that there are organizations like and inner higher levels I get more and usually get more and more cultic as soon the Masons and things like that that you pledge allegiance to the God of of masonry and stuff so that it interesting. I know you had a history with ficus working in what I do your computers right right so it might question for you. Maybe it is one of those anecdotal and you're discussing. I've always heard this down the street not always heard that Mike people that created the Internet evidently heard a that maybe they had done drugs in interfacing with demonic entities that make your letter before you know anything things around, but I was wondering, that might have been one of you and Mike that in mind. Now I think I've read some books at that documentation within the month. Think whether the documentation saturates another issue you know there's so much disinformation out there.

It's hard to know what the truth is, so you have to read a lot and see what kind of bubbles to the surface that we can do know much sure okay God bless. All right, let's get over to John from North Carolina and okay sorry about that regular okay alright so we got take my call but question about what the meaning of sleep is the weather that this acclimate means that we died and that were with the Lord answers a phrase that's all those who fall asleep because death looks like sleep in Christ is truly federal headship falling asleep in Christ means that the believers who have died are with the Lord and scalding asleep in Christ.

But the really awake and conscious per segment is 58 Romans to be for Christians 12 to things like that kind want to get some clarification about because I heard about your talking about asleep and Jesus was that when you got your death unconscious until direct he's wrong. Okay that's what I mean I've got. I was wrong but I mean I want to get more understanding about it but is is way about it was once you.then your unconscious in the grave and then you will be written up when director takes place, sleep sleep in Jesus make yes called soul sleep and he's usual slow soul sleep as part of part of that the doctrine kinda concomitant with the issue of annihilation is something I've written hundred and 80 180 hundred and 80 articles on annihilation is it's on the current website. If you go to the Karn paycheck good for Confederate/annihilation is that you could do a search on that page should control left on your computer to bring a little search.

Then you just type in soul sleep, sleep, and it'll find various articles that deal with that and you can read up on it. So one thing I ask about people or ask from people about soul sleep. I did this about a week and 1/2 ago I asked somebody who taught a concert on online is will what is soul sleep was clear and conscious and asked difficult question of the sick will that the Mrs. soul has no activity doesn't have activity.

It is in the process was no activity will and that there's no life. There's no activity will what is it mean there is no activity deserting activity. Will you ask activity will what kind of activity it is unconscious.

Since unconsciousness is with the physical body but the soul is not physical's house soul in consciousness or activity with the soul and I could naturally speak.

He couldn't. He stumbled, he did little to do with his questions because I don't think through these things. They don't think through the plus if the human soul ceases to have consciousness, then there's a serious problem if the human spirit, human soul ceases to have consciousness. Upon death, then there's no activity and no awareness. There's no commitment that should be how to say this, there is no awareness, no speech, no thought know anything according what they say. That list related to Jesus is to nature divine and human someone is human nature died, did his set soul. Go to sleep.

There's no activity.

How does that then affect the single person of Christ with two natures because the second of the human will is no longer active and no longer you've involved the house and not denying the true nature of hypostatic union since would only be the divine nature that was active in the interim, before his resurrection. If that's the case, and how do we have the committee caught you into much of which is the communication of the properties of the attributes of both natures or describe the single person and it would be in this necessarily true that the attributes of humanity's consciousness, aliveness, thinking, thought, awareness, fellowship rationalization always think that yet they would have to be denied and that view so annihilation is him is bad. It's week and I place in a brittle great deal on it and the annihilation of sleep to get off their high horse.

Take the idle and put in the trash and believe the truth about God's word okay thank you very much Bridget welcome rhyme and God bless.

All right, let's get to John to Raleigh North Carolina and we lost and we have three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 this get a loan from Virginia in the welcome year. Having all right I will I kill quite one-on-one and I find it in my world that violently lay that claim and before that automatically or automatically drive bilaterally leading statement, which we are all be afraid, does not mean a great donkey. I'm awake now. I imagine it's is that of the highly also have a look at me. Don't be afraid. And I might just laugh because it hurt us all be someplace just got a chuckle with them just the sago that was such thing as the thing itself in trouble just a little excited. Let your leftist wacko socialist with the rock that did your zombie because zombies we know zombies don't have multiple strokes that we all affect Allawi and I will I hear it from me. Why is it sad that's all it's not a big deal out. It's funny. I'm laughing because I love kids. The kids are know if I would drive a lot if that's really a great role like I can think is me don't think that's right. I was sorry but you're gay. I would lay creepy again. It's funny though, like Jesus when he said, let the dead bury the day and lose. Thank you. Elizabeth is the guy who said to yoga.

Jesus says you need to leave everything and come, follow me. He's like a brittle bury my father said that the dead bury the dead, and when he says I need to bury my father. It was he was not saying that my father just died to get it will bury him. It's it was an expression of the time that I need to be with my family take care of my family and will my father has passed on, then I don't have any earthly obligations or I can follow you and Jesus as of the dead did you worry you follow me, they'll take care of itself will hold right back after the break, they fall to three open lines 877207276 max Y call 770776 charismatic slave. What we have three open lines 877-7276 solo. Are you still there so hope that answer the question sufficiently just. It was a phrase phrase of the time all about when you talk about the day. No, not that they actually know the resurrection about yes soul sleep.

It's a false teaching lately yeah that's right the dead know nothing fight what I understand that's from Ecclesiastes cleavages and Ecclesiastes is a book written from the perspective of all things under the sun and read the first future versus an assessed infinite under the sun from a human perspective, looking around.

That's what you see the dead know nothing and that's it for the New Testament clearly tells us that you don't and perspectives 12 to show others read it it says I know a man in Christ. 14 years ago, whether in the body I do not know or out of the body I do not know God knows such a man was caught up in the third heaven and I know how such a man. What are the body or part of, I do not know God knows was cut up into paradise and heard inexpressible words which a man is not permitted to speak so the idea of being outside of the body and being alive and conscious is right there with the soul sleep. People say that when your soul separates your body, your unconscious but that is contradicted by the second is 12 to through for me. To me this is like the will you do now and then. You know what they'll do the same with the exception you know it just gets me so you know I think I want to do a video right in the city.

Watch this video now video no no no significant instructional video on how to slackers of upside the head and say, here I know because people do not solicit not just slap yourself because, as is so much of the work so hard and that the annihilation this works so hard to get that view.

Going is the view you have to have Woodmont Jesus and I will I get the gospel out there put the energy into that because what they're doing would cause a division in the body of Christ so much as a hero.

Look at think if I might you welcome so much.

All right for the lines 877-207-2276 you give a call if you want to sit here.

Andrea from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome year on year. I yet I like it a lot in that good nearest light painting I I know they know everything like I had you poorly eat grass.

It will mean she's annoying my wife.

She rubs her for head around me all the time and has his Canada dad look at y'all say something you know and although what it she just staring at me like she could believe I just said something that I could fill a time and I was not impressed. What you need and I have got there we had like really bad may call him a blood but hands.

Nothing yeah okay sorry really horrible and story that I know that guy yelled with everybody differently in that factor in regard like that late, but yet I find myself in my mind has been doing something and totally out of line.

I like you like it go away.

Each child that's right attitude will make him a sandwich central bank here in Lake later guy I let go and I fell back I might like that so now I know where acting correctly or when it breaks anything coming back any lightning out now that you now like like that. I actually got in the final thing I find you I went back it lays around the fame by talking about is that guy that every separately because Nina thought if I he needed like equally so you can feel it, that differently and talk.

I'm not but I heard him staying with. I wonder if it was possible, but it's not like hiking the certain people that were like really clicked you now and I wonder if the same thing right and all the people that were really close to God and I really could die that night.

I would not stop. I was really messed up. You know, I think I like the following modeling ongoing like I and felt like over the years needing a different breath and like you I hear people out a turnaround date in the yard like it when he needs 80. Like I you know Liliana six there man this the wrong attitude they need to exemplify Christianity.

Then the husband still had to fight their lives and the like.

They get convicted, and they start to change internally.

That's what you want.

The women often want to marry her husband's and fix them. Don't do that are not children you have a question at that added on backing very pocketable because I know I prayed that prayer as I got I wanted I wanted that her light hiking pot and like that daily article that will and I know that quarterback and not have that right.

I feel like radically load the camp and when he talked about in the church resonated with me. Where there certain people that go to church and they pray and I know Chris might not get people and a great God may pray but I feel like it's not back load is not backing once a not fair right there's a bird one night.

God wants us to be in fellowship with us in Christ Jesus you why.

Pocketable and I wherever it can kill anything that happened got out with think you might out there worth it in the Bible for guidance and understanding, and you will make and it will be and down but one thing I even have time I would think that something about that what it was make you think about it. My I want to know what your thoughts are in about fee like hi and I had that experience God. I died as well with your question though bike lady you there might be guys and like they are no longer in time I got out I will what went well: we don't know what that means is a God's outside of time and we don't know that that is I tell people not to say that because that is we don't know what it is we can say this with God is and to say weren't Internet a time when we die we don't know about that either. So I just we just don't know about that. This is not good to make a statement and the ability to write in there and talked about their time created that morning and then I like treat their like to create a pathway for tracking help you understand that I mean I'm just saying we don't know what it means when we say God's outside of time.

We don't know what that is know if it's true, we just don't know yet we shouldn't say that because that's undefinable.

Was it mean to be outside of time, yet nobody can define it. Nobody could tell us so we don't know we shouldn't say it that's on signage is an issue of logic, grant okay but the caller we had all her weight so we can get going okay okay okay I all right so I hope you keep listening.

Okay I write Eric L, I can come back tomorrow okay sounds good. I okay okay alright let's get to Marty from Virginia Marty welcome the last caller so we got buddy amen I know I have are there any birth in the debtor I'll either for Oregon. It looks like Romans 13 is for capital punishment. Nothing in the Bible says that speaks against against it but it says that the state bears the sword in the sword was one of the means of execution. So that's that seems to be the case. Okay, go to well groomed and of 13 and I think that quick after you have any thoughts or feelings that go with the Bible. Any thoughts on my if Bible teaches it, then I agree that's it. I've no problem with capital punishment under the right circumstances of his undoubted is undoubtedly the case that such a person has committed a crime worthy of that offense and any problem with. I do agree, I appreciate that okay that's it, but I did note that with in the but that it yeah it's 13 for the government to the governing authorities as a minister of God to you for good. If you do it is evil, be afraid, for does not bear the sword for nothing. As a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath. On the one who practices evil that isn't severe punishment right there and with the sword and context.

It is on its judgment, it didn't say jail in chains. It said the sword that was used in battle and it was an instrument of killing so you know that's it. People may not like it but that's what the Bible says right there, searching for the right arraignment will God bless by the perfect timing folks know what tomorrow is Friday. Have a great God's grace back on it. Among great

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