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February 10, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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February 10, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why do Jehovah's Witnesses translate John 1-1 as -a god----2- What does the Bible mean by the glory of God---3- When Hebrews 1-5 says that the Son is begotten, doesn't that mean that Jesus is a creation---4- How do you talk to a non-believer about abortion---5- Does Romans 1-28 refer to what happened to all mankind at the fall---6- In between his death and resurrection, did Jesus go down to hell or confront the devil-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the heart the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine versus a max what Y rises call to respond to your questions. 770-7276 Matt slick one Friday. Give me a call and if you don't open listening and you learn and we will be glorified in our efforts so we have four blinds whatchamacallit 772072276. You can also watch on on YouTube if you want is no big deal, but if you are interested in seeing me well it's really exciting to sitting in a chair in an officer with a headset on talking. If that sounds like your idea of a good time then please feel free to go to See ARM.O are the and you can know I can watch is not a big deal but we do have a chat room that's in the YouTube area in the fast Facebook area people interact so you could do that as well and also just to do it I'm I'm simulcasting on the street you not screaming I discord you a lot of stuff going on what is trying to reach out to more people stuff like that so I think that's about it. We are trying we are trying to get a trip together for Israel next year and that sounds like something you would be interested in going on. Others informationally have to do is go to the karma see ARM is real Carn I think the navigation issue might be fixed by now. I'm hoping that the legal and let's see what else we stay on nearby your support. If you want to support us. We would love that. All you gotta do is go to and all information need be right there and the like five dollars, $10 a month to help if you would W so willing to do that.

That really does help us because we can do then is establish a budget and things like that.

Like I get a camera for our guy in Brazil so that he can do better work will get a printer for a guy in in Africa and were also looking into the weekly radio show and not one of the African nations and we don't have a whole bunch. But what we do is as good more research and see if we can get one of the guys to get a doctorate in theology knows his stuff is really great good Christian guy and he would get on the radio and he speak several languages etc. etc. so were trying were trying things like that. And so every bit of support.

This helps towards things like that.

We can preach and teach the gospel, we want that gospel preached spoke on the right thing is about it three or four open lines of you want to give me a call.

All you have to do is dial 877-2070 excuse me John Hunt is a good young, sorry 877-207-2276 look at the John from New Jersey. John welcome you want on on the turn your fellow man. I have a question on John 11 okay you think that I talked to five dollars limited not to mandate you probably more than a but they that they latch on to a their Bible on I looked it up on the blue letter Bible that Dan a God outline outline of biblical youth is a thing a God, God is a general name of BPs or divinity okay with question budgeted. Do you think they translate it as a God because of that definition. No, I just read to you. The reason they translated it that way is because it's a non-Christian cult that is denying the deity of Christ was Jakarta by Charles days Russell in the late 1800s and he denied the Trinity deny Jesus Christ is God in flesh denies eternal damnation.

Things like that. And so it's it's a call to the altar the Bible the J dubs.

Jehovah's Witnesses J dubs they alter the Bible in order to make it suit their theological preconceptions and so generally when I'm talking to a Jehovah's Witness about John 11 if I talked about the indefinite article and not existing in the Greek the definite article does the definite article declined. We don't have the indefinite article here has to be inferred basically lose them.

So what I do is I say I work with on this way. She look so Jesus was a God, right no statement with ability we got, he was a God also kicks what kind of a God, was he does so you know we talk. We know the Bible teaches is only one God. So are you saying he's a God is a true God or is a false God. As I start asking questions like this and then will start backtracking well is God like Moses was a God but it Moses was a God I got him to show me there's a verse, and I didn't do number 17. When I think his word is this word is where it says so it's not Missy's defect issue okay so were Moses.

This is called you she said you will be like God to Pharaoh in that he had the ability to bring down judgment and so so you're saying Mr. JW saying the jig.

Moses was like God yes okay is this is John 11 saying that Jesus was like God or was are you saying a God and you see keep working with them like this.

What happens is they backtrack over and over again. And these are having problems. They are not able to really defend that position. So that's one of the ways to do it. You just go to Carmen and look at the articles on John 11 dealing with that. At issue is whether the other stuff in there to yes, I agree yeah but I agree I agree because they said that they think you may want time to talk until there like he's not God but he, like God. So does that mean he's like God was a mean yeah and really I don't remember this was a long time ago and I don't remember what the ladies were saying you will is like God whenever they make a statement. Ask him to explain the statement to say what we mean. He sees he's like God or are we, like God also means that God thinks we think, does that mean that were like God also and I think they mean, like the power of God that he could raise the dead or something real sick people.

I guess you would like God in and that we could do the same thing. The Bible talks about the, the dead will be raised in things like this and and the judgments that other Christians can be able to do so. I asked him again so please show me what is it mean he's like on and you find out that there can have all kind of problems. Okay to do and we have an article August 2 yeah I read your article. Type I put the Fiat thing they have every day because you think it think it said a God even I know that the date they messed up their Bible date they know, but since it even in the Greek is a God is not in the Greek it's not in the Greek is not is not now looking at in the blue letter Bible app they a God that had you not know know know look set costs is simply the nominative masculine singular form of the word God, who is the genitive masculine singular form of the word God so nouns decline in Greek so we have an English actor actors actress actresses.

It's one not noun it takes different forms that show singularly plurality and gender. This occurs in Greek, but it also shows was called case and case in Greek is is it the subject is a showing possession is a dearth the direct object is at the indirect object or is it the vocative. So what it is doing in Greek and Greek. Is this different than English like this. Furthermore, integrate this with call the definite article the definite articles the word the which is half accent is like HO ha and that's the definite article the definite article also declines and has at least 24 different forms that showed gender number in case now.

The indefinite article is the word in English, a a ball, a table, or we can also see the definite article the ball the table so if we have in English. We have 100 balls out on the soccer field will say pick a ball that means anyone of the 100 if we say pick that ball in a specific one or pick the ball that has the quality of whatever were saying.

Specifically so in Greek. They have the definite article, but they do not have the indefinite article the indefinite article does not exist in the Greek so the issue here is an how do we translate such words in such things like this into English well and some languages they don't have an indefinite article in there language either. We do so, the way we speak. His to say that Jesus was God and that the word was God.

But what they want to do is add the indefinite article to say that he is not the true God nature, but he's a lesser created thing is because of their narrow their damnable doctrine and that's why they insert the word, a so when you get into it lexicon says that us or fit effect on which I lose at the date of you and see that it is the zeal that we have the indirect or the direct object, then a direct object would be like. Take the ball to the table and the table would be the noise of direct object. So we have different forms of stuff like this. This was going on. The Greek can explain all this to them because their eyes will glaze over with is an illegitimate translation that they do in John 11 and the reason is because they want to change who Jesus is, because it's a non-Christian cult. So in the lexicon it if this is a God, no, it's only a God in the context of being used in the sentence at the definite article is necessary in English because it does not exist in the Greek okay okay okay you have a color we don't need the phone number of people want to call 877-207-2276 chemical folks you do for fun lines. John could go ahead yet so my neck? What is, what does the Bible mean by the glory of God is a good question. It could mean a variety of things but all within it a general context of the praise worship and adoration of God's greatness due to praise his glory.

Then he has a quality of glory, and some say that it's probably like because he was unapproachable like him no man has seen North Kansas City first Timothy 616 so it looks like is that one is talking about the glory of God. It can be as the quality of his nature could also be an aspect of our adoration. So the glory of his nature that the glory of God is his brightness is light. His holiness is purity is magnificent quality. Everything about him that is that that is there and then we can seek the glory of God can seek to glorify God to praise him for who he is and what he has done in our lives, and his greatness in his wonder. Okay well good call back Monday have a product that was nobody Wainwright LC model keep going but also full of vulgar folks like you to call for lines 877207 sexually Van Slyke why call 770727 charismatic slave and welcome to the show Georgia McCall. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 therefore blind to give McCall get back on with John from New Jersey. John, go ahead.

I'm looking at the root I was trying to think of a good question that you vibrating at work right now but wanted Hebrews 1 word that we've gotten where it said today.

I think it okay today I have begotten you. Yeah, verse five, you, my son got me into quoting the Old Testament Psalm 247 will be fun know this. I know that Joe the JW Condado. They take that word mean that he was created, where, how can I know you daily through Scripture or the Old Testament. When I look it up in the infinitely near whatever it caught it to the get the great war, you, here's a problem is that sometimes more difficult things in Scripture take more training, more thought and more examination of Scripture. When you try to explain things to people and cults. They don't want to to do with that.

So when it says that Christ is begotten is talking about the incarnation and the term begotten does not necessitate that it's the first one born or a person who is bringing the reason is because if you go to Psalm 22, it talks about Abraham and Isaac, God told Abraham to take your only begotten son is only gotten son Isaac, will the fact is it 13 years earlier. Ishmael was born to to Abraham, but God called Isaac, the only begotten.

So when we look at how God uses the term don't only begotten we notice that when you talk about the thing begotten only one, begotten, but you say your begotten son will that would mean Isaac or Ishmael.

But he says your only begotten son, Isaac.

So God himself designated this other person who was the second so the word begotten and the context is not necessitate firstborn because it doesn't and it doesn't necessitate that that can't be others. Along with that person because of me, not from Ishmael, so that this is the greatest point, but it's worth noting, noting so when it talks about the issue of being begotten. It's simply talking about the incarnation and there is no necessity that the term begotten means first created, the Jehovah's Witnesses will go to Colossians 115 and what they do is they will say that he is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation and SAC firstborn means first created.

No purple posts and protect us are different words, firstborn, and first created in firstborn is a transferable title because Jacob and Esau, Jake was of the Esau sold his birthright is firstborn birthright and it was transferred to Ephraim and Manasseh, for example refers my firstborn Vanessa for the verse is been a long time, but the firstborn title was transferred to firstborn biblically does not necessitate the firstborn person. It's a right it's the right of the firstborn that firstborn right can be transferred.

Furthermore, with all due is a will say. For by him all other things were created. This is a Colossians 116 and what they do is add the word other. There which does not exist in the Greek and Greek. There's two words for other high lot.

All loss and at the Ross Hector Ross means another of a different kind and all loss means another of the same kind, so there's more description here in Greek, and there is an English for another another of the same kind or another of a different kind that exists in Greek, and neither word is used in the Greek here, but the Jehovah's Witnesses insert it in order to imply that Jesus Christ is created so they'll say that he's the all other things were created by him also there said that Jesus is the first created thing. So then what you do is you go to Isaiah 4424 in Alaska, Jesus of the first created thing will say yes, and by him equal, all other things were created. That's it. That's right. So Jesus created everything, but he's the first thing created this a yes essay then go to Isaiah 4424 where it says Yahweh is the maker of all things, stretching out the heavens by himself for spreading out the earth all alone. How is it possible that you can say that Jesus is the creator of all things.

If Yahweh is saying he doesn't does it alone and then this is what I can do this with Jehovah's Witnesses in order to argue with Jehovah's Witnesses. It takes a little more knowledge and and stuff because they sit in their their Kingdom Halls windowless Kingdom Halls and they have Bible studies out of the watchtower, which trains them. How to refute the Trinity refute the deity of Christ refute the idea of salvation by grace in Christ. So it's a non-Christian cults and because of this repeated indoctrination. This inculcation the of the average Jehovah's Witness can talk circles around the average Christian so there you go.

Well lot lot. There yeah talk to you man I talked to a few and I will like Russia right in no rush or waiver of quake they don't want to talk is arousal are like that.

Yeah, more knowledgeable in the Greek you're right beneath you need some training there and you do is to talk to Joe was with us as you need more training, but to talk to Mormons.

You don't need as much but see the average Christian doesn't know very much you know for example, I was member this once I was teaching seminar something in about 100 people in the room and I is the first time I did it really stuck with me and I did a few times afterwards but to be careful when and how I do it because it upsets people a little bit and I know I said how many of you in here in this room of about 100 people. I said how many of you are Christians you know really love the Lord and in a basement. Every's hands went up. I didn't count everybody but a sea of hands when okay great how did you write your Bibles and most the handling of headphones at that time at Bibles and felt okay now I don't want you to look at your Bibles are going to open your Bibles when I ask these next questions the lunacy of a show of hands, how many of you believe in the Trinity and her hands are up in the air and said, how many of you can from memory quote versus or explain how the Trinity doctrine's arrived at in the Bible and all the hands go down except I think two or three; anybody cement calling. I just want to see and that's okay not a question to put on her hands down. I said no to question is that how we believe Jesus Christ is God in flesh and blood economic benefits from my bath that break coming up. Therefore, the line 72276 call Matt slick. Why call 770727 charismatic slave John McKenna continue with this so what happened at this seminar I was teaching when I was asking people for their hands and II asked him I said how many could defend the deity of Christ from memory, and I think most five hands went up and I suspected a product called on them, they might not have done a very good job and saw executor, hands down. I said how many believe in salvation by grace through faith. And after all you can do in the hands went up and actually said how you believe are saved by grace through faith. After all you can do in his hands shot up in the air and then all that they look back at each other and enhance I got up and got little confused. I pulled a fast one on I'd quoted the book of Mormon second Nephi 2523 and I kind of chuckled as I just tricked you and I and said both your ex and that they will get a kick out of it and then is one more question is and how many are afraid to raise her hands now, and all the hands went up and we had a good time but the thing is that when I discovered that most Christians don't know anything. And the reason I believe they don't know anything of the word not as seriously as the as they need to in those areas of study and it's an important thing that we need to be able to understand how to to show that Jesus Christ is God in the Trinity is true in salvation by grace through faith and justice be done more all right want to be just in the lines with today from Charlotte North you're on the I row. I do not right thing in Internet when he got called to a nonbeliever about abortion. I was talking with the guy at work here.

Talk about how he got my pregnant how he wanted to abort the baby.

Luckily, she didn't want used there and going to end up having it but I didn't. I didn't know the best approach. Talk about the age of eight cats a mistake yeah I just want to get rid of it and learn from them that what I get you, you're not going to learn from it though because if you do not get behind the life the baby you know in a situation like this, you can talk to somebody because it's emotional. It's very very difficult and so what I recommend is is ask if it's okay to ask questions you would have permission to be able to enter into that situation that they're in and ask questions because you want to find out if they're open to that you want to just start jumping in on them and say that know it has to be this way that waves are going on the attack so I'll save Matt. Is it okay if I ask you questions about this that this is something I want be offensive and on and on. The christening on up in a work situation and out of the Sehgal you can ask questions. I said okay okay I said about this.

This this pregnancy said what you believe that is occurring in the womb. It's a very generic question and they may not disbursement know how to answer it.

Well, what was occurring in the womb is a growing is alive yes will is it human by nature that's the question if he says was not human. Well, okay, if it's not human, then what is it for the questions I asked people if it's not human, then what is it and little knowledge that I know what it is but I know I know it isn't equivalent to another question when does it change from not human to human statement and note mostly they'll say well I don't know Sue will then wait a minute if you don't know when it changes from human and nonhuman to human, then you shouldn't risk killing my becoming a human right well before it gets to Dallas. I bet that time I've had them say that I got something really that I really use it works very well and say okay so you can sh at the six weeks so pick a number for week six weeks eight weeks 12 weeks. That's when it becomes human okay if I get back in the corner and ugly very politely very slowly very carefully and also well not for weeks or six weeks. It's still not human, it becomes human it three euros first brainwave turbulent 12 weeks. Let's say okay whatever number you say so, then before that happens. Is it okay to take that fetus and transplanted into the womb of a female dog because it's not human.

There should be a problem with that right, I'll tell you that really shakes people up if it's not human, then it should be okay to do that right should mean a big deal, right. But they know it's just not right.

I'm her once an unbeliever is talking to about this. Actually, the only were actually just what will I never thought of that really floored him.

He kept going on for a couple of minutes ago. I've never considered anything like that.

He said that's a very good point. I don't believe I was shocked at how much EP said it was real. I will praise God, you know, I said so you know you know you can't transfer to the womb of the dog because it is not dog nature, it's human in its nature. You don't mix those things you know that. And so you start asking us questions about the time to like talking anymore because you start to make sense in their lives. They got problems there are not a good way to put that at the knot, getting worked up because I know you are not an edge is frustrating sometimes you let me tell you I am that the thing to do is to be careful kind and patient. The idea is to get the person to see that this is a human there and that also depending how far you know the conversation of men in particular need to take responsibility for their actions and not get a woman pregnant and then make her pay the price. Note it's they have to carry the child will often give birth to the child. Then they have to raise the child in the manner often not in the picture don't want to support the child, etc. it's too often it is the case, and this is in part because men have not grown up some men, a lot of men of course have that kind of stuff there mature and responsible. They don't just want bodily pleasure and have someone else the what the woman or the child pay the consequence and so I try and urge men to do is become men to act like men not act like children in any cancer that quickly.

The said after a while because of a child says mean mean my mind I want. It's upsetting to me but an adult of sacrifices himself or herself or others. Parents do that for their children. I sacrifice for my wife.

My wife sacrifices for me this is part of and parcel what it means to be mature. And so, when men they enter into a physical relationship for their own pleasure. They are being responsible, you're being selfish. They're risking the one and they are taking from her. What belongs inside of marriage and so they are untrustworthy because they are not honoring her and not honoring God and so these are the kind of things I talk about with people depending how far can get in the conversation. I tried to look very carefully. I want to be meeting in August okay to say some more stuff as I get information.

I continue to like I've had them say well I just going for okay Mosher to talk if you want, and they never want to because they realize a thing to talk anymore to get even more the same in a gentle way, but still true cc okay yeah I work on the general part because now I get a lot of people everything you put in a really really good perspective and I greatly appreciate it when you are welcome buddy okay alright I got lucky deck at bless the folks we have for open lines were to give me a call 772072276 is good to Josh from North Carolina, Josh Rainier and Matt are you doing all right. We got meth.

I thought I was in the agar called field the for about preachers the talk about the subject. They were farming. Article that John Piper wrote about examining yourself one of the birds of the brought out by the Romans chapter 1 verse 28 and they do not befit a knowledge of God go give them over to the base mind to do what ought not elevate worksite whether or not you not going to your over to debate my Lord God, good.

All and all they said I now from my view.

Quoting from the condo they were talking about their slaying of the debate of mine is that we were all given a raise the state, said right back folks after the messages.

Therefore, behind the 77 Matt Y. Call 77207276 is Matt's leg.

Reminder gathers information. If people are interested in taking a trip with me to Israel next year.

If you're interested will check it out.

Go to harm forward you to another site is information there is little form that you can fill out. I think four questions, it just lets us know if you're interested in whether not we should go forward and plan it that was going on. All right, let's get to Josh for North Carolina.

Josh welcome back on the air right so you can affect data. Comment that they may live a more real estate when tackling this week we got there they were mirrored Dirk Barker. We are all mother grandma are part out of the buying of the Hyatt of movement monitors the that we should be all like the fertile dental plan they are trying a bit reboot of horror or walking. This work is based more on our faith in Christ. One thing they referred to when you're talking about no salt, examining ourselves as the aquarium affairs or whatever Nevada Romans chapter 1 verse 28 and they were talking about long argument over door to base mind is what lowers value describing what happened during the fall can have that taken from the names of names in this in this podcast, you know the names their little local pastor okay I want on the one limbs here, and I asked him North Carolina: Vinod Springfield, the national and okay well verse 28 isn't about the fall in the context what is in verse 18 the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness of those who suppress the truth in unrighteousness of unbelievers do all the time and this is for secretion of the world's powers been known, etc. professing to be wise, they became fools is talking generically that all people, not just the fall of Adam and Eve professing wise the became rivals and exchange the glory thing critical about God.

For the image of corruptible man is not what Adam and Eve did okay and so therefore God gave them over. God give them over to the loss of their hearts, for they exchanged the truth of God for life. For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions for 27 the same weight also men abandoned the natural function of the woman etc. and over 28 they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer is talking not about Adam and Eve is talking about these people who don't see fit to acknowledge God any longer is not an issue of Adam and Eve in the fall. Okay so if that's what they're saying that I would take take issue with that exegetical of position vinyl tickets it wanted in the Scriptures for whatever whatever agreement very on talking about with the what happened to all of mankind than the fall. There were with our God given over to debate my walking on him like a government going well and that means but the Christians the Christians given over this as well. This differentiation here in the text between the believer and the unbeliever basically and will reason Paul is talking about this is he's gonna tackle that the Jews in chapter 2. In particular, in verse 17 is really important. You being a Jew had the oracles of God, etc. you get a decent look were all guilty and he's talking inclusively about all people. That's basically doing Romans to but he's trying to show that these unbelievers that even the Jews were mocking. They have a kind of righteousness and their doing things that you Jews are even doing, and so this is going on there but he's laying the case of the depravity of all mankind. In Genesis 1, but is not negating the idea of Christian redemption. So my deftly sure what they would be saying about all that okay while they were mirrored. We are going on about here out.

Believer are we reading we live. But now we are still living our fall class so is true I got. I mean look there to try to get your gondola gone on about now. How are what we need to stop Wang are still valid.

Our work how we need a bigger target our faith. They want the gospel what to do with Christ alone. Good stuff. You just awarded an issue, but it still is pretty good gather and were not supposed to be concerned with works over and above the truth of the gospel.

The gospel in our own lives, even as Christians need to be preached in the freeing that we have that we should do good works because were called to do good works with God created us for that purpose. 289 going right. I made him throughout my working out audibly ardent love them a little hook up art about a note about me, my fellow I've been following it up positive for yelp mentality or my mom to find out watch myself all the time wondering a Murano. I got a cart of equipment often and I really like you following your cocky formatting about people in the fall. The those who are saved war and fight against a fallenness those were dead. Don't show any signs of spiritual life war against this kind of stuff because of the issue.

Unilever might say why when I don't steal anymore.

Let's not war against the flesh because of what Christ has done and who Christ is.

We war against the flesh because we know it's wrong because the Lord Jesus has bought us acts 2028, so we know the worst were obligate you to follow him as we warning us our flesh for the sake of Christ. Unbelievers might say that they want isn't bad but stuff the glory of God in their just still wallowing in their own sin.

They do things for selfish reasons, not the glory of God. So these these reform pastors note. Maybe it's just an issue of of terminology and maybe Herzberg them wrong or if you are bright but don't call night and ask them questions and get some definite definite clarification in and I'll tell you I said nothing ready for 16 years and I've said things stacked over the when I look back at what was the right way to say I could've said it better so you don't give a damn right of the doubts and to see you forward right.

I love it love it if there's a spot on, not in my mom and I and I'm damn right arm to a minimal wording is wrong. They are mid to early wrong but now they are the things I heard that the ark of the target and Wednesday said I heard that is always on my mind like that whole debate. My Bangkok start with the fault are not all or lasting only talk about yeah the West okay you are currently well, okay, we have field lines 877-207-2276 Mike from North Carolina welcoming on the air that I I I I heard her talk about three and they get to the point where talking about while you brought before it was resurrected, they go down give the devil beat them up back up and right now you know that's ridiculous is the book of nonsense against… Kennedy goes to health beats up the devil letter to its commonly taught this kind of idiocy.

It is commonly taught in the positive confession movement were very people say that Dixie Jesus went to hell and suffered in hell and finished the atonement in hell that is blasphemy. Definitive tone of the cross, he said in John 1930. It is finished to tell us time.

It's done when it was done so there denying the sufficiency of the blood sacrifice of Christ to sing with Rachel and he had to get back what was lost and suffer at the hands of the devil, or demonic forces show you this coming that Joyce Meyer has actually stated about this Joyce Meyer read this and get this, here we go see preachers and teachers were seated great about that. No, no fact, I was just looking at the apostles Creed and it says that he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried Senate in the hell third day he rose from the dead. That's all it says he descended into hell. But the hell there does not mean the pace place of fire, and tormented eternal judgment doesn't mean just means he went into the abode of the dead. That's what how is it referenced back then. Okay yeah a lot of people don't know that stuff. So what is going on now I don't okay. God bless the presenter the question really will tell you what. Since I brought up Joyce Meyer read what she said this is what she said and the yellow who I could get that storage thing going. Fixed because we change the sandwiching something kind of victims links he could have helped himself up until the point where he had where he said I commend my spirit in your hands. At that point he couldn't do nothing for himself anymore.

He had become sin. He was no longer the son of God.

He was sent of that is that is such bad heresy that any elder worth his salt would have brought this up to her and said you cannot say this.

This is heresy. She of course is disqualified from being the teacher because she said this heresy right. She said that Jesus meant that blood sacrifice was accepted. Jesus was the first human being that was ever born again false. Jesus was not born again is not the first one born again.

Okay, Jesus paid for sins. And hell, he became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not stay did he was in the great three days during that time he entered hell were you and I deserve to go legally because of our sin, he paid the price.

There, that's important.

Most important signal to make second printing me 1993, page 35.

That is a that is damnable heresy not good understanding of what I mean, that this means she's a heretic and they damnable sense that she has taught stuff that is damnable heresy that if you affirm this you cannot be a true Christian is how serious this is now, which you need to do is recant this and say she was wrong, etc. I have not heard of her, recanting that this what you said about Jews going to help. Jesus paid on the cross and went to hell in my place. Then, as God had promised on the third day Jesus was the dead.

The scene in the spirit realm. When something like this. God rose up from his throne and said the demon powers tormented the sinless son of God there tormenting Jesus.

She's let him go, then the resurrection power of all mighty God would through hell and filled Jesus on earth is great where they had buried it was filled with light. As a part of God filled his butt where she kidding this is for the book of excrement tickets at her she's getting it from, and she says this a look at this. His spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve to go there is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth. She has now taught a damnable doctrine as a necessary doctrine for salvation.

This woman is unqualified to be a teacher of any sort of the word and I will not call her a sister in Christ, and neither should you not this gets back to her if she wants to talk to me we can talk and I can go through some doctrine with her work things out. We have a Bible so she can heresy. I hope you have a great weekend. Both the Lord bless you and by his grace that my arm every weekend

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