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February 8, 2021 8:01 am

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February 8, 2021 8:01 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Did Daniel's prayers for himself and the other exiles affect what God did in the prophecy of Jeremiah regarding the 70 years---2- Do you think supposed alien sightings or abductions are related to the end times---3- Were those Christian pastors who said Trump would be re-elected false prophets---4- Is there any significance to the Star of David on the Jewish flag---5- Why were the Jews the chosen people---6- Matt talks about the free grace movement and whether or not repentance is necessary for salvation.--7- Are Christians who have died in heaven with God right now or some other holding place---8- Can you explain James 2-24-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research management found online at the time that morning you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why France is called live and that's what you call it is usual 877-207-2276 cough so we just started a minute ago. It happens when under solar coffin. Just as in coffee made this with you at if you want to give me a call like this at 87720722761 hear from you and your newbie is a Christian kind of a talkshow, but it's not. But it is people calling the ask questions so trying to answer them have discussions disagreements sometimes occasionally have an obstreperous individual condo. I get nasty emails afterwards.

It is very stuff like that.

I hate this life and that's radio and so if you want to give me a call again 877-207-2276 I looked up somebody's covert is been a bad thing for a lot of people. I had it my wife handed our daughter to her daughters of haddock that we know of, and survived. It just basically like a cold and dumb deliver good friends to give his sister's name Madeleine is in bad shape from cold and I just like the opportunity to mention of an individual and asked if you pray for Madeleine recovery does look good right now. I say you know what the Lord's good man was a Christian and assess if you would look up in prayer and we also have a prayer ministry here at Carmen. If you need prayer.

If you would like to have a team of people praying for you or some need. All you have to do is email us at, prayer at Carmen O'Rourke CAR M.O RG, and we hope that if you have needs to let us know and also stay on the air but your support. So if you be so interested so inclined, you might consider supporting us a five dollars monthly dues go to and information is there is click sign up and stop if you want.

We don't need a whole bunch. We just need enough and we don't go on here saying if you put $100 in you could see faith money to be doubled. We don't believe in that idiocy of the Bible teaches writing the sorcery you put something in a spiritual realm guaranteed a spiritual result. Now look we just tell people look we here's a need we stay in the air by your support.

Please support us if you don't don't do great. Thanks, and we have some schools do check it out. So just go to carbon work-work schools, I think/schools also information and sign up and study. There's a lot of good information on those schools when on theology one apologetics one of critical thinking. Please consider checking in your three open lines 877-207-2276 Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome your what was that like strapless obstreperous. It means boisterously recalcitrant. You will be ST RT PERREOUS obstreperous I was testing the guardian. I like big words that someone who likes. So I will use words like recalcitrance, deontological epistemological use.

I asked of my friends and I do it on purpose to tease him and make him look bad and they threatened me. Usually when I use words like that in a mocking tone. As I decry their lack of education and intelligence and humility like they just shake their heads close arise middle so I this the payment at the make for my friends.

So anyway, I love you know. So we got my all that Jeremiah got to bring back black 70 years so he pray that my client would not have anything left to say that it's a it's the enigma paradox prayed it would have happened was we didn't pray God could do anyways what you have and pray because God ordains the mean as well as the ends and it's a sociological issue we have to deal with predestination election for ordination ordination to creative will prescriptive will permissive will and things like this and is all these big words and theological terms. A lot of people just tune out and that's okay but when we get into these kinds of discussions people who like those discussions, then we really get into some interesting stuff and as we relate compatible us free will, not libertarian free will with the ordination of God works all things after the counsel of his will, and how he predestines various things to occur, then we have to deal with a lot of subtopics and it takes a while to work through the iterations so that we save the shortcut version is God ordains the means as well as the prayer right healthy art that we pray. Now some people think ordination means direct causation is sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. God can ordain all things to you.your dental thing to come to pass. Ephesians 111 but he doesn't he seek, he ordains sin to exist, but he doesn't cause sin to exist. The ordination means that within the economy of God in his work that nothing can occur despite his direct will, or his permissive will receive the permits. So God says you don't lie, but it's his will to permit you to lie so he wills to permit you to lie and that we have pretty well, free will, yes, but then there's different kinds of free will. The two major groups of free will or car libertarian and compatible list Christian theology so it has to do with the nature of fallen person so fallen. Yes, but free will is the ability to make choices that are consistent with your nature and that are not forced and so an unbeliever is a slave of sin Haider God can do no good. So his free choices are always gonna be sinful.

God works with sinful choices of people to bring about certain events would ask for 27 and 28 is an example where we see the hand of God, and it's in the issue of the crucifixion, and God says virtually extra.

Peter says it was inspired truly in the city there were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate's along with the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel to do whatever your hand and your purpose predestined to occur.

So he's talking talking to God in the city you gathered, you put them together and and the anointed one for Jesus, and you get it. Herod Pontius Pilate the Gentiles the people to do whatever your hand predestined to occur, the predestination was the crucifixion of Christ is so wicked, things had to occur in order for that to be carried out so want to listen to the deal with and will the people civil do nothing to God is the one responsible.

Nope. Because if you go to acts 223 dismantled over by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you nailed to a cross by the hands of godless men and putting to death so God uses the sinful desires and plans of wicked people to accomplish is greater good, it's because it gets complicated and I could talk about it more in varying degrees, but that's basically what it is okay like that what he better be yeah well yeah I member correctly with that was is that Israel is putting bodies for 70 years right when that one.

It was because they were supposed to give the land rest once every seven years and so God put them in bondage for 490 or distributor for 70 years you put in bondage for 70 years and it gave the land rest because Israel for 490 years did not give the land is within Alice are archival will talk don't have anything to do with people like Frank Grant that Jesus will be born and nobody prayed that I sometimes wear at that event happen… And like that about the mean. Will you know you sent the angel talk to Joseph Ringel to Carol as he was in divorce or even work to married. It was a cultural thing or away so that she wouldn't be disgraced in Angel city, so don't do that to care and so we can see that God intervened by sending an angel of God brings about what he desires. A lot of people don't realize that God is bigger and smarter than we are. Oh sure, they don't grasp how vastly intelligence and capable.

He is there is nothing has to learn and every event in every location of every item in the entire universe is known all the time and this is how God is so when people do something evil. It's already known by God and ordained by God. Again, not that he caused it, but that is within his sovereign plan to allow it and that's what ordination means because it can't occur in the sky get permission to occur and yet he uses the evil of people to bring about greater good and one of things.

My wife and I like to do is what we like to watch the detective kind of things work.

True stories they know someone gets killed or whatever it is and then the story how they find out who did it. My wife's lot better than I am at who did it first.

Kim always try to be objective and the stuff like that way. The evidence mortgagees puts it together and watch all these people do bad things and documented. Why does God allow for you to step in some of these things are done.

The people are horrendous there. Her rent. And God doesn't stop him. There's gotta be a reason. I think with the overall reason is that God is allowing people to have the freedom in their own sinfulness and sin affects other people, not just yourself and so was letting it occur for the Christian to get marked like John Hus and the Christians thrown into lines. Denzin burned alive in things like this. God let it occur. Why would he let it occur, and I think in partners because the Christians who are thus martyred will receive far greater glory in heaven have eternal life lasting greater is the right okay right now. All right a fellowship to open lines given calling Matt slick. Why call 770727 charismatic slave back open lines of you want to give me a call 72072276 with Matt from Fort Worth, Texas. Welcome around here will not all I you are not what your thought on aliens and UFOs. And you believe that their part of the time on delusion that the Bible, the well this will happen as I've been studying aliens off and on for probably 30 or 40 years talk about it too much, in fact, just this weekend I was watching alien stuff you know your photos and films. So I had a mediocre interested in for a while and one of the things that I've discovered is that aliens teach theology, not all of them with the theology they do teaches that Jesus is not God. We are all divine reincarnations. True is obviously antichrist theology. So what are house things are there different theories about what they are spiritual manifestations of demonic forces. Some sites possibly the methylene where the half breeds from the fallen angels and women in the been continuing on, and had developed technology. We don't know what they are for sure how mathematically impossible for life to form by chance any place in the universe just cannot happen right back. I can go to the math that I can show it.

I can explain the people of the year. It is not possible so the only way life can exist as of God creates it. That's it. So we don't hold to the fantasy of the myths that life comes from nonlife information come from noninformation and organization come from non-organization and something comes from nothing, which is what a lot of scientist hold so now that the mythology we hold to logical truth, and the foundational principles of revealed the revealed will of God in the Scriptures. So what are these things don't know bunch or something. It's interesting is that in Genesis 6 it possible in the following the well maybe not, but to write it. If you go to verse nine it says these are the records of the generation of Noah. Noah was righteous man was in all his generations so it looks like you noticed talk about.

There is that he is pure in his generations blameless in all his generations so some people think that that's talk about his geological past and think. Some think that it might be due to the I do the methylene.

The halfbreed influenced other Jews always taught that this book was the case in the Christian church always taught that was a case of the 1500s, when it became unpopular. Also, here's a verse that is really interesting to the book of Daniel and talk in the fishing up of the prophecy to put things together for fun here, but to Daniel chapter 2 verse 43 it's finishing the prophecy about the statute statute or gold the head down to the feet, the feet of clay in an iron mixed says in verse 42 as a toes and feet were partly of iron and partly of pottery, so some of the kingdom will be. This will be strong and partly brittle. Verse 43 and in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men and peering talk on this and apparently the Hebrew not know Hebrew experts. I can verify that they can't be people the weights juxtaposed they will combine with one another in the seed of man. So was like okay what's going on when you go to Matthew 2437 coming of the Son of Man will be like the days of Noah. For those days before the flood they were eating, drinking, American given in marriage, diligent in the winter the ark and they did not understand flood came and took them all away. That's Matthew 24. Luke 17 says the flood came and destroyed them all. So the ones were eating and drinking the wicked, and that's what Luke 17 says they were to set the same thing that's to says they were destroyed. So will the coming the Son of Man will be the bitumen the field. What is taking what is left and so it says there once were taken in the context of the wicked is clear from what it says and then to throw more fuel and confusing fire if you go to Matthew 13 and it's the two ages that Jesus speaks of in the week. The chairs says level to go together till the time of the harvest, the multiples of the harvest is the rapture, the harvest also the reapers first gather up the tears and by the bundles of the first was gathered. Tears, they asked Jesus about the parable and he interprets in verse 40, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social be the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels, they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, so his kingdom will exist in the wicked will be taken out of his kingdom, which is very fascinating. Could it be this one of the theories that the methylene wanted the aliens making stuff in there. There corrupting the kingdom of God here on earth now and that the first was taken when Christ comes back at the wicked and picked up the think them and destroy the and just for fun. I love stuff like this because I looked true or not but it's fun when we talk about the steel frogs are three unclean spirits like frogs Revelation 1613. This is for fun I saw coming out of the mouth of the Dragon of the mouth of the beast from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs are spirits of demons performing scientist Dr. King to the world, to gather them together for the war. The great God Almighty again gathered for Armageddon demons gather them so is it the same thing is that we can be taken out of the kingdom and put Wrigley burned and destroyed. Could it be that their ticket Armageddon don't know, but with all the stuff put together.

It's fun and I don't know what the truth is about, but I decided to go what fun yeah I've heard many stories over the years. You discredit that these things are happening, but obviously you know I believe what Christ said that ureter or American film and the being whatever they are there that are not foreign. I've heard the controverted think even Vanguard like that you begin a new age and he runs like regions were viewed as a thank you yeah you yeah we talked.

I read them with you last year that you heard a lot of stories and that these beings are absolutely terrified of the name of Jesus Christ know they just completely run away and seems to be the yeah for sure. Now I guy guy work with him in the workday, and you would you talk a little bit about your thing then he pointed to a interview done not by Joe Rogan the guy you claim the ladies work on that area. One and I don't know if you heard the story but he says that he was going to reverse engineer extraterrestrial spacecraft and I was doing all sort of bizarre with like antigravity, yet only gravity like the gravitational mechanism was like, unlike anything we've ever developed, so you long time writers were to call you Matt slick. Why call 770776 charismatic slave right trip to Israel next year. If you're interested in going to check out the information where I'll be going in teaching will be to all you have to do is go to harm Israel.O RGC ARM ISRAL one word harm it will forward you to another website auto forward and you can check out the commission there and there's a form to fill out a little one for questions, just to see if you're interested because in order to set it up with no people plan to go are seriously interested in going in order to reserve the time the plane fare hotels and things like that. So there you go right to the end of the scope and allowances and get insurance in case it doesn't work and money down and get to almost all of it back to $400 or something. I forgot the details but it's like that so Santa big deal to check out harm Israel., so we have three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Lawrence from Missouri Lawrence welcome here. Okay, yes I can you find okay downline or combo line.

I got rid of my television at the allow bill", partly due to the start I want act. The male, they fiasco befell, positive, politically like beer is on heavily vanilla dollars that I have a difficult understanding. Could you speak is a little bit slower okay and that the male, publicly fiasco the so-called positive) or like picked on via LinkedIn, profitable line will I was taken with insults and organic careful about supply, so I've only seen one. I think it was one guy said he is known for the Lord, not just talk about dreams. I think it's fair to do is not prophesying the name of the Lord God anybody does do that and they say they're speaking for God himself. And then it fails they want to listen to at exit line. Note how they got because of the 200 thing I know I do mostly people, not all of them right now. That cabdriver acted very God: that probably reelected without doubt think that that goal, you don't think our Navy was, I may realize what reelected. I'm one of the guys who doesn't trust the election the Dominion software being housed on foreign soil. And that's what was used in the accounts and multiple reports multiple not just two or three.

I mean, tens and 20s 30s 50s 60s of hundreds of fun, fraud, and so the fact is that I remember reading an article about it were a guy the politicians are forgot what was said. If this had happened what happened here if it happened in the foreign country we wouldn't recognize the validity of the election and the left that this news media just basically buried all the information in its hypocrisies is just incredible to stamp and locate it to the mind of the pipe that I don't know if he is legit or not. I don't know who that is me in the trying to conspiratorial us here but my wife watched a lot more these things that I did she watch me watch alternative news and I'll check out CNN okay I have no might I check out USA Today but also check out other stuff of conservative things. The conservative stuff will cite things that the other ones won't do.

And when they do cover the same story. The twists on both sides call it a really amazing I'm not afraid to look at both sides and I happen to know okay from firsthand experience from someone who ran for the Senate in one of the states here in America that fraud goes on and so I just don't I don't. I'm not convinced that the, the election is legitimate may have been but I'm not convinced it is and I want to see an inquiry brought into the server still lawsuits going on there still challenges going on, and you'll notice that the leftist news logo ever talks about an I will trust leftist news any okay so What you find out. Well, not actually some friends of mine are what we can have a quiet gentleman's ladies debates and that is to come the closest not bedding anything but losing to come the closest when Pamela Kemal Harris becomes president and I said on June 28 is pop pop into my head because I was his guts some dementia. That's with close friends of his, saying, obviously during an election on all the time he was running he was fumbling his words repeatedly forgetting where he was getting what's going on in the left if anything happened in the trunk, they would've paraded that's as headlines is mental disorder, yet elegant stroke and but Biden did it.

They despaired information so you can't trust the media use can't I'm sorry, that's just not interested in truth and so you don't stop I don't know. So when they get rid of of Harris may be coming to get rid of five Biden heretics over so this is due to my friend were talking so what is the best. Thank you. Find out all right, all right. Hey folks, we have for the night if you want to give me a call 87720722761 hear from you okay give me a call. Jamaal from North Carolina. Welcome you on here.

Are you there here you yes I hear you hello yes I hear you. Okay good good good buddy again over the pleasure know the joy you so thoroughly would like my question is about the Jewish flag background notification about the flag or know about the Jewish matters and all of all the flag all you got this notification about like that looks kind of peculiar that it's a star with a six pointed star now could see whale face here but you notice what a good get your take on it if you there's anything bad, ominously low store now I don't wondered about its two overlapping triangles six. Size 6 pointed star called the Star of David and six as number of man, so I cannot interact and I don't know of anything but its origins in particular, will you know thereafter, and I'm glad that you you don't know from you show will if you want hear me say I don't know a lot just move my house and my wife and I talk I just said I did I just say theologian I know how to fix that.

It works great theologian and I don't know how to whatever it is you know, and therefore had a lot around me. I don't know why this is not my fault got your gadget will America's real quick question why you the Jewish people God's truth to the people because he chose this, that's just it is that there are the chosen people, not because of anything in them because of what God decided to do to whoever he would've chosen.

He chose Abraham in and out of them came at him came the descendents of Israel because God chose to. Why did God choose to. We don't know is did. That's it for granted that he chose Abraham, which means he elected to Abraham for specific reason. It was not because Abraham was a good guy and he elected right nation of Israel, not because Israel was great because a lot of bad stuff about Israel is recorded in the Old Testament, just like he election vehicles and heating of various people. He elected chose is what it means election and choosing the same thing and in the Bible and so he chose Paul on the road to Damascus coming in next and active for nine calls not to kill Christians. God does what he does because he does what he does and he didn't tell us why right so I don't know why you want to fight it out thinking that I had no right to do it is very good.

Goblin is also wide open five open line on 772-0776 max Y77077 charismatic slave okay hey we have nobody waiting. So what you call 877207276 so some in the checkout asks to my perspective on Bob Wilkin and the free grace movement why things I guess you call him and ask our talk about it because free grace is is basically a pretty good movement. I don't know all the particulars it for something in the free grace movement that is so problematic, but basically it hits it just says that you are saved by grace alone through faith alone, not by any works affirms eternal security but it also says and that's what I've said to is that you be judged. For works, not for salvation, and the wicked will be judged for their their sinful works and I have more or less degrees of punishment will be given to them and so JP says that he debated James White a file on living a repentance is necessary for salvation and atonement, and interesting, so to speak. Debate to to watch or listen because I think that the answer defendant depends extremely on how we define what repentance is and who and how it is arrived at who grants it how it's arrived because if you want to say that repentance is necessary for salvation and if we define repentance as the unbeliever having to stop his sin in order to become a Christian and that would be works righteousness because repentance means to turn from doing what's right and wrong to turning to do what is right so full of unbelievers, are are lying. As an example, and then a Christian says in order for you to become a Christian at a stoplight you have to obey the law and that will be a problem when I tell people is that you need in order to become a Christian need to trust in Christ need to have faith and trust in what Christ did see you're a sinner you've broken the law of God is a judgment that you need to trust in what Jesus did and you need to repent also. But this repentance will come because God is going to work in and he will bring this about in you, but you better realize that when you trust in Christ. It also means to turn from sin and I'll say it's not your repentance that saves you is not your compliance with the law that saves with your faith and trust in Christ that you ought to turn from sin because that was what is right and as you trust in Christ. He will help you to do that and he will require that all of this is how I talk about it and so it just depends on.

I think what is really important is the issue of total depravity. Because think about this total depravity says that the unbeliever is a slave of sin. Romans 620 is a hater of God doesn't do any good. From 3 to 12 cannot receive spiritual things can understand perspectives 214 is deadness since Ephesians 21 is by nature a child of wrath. Ephesians 23 his heart especially wicked deceitful copy trust in Jeremiah 17 he's at enmity with God.

Ephesians 215 etc. etc. so how does someone like that. Do what's right and do a good thing in repentance. That's the problem can unbeliever repent will is a yes or no to it because that's means you're doing something about your stopping not just because you want to stop something, but in Christianity. True repentance must be because of the work of Christ.

So if a preacher were to get up in the pulpit and say that you must stop lying and not as much of unbelievers there. And he talks about how bad lying's and the consequences of lying and let's say a few unbelievers come up after sermon they have to be there for church whatever reason, and they say hey because of what you said.

I'm going to stop lying was a good thing. No, not really in the reason is because if the pastor is not preaching that the reason we stop these lies of the unbeliever to stop lying to because Christ is the one who was proven that such things are sinful and they are an offense against God, and we have the moral obligation to follow him and not our lives. And that's the reason we should stop because the front former is legalism and that the latter is Christ centeredness and the question then becomes, is legalism. The basis for goodness or is the blood of Christ, the basis of goodness and this is the kind of discussion it needs to be had and it's not that easy to work through, but it kind of is on the other hand, is depends on a few things. So is repentance necessary for salvation. In one sense, yes. In that course you have to repent okay but the under. Since no it's not repentance that get you saved that repentance and faith. It's only faith that saves you, but repentance isn't a necessary parts of what is regenerative work of God in you grants repentance second Timothy 225 African lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 John from Raleigh, North Carolina you're on here a hate mad about the goblet got a quick but not great that I can. They say that this is not about absent from the body with the little no back about the. That means that the wrong that means that when you die your soul.

It yet they say heaven will not will be evident will come back to get so loved one that is made the heaven of the scale they actually blackmail with God or they like with the devil right now for the 40. I don't understand and okay the general series of before the crucifixion that the people who died went to the good people who are indicting faith went to paradise.

The bad people went to Hades to go to Luke 1619 through 31 were Jesus talks about. This is not a parable is a proper name of an individual in their and so if that's the case, some have lean towards this idea that when Christ died, his blood was shed and the cross. Therefore, they were cleansed.

Ultimately, then he says in Ephesians 48 and following the lead captive a host of captives and some think that he went to paradise proclaimed the gospel not universally get converted, but they were informed about what it is that they had died in the hope expecting and that he led them up into heaven and then came back to earth and was resurrected and that seems to be the case so that right now and that's a position I hold that doesn't mean I'm I'm right. This is, that's what I hope to came open to being correct or change if I find something in Scripture that this is what I've seen so when people die.

Now we recording the sacred is 58 to be absent from the body's the home with the Lord and means that as we all have died. Our spirit continues on in consciousness, go to be with Jesus will Jesus is in heaven we go to be with him and so that's the idea. Erica all right thank you Sophia have always thought that art not know the world. Matt I know answer now there are people who disagree with me. There are annihilation is who I think are false.

Who will say that as soon as you die, you either stop existing or you going to a state of soul sleep check. I can't get anybody to look soul sleep is and give me any scriptural definitions of it. They just they make it up as they go and they'll say about that verse that the gaps of the body is to be home with the Lord. They say that you die you don't you stop existing or have consciousness in it when you wake up you with the Lord. So that's what that really means. Give me a break Is to be gaps of the body is to be home in the presence that tents will if they continue and say what this means your soul's immigrant soul sleep in and I have questions. What is the sole expend the energy during this time, energy going, that's what you have, but how you just like a lot of really good will praise God that helps out.

Thank you so much you will, complex all right when we just jump on the phones.

Let's get to Justin from New York State Austin and Michael just work and just jump on Donnie there you go, but your on-air buddy, what's up man, Mike, but it the 24th that that were justified by alert both are we like to buy by what IQ like net worth of the law final wrong about the work the law, but by firework the fate you the industry to context okay. Towards the end of the hour starting at verse 14 what use is it my brother and if someone says he has faith but he has no works can that faith save him with faith, the faith accident okay if your brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food and one of you says of them going peacefully warm be filled not give them what is necessary for the body will what use is that even so faith, if it has no works, is dead.

Been buying itself.

What context is he talking about faith for people you say your brother and your sister do this. That's the faith is talking about and he goes on, as is verse 18 but someone will say you have faith and I have works. Show me your faith without the works I will show you my faith by my this is the horizontal to vertical force horizontal between the vehicle and verticals between God and men, and knows what it says here you believe that God is one. You do well. The demons also believe in shutter 30 want to recognize what you foolish from the faith that works is useless. Talk about faith before people and showing them for people. Let's hear it. Let's see, that's what's going on and then he says in a manner justified by works of faith alone. That's the context he's talking about there the justification before people before God that would run directly. God bless all right is good to Guenther California with about a minute and half the show we got what walk. First of all I wanted to write but you know I can do the radio show ever and I don't understand you think I can grab anything but of what my question was is and I don't even know what it really means, but I feel that I have become either the fast of the word lot become the worst of the bath and I met the end I'm I'm at the cross where there is no you know there is no unity in question mark question, what does that mean I think that works to the bath.

What about the worst I don't know what the context is no, are you very much like you Christian I believe in Jesus Christ you believe is God in flesh died in the classroom all yeah yeah you that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

I believe because it didn't strike, but he did a lacrosse faith you go to church, yapping on forever, but I can chide nothing will get what you're seeking to basic basic church was. I go to awaken after their will.

In that case, you should talk to your son about these issues. If you're having with them because I should be doing. A lot of times it was a vast call back tomorrow okay because your son and the time of the Lord bless you greatly deceived and by his grace

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