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January 12, 2021 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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January 12, 2021 5:00 pm

1- A caller wanted to comment on the covid vaccine and his concerns.--2- The returning caller -who keeps changing his name- who is involved in a cult, wants to know, yet again, what the proper Hebrew name of Jesus was.--3- What language did Adam and Eve speak---4- What did God do before creating earth---5- Could you expound on Romans 3-28 through 4-5---6- How is 1 Timothy 6-16 talking about the Father and not Christ- How do you effectively use this verse when speaking to LDS---7- What is the proper translation of Luke 1-37-

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Matt Slick
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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive, The More You Have Questions of Our Bible Doctrines Serve As a Matter Why Lorenz Is Called to Respond to Your Questions at 87707 up a Regular Group of People Praise God's Income People and That's Great. If You Are Interested in Joining Them. All You Have To Do Is Good CRM.O RG Records Are You'll See the Link Stuff like That Watch You Have To Don't Have To Get but so There You Go. All Right, Now Let's See, so We Are Having Our End of Year Drive for Matching Funds Drive and It's Working out Nicely.

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And one last thing in one quick. I quickly have fun. If you're interested go to you can sign up for charity every purchase on Amazon as long as you put smile from the everything other than a ghost or charity little bit of Richard all right 20 W. electrical number 877-207-2276 let's go to Dr. from Utah. Welcome near anything for taking my call that you're doing a great job I have in my bowl picture listen to the call and then the dominating the headline everywhere you go getting moved back to banking back and I just want the let you know my research market Christian background, this thing is really I wanted Mike to make it clear it's not back in the pure expense of the world and you know typically vaccine are something that the body you and going back to Edward Jenner's work mellowed out course you know you have a an attenuated virus or bacteria that causes the body to have immune response. I want to make it clear that the member will listen to this that this is not that at all so deadly that the definition of a vaccine perspective that we have emphatic messenger RNA going into your body, and I despond declare that and does not does not fit in the creators plan site by maintaining that our DNA is our genetic blueprint directly from God and tell that we are created just a little bit lower than the angels, and lately that's Jesus was critical of the Lord, and angels. He was 29 but I wouldn't ask us what you mean to you you a doctor what I have I retired from that I am out that basically to research. Dr. II have the background and my PhD. The nutrition and a lot of research. I got to lose some weight, sorry good but we all are about fallible that yeah I know I got I've been following you know the whole brand that's tomorrow though. I call it the virus mania and honesty questions from two essay question I've heard that the virus that you are, so to speak. Vaccine. Whatever you call it, has artificial the DNA or RNA and it is injected and is infused into our own. Is that correct exactly right that made both over everything I have my goodness I get I could spend hours filling up.

Focus on what I do from the research. If I could.

Okay, they met click messenger on our mRNA will grant that are deoxyribonucleic acid all right DNA strands will when you infect emphatic and the structure of the Thelma blood starts the carrier. It basically forms the third strand of foreign DNA third strand and it meant that it provided that multiple realize that 20+ years of research on mRNA based vaccine never made it past the animal model because of all of the problem animal landlord or they think and locate it. But the humans right now.

The question does it use any fetal cells in the process of developing well not not been the accusation that there is in fact a a product. Part of the attic that is grown of an aborted fetus failed but not basically emphatically grown in the lab, but it doesn't have any of the harvested field built as far as I can know because I would not take it. If it did, and there's no way this can have a foreign DNA that gets injected in your system. No thank you. I mean, I've seen aliens movie seal I've seen is anything you get old foreign DNA and you and you got so right now about the movie.

I am like to help you to go and what I wanted to have a catalyst in there that'll make you turn into a communist leftist wacko moron. You know it we can laugh about that map but on the thing that that kind of really got me concerned with the history of the I am glad Lori like sling that has been of interest. Yet the Elkhart 2007, the will with the starting that in the movie, but the actual book was written the night or by a guy named Richard Matheson now Richard Matheson story is pretty amazing because he coming out of the World War II. He was suffering quite a bit of the posterior posttraumatic shock syndrome right and he was the connected with them.

Some researchers back east and specifically a man named Frank Olson who in 1952 was that dad of creating bacteriological weapons at Fort Dietrich. Most Americans haven't heard anything about Frankel and his untimely death. He was murdered at why because Frankel had a constant moment where he basically realized what he was doing it to his wife and his family and friends.

What I'm doing the work I'm doing the potential of hurting humanity worth then the Manhattan project in nuclear weapon, what with freckles working on let me tell you I was using what's called recombinant or messenger RNA likely on both billet the bacterium to make the ultimate bacteriological weapon and I'm here to tell you that he had indeed isolated the name mutated bacteria called and called it of all things, that they lie vampiric because it absolutely created living that's enough well as down some nasty does the all the fake, so to speak.

DNA is passed down to both from is going into the reproductive areas and then passed down to just a good credit doesn't need to do that if altered your very DNA everything that you do as far as preproduction the author and the research suggests the main Dr. Igor Sheppard grade resources worth of stock Dr. Igor yet that it could last a month with two or three generations, and the but the problem is we don't know exactly what the alterations do that for? It is definitely altering altering something structure like I could talk you off-line about some theories but left it there is also a lot of information that for whatever reason, the mainstream media refuses to divulge Princeton in Australia.

The it's been about six months than the AstraZeneca trial there very similar, almost identical backlinks of the Pfizer one is coming out now what they're finding in the and less is about 1/3 of the volunteers are testing positive is that they had HIV injected into the well human immunosuppressive virus attacks a certain part of your genome that causes you do not produce what's called XO. The home entity that owns what keeps your body basically the immune system, with its standing on the deck below. MS would leave the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or any it very possible that back creating a like epidemic in the month, year after the judge. Yeah United I did normally to let someone come on to say things like that but I know that I listen to some of the words in code so I know that you got some understanding training a lot of obviously you should email me sometime. We should talk here and you tell where are you in Utah just is what city I'm in northern new dog them that I look back I looked quite a bit late 20 okay and that I got good good friend Mike met click will let you on my friends but I missed a few times the call and he really thinks highly of the okay I thought SLS is mostly a break right there with lines of only 77 seven mass Y call 770776 charismatic sling 76 projects sign up with a check out that because when you purchase something on Amazon and if you smell smoke if you signed up with smile and a bit of it goes to the charity of your choice. Smell of All right, this get to Kent from Durham, North Carolina.

Welcome you on here I'm fine how are you all right… I show how much you like will they quickly wait the question why since the Greek word is Jesus. That's what is said in the documents written by the apostles. I said that that's what the apostles wrote. They wrote in Greek. So you you believe that the apostles wrote. Like for example did Paul write the book of the seasons waking God alone for so so in Ephesians 1 verse one Paul the apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God. Paul wrote that why would Paul use the name Jesus is the wheat it's in Greek. He wrote in Greek. So why did he and the others just use the Greek name what why they do not agree with you all. Paul twisted all not all Paul didn't then it was true. Are you telling me that people got all of the 6000 manuscripts that weren't written and copied copied at different times, different locations, all of the Mediterranean and changed all of the manuscript from the pie dish and punish you to Jesus.

They did all of them? The question? What evidence do you have that all of them work for change that they had to find all of even the ones they still keep finding more change somehow someone was really smart. The five Raleigh were out all over the world. All of the training area and maybe you'll understand that Roman Catholic Church did not have all the documents they have found other documents. Since then, the past 200 years they have found stuff in the name is in Greek and Greek manuscripts Kalakaua. There is no originally written in Hebrew Jesus it's in Greek to got only made you show me the name of Jesus in Hebrew. In the New Testament Greek manuscripts so the thing is is called non-falsifiability the matter what I say to you just can't. You'll just respond with. It's not a lot you know it's a lie. I know you know everything that not I will this asking how do you know it's been changed all the Christian got the name of been changed to Jerusalem to switch changed.

So let's verse with verse in the 1611 King James does this whatever you say it is the root of the real man would verses it out when it all shook up you go to Dr. today and go for 12 it says neither is there salvation in any other, for there's no other name under heaven with many be saved. It doesn't say Yeshua, she had to say that in their infected first. He says in verse 10 of the 16 levels of looking at the name of thesis creased Christ of Nazareth's and doesn't say what you sent. This is the opposite. I think what it is is your in a non-Christian cult and you've been deceived, and you don't have evidence to believe it is safe and you are… His name is in the Old Testament and the New Testament in its written.

Let's see how many times it occurs in the New Testament.

Okay, let's see it in occurs 914 times so that when you said the King James 1611, has admin acts 412 and I'm looking at it right now it doesn't have the work that out if she forced it was the matter what I say it doesn't matter just nested you believe the Trinity I one God and I believe that to find one God in three distinct simultaneous persons is Jesus God in flesh is he got in flesh will is he God in flesh. How are your sins forgiven you do to be forgiven.also, do you have baptized baptized to be saved. So you had to be submerged under water in order to be saved and you will okay this is your confirming your occult piece of water baptism by immersion is necessary under particular name formula so you have some faith in Christ, second person of the training, but in the ticker name. The pronunciation that you have to utter we call that sorcery that you have to utter the certain way sorcery formula is coming up all the mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling seven lost which he had a question? What language did Adam and Eve speak. We don't know what language I spoke. However, each of the Jewish theologians say that was probably was Hebrew with them what they say because of some of the wording makes sense and not Hebrew only. For example, made woman out of man execution and a shock and the roots really make sense if you understand that shots from man and issues were something that I forgot what it has to do with that and also Adam man but from other mom which is earth and so is either the case that he spoke Hebrew, which is possible. It's also possible is not the case. But anyway, it is possible that he spoke Hebrew, or when Moses wrote this he just converted stuff into the Hebrew language to make it make sense but that doesn't quite really do it. So what language it did the that heavenly speak.

I don't know the Bible doesn't tell us, but there seems to be some evidence it could've been Hebrew, but we don't know for sure so alright let's go the phone with Riley from Alabama Riley you're on here.

I feel a lot good.

Sure I made sure well because God Bible is revealed as father son and Holy Spirit at least three persons in one God, not three gods but we don't understand how it works but that's what God reveals, so most probably what he was doing for that time before the universe was created by him was he was fellowship thing inside that the Trinitarian communion Trinity okay and think and if one more thing, there is an issue of what time it is no you look at a clock in your house. You see this secondhand to take the second next second.

Well was when did that come about when the time come about, did come about before God created the universe, or after, if it didn't exist where God is.

Then the question might not even apply to God because if you did something it would require time. The weather was no type diskettes in the more difficult stuff to talk about the people talked about what you asked was a great question to kind, you're welcome. Please call back again all right, right. Riley, okay that's like their ego that was Riley. I love it when young and scalloped. We had the youngest was six or seven. Once a few years ago and really enjoyed that a fellowship for open lines of joy give me a call eight 772-072-2760 McCauley of Jeffer Michigan Jeff welcome here on here that I all right hang in there man we got so if you like the opportunity to go a little deeper into the yearly bring up like Romans 328 and Roman. I think you usually get over there like Romans or five that I don't know.

Yes, where you basically prove that they alone is something to validate that don't work out work but I would.

About overt money like they all well your good. Think about how they can one say that, but if you look at it and contact really went through that so I'm I would. If you would dictate the take a couple minutes walk through that all acted from 328 or five and maybe just comment on some of the birth of in between it out of here that usually don't address yesterday with the public search, you get to just curious. I go currently to a Christian Reformed Church okay Searcy I all right to attack… Not in verse 27 standard paragraph break where then is boasting is excluded. By what kind of law of works. No, but by a long face, for we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law and we know that the works of the law include all the Old Testament commandments which is 613.

That's the whole summation of the law in that. But Jesus also said in Matthew 2237 through 39. He said the greatest commandment is to love God and the second greatest commandment love your neighbor he was quoting Deuteronomy 65 and Leviticus 1918, respectively, of God and love your neighbor and in verse 4022 says this is the summation of the law in all the law is comprised here, goes to commandments.

So when it says we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. The works of the law include loving God as well as loving your neighbor were not justified before God because we love God were not justified before God because we love our neighbor, but without that it is not by works 29 hours a God, the God of the Jews only is he not the God of the Gentiles. Also, yes, of Gentiles also since indeed God who will justify the circumcised by faith that Lisa Jews and the uncircumcised through faith is one of justification is by faith, not by works because what he's doing is talking contextually here. He says there is no boasting there's boasting. If you have any works you have to do to contribute or keep her maintain salvation, he says. On the contrary, we maintain that justification by faith apart the works of the law and any goods out of her 30 God who justifies the uncircumcised of the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised by faith is one so faith without works. There is faith is alone justification by faith will verse 31.

We then nullify the law of God may never be on the contrary, we establish the law, how to establish the law. Well verse one of chapter 4 what then shall we say that Abraham, our forefather according the flesh is found for Abraham was justified by works you something about about enough for God. For what is a Scripture say Abraham believed God was credited as righteousness is quoting Genesis 15 six so the law is said to be the Torah which is Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, so what happens here is it's interesting that Paul goes to Genesis 15, six, and put it in here because Abraham believed God, it was credited as righteousness and notice that it's in the past tense believed God's righteousness, and this is before the law was codified in written in the Mosaic covenant in verse four now to the one who works, his wages, not credit as a favor.

But what is do what he's talking about here is so when people say that the work that there's a certain obligation to that, then he contrasted he says, but to the one who does not work but believes in him justifies the ungodly's faith is credited as righteousness and notice in verse three Abraham believed past tense God, and it was past tense credited to him as righteousness was verse five present tense of the one who does not work but believes in him justifies the ungodly's faith is as righteousness is the same thing.

It was justification by faith in Abraham's time as justification by faith now is a Paul's teaching. This is why we cannot be justified by faith and works, because Romans 45 clearly teaches justified by faith alone because there's two options faith and works and works are negated. Faith therefore is left alone. That's what Paul's teaching and anybody who would disagree with it as a heretic on the way to hell are you there Raven out there that I thought about what volume you you're very, very faint all of a sudden even as non-technical as you know, and if it is to hear me okay with that. That's this that's a quick stick a quick version of it. I could teach that section for two weeks with is what is what I go to Exmoor this summer for SF.

After that, and frequently get into quite a bit left to try light, like for example get around that by think that the law there only like they like ceremonial law are wondering what to do yet. It will save us or to differentiate you sexily, ceremonial law, or excellent priestly law and all say show me that in context and nothing in the context demands with their doing when they when they do that is they are admitting the text does not fit their theology so they could change the meaning of the text. That's exactly what's happening. That is with doing this to get it has to be something different now. Admitting that they understand. I got both lines 87707 back after the mass Y call 770727 hazmat sling with David from Massachusetts, David, Your Honor.

Quick question concerning.

Note, I know you're familiar with it and not for you plenty of time to use it specifically the Mormon and art. So here's my question. You don't Revelation 19 we see that you physically verse 15 new King James and it has on his robe and on her thigh in a latent anger of the Lord's, and thinned out. Revelation 17 said.

"Of Lord and King of King of the Lamb. Right now, how do you get when you minister to the Mormon where is it that you see that this is opportunity for 15 speaking of the father.

How would it not speaking of Christ. The question answers down in the context of verse 13, I charge you in the presence of God, who gives life to all things, and of Christ Jesus who testified the good confession before Pontius Pilate that you keep the commandment without stain or reproach until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, which he father will bring about at the time he who is blessed the only sovereign the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light of no man has seen or can see. To him be honor and eternal dominion event, so no man has seen or can see people have seen Jesus so it can't be Jesus.

After talking about, and since the context alone introduces two persons of the Godhead. God, in which references the father who gives life to all things, and of Christ Jesus, that is the father the son by logical elimination, it cannot be the sunset has been the father which is why easily with Mormons because they say that what wants to hear this because they say Joseph Smith saw God the father. The first vision everything is based on that, but the Bible says he could not have.

It's impossible. This proves this proves to Smith light proves it and give the almonds will not submit to the truth of God's word.

They submit to somebody else's voice and they are deceived by our buddy. I love it when that one question will be click on the John on 2 L talk about stories and beginning with God.

Yet you know that before the King James regular Unitarians is a diverse and overtraining on this Bible versions before the King James or even contingent itself that it did look how how did the scholars know that he is supposed to be in verse two rather than wide white that lies with these newer translations that are just because it would assess its doubt, stick, and I suspect there's third person singular, which is that he, she or it so he eats she eats it eats is called third person singular first person singular. As I eat second person's separate singers you eat, singular write in Greek like Spanish, the third person singular is not gender specific. So if you could translate this. It was just by itself. He was in the beginning with God. She was in the beginning with God. It was in the beginning with God. You could do that if was by itself, but we know what this is talking about in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God in a sense, he was in the beginning with God's right or you will save this one was in the beginning with God all things came into being through him. Now the word him is right there and it's masculine in the Greek the pronoun called and if the Greek is out and it is definitely masculine and apart from him out to masculine again nothing came to being that is coming to being so, the antecedent of him was the third person singular and that verb of to be her pain was a need to be okay and in him again which is so third person be no third person data center masculine looking at my notes from the computer so that's what it is okay. Working for a good crenellated posted think it erected a okay because of the context, content, and then we have verse 14 and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us was that Jesus, we do say it nicely. This was going on to the Unitarians could not argue their way out of a wet paper bag with a compass and a robe leave them out.

Okay I don't know what they're doing to they have these bad arguments like this all the time and also the Greek. And you know the one that is better make a decision you not listening and then I'll show them stuff. Here's another Unitarianism think about if God is as a single person then submissions we leave. By analogy were made into God. We understand that if we are alone, without any other person. Any other thing. Any other context just isolated like in solitary confinement for long period of time. That's called rule punishment will take the Unitarian would have to say that God was in this state for forever. No fellowship, no intimacy, no communion, nothing.

Just a single mind alone in nothingness forever. How is that not torture because we understand it were made as image is torturous. Second, since part of the necessity and the attributes of personhood or self-awareness as well as awareness of others in communication and language and fellowship and intimacy. How does that occur inside a single mind that is not plural, as the Trinity is forever. One thing, how does God that kind of Unitarian God express the true nature of his personhood, which we understand is revealed in Scripture. How does he express that from forever. Look, he can't, it would be an incomplete nature and incomplete expression which is implies a lack of God that he created in order to make up for this Unitarian sense, which would denies acidity and get insular heresies. These are some of the problems with with the idea of God being one the Trinitarian nature makes more sense because in the Trinity. We have the father and the son expressing fellowship intimacy with each other an object to give an object to receive because of God's love for John 48.

He then loves but you have to have someone to love in the Unitarian since there is no sense of being able to love the very nature of love, which is other center. John 515 third forgot Jesus is good love has this been no man, but he laid his life down for his friend Lynn. If God is love is other centered. How does that expressed throughout eternity without a plurality within the Godhead, so the plurality exists in the Trinitarian sense we have God the father who loves God the son and the medium of the love expressed is the Holy Spirit himself three persons. If the love expressed the father the son of son was only an abstract idea that it would mean the abstract idea was fundamental to the property. The nature of God, who is personal, but then you'd have a abstract impersonal assets as part of the essence of God, and that can't be filled by Unitarianism doesn't work. This is Whitey trinitarianism is revealed word of God gives us make sense okay thank you. Will the right man. God bless what right. All right, let's get to Cynthia from New Jersey patient to welcome you on the eye. I'm finding I'm glad because I get a significant the gutter. That's only so what you can now thanks to everyone who prayed for the applicant that might complicate the gun and I didn't want everyone to know it here me that you walk out of thought. I thank you, my question is God like making it regarding chapter 130 that I we all know it as on but nothing will be impossible with God. Yeah, I would make Bentley and the American standard third ASP And it burned no word from God will ever now are that one translation little different and then the other line about the power Find it and I might want to back up power better.

But when I look up and not you know a interlinear idiot that nothing will be impossible with God's okay now excising physically can't do on Rhema word really is, what were talking about Luke means nothing. So for hockey Luke, nothing less than the gator of all time impossible for nothing. Luke nothing is is is word it will be impossible so the word real. Here is what were looking at in the word Rhema is like the word Lagos. It's similar Lagos which means word bots expected. Rhema is a particularly interesting word in that it deals with that which is uttered in speech and earth. There is a positive confession movement. They try and say welcome Rhema raiment of God has that power and intersite truth in the word for powers due to months and it's not used their so what we can say is that for the transit little bit differently, but there will be impossible.

No word of God is impossible to be accomplished for nothing is impossible. No word heat what he says goes. That's just the way it is. And so that's generally how you can want to look at it is when nothing will be impossible with God.

But people say if the things apostles God can rely just want to decant like and this is why it's a little bit more advantageous to look at the Greek at this point where it says not to work in that sense of what's going on there.

The power spoken what he says cannot be contradicted, etc. I'm looking at, and interlinear and had or not, will be impossible with God.

Every brain apparently are because sometimes greatest half remembered in setting Greek seminary that something that my eyes bug out and I would think I can transit transport back in time and slap some great person up ahead. You know is this. Of these rules of logic and rules of self that they would use in an translation to know it was just all that is how dissenters so the word Rhema has was called a semantic domain it's used in different contexts in different ways that were green can mean envy or young or whatever. So it occurs 67 times in the New Testament translated a statement word charge matter is in it matters to you. I will do as you say, this course has arranged time model relatively

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