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December 19, 2020 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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December 19, 2020 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is replacement theology- Is there a place for the nation of Israel---2- Why, as a Calvinist, are Arminians considered brothers in Christ but not Catholics---3- When is the mark of the beast supposed to come---4- Will you take the covid vaccine if it is introducing foreign DNA---5- Will the mark of the beast be a trick- Can we accidentally take it---6- Why are LDS so obsessed with authority---7- Why and how does Mary's perpetual virginity, in catholic teaching, affect my salvation-

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Matt Slick Live!
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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine.

Virgil, Max, what, why, in the fields all Friday doctors appointment. And I want him back in Childress was weak and minimal for the rest of the year will have plenty of flow repeats of the collective. So will questions or comments you will: 877-207-2276 right here in Andalucia final line so all right watching usually starts off slowly and the yeah that's right I gave him the code actually looking for code and those with you know that means no means so I gave him the code. So what is I can't see it. Charlie gets in and what we do people watch the show.

A lot of times, and three, was so walking try to get help. 31. If he doesn't get so well before the lines 87720776. Hope you had a great weekend celebration for my birthday.

It was great and I'm getting older and older looking miracle.

What happened to be nice looking good body and I have abs. Now I have ab got one big app so that's how it goes.

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From now on the quarter unit quarterly. It comes in a nice little bit of help so well you don't agree. So, well, that's one thing we do. We also have Lexi Rachel from WishList on car will check it out to the right hand side you see the WishList things.

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A director if you're already donating it is already your set up thing recurring donations that it won't be counted if you increase that a little bit.

That increase will be counted donation will be counted so there you go that's easy to collect quick and slick so there you go.

Alright, alright, alright, why don't we just go the phones. Now let's get to Thomas from Florida. Thomas welcome your on their partner. They will have good feedback to see me jump but I just want to buy some for the 22nd feedback is pretty fun.

Okay. Sorry. So what weapon would help putting together a micro pure, good evening. Now you (not on the Lord. Our financially you show you we have a lot to absolutely biblical but I got overtime but a question about that, but today recently are my house.

We had visitors from Israel and messianic Jews.

I can never talk to me about their views and got into eschatology a bed and they said that there really outburst you was called replacement theology yet to see one and said that predominantly in all millennial view and my church is millennial. I'm still learning a lot a lot to learn. No expert. A really good book more than conquerors where the ongoing online of you anyway. I want to understand replacement theology because whenever I think that whatever comes my the first first comes to mind is, those are not Jews. For Jews hourly. But those charges and relate circumcision of the heart at those are God's people Jews by the hand and Gentiles by adoption, someone comes to Israel.

Is there a place in an eschatology for the nation of Israel. Absolutely yes no I'm all millennial and I hold to a small view of the placement theology, but more like a temporary replacement and placement.

Theology is people don't know replacement theology is that the church replaced Israel.

Replaced Israel and nine.

I don't agree with that. We functionally have replaced Israel in that we are the ones promoting Messiah. The Jews are socially done now. Hopefully your Jewish friend knows that God was covenantal. He and he established a covenant with the nation of Israel. That's why Jesus said in Matthew 1524 that he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He was not sent to the whole world was only sent to Israel.

But because Israel rejected the Messiah as a whole is not to say individuals didn't receive them. They did, but Israel's nation rejected the Messiah so we, the Gentiles are grafted in, and so therefore were benefiting from the gospel message which is prophesied in Genesis 12, three, and Paul referenced that in Galatians 38: the service to reach Peterson later now is what it says in Romans chapter 11 verse 25 and 26 were you not want you brethren to be uninformed of this mystery, so that you will not be wise in your own estimation that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles is come in so all Israel will be saved. Just as it is written the deliverable come from Zion and he will remove ungodliness from Jacob. This is my covenant with them to take away their sins.

So that's 25 foot six and 27 of Romans 11 so God is not done with Israel if we if replacement theology are different degrees of it was true in the sense that the church completely replaces Israel got done with Israel. Obviously not right there.

Plus we go to I think is revelation, not relation 14 from everywhere. The hundred 44,000 Jews from the 12 tribes and so we have the heavy hundred 44,000 male, virgin Jews and they are anointed to preach and teach.

So that's from Israel in this desk of histological and it has not happened yet, so I've got so I don't Israel is not done with Israel at all.

So I'm going to prevent the monarch report out on some would say sorry I got mad 144,000 you sure that yeah it's the next 644,000 revelation squares that that is the revelation 79 city wells go after that. Maybe something that Chevron can help me out here. I should know the kind of stuff. Should it see Revelation 7, which says interesting.

Yet, here we go. So I relation seven on limited I saw four angels etc. do not harm the earth and stuff like that.

Her deliverables were sealed. 144,000 sealed tribe, the sons of Israel goes on from relation 745678 aptly said to look hold great multitude which no one could count every nation, etc. so these there. He's not done with Israel because they are of the bond servants of God. Verse three is what it says it says bursaries. I do not harm the earth to see the trees until we have sealed the bond servants of God on therefore heads I heard a number of those were sealed with a debate about what those are, but it looks like it has to do with the issue of the Jews who are going to be anointed to preach and teach when they realize the Messiah is some say during the great tribulation. So God at all millennial. Regrettably, my great tribulation.

Not all do I do.

I'm all millennial and was called a pessimistic, when you listed.

I coined the term for my own so hard to something called depressed cryptology but I do because I believe this could get worse and worse and effectively preaching on this Sunday coming up, but my view is and I say my views are right one is just right.

I hold in my could dine this hill but I'm deathly millennial and I got a lot of evidence to support that. But I believe that this could be a little seven year tribulation because Jesus was cut off. According to Daniel 79 27 and is going to finish his work and his ministry work and come back, but the rafters can occur when he comes back and what a lot of people don't figure out is Matthew 13 verse 30 parable the week.

The tears of the week are the good, the tears of the bad and the city to a Cherokee at the terraces. No, unless you trip the weed also wait until the end of the age. That's the critical issue the end of the age like two ages this age and age to come at the age to come eternal life. We have found no marriage or whatever the mayor given a marriage.

It's that eternal state and ice is about to go together till the end of the age and I will save the reapers first gather the tears so when he comes back to get his people, apparently the first one together on the wicked where they gathered all the answers the question in Luke 17, two men, the feel one is taken, one is left alone or taken the wicked not the good I will die in that hill. Cadets with attempted context demands three pictures on that one. And in Luke 17 when they asked Jesus where they taken actually answers a question he said with a body is the vultures gather so and also lean towards the idea that Satan I know you was bound and Jesus was there on earth because Jesus said Solomon 12 2232. He said he was by the strong man or a plumber's house to talk my casting out demons and Jesus was doing that and he said this is how you do it. Traumatic event I talked about Satan so Satan is bound, but some millennialist settling this way say that things been let loose to gather the nations to get to war, World War I, World War II, all these wars we've had in 1900's. We've had to hundred million at least 100 million deaths wars all over the world. You don't know what I don't have to lug a gap in America only would they would love that, and they would be behind it so that they could make us have our papers so that we have to have papers you be able to go from one place and a place to buy sell between those and I call you. For now I'm really worried about my job forcing me to get a vaccine.LME and Michele sticking my papers really going to be a hard day. If the vaccine is the vaccine is it doesn't have any fetal cells.

And it I have a problem with it because if there was a play going around had a vaccine for fine main United polio shot when I was younger.

Measles shot whatever was the stuff that is probably best because of the climate and how the left. No matter what I got for your answer (all right have voted right back up his messages to open lines 877 mass Y call 770-7276 tears. Matt's leg all right.

When will back to the show have three open lines. It would give me a call 772072276 Oscar 220 from Georgia, Tony welcome Rainier how are you okay I'm hanging in there with you.

I'm a Protestant. And my question is you is a reformed Christian you consider Armenian brothers and I Liked with the different Arminians verse Right Armenian white light that there are many brothers right Arminians are on catheter, not because Arminians don't add works to salvation, with Catholics doing in the works issue is one of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith.

The Bible clearly says that you cannot add any work to salvation. Romans 328 Romans 45 Galatians 3123 Galatians 5125 Galatians 216 to 21 and so the clearly that's what the issue is, and the Roman Catholic Church says in paragraph 2028 of the Quickly 68 of the Catholic catechism that their style you obtain salvation by faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments.

So that is a false gospel Arminians don't hold that Armenian don't hold performance distinctives, but they do believe in justification by faith alone in Christ alone and they believe in essentials and on the Trinity, the deity of Christ-static union resurrection imputation things like that and so there was an orthodoxy in that sense.

However, if an Arminian were to say that so they can loser salvation and to keep their salvation have to be good and keep certain laws then name that will be a false gospel.

That's a significant work with people in and help them out on teaching the truth is that make sense of metabolic question, though, that there cricket in the Catholic Church that by the Catholic do you know someone is like a simple misunderstanding on his lot talking to you could have someone theoretically who's a born-again doesn't know anything. This goes across the street to the Roman Catholic Church.

They think that's what's this and could be in there for a few months they might mystically predict primary you know and FYI the license is not right and they could leave so they can be people who were in the hunt, such that state and are also different levels of Catholicism in America. It's pretty much Protestant sized but in foreign countries on my goodness, it is that it's a Catholicism unleashed and it is idolatrous. So idolatrous as a matter fact of the church's church were good buddy and I were going to contribute to the Mormon church we went to the Catholic Church the same day and we went to is Catholic church and on.

He never been one before and he was stunned at all the idols that are out around about Mary Mary.

This Mary that even on the table where they offer the sacred communion Eucharist off there was a picture of Mary with a little baby Jesus and all on the front just idolatry. So brittle, like right salvation so so the Arminians not Armenians but Arminians. They do not worship Mary, don't add works of salvation like Catholic Church – that's why the Catholic Church is not within Christianity, but Arminians are. I think that amen welcome, but, all right, less all right you to Christmas a photo fourth in line with what you may call 87720722764 Polonsky McCall. Let's get on the phone with Frank from Raleigh, North Carolina area. They met doing alright alright hanging in there tonight. Mike questionnaire. There… They called it. It recently have them looking out the en bloc videos about that, the computer chip that there liked almost like a spring that writes a bit but then people think it started in Wheaton, but it think of trying to migrated United States than I'd like to them videos on how to do it not band that the market to be what I'm saying is looking at the end time properties of the bike that you think that data could be a segue or get your take on how that might but apart one day plant and the people right if you don't have a hand because in the end Muslim culture lexicons right-handers on the four head so I don't know but you know so is like were talking about the vaccine. My wife right listening.

It texted me some stuff from the doctor regarding the vaccine.

She texted the traditional vaccine supply introduce pieces of the virus to stimulate an immune reaction. The new M RNA vaccine is completely different. It actually injects called transfection injects molecules of synthetic genetic material from nonhumans. Anonymous sources in ourselves. Once in the cells of genetic material interact with our transfer DNA, RNA, to make a foreign protein that supposedly teaches the body to destroy the virus begin coded note that these newly crated proteins are not regulated by our own DNA and are thus completely foreign to ourselves.

Now if that's true, could that be the mark of the beast, and the reason I ask is because some all you need is a catalyst. Here's the thing I remember years and years and years ago watching a certain show on general came on and I said they could open up a file of just a vile thing on the desk in the Pentagon, and two days later, Russians will start dropping dead. He said this like 30 years ago 34 years ago. I never forgot. See all you need is as a whole is a thing whatever it's called the agent and the need to catalyst and if catalyst activates the agent that's been embedded. What worries me is that if they can put something in your DNA and they can if they can have that catalyst they can kill you right now so I do not recommend incorrectly and I know that they got it back in like all know that the market a beat. That's all day and I meet the market appeared that the boat become in the great tribulation is that correct yes. Now here's a thought. Here's the thing known as it it looks like the tribulation. In the tradition. Such a piece because it's all some suspect is a pic of the I got in trouble. So come on the scene and signed no effect. More of his notes on my wife texted me the coded vaccines are M RNA vaccines, which are completely new type of vaccine, no mRNA vaccine is ever been license for human use before essence, we have absolutely no idea what to expect in the vaccine. We have no idea if it will be effective or safe. So I wrote on not taken it to my wife work good work in a written medical cocoa. Yet each figurehead when you're talking about the it relates there, so she's affirming by shaking her head right yeah back network that worked then like federal they were even don't want to get on one of the project that will get her a large jealous of you know right that goes after these messages we have for open lines give me a call 87777 mass Y call 770727 pairs nicely. Our going to be calling forth in lines 877-207-2276 in the call back online with Frank from Raleigh Frank welcome back my wife would look it up and looked up like that you I don't know… Medical… I mean even what you would just look up to what you will get Dana what you disband, you know. Yet it dumped the net H&R but the PHR failed. I get out a new way of trying to then like a polio backing I get like boom you are likely backing or whatever, this is some new method numbing the event that the fact that GOOD. It also probably could be bought… Not bad will.

Here's the thing is that we have to know what's going on.

If the vaccines are using fetal stuff on my could take it and if the introducing foreign DNA. I'm not taken it because-ist I'm sorry. I want foreign DNA and me on what they're doing and what was going on. You know that's it's the same. Now we go to jail then I'll go to jail. I would take it and so you know it that's what it is.

Note that this is a precursor for the right of the antichrist.

Yeah it is messy precursor. I don't mean the next step is antichrist not saying that you have to not stand that that these kinds of things called thesis antithesis.

So 20/20 is been a good year. Of this, the antithesis and antithesis has been change everything shut every body down the check the businesses down the government is more power churches are closed this kind of a thing where masked everybody be compliant with the what celebrity says of the actual number the video the guy out on on the paddleboard you know hundred 50 feet from shore behind himself in California right in the glop and get you know couldn't have a mascot insanity insanity of the stuff but yet it's the status quo's 1984 Gary the Everest until people read the novel 1984.

You just gotta get it. 1984. Not likely for and they will see letter was happening then is happening now so this conditions people to be weak minded and compliant if they can wear masks everywhere and I know I'll be safe. Yet, you need to wear masks. If you are infected when I had coded and I just got over it.

I had to go get some medicine stuff.

I wore a mask. I voluntarily wore a mask because I was still in with infectious for 10 days or something like that and so I wore a mask when I went out I try to fill out any problem with that. That's not a problem but I'm immune that they say that you are you aren't whatever something to take and it had a life that it lets move on. Real herd immunity for anything that would would lead dog band. I worked on to go on and on about what debit like an alto.

You know the curiosity okay well if you take the back pain began to with Dr. Ware map looking at the backdating the format you numbing like all the tasks you don't have to if you're a politician you don't hear your celebrity then you think that the reason apply the okay so there's assigned exemption. Yet it's disciplined is it's only for that. The yet the sheep who loved me off towards a cliff and no and that's all for so need to know the Bible and we need to watch out there like that you know you know the time to time, so you look it up. You're not paying right now you come back today, but we don't know but me think we need the bank need to be costed and understand what's going on around it like that what you're trying to put anybody before you think that the electricity fallen off the cliff. This is a serious serious thing and had nothing to scare people. In fact, I think his confirmation would only be preaching on Sunday, the progenitor section of Scripture dealing with having Christians be prepared for persecution that right. You have to be prepared.

The preacher ablation rapture thing and I hope it's true. But I would be glad to have a public debate against it because I just don't believe that they have anything to stand on. That's my opinion and grandma could be just ignorant about some good arguments heard a need. I think a very convincing at all, but my point is not to say that those who hold that position are idiots or the Bible as well as I do know the kind of stupidity all at my sin. But I am saying that that's it has a potential to make people not prepare and so if they're buying their hope in preacher ablation rapture and it gets really bad will then what happens in her faith to faith has to be in Christ went wherever his even if likely doing for North Korea beating a guy's a Christian and he defeated was unconscious and they wake him up to compete in support and don't write it back pay one thing on the jury crib like direct report now and I'm I'm not in it dogmatically & for me, and I know you got Bob Wade make the most thing that if someone asked me about where it might be. I and if I'm wrong. I try to lead him to. I think Revelation chapter Greenberg care, something Lori talked about the character Philadelphia and he said you know I will keep you from the great tribulation. The great time to come up like that testing new right though I was wondering if that would be a good flight. I'm not panic dogmatically at the hundred percent clear cut, like you said you could argue the other way that Albert done on that part and more than that lonely like that and nowhere, and I and and out bird more good tonic eight that way on on that bird that that like you that I think that's not you that's got the best of the best of the best verses that seem to support your tooth then taking one is left with that.

That's not rapture but I know that is has been keep you keep the word of my perseverance also keep our testing that's about to come upon the whole world exact site needs to be examined right and so is it eschatological in that sense or was meant for them in the work world was meant in the local system in the local area because it was often used that way the whole world is the training area so it's a tough one but I'm a great you all back on what you get that order. I agree with you left not be blinded and you think okay why we got a good scapegoat because I'm a Christian and no matter when it happened on persecution. I think that narrowmindedness at that… The failure that right but I hope the preacher breakfast? I don't want to go through it because I'm a wimp like pain.

It hurts too much, but believe me I would out there don't want to be beaten to death either. I think to be horrible altogether because that is at Woodley and will enter the glory having spend martyrs for Christ. If that's a possibility, but I never saw any possibility with my lifetime, and in America, but now I'm getting suspicious that it will be in right from the right we can. Around even in America, but deftly another country without Christian important. Yes and and really though, it's haploid. Thank you very much I really appreciate Dr. and I love you and I got Leslie are… I was Frank.

That's good to Brian from Winston-Salem what's going on by looking on their negative and that thing Thursday night out listening and the last caller volcanic one in line with what he was trying to speak about for the vaccine and you can call Mike tonight and I haven't heard yet but I'm with you or is being cautious not mean she not believe in them preacher breath either.

But one thing I am character is about.

I don't see that taking a market-based is going be like a trick. I coach I didn't know that was it.

Oh yeah, I agree with you that's good point to be tricked into it. It's those who knowingly do it is assessed in Revelation 13, he deceives the whole whole species deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it is given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast to the wound of the sword has come to life and it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed, and he causes all the small the great the rich support of freemen slaves to be given a mark on the right hand or on the four head and he provides that no one will be able to buy or sell except one who has the mark, so that right next week. So I don't think we need to file. We do need to investigate to educate when we don't need to go over what they all met at the end of it for us all the hydrates in this like you, be careful. Consider people, vaccinations, and with the Philippines cups flava four years ago I got to vaccinations.

That's fine if I had to go to Africa for something that I don't think the covert thing.

If there's a injected DNA into it is in your system by all men like you live 707 mass Y call 770776 charismatic leg. 38772072276. Let's get to Martin from here. Yes, I can talk I said yeah I hear you. So what's up amendment I report that… Like I know you debated your dog go by, but total inability. I think what you're debating who Dr. Lane power. Oh yes, United had a discussion before when I was and so I I'm looking to the him again and really go to town on some stuff is I think is is causing some professors problems is getting a following, and I think she's doing damage to the body of Christ is my opinion up here. This is what I done on my about an octave mail but felt okay you better. Yes, much better. It is my issue. I try to follow what he says when he for the word of God is sufficient to bring somebody could say, and he keeps on saying things like the word of God is and out the word of God, and know my Google letter Hebrews 412 to defend what he saying but when somebody says the Lord God is not because of their eternal work of the Holy Spirit that convicts the personal changes their heart.

He seems to take issue with that. He says that multiple time you know so like, okay, like if I could like because I had a dialogue with him on Facebook.

So I asked the question, so what would be the difference if somebody one day heard the gospel didn't receive it.

The next day that hurt the Quran and received it. Like why did the person receive the Quran over the word of God like because your for this new thing like the ones that is sufficient like what was he to say to say that it was positive word about order one of our sufficient on the prejudice that is rejected God's appeal and like what you mean by appeal to talk about God brings profit God uses profit possible to communicate his word. I was like okay that's it like love Mr. right next to sound like information on things sound like you thing is likely to experience the chain free will… I like. I'm not holding my libertarian free will. I think he goes to Microsoft libertarian free will and he was even talk is immediately like that term, I'm I'm trying to do all that is like even have a problem with with a Arminianism of practical historical meaning, saying that they have to be a divine work of the Holy Spirit eternally to change a person's heart to enable them to have faith but classical Arminianism with a God still permit people to reject this divine work about that is able to solidly do so will Lake Lane probably good Lake denies an internal work of God, intellect and salvation.

No likely he denies that there is extra work of the Holy Spirit through the word like okay what he is saying and when you talk to you debated, you can bring us out of. Remember, whatever are just listen to some episodes of sociology 101, where he died interviewed this Armenian guy named David Allman and he brings that out saying like I don't see that in Scripture. I do see that the word of God is sufficient in and Dave apartment asked the question about Mr. flowers. It sounds like you to saying information and Layton use an example, she said, I have my friends book is my friends book, enlighten me on what he was saying now Calvinism reform theology, even on historical Arminianism and Lutheranism. What they mean by illumination is something totally different flowers is a question you know because I'm traumatic.

I'm starting to talk along like how like on my missing that my question who am I missing what he's trying to say is this, that will what about a sufficient liabilities by definition like you were Cecily got a sufficient second Timothy 316, 17 so insufficient.

What sense is not sufficient in and of itself, as though if you read it. It has power in itself to save you the power of salvation rest in God who regenerates us and that's where it rests not gospel's power got a salvation because it's on the resurrection of Christ, but this is from eternal eternal decree of God and so you know the Bible is inspired truly powerful encompasses what God desires.

But what the Woodlake does and I recently talked to some people about him and that you know maybe listening and I think I got a cell number talking civil debate sometime but that Woodlake does in my opinion is that he elevates man reduces God and that that's it. So know that feminism does man's free will. Man's ability man's choice libertarian free will kind of stuff and is not that God's sovereign choice not God's sovereign election from eternity. It's not that it's your ability, and that's used to go down the road.

That is, it avalanches down down the road becomes cultic in the sink is occultist missing is the question on our sonnet and I don't think about you, give you any different from the driven menu activated name name is Warren he's up allegiant so you yeah yeah I got my mom I love you thought it like it when you are defining the terms we own and the things he was saying I was like playing in the garden saying no, I'm not saying what that same on like everybody fearing what you're saying, you know, but it's whatever benefits edited on either minute I did me to talk talk so long out of the starting product out somehow probably appreciate a call back tomorrow to our RMA. God bless. Okay is Mark from Louisiana listed on phones with Jesse from Chicago Jesse are just what iiNet Harriet doing all right. By God's great incredible consistent grace and not yet amen Wheatley did talk.

I love it when I was at I year anniversary during the daylight. I had to do with the authority long that my brother was getting late. Taking concert taking. I'm just walking down the street at night. I can okay answer now, let's get one thing I sent you okay.and about okay and and one I think that the applicant might get Roman Catholic that and edited it with authority in which I think I can edit it.

But I'm trying to understand their death with authority and what you think that that birth that Arctic beacon be authority if you know I think that individual is a kid that I going to fight well in the Bible but is that the authority thing the day. I have like a really good answer for you and one was named in the audit. Is there enteric method like her back to them and things like that. The reason they say they they have to the authorities because they want to have the authority resting in their church and their profits. They are apostles because their church is the true church and like any group that says they are the restored church or the true church they've then also must have the authority and you want things on be done right yet to go there church organization and the people who man their church organization Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses same thing Roman Catholicism and Eastern orthodoxy. All the same thing and so the final authority is not the word of God. The final authority is there church and so because it's not.

Now that's authoritative. Yeah, I don't believe most anything that there authoritative church structure over them tells of the belief that were trying to call okay so Jesus is our Lord and one of the things that X is worth looking at his first 315, was the famous verse for apologetics. Always give an answer to everyone who would ask you but it says at the beginning of the verse but sanctify Christ as Lord in your heart we mean to sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, it means that he is the sovereign King.

Geez, prophet, priest and king.

These the offices that Jesus holds. He's a prophet because he spoke for God and prophesied. He's the priest because he's a priest after the order of the Keswick he's a king because he's a king, and in this post grass about that.

So he holds these offices and Jesus has come to me, John. Matthew 11 2223 and so what I say to people is your authority rests not in you and not in Jesus. But in your church now Jesus gave the authority of the church at the bills and tackle that night.

I think all the groups say that they have they have yeah so Sigma Jesus. It was come to me. Why would you say come to me if you have to go to church for authority right that's right it that simple technical yeah I think it might die every case and 23 second thinking that I got to Smith 1128 I messing it up lately. This universe is in my head. Come to me.

Yeah, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 1128 1128 take my yoke upon you, learn from, but anyone got a 129. So wow, this is what it is Christ okay.

Sometimes authority yeah right I created like Matt) goblins right to the Lawrence for Missouri. Lawrence welcome you here in yes I can about a minute to melt hail when he got okay. I thought it may you always have a name on his lockdown right text will it affect your salvation. They will say because she has to be completely pure for her hole through her whole life.

She was without sin or whole life and therefore to pray to her and she can intercede and entitlement.

A Catholic woman in the Catholic Church yesterday about this and she said you know what I want to go to the that her virginity is a sign of her purity life mandate and her sinlessness, which enables people to go to her and ask her for things is going to Christ else and idolatrous.

Okay you know me when you tell me you just say words in the Bible dig. I just ask that you read in the book of nonsensical's first nonsensical right next the second monocle's. It's no they say this stuff is like owners of the Bible is not in the Bible and get moreover, they have you ever go was very time with the Lord bless you with my grades were back on there tomorrow

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