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December 17, 2020 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 17, 2020 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller wanted to follow up on a conversation regarding a relative in a homosexual marriage who repented but can't afford a divorce. Is he forgiven even if he is still married from the state's perspective---2- What's the best argument against the -it's her body- reason for abortion---3- Can you explain the occurrences of Molech in the Old Testament---4- What is Jesus talking about in the passage -my sheep hear my voice-- Does that apply to Scripture or other things- Does that apply to how the canon was formed---5- Matt discusses Luke 24.--6- Are women pastors biblical- What about Titus 1-11---7- Should Christians have Christmas trees---8- Do we really have free will if we didn't ask to be born or if we are forced to follow God or go to hell---9- Matt mentions that the matching grant will be starting on 12-11.--10- What do you think about Assemblies of God---11- How do we plant seeds and also pray for God to save the elect-

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Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine as a matter why your hope in a great weekend and bless you. Hopefully really pointless from the shoulder to going to be called as usual, helpful, open lines 3 today right now. 877-207-2276 you give me a call and we can lab and be good so just to let you guys know have a new going on and that is a prayer ministry.

So if you want prayer requests again for requesting want to be played about the point about all you do is just email us at and there you go to the first release of just letting you know. Also, if you are ordering stuff on Amazon. You can easily do that course if you want to help out any charity you can do, including the common Shirley ministry you go to is a subdomain of Amazon need to set it up in depth with each check out his matrix, a smile that not just Bill good literature you set up a little portion of a bunch just a little bit every little bit and also this Friday on the 11th year of December will be starting our matching funds drive so anything new that comes in if you already say donating $10 a month. It will not be matched on Charlie going, but if you would up to 12 work or listen you up to two $15 a month and an extra five master.

So that's what we talked about her work. You just give a one-time donation of $20 will become 4100 become 200 and that's a start this Friday on the 11th is giving you a heads up on that.

We have two open lines 877-207-2276 let's go to John from New Jersey hey John, welcome your aunt here.

Hey Matt yet so I caught up before last week so it was a little complicated question yeah get back to me on it whatever question I was okay. So the question was my cousin got married and I was not know, I know God doesn't approve of homosexuality. But the state recognized it as a marriage illegal thing so the repayment he can afford to get a lawyer right now to get the divorce file so a labor to hang Dr. gave okay yeah but he still it looks like in the legal sense, even though I don't recognize. It has been godly. Other seams of the state recognized blasphemy and so I would think that he would probably have to go through a state sanctioned that resolution to get rid of it so he can have a just to do is go to do all right. And though I understand that the legal thing, but by if he came before God and repent.

Then, an confession in God who gave right, of course, no, of course it's okay to clear that up because I thought you were saying. I thought you were kind of things like know God ain't going to forgive him because you can afford a lawyer sound silly to have that issue resolved to care sin can be forgiven, but the effects of sin continue. So if I were to put back into someone's car, let's say, and then I fled and I realize that's wrong and then I go back in the car is not there to have license number to track it down. I asked for forgiveness.

The car still dented negative care that some PC sin can be forgiven with effects continue, so he's got to take care of that.

I would say legal thing is like she's even say it is like granting that it's legit I don't grant that is legit it's it's a blasphemy against the law of God and the state is doing more and more things Las Vegas along God like abortion and penalizing Christians more and more for their beliefs, but no soap.

Christians are going to find themselves at odds with the state more and more as time goes on in this kind of difficulty should have to be dealt with. So, but he needs I think legal sense, and only the legal sense, because the ramifications in our fallen society is that he would have to have legally resolved. Right. Okay, now I know you got a call if I will talk with Ellen Knight about abortion and eight have all the girls that her body so she she should be able to have an abortion if it's her body then stand. She has two heads forearms and four legs. It's her body, but is not her body to another life in the world and ask the person if the baby in the womb of one one hour before birth and one after one hour after it is the same person the baby before and after. If he says no there's all kinds of logical problems with that says yes then does the mother have the right to destroy that human life one hour before birth answer is no love. It's her body. Why can't you with the human being so human life is not valued civil because of location in the womb or outside the will and this is the fallacy of immorality that is prevalent.

People cannot think critically think morally, they think selfishly, as so many women do where they will seek to enjoy their sexual pleasures. They get pregnant then they destroy the life because they want to be responsible.

This is it is an atrocity and it also goes with the males with the men who want to have their pleasure and then have the wife lets me have the female. The woman pay the penalty so to speak. What you get, so to speak scot-free of this is the fruit of selfishness and lost, and covetousness and all of it wrapped into one.

To offer euphemisms. It's my body for the justification of killing the life in the long and this is an atrocity to blasphemy is an evil and we can support this Christians even though the fallen pagan world legislates morality and legislates the death of the unborn and the immorality of homosexual marriage and penalizing the Christians who raise her hands and say, but I object.

So okay well yeah I thought there what about Lola acting infant in the old fat grammar. I offered her to their children and the lack yes so Moloch was God head of the bull and horns. The body of a human and and what the pagans would do these Moloch people is that they will all languor, Moloch, my thing, right Moloch Malec Albrecht Malec and what they would do is the thing have a bronze statue of Moloch Malec and it will be open in the middle they would put kindling in there and keep this thing of the fire till the whole bronze thing was basically coming glowing and the statue had arms folded at the elbow at the hip at the waist with the hands out in front so palms up and they would lather newborn babies on the hot Moloch pagan idol and sacrifice their young are horrible into something that they're doing with the abortion. In fact, have a friend here who just spent some time driving across different parts of the United States last month on those of the big big truck trailer kind of a thing without pictures of aborted babies on conceit with what they're doing to the innocence in the womb woman is to be a place of sanctity and safety. But now when mothers turn against their own young. That is just as horrifying tour. Horrifying babies go to heaven when probably go to heaven I'll probably go to heaven.

We had more calls. Sorry Matt, thank you, live agreement I God bless. Let's get to Ryan from Texas hey Ryan, welcome you on the back every few seconds to capture a appreciate your word during your pro-life work. There were baby in the February part hard to hear that that love the feel that way about you about the unborn enough that the job inconvenience, the guilt getting into yet.

So I like to kill you like about yeah I think that there go back. We were talking last week about all of the on Thursday we got cut off you at referent, very talking about how the church began with warmth and identity.

Referent the path the John you know my sheep hear my voice. Another separate wood that all felt lightheaded doctrine, but began to question though, at the early church if they if they held other document but the true bread with the aggressive baptismal regeneration on the blank if you apply… The Z issue of this eve. Hearing God's voice can only be determined by what it says in Scripture. The Scripture is the final authority of all things, the Scriptures are what's inspired nothing church fathers, not councils, not tradition. It alone holds that place in the final authority and that's was talking about God.

When Jesus my sheep hear my voice. We know that many of the church fathers contradicted themselves as well as each other, so therefore they cannot be the final authority.

So all church fathers must be held to the same standard of truth is anybody else that is the word of God.

That's how it has to be right about what sort of guided the word of God is the inspired written word of God is the Scriptures are you gonna tell me that tradition is inspired, not eating, and though I did we get physically correct right you believe the Apocrypha is true possibly at lime… But then why did Jesus exclude the Apocrypha in Matthew 24, 45, when he talked about the Scriptures bearing witness of him is has a lot of profits in the Psalms, which excluded the apocryphal books also be sent from in a and 1143 or 51 he said from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, he was quoting the first and last book of the Old Testament. At that time, an arrangement that they had got around label will not happen diver cannot hold on hold on. This is what Jesus did two times Jesus excluded the Apocrypha. Why do you want to include the Apocrypha. If Jesus did not got that on the roundtable with an answer. Michael had a video I guess my question at that connection my question that the question was a disaster.

But the provide a list that all why does Jesus exclude the Apocrypha when he lists that dude where and I thought I going I talk I think I want you to think my last. You're not thinking you're sinking like a Catholic and I thinking logically is nothing like a true born-again Christian. Hold on you for this says you live. The man's leg.

Why call 770727 Is Way better. So what you want to be a Catholic.

I don't want that kind of a good year okay when the condition can reduce the formation okay quote the following are examples of the laws of the church of Rome for punishing those who dissent from teaching their houses are to be burned that's done and that your life that I can enter it doesn't matter what I said can you can come back with any excuse you want to believe the to believe the path is try. I gave millionaires you laser you just know I did what I said what dialogue did not appear to be Jesus did not include the kick the Apocrypha. He rejected apocryphal… In Luke 1151 what he said never that I worked for the blood of Abel and blood of Zechariah that still rise and Scriptures that he quote the apocryphal Jesus click Apocrypha didn't they on the roundtable you did without. Like the couple years ago and can make it out the wrong Zechariah the different Zechariah in different Zechariah. So Jesus is now putting a different Zechariah at the different Zechariah and what you're inferring you believe what they're saying is true. I picked out yet. If there's an agenda out around my darling Mellott. How do they know hardly notice different Zechariah that Jesus was referencing how they know to different Zechariah. Since the blood of Zechariah talks about the person who died in there and it was the arrangement of the Canon 22 books in the Old Testament.

At that time. They know it's not the same. Zechariah yeah I'm driving at the referent bunny. Usually I don't have an answer when I did.

Jesus then on 24 I bought why.why did Jesus in Luke 2445. State the blood of a thriving student essay from the law of the profits in the Psalms 20 not include the that the Apocrypha was talk about how the Scriptures are about him there just revert look at Bob we get to work so I'm not at first to the Psalms.

The book at bomb going is said the law, the prophet and the Psalms. The three divisions of the Old Testament are you not a writer out of the lineup. Why did I lineup what I did. I'm not following. Why did Jesus not quote and not include in that the Apocrypha I don't do that. It that I don't get out of it away. Okay going to happen. This was to happen. You're going to buy into the lie. The Roman Catholic Church, because you're not convinced that Jesus himself is true. You want to have an authority equal to Christ himself. Christ himself excluded the Apocrypha and you want to find reasons to disagree with Jesus himself. So you're not born again and you're not listening to Christ. We didn't do was follow the lives of the Roman Catholic Church to do object which says this duty to listen to this. The following are the examples of the laws of the church of Rome for punishing those who dissent from her teaching their houses are to be burned. Their bodies exhumed and burned magistrate.

You did not exterminate them were to be deprived of their goods. The fourth Lateran Council Lateran devoted all heretics to extermination innocent Pope Innocent the third set an army of crusaders called holy warriors to destroy the Albigensian's in a massacre of so-called heretics and France 24 towns were destroyed and 4000 prisoners massacred during the massacre same of Bartholomew's day, 40,000 were slain at the hands of the Roman Catholics I got documentation.

If you want you can also model you find out and doesn't matter doesn't matter. You don't believe what Jesus says you don't believe it. Jesus himself exploded.

I Apocrypha the solider the Apocrypha and I asked specific guidelines. Why did Jesus not include the Apocrypha when he was referencing the Scriptures about him.

Always talking referent, yet the other about Peter that I don't get out of that file.

Hey, I'm really want to concentrate. I want you to actually listen to what I'm saying Jesus was talking after his resurrection about the Scriptures that prophesied about him that what he was doing in Luke 24 that could be you. Let me said I could be a finish about and finish me for not. He said he does want to listen folks, so he's gone. So we have another Michael. I called Victor here's a thing is that Jesus himself gave a little Bible study in Luke 24 explain this to him but he doesn't want to listen is not interested in the truth of Christ is and strewn with Roman Catholic Church session which is obvious but nevertheless Jesus was giving a Bible study. Go to Luke 24.

After you get home picky by the look now reading Luke 24 and you'll see what Jesus was doing something when Jesus was doing.

He was telling the disciples about himself in the Scriptures. He says the Scriptures bear witness of me – John 539 to us what Jesus had already said in Luke 24, 45, he went through the Scriptures that were with us with him is giving a Bible study about him and he went to the law, the profits of the Psalms leak specifically excluded. He said that his own words excluded the Apocrypha.

Now if the Apocrypha Scripture. Why did Jesus excluded the question. Jesus knows and sees God in flesh, and he was giving a Bible study concerning himself, and he purposely excluded the Apocrypha, I tell you something, but this guy will hook up with any excuse as many Catholics do follow after did not follow through Christ would follow after Pope and Mary tradition and on the thick of it how the mind of Christ due to the flesh is within the minutes is something that's good to us.

Spence from Raleigh, North Carolina spends welcome you on here for payment you're on there but I am okay I will debate women and their roles in biblical okay okay explain why biblically. First Timothy 212 and 13, Paul says that some read it to you and write and read to slowly go when you know this would assess pulses. I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but remain quiet, for it was Adam who was first created and then the call ties this into the created order of Adam and Eve Lisa that's first Timothy 212 and 13. The next chapter. The very next chapter which is first Timothy three okay if it's a trustworthy statement that he might aspire to the office of the worst overseers to find work you want to do. He must be the husband of one wife. In Greek it's on their meals night Gus, a man of one woman is what it says. Specifically, I get the morning and he says in verse 15 the same chapter house of God right back after the mass, like why call 77077 charismatic/okay I will remind you that we have free prayer ministry going on now at comp if you want to be prayed for you on the list. All he could do was just sent an email to Carol we have joy on who's heading that all right, let's get back on the line with Spencer you still there right now they reach more Scripture. Okay, ready okay this is first Timothy 517. The elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching. Okay, the elders preach and teach. All right, Titus 15 pulses.

For this reason I left you in Crete, that you would set in order with remains and appoint elders in every city, as I directed you name if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife on their musical night Gus having children believe, etc. so can a woman be a husband.

One that I want to think about 11 that it will men were women at what and then went outside to win big, that many were silent as was women empirically blend Titus in the first chapter run 11 birds that think that men were silent as well without know when someone says it like this, you have to ask him show me the verse showing the Scriptures that cannot find this one and 11 of their many rebellious men, empty talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision so he's doing that for 10 who must be silenced because there setting whole families.

Talk about rebellious men, empty talkers and deceivers is not talk about elders who have to have one wife, children believe must not be yes self-willed or quick-tempered, the wine, hospitable, loving must be sensible just about self-control, holding fast the faithful word which is in accord with the teaching, etc. then he goes on and wanted to be able to exhort in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict that verse nine Numbers 10 there are many rebellious men, empty talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision to talk about the Jews who are not Christians subtleties Jews of the circumcision is to get people to be saved. They got to be silenced is not talk about elders and just mention it and generally start with the evil people.

The false teacher to be silenced so the person told okay okay yet he's not really context and he's trying to look for a reason to deny the truth of God's work and understand something to read a verse this is really important. Most people affirm that this is only against unbelievers but II don't believe is only applicable to unbelievers because it says, Romans 118, the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth and righteousness. So when I see the word all ungodliness. I I'm inclined to include the ungodliness of the claim to be Christian, who will, in their ungodliness suppress the truth of God's word and support the idea with pastors and elders because the Bible clearly says no, and there's theological reasons for which I don't get into very often but there isn't space in the very nature of God himself to teach on this. I get into it and lay the foundation of the Trinitarian communion and an extension in the family of the church federal headship in and on eternal ordination looked on so these people… Like a lot of research on this topic and I spent weeks and weeks researching this writing a section on I discovered that 80% of churches and or denominations that adopt women pastors within two generations are then promoting homosexuality and the reason is because they're suppressing the truth of God's word in the right righteousness, which is a moral issue.

So they are in sin and rebellion against the word of God suppressing the truth and the judgment is a God gives him over so they can have judgment upon them even as believers, and it could be no false conversation itself to messing your friend is I've talked about this so many times over the years with so many people I just read the Scriptures is what it says and they something people don't want to believe it, what, and I suspect that if you to sneak up behind him outside when they don't know you're watching them outside you can see the Butterfinger up in the air to see which way the cultural wind is blowing slick and follow it. The set of the word of God. You just like this just like this Catholic before this one to be Catholic. There's a difference between following God's word and then arguing about what God's word says to make it fit with you wanted to be and that's what's happening more and more our world. When people don't submit to what the word of God says personally.

My personal opinion is, I don't have any problems with pastors and elders. My personal opinion doesn't matter.

God's word is what matters and I will stick with what God said so now I say that my opinion based on God's word is this and this is what it is so it was just my human flesh. I don't care but is not the word of God says I'm a man of God. This wouldn't says I. Teach that process what they argue against the word of God really want but it's wrong. Okay right okay you know I'm missing something here. It's testing right all the time. You know this and people and like what you just say I meant to get your attention when it statement and this is why when you just believe the word of God. You're right. And people get upset with you with disdain on the word of God is to see what it says is read what you say put in context with believe the word of God says so you can you to consider God stuff they ride all time. I mean is as tongue-in-cheek when you're standing on the word of God.

People are going to deny that truth and accuse you, but you have to stand on God's word.

The matter what people might say stand on the truth of what he has revealed that what they want. Let's go to Erica from Raleigh, North Carolina Erica, welcome back Chris being very technical when I am he said should then you're saying that they ought to have them in their homes know they did not there no obligation to have them. I don't believe there's any obligation not to have a blue that were free to be able to have Christmas trees in our home. If we want to we don't bow down before them and worship them will serve them just kinda cool.

In fact, my wife likes have a Christmas tree this year and something that you never decorated stuff she does so there you go do it free to do it for free not to die and yeah I think Jeremiah Buckley did not admit it. Reason they bow down to less because of the pagans were doing.

This is a form of idol worship, so the pagans would also have statues in the home of various things you have any status your home at all that all right with you. The statue of David, beautiful statue of David and Michael and Michelangelo that whatever is.

That means your pagan know it sucks going out to eat meat sacrificed to idols frequenting stances. Yes, we can even though was deliberately sacrificed to idols like the marketplace and you guess you can so is a Christmas tree in a pagan thing now, it just gets a Christmas tree put presents under the decorations on it.

That's all it is a means to us.

Okay for I yeah okay.thanks God bless you YouTube all right, let's get to Erica from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Eric welcome here at a my question is that we really have free will and we didn't have to be born, and on top of that if you don't follow the word of God. We burn and help forever. Do we really have free will. Top of all that you define for me with free will is being able to make a division so I agree that being forced us free will that be important. So someone get you the headlock enforces you to open a door doesn't mean you don't have free will anymore or is mean only that instance your free will was violated, but given the nature of having free will is still there right yeah but at that moment it it guy yeah you said do you have free will and answers yes you have free will. People have free will.

Now God shows that you were born.

If you don't like it you take it up with him on the day of judgment. While your faces to the ground, confessing his glory in arguing so involved the man's leg. Why call 770-7276 charismatic/that on Friday starting on the 11th that is on 1211 2020 restarting the matching funds drive to let you guys know about that. So if you donate support is whatever you give will be matched and I will so the new prayer ministry, a car, so if you want to contact us about having to pray for all you do is email us at all right, Eric, are you still there for the second party Oaks among what is the second question all basically a meeting at the bar and you know that we have to live that life to where you now if you don't all the word of God. You're not going to hell and also on the word of God is extremely difficult but can be that guy like you were born into this life and most likely you will end up going hell in my opinion, it's like we really act very well if that's the case you still have free will choice you could do it you want but is not the issue of Christianity being hard and you will make it have become so difficult now it's easy you trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins is as easy as anything you just do that you trust in him because you're a sinner I'm a sinner, you need to escape the righteous judgment of God. And so you trust in Christ. That's it. Now afterwards. Living as a Christian isn't always easy, but living as a Christian doesn't make you more Christian, or keep you out of hell or get you into heaven or anything, as do the work of Christ in your faith and trust in him, so people who go to the note there, freely choosing to rebel against God made it.

It really freed out very well. You have, it was half the money out where in the world and you know that they can in every corner.

You know the devil is like going why we make of our at every turn. You know if I let's talk about you.

Now if I ask we have free will and free will is the ability to make choices consistent with what you are as you desire without being forced exit so I temptations you freely choosing to follow those temptations are not the ones forcing you, you still have free will. Your free will to build a track on Christ or not.

I didn't dare it in their name and then stayed at work trying to make you then yes but you don't need their help spell you. You don't need her help to send it's it's in so let me out right at any already have you trust in Christ. I have are you worried about going to hell yeah I have I have one. I feel because I can't make keep him falling out and out the word of God.

I keep an outstanding air in their church had a bank that forget about God which are booked for co-that I went to Raleigh they had at the church you stay on the seventh day of this church. It will teach legalism.

A lot of the Seventh-day Adventist groups are cultic and a lot of things to teach and do you will not be help their throwing up with more legalism on you and cause a problem to increase okay find a counter chapel counter chapel church with woodwork you can find an evangelical free church Southern Baptist Church there still good enough. Okay, stay out of any church with the word united in it. That's a general rule of thumb that are churches back that way but as a general rule of thumb stay with the STA. I studied them quite extensively. I know what they teach this not be just think I don't like him. You know it's I'm saying it because they fall in many areas biblically and they teach legalism which is why you're suffering this way you to find a church to teach about Jesus. You don't have to worry about damnation as you trust in Christ. You do have to worry about if you're in a cult that teaches you to get good in order to keep yourself right with the holy God, which you cannot do the true gospel is that Jesus Christ died in that crossroads in the bed. Three days later he bore our sins in his body and across what work to do is trust in him and those who do.

He will never leave or forsake were justified by faith, not by faith and works, not by faith in your goodness, not by faith in your sincerity by faith and baptism, not by faith in Saturday worship by faith in Jesus Christ and he alone is the one who forgives and if you put all your trust and hope in him you will have peace in your heart and you will know you have eternal life. But if you're putting your trust in him and to something else and parked, then you're always a doubt, because you'll never be good enough in the slip cult still.

It's really a product that because that by knowing all that I struggle. I will need a 92 while failing to hold me, trust me, I didn't have a great we kind me to just have not have a great weekend. Okay and unless sanctified, and I thought I was. I'm still struggling with a lot of things I'm almost 64 here is telling you.

Welcome to the club but my hope is in Christ, not my goodness or faithfulness or perfection, you have to have you have to look to Jesus alone. You either look to him alone completely or you cults all teach false religions all teach its God and your ability. It's not. It's Jesus alone and all you got is faith that he put it in him. That's all you have. Okay okay okay… My faith and I feel I can join another church yesterday with the STA and could go to Carmen climbed aboard CAR around that orgy website and look up the article what to look for the church. Okay, just call approved churches national questions. If you want get some and then coming back up in a day or two or three and own multiple go from little bit okay talk on their rent at work thinking that our equity goblins from our right and certainly North Carolina.

Let's get to Albert from North Carolina. Albert welcome.

Mary by God's grace. I'm doing well. There are going through the situation. I got saved and not March of this year, my wife and thanks for about two years now.

We circulated there. God Pentecostal now in the beginning. Of course I didn't know what it would. I would under my wife questioned and then I started helping the cookout touchscreen: after their my dear, I believe that there got good news that that they look at the outside appearance, but and usually told me that I should be obedient if I don't obey the part number. Thank God and I do not. I don't I don't believe that any help you okay my strong recommendation is that you leave that church as soon as possible okay assemblies of God is going south and they are moving more and more into error. Okay.

They are so they also are overly focused on on charismatic gift-the charismatic gifts okay not a problem in its biblical 30 but too much. They teach you can lose your salvation and this guy is requiring that you submit to him telling you how to her facial hair. I would say can you show me that in the Bible maybe to the book of second nonsense success. Current because is not there yet or hired where the beard beards are manly. Not a problem and there is no necessity biblically for you to shave your face I would love to build a grow goat boutique I like boutique but my wife will smooch me if I would go to Suresh so she went okay, but is a lot like a good friend is gone. My fact I have friends who have beards prior so the other leaning toward Lynn pastors and elders stuff and other things and outer boot. I can tell you stuff. I just do not trust the assemblies of God as being a good proper healthy denomination to be correct.

So go find a better church. Okay, I will and cannot and I recommend you go to the card website look at the article what to look for in a church and will give you ideal for things to look for and to watch out for. Okay okay right till your past you call me up on the radio and I can ask him to give biblical warrant. While you shouldn't have facial hair look to see the yeah only a little lettuce with local to get a summer okay okay I understand okay buddy, I met okay have a good alright let's get on the phones with Carl from South Carolina Carl welcome and I have paid their so many incurred people and cry, you were not responsible for salvation both in prayer.

We have the father to deliver them to cry that what I was saying in a in a prayer for salvation. And when you're praying for people who aren't saved by dues is a little more theological. I will say also Lord that they've not been elected for the foundational role. Can you please elect them for the foundation of the world. What I'm saying is I don't know how it all works, Lord, you're the one in control. Please state what I'm asking for God's divine intervention asked Jesus to save my sister to save the victim father statements God is able absolutely to plant seeds in your athletic correct. You don't lose someone you not because of some insulation you may be the instrument but because God is the cause of some okay and me would fill the father is the one who elect people for salvation.

The tool what Jesus gave you are like tempera elected in Christ test with the eternal nature of the of the doctrine of federal headship in the relationship that only people could be saved in Christ. It's a specific term in Christ.

In him. It means federal headship and representation, which is occurred eternally a formal question at a people who are believers and they that so-and-so is the good person and they do good thing.

Is it okay to say, well, anything that you said anything that is good comes from God and that tenant can we take blood. The Lord still is working through that her then you know they may not be saved but it any good deed from a person say a nonbeliever that still reflection of God's call back tomorrow

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