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December 16, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 16, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why is it so critical for young-earth creationism to be true---2- If we're told to heal the sick, why isn't everyone healed- -caller listens to many -word of faith- personalities-.--3- When Jesus told his disciples to buy a sword, does that mean that self-defense is ok---4- Have you heard of Caesar's Messiah---5- What is allowed to be done sexually in marriage-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online at time more you have questions about Bible doctrine very automatically why writing is December 4, 2020 will bless you greatly.

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Please consider supporting us. We do need that yes we do, we just tell you we deftly do and I would appreciate a great deal when we just jump on the phones. Let's get to Tim from Richmond, Virginia Rick Tim welcome you on here. I'm glad you got your knee-jerk super intelligent good like that and about Dr. and thought of Walmart got the go, but I looked at Mars.

I thought that's what why why young earth like picked up your will critical you beat me to have three that are old that have Skype court from Bremen.

The art hundreds of doubt we have the right mineral that with with the radio with decay note during the week determined that the earth will be billing all really where you right now… I like that but I do think like part of the evidence your argued for thousand year old earth. We didn't have that without their life without the white light though. Like a lot of tremors on you. You never heard me say I believe the earth is 6000 years old, never to say because I don't say it.

I don't know how old the earth is I don't believe us millions of years old, I would have no problem with it be 20,000 years. I assume it's less than 10. As far as a radiometric dating methodology goes, that assumes certain things discerns assumes the uniformity of nature which can be justified. The scientific method, which is a philosophical approach and or some counter factual evidence recurrent evidences for that as well. Guys made a note, you know, this is come up lately. I'm in at the start, holding up on one on each of your issues from cited perspective, which as far as trees being older than that.

Maybe offered under some trees in California dyslexic 7000 years old deal so you said wasn't Never respond to it. There forgot so difficult about log out of the $100 separate from below, and how that no similar to that anything like that we get the word dome and he preferred what it is is used in the way we would use other words that can have literal meaning or nonliteral meaning, depending.

And the idea is that there was a firmament of water that was suspended out high in the atmosphere, and then at Noah's flood and descendent broke loose along with the floods of the earth breaking open and I've read and heard of. I should say pilots flying objects plans whatever and perfectly clear skies, no clouds, and all of a sudden, water everywhere there flying through it and so it does happen, you can have large amounts of water suspended in the atmosphere without clouds. This is been documented so it's not impossible to say that the firmament had a lot of water in it early on. How else to think we know that oil comes from, mainly from plants, biodegradable plants about regrettable but we find is that it's all of the world. We have oil deposits very cut kinds: stuff like that which comes mainly from plants and some from animals where the theories is that if this canopy theory was in effect that it had been dome like it's a brass that you bump into with a rocketship. He thought back to earth and don't want. There is not like that so people say it is this not what is it is used as a thank you to can affect your designation of boundaries, but nevertheless not all oil comes to light, not just not just light and then the close not just my is not just my life is from plant life is important because why does it exist all over the place and are super amounts of plant life in supermassive oil. One of the theories is because of this canopy effect that light was diffuse all over the atmosphere throughout the entire planet which would allow for humongous growths in vegetation for many many years, which could account for the large oil deposits shall deposit this think you're different. That is what you do with the trees that are fossilized to like €600 million of rock strata vertically and be part of that but I open it older than a lot of young yard and have a Bible are our enemy missing this, let's say that the earth is a million years old just users number the Bible doesn't say can only be certain age if it was a million years old still means that Jesus did not rise Linda doesn't mean he didn't rise Linda on top like a really I get out and get away, but the age of the earth is an excuse for not affirming God, what if it wasn't you didn't have any relationship you still stuck with the issue of you listen to me did Jesus Christ, the dead because what's most important question the age of the earth or which can happen to your eternal soul will Jesus rose the dead NEC. There is a nine years older, 6000 years old. Either one doesn't have any bearing on will not. He rose from the dead, that becomes really the ultimate issue should be dealing with. And we can talk about other issues to start learning more needed earth cosmology issues have to fight all that would start with the and part of the pack. If that is that dark, and the more that there the more our our no understanding of things though they are elevated. Men think that things that are not only have the father gloss that the no experiment that the left like him a lot but I understand that if that would justify she I can ask the questions of people who just talk with this I can ask other questions that they cannot deal with the scientific realm. What justifies, for example, uniformity of nature is son descendent methods based on philosophy. The assumption of the uniformity of nature, the assumption of the universe of the laws of logic will okay so it's a philosophical assumption of a material world begins philosophically, so it's fair for me to ask philosophical questions. What justifies philosophically uniformity of nature issues inside of science.

Well if you say science every Adam. We tested every rock we tested Baeza same way. It doesn't mean that it will behave.

Every the same way in every place is open by site philosophically that he cannot but I think philosophically, I bought from the idea while I know I could not 62 philosophically speaking. If we would assume the uniformity of nature is because of God's uniform nature and his fingerprints of the universe, then we can assume that we have the actual philosophical foundation to do that which ascended with can't provide.

So with one can provide that would cannot provide is a question to ask which one is a better model making the argument without the rate of five what I why people didn't understand how wide a problem with the Bible rightly by all of the act, but we don't like what you think of the bird similarly argued that there the dog behind all that but without the young except that everything even the rationale the basis of rationality is due to our assumptions that we have, even in the issue of science and those assumptions are automatically philosophical automatically and ethical and so if we were to say I'm not gonna look at the philosophical, so to speak, and only the material that is self refuting.

This system check and explain how it self refuting and so invalid to do that. Which means that a greater set of truths is lying behind these issues, see. So where and what is truth is universal truths which can only occur if there's a universal truth giver. So even science necessitates God's existence. In order for to work even the philosophies based on necessitates God's existence and what scientists do is a narrow the field close their eyes. The blinders on the site now ready to say. Science can't include God. What justifies that you see them do it with their very about what they believe are more coupled with the high right back after the mass Y call 770727 charismatic sling back everybody have to open lines of want to give me a call 772-072-2762 Andrea from Long Island welcoming running or call in time my client regarding status of divine yelling after Christ filled with the Holy Spirit. I followed the word going from THEM and can you check where I shy we are healed through large scaled we are steel and following his command to lay hands on Ray for gagging, cast out demons and I and questioning why if I followed that command and I'm doing my job is laying on hand. Many healing friend may expect from God to keep effective the Holy Spirit using me why think I can find healing manifestation always present God's little more delayed say that, does it not say that lay hands on the check and they will recover. James and what is it talk about their anointing with oil was the context. I'm sorry I don't have that handy you read the context of find out. It also is talking about the spiritual sickness.

In that context… Will it doesn't mean that they will. Everybody will always be healed. Paul the apostle himself.

If anybody to be healed – he has faith called.

I also would, but he did. He was not healed. In fact, Paul even said he left Africa who was so so sick as he went about his ministry to the what you probably listening to.

Have you heard of Kenneth Copeland stuff like that nagging dualistic in Copeland my letter to Harry Blake Hyman taken the divine healing training now frustrating. Okay so you listen to Candace Copeland okay here. Look neatly read something to you okay this is just an opinion is that heaven has a north to south and east and the west. Consequently, it must be a planet of faith is a power forces tangible forces conducted force of the earth is a copy of the mother planet where God lives.

He made just a little one here God's reason for creating Adam was his desire to report reproduce himself. Adam was not subordinates to God. Even Adam is as much like God as you could get just the same as Jesus, Adam in the garden, God was God manifested in the flesh guy has no avenue of 11 lasting faith or moving on the earth unless he is permission here someone here. We think those statements well guided God friend at what I take from that I know Zach like look at all hazards already, so I heaven has a north to south.

Heaven is a planet right the terracing is a false teaching from Kenneth Copeland. Okay, I did not know when you can do I follow him, I listen. I asked him what ever reason for doing this.

Okay I guess Jackie had back teaching will cease to nagging him to anything that Mary no, you don't know what he's teaching a lot of areas and you don't know if he is good teacher. He's not what you think about Carrie Blakely. I don't know I'm in a bank account number, contact the tenant Kenneth Copeland is a bad teacher, Joyce Meyers, a bad teacher because he answers Harris.

I did not follow I actual hosting their teacher, yet he had so these. This is Kylie Blakey who it is. I can comment the Graham saying is that when you're talking you were saying things are consistent with was called upon to confession movement that because God said something therefore supposed to be healed totally healthy and wealthy and I sick is because you have the faith right now. I don't believe that this is what they teach us is part of what they teach. So what you're doing is listen to these people have was uttered to carry Blake out.

Maybe someone I know. Next, Kylie Galan and will and I don't want you to tell every who it is because, sorry, I really did a bit so the thing is, biblically speaking, God doesn't always heal is not obligated to heal is because we say something when we claimed the Bible says something doesn't mean that's what it actually says.

She says in Matthew 86 minus Matthew eight I think is verse 17 back might you know, I can remember that one when Jesus came to Peter's home is verse 14 he sounds rather mother and my he saw his mother-in-law lying exotic in bed with a fever. He touched her hand fever had left. She got up and waited on him.

Evening came to many to have more demon possessed of the cast out with us the spirit of the word and healed all who were ill. This was to fulfill what was filled with was a the prophet he himself took our infirmities and carried where diseases right now is fulfilled before the crucifixion. The little do the first Peter 224 says he himself or send his body, etc. by his wounds you are healed, she carried where diseases, but it was fulfilled there by your wounds are healed, which is an illusion to Isaiah 53 so people are using different things, but the taken out of context and they don't use the whole thing. You're not getting a proper message about being I have a feeling that Jerry where you collect restraint.

Jerry, go to various places. What happened to count out. They are laying hand and payment defect command yelling who were to see command healing commanding. Well, I thought I preacher in the New Testament the Jesus name cast out demon raised the gag plane landed him back. Jesus says in that day many will say to me Lord Lord prophesied in performing miracles, cast out demons so there appealing to that work for salvation, and thereafter down to fourth when he talks about this issue that Chandler talking about actually right okay and tapping method 10 is Jesus is given the authority to the disciples. The 12 disciples Jesus summit. When we say something of most the time these people teaches healing stuff they don't know a four letter word context to them is a four letter word context because if they teach you the context they think their theology doesn't fit. Then they can get people to give ties and money and attention to them because her claim that you will be healthy, wealthy and wise. What I want to hear.

That's all give you money to keep teach me tickle my ears but is what it says in Matthew 10 Jesus summit is 12 disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness does not apply to you and me today. So go out because the world is now well break Matt slick. Why call 770727. Here is Matt's way back a short call line 377207276C.

Got a note here Curry Blake is a leader of the current apostolic, prophetic healing movement is considered a spiritual mentor will large number of ministries versed in this current God is not something good. So, excuse me, and you are you still there alright so you talk about this methodology of people going and just praying the people asking them and commanding healing in Jesus name is on so many where you can see how you and other titles from God covering with the lighting you're asking in the name of Jesus – so people and in the book of acts. There were people who works out in the name of Jesus.

Demons were responding but they were even Christian forgot exactly where this and the C. C so that fine versed in the stomach is listening to the book of acts. Okay, I suggest you memorize where that location is there and asked in Matthew 722 and 23 he said that Jesus is many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, do not prophesy in your name cast out demons in your name, etc. and he says good with men never knew you. Just because the miracles do occur, doesn't mean is from God. We know they're not from God, now that's the right question teacher was that you're a good teacher try to get people to think of 20 fish. Here's the thing we orthodoxy leads to work the proxy that means good doctrine leads to good practice. Can God he'll of course he can should be praying people's healing. Of course we should does God heal today. Of course he does is he uses to accomplish that better believe it, but we do with the group is who doesn't evangelize with the screwed up prayers for healing… It is a group that, like the Redlands new apostolic Reformation Redlands Bill Johnson group right that what they do and I talk to people, eyewitnesses who know this will come up disciples a litter. People are evangelism, healing school I did to that church chickened out and have a lot of dubious things going on, but any rate you want to healing yes 100 healing think about and they leave no gospel presentation look to say they've healed somebody by God's grace with the demonic healing. We don't know this is a healing occurred, but no gospel is given is that right or wrong. Now that's wrong to healing a way to get the attention of the eight month loan home after dark healing way to present gospel that I agree with Jack.

If someone were to say that they wanted to use healing as a means by which they can present the gospel but I mean that's fine.

Okay. But they gotta be careful because with all do is take verses out of context.

They do a great deal to say he gave the authority to cast demons out. He didn't give it to us to give it to the disciples. I did read the context you gotta be careful because just like a lot of pastors in America a lot of good was to have a lot of pastors can't argue their weight of what paperback don't know what it means to exegete Scripture and are leading people astray accidentally and unintentionally. So to a lot of these people in this movement of the NAR healing movements are doing the same thing as futile as an example, when I went to Matthew 10 one. Jesus, of his 12 disciples, gave them authority over unclean spirits cast about delivery guided disease or because I see brothers and sisters. This is what Jesus gave to the disciples in your disciples that you can do what he can do. All you gotta do is have that faith without faith is impossible to please God said, you have got to believe, brothers, sisters, saying they met us at your feet. Pray for healing mother going my hand there excuse me, took the verse out of context.

Session 12 disciples, you have to find a way to demonstrate that is carried down from others or to others. How do you get this why'd you take out of context. This is the kind of thing that happens a lot. I could get up and do the same thing they're doing and get the same reaction of the crowd. I do the same thing I'll never do it because it would be sinful for me to manipulate a crowd, even to illustrate some yelling what I I leave you you will do greater works than I on target when they get back to let one last project type of diet John got me back to laying on my hand and the men's race at when away now know no one that cessation is all the charismatic gifts are still around forced charismatic gifts to the different is 14 there are healings, people do speak in tongues right. We have to be able to know the difference between manipulation and truth, and the misapplication of Scriptures to people to get them to do in the least, something that's not biblical greater works than these, you shall do so. Jesus wants a greater work than what Jesus did. I guess reaching more people could be because we don't know how many he reached maybe a few thousand, maybe 10, 20, 30, we don't know we have ancient writings even more Christ like and pick a fight. Maybe I think is a fair think it could be that we can lead people to Christ, is walking on water is a miracle indeed leading some of the Christ by God's grace would use us for his grace.

Another week we say people we don't let you in God's proximity of usage. That's a greater thing walking on water is to have someone come to faith and trust and trust in Christ to seek the thing I'm discovering and seeing more and more particularly the NAR movement is a lack of critical thinking and proper application of hermeneutical principles when it comes to distant written word of God and flying and people. She pulled with all due as the flock to these teachers and saying you'll tickle my ears tell me some more tell me how great I am intimately great things I can do well if I'm to tell people how great you are is not because your grades because what Jesus does.

It doesn't you because of what Jesus thinks of you and you'd be used by God to perform miracles, absolutely.

But you must keep your heart humble before him and seek his will, because sometimes not God's will to heal, as was the case with Paul the apostle we have more faith in Paul know so what we should do is pray that God's will will be done. My wife, for example, trying to get on the radio and talk.

She is one of the rarest connective tissue disorders in the world world absolutely yes she had open heart surgery. She got a pacemaker. She's had just hand surgery coming up later this month. Another hand surgery. She's had 2 feet surgery.

She's had to back 345 back surgeries.

Okay, just a special medicine for osteoporosis sheet. This poor woman. Plus he has to put his husband this is really going right and she has prayed for for healing and every night. We pray, think, technically, every night, maybe not technically pray. I pray for healing hands, and I pray for her healing. God is not chosen to heal her is because they don't have faith. No nap because she did nothing is God's chose not to do that why. Maybe it's because she gets on the radio one day when she finally does what she needs to do and she can talk about what it's like to trust in Christ, through all of these difficulties and I'm telling you she's gone to such difficulties that she was. She suffered from PTSD from some of the pain-and-suffering she's had to go through physically were talking having to call paramedics were talked about having to go to the emergency room were talking about paying she's gone through and she her faith is not affected by Dick of her circumstances and God is God would've healed her will and then she gets in the radio that God healed me years ago and not mocking that making light of it. Praise God.

If God chooses that, but what about through her faith with you heard her illness through her sickness through her pain-and-suffering. She praises God.

How many more people might reach out accurate testimony for sure it is the radio listening delighted. She's that a public speaker like I am. Okay that's all she buys is going to answer your question like I'm trying to. She's a good woman except her taste in men that's on site I can say that the same thing but were very nice husband and even playing field which she can talk this climbed a Clay's hiking laying hang my head and had a bad back and seems to work. And yet, my son. So many things as God is can I follow you. See you as lines 877-577-0727 charismatic slave 722761. Recall 772072276 wow from California welcoming on here I'm fine thank you all help you on when they're going up, and yes I remember correctly you said that looked like a defining birthday. Maybe one of many that encourage you to potentially an going out there on electronic data, but I want to write an entire sleeping is a squeaking sound is now legal. I think so go ahead no yes better not okay all you know that you know that you're looking at it and get you what people need not really context like this.

Again, the radio read read the Constitution. This is the verse are talking.

It is Luke 2236#diversity five right okay they said to them when I sent you out without money belts and bag and sandals.

You did not lack anything did you listen thing he said to them, but now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and by one for I tell you that this which is written must be filled fulfilled in me, and he was numbered with the transgressors for that which refers to me as fulfillment so there's the context so he specifically tells the disciples if you don't have a coat of arsenic sword so your coat and go by one process not interpreting it right at recess right so now I would not go out and ask you know, I know you're my Bible. My question what might you be not meaning you not clear where having a question here. Why would Jesus tell them to buy a sword. Personal details of the bias toward why is sort he's gonna send them out into the world.

When I sent you out before even lack anything right, but now when I send you out do this. What had changed from one thing the words of Christ to changed it. Not that he has words teaching work on the things, but that he and I mean is his message had been going out to Israel and the more more people being divided over who he was and people become difficult in the face with the truth and most the common figures that I've read agree it's is an issue of self-defense. We have the right of self-defense and so the sword was a means of judgment of enforcement of law of punishment and of defense to the Christian is not obligated to have self-defense.

He's free to be able to so I know I carry a gun and I've ticked on years of martial arts so I have the right to self-defense doesn't mean I have the obligation to okay and is for this verse. So if someone says is think a contact is especially the context and shut it would really make a deeper meeting so scripted deeper meaning.

The sword really my plant to plant to come out in the garden at the deeper meaning what with the deeper meaning. Thank you know the word they wanted to buy you by sword and cloak your coat and buy a sword okay is not about God. Okay, okay, you welcome to come. Plus okay I miss you David for Morgan David.

Welcome you are on the air duct around Dr. Brown click that's okay. I'll now get on here.

I'm a Christian, or will have a Jewish friend who is Barber congregation asking me to listen to a YouTube presentation called Caesar's Messiah never heard about a good hard look you thought of the recommendation okay looking very quickly on the web written argues in the New Testament Gospels were written as wartime propaganda by scholars connected the Roman imperial court of the fleeting empires little pride okay so yeah it's a theory argued by guy named Atwell and it doesn't fit a kick just from that alone, written as wartime propaganda by scholars connected with a 70 A.D., let me show you why doesn't work okay, ready the book of acts is a book of history as the early church. The book of acts records the death of Stephen in acts chapter 7, but it does not record the death of Peter and Paul, very significant figures in the church more so than Stephen did not record their death, which occurred roughly 63 if she give or take a couple three years is excruciating.

Why with the book of acts not cover that will logically because the book of acts was written before that make sense right now. Luke wrote the book of acts that Luke wrote.

Luke also and he wrote Luke before the book of acts all greeted by read the first two verses reverses a Facebook book of acts of an bookable PCX is because very clear. The first book I wrote the awful list of global block in the Theophilus is spoken of in the Luke so Luke wrote what that means that Luke was written before book of acts, and if the book of acts was pick a number, let's say 60 A.D. it is easy to work with the rounded number there because as before, Peter and Paul, while Luke was written for that to say five years less, 5580 let's say, and most scholars agree that Matthew and Margaret before then.

Well, if this Atwell guy is saying that the Gospels were written as wartime propaganda dealing with the 70 A.D. thing just doesn't add up all current art very very the RMM got blessed.

All right, this get to John's mileage on welcome your on their Mac yes so we got a woman wanted one so I have a quick question for you did question basically I thought her many people teaching our more like him… Like marriage. You know what what's being are allowed to delay in guiding merit like okay is easier to say was not permitted. Sodomy is not permitted. Okay the pornography is not permitted multiple partners are not permitted. Thinking things during you should not be thinking not permitted basically every thing else goes for I the section form written questions on sexuality. I go through some very this is a difficult questions, difficult issues which I don't want to want to speak about over the air because surviving children, etc. and so they can get rather PG 14 are rated semi-range because of the nature of the discussion so it's like I would suggest you go there and read there because things are spoken of in the book of song of Solomon talk about the garden and tasting the garden and various things that it uses in ways of alluding to certain things very careful okay a great guy was out of town with some time on some of Solomon. You okay now.

Do you have done that way of panic that I made glycolytic an elite group known thing.

A look that allow us benefit to them was low and not mere gnosis acquittal. I think we have the article all in mere peak. Am I a The study was all fancy casinos so you can go there and I see the if Carlos has a defeat is not there. What you can do is just email he's art Spanish okay and he's translating stuff set up. You got sick on the software. Other sexual issues on sexuality yet okay this is okay and I like that are met are about faith. What with their well the website is nondenominational know I'm reformed on all God my yeah I'm reformed and I think Carlos is talking let's we don't push that in that besides the issues there are.

They don't have any to with Lutheran and reformed, it just has to do with what the Bible say and just go right in there we have it things loving this. Could we have them in English.

Okay well that you know what's going on right now you know many many right now there is really gonna going in an area and in almost losing their ideas down each well well managed care, but I got to get the grown-up right now and they compounded live another like there, you know that when I prepared to answer because it features and all they're not there and I know because of the difficult for you and I will have a outbox and with the various rights.

I agree it's very bad it's one of them read you know I speak Spanish but not fluently enough to build, preach and teach and so if God were to act upon my heart.

I would go to Columbia for 23 months and just speak Spanish until I got to teach and learn. Because I know there's a need, but we do have Carlos beat us, and he's is very good. I also have friends in Southern California who reformed in her theology is fixed perfect English perfect Spanish and in and you know he was put in contact with them to go to Mia MIA PIC indicate that articles aren't there which need this email and you and look what I got. Okay, okay, thank you so much that I'm okay but got blessed. Let me know what happens okay okay all right it was just my will and the Lord is with you.

The Lord bless you by his grace

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