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May 6, 2022 6:40 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 6, 2022 6:40 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses the upcoming supreme court decision.--2- What was the strange fire that Aaron's sons offered---3- As a believer, is my heart still in the state of Jeremiah 17-9---4- How do you deal with people who say that God can't exist because of the age of the earth---5- Are there any Jews in heaven---6- Where should a new believer start reading in the Bible---7- Do you think any of the popes are in heaven---8- Do you know anything about Russian Orthodoxy---9- Can you lose your salvation-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is the founder and president of apologetics.

Research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrine maps. What why branches called responded to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick right, everyone.

Welcome to the show to me Matt slick and was the match look like if you want to give McCall all going to do was garlic 772072276 and we can talk want alright so tonight tonight when we doing is teaching must set the second in the series on the dock of the Trinity and I'm going through some really advanced stuff in my joke. I say it it's it's advanced.

It is advanced and if you are interested in listening then what you can do is go to the current calendar that's so UBC and by doing that you will see the link later on tonight that I put it on will be up to see 915 Eastern time is right you so you doing tonight using advanced stuff on the dock of the Trinity and I do mean advance will go through and did nail it so I'll be doing that Lotta stuff, and three more weeks to get some sophisticated stuff on on tonight on lesson eight we have fertilizer want to give McCall all you do is dial 877-207-2276 we think of the Roe versus Wade thing, which I hope does topple is causal kind of problems the leftists are threatening violence. Now they're threatening the Supreme Court people.

They are protesting out their houses they don't want them to have sleep and rest. This is not how to Republic is supposed to work is what's interesting is when the left doesn't get their way.

They complain they winding at physical but when we don't get our way. The conservatives were polite to me way, tell you something. When that happens, the left will continue to become more and more violent. They will become violent people get hurt because it was going to happen when this kind of thing goes on. Pray for the destruction of that ungodly rule law of law Roe versus Wade and that the universality of that court has imposed upon the states will be removed and therefore the states can then decide. That's how it's supposed to be according to our Constitution, but the left wants the so-called rights of the mother to be able to kill the life in her will, because it's her body, her choice, but it's not her body because what you have two heads for four legs would get into that kind of stuff I would be glad to debate anybody formally on that other things that young people politely have debates about so that this thing is they don't want debates, they are not interested in in rational dialogue with evidence and facts and morality logic. That's not the agenda of the left it's domination and, ultimately, I believe the left leads to death.

One of bold statement that is all right their habitat for stirring the pot a little bit of joy. Give me a call 877-207-2276 let's go to Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph, welcome no yell, they would buy 35 and I can figure out what would you know if they offered strange fire before the Lord. That's what it's talking about.

Okay, okay, what would bring it look like was up for improper sacrifice, though I don't know off the top of my head with that would be let's see offered to guide with the Lord when they offered strange fire before the Lord in the wilderness of Sinai and they had no children. So it looks like is that they were offering some sort of sacrificial something that was not appropriate for the time on authorized fire. Let's go to Leviticus chapter 10 is cross-referenced. No native never who the sons of Aaron, took the respective fire pans, and after putting a fire and then placed incense on it and offered strange fire before the Lord, which he had not commanded them and fire cannot for the presence of the Lord to consume them and they died before the Lord. So that's what they did. It was an improper sacrifice which not commanded by God while okay yeah yeah doesn't say specifically what it was that they did or why was considered strength of the when I should doing is scanning a copy to me like this. I don't have all top my head. I cannot scan pretty quickly long talk in the commentaries and so it basically is unexplained. This is just what it is one of okay. You're welcome Rudolph God bless buddy okay alright alright folks, so we have five open lines. Nobody waiting if you want to give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276.

Give me a call if you are new to the show and you want to know what this is about the show here. I'm a Christian apologist. What that means is I defend the Christian faith. Do debates write books do radio very large website see until you check out kind of work we are at check out what is how many see him turn count you over hundred and 50 million new visitors with head and 80 million returning visitors. So we've had 230 million page views and meet new people come to the site hundred 50, but those who returned his way to check the computers who come back and spent time on karma.

80 million people.

That is a Lotta people who spent a lot of time on the car website Christian apologetics research ministry. See yes if you got nobody waiting right now but I just jump in and tell you couple things. That's the trip to Israel is filled up. And if you want to baby get in line on a waiting list. You can go to the home page and you can check things out there and get on a waiting list of people who want to go and I Lord willing, will be going the course of the karmic thing we got somebody from see from Brazil who is getting going and we have a potential guy at the horse Arst Hispanic IRR Brazilian Coptic or Spanish guy with the working with us for 1012 years or so you'll be going be able to meet him.

He's a great guy admitted and personally we've talked before couple times in person at various conferences been tooth and also the guy from Brazil who runs the Brazilian aspect of karma Brazilian printer card will be done. Lord willing I was going to swell up. My wife hopes to be able to go. We just don't know if be able to because of health issues. So if you guys want to to pray about that for her to be great to be tough on her. She's a 50-50 chance hook up, and I suspect is how it is. And so there you go.

Also to let you know that I do a patriotic thing and what I do on patriot on is I have interviews with different people. Now I just started that often patriot PTR EOM is one of the ways you can sign up to help support this ministry you get something for you as well.

So it's a private kind of a of a listening thing where I do a video, usually once a week and you can just listen to it and so whatever doing is discussing various things with a guy for the mind. Who knows a lot of stuff Eli and he and I've had these discussions will be having more under the gathering. Other literacy theologians, philosophers and apologists to have conversations on different topics to speak doing this.

I'm thinking about this on karma as well. Different level the patrons where you can go to support it doesn't take much to do three dollars a month. You know, whatever is matter but we do need that also we have three online schools. If you want to check amounts you just go to

You can check out the three schools in the school of theology school apologetics and school of critical thinking, and so if you're interested in learning how to do all of those little but better can check those out. I wrote all of them a lot of information as is in their back. If anybody has taken them got to the medicinal to call the really good you could do that as well and the that's right, Bill.

Speaking of you like I gala and I was to use Eli his last.

It was a gal and I say say her name you five times really fast. I got I got I saw like a Muslim warcry and for some peace.

I said that they may kind of snickered like an office phone or not, that he said is really fast. Does that like as I told you so. Others that you those are some schools there to check them out and one last thing and I got was quickly into this. I really don't.

I don't like doing it your first time caller. I will talk about supporting the ministry like once a month if that. You don't, maybe twice, maybe.

Maybe I just like doing it, but we do still nearby your donations. If you are interested in supporting this ministry you and if by some fluke you have to like what I'm doing on the air. All you do is go to and you can check stuff out there and I'll help us out to do recurring donations of little bit. That is fine and we like that because it helps us establish budgets in this so narrowing economy.

What is to see how things go were trying for work and attend. I try to serve God the same time there.

I just had a whole bunch of stuff really fast what you say quick and slick. Alright everybody going to give me a call on you to do is dial 877-207-2276 but see Rob or Ron. I guess from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome John here yet I Rob the robber the Beatles love you, Bob say which letter okay I'm Catholic, it's scribe the heart being exceedingly wicked. Yes like hopeless later in Jeremiah 331 I believe it is. There's a promise from the Lord about how he is going to give us become a writer's laws in our hearts with them on her mind. My question is as is the belief where where do I stand with respect to that.

I know that Probably stick with the wicked heart failure your dead will be our wicked.

You state wicked but were also descriptions redeemed and indwelt by the Lord.

So we are warring with our own flesh when something going on record. Maybe we are warring with what we are young moments. Romans 719 to 25 and all the things I want to do.

I don't want to do should do. I don't and so July 1790 talk about the neck, the nature of somebody we are desperately wicked deceitful.

That is true and no one seeks for God moment does good room 310, 11, 12, well that that letter to things but yet God will make a new covenant with people. The people who read he redeems and then he indwells so that both vertically harmonious well where where both hold a second hey folks, we have 31233 open lines going to give me a call 87720727 social be right back after mass Y call 770776\right. Welcome back to the show.

Everyone give me a call. We have an open line 87720776 Québec along with Rob from Raleigh okay where were we so like all my brothers and sisters I battle the flesh, but it also true that I take delight in the Lord.

I I love the Lord and I enjoy doing works for the Lord as she directs and I enjoy doing that so you know, in a sense, I believe that my heart has been softened and that the laws specially the ones that Jesus talked about loving God might neighbors as myself. I take that very seriously and and I love to do that. I love sharing the gospel with people encouraging people, and so forth your question, no like to know in that respect.

Well, so where do we stand that law being written on our heart that for heaven or is that for now. With the loss of all people, because her main image of God.

We have this issue.

Call the communicable attributes of God and the communicable attributes deals with those qualities belong to God that can be communicated to us. So he thinks we think we lost we love etc. and also the there's a quality of morality, which is part of what God's nature is and is revealed in creation cells revealed to us in our hearts as of the law of God is written on the heart of the Bible says and so because of that we can know right and wrong, but it doesn't mean that those who thus know what redeemed this is the nature of ourselves is to be fallen. We are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 so because of that we need redemption redemption means, among many think that in regenerative work of God that he is now living in Austin. John 1423 were born again right because we want to first Peter 13. So with that is the war that happened between her old self and the new self. This is spoken of in by Paul in Romans seven to see 18 to 21 I believe 25 and so this was going on just the right. The reality what we are in existence but a big deal of it is, but you know theologically explainable. Okay well I appreciate your ministry.

Thanks. Appreciate that. Continue the good work by God's grace I better thank you all right goblet flesh.

All right, let's get the will from a highway will welcome you are on the air good evening brother goblet you if I can. I got to question totally unrelated first 120 I got a bunch of friends that are better know May 28 early 30 live in like 16-year-old and very smart guy, but the rebuttal to be a bit of God is quote unquote scientifically proven thing and when creation took place. So I just wondered if you've ever had the conversation and what you're rebuttal to someone that you know God can't be real because the earth 37 trillion years old. How does this work I would just say what if the earth is village of years old. How does it mean God doesn't exist. Just ask him how that means other good and not by maybe I've done a bad job on the train literally how we can map out time of the creation people you know, to a certain amount of thousand years through the lineage of the began to click or try to set out but that I believe that there you know is round about 10,000 years old and I think that impossible.

Well like to do with people is I don't want to stumble them unnecessarily when people asked me how old the earth. I don't know is leave it at that. I know how bright because the Bible doesn't tell us exactly how old it is. And so therefore I don't know if you said you live at 6000 years.

All the same. You understand that if I say I don't know that I can't tell you what it is to work with the right now. That means that that obstacle is removed. But sometimes, alas, we will do you affirm that there is millions of years old I say no I don't. In the know to civil would have is if you got and I can talk about race things I could tell you some of those are interested but you know, just because science will stick back and submit to science is a method of a philosophical approach to learning is a philosophical approach to learning nothing to say. No, it's not absolutely yes it is because it's based on the assumptions of the universality of the laws of logic is based on the assumption called uniformity Arianism that everything works consistently and always has. Therefore you can trust what science gets out of looking from uniform material presupposition. You can't prove uniformity Arianism from science, it has to be assumed. Therefore, it's a philosophical assumption. This is a lot of logic or a philosophical assumption. So the scientific method is based upon philosophical ideas. The question then becomes what justifies the philosophies that they are our dealing with in science that's the discussion. Another thing is I think science is designed to look at the material world.

God is not restricted or part of the material world.

So if you use science to try and prove God, then you can have a problem because science deals with repeatability of phenomena through experimentation, but that doesn't work with God.

So it's a category error to say that God must be subject to the scientific method which deals with looking only at the material world.

The laws of physics, chemistry, motion, and then predictability based on those things with my definition is not what God is. So they're making a category error there applying the attributes of one Category materiality to another carrier category, not materiality or the spiritual realm. And it's a complete fallacious approach to do okay right. I agree now carbon-14 you what half-life is to not hurt the term not to carbon-14 is a half-life of 5730 years carbon-14 right which means if you have 1 g of pure carbon-14 in 5730 years, despite its sitting there doing nothing. It becomes half a gram because half of it all. Half-life disappears in that period of time and so that her 5030 years. It comes 1/4 of the original and another 5000 or 30 years because 1/8 to 16/32 and it goes on and so after roughly 93,000 years and I just 100,000. There should be no carbon-14 left in an organism, because carbon-14 is acquired biologically through respiration and food acquiring when organism dies increase in maintenance of carbon-14 ceases source of the K back to you. What is so important right old on thoughts right back after these messages talk and will hopefully why call 770776\Robert welcome back to the oh will go there yet. All right now the reason this is so important about carbon-14 it means. For example, you have a squirrel squirrel is eating respiration briefing squirrel guys falls down on the ground.

A mudslide covers the squirrel at this point. Fossilization begins or Pers preservation big and the half-life of carbon-14 which is always occurring is continuing. There's no additional carbon-14 added to the to the squirrel none additional. This means bank we have a set amount and is going to decay and understand all the logic and how it works but I read articles on therefore, after 100,000 years. There should be no carbon 14 in the squirrel. Soma comes longer thousand years later, dig it up.

A look at squirrel. How old is it well you carbon-14 says it's 87,000 years old, give or take it on a thousand years 2000.

But if it's 200,000 years old then carbon-14 doesn't work anymore is beyond the scope of it. You can't tell.

The reason this is important is because all diamonds are at least 990 million years old when your three minute billion 200 million years old. Diamonds are carried to the service by volcanic eruption.

This is and yet are finding carbon 14 indictments have had a possible defining carbon-14 in coal sales which technology appears to house a possible two judicious questions as a possible life because that throws the Daimler methodology off also placing rock layers by the positioning are 1.6 million years old, but to the rubidium strontium method of dating there found to be 773 million years old.

You have a 772 million-year-old a difference in dating upper meal. Scene two Pliocene lava by the potassium argon method is been dated to 5 to 9 million years old with rubidium strontium says 31 to 39 million years old or seem to Holocene lava officer to strata graphically dated to less than 12, 5.3+5 20 million years old right about that time by the rubidium strontium 570 million years old, so you may have seen Holocene rock strata strata graphically dated to less than 24 million years old and rubidium strontium dating method is 1.2 billion years old. The words they don't know that these abusers are scientific facts and this is from GU for principles of isotope geology, second edition. New York, John Wiley & Sons, IPv6 soap their problems, their problems with the dating methodologies. There's more stuff like this so I can read more government and documentation so ask your friends and is one of things aloft often do as well. I'll ask him. Have you studied any counter evidence to evolution, no stable know it's a fact say so you've not studied entered any counter evidence you just believe what you're told is that it generally don't think that and I don't even think that it been evolutionary I don't I don't believe that they think that would come from. We've actually had that conversation around like tell me that you know where the netbook that that's that's also you know correction. That's not what the theory of evolution teaches does not say we came from monkeys, monkeys, primates, humans hominids all came from the same ultimate ancestor, just as a technical clarity what yet. Why would the monkey but right side understand that's great point. I actually am Bennett take that to heart about that you know that fact given 13 or 73 million year time-lapse big difference in the consideration of what I'm offering you and the truth and yet nobody one day one. What I'm good with that and I did. I did have a two-part question you got other people in the line when we have all you poor people.

We were told the book. So what you call back later get back in line or call back tomorrow okay God bless you. You two men to God bless. Okay. All right. Let's get a the swing person is William from Dayton Ohio.

William welcome your on the air. Pay outlook on man, thanks for taking my call nature and from the real question, and I apologize and revamp real wet behind the ears of Christ. But my question is does the Jewish Jewish people in general. They don't believe Jesus Christ was the son of God, correct, correct. So the real basic simple question. Are there any Jewish people and ever welded a yes and no because the Bible tells us that the true Jews are those who are justified by faith in Christ.

So in that sense you mean the Old Testament style Jews yes they can be in heaven because many of them before Christ came, believe in the coming Messiah and were justified by faith is Romans fourth three says that Abraham believed God was credited to him as righteousness. And he of course was the first truth.

So yes, will be Jews in heaven while okay I got a computer and I would it would have been my thought that I just want to know. I really appreciate sure now what about modern Jews who reject Christ yet know to be none of them in heaven because of rejecting Christ.

Okay so you you question. I answered it according to what you asked, but I think your escalator the morning of the difference of Secunda modified a little bit and said in this condition, etc. so your new Christian right yet how long you been a Christian, just curious. I was just recently saved about six months ago. All praise God we got okay so there's a lot of bad stuff out there, and so on. To give you some heads up you want to find a church that teaches the Trinity and does not have women pastors and elders. Okay. And you could go to Carmel you been my website now will CAR M.OC Christian apologetics research ministry and you can go there and there are literally thousands of articles working on the site for 26 years and you can go and read articles versus the left hand side navigation you can look of Christian theology. You can type things in like what to look for a church you can type in all kinds of questions you get grounded in the face. The way to get grounded is to learn your biblical theology and then will be better trained to watch out for the false things that are rising in the Christian church is today women pastors and elders is one of them except as of homosexuality. LGBT Q was another will be called legalism get that you have to do certain good things are to keep yourself right with God is not the case we don't lose our salvation. Because Christ did everything necessary and you do good to keep it but is not okay to do that love our Lord.

Stuff like this where you were or should I start by defense is what you want to accomplish doing and more about Jesus the New Testament gospels want to know more about doctrine, go to the book of Romans or the book of Galatians 1 about the history and origins of things, then you could go to the book of acts. As far as a church that goes similar but more good of the Genesis you want to learn prophecy go to Daniel this depends what you want to do, start Outlook history in order okay. Did Charlie Genesis read the first few chapters of Genesis and in fact they have what are called chronological Bibles and their weird they they arrange all the Bible stuff in chronological order so that you can just read chronologically to make more sense. In some cases that way because sometimes some of the issues in the Bible are redundant on purpose is not bad like the four Gospels are four accounts of the same thing and so similar things have with Samuel and Chronicles the Old Testament okay thank you so much over and I do you think of this, but someone said in the chat room. You could also listen to my Bible study tonight will be teaching of the going to the doctor the Trinity that I'm bitter toward you going way deep way deep on the doctor, the Trinity, so maybe above you… Began to sing, it might be too much, but it get shot if you want you know and read and what that all you had to find it. You go to and is not there yet. The link is not there, but I will put the link up about 15 minutes before the show, which is for the Eastern time about 950. I don't get what callback callback a lot of reckless folks write back after these messages stay to mats like why call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg. Welcome back to the show Jonathan from Texas Jonathan welcome you on your earlier Jonathan. I did click a button or that's okay no problem find what you got what many years ago without ending, the youth group and all that. The good elder about the mark of the time for the complex website is pretty interesting and you thought about very interesting out everything she told Matt what you got on Carmen. Dr. predicted and it really, final end time pretty question friendly dialogue okay yeah the mark of the beast is a hot topic at times surfaces and kind eyes down the years. In Christianity's coming up in a little more because of the failure of our economy and the wickedness in our government and the wickedness of this society. So what is the mark Christ, we don't know exactly, but it does look like a morning before hitting the hand in order by the cells of the psychophysical something natural, something is done to the four head or the hand and could be a chip or a tattoo or something and some people say that it's a spiritual mark in the four head. But no, I don't believe that I may be may be, but I believe it's deathly good to be a physical market the hand of the flank because it talked about commerce general to buy and sell. So yeah, that's what the leftist leftist wackos or are seeking his control and knows what's happening in and in China with the social score. Social acceptance score so that they kind of get that in here to America so they can control people by what you doing what you don't do this need to be absently resisted with Evan and we got because his control, and the antichrist wants control can understand God is the sovereign King. Satan wants to be the sovereign king he wants sovereign control over all the people. Now, if you will work and I fully agree with good knowledge might get that would like mine you know if it and cannot control on all that stuff in another case, Hartley. I don't know if you're having sounds I'm having problems hearing to because or are you scratching sounds that I think sister connection things and habits on missing a few words much longer; that's not your fault is producing I yeah you so but take what we got a lot of colors, white, and so little long but I'm glad to go to Carmel glider. Check it out like you're looking for. I think that warning of end of time and it's pretty much about famine and war in the economy, but hearing about the scope some people become more about big rights okay but perfect.

Our let's get to Carolina we lost.

Now let's get over to a more moiré from North Carolina very quick and easy to write all and not all that by the way you think they went to heaven. No life because Roman Catholicism's apostate is not a true Christian religion teaches false false gospel, and it teaches idolatry, if any Pope affirms present-day official Roman Catholic theology and stuff out of Trent that I cannot call them brothers and sisters in Christ to teach works righteousness to teach all kind of bad stuff going anywhere today in your show.

I pray for you everyday and God bless 20 okay okay but right now is get over to time from Idaho anytime welcome around here. Good. Where are you in Idaho.

Melba Bell by Alyssa to faraway Yemen Nampa here okay: today today he basically told me that he would Russian orthodox anything about Russian orthodox it's a real subdivision of what we call the doc Caesar's Coptic working. There's all kinds of variation but what I've seen, I decided Russian orthodoxy in particular what I've seen of all the want to say orthodox in that title and they aren't Christian that they hold so it works righteousness and things like that. Now what I'm saying it very carefully because I've not studied the specifics of Russian orthodoxy so I can't say they are or are not, but I can say Eastern orthodoxy is false and Coptic the right scene is false because the gospel message is not justification by faith alone in Christ alone, but also it works and ceremonies and sacraments that then enable you to be saved and it's a false gospel and told me something that I've never before you ever heard that.

He said that that all the awful fate not to be Peter leader in this is so where he got it where he got his authority company driver Scripture, but it was they would not hot but he said that what really that all before you with all the possible, the one who martyred Jane you ever heard anything like that. I know I hadn't, but when I would ask him his okay so Jesus called Paul to himself, according to Luke and an action. Nine so why would you go against what Jesus said about Paul OIII had about a basically no or or the thought that by the church didn't really know anything that Peter Peter and John were the only possible and they were the only good Bible and well, but Paul was never met and well okay then he's got a problem because second Peter 316 okay this is what were talking about here and I'm read verse 15 in regard to patients for Lord as salvation just as our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom given him wrote to you also in all his letters, speaking in them of these things in which are some things hard to understand which heat which the untaught and unstable distort as they do the rest of the Scriptures so Peter is authenticating Paul right there and I will wear a second Peter dismember this member of this John 316. That's an easy verse remembers a marker second Peter 316 is Peter in the second right under present start okay but you go. I okay God bless.

All right, that's good to Jeff from North can see the letters so welcome Jeff you're on your iMac.

I bought you Michael on current burning. The you're a small group and one of the people there that you absolutely can lose your salvation.

You can be saved. Only you know what they said was you committee not emotional experience you have at your fully and then decide that you don't you don't want to be say and walk away and forfeit yourself to things of one. I would love if you were to have your Bible study put me on speakerphone and they fired questions at me on this topic and I went through and answered him and we could, I would do that happily. Okay now we lose our salvation. What does Jesus say my sheep hear my voice and I don't know them and they follow me and I have eternal life to them and they will never perish.

So Jesus says in John 10 2728, he says, and they will never perish. When Jesus says you and also you join us except my art I would go there many many smart people have debated their there is evidence on both sides. Okay okay what we were long time that I want to just say to him what is Jesus say what is Jesus saying there's logical issues hereto as well, but have time to go into too much of them has to do with atonement and what did Jesus accomplish and did he bear all of your sins and things like this, but here's something else John 637. Although the father gives me will come to mean when it comes to being certainly will not cast out private enough heaven not to do my own will but the will of him that sent me this is the will of him who sent me. Jesus think this is the will of God the father who sent him. That, of all that he's given me.

I lose nothing but raise up on the last day. So ask what I did okay will not want to ask you buddy asking does Jesus always do the will of the father. Yes, the will of the 500 Jesus lose none can Jesus lose any answer has to be no no, then he own thinking come back with is, but you can lose yourself which is the home.

This is not about the self. It's about the will of the father in respect of Jesus the will of the father. Jesus is that you can lose that he will lose not direct him to go to a convert.

So low.

But here's another question asking this okay you lose your salvation right good. Get a pencil and paper, pen and paper and you say please tell me I want a list of the things you gotta do to keep yourself right with God keep yourself saved, giving the list and then you ask you are you performing this on the level that keeps you right with you fully holy God. This is the kind of thing you gotta do, and for that group and I'll say it again.

Get me a narrative on a phone on a speakerphone and I'll be glad to answer questions and go through the slowly verse out where they're willing to do that. I would love that I didn't feel right. It was almost like the Holy Spirit will not live all false religions also teach you can lose your salvation because our salvation depends in part from God bless you Matt. Thank you. Okay God bless. Okay Bobby from North Carolina. Phenomenal question call back tomorrow for the time there's a music the Lord bless you all and by his grace that tomorrow we will talk to you then see what another program powered by the Truth Network

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