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December 3, 2020 3:00 pm

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December 3, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Was there a priestly author of the Torah- Were there more than one author---2- Are all the people from the flood and Sodom Gomorrah gone forever- Do they no longer exist- Will they be resurrected---3- Could you explain Hebrews 12-17---4- What do you think of Steven Anderson---5- When Christ reigns on earth, will the Old Testament law be active---6- I am struggling with my faith, what can I do to strengthen it---7- What does Matthew 16-27-28 mean- Was Jesus referring to the destruction of the temple---8- Matt mentions the matching fund's drive that will start on 12-11 and go through the end of the year.


A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is it apologetic to research what is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why France is called in responding to your questions and regular breath.

There is so much going on today a look at a few you want give me call just dialing 772072276 and we can talk what we do. Here's a few questions on the Bible and all kind of stuff apologetics that reminds me last night was a debate on total depravity and if any of you watched it or whatever you want to call and comment about love to hear from you about that we could talk.

I don't think my point is very well I think he was committing heretical teachings and really sad over some of that. If you're interested, but is not alright so we do have one pole color and if you will, he will get along all you do is dialing 772072276 we can get on the phone with you let us do that right away. Let's get to Jamaal North Carolina Jamaal right in there man you're on your body that you want to give birth to, call Rick very quickly administered weekly radio show up a lot of luck people about you go and got my question is asking what you give me if I don't have anything to the question of the priestly editor about the GDP theory for call the GDP theory or the grass will housing theory priestly auditor the Yahwist the GE.

The LOS P is the parent priest and the due agronomist while you that the later so what you're talking about is said the priestly author right okay/GDP, which is the short version of GDP theory and what that theory is is that different different authors were involved in writing the Penta took the first five books of Moses vector for the same GDP and the reason I say that is because there seems to be different styles intercedes with different levels of writing, and so they say. See, this means that it's out there different authors. So what they're doing is get my notes year old on the second. So what doing is assuming certain things. So the GDP theory are, let's call the documentary hypothesis locates another way to look at it and so what is it hits these these different authors now basically it has been refuted thoroughly in different books over the years. This is been been reduced to ashes, but people still hold onto it because I don't know what the truth is, etc. thanks. One day on a Sunday before I went to church. I got up very clearly was in Escondido, California, and I wrote the introduction to the documentary hypothesis is called GDP. The graph will housing with the documentary hypothesis. All the same thing you're talking about. I wrote an article on and then went to church and I came back and wrote a response refuted GDP or the documentary hypothesis and then what I did was I went in and I I did it in word and in network words were, but in WordPerfect and WordPerfect. The time had a feature that could analyze passive voice sentence, complexity, and vocabulary complexity. So when I wrote the article on the same two articles the same day, just a few hours apart one explaining in one answering the GDP. The one explaining at the fifth the grade level analysis was 13.64 but answering it was 10.35 numbers college-level versus sophomore in high school level.

First, when explaining it was in a college level but the other was in high school level software. The passive voice were both are 9%. That's reflect my writing style.

The sentence complexity explaining. It was at 60 level of 60 but answering was at level XLIII vocabulary complexity explaining it was 38 and answering.

It was 22. This is the same author me writing on the same day on the same subject, one explaining it in one answering it, and they were different stuff if we are to look at this is similar different authors. That's what they do will see different authors.

Why, because it has a limit of different structure little different with this or that thing is you have written science fiction novel and I write that differently than I wrote my humor book which I differently than what I do. My outline features for analysis which I do differently than I do an exposition of other passages of Scripture which I do differently when I was explaining a doctrine because I think different limits of right so if I were to talk about. For example, atheism and refuting the atheistic worldview. I would then go into the issue of materialism. I would compare property dualism with substance dualism as it relates to materialism and how out of a disjunctive syllogism when you have two options. There is no third and one of the gated.

The other one is validated and I can negate the option of atheism based on materialistic self-education night as usual those big words but if I'm to write about a devotional using words like silty and hence brings different results plus and the documentary hypothesis goes the soul as far as as a say in the for example in Genesis chapter 7 verses one through five. You will see verse five is exceeded. Verse six is from the priestly but verses one through five is from the Yahwist and then jumps over to verses seven through 10 is the Yahwist or from J and then verse 11 is P within the next verse 12 is J written by Jake with the next four verses 13 through 16 AA meetings the first part of the verse beaming the second part.

So the first part of verse 12 and 13 and 14 and 15 and 16, but first part of 16 is verse 12 is JP wrote versus 3040 50 in the first half of 16th and then Jay wrote the second half of 60 and then he wrote the first half of verse 17. Jay wrote the second half of her 70's to just picture a bunch of guys with Brandy beers big thick glasses who talk with the trends don't excuse me but understand they talk like this in a room of leather chair when the windows because it can seem seeking further faith and are doing and then they assign certain values based upon what they see and interpret. That's the GDP thing. Now how regrettably… But I gotta go through you. It's a load of of the baloney. Okay, now Jesus quoted J with a say is J is coming from Moses.

So Jesus said is from Moses and Jesus with the 10 Commandments which is easy never J EDP which is E and he said it came from Moses, Jesus quoted 24 which is the he said is from Moses and he said in Matthew eight, quoted Leviticus 14 which is equivalent to P but he said it comes from Moses. So he went and he always categories Josh just more hunts for the look of nonsense.

I guess you know so the greatest of the book of nonsex acute nonsense, a kiss, and the data and rewrite it in a second.

Marana calls and so you listen and so Jesus equated sections of J EDP all to the one author Moses was right. Jesus obviously okay right very much liquid monitor will click on the one you come up Bob that he may be online, call me. That can take them to you in our Bible studies and done that are explained with your word study to find the URL on karma. I will study and Bible studies, Bible-studies okay so I got John check 123 and four in Colossians chapter 1, two, three and four and so what I did was for example of John chapter 1 when I was teaching on the why only had part of the month it's been so long so what I would do is create my own notes and that I would make points in the notes and then I would like teach Bible studies. I would go through my notes so I decided one day to take the notes and just published and that's with those Bible studies are okay I will thank you very much. Very good. So I appreciated that you your goblet are an accomplice to all rights when we get on the phone with Mary from North Carolina, Mary, welcome your hearing.

Can you hear me yes I can so I can mark my hand. When Nyla mailed. They are then Stapleton). Yes, there is three and the promised land on Alameda and the product plan they did. Now bear an asset nonincome all the people did they perish forever. Yes, our Nikon back at the resurrection of the parish music perish forever and I perish forever if I goblet my weekly. When you say five dollars for when you say perish forever. What you mean by that evening. They don't exist anymore.

Let the false teaching and annihilation. This teach that when you die you don't exist anymore is not the case is not biblical on any Avenue not medical. I drive my library. Not when we basically second was to get you say something that one would think any of them is not to blend in with the any of them mean so here's the thing you remember now and they are and then I people that didn't get on the are they died right now and then I got in a pot. The people who died, their spirits continued on. Afterwards they went to a place of hopeful punishment judgment okay I and I haven't gone on for ever will. When you see annihilation is, unfortunately, is making a comeback and it's a false teaching and never coming back in time. Annihilation is an write back those messages and mats like why call 770-7276 charismatic sling back, Mary. You know that during this holiday season. You can go to Amazon and you can buy stuff and present the next grade.

Did you know that if you go to is still the Amazon website to subdomain that you can set up a charity of your choice, and a little portion of what you spend getting something then goes to the charity Please consider setting up a car as a beneficiary does help us Mary, are you still there so the people who died in the flood.

There's a good little more detail about the people they were all wicked. Genesis 6 talks about and so they were judged, and the bad place now is another theory that the half breeds between the fallen angels and women of the naphthalene were also destroyed and their release spirit something or demonic forces that we did all the details but either way, those they were those who died that was a judgment on the people who die continue to exist after death they don't go the soul sleep when it is not conscious and whatever that means.

No one can tell you what it is. Why ask annihilation define exactly what it is that we believe it is ridiculous. So is not an issue of soul sleep is not nonexistence. We continue on after our death. And then there's a resurrection of judgment.

But that doesn't mean we are aware during that period of time and that is a function comes okay and that I met Tamara all people and destroyed in the flood so biologic that would mean something more as well that they were destroyed late because I'm a man that McFadden are air it that Dario is destroyed and people grew and became wicked again at a different form of wickedness tomorrow okay and then Abraham and the promise plan I think a parent identifying time I got conned alive from God or Abraham and Abraham and the promised land. Okay, I didn't make it to the prominent. I guess you don't understand the timeline so Abraham was way after Noah.

So the Nowak flood happened hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years before Abraham. So the people on the grind of the flood were destroyed and then they multiplied later and was happens people are fallen by nature, in spite of what my potent debate last night said and they rebelled against God again right I think about that might not think about it, and al dente, but I like Loughran or that they cannot they already had the opportunity to make that button. I fail are in the flood… I don't understand what all we could do mean a lot at mile three. All through the means that plot now that now and in the promised land and nonanimal are that I think that and when I write in Malik is now and hearing.

Hearing that you and I sang different timeline. Did you talk to it in categories of things. The flood covered the whole earth. Sodom and Gomorrah are located on the earth. The area of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed but Sodom and Gomorrah probably did not exist at the time of the flood because it happened right side of the board. So for afterwards, as was Abraham at way after the flood.

And so… I do not need you right now it is going to how world and I finally had to find out now from God that man is not actually the whole world my man can understand.

Okay good. Got out like or document. It may have the opportunity to anything out there like leaning is that they have been up Tuesday no one that the, plan, and found them all really on a lot of mountain thing will do the have the opportunity to be saved. I don't mean but my Canadian that Abraham and all thy people were at one time with God and then they found him. How lame.

But I will let Abraham was alive when the Egyptians were alive and all kinds of people since his hundreds and hundreds of years after the flood. When the children and the dispersal of the world and in 2030 generations. Whatever the of thousands, millions of people's mathematically certain possible and their people in Egypt are all over the place is removed from the early kallikrein Abraham with verticality into the Egyptian area… And later 400 really really looking back to the promise like let's run the lot was there. Sodom and Gomorrah got destroyed just locally because of their sexual perversion.

Okay, try, and that is okay… Forever. Live as they use the day.

Well I like all the people I've commented on the mall I say but that didn't make it to the, client the week you will save all, I don't know if it means every individual.

Let the statement okay when you say at all.

I don't know. That means every single individual inside the Gomorrah or if it was just representative that they were basically all bad, but there were a few people who work okay we can we don't know but generally speaking they were all destroyed. Okay, I cannot now all right thank you Matt, you will commit you to thanks all right, let's get on the phones with Sarah from northeastward of the northeasterly certain locally on the ball all 40,005 area that we try to get that jerk member Jacob and Esau. Esau was born first and Jacob was born second. But Jacob was deceptive and stole some with two deception the birthright of of Esau. What is the birthright the birthright deals with the firstborn, the firstborn's transferable title and that's the people know that this mean first created, it means it's a print title, preeminence, and so what Esau did is he sold his birthright and then God and then Abraham blessed Jacob, and the blessing of Jacob was a one time thing the: given once and Esau said hey I'm sorry for doing what I did too late.

The deed had been done. We couldn't undo the deed.

It's like someone who drives drunk and crashes into people and puts in the hospital and afterwards he repents of what he's done, but he can't undo the damage that stuck. So that's what it means he saw repentance. He wanted to be undone, to be fixed, but he couldn't because of the one time blessing have been offered got it is not an issue of forgiveness.

It's an issue of getting the blessing back.

He was turning trying to get it back. He repented change of mind after the break we read that folks live in a blinding 77 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave. So repentance comes from the Greek word methodological and culture comprising two words change in mind, change of mind and attitudinal change. So what he had done was he had an attitudinal change. He change his mind about what he had done in the past. He didn't wanted to continue on, but it already done. It's just like you know I got my car tomorrow and then the next day when the vine done. I want to have a car but have already done it. So I repented with the effect of it is still there is not an issue of repentance as we think you repented in order to have forgiveness of sins. It's not talking about it's a different context. Okay, you're welcome.

Please keep going back okay alright sir. God bless. All right, let's get to know Isaiah from California government welcome. You're on your knees.

I'll okay what you are not from Arizona. The preacher, teacher, he does not had all his long pause in the litter box.

Okay, I do not recommend people listen to the guy. I appreciate his zeal, his dedication to the word. He's King James only anti-Calvinist, and he's inappropriately condemnatory and accusatory and cause division. The body Christ and be glad to debate the guy I've offered it publicly for a big lead from theology is another aspect, but nevertheless that's what I'm saying but why would you that I I I bought the bad I respect a lot like Neil Bell waiting to get out of my ball. It's hard to differentiate through the good and bad with this guy.

So you have to be careful because what is the Bible tell us to do with unbelievers does it say that we should have homosexuals killed the SATA New Testament know is is says that they are given over by God to their own judgment as to the rehab after killed him and what he does.

He appeals of the Old Testament except that's the Old Testament, the question is, I would save so it. The question then becomes, is the Old Testament moral requirement in the judicial sense of execution required in the New Testament covenant. That's the executor that he doesn't deal with that he does not deal with things like that very well at all.

So what are some of the backup.

What were commanded to do.

The New Testament is to treat with gentleness and grace.

Those who are outside if perchance God might lead them to repentance.

Is he doing that is not okay. Didn't hear me you didn't notice the Bible say is is conduct yourself. Listen to what outsiders make the most of your opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace as it was, seasoned with salt know how to respond which person is he doing that is the question. Is he doing that I do understand.

Tell me the answer.

The question is he doing that yes or no is all he's doing that okay to disagree with me ask you this to bloated sponsor but must must not be quarrelsome but kind to all, able to teach patient when wrong with gentleness correcting those in opposition if perchance got a grin. Repentance is he doing that with gentleness correcting those in opposition. Is he doing that very is he doing that.

The fact that you can answer the question tells me you see the problem in United he is doing gentleness when he when he says that that Obama needs to be killed Judy to be killed in the Holocaust never happened like Obama okay here's the thing not tell what you're doing is you're defending him and you call up you asked my opinion a given you my opinion you can reject it. You can do whatever you want, that's fine with the Scriptures that I've given you are. How were supposed to be with unbelievers is he doing that. Is he being patient and kind and gentle, or is he being demanding and condemnatory unnecessarily and I'm not saying don't condemn homosexuality absolutely it is sinful and they need to repent of it, but we are told how to behave like God and God's work were told how to handle this.

The question one of the questions of God is does he do it that way and enters no to why she disobeyed God and his respect and kill King James only which he wants to be King James only that's fine, but how far does he take it in another issue about when I I and I can be part of the you and I know what we want, couldn't understand concern by Dr. Breitbart out all that you that I should write. I don't know hold that position I believe is the future thousand year reign. I believe were in the millennium and the bullet the thousand years of Revelation 20 is embedded in a figurative context and I got other things that I have, to defend that position. So this is assuming that position is true, which I don't assume so for me it's it's a nonanswers non-question so we know that Christ will reign and people in the in the premillennial view. They say that Christ will reign, and there will be people who will rebel against him and he will be the one who destroys them later. Nothing in the Bible says that during this millennium I've ever heard from any of the premillennialists says to be if the Islamic rule were God, Christ will be executing people so… All law. It okay I thought your heart understand one thing not responding to Demetre saying it's a sign of being brainwashed when I bring something up and you ignore it and you go into some other thing repeatedly, it means you're not hearing you're just begun agenda solid means which are not interacting you know I'm going and so when you move along. Grooms have time. Anyway, let's get to Adrian from Winston-Salem, North Carolina Mary Mayor eight are you doing oh well you by God's grace. What are called Mark what was nowadays recently on their struggle with my faith, cruel Christianity, you know, the church now, struggling with, so my question is, how could Ari by what you think I should do to strengthen okay so when I was recommend is to give you three simple things is not exhaustive does not exhaustive like you don't I give you these three you talk to somebody lose eight more universal than my seven overload you. The first thing you must do is see Christ, we must seek him. God is faithful, through whom you called in the fellowship with us in Christ Jesus prescriptions 19 you spend time with Christ you read his word.

You pray that even if you don't feel like it and nothing eight hours a day. If you don't, you're not a good person, not just you know, pick a time read one verse two, three, four, five, whatever you want to just think about it I just talk to the Lord is not demanding legalistic thing okay continue to have that relationship with him so you and I aren't friends, not enemies (because we don't spend time together and if but if we did not and we become friends and you become more.

You don't need it are likely more likely less you know that if you thrive so you need to have spend time with them and have fellowship with them. Okay, that's one thing right.

Seek Christ first number two. This is a dangerous thing. Seek the exposure of your sin. The reason I'm saying that is because your lack of fellowship with him is due to your sin and all in all expand on my already voted right back at is 11877207 mass Y call 77077 hazmat slave go there tomorrow and again. There you go. I think the wrong button collective ever known.

And yet here you either alright so I saying is you see Jesus first and to do that you need to pray to him, read his work okay and you need to seek the exposure of your sins because our sin is what separates us from God.

Isaiah 59 to says this and so you know your center about this point fingers and accusing you mean a you and me were sinners.

And whenever we have these problems with her are faith with God fellowship. It's because of us, not because of ask God to exposure send to you but it's not fun because when he starts doing it. It gets pretty rough and they can be discouraging, but this is what's necessary to show what areas in your life are roadblocks in the fellowship because that's what you want.

You can't have fellowship with them.

If you're in sin, you know, you may think things are not supposed to think every now and then it could be you're in a pretty bad sin.

She was your nice anymore. I can ask but it could be and it could be that you know what that is.

It could be you don't know what either way I can issue of sin and the suppression of the truth in unrighteousness and then we also need to do to get fellowship fellowship okay so fellowship is with other Christians need to be in in company of other Christians.

So that's what I would say see Christ expose and host repent of your sins and see the fellowship and is a little because the thing I have called CPR. You'll see if you work if you live right CPR right you will confess.

Pray and read see Christian CPR, keep your spiritual act.

Confess your sins, pray to God.

Read his work and course fellowship with other believers to Christian CPR confess. Pray and read help you, and it takes time and you gotta go through to go through in order to get where you need to be okay right back in a week. I want to hear what you had to say in a week. Okay, I'll start the night good when you do that and pray in if you feel good. Great. If you feel not good this matter. Just do what you're supposed to be doing and then let me know what happens in a week okay what it okay thank you God bless God bless this to Joshua, North Carolina Josh welcome year on year, Josh and I are very very correctly while we got our prayers go out color. While I remember well yeah I like talk talk you about our Matthew 16, verses 27 and 28 San Antonio needle CM to people subject standing here will not as witless ego right are listening to a sermon by Jeff Durbin is a colonial performed on all morning on this morning.

How does that.

He is pointing out towards the ghost. You little talking about the instructional example of the times the out of the man coming in his kingdom will this is a good millennial verse actually because in the millennial position. The kingdom of God is now and right plus Satan has to be bound or not that rain and Jesus said he was bound in math 12 so you know it okay and subsidies for the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of his Father with his angels will repay every man according was diesel that seems to be speaking of the final return of Christ, truly I say to you, there are some of those were standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom. I take affirmative means. The very next chapters of transfiguration and impact. I believe this is the demonstration of his kingdom and his Lordship in the transfiguration with the glory of the Lord Jesus was manifested and Elijah and Moses were there, which represents the law and the prophets.

Moses is the law. Elijah the prophet all the prophets, the rest of the Bible for the Old Testament was was basically divided into two, sometimes three groups law prophet in Psalms were distal on the prophets just a generic quick way to say it so Moses and Elijah were there representative of the law, the prophets of the Old Testament economy and coveted stuff that were there to bear witness of the truth of Christ, who said that the Bible is about him.

In John 539 you search the Scriptures because in the youth to give eternal life for the disease of your witness of me. So I think that was fulfilled in 17 okay… I will determine the value of you doing sound like regular R-rated for comparing their language to Old Testament fees about drug judgment and though he was comparing ball is being fed right here Matthew and to award there is five. Through the instruction of the temple for sale would be a different see which particular verse.

She's talking about because of the time of verse 27. I would say it's dealing with you through the destruction of the temple because that leads lends itself in concert with full plagiarism which is false. Now I've talked to Jeff and read maps, we begin to construct conference together in Canada. Talk to get his cell number and we talk and we know okay so not always calm and asking, but you don't know what what context you talking about so I just don't know. But that verse 27 will repay every man according to his deeds. I don't see how that could be tied if he is addressing is accurate tied to the destruction of of the temple citizen is standing right think what you were very outward. You're going back to drill the rebellion by Marilyn Piper by Chris Barham wondering when do what is being tried. They visited Cruz fire, his blood will be on our hands behind our children right there is a society that will the Susan vessel tree pattern of the third millennium BC is where the Old Testament covenant pattern is is is developed means that those who break the covenant will have the penalties of that covenant requirements put upon them because Jews did you miss the Messiah they broke the covenant that God established when the with them to send the cup the Messiah to them.

So therefore the consequences the negative consequences of the covenant came upon them, the judgment upon them so they were dispersed.

Their temple was destroyed, however, God is not done with Israel. Romans 1124 25 six talks about. This is not done with Israel governmentally so some people who post mill and some who were doing other things, who hold to full plagiarism, which I believe is quite false but partial plagiarism is certainly within orthodoxy, full plagiarism would say Jesus returned in the. The armies of Israel and the armies of Jerusalem. The armies of Rome and destroyed Jerusalem and that was the judgment but that's not how he returned if they say that that was the fulfillment of the return of Christ, that simply falls future by acts 19 through 11, but if it is safe.

It's a kind of return of Christ in judgment wasn't impersonally okay I can see that I wouldn't necessarily agree with it but okay you know if there is a God use the pagans to discipline his people. Yeah, I would agree with this depends ON maturity siding near a working order. All family and wondered all tribulation try to figure called and I believe it is because of Daniel chapter 9 verse 24 to 27 says of the site of the cut off in mid to mid week and this is when Jesus himself quotes the fulfillments I forgot where I picture my advise a I think it is. I can remember.

He stops midpoints and and it seems to be saying that the rest the jubilation.

Will come to pass this deck talk with the great tribulation. And so the tribulation is talked about a type of AAA should talk about his second vessel to which is at the arrival of the antichrist with's comes first, and so where people beat the hills and Jesus talks about reformed five of 17 so we talked about these kind of things or people are running to the hills because the so bad will. People ran to the hills in's the 60s in the 80 6064 when Nero was in charge and people fled to the hills so partial plagiarism seems to be the way to handle all of this that the first coming of Christ. There was pain and suffering, the second coming of the pain and suffering for the unbelievers.

In that sense but also the believers who persecuted. As you can tell in our world.

Chris is becoming more and more persecuted staffing in the news media said nothing about it. The line section credit. They are so right. Okay. If there is a you know there's a lot to talk about. This is not it is an easy out here is a verse that refutes everything. No right is not like that. And so what they'll do. And it's a good thing is the postman little post little lists will and I agree with this will go to the Old Testament say this is how this phraseology is used and so we we will use it here, but they gotta be careful you don't want to take the Old Testament to interpret the new the new hats which affect the old and a lot of times, false theologies are developed whenever someone says let's take the New Testament revelation is look at the Old Testament and the Old Testament will tell us how to interpret the new nets. There are some points of validity to it, but there's a warning because it's never how it's done in the Scriptures. As always, this is what was written to you know to be fulfilled level law and by this insert things happen like 30 pieces of silver. This is to fulfill a set of over here so the New Testament interprets the Old Testament that's the right way to do it, but it doesn't mean we don't look at the Old Testament.

It means we do and it sheds light on how we interpret New Testament but the New Testament's ultimate authority in that sense of priority employer with your talent that's good, that's one thing the ground support of agreement. You will very much God bless you.

All right it was Josh from North Carolina. He was looking around a couple. Thank you for the shogunate left of the waiting is is a place you can go to to help Carmen if you are so inclined, you can put a it's a specific lens on is something in you can set up a charity to when you purchase anything in Amazon a little bit goes to the charity.

Also starting on December 11th Ave. matching funds drives so you donate anything to harm from the 11th to the end of the year matched via donate 1000 and I'm out here by his grace

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