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December 3, 2020 6:08 am

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December 3, 2020 6:08 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does sorcery mentioned in Galatians mean---2- Is it wrong to take medications for mental illnesses---3- Why do Protestants not worship on the proper Sabbath---4- Is calling groups a cult blasphemy against the Holy Spirit---5- Is it ok to be in a PCA church- They don't believe in a literal 1000 year reign, is that ok---6- An atheist brought up Numbers 31-18 as an objection to the Old Testament law. How do you argue that---7- I've been struggling for a while with depression over a broken marriage. How can I effectively witness to others and regain my faith-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine. We had to request last week. The provider the motives are going bad. This is like, we can have two weeks ago next computer tech so I know stuff and editors are working on it and I couldn't work so were called place and they sent me about and oh that mold failed after a couple days recently another one that one wouldn't work at all and so I was I managed to get an old modem going on right now so hopefully legal work tomorrow will be the third one in just a few weeks, so that's why Linda combined with the holidays last week. Just make good rest anyway hope you have a great Thanksgiving went well for you enjoyed fellowship with a bunch of people. That's right. Hope you had good meetings in groups without masks in your homes, enjoying fellowship with one another.

That's what I hope you are to your visit sick ones loved ones, etc. really alright so what you may call all you have to do is click 772072276.

If you are new to the show you're not sure what is going on.

Christian apologist for the person faith we tackle all kinds of stuff all kind of stuff expensive past week developing an outline of apologetics presupposition apologetics into a course.

Think about it some venues to be able to teach it make a booklet out of it. Things like that really learning a lot of stuff and doing a lot of research and stuff like that to defend the Christian faith. We have four blinds what you would call 877-207-2276.

Let's get on the phone with James from Long Island. James welcome Mauser gone on lament about Mike I'm calling you in a broken leg and 519 Galatians 5 where you where a bunch. The work of the last school and worked out on immorality, impurity, mutuality, idolatry and very, but the thing that I have been about thought. Because they in the Greek translated the word eat barbecue is correct all my question is saying that lights pharmaceutical drug are like three month take what were affecting his people would use drugs for mind altering things in their religious ceremonies that that were doing and when you take aspirin you take morphine you take whatever you break your arm to go get morphine working on you that that's not for the Kia in the sense of sorceries and sorcery system using medicine. Even the Bible says to take wine for your stomach medicine medicines are okay, this is sorcery sorceries, by definition, using varying methods apart from God. These methods are therefore automatically sinful, because apart from God's revelation and then to use them as a means to communicate with divine whatever spiritual whatever and part of the ways he would do that is mind altering techniques when I was involved in your cult.

I never did drop site. To this day I have never smoked pot. I've never done any drugs at all. Never half and but what we would do my friends and I when we were involved in a cult is due certain things to alter our mental state in order to contact spirits as we did back in my midteens quite well and so sorcery is just another way of with barbecue. The drug use and, in connection with it is another way of bringing about an altered state of consciousness opens up to the spiritual realm for repression of this kind of thing is done in Indian sweat lodges it's done sometimes in yoga and certain aspects of yoga. It's done in New Age practices and more and more it's being treated the Christian church, contemplative spirituality, the idea of altering the mind by concentrating on a particular object or thing or a phrase over and over and over and over again. Bring your mind a certain place again contact with God. This is occultist sorcery. Okay, something I was like, worried about over the summer started like I was struggling with microphone mental health issues. I started taking prescribed medication somebody like that birth up to me and I was like go with me taking medication that possibly again, God's will for my life for your font worried about taking medications prescribed by doctors for the purpose of healing and sometimes you bring up the issue is okay to take drugs for mental issues and answers.

Of course it is.

Many drugs are very helpful.

I have two brothers who take a little something for that reason, I don't. But Alexis should if you get but they do and interfund. You know, and my Diane seller was a woman who used to work with Carmen and she passed away couple three years ago and she was a retired clinical psych nurse. We had many conversations about the effects of psychotropic drugs ever used medicinally in order to help people with certain mental issues were classic for some problem like I would absolutely recommend under doctor supervision to take whatever in order to help with whatever and alone is not just the doctrinal and drug get you to get you in the office and go do something else without legitimate criminal soul like why do you think that God was built on people's lives he saved some and not others. What is he physically heal people, not others was a convict and not others don't know but I do know this, that all of us who have problems like I have Asperger's.

I have tendinitis at 80 dB and my people fears. I have five deformed bone.

My fourth lumbar area so I back problem. I have my my wife has scholarly states. And that's when the rarest connective tissue disorders of the planet. She's had open-heart surgery scheduled surgery coming up a hand next month. Just take blood thinners drugs affect is wise God not healing or don't know but I do know this user is an example she praises God in her sickness and in her frailty and her faith is not affected by frailty, not her faith is in Christ and in her frailty.

She praises God and to greater glory for so in heaven. That's what really matters. Ultimately, shall have a great reward because she is never wavered in her faith during her multitudinous. So what is he not heal some people. Maybe because it's a greater reward for them in heaven for them to endure what they been allowed to endure hereunder as a praise him through the difficulties and so with my Asperger's.

For example, does not spectrum disorder. Well, there are disadvantages and advantages to it, and when advantages is to be able to concentrate numbers and patterns so use it for the glory of God. I can remember hundreds of verses. I can understand patterns of logic and things like that will all use of the glory. And so my wife can glorify God to in her frailty, just as you and yours can bring glory to God. If you are looking to him through it and praising him and his people see your faith, your trusted and that he is glorified in your setting up rewards in heaven. That's the whole reason you're doing everything is just maybe that's why it is I will goblets but those of you, and you may call with Realty lines 877-207-2276 was good to Monty from Raleigh, North Carolina. Monty welcome you on here. God bless you brother click I believe just recently introduced to your visit.

I find it to be very beneficial for me. I did one question that I need to clear up your main through the Sabbath. My studies have shown, and I'm not calling to be adversarial and trying to I'm trying to get this in my heart exactly how the what if God will, but I overheard you last week gave an explanation of why the Protestant church seems to lean toward Sunday is the Sabbath and you and you help me out here, but Cindy is not the Sabbath worship on Sunday and we call it a Sabbath that was never just one Sabbath in the Bible there were several Sabbath's rest days and normally speaking, the Sabbath is on Saturday.

Normally speaking. And no one's change that is still Sabbath. The thing is that what we do is, as Christians in the New Testament economy is that we worship on Sunday and the reason is because that is called the Lord's day, the day of the Lord's resurrection is called the Lord's day in the Lord's day is spoken of in Revelation 1 I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day. I heard behind me a loud voice, etc. so talk about Sunday in verse 20 and 16 now concerning the collection for the saints disbursement to collection for the saints as I direct the churches of Galatia.

So, do you also verse two on the first day of every week that Sunday. Each wanted to put aside and save as used may prosper, but no collections are made when I come in acts 20 verse seven in the first day of the week when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul began to talking to them, intending to depart the next day and he prolonged his message until midnight was preaching on Sunday and having tides on Sunday for first 2016.

In second Corinthians screaming in Colossians 2 1617 this is therefore that no one act as your judge in regard to food or drink on record.

I respect the festival, which is yearly or a new moon is monthly or a Sabbath day which is weekly, things of which mere shadow of what is to come. So that was let no man judge you in regard to the festival new motor Sabbath Matt Flynn why call 770727 charismatic sling lines of 107 six Monty from Raleigh, North Carolina distiller Monty Yetter are actually Rita I do know I hung okay okay though I don't break primarily. I would, I would very pleased with the naked eye. I can't write quickly enough to get down the grip.

But I will only Beverly could well look at whatever I going on the other side every woman verse, but this is just an article I read on the website of your CAR log carved If you going that's the website to have a look at the website for 25 years, etc. hundred million visitors. and just go there and a search engine can be change in the site next to just type in why we worship on Sundays and Saturday mornings. Go to Google and type in CAR M this type that in and then type in why we worship on Sunday instead of Saturday and the cult of the article and you can check it out. One more thing to you. Okay about this because this is a way to this is Romans 14 verses 5 to 6. One man regards one day above another and another. Regards, everything alike.

Let each man be fully convinced of his own mind he observed it absurd for the Lord, and he weeps us with the Lord, etc. now if were supposed to keep the Sabbath on Saturday, then why does Paul the apostle tell us that one man regards one day above another level in regards everything alike and you need to be convincing your online if were obligated to follow just a Sabbath of Saturday and that he/she would've written that so because the Sabbath ultimately points to Christ. Sabbath means rest and we find a resting Christ. That's Matthew 1128 1023 believe it says Jesus has come to me all work related and I will give you rest. So the rest the Sabbath is actually a prophetic representation of the work of Christ and how were finished with the law in the area of having to do things in order to be right with God by sacrifice or law, whatever is in that Jesus did everything and we can rest in him. That's why the Sabbath is no longer necessary to be kept on a particular day were free to worship on any day so that when I were playing together. We crash landed out in the ocean and were out there for days and days before we land on a deserted island and we don't do what day it is. We've lost track very good. What do you work in Oregon, one in seven chance of getting it right will be in sent work. Well, I will go back to the but I did want to tell you I do so much as your your ministry, and I believe it's true that you're serving the body of Christ in the best possible way, you know. Thank you very much for saying that you don't know how that ministered to the don't know. Here's the reason is because that is my goal in life to serve God. Yes, possible way according to gifting's I have the maximum ability that I have and it's really valuable.

Just think, well, leaping to be perilous times, I'm a firm believer in my heart that nothing is going to change until Jesus comes back anyway so I just wanted to thank you and get that clarified what you welcome and praise God thanks for little sign in and check out the site. God bless you brother, okay they folks going to call me at one of the line 877-207-2276 Kelly from Northeast some plan I Kelly how are you on a crack sure somebody hacked that electric report that call day flap not at all call matters.

Cults, Mormonism's occult Jehovah's Witnesses as a cold Christian slave but I verify that what that what you buy and when that point churches purport to be Christian, but they are not, but sometimes you will will call the church occult when it's not occult.

They have just simply send send is not blasphemy against the Holy Spirit certain not by well his eyes, not blasphemy against the Holy Spirit's blasphemy is a term that can have a slight variety of meanings and that you have said something wrong against God or his work against Christ or against the truth so to say that a good Seo dog is a really good church preaching very good stuff. The states occult. That would be a form of blasphemy because it would be condemning the teaching that is Orthodox and true, but it doesn't mean that the person who says it can't be saved just means a person is either ignorant, overly judgmental or does doesn't know what he or she talking about, really, really sorry able to carry it or not, that sorry I didn't mean it in terms they believed were no they were talking about the whole church but because of that word and make it really, really sorry and they wondered if my name a backpack that they get what they were all convert torment at the contact tormented me to do everybody's tormented by the sin and guilt righteously condemns us as we crawled across and we appeal to the grace of God for all health, not like you at. Here's how it works in Colossians 213 says he forgive us our transgressions, verse 14, he having canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees which is hostile to the lake, having nailed it to the cross Jesus acquitted sin with legal debt. Matthew 612, Luke looking for. He said forgive us our sins forgive us our debts in the prayer of artwork for Jesus equates it with legal debt. He canceled the certificate of death. The cross our sin that was featured to him scheduled cross is not dependent upon your forget your repentance is not the point of baptism is canceled at the cross you're justified. When you believe of the sin that is canceled of the cross for God's people.

And when you believe you're justified directors is a crisis then at that point added to you. Open your morning before you repent an ace eight and event now and not yet state of having that your sins ultimately paid for, but not yet redeemed is: on the not yet tension and then when you believe because God aggressively for 29 just so right that got messages Matt Flynn why call 770727 charismatic slave. It could be considered a blasphemy.

It could be if we were to use blasphemy in a broader sense when people sooner tormented and worried about understand something Jesus removed our sin at the cross.

That's what it says in Colossians 214 people are sins in his body at the cross. First Peter 224 quintal descendent of the cross, so the send yesterday and tomorrow.

The commit already been taken care of by Christ. We do understand so when we send what we need to do is confess our sins to Christ and acknowledge what God is already done and trust continued to trust in his cleansing forgiveness. Therefore, there is no need to be tormented by arson. Now we audit the fact that it's not what we ought not really convicted of arson and we should feel bad when it's appropriate because if we sin it is bad. We should not be tormented unto the issue of when my salvation. No okay Christ doesn't lose any because the will the fathers of Jesus not lose any that's John 637 to 40 okay all convert all if you were false convert to some worthless, they set up another is sense because if there were false convert to convert now if they made a mistake. Back then, doesn't mean that you're not a convert now you people wonder if they were false convert when they did whatever I I often look back at some of my history, my life actually saved then have an answer for such thoughts and so I don't worry about it because I signal all I know is God was merciful. There were times I look back in my life is as a Christian like what was I thinking what the heck was I doing, why didn't God just kill me well all I can say is he's merciful.

As I look back, and others. You could because the same unit wasn't saved with this because to say. Maybe I was saved and so I just trust God remnant now redeemed now.

I of course he will never leave you or forsake you. He says is his conviction was for could be upon them. Lastly, the Holy Spirit is spoken of in Matthew 12 2232 and instead it is to say, is the Pharisees of that as the Jews were saying that Jesus was performing his miracles by the power of the devil is in the Holy Spirit for the valuable one. That's why Paul Jesus is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not forgive. So that's done that they have done what you do is trust Jesus trust very helpful risk for you will compelling, all right loose, move along to Cynthia from New Jersey.

Cynthia will run here hello hi hi Cynthia hello hello hello early therapy quick like take something very quick about the last caller that woman. I hope it will highlight in her humble you got me hooked up praising God for a moment and her.

So thank you and affect never to move on to something else really quick that nothing in question.

The on your yellow mom break you or doubt they I don't everything to do with it sent to them. I know the guys missed the owner of the network and family there not any PPA chart 2 years now. I am going through formal membership class, I believe in that but I'm going to elect okay last week meeting with my pastor and the other girl for doing it together they'll believe in the rapture. They think we are in the tribulation. Now, they don't believe in the rapture as they think that the coming of Christ.

You can come think I'm the only come twice.

I tried to explain the difference between going come and land on the amount that someone is back, but no they don't believe in the literal thousand year millennial reign client act battling here is not out okay now anyway. And also that you gain from people you can complete the blame you now because I know happy to be in little kind chart I clarified. Sure, PPA and what they think and why they think it just so you know I used to be a Presbyterian pastor PCA pastor I and him so they said they were all millennial which musical believe in a literal thousand year reign of Christ right reign of Christ was begun at the time of Christ and move on from there and I have for myself. I is no right to just let the firm. I have my reasons to love you guys. Lately the Bible know just a little talk and I'll do my reasons now if they were to say that the rapture is not good occur.

How can they deny that its right of first Thessalonians 416 digit fibers to its last. So I would agree with them on that either. Okay, generally speaking, the PCA is was called secessionist also leave the cessation of the charismatic gifts which I don't agree with that. So what you can find a different presbyteries around America to believe or not within the overarching PCA denomination unify different presbyteries, which are subgroups of two or three states in under a Presbytery kind of thing depending. The population is a Southern California Presbytery. The northern California Presbytery.

Things like that but who knows you can have a slight differentiation between beliefs. It is okay to do that so what I would do if I were you.

If you it depends it on that in the membership box okay but I did it at a PCA church because of the necessity of living in the ministry. Okay, whatever right is good reason for it. Let us isolate like, whatever. So just take him aside to look up a meeting to discuss some of these issues. What's the reason for being all-male. We have great reason they don't own the PCA also believes in baptizing infants we offer. I believe that to but not for the purpose of salvation, but as a continuing covenant faithfulness of God that included children in the Old Testament and leader continues in the New Testament but is not for salvation but as a covenant sign okay and I am not what they complained to me why don't they have a where when dad got it out because saved over at because they affirm sprinkling as well, which I can make the case in every back. I think going get the question is, is sprinkling or pouring, or immersion. All valid forms of baptism and all three of them are in fact most probably Jesus was sprinkled at his baptism because he had to fulfill Old Testament law per Matthew 315 and give the verses I got it on on the card can look up why would Jesus baptize. I go through the Scriptures and show you, to fulfill the law. This is what was doing this as it is of the chapter in the Old Testament, and yet of water applied to them in the only way was applied to a priest becoming a priest, high priest of the article because it was present don't know this priesthood prophet hood and kingship three offices profit presenting any rate, so he was fulfilling Old Testament law in order to enter the priesthood. The requirement was to be sprinkled that that's out of numbers. I don't 87 relates to this is not the magic socket so so you don't like what what I would do is use this as an opportunity to be challenged to learn through things you can agree with them about things are not with him about, but you have the right to to say and when you affirm I firm with reservation. These things through those work through those with them in advance because if I were in your church and it was he had to believe in. There's no reference I can't do that if you think I can join with reservation. This area that's fine within your drinks. Also, to submit to the leadership and ownership already falsely write back after mass Y call 770727 charismatic hello there, how you doing today or your website. Thank you for all your video help me a lot like the goblet snacks so the question I have, I was starting to an EPA online I need brought very now numbers 31 verse 18, they can keep the burden woman that likes late, I'd want to see your take on that I didn't eat it on your website. I want the you can answer this for me was a say in the first set there to be sex slaves. I just googled it. I do not translation one, but I'm so number 31 ghetto is that's not that's not what it says right it's does settled as a team, but all the girls will not know man intimately spare for yourselves so the first thing you do with an atheist is realized that what they're probably doing is going to an anti-Christian website and reciting something that they've read and not done the homework this is what I say to them repeatedly in the context of you done any research on it.


Why would that happen while you're implying that you have a moral stand by which you can then judge this, you have no moral standard. You have no objective right to say that this is wrong means that you believe in the universal moral absolute. You can have that in your atheistic worldview just messed up from the beginning so I did jump all over my mom get a cupcake rip him to shreds politely if you don't have any any rights you can complain now say furthermore, the verse is not transmitted correctly, let's go to a good translational that the six you need to go to and do your homework you have an shameful outside of the I'm required to do homework on varying forms of atheism and epistemological issues, metaphysical issues, rationalism, empiricism, Platonic norms, I know all the stuff to argue with you guys and you got the rate virtually shameful now and give you an answer.

This is what I do with them. Okay see in the context here is going on is that they, the Midianites had been very bad to Israel and the Midianite woman died with them culpable in their practice.

So far, of Bill, worship of Baal worship a rate of the Israelites were in the extreme of the Midianites and prevented them from ever causing Israel to sin again. The virgins were steps probably spared because they haven't had any practice or any role in the pagan sexual worship of the false gods by which they would produce more Midianites that then would be raised up against Israel.

Furthermore, without killing them, sparing them, which is a good thing and that they get to be in great see grafted in to the Israelite community online they will end up being married because it was wrong for a Jew to just have a sex slave because it's called adultery, fornication with that's not what they would do). The only way they could have proper sexual relations with with with with life as houseful to be done so explain this to the is to the Israelites to the atheists and so you guys, this is you just don't even do your homework and yet you come up with new interest you look at the stuff is why say take you seriously if you have another question I interact with a face, a great deal on a regular basis so right. I thank you so much for that completely. Thank you so much goblet. All right, let's get to Melissa from Virginia Melissa welcome to our on-air we got there, Melissa.

Either Melissa hit the right button was given five seconds here because of topic is important one if you're available. I don't hear her okay on me. Okay, why now I can hear you yes docket here was just a click you off the top you made it just in time. So would you while you are okay yeah I think your conversation tonight so I will go into a lot of detail but I married that all of our unknown reason. To me, anyway. I couldn't get relationship law and I've struggled for almost 4 years and have not been able to get my leg back under me info and kind of faith and unwavering faith that affected me on every level, and I can't name you mean. I know God's word is true. I know that there landmarks in my life that there is no doubt is what I'm back but I'm I'm struggling because you know God's word is that he will protect you from the fowler's snare.

He will unit keep our feet from stumbling, he will give a beat like hind feet. Delta the height you know but I'm I'm struggling mean how can I back by two other is in them, not with them the right word but you do.

I threw them toward either when I can't blame a lot like you talked about the healing a little earlier email and it actually when and I and I forget today that Gina thought it all on the cross and that only been my belief, but at the same time his word in the New Testament, ethically speak to you know continue Dan in that kind of thing doubt and and and lack a R and you have a narrow down to a single question. We discussed the information you're struck. I gained my my solid thing back that the mask I just got had faith in the resurrection of Christ, or how well the circumstances around you. Only in the resurrection of right okay under five okay Outlook.

The done with me now because not lack dinner set your hope is in the resurrection of Christ circumstances, but your real person and their circumstances are affecting you when you're having problems you look at the word, and you wonder why these things being allowed to happen to me when God says ABC DEF is happening to me. Will he also says DEF good happens. He was well okay so would a lot of time happens on the the prosperity teachers on TV they would give the positive side they don't tell you about God's discipline. They don't sell you but I got with you through the desert times difficulties to come sometime it happens sometimes it happens is we have to face a difficult like your facing and that the consequence of sin upon you sometime will probably to do that is to purifier faith once again, the resurrection of Christ, a person with Christ circumstances the more you realize it's in Christ than the less you have to worry about whatever it is you're going through now not to dismiss it is important, but it enables you to be able to trust him through the difficulties because he's probably preparing you for something later on. Of greater need, not in a bad way but a lot of times it happens when God allows him to go to such trap trauma is that he's perfecting you and preparing you slippage. One success to be used by him in another way level how you are doing. This is important. I would recommend playing flip flip is 16. I'm confident this this very thing, that he who began a good work in you perfecting to the Christ Jesus perfecting his work in and you have to realize that sometimes the perfection of the work of God in you means you even where he sat and feel like he's there with you. Sometimes the circumstances are imploding. Something just don't feel right now. Mary alive and help.

I know that because of the Center for governmental leaders who is ridiculous but here's the thing you have an opportunity and I'm happy talk quickly because most of the air. I don't have time to really spend it deep. Let me tell you something. You have a rare opportunity right now and that is to go into your prayer closet wherever that is, lift your hands and praise, praise his name you glorify think him for his great mercy of saving his great mercy keeping you and you can tell him you don't understand what you're going through what you're going to get you look to him through it. You trust him beyond your ability to understand you trust him beyond your ability to feel you don't feel close know he's faithful you praise him.

It's easy to praise him when things go well and people often turn their backs on God things go bad, you have the rare opportunity right now to praise and maybe what he wants is for you to depend on him to some degree like that your circumstances so to speak, and their importance fall away as you see the great reports of Christ and often what happens is a blessing comes flooding down the hillside in your script.

Thank you.

It's okay. It's okay to go through this to hurt and to one doubts she was. He tells her to struggle with all the stuff you're human being you've had sin perpetrated on you your suffer the consequences and how much longer these years.

Can you maintain it's okay to talk to you just listen think you are welcome people in.

I am part of the blessing was getting to talk to you actually seriously because I go through the same thing. Similar things singly good to you. It reminds me of what I need here as well so I'm not saying this by me speaking into.

I got to minister myself because her something to go through lately praise during the Army now know that when it was broken but it away or get rid of it and I don't want to be a you will tools only as good as the hand wheel to the broken tool Masters still correct to my daughter's a master at drawing to take broken pencil and make perfect drawing is Gina said she is and so you know if your broken tool. Great.

My favorite cup coffee cup is broken cup. I have a vast vase the broken vase from 330 BC is my favorite hands of the master. Praise God. Sorry Charles, Louisiana. Sorry to all

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