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November 30, 2020 10:09 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 30, 2020 10:09 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Was Christ considered the son before he was born to Mary---2- When did the human and divine nature of Jesus come into existence---3- What advice would you give to a young, single man who is seeking a godly marriage---4- Can you tell me anything about Melchizedek- What does it mean that he was without father or mother---5- Is Jesus mentioned in the first verse of the Bible- Is there any significance to the ancient Hebrew---6- Can you give any advice on courtship in general and how to lead with humility as a Christian man---7- Do you believe in a literal, 1000 year millennial kingdom---8- How are we to pray for the leaders and situations yet God has everything already planned in His sovereignty-

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Matt Slick

A previously recorded Nats like show wrestling.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive as hard for you have questions of our Bible doctrine earns a max Y everybody put on a day-to-day ground running into school and now I have the privilege of being able to talk to you if you chance you have a question and you want to talk to me, all you do is give me a call at 877-207-2276 and was up there from Arabia to Martin so you try to call the office what was on the phone quite a bit's with on the office phone counseling though, so was busy there just let you know that goes back into the voice voice was back and listen. You do not know we have a chat room set up for during the show.

People get in the talk right now but it was 6070 8090 and as the sugars on the next five minutes. If I sound like something you want to participate in all you have to do is go to the website so you RG on the right-hand side of the page you will see the links of the stuff that you need for watching the show for my headset on talking into it. Watch me sit in a chair. Oh trust me it's pretty exciting to sound like you're your "go forth, but also there's advantage of talking the chat and it's in Facebook. It's also in YouTube YouTube chat Facebook people get fed into stream yard in the week, things back out so we can have these dialogues and works great with any special anything goes on stream. Your estimate goes on.

You just go on Facebook and or YouTube English like you going to write folks. We have five wide open lines which you may call 772072276 lines and let's see. So talk about the marriage stuff today and every nominal demerit counseling my heart and I know that a lot of couples out there in a struggle with her marriages and they don't really have anybody to go to the can trust but to you. If you have questions about marriage. Feel free to give me a call free. We can talk and a big deal. We will turn it down and know that there's a theology of marriage. One day I wanted to sit here and do a theology of marriage, think for the first half of the show which reminds me on Friday. On Friday, would have Luke Wayne. He works so with the car and as an employee.

Staff at Corinth researcher, writer, and he has done a lot of work on King James only stuff will be on your Friday first half of the show. The least we might longer just depends and if you have question about some of King James Bible, King James only your questions like where the King James Bible come from. Did King James translators himself for what year was it done what books were included whether any changes or modifications to what is it the best Bible out there because are people who say that the King James is the best you have to go with it. For some who think that we prefer a whisper for me I King James fan because I like the disease in the house. That's it. When I started committing Scripture memory.

I didn't know what to do early on it like I did a couple of King James once it is never talking to somebody and according King James I look at me like what I said what if that will begin to doubt we talk about and I realize you're right there. I said that's enough to do that anymore.

Find a translation doesn't have these valves and so that I can just talk normally people to quote the Scriptures and did a lot of beach witnessing an up and swap meet with the singing of evangelism, with the average Joe didn't speak in 1600s King James English. Elizabeth language. I figured we should speak the contemporary. That's why I didn't go with congenital locking system is what I was think that my recent now using an eight SB 95 version with check out the new version that they have and will see you soon roosters looking into it to see if I recommend not to do deftly recommend any SB 95 it's a good version all right pharmacologic you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 give a call. I hear you hear from let's get to early from Gastonia Carolina.

Welcome your own near Ernie Ray okay how are you doing buddy if you call ask your quick question sure is when we got before Christ was the line, Mary. I know you, gonna let you tell me put with before that yes because I understand prostatic union, but I wasn't sure if there was already a structure where he was older, mixing things are little bit but that's okay, I'll sort them out for you. This was called the ontological Trinity and that each member of the Godhead shares the same divine essence, there's the economic Trinity is where the father son and Holy Spirit have different rules in the Trinitarian communion to the father elected people. The sun redeems the people. The Holy Spirit applies redemptive work.

The sun became incarnate, not the father or the Holy Spirit and the father the sense in the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit does not send the father the son and the Holy Spirit convicts we have different rules. Okay, now son ship when you talk about. Here's a different issue son ship has to do with the relationship with the father so was Jesus. And when I say Jesus ago.

Be careful because more technically speaking, Jesus did not come into existence until 2000 years ago. What I mean by that is the hypostatic union of two natures in the one person asked Jesus that did not occur until 2000 years ago, but the second person of the Trinity. The word we call the son, father, son, Holy Spirit. The word was eternal, and so the divine person is eternal. But when the divine person added human nature to the person in two to divine the divinely human nature became hyper stasis occult in the one person there under and with each other in the person of Christ that didn't occur until the the commute to community until the incarnation.

So when I say when Jesus existed pre-when I mean is? Technical issues, technical terms, the word preexisted the incarnation when he became the sun. When can the sun in the incarnation, Such a right.

So the father-son relationship is eternal. The reason is eternal is because God is not learn in God's not change his mind from eternity past everything that God has done and would do and decided to do was always eternally known and so the father as it says in Ephesians 14 very important verse.

A lot of people don't get this verse. It's important. It's Ephesians 14 it says, just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world now. He is a reference to the father chose us in him. In him was reference of the son before the foundation of the world. So the choosing of what will back previous verse, Blessed be the God of father Lord Jesus Christ, to blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world so the Christians the believers he chose the believers chose this call the elect which to choose mates is from the Greek clack cost and Eckler gay in this word here is X click on my so we have words for choose chosen choice. Things like that to call chose calling called, chosen and they are collect us Eckler gay clack on my work for church respect with Asea.

The church is the called out ones lungs called the ones chosen by God. So, before the foundation of the world.

The father chose people for salvation and they were chosen in Jesus because they could only be chosen in the redemptive work of Christ. So the father-son relationship was eternally known in the sense eternity past. Okay, what a phenomenal answer. That must've been a great question. The question was great. I don't know if the answer was the question was a good quest know you, you really did help me out verse eight that the output in the perspective of the eternal son ship is basically this the father from all eternity elected people for salvation and chose us from the beginning.

Second Thessalonians 213 Ephesians 1 for what it says.

We did this before the foundation of the world.

That means, or how to be a relationship between the ones choosing the ones chosen and think chosen in Christ, so that eternal relationship existed in the Trinity as far as we call call, and by analogy, the father-son of course Anita Trinitarian communion. There was no literal biological father. No literal biological son. So the terms deal with the issue of authority and headship and it's used in an analogous way that we are familiar with the father and his son, and so the revelation of the self revelation of God is always by analogy, we can never know God completely and totally in his essence because he's infinite or not he's omniscient or not he's everywhere were not. So whenever God reveals himself by analogy, hence father and son are analogous but this relationship of the father-son, as always existed from all eternity. Because from eternity there with the elect.

Once given to the sun, chosen in the sun for redemptive work. So that relationship between the two always existed from eternity.

Okay, yeah, right. That's good biblical theology.

Albert glad you did well. The hallway to morbid guy got one more question grief you want to call back in line with the data I don't one that might be easy. Okay with which a short with when you said that about Jesus coming in a thousand years that when he was on here with my word I am Jesus both a plot that we would reference him as a word and as God before us. Yes, the hypostatic union, the joining of the human and the divine natures in the single person we call Jesus that began 2000 years ago because the assignment of much brother erect as a human nature is not eternal, only divine nature is the divine nature became flesh, that union of the divinely human is called hypostatic union that began 2000 years ago, and it will continue forever.

Okay I got that press conference that is right because I didn't play well on my high-end preview and the ministry and neck and think Charlie is black about the yeah his wife really does love her because I know Charlie well trust me she needs a lot of prayer my life for to steal both my wife and his wife have something called stupidest husband does some stuff alright I buy.

I thank you all right God bless. Already folks you want to call.

We have three open lines 877-207-2276 look at the Peter from Georgia Peter welcome here.

Hello I are you going doing all right. By God's grace we got buddy yet though you hyper… You be healed back in 2013 that I would like to know about you, hold on money hold on sorry that heartbreak got ago and voted right back after these messages the mass like why call 770727 charismatic slave builder what he got what.

All right, I know what you think that would wear gold on the issue of marriage, and making your mail and believing God for godly marriage blended by the young man let me know what the Christian buttock with the bid on that path week know God and it battered, are you married now know I'm single or if that's something I'm believing God okay when I would. The first thing I would tell you is that you get on your knees on a regular basis and you pray is many things to pray for you. Pray that God would make you the man that he wants you to be in order to be a good husband. A lot of men will do as a safe Lord, please bring me a good wife, you know, blonde, blue-eyed, of 3624, 36, who makes great sandwiches and know the praying with they want in a woman and they're making a mistake to do that when it's first okay first, it should be Lord, make me to be the man that you want me to be, so that when you trust me with a wife that I might live for you and show her how I'm living for you as a godly man. That's what you need to carry about 40. Pray for good wife and you know Lauren I want. I'd like to wife who is godly who loves you more than she would love me that's that's hard to pray but it's it's true we tell you my wife for example her faith never wavers, and we that are tough times and were still married because were Christians. We've had some tough times and so her greatest asset is her love for the Lord Jesus Christ. She's extremely dedicated to Jesus. That is her greatest strength, and I'll say that publicly, and I'll say privately, I do at your greatest strength is that she loves the Lord Jesus.

You can find a woman like that because you want her heart to be for Christ because if it's for Christ. She will never go out on she will live you to be faithful to you shall stick with you even when you're a jerk you want a woman who's going to be there in the same time you need to be desiring to be a good man you ask God to change your heart and a little worn when you do that he will a man she will change you a man and here's the thing is, a lot of times men want to get married for the wrong reasons, there are reasons that can be both right and it's good to want to have a wife for companionship for the glory of God to raise children for him and for sexual intimacy is going along with right to good things because we were guys we need it but it writes the only reason then that's a selfish reason and so we will be very careful and also you get a learner going on a lot of stuff you're the Trinity is the model marriage because marriage is a three way covenant covenant is a pack agreement between two or more parties.

It's a three way covenant because it's covenant between you and her to covenant between you two and the congregation of the people who see your covenant health and it's a covenant between you two and God was horizontal with each with other viewing other people and is vertical with you too and God.

But it's also in internal it's amongst you to promise to be faithful to each other to exclude others in certain things and so the model of this Trinity itself because God is the one who loves and your to love your wife as Christ loved the church and he is his love for her sacrificial so you need to emulate that sacrifice for your wife, which is hard to do sometimes it is because were selfish twits, but this is what you do anyone have a wife who wants to serve God by serving her husband helping her husband: a theological thing. A lot of people didn't realize wife job this thinkest what and don't make a lot of money and your kids in daycare if you have to do that you to do that, but the priority is the children wants to come into the family, etc. I do talk a lot about the amen amen. No, thank you so much like that. I heard about your ministry back in 2013 I'll watch your apologetic you know when you share Scripture with other people and would be particularly binge either, so I keep watching you know I've been watching the video. Thanks so much for your paper that the Lord is welcome and inspiration to younger men like micro only tell you my faithfulness to the Lord, is the product of his great incredible grace and the burden upon my heart because I deserve eternal damnation. I was a fornicating occultist, right a hell God saved by his grace skeptically by his grace and he put the burden on my heart to do what I do. So she gets the glory. Amen amen amen.

All right, brother. Thank you so much time and Bill think so much break the union up a debit hey thanks a lot Peter Prichard all right. I'm living what are okay. Alright, let's get to Monique from Greensboro North Carolina money will come here okay yeah thank your guy okay good okay at the deck.

Where there anymore without father, without mother that have ever occurred on every Catalan in record I had a but I like Lord you know that it is one of the thing. And that that information and ethnic finance or curb on reason it says without following up mother is because it was a phrase used to designate greatness and authority and position. Some people will say the law because it was a free clinic Christ. But I will be a problem because I would mind that the pre-incarnate Christ was actually living as a king and priest for for many many years walking with mom people that's that's not what happened because the incarnation is for 2000 years ago. Some of Keswick is a type a representation of who Christ was, in the sense, is both a king and a priest and prophetic to some degree, so he is a high parcel. Jesus is the high priest after the order of milk Keswick and this is why the book of Hebrews speaks of this because the Jews put a lot of of their head. I and that's what price is very right back after this message is one Mass. like why call 770727 charismatic slave problem and why.

But I don't really collect more detail about 1 quart of milk rights of the phrase father is just typical logically with preventive of the person of Christ laboring on this a true priest. The erotic priesthood was subordinate to the Catholic priesthood and Jesus is a high priest at the ornament Keswick and you go to Hebrews chapter 6, I think is 567 and will talk about that and also Genesis 14 talks about the cousin and narcissism because the king of Salem brought out bread and wine that he was a priest of God most high bread and wine represents the scenic represent the communion so this is typical logical.

It's about Christ ultimately adds it's put in place so that later when Jesus was baptized because he was baptized to enter in the priesthood because in Matthew 315 60 talk.

I got baptized to enter it.

So let's was to fulfill all righteousness to fulfill leave the Old Testament in order to enter into the priesthood amended to be 30 years of age. Jesus was 30 had a verbal blessing given to him.

This is my beloved son in whom I will pleased anoint with oil, which is 3% of the Holy Spirit. First John 227 and had he sprinkled with water. That's number 67 priest and this is the law of the Old Testament the baptism that Jesus underwent a court of law had been sprinkling. Sorry folks, that's what it says.

So he entered the priesthood after the portable Keswick and fulfilled those technological requirements of the Old Testament to enter into that priesthood. That's why he was baptized was not to to identify with sinners. It was to fulfill the requirements of the law and so this letter book of Hebrews talks about Jesus the high priest who lives forever to make intercession for us. Furthermore, high priest has to be a male County female and so if Jesus is not a man right now if you just the spirit logical think erroneously that he would not be high priest is just a spirit not a man to man to be a high priest and if he is not a high priest that we don't have an intercessor if you don't have an intercessor were lost.

So Jesus is a man right now in a glorified resurrected body who was baptized in order to enter the priesthood of which he is our eternal intercessor. Hebrews 620-526-2075 where what I would come out of… Look at the other plate their outfit out of more than 14 Psalm 110 online okay okay that okay. Think of the building and really weird thing here about body fat out of Jesus is a man right now. He will always be in the yeah okay well thank you and I feel like I love that I can relate to her on a lot that the long-standing element and walking faithfully with God without that very thing that you/have you think you goblins already. The next call or two things really fast one is going on on Friday will be a guest you soon on staff your karma and will be talking with King James only stuffs a good question.

Looking James is your man on Friday and also him in a semi-wife appear she's so she's got all these issues trying to get her to.

I'm trying to get her to get on the air with me and talk about her faith with the Lord through all the sicknesses.

All the challenges that she's had and the she's in town say that there if you want her to do that email go to the car website. Sicknesses slickly want you on here to talk about your faith in the light of all of these things because you don't give reasons why.

We cannot do it.

Okay so there you go. Let's get on the air with Chris Raleigh, North Carolina Chris, welcome here. Hey Matt, thank you for taking my call. Share? Interesting question for you about the very first line. The first word of the Bible is Jesus mentioned in it and in the reason I asked as I know. Okay, let me first tell you what I okay all right will make maybe I have that a little wrong but I thought very compelling breakdown on YouTube a while back about the first word being something to be effective, fair sheet there by sheet. I don't know but the the how it went.

Is if you were to spell that out with using the ancient Hebrew alphabet like that. The pictographs that Abraham would if you and you interpret that it says done something to the effect of the son of God is crushed by his own hand either on the cross or work by the covenant or something like that and my question is as breakable as that is the truth and that of the true I've never heard that so I can't say it is recent and looking like it would be really easy to know just I like. I went to somebody. I don't know anybody else Hebrew words familiar with the ancient Hebrew pictographs, but somebody I know that mixing is really a while.

We do know he was called up. For example, I go to Florida reformed theological seminary RTS: and if my LT Prof. still there Mark photographer and ask you to talk to him if he still there. It is not aspect of Hebrew Prof. and NS see you soon. To say I'm going to get on the night you don't yell delegate Rayford Gregorio call you back with the name of the organization again. It's reformed theological seminary RTS audit and also why Westminster theological seminary in Philadelphia and then there's also where I went to, which is Westminister theological seminary in San Diego so there's a good slim something nasty. Prof. let me tell you that the first sentence of Genesis is really interesting. It has seven words in it seven words and what little he says is in beginning God created God heavens and earth, but between God and heavens. There's a article it's all of talk which is the first letter in the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is not translated into anything is just there in the beginning God first and last I have agreed the heavens and the earth.

Interesting here on earth. Zechariah 1210 they shall look upon me and the next thing I looked on the stair first and last, whom they have pierced. Is there also the very first letter very first letter of the entire Bible in Hebrew is so that well if you look at it. It's a C, except backward. See and people, scholars, Hebrew scholars have concluded that in fact meant that the universe was begun out of nothing and had a definite beginning because of the shape of the caciques account with a round the corners see with two corners and it's pointing from the front of the right to the left that is in Hebrew, and they concluded that it's the beginning of the universe right there okay about okay but not actually employed all the track that down and give you a call back someday. It's something but I goblins have a good evening you two to government but right let's get on the phone with Isaiah North Carolina Isaiah welcome here.

Thanks outgoing and it is going, I like the advice you gave a couple called back about back and got make you into the man that you should be one day and I just had a question concerning marriage and courtship. Okay I'm courting a girl now believes good Christian, but I said humbly, like pretty like you know a baby in Christ and okay not been a Christian remind Oliver some years now so I guess like a more spiritual mature and wondering why my prayers made it selfish of them like more help her to know you more like I know you are semi you know Russell and okay yeah and just at what level you let a fruit even though she doesn't note Scripture like that. Like I feel I like it on the bidder she document for getting on the Comanche really getting another she's doing this right now and I know enough not what I was going okay for folks right back after these messages. Mass Y.

Call 770727 charismatic slave okay this great woman who seems to live Christ better than you do.

Even though you know more right pretty much as guys have thick skulls and the women have softer hearts, and they tend to do that which is godly, a little bit more than we do. Sometimes naturally switch question right so I take her to church, let her know how important united me like I walk out to Gartner, Inc. God, but sometimes I met with some predicting an area like I don't understand why need to go to church or etc. and I'm like I don't how this would work. I just would like advice about courting a general in County important legal humility will we consider. See things really concerning runaway is that she's not all that is going to church right yeah it's a major serious warning flag's nurseries seat in the heart of the Christian. The Lord dwells and we seek fellowship with him. I certainly understand what that church is boring and was fun. A different one. That kind of thing. But if she's has doubts about the necessity going to church it if that continues, you can't marry her because you don't want to enter into marriage with a woman who isn't convinced that you need to go to church sign of not being saved on the sexiest say I'm saying to serious concern because if they don't want to go to hear the word of God and are not led to do that. That's just not acceptable. So we need to do is let her follow your lead very politely if he shows resistance of the more she shows resistance, the less she's a viable candidate for courtship and so what you would need to do is is is lead her in a godly way and hope for them and pray for that those signs of oneness go to church Sunday.

Looking forward to it. That's what you want to see happen. My wife and she's been sick should cope and she's been laid up for a few weeks actually because of stuff and you want children shall go online on Sunday and watch a church service.

That's a good sign. You want that in your future life is not there now, then, is to be there later on. And then when you see we need to go start presenting it from seeing right pretty cut and dry yet is not nothing… And on the same thing. It's a concern if she's desiring not to go or she doesn't desire to go for slightly different you want to see that yet. We need to go to hear that word of God that's good you want to see wears her heart before the Lord.

Is it really that strong Lord. Or is it a necessity to go with resentment because marriage will only increase that Inc. my notes on the totals you want to hear, but I'm telling you to. I know today. Just pray and will not enough. I called a Florida okay here when what you do want to harp on it on her about it.

I want you to just lead godly and ungodly way, is a man to say I'm going to church Sunday. If you want to go please look into if you don't want to that's okay but I'm going no pressure on her. No pressure, and to see what manifests and you continue to pray for her and you ask the Lord to change you in light of this to be a better man for and that he would work in her heart that she would desire him.

That's what you got okay okay you let me know what happens right. I will okay gutless all right let's get to market North Carolina. Mark welcome you on the air like you planted first time calling the gate thought that guy was 34 when I got married white godly will praise God, he gave me the perfect life with the gaping thought good to my men out there. Yours in a manner I'm not alone listen to you and that I got no answer. You don't believe in a pre-crib rapture. You believe in a literal 1000 year millennial King. Personally I don't praise God always wanted to know that the hardest thing pre-pre-up to you.

I don't want everybody lying in my decision were not for a long long but you: the pretrip is true or not true.

What which was, although there is no pretreatment truck is going to write the last day in John six the last day of resurrection that's ranked in the first was taken when Jesus comes back of the wicked not the good Johnson brought don't want people get so clear in Matthew 13 parable about Luke 20 the resurrection is the end of the world. But knowing how did you come to understand that there is no literal 1000 years as one person really just always clear about the two. It was not in it like a ton of bricks was lifted off. Let me that with revelations 25 and it is this is the first resurrection and everybody include myself believe that that was the rapture but is not virtual resurrection. That's it's all got you a lot of people hold the idea that the first resurrection is been born again because we were dead in trespasses and sins, but he made his nightly want right so glad you spoke so refreshing to hear someone in what you and I are in such a minority is when you want to win the minority because the writer Riley Scofield reference Bible which was a great help it put in the pretrip free rapture notes and a lot of people bought the Bible and got the notes and got inculcated with that idea. And yet, and the seminary lot is not to help so many that you got got got very good praise his holy heart that you may have a thought I was crazy without lucky thing (he thought described his head and not afraid of burden that we will crazy night.

I almost think what I said before that if you write it down, but you can go to first Thessalonians 416 through chapter 5, verse two, I talked with the rapture.

There for syphilis 614 16 through chapter 5, verse two, because it's a man-made chapter break your read through chapter 5 is to talk with the rapture, the conduct of the Lord, that's the rapture, the context okay, no problem.

So according to present the premiums you that's what happened before the thousand years in the new heavens and new earth are made after the thousand literal 1000 years as their view rating right but it says that that they look a like a thief in second Peter 310, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar, the day the Lord because I think is also the rapture occurs where's the literal thousand years working for one day of the Lord the day of the Lord will come like a thief. That's not a fault. If you believe in a thousand year millennial King literal Bible talk about one will okay at the end of the thousand years. One of my record.

They have will is not in the Bible should take a well thought out there in the Senate signals let loose and that this could be another rapture of some sort, something that some say that Satan come down to stop the battle of Armageddon.

At that point within the new heavens and the worth occurred, then there has to be a rapture them to get amount is to rapture. They have to send her to rapture's in the Bible never teaches her to join the same thing with one good thing is right. Love you show so much.

Well I'm glad but I know for one things for sure sure make a lot of people upset but you know I want to read the word be challenged what I think I get a lot of talk about this, but my people are open-minded to actually list between attractive tickets they get attached to certain positions. It has to be true. We start asking questions about what it's like to mend the field was taken with his left. People say that's the rapture of the context knowledge the wicked who were taken very and then they particular place of destruction of the Bible says are they really context how come people don't read these things just gets me anyways like they don't study correctly.

They could talk to written articles like this on my website. But the way I hope Richard rapture's true good. I don't want to go through chicken: reliable it didn't happen. I'm with you the blessing with the list can have an x-ray all right man we got got others ways are you going to run Douglas right like that guy. Let's get over to David's role in north Carolina day will come talk to me or my priest.

Electronic going over the questions about the power of prayer and Bible talks about and we are very pretty for those in authority over us and things become accomplished and yet we run right up and through the thing about and all of our carriers and feet of God, because it's all being done by God's plan so that Carl out of the sky like a contradictory type deal because with all the politics going on nowadays everything seems like it's going through chaos and anarchy that we pray for the government.

We pray for the leaders, but we know that God's plan to come out and so we all know our job is to play because God wants us to play the one who benefits and planner's office because in the practice of the presence of God.

Prayer is and we are affected, then we are hearts change. We start praying according to the will of God that the funny thing is about prayer.

The more we pray, the more apparently we influence God.

Now when I say that the influence is ordained by God from all eternity. So how does that work, the answer is simple but God tells us to pray. It is like evangelism, God has to elect people to salvation aggressively believe that the 129 you choose people for salvation. Second Thessalonians 213 but yet when we pray we evangelize. Apparently, more people are predestined by God to be saved. So for some reason we can't fathom our prayers make a difference with God. James five $0.16 per resurrection and available God is at work.

I don't know. So I got to say I don't know spring go do I trust God to move forward. He's bigger than me smarter than me doesn't ask me for advice still. That's a prayer will also help.

It's funny because when you pray your heart changes and then you find out more of the things around you are in God's will and you just recognize and the less you pray less you recognize it's interesting, that's right here is will move to jump into the river long as the hobbling on the side, praying for his will. Okay sorry about that thing from that also is a long way by God's grace

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