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November 13, 2020 9:00 pm

Mat Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 13, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the importance of the issue of God being the ultimate cause of all things and how this relates to discussions with LDS, Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Catholics.--2- What is the correct day on which to worship---3- Where did the worship of Mary in Catholicism come from---4- Does 2 Chronicles 15-2 apply to Christians today---5- Is the Greek Orthodox a branch off of the Catholic Church---6- What is a good resource for understanding the Trinity---7- How can I find a solid youth group for my teenager to be a part of-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online on board you have questions about Bible doctrine is a Matt Slick Live branches called in responding to your questions at 87707276 pairs. Matt slick McCall 51772072276/portage spell see you your room. That's the Christian apologetics research ministry arm daughter works with a lot of information there. Hey, today is voting day voted my wife and out voted she wore a mask to town though we were not turned home when it was pretty efficient so I hope you can vote in the Lord's will be accomplished now have five open line 20. McCall, 877-207-2276 I like to hear from you and some ideas and tech stuff going on here so well okay so doing debates lately and doing stuff for talk talking to atheists and Orthodox and Roman Catholics and try to have discussions on the truth of God's word. One of the things lately missing about something very, very simple that I think is so is important that you don't apologetics in the defense of the Christian faith to think about and that is the issue of God himself being the ultimate cause of everything and this is very important because it might.

It may seem a little bit odd to say that but there is important and there's a reason it's important deceit. If God is the ultimate cause of everything that doesn't mean he's the the direct cause of evil and sin, things like that that would be false, but is the ultimate cause, which means that everything that occurs occurs because God has ordained that would incur the ordination means that occurs by his will. His design is will can be can be understood to be in two senses.

One is creative will worries these directly involved and and absolutely by his own hand caused something the other kind will… A permissive will to permit things to go to with he would go to do what would happen of healthy will choices of people would work. So God is the ultimate cause of everything. Here's a statement to think about how many ultimate causes. Can you have the answer simply could only have one ultimate cause can be to ultimate causes. So for example let's take Mormonism. Mormonism teaches enters many gods will. What is the ultimate cause of all things in Mormonism will don't have an answer and you can't have an answer because her theology fails in that area on the skin uses as an example and apply to Catholicism here little bit if we hold to the idea that God is the only supreme, omniscient, omnipotent being is the Bible clearly tells us, and that we are contingent on his existence that we depend on him for our existence, then he is the ultimate cause and he is the necessary being who brings about the conditions of the universe. All things are actual as well as potential so he's the ultimate cause if you have polytheistic system as many gods and you can't have an ultimate cause and that would make any sense. And so you can have an ultimate cause you have incoherence because of something not ultimate, then you don't have any way of determining what is true what is absolute, etc. things in the summertime right now think about this in the Catholicism and Eastern orthodoxy. What is the ultimate cause and in their theological systems. We would like to say that the ultimate cause is God himself. But it's not the case. David dual duality of ultimate causation. The duality is the idea. It's that's tradition and Scripture.

So God is the ultimate cause and is revealed himself in the word of God is revealed himself in special revelation through the written word in general revelation through creation and through the incarnation in the person of Jesus Christ. So the word of God because it comes from God is because a reflexive, it is the state of the book's record of truth, by which we can determine what we ought to believe and I believe if a group has tradition involved in it. Tradition is equal to Scripture than what we have here is ultimately to ultimate causes to ultimate source of truth.

Now for the Christian. It has to be the Bible because the Bible is the self revelation of the ultimate being God. And because it's the self revelation of the ultimate being of God. Therefore, it is by nature sufficient and it is by nature the ultimate things should go to because reflect the ultimate cause, but tradition is something that is man-made, something is man centered, and when theological groups, Roman Catholicism, Eastern orthodoxy, raise tradition to the level of Scripture with her doing essentially the same as to ultimate causes, and in so doing they bring in incoherence and the is a subject word of God to their tradition is to solicit something think about recently, and we talk about that sometime but so just think so well.

Hey, look at you and you may call me or for open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Calvin from Raleigh, North Carolina gather welcome on here sure what you meant okay right right on that when God you are you talking in that that that's the only object by Don that it thought I was good: the funding okay so what did you go to church on the week so the groups and hold to cemetery and is more the idea of keeping the Sabbath on Saturday. Usually arrestee aid or something like movement groups restore Church of God groups and things like that but we don't have to keep the Sabbath on Saturday know the Sabbath is by definition Saturday what it is but in the New Testament.

People started meeting on Sunday. The third meeting of the date of the Lord's day to day.

The resurrection, and these are meet meeting their so the next 24 seven. For example, the first of the week next Sunday, we are gathered together to break bread called again talking to them.

If any depart any prolonged his message until tonight and it says imprinting six wanted to know concerning the collection of the saints. As I directed the churches in Galatia, so also on the first day of every week. Each one of you put aside and say that you may prosper collections you may want to come so there's other verses like this to put in Revelation 1 1011 talk nothing in the Spirit on the Lord's day. That Sunday Sunday seems to be the day that the Christian started meeting. What I would say if you are clicking the background. If that's what's going on forever problem here but to wait next. What I would say to them is the Scriptures teach us that in Romans 514, with 12 delivers five that we do not have to worship any particular day, one day is the same as another product to each to different people and each person must be fully convinced in his own mind so related there's a there's a foundation of Scripture that we could go to ring up and look at to talk about here, but you only answer the question that would lay the foundation Scriptures. Also, once you have read the question again, or that a question we can move along okay so the main verse old uses Romans 14 five and is very very Romans 14, five, and this is what it says here, says one person regards one day above another letter. Regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced of his own mind if were supposed to worship on Saturday only Saturday, then why does Paul the apostle say one person regards one day above another Saturday over Sunday. The regards every day like Saturdays under equal each person must be fully convinced of his own mind if were supposed worship on Saturday than what is your site become this in your mind okay okay thank you sense all right okay buddy but Raymond God bless okay will talk to you later. Let's get to Aden from Las Vegas and is a much generous attachment did not like we have five of the lines you want to give McCall folks only if the Duke is dialing 772072276 what you McCall and we can talk them up.

Adjust the sound thing for the year the room so what you should really here and in the 60 seconds or so. Got that going.

Sorry about that low-tech stuff going on. Sometimes you this is what happened, or so much to do so back to this issue of the ultimacy of God.

I things were important for us understand this and I think about it and and him it's a way to understand the necessity of God's work. Because the Bible is the self revelation of God. The only way we can know God is if he reveals himself to us to because reveal himself to us week can't know anything about him and how does reveal himself in the word of God. So therefore the word of God is a thing should go to write to self revelation.

It's what inspired Sophie do the hot that we can make sure that we understand what God is has for us when we read the word. That's what were supposed to be.

Don't is not an equality with tradition. Some churches like to say it's gonna be tradition. Also, tradition is equal to Scripture.

Now it is not because tradition is man based entry in Scripture is God-based and only God is the ultimate source of everything. He's the reason for everything to existence.

He's the one who revealed anything to us.

So therefore the Bible reflects that revelation of God. Tradition does not synthetic.

The Catholics in the Eastern orthodoxy misapplied verses about tradition in the in the Bible to do that a lot and my column on the context of things but anyway is something to think about and also deals with the issue of atheism as well a photo of you. Five of the lines. What you McCall and the number 877-207-2276 only from you know, maybe a lot of people are out there are of voting right now, which is fine if you are loading a praise God opened and have a good time there. It was pretty easy for me today. My wife and I went. Like I said earlier and we had a good time was quick and easy wife wasn't feeling too well so she wore a mask.

I wore a mask we were exposed. She has coded so we were quarantining except for the development so score mask with people that was it so well. Look give McCall five appliance 87720722761 hear from you before the lines now 877-207-2276 minute break coming up a little bit me just tell you that if you go to Amazon, for example, you buy stuff. One of things you can do is just put in, so when you do that then whatever charity you set it up for to get a small percentage of what it is a device one of the ways of supporting different ministries harming there is the music we have for the lines of what you McCall 772072276 max Y call 77077 color-coded McCall with lines 87720722761 from North Carolina one you are on the air. There one less area.

I was raised Roman Catholic and you know that thing with with the Virgin Mary. No, that Roman Catholic have they worked her like that.

God and that you are always coming to heartburn that I have ever read related father and no human brain out of the bag.

All you know, come to the Virgin Mary really at no bother, but whatever brain or anywhere aviation come from the Catholic anymore. Now, given that I years I found out that the bank but would you know why why one thing and only the Bible trust the word of God is the final authority everything he teaches, so you don't believe the authority of God sufficient to God's work with you equate your tradition in your church. Along with that, in order to build tell the truth is, then you get an error. You have been the anchor is dragging your boasting adrift and so also does a lot of goddess worship in the cultures back then, first, second, third centuries for centuries. For centuries, Catholicism did a lot lot was trying get in and and adapt and hurt explained to try to good to try to do some thing right.

Like for example in Christmas, which is the winter solstice summer 25th is not a birth that Christ be celebrated because the pagans were using it as a celebration of the pagan gods and pagan stuff because that was the shortest day of winter and it meant that the days are getting longer after that point, and so they started having a celebration for the Catholic Church came in and symbolist celebrate that as Jesus birthday. Instead they couldn't get rid of people trying to the couldn't stop them from worshiping and doing and celebrating on that basically took the day over that concept is what are try to do and I think you're some merit to the idea.Ryan do that. I believe it would happen with is that the same kind of thing happen with the idea of Mary and the goddesses that time I pagan cultures went to say what we have Mary and I think it is gradually grew and grew and grew and the make up the tradition things to fit. I think about why there not not bent but not bound look to me like you thought they will follow. Celebrating bird okay you can use up any day. This matter exists with back of the issue of Mary the pagan eyes of this associate with her inner goddess status, though say she's not a goddess but hey she can hear Millie's prayers spoken and thought I all of the world simultaneously in different languages as a goddess and so they'll say it's not a goddess yet yet is raised by your name still arose so ill they think she's full of grace, that not subject to corruption.

She's the all holy one devotion is to her.

You pray to her you asked her for her intervention. Ask her to do the she's worship is no better way to look for to look to Mary when regarding the church and trusting ourselves to Mary. She could hear all the prayers. She's a goddess. So that's it right but I'll don't want to not only the aboriginal yellow light like demonic tone up and okay in fact I got a major miscreant can read some here's two of them from from Guadalupe Mexico. This is an fitting on island as official official Roman Catholic theology says this really was Mary, and this with the apparition said, I'm truly a merciful mother yours and all the people who live united in the plan, and of all the other people of different ancestors my lovers who love me.

Those who seek the those who trust in me.

Here I will hear their weeping their complaints and heal all their sorrows hardships and sufferings another one the same things. Are you not under my shadow protection. Am I not the source of your joy.

Are you not in the hollow of my mantle to crossing my arms. Do you need anything more.

Jesus in the line satellite and Fatima is three quotes. This is May 13 June 13 July 13 May June July 13 is interesting 13th number of sin, but are you willing to offer yourselves to God to bear all the sufferings he wants to send you as an act of reparation for the sins by which is offended talking the children to suffer in order to atone for their sentiment reparation for their sins is heresy. Jesus did that on the cross that another quote from a Fatima Jesus wants to use you to make me known and loved. He wishes to establish the devotion to my immaculate heart throughout the world.

I promise salvation to ever embrace it for the apparition promises salvation to whoever embraces the immaculate heart of Mary is one not a lot of absolute check this out this is a sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say often to Jesus, especially when you make a sacrifice of Jesus. It is for the love of the for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed against the immaculate heart of Mary now you sin against Mary and have since forgiven because you sin against Mary so this is just a goddess in the input. You know, I will say it, but the Catholicism she's functionally goddess events in double what I thought that part of part of the day early about talking about which the district God is the ultimate source of everything in his Revelation is takes on the quality of that ultimate source because it's what he has given us life and he's done it in his eyes fired word only thing said to be God breathed man's tradition is not God breathed flat out so the Catholic Church initial Orthodox Church of both done is raise their traditions to the level legal description in the result of it is that Scripture is not above your tradition, but actually tradition to bother Scripture because little do the go to their traditions. There councils their church fathers, and they will decide of the Bible needs based upon what the tradition says that's how it works and that's why the false thank you all right for sure, but no problem.

I got blessed okay right here folks are going to McCauley of three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Scott Rainier. I have you daily. Michael's pain is guilty. What we have read, so let's get a break. Okay, so already, folks, we got a break call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2761 mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave Scott with North Carolina. Scott welcome Ron paying 15 to be an argument I jerk with no value. Him him it will rebound in the met him, he will glissade you and I would learn the New Testament where tomorrow, next context is important because it's a process of Azariah warning Asa Sosa specifically to him.

She read the context of this for the look of God came on Azariah, the son of old Odette and he went out to meet us and said to him, listen to me.

Also, etc. etc. he told it, so it was it was for him.

This would okay about the map.

I mapped out a way no.

This estimates and it's not about Christians is not about falling away. It's about the prophets Azariah, giving a word to Asa.

That's what it is a specific day for him Lord is with you when you're with him. And if you seek him, he'll find you and let you find, but if you forsake him he'll forsake you. So that's what's going on there about will definitely by reading the New Testament read this in the New Testament New Testament wisdom with the Old Testament's Old Testament wisdom if there's something in the Old Testament that is clearly universal, clearly universal, then you like all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved to know things like that. Okay that's universal or glasses not commit murder.

He says it universally will that's true, but lots of people do particular positive confession movement and the is that the effort would first Chronicles think it is because of the plans I have for you. It's fine for you here this year.

My 2911 for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare, not for calamity to give you a future and hope to associate people say oh that's for me know because it's dealing with the issue of the exiles back then, and he specifically addressing them for thus says the Lord.

When 70 years have been completed for Babylon. I will visit you will fulfill my good word to you to bring you back to the place for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord is talking about exiled Israel and so a lot of people do is agree on TV as an example and they will call this verse often causes for the plans I have for to bless you and prosper you see, God wants you blessed a minute to say that same it's for you as a that's what the text saying so they rip things out of context to make it the tickle ears of people so this is gonna go your way, but I was wondering if it the audience sounds and Pablo is that gays are errors in the New Testament study on the grass. Then Sunday to hold that Old Testament studied the whole Bible, you have to learn how to interpret the Bible, always with the context.

For example, if you go to Psalm 100 shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth. Serve the Lord with gladness. Come before him with joyful singing, know that the Lord himself is God is he who made us. Not we ourselves. We are his people and the sheep of his pasture.

Beautiful. And it's for all the believers we could. We can look to the Psalms, we can say this is really good at that. The Bible actually says it's a spiritual song that we are to speak to another New Testament in Colossians 316 let the word of Christ quickly dwell in you with all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Sosa's admonish each other with Psalms so than the New Testament says go back to the Psalms and check amount and use of the Psalms are one of the ways we can giving another example here and Jesus reference the Old Testament in Luke 2445 to about reading about him a lot of prophets in the Psalms will be fulfilled. Threethat the Old Testament is about him since he's in the New Testament we know that the Old Testament is relevant. Okay. Make sense. Okay, sounds good. I really got a nice bike. Incidentally, 24, 44, 945. All right, let's get to Al from North Carolina now welcome your on here I met they got a question you know you brought up this tradition versus Scripture topic and I have a friend who says the Greek Orthodox, and I don't know if that's the same as the east orthodoxy was just talking about buddy. He made a comment we went out to someplace on a Friday and he didn't didn't want to eat anything but fish because that's his tradition in another Catholic Church. At that tradition.

For a long long time. So is the Greek dark Orthodox Church spinoff of the Catholic Church or is it a Protestant kind of religion is deathly not Protestant, it's a spinoff of Catholicism. Of course decent falafel sees Catholicism to spin off of them is really matter.

The issue here is that both Catholicism and Greek Orthodox add works to salvation. This is what comes down to the don't believe the sufficiency of the blood of Christ, and they don't affirm justification by faith alone in Christ alone and so with the Doolittle add works negatively, the false gospel so that so that I do this so that you orthodoxy of the fame of the Greek orthodox. There is another their sisters like the Eastern Orthodox group Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox, Aryan, Greek, there's various wants to think that they have and they all hold the basic same kind of thing is like it's kind like Protestant denomination denominationalism so Protestantism holds a certain doctrines Eastern Orthodox with the Orthodox Church as a whole holds to certain doctrines and there's variations within it, so they hold to this sacred tradition that they are this true church, salvation is in their church you have to be good in order to be saved as sacraments are part of salvation you have to participate in sacraments one way or another. In order to be that have God's grace infused into use work and you think like that orthodox talks about the fields us the deification of man. Not in Scripture. So because of the traditions they hold to false doctrines. I was planning on witnessing to this Joe man is about my age and you know they said that they he was an altar boy, which I was an altar boy that I grew up Roman Catholic but I didn't realize the Greek Orthodox Church was so similar to the Catholic Church but he told me he only went to church when he was in his teenage years. You know every every month, maybe wants and then after he had gotten married and kids see it and take his kids much the church and you know the sit basically said I'm gonna let them decide on their own, but you ways of the Lord, and decide on the running run for the ways of the Lord is supposed to help, but I just asked him about how he is justified before God house.

How are his sins forgiven.

Just listen to what he says, ask questions about about it and then ask him if he's doing what's required and he'll say when I'm trying which means he's not notify Mickelson jumped 10 feet from roof to roof. I either do it all right.

Don't do it if I try and I fail I didn't do it if I try to make it.

But trying means I keep trying to make goes back to work like everybody was stay on Gotland for folks with direct eye Of these messages before the line calling 77072276 mass Y call 77077 is Matt's leg capture run for president. Okay will this so well. I know that right whatever happened, happened, or have control over my quick and I've been calling about a friend. He video that believe in the crime. God videos about the color be another old Wikipedia link that the Catholic Church is the one who would then the Trinity's I was going to have an article or when we go you go to con and look at the Trinity just Trinity chart; right and him what you find there is a list of a list of of the table to table or remedy right now. What do it's always medicine where Internet problems to some is an expert on Internet and browsers and stuff like that. Email me the weirdest problems going on and on public technic. After some amount expert so, little low then it won't load. It loads redone stuffy rape is having right now if you go to the Trinity chart on Carmen, then what happens, you find that the chart you find works is one God exists only one God in Isaiah 43 four 4445 monotheism is strictly there what we do as we look at the father-son Holy Spirit. They each speak to each have a will each dinner fight.

Others see you and yours and me and mine. These are qualities what we call personhood, and each one is involved in the resurrection of Christ.

Each one indwells us and things like this is so because of this.

This is how the doctor.

The trainees arrived at its arrived at systematically not arrived at by some counselor got together and decided what is the that's not how it is.

So, the Trinity, the Trinity chart is what it is. Look at the Trinity chart on car and you will find is that table there. Each is called God, which is the creator each resurrection. Each one indwells each one is everywhere all-knowing sanctifies life giver, fellowship with eternal will speaks loves and searches the heart, so all the world's most highly just gave their Scripture to show how it applies to the father-son Holy Spirit, the doctor, the Trinity is arrived at systematically by this.

Not my chart just together for people. The South done what they did is a said one God in all places all time.

That's it. Okay, the fathers called God's was a son, so the Holy Spirit, the father created the son. The Holy Spirit created father resurrects a son, resurrection, spirit, resurrection is not an issue of the Council coming together and say hey let's convert this to call the Trinity. Now they look at legal what we can do with this.

We see the Scriptures we see these things will be to do with them.

They concluded the doctrine of the Trinity doctrine of the Trinity is arrived at systematically by looking at the whole of Scripture looking at all of the word of God and so they will deny the Trinity Alaska with how the Trinity arrived at.

They don't know and I'll make a square little bit and say look, if you don't know how the Trinity's arrived at the safest referrals to get its arrived at systematically by looking at the Scriptures tell me how that is done we look at the Scriptures to keep the context also look at not playing games here. Seriously, you don't understand how the Trinity's arrived at. Then you can say it's true or false.

So this is what you have to do with okay put him on the defensive because he doesn't understand the truth is if you can deny the Trinity that had a question run this by you can ask that meeting believes in only one person who just forever right okay before you ask about and get to that just kind of change the topic little bit and second a question for Smithson little bit off topic, and ask you something.

If we take a human being implementing jail cell and turn off the lights and the temperature is neither hot or cold for him and is no place to sit and discredit toilets and foods given three times a day go to bed and exit is not allowed to get out of the cell ever ever.

No one talks to him, nothing happens at all. I said with that the torture would have it for year after year after year course it would be civil were made in which God right yes would be torture for God to exist eternally. Just like that if he's one person. If he exists is one person forever, then there's no fellowship. There's no intimacy there's nothing so is this which were the same broad experience forever for was just nothing we would call that torture. Recall that in human explain how you know that's not torture, for God is an interesting question came up one more." Posture, no doubt, that, find it, but I did not sit in on God cannot lie right and then he can if you want you won't if you can catch God. No way saying anything that he would be saying that God is self can be self-contradictory and become incoherent that God my definition.

No script. He does not know Scripture does know God. God can only do what he can do and he cannot violate his own nature. He is the all-knowing perfect being. There is no way that he can contradict himself and not speak truth because God always speaks the truth and to speak a lie would be something that would be against his character for this person to say that God could lie is further evidence that he's not representing the God of the Bible, but he has a false god. Burlington your worship of God is he does get, lap in the line truth don't blame without one guy, the Council might be 1/3 person entering announcement of rebellion, the civilian semi what it what equipment one client that the belief that you think that you believe and have need of the comment on that left all telomere laughing doesn't help his position. Any he's going to come to the table with some rational discussion then bring it if you just get a laugh in mock the don't have a conversation. I can also go on Carmen you can look up early Trinitarian quotes and there are quotes from Polycarp Justin Martyr Ignatius of Antioch I Renée Esther Tooley in origin with her talk about the issue.

The dock of the Trinity, Polycarp said the Lord God Almighty. I bless you and glorify you through the eternal and heavenly high priest, Jesus Christ, your beloved son, to whom be glory with him and the Holy Spirit, now and forever, so he died roughly 155 A.D. he was a disciple of John the apostle, and Justin Martyr said for the name of God the father and the Lord Jesus name of God the father and Lord of our of the universe and of our Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They receive the washing water. What happens is as as time goes on, they articulate the doctrine of the Trinity.

More and more they deal with it more and more because it had to do with it more more so Council of Nicaea did not invent the Trinity. He is just making it up. So what I would do to to him shall the documentation shall be documentation when they said that the night the Council of Nicaea invented the Trinity show it to me.

If he says I'll come on you nonofficial to this would happen it and then you just you just making things up, shall be documentation or just drop that assertion. Prove it. I very much met Douglas, a mythic somebody got bless rights was Nelson from Bakersfield. I've been there just a wretch from these go someplace on the East Coast welcoming on their body weight on that all right. Hang in there Woody got mail muscle my old daughter about the age now where you want it and walked back to interact want to be around her peer group. I'm hesitant to send her do her camping in my area and experience that had it that. That actually drove me far, far away a long time and that that I was that there might be some other people in the same boat as me and I was just that you know if you had any advice on that. Other than you know.

Now I got to the city of the church camp said you and Janet okay youth group children and hurt you church camp youth group get together.get right interviewed the people in charge of that interview – and they don't. They have the very little for me.

Did you go there to their place you go to the church you knock on the door. He said have been trying to get a hold of you is been difficult. I thought I would just come here and we can have lunch together.

I need ask you questions, but the spiritual care of my child right in and that's how I feel about it. Why I got fed up and put all every time I call a guy getting with my mom but all they really don't have time to make all that big time. I was that way I feel about it and I'm having trouble finding appear great now I can run at least the way you begin to make sure because from what I've heard of youth groups that are not that godly ways sometimes get somebody in just to entertain the kids and try to be cool and in and be pretty bad as what I would say there's a youth pastor. There I that's making appointments and you talk to you and you know if you have time will then you don't go there right but at a certain point, nobody had, and you ran out of light. I don't live in a big thing in. I pretty much got right up everywhere around the neck like that in the brushoff you know I just feel like insulting you so much. Let's you remind me of me like I will your your hardheaded you what the truth and so no wonder people do what it'll really all yeah I understand how it is you have these questions are likely to want to talk about serious stuff. Yes you do a lot of beer and go there without you. I guess stories like that, but the call back tomorrow. He talks more about all right was all right, all right.

Hey folks, the Lord bless you vote today the Lord bless you by his grace

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