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November 13, 2020 3:00 pm

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November 13, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does John 1-3 mean by all things were created through Him---2- How can I best explain the Trinity to JW's---3- A repeat caller, part of BHI, called to once again ask where Jesus was from, challenging the Greek of the New Testament, insisting that it had to be Hebrew.--4- I'm going to a church that has women deacons. Is that a reason to stop going---5- What is the difference between what LDS and Christians believe about Jesus---6- When Jesus said it was finished, shouldn't that refute the entire Catholic teaching---7- Do I need to keep asking for forgiveness as a born again Christian, if my sins were forgiven at the cross- How does 1 John 1-9 fit-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why so I don't have it was toasted negative which she does double the next day had a fever and on the when one with a fever so that happens during a big deal, but there's a guilt so please not do children yesterday or Friday. I'm here on Monday look into if you want to give a call 877-207-2276 love to hear from you, and you have thought through can logically recall is 772072276 let's see yesterday. Last night was a debate with the Mormon I thought it went really well and other lung Mormons there because he said the Mormon one, even though I was that all documentation proving the point. But to this is like so well if you saw that you want to comment on it, so please feel free to call. Let's see what else to open lines 877-207-2276 just jump on the line was good to John from New Jersey. John welcome here. Think about God 13 so that all things right created through Jesus. What that mean those witnesses go somewhere else with that they take outbursts or else something that you don't do see that Jesus is the first created thing and then got the father couldn't everything through Jesus. The beast Jesus was kind of a conduit to kind of a file person did that and so don't don't don't don't say that. And then when you go to Colossians 4 deal with that.

You would Colossians 115 and what it says there is a he is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.

For by him all things were created, both in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities all have things have been treated through him and for him. He is before all things in him all things hold together as little do. There is a table and worked other text for times when he doesn't think it is not there to greet and so it is a faulty translation and it's a very biased translation to show their view. For by him all other things were created still say Edward other, but it's not there in the Greek there's two words for the word other lost and had to Ross. Neither one are you stare both in heavens and earth etc. so that's what they're doing and you're the right track of what you can do is simply go to Isaiah 4424 this is what it says here thus says the Lord, your Redeemer and the one who formed you in the womb I the Lord in the making maker of all things stretched out the heavens by myself is spreading out all the earth alone says is bringing up all of us but if you're all alone, so do well so yeah so unit that alone spreading Earth abides by himself, so I say harmonize that with John 13 which says authenticated through him, yet Yahweh says he did alone.

The harmonize that.

That's when they have a problem because I can't harmonize it because their pimples and their theology upon the text of the text regarding your theology or guiding theology, and so the answer course lies in the Trinitarian communion with God's word, etc., etc., so okay yeah I are like that but one through what one says ongoing or graded rotators. But I don't really understand. It's a hard one to answer because we don't know what it means from the perspective of God's creative work how the got I got cleared through the son.

We don't know what exactly does that mean well, not exactly sure to be able to say well through means this so we can say in generally want to say as to the effect that somehow someway there was a conduit where the word was involved in creation. We don't know exactly how it works, though, and we just don't all just as were the mysteries of the Trinitarian communion song indignities have to face that realize that there are things that were just not going to get and you know that's it. Some would say you know God did through him.

Jesus was the conduit but it actually what you ask is the exact right question, what does it mean to creep through that I don't have an answer to be on okay on her collar, waiting. Yes, you have two more Michael had really fast about the Trinity guy areas. My friend was saying. Are you he argued against Roman outfall introducing the Trinity while law that took another few hundred years before the tornado group I was reading it back that eat that I did read the text that you felt me a while go on on the currently playing that I get area where the Roman Catholic Church invented the Trinity yourself, know that is not true Trinitarian issue is not invented by the Roman Catholic Church or to but the issue is that it is derived out of Scripture and will send the J dumpling say this kind of thing talking about is the Trinity's arrived at systematically, looking up at the Scriptures. That's what it is so what is that system that we go to and they don't understand the question evenly will we do as we look at the Bible says is only one God, not greatest know that that one God. None before and after it. Jesus is called God the son called God.

Jesus called God the father is called God the Holy Spirit called God the Jesus of the night Jesus creates a father creates. The Holy Spirit creates each indwells each is involved in the resurrection it was on and on and on. And so the doctor the Trinity's arrived at by looking at a monotheistic teaching in the Scripture and then noticing that each member the father-son Holy Spirit is called God is called divine as well. Speaks indwells us is involved in creation, the resurrection of Christ, and so they put this together and that's how they came up with the Trinity, so the J doves say that the Catholic Church invented it know they don't have any clue what you're saying they don't have the doctor the Trinity's arrived at was not arrived at by somebody inventing it is arrived at by looking at Scripture's will tell them is SH arrived at systematically by looking at the word of God so the issue is it's false if that approach to the word is false so please tell me what is that approach to the word that people used to arrive the doctor. Trinity is if it's wrong is wrong. Based on that. So what is it and they have no idea how to answer the question they never have an idea how to answer the question because they don't know which is brainwashed thanks Matt appreciate you look about God blessed but they folks going to call all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Kent from North Carolina Air.

I alright how are you doing follow my Mac I question from the eternal Trinitarian nature and became flesh on leave. He was born in Bethlehem that I am Bethlehem document may be changed to say the body. The when McMenamin you keep calling. I keep showing you the same thing in Scripture you keep failing to answer the the is so the Bible the New Testament documents what we have and all of the Greek manuscripts we have say his name is Jesus. Jesus and the Greek. So when you get off denying 100 God quiet you know know know you enter, why do you deny the word of God. No limit hold an article about the 60s been changed, so you have you studied the historical reliability of the New Testament documents and I know the answer, yes I know you have not you actually have not know you have that is the percent hold on the percentage accuracy. The New Testament documents and how many approximately New Testament documents Arthur and Greek. I see what you can do no good at. I have to question you how many according Greek manuscripts there are of the New Testament, colony only thousands thousand.

Okay, let's click was not that which the accuracy of those thousands recklessly 6000 just so you know what's the accuracy of those give me a rough estimate how accurately welcome copied an identical those documents are given estimate will so it's actually something like 99.8% actually identical, you have no idea what you're doing. You have no idea what you're talking about.

You involved, you are involved in a non-Christian cult you been brainwashed. You have never to DICTATE I have I give you notion which on hold so I can talk I give you the information and what you do is you ignore it. This is a sign of the brainwashed individual who doesn't care about facts doesn't care about truth only cares about an agenda. Kind of reminds me of the leftist propaganda machine called the media care about the truth don't care about facts. Only the agenda this is what you're doing and Black Hebrew Israelites you are doing nothing but parroting what they tell you to say and tell you to think you need to start doing your own homework now. Are you why are you rejecting what the Greek manuscripts tell us is Jesus name. How do you know the times that how do you know they changed up. What evidence do you have that they changed how do you know how do you know they change stuff. Where is your evidence that they changed up Shelby so that the spirit so you do not allow hold the spirit showed you that that's not his name. Even though even though all the documents say the same thing about his name the 6000 of them from my laces and they're all corrupted their all false.

Okay so this is Jesus you know is I was nice talking to you seriously need to find Jesus and believe who he really is not in the false God fulfill one of the lines in the call 8777 mass Y call 770776 charismatic sling going from going quicker and wondering reason to look for another church. Let's turn to the word of God. Okay, okay, you know really no one ordered to live in their you want to get the name of it.

Yeah, okay, it's likely community must wait a minute you mean the church that Luke goes to the Huber bill goes there article. You not only give you the name of the I think that he never went to young men to something that could be addressed here. I'll talk to Noel I'll call Bill about it, here's what senses with the with the Bible says when regal context because it's important. First Timothy three is a trustworthy statement.

If any man aspires that the office of overseer's record of fiscal possible is a fine work he desires to do in overseer then must be above reproach, the husband of one wife tempered, prudent, respectable, hospitable people to teach monitor the wine are pugnacious but gentle, peaceable free for the love of money, you must be one who manages his household well keeping his children under control with all dignity.

If a man does not know how to manage his own household. I would take care the church all of God and that a new convert so that he will not become conceited and falling of condemnation incurred by the devil, and he must have a good reputation with all those outside the church so that you will not fall into reproach and the snare of the devil. Deacons likewise must be men of dignity, not double minded or addicted to much wine or font fond of sordid gain, but holding to the mysteries of faith with which is clear so it says here that must be in a dignity now right.

This is what it says but it says deacons likewise now the problem here in the Greek is that when it mentions the deacons here it's it's in verse eight is a mystery dignity it it's as likewise who soaked us some numbers in the doesn't have the workmen involved in their men. There okay but it is masculine like the masculine form but nevertheless was continue for those who have served well as deacons obtain for themselves a higher standard of great confidence across Christopher's announcement. We rolled dignity, not double minded minded, not addicted to wine or funders of sordid gain, but holding the mystery of the faith with her conscience. These men was also first be tested and serve as deacons. Women must likewise be tested deacons.

It says right here deacons in verse 12 must be husbands of only one wife to write some looking at the right and it says here undress me us good night Gus, undress me, us, cannot cuss undress is from the Greek a near and it means males as distinguished from females is what it means is says of only one wife.

Me, us good night Gus, one wife would like us woman wife. The deacons must be husbands of one wife, or men of one woman we can. These issues here. What if you have a deacon or an elder, which is the same thing, a requirement of the elders. The same thing and listen elders looking to buy with say I will do, say, husband of one wife, right, with his wife dies not no longer worth you being an elder.

Noah started because I merely write what it says is a man of one woman in this it means that the good ideas. He's a man who holds to monogamy and practices monogamy.

That's the best point but it's male deacons must be that so would I leave absolutely yes okay I will and after after I took first Timothy 312 to the pastor who I know this and I would see I talked to him yesterday and he instructor and he said this to people can come down a bold type of issue can't night and I will look into the empty talk about going to the Greek and Hebrew and yet so I asked him I could so do the sequence here today have authority in this church because Noel could only do it through copier clean and I think you will why are you attributing the title of this office to woman. No matter what they're doing excellent question and see what happens is that the pastor then must go to the women if these can be biblical here and so you can't call deacons at here's a problem so that say there's a woman that they call the pastor of children's ministry generally have any authority. This calling pastor women's ministry to people going to the church and they hear the word pastor being associated with with women's ministry is one only better. They go to a movie. The way to go to church with her pastor. Hey, that's fine. If they had a woman pastorally here they can do over here to this. The problem the women's are not deacons because it says deacons must be husbands of only one wife. The students that is not the issue here is the pastoral epistle on how they are to behave in the household of God, because verse 15 which is just three verses later, but in case I'm delayed I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar to support the truth so this is how it's supposed to be done in the household of God. So if it says deacons must be undress me us good night Gus, it is not possible to render that as a female, or is generically all kinds of people. It specifically is from the Greek on their which is man husband male male. The deacons must be were deacons.

Here is the act of knowing in the Greek it's the masculine plural must be husbands of one wife. Okay, so what you do argument that the wives are deep and 11, but I get a hold describing the light of the week and then invert the lake so it says in verse 11. Women must likewise be dignified nonmalicious goblets gossips but tempered, faithful in all things okay and so the women arrives of deacons in Southwark therefore become deacons, even though it says deacons must be husbands must be men of 11 cents. I give you describing the life of an important well going back to describe with them analyzes the wife of the deacon must be the husband of one wife makes no sense right leg is for folks right back after these messages masculine. Why call 77077 charismatic slave Robert welcome so you can leave I will my brother and I we both have the idea instructor but deacons sloppy women and yesterday you were looking for the announcement on the elders comes up out on the big screen on the stage pictures of women in life by an elder or deacon children were thinking maybe pop the pastor and we we both have the idea that we need to leave in many talking to the pastor yesterday after church got me frustrated I love really no wondering what to do. But as I read chapter 3, I spoke. Women cannot deacon. It's it's not really much control about nonessential gases and could have women elders tend to write even though Paul said this is how we behave in the household of God, the church, she says this is what we doing in the church deacons are to be under me is when I cuss minimal that's that's what it says.

So he's not doing that I would just advise you just it would assess it says this very clearly visible in the place of Scripture to argue against the clear part part of Scripture here. Verse 12 is an issue is one of thought and why people fail when uncle article doing politics aquifers. Let's say for example verse 12 and they must be husbands of one wife, no city units is on them is good. I got your undress musical night Gus and means literally man of one woman man of one wife is what it means, and if there is say well since I overhear it is deacon verse eight deacons must be minutes of dignity, but is the same man in the Greek the gospel the CCW do their met José okay so let me ask you, are you you recognize what it says in verse 12, you're trying to counter it. Going with her first. The only right in front of the only reason go to the reverse because you see what it clearly says in that verse try to contradict the sitting Scripture conscription. They must be harmonized.

Furthermore, it says, in that it says deacons in verse eight was a deacons must be this is of dignity. The Greek word there is loose and it is the accusative plural, masculine form than of the noun so so you see, you know people when they go to score the Greek list or the Greek okay let's do it and assist you know these men must be tested right. These must be planted. There is no word. Men on their or Posner but the word these week two is the on the masculine and the Greek article don't know this author possible to what the board you have these different forms of the noun is like English actor actors actress actresses.

These men it's like saying these plural men plural form of men towards but when he says these it's masculine these masculine ones mescaline form want to do this in English, Greek. If you have it. Where would say the faint female once the feminine form of the giver of the of these, but is not there. The neuter form of these, but is not there at the masculine form that address very specific assigned the masculine ones. The masculine form of the word. These must be tested.

Why because the were deacons and pre-verse eight is decadence, which is the mescaline form but of dignity, not the minded. I lifted etc. then it was down to deacons must be husbands of one wife it and it is absolutely clear so he is not agree with Scripture and Dalton person I could never attend a church where I didn't take this seriously because from here just another area can slide that's what I would do if I write you since you are the church. Take the information go to the elders insert trouble here as I know with with one or go to the elders talk to them first as it should be doing. You want to okay pastor now go to the elders, the owner should should take this up okay yesterday that on the issue.

All the other issues in the Bible, you can people in our own leadership at this agreement about Lee should not how I misread it. Tell them I'm willing to drive down there and we could have a meeting of the go over it. I be happy to set them straight in with the word God says in an essay that arrogant know it's is simply what is it say what it says, stick to what it says. The elders need to be stick with what it says. First Timothy 312 and in verse 15. Deacons must be paid, undress me, us good night Gus men males of one wife asked how a woman can fit that fiscal Babylon, verse 1212 what each of one wife or the wife of one of the does not know theirs is an authoritative issue here called is not allowed to drift that authority over men would remain silent for Adam was first created. First Timothy 212 and 13.

That's is one chapter earlier. This is an issue authority okay and I'll need to stand up many to stand up and be authoritative in the home and not domineering.

You know the club and portable Wi-Fi. There is no one saying they need to be spiritual leaders in the house and needed to stand up in the church you need to stand up is what it says because was going on like I was a pastor of a church. Again, this of you if you will deacons know furtively.

312 know you will best offend.

I agree you will find some pampers you know they go crying to corner someplace sat you have to do compromise the word of God because of my father people you know… Let her fingers go outside put up in the air. See which way the.

The wind is blowing this follow the direction or are we to be leaders inside the Christian church standing on the word of God and the ladies don't like it.

There's the door right early. Men don't like it, there is the same door follow you when you want to stand and stand on the word of truth that would assess your first Timothy 312.

Deacons must be undress me us good night's literally means male of one of wife one as go deacons can fit that hammer on a hammer on hammer on this is clear what it says in the Greek what is it's okay right tell him I had to come on down there and then after the show on Friday. Have a meeting with them on Saturday to drive back on Sunday. I know who they are okay. Nothing malicious I know, but I'll tell him. And I wouldn't go to a church that did this personally is causing problems for people listening okay that's just me. I believe in holding to this not, my company and I got got a morning of them so I want to know what the Bible really says you are right and left leg during my what happens, the more it happens like switch or six time it's good to lean from Richmond, Virginia early welcome to the show. You are on the air. I met Mike. I like the claim okay and I'm lame and in need, and the guy Mormonism teaches that Jesus is the brother of the devil got through sexual relations between God and his goddess wife who both came for the planet and in Christianity. Jesus is the eternal second person of the Trinity never created whenever a man another planet. I was not a product of relations between a God and a goddess wife in the world. The different beings different altogether altogether entirely. They're not the same. How to get a totally different many. Yes it is. It's complete different God that the logic Mormons will say no, the God of the Bible to Jesus of the Bible really don't believe in is a creation of Joseph Smith who systemically and here we go. They believe in the creation of Joseph Smith who was a con artist and is involved in the occult means younger and not me just making this stuff up. It is documented and get it in the book Mormonism unveiled by EW how in 1834 eyewitnesses taught us since it's there, get on the online organics on English Mormonism unveiled Mikey W how H with a release will documented this thing is that Joseph Smith just make stuff up practicing to say it but he did.

She Christianity there's only one God and Mormonism. There's many God's right in Christianity God is always been God in Mormonism. He's to be a man of the world became a God or not the same Christianity rises his eternal creator and Mormonism is not there.

Not to say that my client has not given us a break to get a break.

We have a real people waiting call back get back in line, they vote for the right that after these matters. Like why call 77077 charismatic slave brother are you all right by God's grace we got a quick question regarding I have a good friend of mine who converted to Catholicism a while back and let the reformed faith in you like and it just really surprised me because he's a very smart man very brilliant guy and understood your theology and doctrine. I let you know lately I feel like you know without getting into like you nine that the history behind nausea.

The Reformation is pretty simple and biblical on my feeling it with the one that is that we just picked out for me in Scripture that really distributes the whole system of Catholicism with their young with the Eucharist did not feel like that is the aggressive bill that is scriptural but not the restart fighting Christ in the math right now. In Greek the South Aire. It is finished you. I feel like that. That alone should just get the Christian thinking like RA will what did Jesus really mean that, when he said it will see this till 1930 before his death. Right before his death. So what they could come back and say is if you finish what was necessary and the sacrifice which was different than him instituting John six substantially earlier the ID of the sock that would be the article did come back with, then your response would be something along the lines of in Leviticus 1714, it says that the Jews are not to drink the blood of any flesh so would Jesus be telling the disciples to drink the blood of any flesh of human flesh can't do that wrecking Levitical law. So what was Jesus doing that with the Louisville say well it was mystical. It was this was that in the good to some philosophical thing about the aspect properties and accidents and things like this and had to get more and more philosophical trying to find a position that thing I'll do is I'll ask mostly so when Jesus instituted the supper. John six was at the sacrifice body and blood things instituting the suggests he will get them in sacrifice to: get it or you will or suggest they will do the back with something like valleys outside of time. Every once in a discussion of this mumbo-jumbo stop messing looking to quote that I have the book of second Chronicles right here we find that verse because it does not Scripture, so with her to do is introduce things that it is not biblical in order to justify their error. This happens in all kinds of areas women pastors women deacons women elders. They try and find ways to justify error. The Bible says what it says Jesus would not have asked the disciples to violate Levitical law.

The reason we know is because they were still underneath the old covenant because the new covenant is ratified until Christ died that he was a 13. He was 952 60, so the illusion of the supper. So on Levitical law. He could not have asked him to drink blood would've done make a lot of them feel really actually been a daily like you not see that the Roman Catholic Church when deny inspiration but also like they would only like I memorized it scroll thing in his lectures on systematic theology like Rome has the dual source. The authority like Scripture and tradition like that that's their fault right there like not both script or other academic so that we do is go to your body and I'd ask him what he is due to be saved, that the sins forgiven Satan have your sins forgiven. Ask him asking and also for review. I would do is go to: you website I hope to confirm the cut and paste section to condo just see see UT and it'll bring you to the cut and paste section Roman Catholicism section I used to cut-and-paste up and pasting and in debates in the and things like that. In short, whatever little time in the front think as well go through that and it's kind of a summary of a lot of the stuff in Catholicism and in the five paragraph 2036 the Catholic catechism which says that you are justified you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments and enters her verse is verses that refute that Roman Catholic Church teach the false gospel absolutely is a false gospel cannot be saved in the Roman Catholic gospel. It denies the gospel of Christ denies the true gospel of the Scriptures and the reason it does is it because it does not hold Scripture to be self-sufficient and superior to all other things and because they have they denied that the sufficiency and authority. The word of God added zero tradition.

I think with the tradition is the tradition comes from their church so that they are the ones who were in charge of tradition. They're the ones who tell you what really the truth is that something to the word of God splitting the word of God in their tradition that was happening.

So therefore the Roman Catholic Church is essentially an idol is replaced Christ Roman Catholic Church teaches false doctrine. Okay, you cannot be saved in official theological doctrines on salvation. Yet this does away with the Lordship of Jesus Christ and will never get with the length then like the video and you get the Vicar of Christ and the Holy Ghost, like well what it bears witness to the father and the son, and with the triune God will is a bunch of stuff that you should go in there. Look at paragraph 841, the Catholic catechism says the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator. The first among some of the Muslims. These profess to hold the fact faith of Abraham together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge in the last day Muslims don't adore the one, merciful God the glory.

The mostly the Catholic catechism can even get that right just all kind of stuck in that cut-and-paste. I just read through you'll see all kinds of stuff.

Bring it your friend see the stuff on salvation, I would ask on that how your sins forgiven and how your sins forgiven just politely hammer want to go to the verses are listed there. All right, all right, thank you very much in agreement due to negligence. Let's see who's the next longest waiting person ride from Des Moines, Iowa writers still there brought Michael on the conversation you had with the Bowman Capote Wednesday of last week where you were asking him goalie and what I understood, provided that Calvinism what you are given given and you don't need to give. I don't know whether that's that's correct or not. Is that correct yes are some users yes it is but there's is a doctrine that exist in biblical theology called the down the not yet and it sounds like it's some catchphrase out of the fortune cookie, but it's not get into that, but for now you got your interest yes okay okay you know I called while and asked me if I needed to asked forgiveness of myself. After I was born again and kinda more or less the same thing I and I understand that but my question is if that's so, then why is the report on 19 words to know if we can put things like what that is speaking to a person who is already born again that you still have to confession of sin. So can you shed some light on the understanding another yeah I got the right track and this is a difficult issue.

One of the ways to understand first John 19 is to say that generically if we do this were forgiven and this is part of the noun. The not yet because forgiveness is different than the atonement, which is different than justification and explain a little bit seat.

Salvation is being saved for the righteous judgment of God. That's not the same thing as forgiveness. Forgiveness is where God this glyphosate removes your sin debt removes that the sin from let's say they know exactly accurate but is very close, good enough for now. He removes it he forgives you was not there. That's different than being justified where God gives to you righteousness.

So forgiveness is the removal of sin. Justification is the addition of righteousness. So he forgets no class at 214 says that Jesus cancel the certificate of that at the cross of some of the now.

The not yet comes but now we from that perspective plus a 214.

He says he cancel the certificate of death. The sin debt at the cross, but yet what you do with someone who's not to be a Christian. Till age 50. Are there sins forgiven.

That's the interesting question is now the not yet. We would say in one hand, yes, and that her hand note in the now sense we would say yes there already taken care of in the debt is canceled but is not experience the forgiveness that that's the not yet is not yet experienced the forgiveness so there's that there's this this condition of the now.

The not yet that provides enough Scripture were not get glorified, but we've said to be glorified in Romans 829 were sanctified, but were still being sanctified is all kinds of things like this in the Scripture which was a noble.

So it would be collecting thing that in the propitiation of the expiation where I'm thinking that one but go with guilt.

On the day of atonement and blood was of the hands of the hybrids that killed the goat propitiation and putting putting the blood of the same on made a scapegoat, but with execution where in Romans 10 unintended propitiation admin John John 19 expiation symptoms to tear in his next appreciation appreciation and sanitized which is like a removing your senses far away from you as he sees this from West after the Lordship of Christ been born again in your spirit is generated in you go through the rest of the time during that regeneration of the spirit. My mechanism is sent and the conversation can't be solved by the ship. It's a great conversation, we would need to have sitting down and talking for a half-hour to an hour about this because a lot of it comes at the definitions and how we understand things. This would have them do with people is a symbol that is quite mean that this go this way the school this week they will put them together, we show how they relate just takes time. But back to first John 19 you. I know that all my sin that is canceled at the crosscut of the Bible says in Colossians 214. Yet when I sent you know I difficult.

Lord, please forgive me because it's the noun the not yet thing. I'm still experiencing it even though I know I'm only covered his high notes were taken care of. I'm just confessing my sin and my problems so you know, I know we does and so there's Derek second Robert will provide absolutely excellent football, let's go back to the very, very reassuring.

And what I've been thinking, I thank you so much a goblet picture, YouTube required to great question why we should talk with him a lot in our discussion Benjamin from Charlotte next in line. Again, about one minute 20 why you get in the left with your clear color on the northwest real quick to pray that we could be big week. Happy to hear from you might go to the Kelly trumpet when big demographic I contest the election primarily at the Dearborn and on Pennsylvania Avenue or content think they're going to be people that I be writing the street and made Betty Gatto LA.New York is try to put pressure on the administration get out so it could be bedlam be chaotic and everyone needs to pray for peace civilians. I would sure not bet against you. I I suspect something when I think that the leftists who don't know what it means to play fair or going to try and like the Communists, the Marxists who were useful idiots go forward. Violence and bloodshed of everyone we can't let them get in if the problem is that I live in a all right man was sorry for leaving John tomorrow.

God's grace that

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