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October 20, 2020 7:03 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 20, 2020 7:03 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Were we originally created to be vegetarians -Genesis 1-29-- Why did that change in Genesis 9---2- Will there be animals in eternity---3- Did Jesus -the Son- come to earth because He was commanded by the Father or was it a voluntary decision---4- What's your opinion on the dreamcatchers---5- Why can't fallen angels be redeemed---6- Are babies born in sin or innocent---7- If someone aborts their baby, what does that mean for the baby's salvation---8- What is the New Testament church supposed to look like---9- I am a new Christian and my mother is a lesbian. What can and should I do to protect my children from being influenced by her sin---10- What did Jesus' response to Peter, when he took out his sword in the garden, mean---11- What's your opinion on the KJV only movement's claim that translators were not believers, so then the text cannot be trusted--12- I'm trying to explain the Trinity to my 5-year-old son. Is a triangle a good analogy-


A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. We search what is found you have questions about Bible doctrine serves a max Y branches calls or respond to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick one will probably look is October 16, 2020 if you want to give McCall we have three open lines 877-207-2276 and the you know that we still nearby your support. If you want to feel like it. All you have to do is go to the website CRM orgy agency will donate five dollars a month and if you do that you make Lexi but just think about on Friday for the mornings.

We have our weekly meeting and mold the world coming to our weekly meeting and on.

We have a guy from Texas amino from Turkey from Brazil. Another guy from Columbia and a window from Malawi, Africa, and so we don't get online meeting leaders can catch up with each other with new guy is from Tanzania and this morning we were going to find agreement that a makers okay looks like we try to get a ministry going to people with website in Swahili and the good stuff was talking to the guy and by our African counterpart and the guy loves theology and he said Peter's and exit was great. Three.

Sitting in his home is got his camera on the whole bit. Some jumping out a window behind you yeah you open to see if I can find some zebras. He's laughing you have to go to preserve for that. So all directed up meeting of pastors adjuster.

He's one of our guys out there African connection and he's going to be 100 pastors pretty soon to equip them and teach them use karmic material and is let you know what we did was we raise the funds for printer and we saw printer would look at different ways of getting material to him. It just became obvious.

The best thing to do is just Bible printer and spend $1000 that are expensive out there printer with the cartridges and paper and stuff like that and his printed manuals and put them up on his on his own. So praise God for that's tribunal would retrain and so your support supports them stuff like that you jump in and help and support so that we were looking for help about five or $10 a month is good/donated all information to write their not a big deal and I think that's it so your you may call three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to see Chris from Raleigh, North Carolina Chris, welcome around here.

Good afternoon Michael I love your show.

Absolutely love your show my wife out to any chance we can get know what you like. Same thing. Hey Rene how are you doing out there.

I'm not hello think that wanted to get your perspective on something that I've been exploring recently in the Old Testament so contact Paul here in North Carolina. The big hunky area and I'm in my 50s. I actually didn't start hunting until about work like your and I kinda got into it because I've always appreciated healthy organic food you harvesting an animal forest. All of that was just the feeling my daughter's heart or budgetary. We have a mutual respect. She is disciplined about her approach, but she respected what I feel on but I all of this got me thinking a few months ago about what what is God bottle will let you know the active taking an animal's life, especially large payment. You know there's a lot what not to. Here's what I discovered I wanted to get your perspective on the very last paragraph or two Genesis chapter 1 verse 29 and the then God said, I give you every seed bearing plant on the faith. The whole earth every three that has screwed. It will be yours to all the seats of the earth and all earthly guy all the creatures that move along around everything that has the breath of life. I give every green plant so you know, it looks to me like originally. God made us to be budgetary but then when you go to Genesis chapter 9, right after the flood subside. Chapter 9 verse two. Fear and dread of you will fall onto all the beasts of the earth and on all the earth and sky. And every creature that moves along the ground, and all the fishing they are given into your hand everything a bit moot about will be food for you as I gave there. I guess the audit thing. Now it's okay to kill animals and eat meat filled.

I thought that was interesting.

I never known about that before never heard that before and I was curious what your perspective on what happened between that those to time. What happened between those two time periods at your question yeah just you know what like yeah you and are there other things in the Bible that might give a clue. You as a change will actually look at Genesis 130 you read 129 and $0.30 and I've given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of the earth and every tree which has fruit yielding seed, it shall be food for you and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to everything that moves on the earth which has life I've given every green plant food and it was so, why is he mentioning the birds and animals and the concept of food. It is not for food. That's what I would regard Genesis 1 2930 what happened with that Noah. Well, it was a flawed change of things and afterwards of course, reduction of lifespan significantly. Maybe there's something to do with that in them and in health.

I don't know what to forget Jesus himself ate the Paschal Lamb, so he was a vegetarian.

I think a lot of health research in an accredited journalism for a few months and veganism can't do like to know I can come down the balance of 5% veggies and 75% veggies arrest meat, fish, eggs, and I know it's fine so you feel there is far as hunting goes, and I've been invited to go hunting few weeks and I'm having said no it's not like I'm not good is not biblical in a tag and took my a.k.a. Alton and not something down in all claimant and I do get to do as long as your eating you providing for your family and this means is in a humane way.

I'm having problem with. I was feeling biblically aggressive either. So you know if I chicken you know chicken yesterday so back so that you would have to be killed and eaten. Only problem that we got hammered my wife to Chile for tonight and it'll be hamburger behind her. She's a good good cook.

She is she's quick. I you know it's interesting, I thought you were right in again and check Genesis chapter 1 the right at all. God covers adamantly with the animal at the time.

You know, shadowing another way to think about one more question sufficiently one port but are there animals in the Bible you like documentaries and read think about people who supposedly you know dieting and being in heaven and come back. I reserve judgment on that. I know that's true or not but younger than, say, oh, there's animal now screen.

What is the Bible say about I don't know of anything in the Bible that says animals go to heaven heaven is the dwelling place of God in the redeemed enter his presence. We can make this the case because Colossians 120 says that God is flowing all things through Jesus Christ. And generally what is understood to mean is all the treated water and you don't. As we know that at this when Adam sinned to represent the world as well and sin entered the world got to make things right and the only way to be made right to the cross of Christ. So animals are part of the created order that have fallen this when they die. So what can happen. Heaven I don't know.

I don't know. I do know that there's gonna be a new heavens and a new earth. Now, I would expect that God would restore the animals that have gone extinct in something like 90% of all species of that have ever lived are now extinct, surprising and stunning number is true and so who knows what will see on the rebuilt earth was farcical in place in heaven goes, I do not know in a little more help their three heavens and Jewish cosmology. The first heaven is the earth the plants it under trees the wind the clouds. The second heaven is the stars moon son, the third heaven is the dwelling place of God. People say go to heaven.

One of the main living the very dwelling place of God.

I see nothing in Scripture says animals are up there in the Shekinah presence glowing presence of heaven. God see that. But in the the earth being rebuilt heaven. We call that the Lord sense it's lost heaven, but is not having the when the term we will use the term so it will be restored on the earth. But in heaven we don't know what heaven where God dwells is like because God doesn't dwell on the planet leisure Mormon is got given a plant nursery called cola or quote Kenneth Copeland and scissors mother planet up there.

She should select subduing place of God. I don't believe there's any animals up there. Personally, but on the earth. Yes that is my opinion I couldn't prove it but that's my thing. I noticed three different things that you are talking about different descriptions of Evan. What where in the Bible. What you do is go to Carmen and you can look up her seat on the C3 heavens, I think it is which version the third heaven.

And yes, so does the Bible refer to when it means third heaven is like 1/3 heaven. I have the verses cited the research did the verses right there and check it out okay great thank you very much. That was interesting and have a blessed day you two. God bless. Alrighty, folks are going to make all all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and looking from you for open minds all right.

Let's go to James from Wake Forest, North Carolina. While welcome James on the date they met just a question when left heaven come to the earth. You do that because he was commanded to do that by the father or the fund volunteered to do that on very good question. Let me read the Scriptures.

Jesus speaks about this. Both lines give a call 777 mass Y call 770776 charismatic sling everyone 877-207-2276.

I'm not sure something happened to what we call the stack because it went blank and looking for the callers are all lines are going up and down son was going on a positive little bit.

So if Keith knows which line it was because I was on leave. I think stack.

No big deal stalling and woke us up. He hung up. We hung up.

Okay all right will immediately talk about this issue that and then we'll get to the callers.

Did Jesus good question, did Jesus come here to do his father's will.

And he did not want to come to the earth to do is read two areas of Scripture talk about this is what Jesus says in John 637 all of the father gives me will come to me and the one who comes to me. I certainly will not cast out. For I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me this is the will of him sent me but of all that he has given me. I lose nothing but raise it up on the last day so Jesus is saying that he did not come here to do his own will but the will of the father and be careful because we don't want to say that Jesus his choice was not to come here when we do that because in the character recess to be the character recess of the Trinity, the father-son Holy Spirit each inter in dwell each other. The mutual indwelling of the father-son Holy Spirit now, you're likely not all is good you and on they know God has one will and one mind, but yet there's three persons. Elgin is how we people do that but nevertheless what we can say is that the will of the father was for the redemption of all people, all people, but for for Virginia to redeem and Jesus said I didn't come to do my own will, but will him a son sent me it doesn't mean his will was contrary, it could just mean his will wasn't involved. He came to do the will of the father because this is what Jesus says in John 530 I could do nothing of my own initiative as I hear, I judge in my judgment is just as I do not seek my own will but the will of him sent me, so Jesus is saying he seeks the will of the father doesn't mean he disagrees with the father but I couldn't have so will be could say here is that Jesus came to do the will of the father doesn't mean he's in contradiction of will. The father didn't want to do the will the father.

This means he says I can do will the father will be can say is that that's the case he came to do the will of the father. Some people my symbol in Luke 2242 it says so Jesus and I don't let this cup pass from you. I don't want to do this is another issue. He didn't want to go to the crucifixion, the doctrine here of the Mikado and you will not. Oh boy, you sure about that and what that means is the communication of the properties which in turn means that the attributes of both natures are scribed to a single person, Jesus had the divine nature, and he also has a human nature.

So will be could say use of the to come. Thy syllogism is that the teaching that each of the natures has a will is manifested in single Jesus as I mean, you want to do this will be kind of think about is that Jesus is a man and he didn't want to go through the torture of crucifixion, the beating if there's any way to do this is fine. Nevertheless, not my will but your will be done.

What were saying here is the submission of the will.

The sun to the will of the father doesn't means a contradiction to the eternal decree and eternal will of God to redeem because Christ can do the will father but when he was in the garden. He didn't go through the crucifixion because of the physical pain and suffering that would be put upon him, and yet he's computable. The father so we did. So this is not an easy easy question to answer because there are several related doctrines and topics to the whole thing and I just hope that I made. It makes little more sensitive I didn't call me up and save set all right. Let's go fold with Jamaal from North Carolina, Jamaal welcome you on here America. Call again show what it will, what about the great characters and the intricate back to Native Americans Mako want to get your opinion and if you have, sure what to say about don't say that an Indian object that is used in their animistic religious ceremonies to get in contact with animal spirits and you hung up in a car with a good no no right so a good dream catcher, which I haven't studied this article to us about you. Depending what it is.

It is using the religious systems and stuff like that. Get rid of it discovered we don't want anything that is going to be perceived as something that is not glorifying to God. I don't see a dream catcher doing that. When I flew to the New Age convention that they have here in Boise. Every now and then I was a dream catchers know they can get in tune with the animal spirit within you that dream catchers here and there and so I would never let one in my home.

You have no I wouldn't keep in my home ;-) when my car is one of his associated with the paganism of American Indian theology]. All sure I hear how come we did they tell you what fallen Angels can't hear what he said but I just think what he was saying was can be redeemed if it was okay.

Thanks Keith okay to say. Say hi to everybody. Keith everybody Keith that he's a producer and silly before the show.

I was calling and that we will sound check and blab about stuff and I cemented really good questions. So anyway it was that talk of Angels Redeem because they don't have a Redeemer.

We have a Redeemer describes God in flesh became one of us became a human. These gods of the offer sacrifice sufficiently efficacious to be able to cleanse our sin to God the father, but it's okay to be mailed in order to offer sent on behalf of men and women course and so if Angels are to be saved.

Want to fall and that he would need a Redeemer for them because they have sent the law must be satisfied, the law satisfied in Jesus Christ for people, but there is no law option for the Angels, and no means of redemptive work for the Angels so they fell there lost no hope for them. That's the way it is alright so let's get you a couple to free up in lines 877-207-2276 is for another break want to just hold on, call 877-2077 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave show the KY from Georgetown welcoming on here is again Veronica and all night and no relation.

I was talking to a street preacher and motivate South Carolina downtown area, diarrhea, big area, everyone signed yet and all Thank on a friendship with. What a gentleman and he said that he said that when babies are born they are on anything about then on, and I grew up there threatening nondenominational Lutheran thought that no object baptize a baby or ask my daughter go to have dog thing though product is on outside of that WebObjects would have a thought that correspondence had an IQ gentleman. He said that baby is no longer send I would still not install any nondenominational church that down. We are going to send my question eight what what are we going to be an entity, defendant babies, all you can always look and I think I read the Koran in the New Testament that I buy one luncheon came and then I thought. Because of that we inherited it from a parent at his home.

There are so few issues with look at here. I can't get you to explain.

When Adam sinned, we fell in him first 2015 in Adam all die rooms 518 is basically the same thing.

So he represented us in the so-called federal headship federal headship is the teaching that the male represented descendents, not female, and Adam and Eve in the garden she send first she gave the fruit to Adam he said, Romans 512 says sin and world through one man, so right Adam resented us that set federal headship when he send an issue because you have to exist in order to accomplish a sent to perform a send now what is sin. Sin is breaking the law of God for something for will you know if if my daughters when they get married, have children, those children have not yet even existed. They haven't committed any sin we can say right now that any children that they may have have sinned, because they haven't, but so do they have a sin nature all yes we are by nature children of wrath feature so get your so what we have sinful nature. Now we have to ask another question. Can infants sin nondisabled infants okay Kenneth and sent will get the can, run away my last few out every day, but you only this yes that's true but what about no one but know one day old baby one day when the old nine months and one that you reverse or so when I ice about that. Well you see the Bible says would honor God and to serve him and worship him, so if we don't do that. Are we sending so the baby does not do that.

The question then I went to ask is, is that a sinful thing because the baby isn't doing.

But then again I can't say a baby is not doing it because just sure I sure logic I can't say that I know what's in the heart and the mind of the Navy saucy becomes a very difficult thing here to to to answer and I get more technical than a lot of people do in entering things like this, but normatively speaking, would say that they haven't sent normatively speaking, but I couldn't prove that so yet.

They have inherited a sinful nature and Adam represented them so we could say that they have fallen in Adam and they are by nature a sinful and very least, are fallen which manifest/quite naturally raise children to sleep.

I didn't teach you how to be rather hard to its rights and I was thinking that I don't play that garbage that you diving not baptized by water. I died anything like that but I think I have to I have to answer the question. I know you don't have time for. I really and I got the doctrine of election night on a national because I believe it or not own theology I have to ask you, and abort the baby or something.

I that I did God not hold that salvation.

All I need because I hadn't done anything wrong. At that point I will use a thing right up nice and he lived about a half-hour drive and I believe I am in heaven.

Thank you.

Baptized into as I believe it is a baptism not for salvation with the Lutheran because I believe it only as a collection times assigned as a seal semicircle's unless you disagree, okay, but any rate, I set on the dinette hill, that's just me. So not because of baptism. I believe I'll see him but I just because I believe that he was go to heaven. Why, I'm not sure why, if any, babies go to hell then is because they belong there. If all babies go to heaven and that's what's right and I don't know how to write and I talked about like like they wish anything I I I Jacob and I saw so right. That is not anything I've done right. Yes, it was 939 and so God's election is not based on any foreseen quality in them and they were chosen in our room before the foundation of the world actually fuses 14, and five talks about this gets into how well election is to be chosen to be predestined to be saved okay right right in the context of individuals so this is really complicated. It is so many other, that's okay, but I deal with them and I think about them and I talked about them over the years many many times. So what will Sigma babies if any go to heaven because God is merciful. If any go to hell because God is just that you know and I don't know I probably will seem like my son in heaven and I hope I see you all babies that have been killed in the womb and and something is not that I should not ask why I everybody why that's right question begging.

After I thank God bless.

Okay, alright, let's get to Joe from Australia to take the calls outside the country will move you from the line. Joe could be on the air.

Yes, I can hear you hello I let I hear you, you love" for your ministry. I'll bring a few times before and from buying a question but a new treatment church meant to look like good news is below 40 New Testament church is supposed to be one where the apostles were the elders rule and where Jesus is the centrality of the work and the ministries are supposed to be living for Christ and witnessing for Christ and being missionary in minded are just some of the aspects when the pastors are not not allowed in the in the church which is not physician know homosexuality being supported in the church except to say that you homosexuals are welcome but they can hold offices Things like this and so the New Testament church, but I've seen and read his evangelistic is dedicated to Jesus's sacrificial is missionary minded that teaches Christ and him crucified and sticks to doctrine and deals with the issues in the culture and opposes them, but does so in a peaceful loving way, seeks to change the world to the conversion of everyone that's with the New Testament churches Okay about their work going. The appeal is like a caricature of an authority line on the great commission's authority passing down authority that we are asking your luck Eric. Eric Fitzroy could be proposed know you end up in the church. The ideas comes from within Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox when they're elevating the church church to place Christ so church has to have the authority to church as way of life.

It has all the authority break management hold do not call a folksy right back up his messages. Mats like why call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg got what I said.

My mom and recently I'm kind of an interest in about three years of my life to learn that the stair climber thanked the but I mom is actually a lesbian and is really hard for me to come to terms with that shared the house and I can recognize her standing on everything her with my kids. Three. Stanley is that wondering what I need to hear what I said you to protect my kids again. Her nature, and what I should do for myself what I would do is I would lovingly respectfully tell her consider side this time he lover to be there for no but the issue of the lesbianism with children is absolutely unequivocally not allowed. If she if she ever to watch him she cannot promote it, and that if she does, even once, then all communication with the children basically will be cut off, unless under strict supervision and tell her that and says not because you don't love her but because your commitment is to Christ over her sexual preferences. You must write your Lord and just, you know, but stayed in a loving way because you eat no honor your mom know and time that I attend trying to do without the hard part is like I can see that she has been in the mentor spirit than ours, and I do not want that method with my family and how it messed up my child LC so she's in the billing against God. There is issue of doors open for the Colton spiritual things by her presence. Depending on your attitude and practices and it gets a little scared to say it but I'm not saying it she's all weird and waxen demonic blessing at this think she might be you know if you need mom but you just know you married right in and talk about it and make sure that your wife and you on the same page and or to certain things that you have to stand your ground on you put Jesus and I were your mother. He's before your lawyer better 70) I always wanted what to say that my mom and dad were that they felt both passed away.

There were interesting and to say that they were perfect and there were more than one occasion when I had to dress down a parent you both and I'm not boasting, and then I'm not taking pleasure in that but it would came to this with the word of God says, and here's how working to be in this house, and ABC is not permitted.

Read and they respected and I believe it & leg redeemed, but it's it's it's awesome yeah that is what I do so much further than that. I really appreciate it when you welcome. Hope it works okay for God, but the goblins alright, let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome. I don't what she had met some goblet to my question is about going to the Scripture in this document of mine will couple days ago and in order to see what you can answer will not converse. 10 and 11 with written context. Look at the beginning but you know that the pewter start and tells our chapter 18 of John and not pick up assorted Guys Here and Verse 11.

You Tell Them to Put It Back and That She Won't Because about Did I Not Drink the Cup That the Father Had Given Me. And so My Question Was What It Said That in Order Just Been Just Trying to Chop up People at the and Would Be with the People Try to Try to Kill You That the Very Moment When It Was Time to Die.

Well, Whatever You Make That Day You G.I. Question, Mine Right Well Again. He Was Carrying Concealed Weapons Speak It Really Wasn't Because I Carried on Your Hips so He Was Open. In Jesus, and Jesus Did Not Review Conforti Had Disorder to Begin with, or Could Have Been. That Was a Packers like That Because I've Been to the Area Where the When They Were When the People Came to Get Jesus. I Was There in Israel and You See the People Coming so Taken 1015 20 Minutes for Them to Walk to the Valley to Get to Where Jesus Was. So It Would Had Taught Peter Would've Had Time to Go Get a Weapon or Two on Sheet Once the Possibilities Are. But When You Talk about Their Differences Is You Don't Don't Hinder the Atoning Work. That's What It Ultimately Comes down for and so It Wasn't His Time There, and That's It She's Resisting, Put Away without Thinking to Weld Very Well Written, Saying, Also without the Word, but Just Put It Away.

I Got Got Got a Control We Have It under Control Say Say That Because Nothing yet Not Had to Think like That. It Seemed like It Was That Area. On the Way That They Thought but That's Really Well but He Says Put the Sword into the Sheath. The Cup Which the Father Has Given Me Shall Not Drink It.

He's Talking to Peter, a St. Peter Shall I Not Do with the Father Has Me Do, Which Is Go to the Cross Because What Peter Was Trying to Do Was Prevent Jesus from Being Taken and Being Tried in a New Peter Knew That She Disliked Was in Trouble Risk so You Stocking This Try to Stop Vanessa Disabled He Said to Him Because He Was Inadvertently Working and I'm Still Another Father That That's What the Issue Is That He Rebuked Them. Earlier I Get behind Me Right If Peter Is the Kind of Guy That's Ready Fire Aim, No Fire Aim Is That I Am Not Ready Aim Fire with Fire, Aim. So like I Got When We Got the Colors Waiting with a College Way I Was Jacked up so We Got a Right Okay but I Think Our Event Goblins. Okay, Let's Get to Roger from North Carolina. Roger Welcome Your Here You Know Today by Michelle You Are Smart Man Good Solid Man Got a Question for You As You Become Very Dear to Me, Just Light on a Run Last Couple Blogs I've Been Studying Organs of the Bible Real Hard. They Were Translated around Their Ones Came about and I Got on the Whole Thing Gangs Only Movement Did A Lot Of Reading and Studying Watch Seminars and Positive Thing Gangs Gangs Only Movement Is Greatly Blessed.or Were Basically Heretics and All the Translations.

Their Stock Boards Was Bad Afterwards Because All Roger Cagle Is a Logical Fallacy You Talk about so Analogy Is a Pedophile Taught Me Trigonometry so Therefore Trigonometry Can Be Trusted, and That's the Kind of Logical Error That You're Using Wescott and Horton Were to Say They Said Were Unbelievers, so Therefore He Can't Trust Her Translation. Not Necessarily. You Could Have an Atheist World-Class Expert Translating Greek into English Do a Better Job Than a Christian Who Has a Theological Ax to Grind. When You Translate so We Have To Be Careful of of the Was Called the Genetic Fallacy. The Source Is Bad or Good.

Therefore, the Informational Conclusion Is As Bad or Good Is Called the Genetic Fallacy of Genesis Beginning, so That's Not a Good Argument on Their Part with a Have To Do to Make the Case Is They Need to Go to Other Other Ways of Demonstrating That the Texts in the Manuscript. Trees Are Accurate or Not Accurate and with Particular Nuances of Variations between Those Are Important and I'll Tell You I Am Not Studied up on This.

We Do Have a Section on Carmen King James Only As Written by Luke Wayne People Get Him on the Air Sometime and She Can't Even Call Landon and He Can Just Answer Some King James Only Question That Idea Talked about Getting on the Air Next Week Sometime. We Discussed Promoted As the First Half-Hour Supply For Entry Question of King James Because He Sees You He Studies It Is Written Numerous Articles on It and I'm Looking at It Now and There Are People Tell You Something in the Range of the Lust of so Limited That You Know of. I Think It Would Do That This Come up Lately A Few Times so the Committee That the King James Is a Great Bible but Is Not Perfect. You Want to Bet Translation Go to the NASB or the ESV the Issue Here Becomes with the Manuscript Trees and Which Ones Are More Accurate As a the Is the Criteria That Are Used To Get to the Place of the Original Documents and It's a Serious Issue to Undertake, and It Takes Some Scholars in the Area Is Called Historicity. I Just Not Say That All That In-Depth and Bright, Okay.Well My Pastor ASP Guy Smart Music, Good Doctor and I Don't so I Can Help You Please Tell Her Deeper Self Leaving You Know Your Baby and I Want to See Where You Stood by Me and I Appreciate Welcome Goblins around Five Okay Let's Get This Longest Overweight Person Gavin from Cleveland, Ohio. Gavin Welcome You on the Air.

We Got Done. It's Going to Get about Two Minutes so We Got Right, but Old Hunter Stomach Live for My Friend about the Knowledge I like Naomi and We Got There We Believe in One Now the Trinity the Questionnaire. God Is. I Have a Triangle There and I Tried It That Time. 3.1 Triangle the Family I Got It on One Thing. Believing That the Analytics at Their Five-year-old to Five-year-old Okay Good Yeah I Would Say That the Next for Five Yeah Yeah Because Analogies Have To Be Age Appropriate and As His Mind Mature Versus Conceptual Ability Increases You Get into the Idea of Time and Matter and Things like This, but I Think Is Age-Appropriate Death and Big Deal. Another Life Is Triangle and a Good One for That CD Understands the Issue of Time past, Present, Future. They're All the Same Thing.

The Time Just Kind of Variations of That Has a Problem If You Do That Oneness so You Have a Age-Appropriate Triangle and Rise Hey Alan California Call Back Tomorrow Call Back Monday Was a Boarding Every Weekend

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