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October 7, 2020 9:00 am

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October 7, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do all the names in the Bible help me know Jesus better---2- Is it a sin for not taking communion---3- The atheist whom Matt is scheduled to debate on 10-03, called to discuss points from the 10-01 debate, which was also with an atheist.--4- What does it mean to be created in God's image---5- Is it always appropriate to tithe always 10-- Is it ever ok to tithe less-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online car you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why calls are responding to your questions and Matt's leg out there three minutes look mats would live a bit of a head cold working from book to Dr. sits on the boat bubonic when he left the office. I don't when I went outside her lecture often is gone, with the hope was not too bad, you may call all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 we have for lunch.

Let's see this little you just let you know reminder that we have three online schools of your check amount 877 some things going on your check and mentally good CAR Elm.O RG on the right-hand side of the page you will see the link from school truly easy check amounts but you don't and are going to watch the show. Not a big deal but you can and there's a on the right-hand side for Facebook and YouTube people who participates right number 20 people in 22 to about 7200, 200 sometimes and watching and chatting, and there usually do. If you want to get excited, okay for the lines 87720722761 just jump on the phone. Let's get to John from North Carolina, John, welcome your on-air better by all those named Bible. I can't come out then probably will remember.

Yes, I does help a lot of people don't realize at the names in the Bible are significance so do we do I relate crying like the idea to people so they can understand really what is happening is is to think of of American Indian names like was running there. Okay, always playing over there with hopping school whatever names might be the same kind of thing with the names in the Bible.

Mary means bitter Matthew means gift of God, things like that and so the names are significant and so when we look at the names of, for example, the genealogy of Christ.

You see, the names carry certain theological meanings have done that a book of each name I forget what genealogy I did with either Mary's or Joseph's Anda found was Mary. I think it was any written and was really adjusting to see all the names that were associated God is with us and things like that. So for example if you go to Genesis chapter 5, you will see a genealogy between Adam and Noah don't type so the excellence will be excellent.

While their names Adam and no one those alone on my land and stuff like that we take them names equipment English translation sentence from Genesis 5. This genealogy applicable it is, is in some of those in there to get this it is appointed mortal men, sorrow, the blessed God will come down when he dies it will come bringing despairing hope or rest soul is dangerous not just for significant names or long it will online number five there are oh so many name and how that is a lot of well I'm not gone through and check every single one of them, but you know numbers and Chronicles his genealogy is one of the reasons that's important is because you and make sure they want to make sure who their hatred. Parentage is from what line it was just important in the culture is not so important here in our culture in America with minor you from all just you working mechanic.

Okay, back then that country that time.

Like a lot of countries, your lineage was very important. It designated who you were. What you're allowed to do what you want allowed to do and and things like that. Names of report number talk to a guy from Africa and he told me that the names in this one village where he grew up names were geographically located because he didn't have roads and have Internet. Have you found that if you somehow got lost. Some would ask you your name and your name told them where to point you geographically might be red hills. No River run diagonal blue sky thing all that's over there and so they could point and that is just interesting thing about names so I don't know on anything know just don't know. Except for like a minute up means my kinsman is noble Mexican numbers to verse three and Nathan means to give, let's see some of the ones here chief of is not the point. Anyway, nothing happens just a number. Some numberless significant sometimes are not okay. I know I'll probably never be able to still important matter what they may not names important in different ways possible. Luckily I've got computer program because I have trouble and integrate what about anything lost in translation a group to gain game to NAS.

I thought maybe it yes yes all with any language translated to language, there's always Mobile loss of someway somehow some bit of information. So if we were to look at the Indian analogy, where is running bear in their language, they would say running bear, for example. Well, that word might sound something like I have, of course no idea that it might be Shinto, right week we would just I sent over there but to them it means running bear. So if if they were is just translated as Shinto week we would lose it do that research made up that word of the smartest get the point of my last question I had you answered it. I did that. Hope that helps. Thanks. You like to all things that he thought if you want to give McCall we have four wide open lines normally or do dialing 772072276 also just want to let you know that we do stay on-air by your support. If you are's inclined you want to help us out in all you do is just go to and you can set something up for the I like the idea five dollars a month is not much and if we just have a few hundred people who do that we can meet the bills. But to say that summer is a tough time and the covert a tough time for boarding and I'm not begging or pleading just informing if you want to help out.

That would be great all right 877-207-2276 Kim from the rural Hall North Carolina welcome if you don't take alumni thinking of right now, and I'm not in sinful rent. There would question the question you see is a sin not to take it you are you asking is it a sin to refuse taking it. Permanently. And I would be yes because Jesus commanded that we do it and if we disobey Christ we are in sin, you take every second right and there's no requirement to do it every time you meet in church and have a service essay goes off as you gather do this and I think that's a good admonition that the community ever should be participated in more regularly than say once a month, at lunch or just okay are you there okay thank you God bless you.

All right hey I was in a debate last night. The other color waiting here and say if it if you listen to the debate it was in last night was an atheist. McCall in your talk about that. Let me know only debate tomorrow with an eight letter atheist. But last night was a polite conversation was on apologetics and I believe that I dismantle disguise position about morality. He will he's what you want to talk on morality. He said morality is based on the objective principle of the reduction of harm, and let's just say that I enjoy the conversation in my opinion, the gentleman could not defend his position as being the right one essence of difficult questions which you stumbled a little more information.

But if anybody was out there and you heard that on either side to agree, disagree, you can call up and say this is what I saw is what I think and we can talk about the 877-207-2276 look at the map from Los Angeles met your on my dating. Oh really unbidden, but he knew how okay we debating on the rating is Christian Andrew that that's right yet vital that I think you did mention yesterday. Morality did you find did you by chance or the discussion from last night. I would suggest you you listen to that. So you can become a little more of informed about the nature of objective actualities and transcendent abstractions that deal with the issue of universals on why something is or is not applicable to more than one person at a time.

If you develop a moral system you have to have one that is applicable to all people, and it can't be subjective. Otherwise, it's meaningless how will you understand it's just that this is the gold of your you're saying we ought to do and why, ought we why is that the proper moral standard. As a Christian I can give you the reason why we often treat people better, but you can't, as a as an atheist I defend the position as a universal principle.

I weigh you the first one is the breakup music K and that you will have the something I think about the problem of the is off.

What is the is ought bridge would have to get into right back okay for the monthly McCall 877207276577077 charismatic slave back of the show. 276 Matt from LA still there. I you a reason why we cannot word object in the nature of your difficult understand.

Are you on a speakerphone yet that if you often applicants a little bit tough to follow your reasoning, but nevertheless the is ought problem is why something that is leads to an ought deontological issue related to ontology so certain ontological phenomena ontological thing wiser deontological connection to.

That's the problem that atheists and if you go that way I get to go to concert Alec Caradoc care. A categorical imperative.

Now I'm not all K-1/host your utilitarian consequentialist amounts to the materialistic radio yet.

I am so your arbitrary okay now yet is that the ventilation might well be well here is a question is well-being of the practice increase of well-being. Good yet is good. What increases our well-being, not how it fine that it affect yet. So what's good is his blue and blue is good and noble is good because good is blue the works you just how the point is you just defining a certain way and using the definition is the right definition would not justify the definitions right one is the problem with this guy just out from your having here all by lightning while being there a lot of reason given that they wanted and is it logically possible for experience to be either good or bad evolution to apportion good experiences on to think increase was something so what is good is what increases our fitness so push-ups are good now know that that the bank to clarify what my argument, not that I think increase rather at that red carpet evolution.

You will expect get well be to get better. Good thing that increase art are likely to happen on our team will be getting on for our games become more likely to have energy we get well-being on putting down our team.

So then passing down her jeans is good now. You said so you said it's good wit, which enables us to the past of her jeans right now, you're missing the point. Point is not that it it because it allowed the better the point it to the extent that it logically possible that any experience could affect the product of evolution to produce that are objectively good on Archean to define what good is not yeah good. I think it not a myth with moral desirable find nonsense and if you can't define what is the guy last night. I asked him what well-being is he had trouble defining it will note that will bring is right standard you good is itself together well.

You can find good you know you say things are good what is good to find good in the middle, or definite has to apply to all the situations and stuff that you're using this principle you have a transcendent definition of good go to Google loyally.

Wait a minute, so that what is morally right so you were just defining it good is what Smiley writes was morally right is good so it circulars the colleges disprove anything. I think that morally right experience that are rationally rationally desires. Now you have moral set upon rationality so your constant a categorical imperative in the rational obligation as far as saying is that clarify what my point is not on categorical imperative well-being is getting it at the national agent desire has been so good is based upon the subject desire, I get it now get is this desire use desirable not based on objective.

The direct way but I really do not look at this is not but he said is based on their desire, but not a subject desire is are the no desire transcendent abstraction of desire out there. You come in contact with. There are things that are objectively desirable well (like we more desirable you have a nice meal. Then he burned alive while it might be desirable is morally right or wrong your shoes and with morality, not will be like or don't like fighting morality on anything that would allow them so morality is several morality is synonymous with producing what is desirable okay snatcher with your statement that your theatrics can you prove the thesis to become erect that route out why something that thing so that which is you said I think that morality is that which is the desirable okay so then those words you're saying that the morale is based upon your subjective preference.

No, not my objective I hire you say I think that's your opinion you're saying. Morale is the base of his life modifying the eye modifying cannot be the desirability I wouldn't ask you morality you is is is our moral principle is moral principle is an abstraction.

Don't Liza is an abstraction right you don't find the principle underneath the rock you'll freeze it sews an abstraction that occurs in the mind. Yeah, I think I think moral principles are okay so they come to mind. So am I obligated to follow any particular moral principle. Like say for example you shall not murder to follow that the true principle that an applicant like Garth on exception like that. I murder. Okay son likes it out and hope will be the stuff I let it's not murder for something that murder is unjustified killing another person so so you would agree, but if there's a problem we get going here, but I'm the one you okay if you want to be like this tomorrow you need to do a lot of serious studying before the because give you a hint.

I suggest you watch the discussion I had with this guy last night what you're saying is that if there is a moral principle that we got with your to your hearing and I'm hearing that it's a moral principle.

That's an abstraction that people have to obtain you're saying that there is a universal moral principle out there, which is an abstraction which can't define or defend the snake problem to the email contact on details. Okay tomorrow, right after his messages.

I call 77077.

Here is Matt's joy that will be bit of debate is the kind of stuff I do on the weekends for fun and so have fun doing that, but usually during a debate like that.

What I do is principle is listing of ethers, a principal it's called the rope principle the rope principle you let them talk. I think the rope and out of the little diffuse worldview doesn't work let's get to that one North Carolina you're here in our good Matt. Three matsuri. You mean the previous guy. So to government. What's up want to all of them. Think about what exactly you would be by godly where credit theologically God has was called incommunicable and communicable attributes. So I'll explain what this means, and then I'll explain it all get so which communicable and non-communicable or will say is incommunicable so incommunicable attributes are the attributes of long to God and they cannot be communicated to us as creatures. That means is, for example, God is all-knowing, that cannot be communicated to us in the sense of what it means theologically as it cannot become something we share and we don't share in his all-knowing, we don't know everything God is everywhere all the time. We are not everywhere all the time so we cannot share in the incommunicable attributes that the attributes that belong to God's nature and essence alone and we can share in his omniscience, his omnipotence is on omnipresence things like that. His Asea to see a T means the document that God is eternal without beginning without end and he is noncontingent we are contingent.

We depend on him and so we don't participate in his the attributes the incommunicable left a bit of a society where the communicable attributes. Well, he loves.

We love he hates.

We hate she can reason we can reason. He can show mercy, we can show mercy. So there are attributes that he has that could be communicated to us or call the communicable attributes that since were made in the image of God. It means that the communicable attributes of him are communicated to us in our nature.

And so this is how we derive our personhood, our culpability or our responsibility morally and the like because we are made in his image. In other words, certain attributes of belong to him can be communicated make part of what we are love, recent self-awareness, thinking, rationality, mercy, etc. blurry go, but I don't know what a lot of work to do.

I really like a lot of the will no problem in that exit is a good question to and just it comes to understanding this, the theology of the communicable incommunicable attributes of God how their plight to us and what we must not God loves perfectly bloated. I don't know what he thinks really we don't, we can share just attributes.

In that sense, your mate is image and incidentally incidentally because were made in his image. Therefore, because of it. All human beings of the single race called human are made in his image and therefore all people are worthy of respect and honor.

That's how it works.

That's with the image of God leads to this is why slavery in this. The chattel sense should never have been allowed another voluntary self and indentured senses that's okay by your own words and commitment with this is why we should never judge anybody by their gender or their color or their size or anything and say this is so that now I think about this. What the silk secularists do is they pervert certain attributes of humanity.

Like for example gender orientation and so if you identify as noble as is an American Indian lesbian, transgendered, reptilian alien in a female body who looks at a guy will then you know you can do that and so therefore you can only disrespect based on this because it's not respect based upon the image of God. It's with a desire and with a demand is respect and acceptance based on their perversion. The perversion of the image of God.

So what they're doing is perverting it when we realize what it means he may limited God. We can then ascertain what is proper, so to speak.

Orientation was proper behavior, belief and things like that and because the world is abandoned. The truth of who God is.

Then, as object or just 2125 says everyone did what was right in their own eyes, and when that happens, nations fall and that's exactly what's happening here in America is that everyone is doing what's right and alone is not in the eyes of God. Based in the face of God and they say that they themselves are the ones who will decide what is moral to get the hypocrites who say one thing and do another and then condemn us when we cling to your hypocrite and they say no.

I was set up one wacko losers. Okay W RNA. God bless. Okay.

All right. Let's get to excellence.

We use Arielle from Durham, North Carolina.

Luckily on the hay hello not so my question to get that done, or is about tithing where I'm trying to figure out an appropriate way again like in my situation and I'm also trying to say and catch up on my debt and things like that.

Is it appropriate for me to handle bad, much committed billing fell and pay when I can on my thigh that they have to be if you are a Christian you have died with Christ. Romans 66 Romans 6871, died in Christ is free from the law of Romans 74.

You're not obligated to tie it is no law that said you okay you don't have to wear a lot to tell people is your free to tie so you have Bill's route and what I would suggest you not yet built pay them and if you can take a little bit out swing that could make a difference. You know you're in the bills the long run. Take a little bit out and give it you don't help somebody or to the church were not talking you did it not be 10% to 2250 or you can do 1%. But the issue is that your freezer under that legal obligation of the Old Testament law to do that but I will say that that bad Roman economic 66 Romans 68 okay what Romans six success knowingness that our old self was crucified with him and 68 we have died with Christ, so we've died with Christ, were crucified with Christ. Romans 74 therefore you my brother, and you were also made to die to the law through the body of Christ.

So we've died to the law and if we've died. The law has no no more has jurisdiction over us. That's what Romans 71 through forced okay. Not all has jurisdiction over a person as long as you lived on the question then becomes, are we obligated to tie in the New Testament sense and its language. Seven mentions tithing, but it's recording in the Old Testament occurrence and so we look at the issue of tithing, you really don't see too much of it except in the Gospels, when, for example, Luke 18 for receipt since I picked types twice a week, etc. so what I tell people is is an attitude difference in the law.

Your hand is forced to tie in the Christian thought, the heart is free to tie okay and being obligated. The heart is free so I'm not saying if you really are free in Christ to type you have to decide between you and God. What you can can't afford what you can do but then there's the issue also sometimes just trusting God where you tie and you say you know I need to pay 50 of identity $50 above get this bill paid off, take 25 that 15 and tied or however is and say Lord I just trusted you and in fact is a verse I needed to the find of the tribe memorize location keep going to hold on a break every beautiful verse of the relation is right back folks after messages that I call 77077 Robert welcome back to the show. There all right. So here's this verse was easy for me to find memorize as were those verses I for some reason I just have trouble remembering the exact address but it's first Chronicles 2914 I love this. The people are building the tabernacle of the screw, the temple of God. This is a verse with whom I and who are my people, that we should be able to offer as generously as this for all things come from you and from your hand. We have given next month from your hand God we get back to me. That speaks just so well see from your hand. We get back to you.

And that's with realize is what we have is given to us by God and we, in and of loving moral sense are obligated to give back to God. And this because it's showing appreciation. See love is forced it's free and this is why say to people not your appetite, not obligated to type your free time you're free so that I would suggest is that you will be on your knees is talk to God and and find out just pray and seek some councils.

What would you have me do more in this situation not obligated to free now that I know I don't give any money to you have to pay my bills so I have an opportunity here to trust you and think of it that way and then before and sometimes I'll tell you something I was younger. We didn't have much money. It was diapers or tithing. And a lot of times when I write and it's okay. You know it's okay because sometimes you just don't have it. But remember the woman on the other hand, the Old Testament, who gave two little minors. I think it was a little bits and she was blessed to give the look of the least it's a kind of a catchy thing I can say in one hand, don't worry about it. Don't do it under him. But if you trust him. You will see and how marsh will not fit all when I get back they'll have to figure out what my yeah and we just tell you that by telling you this stuff, I kinda make myself feel better about some stuff I hurt myself. You guys are going. Oh so you think you felt like a birthday or an tobacco clinic 14 and you just free and got stuck in a spank you punish you okay okay I think. Okay God bless Liz dear yell and let's leave this waiting is Jeremy from California generally welcoming on the air primary care me is again to quick question. By the way love your show. The person you think atheism is a matter of the intellect and the heart and the second question is what are your areas of disagreement with method and or the Methodist Church.

Atheism is an issue. The heart of the fallen heart of the depravity of man results and people denying God. The truth of who God is.

They suppress the truth of God in their unrighteousness.

It's both an issue of the noetic effect of sin.

The Greek not lost mind effectiveness in the mind the noetic effect as well as the issue of the heart and the willingness to submit to the true living God, a desire not to the one you got. So yeah Stephanie that and 42nd question about Methodism. Where do you agree with Matt about this church, the United Methodist Church is a liberal denomination that ordains women, which is bad and promotes homosexuality with a store such that there's some other Methodist groups which are in my view a little bit too Arminian and to free realistic in that they it's all about man's free will. Man's freedom and if I were to sit down and ask questions about that from a biblical perspective with some serious Methodist people who hold to was called libertarian free will. Then problems arise and I don't know what questions and to know what issues Teresa about that biblical perspective so there's a scope of variations within certain Methodist groups and Methodism contradicted the method of preaching and teaching and evangelizing things like that usually a good start. Generally speaking, and as time goes on. Things get worse just like my own denomination was a pastor in the church in America I've heard now are starting to move a little more liberal. So you know it happens okay.

Thank you. My only two questions I can think of. I appreciate you killing me and I love your show and I appreciate everything you do will praise God.

And may God be glorified. All right.

Thank you you to become less rights… You have for the lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Gavin from Cleveland Gavin welcoming on here.

I do not arrive in anybody we got. What questions are you a check on any of the update know I not not at all. I would like to think of something at a different check out come out now like I will get where log off anything yet, but check allotment that you get your take on it. There start do you like brother man all day. You might yet tingly asleep, because Romans 518 but if anything will stem Allstate with the on yeah I know will stay with the 95 version of the NASB, if is currently in a strike that. Yeah, I believe the SV is very good is just that is in the NASB for so long and I prefer to literalness but if the becoming political correct number back down there again. I I've been their headquarters in Le Havre, California I would go in there and politely rebuke them for their political yeah I figured in a debate that is correct that I like Mary no name on the nature of the tome support limited atonement. He's going to work against it and I will varies versus I've a very good argument for limited atonement.

I don't believe that all to say this right now. I believe in the tome is so strong and so biblical that I did honestly believe that a user to simply wrong biblically, but I don't say that if you don't hold you.

I wouldn't say that people are condemned her heritage.

I thought of for quite a while and debate. Yeah, I've got no reply. Thank you you I know Sam was known for a while and justifying certain things that a tooth I do know a lot about him his history and submissions is gone through and so I give a lot of grace but his brilliance. A brilliant apologist when it comes to Islam. I made seriously.

He moderated debate I had with the guy in the system against Islam to smuggle in us the Seattle Washington area and Q&A sometime afterward or something… You mean. I had no clue what this guy was talking about and stamp. Shimon knew the page and the reference of the quote.

It was just to make many similar fourth at 7 PM my time which is 9 PM Eastern time. This could be on YouTube. I forgot exactly let's see on my calendar.

The guy is listening to calming myself.

It's on somebody. It was set up and this could be interesting.

A lot of people looking forward to it and I've heard some things about Sam moving towards Catholicism. I talking about it. He said he's not like that. It was well that who knows who knows debate have a lot of respect for him. Guy if he's moving towards Catholicism that would not be a good thing because I will say I write is good, but any questions that I would waiting okay right will see out of left okay will be have noted waiting in the call got about three minutes left the show 877-207-2276 now on taken off of the issue of the apostasy of people moving towards Catholicism is a generic thing in this exceptional is not whatever. Just as his principal moving towards Catholicism and the apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church.

The false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church reason I say this is the church is not a true Christian church okay and when I said I'd I don't mean to say that I mean about that or I was injured by Roman Catholics or have a some vendetta against them is not know just check with a stake in Scripture that's all. So here's a list of some of the things Roman Catholic Church teaches go through quickly because almost what we are shown the Catholic Church is the one true church, the Catholic Church is infallible. Only the Roman Catholic Church has authority to interpret Scripture. The Pope is the head of the church and has the authority of Christ. The Roman Catholic Church is necessary for salvation. Sacred tradition. Their sacred tradition is equal to Scripture reading from a list I have on car on Arnott list of the false doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church you go check it out and is fully documented okay will continue forgiveness of sins, but a friend.

Salvation is by faith and works. That's a false gospel rector the full benefit of salvation is only through the Roman Catholic Church. Grace can be merited. The merit of Mary and the Saints could be applied to Catholics and to others. Attendance is necessary for salvation through the doctrine of purgatory. The doctrine of indulgences money in certain things get you less time punishment in the afterlife. Mary under so many false talking about Mary. She stood media tricks sees the benefactor trick she helps of the coeternal Co., atoning one she she's the best way to look at concern the church there looked to her than anyone else. Things like that of prayer to St. so you can pray to saints. Apparently the saints and Catholicism can hear you and all over the place a different language. Different times little little semi gods and goddesses. It's it's amazing the communion elements become the actual body and blood of Christ.

This is on biblical even though Jesus is my body, my blood, he could not of violating the law, which commands people not say actually love you want, but there's a music going. The Lord bless you and by his grace falls back on the air on Monday. I hope you great

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