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September 30, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 30, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his recent debate with a Church of Christ member regarding whether baptism is necessary for salvation.--2- What is the best argument for knowing that the books we have in the Bible are the ones we are supposed to have---2- Are those in churches who deny the Trinity truly Christians---3- A caller shard the story of his blindness and how God is using his situation.--4- Are there any specific Christian resources for dealing with autism---5- What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit- In Acts 2-38, which type of baptism is Peter speaking of---6- Who are those raised from the dead in Matthew 27---7- Is it ok to celebrate the Sabbath in the Jewish sense---8- Do you have any advice for someone who is dying---9- What is meant by Jesus being God in the flesh---10- What does second death mean-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found you have questions about Bible doctrine. Slick why goals are responded to your questions and everyone I had a good weekend. Jerome God's grace got to be in a debate, but in fact, if you will watched it.

If you listen to it watching the comments, please feel free to call him and we discussed what we debated argument of Church of Christ going on is water baptism by immersion necessary for salvation on Saturday and it was to have is a polite guy and what he said to me what I was at your false teacher, in leading people to help and he is you don't know animosity mentors just on the summer talking with the right if you do teach the water baptized by immersion to go to heaven then I would say your false converts, leaving a false gospel solicited like the debate was about and I think it went well. I don't think you one. I don't believe that he may say the same thing about me.

There were two places that he really fumbled with and what a Muslim is 545 which works is the one who does not work but believes in him justifies and godly. His faith is credited as righteousness. I got him to admit that baptism is a work and what does not work doing work so would you do, he was stuck on that one came up with some pretty good exegetical and but really what got them was obvious was Colossians 214 and this verse, folks, this verse clusters 214. The killer verse is so so verse 13, having forgiven us all of our transgressions in verse 14 having canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees which was hostile to us, he took it out of the way, having nailed to the cross and I asked him I said was it the text say is when Jesus canceled the certificate of debt. The sin debt and he agreed it was a sin that said at the cross nice okay so you teach that we get baptized in water that's your send this canceled right they said yes. How can it be canceled on the cross and also be canceled that baptism is Catholic. The cross, it doesn't exist, but that this canceled is gone. I could be Catholic baptism and that one sink his boat was nibbled to to do that very well. So if anybody wants to call in and comments on both sides. You don't that's fine as a couple guys who said I got decimated, destroyed, couldn't handle anything etc. etc. and you're looking at that, but nevertheless will hear from you if you want to give me a call 877-2072 276-4920 McCall all right, let's get to Stanford New Jersey Stan here hi mining and caloric and I had a question basically how what would be your best argument for how we know for sure that you pick a book in our Bible are the one that God intended it to hats and that notebook were deleted pulled out the wrong reason the book of Enoch being one of what your best argument that God, the reason is because that's we have right now. Okay, we have no domestic does God know how to guard his word. I agree out I met other people that God has the ability to recall things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111 and he works through the church and people in history and he brought the cannon that we have into existence. The reason we know it's impossible to have is because it's the one we do have is what got her things we have something the Roman Catholic Church added seven books, 1946 okay okay I got less okay right let's sign me up for the lines.

If you want to be McCall folks 877-207-2276 and take a deep breath and I let's see let's see four of the lines I want to hear from you laptop it happens is the end of the show we get flooded so stride spread about early okay if you want talk about Saturday's debate. Please give me a call on that as well as get the Kyla from Los Angeles, welcome mat that people who are Christian that are under a monolithic type of church like Pentecostal why Mr. K Donnelly, deny the Trinity negatively thinking that is only just tell me back, and I'm not read it. If that didn't cry because they're not not read it right because they did not Trinity. I mean I'm not a paragraph of document back after that they were Christians though, wrong. Well it's not an easy one to answer and the selectů Targa possibilities. Okay, let's say there's an individual who doesn't know anything and goes into a yet Pentecostal churches are preaching Jesus and him crucified and receives Christ the Savior usually regenerated. Is it possible yeah that's possible and could you still be attending a oneness church, not knowing the truth is, has been exposed to and be saved. Answers will yeah now I believe eventually he will come out because the truth of God will find its way to present the truth so in that sense as a possible yeah that's possible what we do with those who would say the Trinity is not true. Yet they believe Jesus Christ is God in flesh will they can believe that. I believe that there are people in that level.

Who can be saved but just this could just speak just barely because the doctrine of the Trinity is not a requirement for salvation but leaving the deity of Christ is now.

They do affirm that they from his resurrection. All right, let's move a little bit further down the line. What you do with someone who openly deny the Trinity knowing what it is about a different story because people have different levels of responsibility. I believe that people can be saved in ignorance of the ringlet levels of ignorance and that God will gradually work with them and and bring to a place of truth, but certainly possible.

Also I think is technically addicted to Christians inside the oneness Pentecostal church for someone who would know what the Trinity is an continually to resist it back to me would be an evidence if you're not a Christian cannot regenerate. Furthermore, there are some docs on this line to connect because my debate. For example, of a gun Pentecostal guy came in into her after show room and we talked for a while and he you know he wasn't very knowledgeable in his own theology was naval answer difficult questions, but I was can ask him who was Jesus praying to God was praying to God that he wouldn't answer the question further than that which he did know was doing, but any rate, the thing is in oneness Pentecostal theology with the teaches that Jesus said, not my will but your will be done at suit two separate wills. If there are two separate wills, then doesn't apply to persons now logically it does, which there were logical necessity is to teach what is called form of Nestorianism in the body of Christ basically are two distinct natures with two persons each knickers is a person took two persons in one body. So the person of the flesh, the human was praying to the person of the Spirit of God, and that's person spirit of God was in heaven. Jesus was praying to know if a United Pentecostal is only one. This person would affirm that the new deny the true incarnation and so at that point we would say will cannot be Christian because they are teaching a damnable heresy. So when someone could've assessed her once people saved.

There are probably Christians in the oneness group but official oneness theology. If you believe that you can't be a true Christian make sense that and I will definitely make it okay thought that map but not really tell me tell you that they can give me a clearly because the doctrine of the Trinity. Yummy canal that states that they have yet salvation is either right and you can be that nothing in the Bible says you have the doctrines of the essentials of the Christian faith or bleeding resurrection. The deity of Christ, one God, salvation by grace through faith with the gospel lives. These are things I give you references no hold that brick on my website was the Bible say recon. I called his primary essentials because their actuals treatments.

For example, Jesus and Johnny. 24. Unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins. And he says in John 858 just a few verses later, before Abraham was, I am claiming to be God.

So unless you believe that you can't be true Christian right would nothing like that ever's is state of the Trinity, unless you believe the father-son Holy Spirit.

You cannot be saved is the say that, but we ought what I call the Trinity is a secondary essential. It's an essential of the faith properly define what Christianity is that I called a secondary in that it does not contain any place in the Scriptures, a proclamation that you must believe in a Trinitarian concept.

All like just like the virgin birth. You really can't defend the idea that Jesus is God in flesh. If you don't have a virgin birth. Will the virgin birth would be up to me and my understanding a secondary essential to the central doctrine, but a secondary nothing in the Scripture says you must believe in the virgin birth. Unless thou deny you if you don't believe in the virgin birth, death, then nothing like that. So I called a secondary because it's logically derivative and logically necessary to this is how I divide east of the essentials up in the primary, secondary to go to the website look up to him called Dr. Ingrid and I are going around a lot of Scriptures and references and explain nonlimiting. I know how does that, but I do it because of the necessity of entry. Questions like this so that more precise, so back on the original question official room official oneness Pentecostal theology is is not Christian and is damnable heresy and anyone who firms official oneness in the cost of theology, with full knowledge cannot call about her sister in Christ, normally speaking, better sisters in Christ like all right thank you Matt arrive sorry Maryville at not bad news but true news okay and it was all right. Okay, you got my record by a falsified, open lines wide open. No one's waiting let you give me a call 877-207-2276 interested in hearing some of the comments of people might have on the debate. If you want to call up about that. Let's see either the dates next month. Set up and let's see on the 24th of I'll be debating a guy named Sam Shimon on the doctrine of the extensive nature. The atoning work and then on Saturday of the third and maybe have a discussion having a discussion on with a bunch of atheists actually are not.

There's a venue called discord and I go on there and atheists asked me to come in the room, create room, discuss the so well hey we are fourth and Leslie McCall for the break. 877276 Matt Y. Call 770727. Here is Matt's way back we just the covert thing the economy shut out of her like people, but it's also hurt us, and we've lost some donors because of it.

That's okay if it happens to me just just ask for an appeal hearing or appeal to you. Would you be willing to consider signing up on a monthly donation for say five dollars a month maybe two dollars because it would really help us to help us to make budgets and help with the missionaries. So if that sounds doable.

All you gotta do is go to's a thing set up just record fine for some of the spine only needs a thousand people and doing that and we would be fine wouldn't have to worry about things so just let you guys know and it helps keep the radio show going as well because it does cost money here. All right, having said that, what you McCall for open lines 877-207-2276 Donald from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome hello Matt hello yes let her fine.

Okay. How did well. It may help to quickly get started and I want to write a lot anyway so it's okay okay out there go I don't want to blow it at first but I guess log will hit the okay was that you got it like that can't coconut that we know make lots of money men you written everything you if not through okay I'm totally glad I'm I've been away for five years.

No problem, I've adjusted to it.

We don'tů Suggesting my problem. My talent at the if not, you are blind. I'm totally blind. If Dr. me all the time. Do what happened said it was like five years ago would have it on think that that I've been blind all my life but sure okay so I am letting now go away. God meant for me to be blind because I now I feel a little, you know, I don't think that I think you meant me to my own in 1955 my mother cared me for six and half months he was in hospital for three weeks. We when she delivered me.

We feel misled had three units. The blood within three weeks.

Okay. And I was so weak that I couldn't. I'm not playing on. Laura Monday July dictate that came by Thursday and Monday I weighed 3 pounds.

3 ounces.

On Thursday I wait for it to pound the they fit me. I was born in Clinton.

I don't and they took me to Wilmington equipment incubator had nothing to do with me being bland is because the optic nerve and the hours that they okay, I'm not talking to just idea you have a question but don't go ahead. No, not really.

I made it but I believe that God would think that may be blandly think of it like it will got no yes no you didn't. God could have prevented it and I don't know why I'm here, but I would like to welcome the equipment incubator for sick week and brought me home and that had nothing to do with me being bland, told the put me to sleep on a Philip apparently left my time was out 91 and I was so weak that that mom had the call when the messed up because I could man bottle.

I couldn't. I couldn't drink soon as the mask is the God meant greater fear.

For some reason. Obviously know so you you've never seen. I will I say like okay here we go on, was it it didn't have any color I didn't like referencing light is so why do you think I was a God ordained that you be blind because they could have prevented may not think that it I'm not okay mama mama always blame it on herself without her phone off and not your fault. I don't if it all about what happened and I last night. I think God ordained me to be blind because he could have prevented it could have if they don't want big in my opinion and I write about what I don't argue with people about got God to do what they want to feel that way when he walked that they really can't, you say you know I can't. Don't tell me God above all things in Jesus boxes.

I went to heaven understand all that politics could efficiently link is as damaging people's lives, making them feel bad and not true Christians because if if you have blindness or sickness or death. This, whatever it might be you said in your life and you is a harm to a lot of people really well yet. Yeah, I can agree with that but then I don't know the Scripture, and it doesn't matter, but that but sometimes there somewhere. I meet with the family I'm in. I could look it up about a braille Bible but rather find and I got gametime but I'm not think that I was only at the flap in the habit of them and give it to me sometime thank The end of passion array of benefits. No, you know, my wife. She was born with something called Luis Dietz and it was even discovered until the 90s is in a condition that anybody could even label you know I know in the end she is one of the very few in the world that have and what I learned. I heard you talking on your credit cool I think your name, but you're not atop the total volume on the bottom of yeah that's true, and just average but I don't look at my home and got many of the girl might want you to log on. Don't have. I just can't understand it, but it would got me crying that in forever and ever never really you have asked burgers as brother and how you say that you and Emily understand it, you got all the problem with special lodging with the other people with the want to collect. I don't really understand it but hate don't really understand why you think. Glad I put a blindfold on your how you lock up a Democrat actually was under my early teens I did volunteer work at a blind organization and one of the things we did was so to go around blindfold on with a cane trying to navigate around the block and I get right got scolded.

I think admit that when I got like they think they like you. You were the thing like the right rehabilitation Center for the blind is basically what it was. I get you one in every caliphate, every state but Raleigh does have a rehabilitation center for the blind, and that's what they did to the think the teachers and instructors that the blindfold owner had like your pocket, look at this dear blind you see a lot of sighted people who are blind to lab you are and I'm have a coat you're valid. I'm afraid that it one of my fate, come build failure got what, might hold on I'm trying to get my get them on the 11th.

Something about the crap I'm trying to think about what one of them make that one of the most most things in Scripture that I gave the benefit of those who have not for me but yet I believe it's you can see there's a break, but you gotta go right now.

God bless. Okay I think you're going to go see McCall whatever lines 877-207-2276 McCall line mats like why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg right. Welcome back Joe everyone the hours you want to give McCall we have three open line 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Chris from California Chris how are you doing all right now and hanging in there where to go but so I had a question.

I'm trying to type of cognitive element development wanted to know know any report, thoughtful like you know his first artistic once, though I don't I've heard of a couple plays I guess health information and stuff like and check things out. Depending on the level of it. You may need specialists to help me. I'm a very high functioning autistic person.

When asked burgers not compensated by studying people and body language of the most part I do very very well but there are others who don't have the skill set to compensate my nephew.

We don't know what he has but you could easily label all autism he'll never be on his own and so this is a severe case, the fact I would enjoy bragging about it because some think David and the and I always challenge him to video games and I was brag that I'm going to destroy him and then he kills me in five seconds or less and then I was given excuse. You know why he beat me so was excuse and he loves that he loves that from his uncle but don't you to get a deceiving As it goes on about audit looks ridiculous, but any rate, so I just don't have any resources for you. I can tell you this though, that if you rocks is is a male probably right yet does he rock back and forth no okay other than rock okay does he touch things very much like it did better on a has it's been a very good, he could indicate with you know yeah you very, but you really understand other people you create on where you think carpentry on that particular thing or a note something like a pack memory will very art focused. What you doing I would recommend this time he'll do one thing at a time.

Just write out a series of points lock gospel cost with the law is various things about God and angled very very very very slowly. It will benefit you a great deal and that you going to have to learn how articulate some complicated things very simplistic way and it's always a good thing to so I thought I would suggest good.I think it's and you can go there and maybe to my resources just depends right so it's a wide variety of issues.

Autism is in its increasing is increasing yes it is and my screen hold on the screen because my Meyer, Rex video just died so I have to get going. I can't turn you off because it just went hold on them to get the window going back up one doing that. How old is this guy is about 21 okay there couple he's interested in learning with the Gospels, grown up in a Christian home, family, and up where the nuclear Michael.

I really want you to share the gospel. Learn I'm really concerned about him. Okay, if you know, I know the Scripture on on how God yeah allow God has his ways so maybe he'll use you right okay buddy thank you God bless, Chris all right it was Chris from California for the lines if you want to give McCall folks 877-207-2276 Susan from Tennessee Susan welcome hello are you down and I stray something really well. We got comfortable, new faith in everything, by share last or actually really felt led to desire to speak God's wisdom and come by pronto. My own because I justly think about stuff and I'm just when asked about how the Holy Spirit because I watched your watcher today this past weekend baptism and I do agree with you that on his own. Water baptism is a not very bright for salvation by right is not necessary, but I remember the moment.

Like I remembered our what I really only in God right and after realized that there was nothing I could do and I love myself ever make it right with God, a member how much it brought me down and then after that I remember Jesus and it felt like the Holy Spirit working for me and made me feel so joyous so loved and I guess my question. I'm not really good with theological terms but when that be a baptism in the Holy Spirit I get question would say yes like what about me like in acts 238 is repent and be baptized for that baby online. What that means but here's the thing. The context of their Xanax to his charismatic gifts and a lot of people don't understand that the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the charismatic movement and we know that for the next 1044 through 48. Because success and receive the Holy Spirit to give the Holy Spirit to been poured out upon the Gentiles because they were seeing them speak with tongues and glorifying God.

And so the baptism there is speaking in tongues and glorifying God doesn't say every individual speaking in tongues or of individual glorifying God. But it seems to be a pretty normal when the Holy Spirit comes upon you want to things you will do is to glorify the Lord trust in the Lord Jesus and you don't have it on. I'm sorry I'm running out of time bar member by God, and how changing of last year because I wasn't going to stop internal cards and all iconic and goddess broke that way. So she like I do it all out, you droid and good for you and I'll because God is more important than anything right now I'm still read through Genesis to Revelation down still got a baby so I don't know all the in out a big fan think arms tell you what I got. Have you been to my website can work.

I specially like after your made up like the first full day that ever watched like that will on, if you go there you can look at the Christianity section document section and you know I got to recommend that you read through a lot of the articles in the Christian doctrine section now always reticent to say something like that because hey, trust me I'm right believe whenever I write no I don't want that. I want you to to read the articles and check what I've written with the word of God. Just make sure that it's scriptural because that's what you're obligated to do and if you do something call me up and we can talk but you don't. I put a lot of stuff that I think that you can tell you how afraid I am accustomed Scripture anymore because I did it for so long. When I was in the tarot cards you like and scared me like looking back on how easy it is to do that to twist into the way you wanted to be sitting spectrally very nervous about you know they were like on a plane will you will learn the Holy Spirit will guide you and you can check what I say I seem slick you can trust me check what I say gets to work right is right. He'd read through the word check it and check it stay way from Mormon stay with the Jehovah's Witnesses stay with Lola Catholics stay way from churches that were united in them.

Stay way from the pastors and elders to stay with a lot of TV preachers because it's a lot of charlatans out there. I just read that word and I would suggest you go and check out what I read what I've written to my own horn is in the best I've been a very long time and check it out okay. God bless. Susan got a photo you feel the life you want to give McCall 77. We will be mad like why call 7707278772072276 okay so let's get to Kyle from Charleston, South Carolina Charles we know cut health welcome must oppose we got buddy, I like waiting you're holding on their on my part doctrine or anything argumentative might in Matthew 29 on the cross and it describes what to me sounds like body shrieking from the dead, and I've always been puzzled over that it'd actually I got Listening to.

I essentially died in states earlier and they died again later. Okay I like it would body they actually go back is the resurrection occurred and is mentioned in first is 15 also okay. The other one is it quick quick short question we found we yell radar cabinet on our I recall that we celebrate our worship and I guess traditionally because that's when leaders gather like a yes. In the first century, a mapping does it matter I got a very good friend of mine cabinet Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.

That's the way the messianic out of wants to, that's fine because the Bible just what you need to read Romans chapter 14 verses and you'll see one day.

Regards, one day above another one a one-man regards with regards everything alike. Let each man be fully convinced in his own mind. Okay, I'm sorry that I was 14 okay what a God blessed.

Okay, let's get to James from Illinois James hello Matt and me okay yes I can think to call back when you got mad. I've been very good here and I am a Christian but they told me I'll probably be gone by Christmas.

I was wondering if you had any more to the current device for somebody who is dying okay is not a question for all I can say is as if I was in the position. My hope and my trust would be my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that he would be with me during that time and that by his grace to use me to witness to others, even in that and not to give me that grace to do that that that's that's what I would be praying for. I have prayed over the years when my death comes if it's not unexpected. If I linger a while that God would allow me to be used to praise his name in the process that's what I would do that. I am a believer I tried to be strong and keep my family you know everything and now I feel at peace. You know when I was an assistant pastor at a church in Ontario, California, forget it. Went over to her house to the one who is dying and she was in her 90s and she was bedridden as a pastoral visit and I would spend some time with her and talked. Never forget what she said and she said she just wanted to hurry up and go hurry up and go be with the Lord. She was just looking forward to being with him. Jesus was way and I just forgot that she was smiling. She was joyous and that she just wanted to be with them to take me home Lord go right now and it took weeks and she I was little off and on for almost 6 months critical that I have all the medical appointments. I just all worn out now man if you can understand what I'm trying to say.

I do understand.

I think you be around longer but praise him through it because you're sending your treasures and if you do. Okay now I hope to see you in heaven. We will will will meet in heaven. All right, we will am I okay got lost all right for James that he needs prayer to Jan from Virginia Jan welcome your weekend. I'll be good I think.

I have never okay I would, it means is that in the person of Jesus two distinct natures.

The human nature and the divine nature. I so a way to illustrate its could be to have a small wooden box was a small wooden box with a hinge and a lid on it.

You can open closer you put things in their and so you put in there an apple and an orange and apple is not the same thing as an orange different to close the lid you'd say with in that box are two distinct fruit, and so we would say within the person of Jesus are two distinct natures. The divine nature and human nature.

And that's is what the Scriptures teach the Scriptures for that.

The Bible teaches. Well, what are our only chart will show how long will Scripture. And that's basically what I believe are just never called because there is said in Colossians 29 for in him. Jesus dwells all the fullness of deity that's got the quality of being God on the fullness of deity by bodily form and bodily form and largely filled with the Holy Spirit. The Trinity is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons, and the word became flesh and dwelt among us. The word which was with God and yet was God. John 11 became flesh and dwelt among us John 114 and so the Holy Spirit was upon Jesus at his baptism. Matthew three defendants okay thank you very much.

I have a 101, are not to be on hold all my games from Virginia J not thinking I might go okay alright let's get to Betty from Raleigh, North Carolina. Betty welcome you are on the year that I think when well the term second death is occurs in Revelation and the theirs debates among Christians and what it means.

Some think that the second death is the first death is when your newborn your beautiful in a fallen nature and the second death is the judgment and Eternal Darkness. Others Call the Second Death, the Annihilation, and I Reject That but Appears to Be the Second Death Is the Eternal Judgment of God upon the Final Destruction of the Final Movement of God. Okay, I'll Have My with What I'm Not That Long, Armageddon Will Begins a Different Thing and It Takes Place Here on Earth, but the Second Death Is the Lake of Fire. Okay so That's What It Is Because It Says in Revelation 21 Eight for the Cowardly and Unbelieving and Abominable, and Murderers and Immoral Persons and Sorcerers and Idolaters and All Liars, Their Part Will Be in the Lake That Burns with Fire and Brimstone's Which Is the Second Death. So the Second Death Is That Final Judgment Where People Are Cast into the Lake of Fire and There Is No Hope of Ever Escaping. That's What Jesus Taught. That's What He Taught the People out like It Universalists, and Annihilation Us Universal Saving Will Be Saved and Annihilation to Say That They Will and Will Not Be in Conscious Torment Forever. Do Not Exist Reject Both of Those Black Welcome Okay Guidelines Okay Will Fulfill Nobody Waiting Right Now and a Couple Three Minutes Left so the Me Just Tell You That We Could Use Your Support If You Are so Inclined. Five or $10 a Month Would Be Great so You Do Is Go to On the Right-Hand Side Is to Soothe the Donate Option and Not Begging Him Not Saying Hey You Know You Be Blessed If You Do This, I Would Say That You Might Not Be. This Is between You and God.

If You Feel like to Do That Then Is Liquids Let the People Know That We Do Have That Need.It's Been Tough on Everybody in the Economy. But If You Can Spare Five or Even $10 a Month. That Would Be Greatly Appreciated. It Does Help Us Keep on the Air, and over Trusting God That He Will Provide for What I Need to Be Provided for and You Know I'm Not the Kind of Guy Who's to Say That to Kill Some Emotional Plea, and That Your Seed Faith Here.

I Don't Believe in That for a Second.

This Is Something That If You Want to Do Because You You Value What the Lord Does through Me.

Then Please Consider That and If You Don't Then Don't Do It You Don't Have the Funds.

Don't Worry about Know If You Still Feel Are Able to Don't and You Want to. Don't Worry about It's Okay and That Reminds Me, We Have Three Online Schools, Want Geology, One on Apologetics and One on Critical Thinking and We Do Charge for Those You're Welcome to Sign up and Check Those out.

You Also Go to the Karma Homepage and You Will Find Them Very Easily Visible.

There, but I Also like to Say That If You Want Those Schools You Cannot Afford Them.

You Want Them. All You Have To Do Is Email Us at Info@Karma That Work and Just so You Want but You Can Afford and Looking to for Free When I Hear It Just to Make Money Where Her to Preach the Gospel. We Cook the Christians to Reach the Lost. That's What I Wanted to We Have To Pay the Bills and with Let the Body Christ Know Occasionally That Is the Case. As You Continue to Pray for the Furthering of the Gospel and Hopefully the Next Few Months.

You Never Know What Can Happen.

The Thing Is Are Going in Our Country with the so Many Things That Are Well Scary Any Rate, the Gospel of God Will Go Forth God. Praise God There's Music You Guys Get Outta Here, for the Lord Bless You and by His Grace Back on There Tomorrow I Will Talk to Them. Great

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