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September 24, 2020 9:00 am

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September 24, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can God redeem our mistakes---2- What is Isaiah 40-5 referring to---3- What is your interpretation of 2 Timothy 2-13---4- My daughter is going to marry a catholic. What should I do---5- Are prophetic dreams real- Do they happen today-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is thought a lot you have questions about Bible doctrine maps what glances call to respond to your questions at 877 Matt slick live up want to give me a call. We have five open lines wide open. All you do was garlic 772072276 so we are live and let me just make sure about this and that always have a couple of things to do right after the beginning of the show, you can watch us on Facebook if you want to participate in the chat room sometimes will tackle some of the questions in the chat room for the people and that we do occasionally get some obstreperous individuals and such is the case.

So for the woman this week who take upon herself to contact me and she wants the last word about everything cusses me out calls me all kinds of names and in the like. So you know that's life. That's what happens to be just good people and we get some not so good people for the show but if you want to call you to do is dial 877-207-2276. You can watch if you want by going to Facebook and just type in karma org CRM.oh RG that's for the Facebook things out a big deal if you want to watch like you and you feed through the income stream yard and are not paying for this advertisement was a good advertisement screen is a great little feature lets you feed single fee to Facebook to you two different accounts things like that and so I can do is I can see all the feeds come in the summation Kelly had over a thousand people watching at a time.

So that's a really good I'm hoping that some of the people who do this will do watch parties will be great all right let's see things going on talk to me already.

But hey there you go for the lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Laura from North Carolina, Laura Whelchel, God with you when we make mistakes is God come through forced answers and course. Yes, because we all make mistakes all the time and so God's not surprised by our mistakes of the biggest heretic.

He knows what he's doing and even our mistakes are within the ultimate plan of God and his permissive will or he permits us to mess up was to say, and we do not not not right, but my problem not about all our moral question about, I'm not sure what I Don't think there you all you do is pray and ask God to provide what you need trust and through the situation you have to do some abide by the covenant that you would agree to whatever you sign up you don't agree to work right of the department, so I don't know I say I don't know the rules out there know about that stuff, department cleanliness, the community that sounds a little strange to me but anyway no.well the solution is always there sometimes will we consider the solution isn't necessarily what God considers a solution. Sometimes God allows us to reap the consequences of our actions solution for God even though were asking for one thing, he delivers another so the difficulty with being a Christian sometimes is knowing which is the case and what is God trying to teach us through and so it's difficult say every circumstance. But what we do is we trust God by what we move forward to the best of our ability and trust that you will provide and he has a way of working things out and I got right if that's the situation then obviously you may be God and of the rules are put I dotes utilizing hoarding stuff where Iran threatened to be evicted, but it takes a while, you might want to look into an organization or look into what your rights are the latest so you get to but they may not be able to do that for a while. I don't know okay I don't know the situation, but it's always good to make phone calls to find things out, contact the county contact the state trying contact the county and and you know officials and ask him what the rules are and see what your rights are and I know you're North Carolina, I'm over here in Idaho don't know their okay and I wondering about God. Yeah the most part, yes, but member even Jesus didn't have a place Lee's head down so I'm not going to save you that God's going to provide this for you.

I'm not to say he's not a mistake you trust into the situation and difficult. You continue to trust in and you work, but your ability to to do this I would suggest you contact the county officials and some on your side. It just sounds a little bit fishy to kick you out wasn't clean on the counter. That doesn't sound right. Check in current welcome Laura God bless our my right uncle ever had a call like that before in 15 years of radio so that's okay for now.

That something new comes up if you want to give me a call.

Folks, we have five open lines 877-207-2276 and you know the situations we face in life times are our own fault. And sometimes they're not. And how do we work through the what we do is trust God as best we can, because we want to make sure that were glorifying him. We want to ask him what you want me to do in the situation is not to say that things will get difficult sometimes because they can't we just have to trust God best of our ability to see what so if you might have in store for us right to folks looking to McCall for open lines 877-207-2276 to me just say that if you are interesting. Go to and when you order stuff. If you go to you can set karma for security and every little bit adds up and people done that and helps support us a little bit helps keep the lights on that sound like something want to do. Please check out also. Good luck on website look up the three schools school of theology when unapologetic someone on critical thinking tell you a lot of stuff there, you can learn an awful lot so check them out to combat org for open lines 877-207-2276 is good. All of her from Maine Oliver. Welcome you are on the air is gone, it's gone when you thought my question is not likely ever Reported birth 543 talks about prairie pop prophesying out John John the Baptist and cried out. The Lord then in verse 500 will be revealed, and all people at the same time the Lord has decreed that we and NEP version different.

Another version, but I am wondering like this should be referred to liking the crucifixion due to what verse three says beforehand, but I don't believe all people saw the crucifixion at the same time.

Just wondering if maybe the weird thing within that Bible. Yet the fail like that are and I would survey study used a ESB or the NASB, the thing about prophetic quotes under the direction of the Holy Spirit will happen is God the spirit will put upon the heart of a writer to take one little segment of the book say this is applied to whatever it might be and this is the case with Isaiah 40 verse three it doesn't mean that every part around. It also deals with it just like Psalm 69 is similar because in Psalm 69 is a messianic Psalm, and in their talks about the mothers don't look at my mother's sons I become estranged from my brothers and alien to my mother's sons well this is something this quotes is in this Psalm 69 is this is an example is about the Messiah in a lot of areas but not everything in it is so different parts of it will be quoted and assist the way the method is that a lot of times and in the Old Testament quoting the New Testament spirit. So what I would do is just go with what the New Testament quote is limited to Isaiah 40 verse three not rebut the rest of okay okay okay thank you all right, it was all over from Maine for 772-0777] after mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back everyone we have three open like that to open lines of 20 McCall 772072276. Let's get to Jan from Virginia Jan welcome you are on the year Jan I get the right button Jan, are you there Jan to put her on hold and will try come back to her right after we get to the next caller looked sick. That would be met from Fort Worth, Texas, spent welcome you on here don't eat you 13,000 last year. They have Bible study and they were going through the common interpretation of that one word yet Christians are not faithful God remain people to but that's actually not will being communicated. There are not saying that that that God is able to work with people there to stand that contact second Timothy 213 is commonly misinterpreted. Not sure if you're aware of that will they were saying that went that that we are what that's referring to a and 1/2 day basically platelet person like being unregenerate unjustified person and that God being faithful is about to begin about people for, the condemnation for those who reject them. Nine I know is warning them that contact about like weed and I am healed and I pretty clear. But then when it going all goes on the day that we are faced with. I thought that I interpreted like kind of like a note of encouragement or faith for faith, but the like were struggling God remain faithful to the context says is a trustworthy statement for if we died with him.

We will also live with him know the issue we died with him. I hope that these teacher focused on. That's a very important theological point because so in Romans six, Romans 66. As we died with Christ, including 3125 talks about give died so we have died with Christ, he represents on the cross so that's what it means if you died right him will also live with him.

If we endure will also reign with him before we deny him, he will also deny us if we are faithless remains faithful forgot deny himself.

So if we endure will also also reign with him. Don't remember this a lot people don't get this is that no Paul, he's writing to Timothy and is giving him instructions on what to do and how to speak to the people in the church that he's piece of given charge over and so you know is there are going to be unbelievers under his care so to speak. People can be coming in and they're going to be maybe some posing as Christians. Maybe some this inquiring some Jews in the area whom I have considered what Christ had to say. Looking at things and you know is a lot of variables in here.

This is one of things.

A lot of people forget when they look at this kind of versus because Judaism was well known, at least in the Mediterranean area, particularly on the east part of it so is talking to Timothy, you know, a brother in Christ and use telling to raise up elders itself like this was in charge of church and people under. Undoubtedly there to be believers in God and nonbelievers in the true and living God and variables within those things and so he says this wife I believe it when we see this thank you, saying if we died with them will also live with him. If we if we died with him to live with them is a true statement. If we did, if we did, because what happened they will live with the fact if we endure will will also reign with him.

It's just true. If we endure a wire we can window or door. Ultimately, because of God's work in us that that this makes sense is not about us. If we deniable also denies how can you know all is as if we deny Christ. This is including himself. If we deny the lanai us will is it possible for Paul the apostle tactic deny Jesus, I don't believe so in an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ is performing miracles.

I just don't see as he is in the remotest way even a possibility, I think, is just speaking you know, if we deny him. This happened to anyone who denies this way since we really just being inclusive until deny also for faithless. However, he will be faithful God can't deny himself. He cannot deny his own word, you cannot deny what you said financially, which is really important because of the communal aspect. Theologically, the Jews not able just for get that whole aspect of theology or talk about the stuff with God will always be faithful to us. He can never leave us in for sick as he pushed him five cents so I got it. This is a bit of an ambivalent area and could be interpreted different ways so much. I'm sure your teacher said that the general gist of what I understand this to be yeah they were there or anything like that. Obviously it got people they were trying to argue against that of the whole Bible study with dinner around the idea of being like the meridians like we actually look at it that contact and try to exegete properly instead of comp important in our own preconceived ideas and good, but that's one of the pad the Scripture that most commonly according to Tom anyway misinterpreted it. Bring to God is going to be faithful and in the danger to character is barred is condemnation targeted toward your faith. Let the guys.conditionals, not absolutes. In some of these things. Some of the ways you talk you look in verse 10.

For this reason I endure all things for the sake of those who are chosen, the next election right there so that they also may obtain salvation will wait a minute. They will obtain salvation because are chosen by God. The foundation of the world.

Ephesians 145 and so is talking like this you talking in a very loose sense that they may obtain a course or obtain the can't not obtain it because are chosen of God for that purpose and right, which is in Christ Jesus. We died with him.

There's a lot of theology in here and I could just preach a wholesome couple sermons on probably myself but I think we need to be done and when people address this pretreatment to some of the sick.

There's a some of this is difficult to interpret. Here some possibilities but let's look at 1011 and 12 and see what really is happening and see how the sandwich in between those statements can be understood generically. I think that's what I do it okay you welcome God bless Marais. Okay, let's get to Tony telling us try Jan again. Jan, later dropping like flies.

When you feel the lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. The Scripture lets you pronounce his name right. Helga and I is the there's a break for the whole time Helga will write Becca messages gimmick. Although three of the lines 877-207-2276 mass Y call 77077 Matt's leg all right look back. Let's get on the line with Elka. Bridget is there Helga how are you quickly quite but I will dawdle a health is not good.

I called her back about my garden and only do it, but I thought he's a Franciscan priest she's marrying now. No matter are candid Swiss question that the ball I don't think it marrying relating to Christian to cut a real Christian morning pop she should not marry a Catholic. That's like Mary and I believe that I know that so I don't know what it go to the website car and look at the cut and paste section cut-and-paste click on the road for his see UT cut is for is designed for cutting and pasting in a chat room to things like that and it's very useful, very succinct and you will go to the Roman Catholicism section and this is not to be great because you ruin your wedding as we basically saying is you should she should marry the Skype because she shouldn't marry this guy. I would never perform the ceremony because it's a believer with a nonbeliever because Roman Catholics are not true believers are apostate, and furthermore the Roman Catholic Church will then pressure him to have the the everything the Roman Catholic and it just got bad you to tell her it's going to get worse.

Have her call me up and I can very politely and very gently say this is what you begin for and this is what you to email me first and let me know what to call it a certain time and I'll pick up the phone get inundated with stuff but I yelled it on it on the website and its us and talk to her. She wants to talk. We can go through stuff ever point to the website sick you read this stuff. I would never perform a wedding where a Protestant, a born-again Christian is marrying a Roman Catholic anymore that I would do Protestant with a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness just a signal that I that's it.

Catholicism is not a Christian religion.

That's apostate. It teaches idolatry and works righteousness is a false religion.

So he probably has great absent looks cute and she wants to marry him. When I why don't you will not have absent I was younger and now I just have one big ab so that's how it is she likely them with what was now she just tolerates it now because you know you know all field seal sling that is so Frisbee dinner at me sometime, but here you go, you know, just basic stuff, you know, going fine, but God bless you all about that on her email. If you call I would love to jump in all the saved but the truth is what it is. I have talked to people more than once recommended that people not get married to Roman Catholic assist just thinking about their living together when delivered at okay here's the thing to say this.

Okay, I talked to couples they want me to perform the wedding and are living together or to fool around together and I first addressed the man says. When Adam and Eve send the first address was the man and I go to the man I say do you love this woman yes do you want to guard her yesterday. Why are you stealing from her.

What belongs in the marriage bed.

Why would you be living with this woman and doing these things outside of marriage, and yet you want to protect her and guard her and I turned to the woman I say to trust this man who doesn't hold you in high enough esteem so that he would guard your chastity and reputation. What makes you think in marriage to be faithful to you.

If he's not being faithful to God before marriage.

Why I hit him hard and I tell him I sake you repent. Right now you separate right now. No more fool around.

No more. This no more that where I don't do the wedding. And if you mess up once they will postpone it six months you had to go to counseling. That's how I tackle it.

I think very seriously. I will follow apostate you can be. Have a seat she's not living like a believer and why is she living with the guy they want to marry a book she's behaving like a nonbeliever. And that's a fact. She's serving their own flesh rather than God.

And this is been being done. Incidentally, life far too many who claim the name of Christ and God's judgment is on should read Romans one starting in verse 18 and read the rest of the chapter because what God's judgment is as he gives them over to the depravity of their hearts and their minds so they believe lies that practice lies in this judgment happens upon all who practice ungodliness and the Christians are called to a high standard of morality and faithfulness to God is a very serious thing and so she's living with this guy. She shouldn't call yourself a Christian.

She's living in an open road to get really warmhearted. Talk. I trust my will.

Romans 118 following everybody listen to this, you should be reading Romans.

What if you're living with your girlfriend Lily. Her boyfriend gets fool around doing all the stuff on the just just tell you now you stop it you want to God in you before you honor God and if you're living with some but what makes you think what makes you think you can trust that person inside of marriage. If you're knocking on are you outside of it. The claim the name of Christ that are living in sin at that is filthy. It's disgusting. It is sinful and easily repented of the body of Christ is to be holy before God redeemed by the blood of God in flesh, not so that we could be casual and Coke sin in direct defiance of the Almighty me nothing but the patients in the grace of God lets people like that continue to live because it's a great sin to claim the name of Christ and hypocrisy live in sin. That is something correct by I will correct it really know what else is it that I think I unequally yoked the stroke he should they should not get married. They're not ready to get married or living in sin that bees are not there, not walking before God, she's a Roman Catholic. That's get rid of that she should be marrying him in the first place. She should move out and she should just throw rocks at with love right if I don't know about the rock I just discovered carried get better in a way little bit you really good woman would do it severely like the way I want to be clear on looking down. I know I know I got daughters and one of them. You know that you won't ask me any Bible questions any theology questions and she's got him to others like okay I know exactly how it is God's providing so this is what it is right I will get on that right away.

Only the right and I will give you sure sounds good. Okay, let me thank you, helping you why they okay thanks a lot.

God bless God the I'm okay, let's go the phone with Glenda from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Glenda yes I can get it from your collar.

Thanks, Sam really wanted to make garlic clear your view very well.

Yes my client and concerning L you wear it about that. I get about and again where we had a great break on talk about their devotion right back after this message with Glenda from North Carolina mass Y call 770727 Matt sling Glenda will what you got there like everything going online like Carolina who are having a prophetic dream here right now I don't know if you're familiar with Dana Carver and his strength are kinda going viral and my three outline that I live today really really bad that lady liberty being dragged out fighting for her life and that United States to clean that country going down and that night, but I don't know how my validity I in you that dream. I do believe that prophetic dream guy had given me prophetic dream before he gave me a dream like a week for my dad gave me a dream that I was going to lose my job and even call me in the green.

How many people were going to be laid off exactly how many people were laid off and I believe that dream from God and I do believe that I don't know, credit credible, humble and don't know what to make and I thought that light shining well.

I've seen his videos as well. Readers out there like people to send me some links to them on anybody else. The Bible does say that people have visions, dreams, now there's a certain camp of Christianity that says it all. The charismatic gifts of ceased and I don't hold that.

I asked her continue. I don't have any problem with people having visions and dreams. They don't violate Scripture and I've seen this guy two and the same thing. I conclude that you have is he seems sincere.

He seems real and legitimate. We don't live in talk to them. I love you bill attacked when you and I just asks more questions and interview him in private second picture is within orthodoxy. I'm sure he is. But nevertheless yes you doesn't mean that he's automatically right this is wrong not judging on the site is to be careful you know what's so well wishes. So I believe that God's given me the ability to kinda see what's going to happen and certain things I can see what happens. Theologically, if certain things are believed if certain things are not done and I'm not saying it's a charismatic gift having the apologetics for 40 years and dealt with so many people thousands and thousands and thousands of issues. Thousands and thousands of hours.

My conclusion is this is not a prophecy of my conclusion is United States is in some pretty serious trouble. The left wife say this. The left is in control of education and the and the public education nursing education and the media and so they remind me of the Gestapo and I'm dead serious. My Gestapo brain and when it's like that.

The only solution is is a revolution or a revival and or the work can fail in history.

No country gradually gets better. It always gradually gets worse and the only way to get better is through. Unfortunately, bloodshed, and I don't advocate that that but that's just history United States is turned his back on God is reaping the whirlwind because of it.

And God is is I believe he's removing the blessing from America for one because of the abortion holocaust and the sexual perversion that's been promoted on TV you truth. Relativism the attack on the Lord. The use of his name in vain all over the place in the Christian church is week is anemic and is me centered hazard. Yes, so these are signs of the decay of our country that doesn't mean it's going to happen but I will say this, my wife and I are getting ready were taken very seriously were preparing for what may come and were not going crazy but just getting things ready that if things have to go bad that no we want to build at least have a few options here and there.

Now you getting ready food, water, ammunition and Emily arguing the thing. Thanks, Gary. I've never ever been anything like that before. What ever felt like fight for my my flight and that it Gary dear prophetic dream that that feel like that I like you, I don't know what make a habit but I don't think that credibility is he's not the only ones having similar dreams could be extrapolating, but now you know it. So the thing is that as Jesus spoke about being able to see the signs. The time storms coming storm is coming and see the thing is this is why, leftist moron wackos see things more profound if I could, but the leftists are Marxist brainwash people be a lamb black lives matter is really a Marxist anti-family organ is NT 4.0 is a terrorist organization at the Democrats are the ones who were for KKK. They were the ones who were against black/white integration.

The Democratic Party is been the party of racism and oppression and over taxation.

It's full of lies and deception, and they want to be in control, and if Biden somehow gets in and then builds declare him incompetent after a while and they'll have Angela Harris and then she's just a plague walking plague.

She's horrible and here's a when when the unrighteous are allowed to be violent when the unrighteous are rewarded for their violence and their reality then and when the righteous do nothing and there are no righteous stand up and what happens is they become further emboldened to do more evil and what this will what will happen if this continues is not prophecy. This is just what will happen is there's good to be shooting in the streets because the patriots are to get tired of it and they will happen as the media will start blaming the patriots for what they themselves have helped foment what I see. This is why were preparing and I recommend her body do the same thing I just bought 10 flashing yesterday dollar reach you go to Walmart and sporting goods section is flashlights AAA batteries just little things like the sound I actually sound scary in and try to make a pretty panic, but the Bible says in Proverbs that the ants store their food for winter preparation is biblical and we should have that anyway no and we kind of torn and I'm sorry about that. I think Mike and I in your November and we have been tracking for a couple of months now and a lot of wider you know battery battery pack that I learned really no it was the same lying on God and birthday note was made to why the Bible talks about seven sources of income is is a just trust God and don't have any food in the refrigerator. Just trust God to manifest and Virgil bring Nana know were to be wise and in it, prepare and say this to this when I feel I don't know if I'm feeling the Lord but I have the sense but think about it that through all the tribulation problems if it gets bad in this thing is going to hopefully it'll it will get back, but if it does, there's going to be a time when the Christian church actors purified will be able to preach the gospel may very well be a revival of sorts.

America maybe will have learned about all the young people that are part and for them and their war will that are being drank my lab in light and I hurt them and I'm told I there are there no end well for them. Not going it's the enemy, and this is what Jesus talks about the last days of wars and rumors of wars, people will be lovers of self will be arrogant, insolent, rebellious, this is what were seen and is happening more and more and the Blacks are being persecuted.

Whites are being persecuted. The Blacks are present as the whites or prejudice to everybody there. See, you sinners, and because now you get this get this. I live in Boise, Idaho area. We are being flooded from California and Washington but Apple they are leaving these after states are coming here and giving that you can water the ground in a new apartment complex is being built. They are there building stuff and Lynn is been vacant for years and houses are just going up and up at church. It was said that a guy who's in real real estate said in two years. In July, assuming you sold more houses in July alone than two years previous combined.

Fling a leftist leftist wacko socialist jerk face morons raising I should have known that you know there's was called this imprecatory Psalms and imprecatory Psalms were the right to say that to God.

God get the wicked will punish the wicked. You beat them so that their wickedness does not spread. We should be praying that we should also print yet Lord save them and use me to do that, if possible. My prayer I will wait I like you, we should be back tomorrow call back to break the video and networks United States and see go check it out.

Folks, God bless call back. I write sorry Jim from Virginia. Everybody

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