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September 22, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 22, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Did the Roman Catholic Church corrupt the Bible---2- Why do some Christian churches focus so much on prophecy---3- Is there forgiveness of sins from baptism and the Lord's supper---4- Why are Christians always referred to in the news as evangelicals- Where did that word come from---5- Why is there not much emphasis on the passages of Scripture dealing with not falling away---6- Do you know anything about Grant Jeffrey---7- Do you think the Shroud of Turin is legitimate---8- Who do you think will be the next well-known apologist-


A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research what is found online. You have questions about Bible doctrine. Why is called the respondent your questions and Matt slick show me with libel gravity today of your house… He recalls a good way to get nobody waiting right now if you want to give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276. Hopefully will have some good questions. Good issues. We can talk and hope yesterday show blessed you and certainly blessed me with stuff there. Hey yeah, bear with me for my back today and I just thought for about 20 minutes ago one of her cats just got stuck in a chair was screaming. I've ran over and grabbed lift them up and was is on the floor. This getting old thing. Man, Adam did it. He messed up soon enter the world through him, no worse off suffering the weather problems of sin in the world. It takes many forms. BLM is one of them and T4 is another just for me. I know leftist politics and right-winger wackos communism all kinds of stuff we have for we have illnesses and famines and pledge earthquakes. You know there's a lot of ramifications to the single act of Adam participating in no fruit and because what he did. Sin entered the world, not just to let you know. Even though Eve send first. It was not through her that sin entered the world.

It was through Adam, this is Romans 51 talks about why is it important well is important for several reasons.

One, it means the male is the head of the family and to means the males ahead in the church, not female, and a lot of women I collect that and I just is not politically correct and oh what's right and anybody do like because you might be offended and we have to change all of our actions and our apologize for offending somebody who didn't like something old and not legally their diapers changed that he could handle it will just tell you I don't care if you're offended that the Bible teaches and the Bible is the inspired word of God and you need to trust in that word. When Adam sinned and sin entered the world through him. Romans 512. It's because he represented mankind represented creation and Paul ties the created order issue in with the issue for edge of the church is not be a place of spiritual authority from the church. At first Timothy 212 13 why Paul says in the pastoral epistles to Titus chapter 1.

First Timothy three that the elder discipline pattern over to be music when I got some and so that's what it is you know I don't say things that are popular and a lot of things that they'll say that this upset people on the other hand, on the other hand, are people who love to hear the truth of God's word because they regenerate the Lord God they believe in the truth of the word of God, not in the word of man compromise God's truth and twist it and bend it to their needs and whims. I don't believe so. You may call and you and argue with me about something that we find 20 number 87702072276 and if you're curious about schools with three online schools.

You can check amount to do is go to and on the right-hand side of any page you will see the little thing. The laptop picture. Next, schools will check amount lot. There were using to help keep the lights on here. The intergalactic headquarters of karma. I hope that you like flying there and let's see we have a wish list. If you want to help out the wish list is not a big deal know people like supporting different ways. Wish list and monitor their grab and go USB video capture for BG, DVI, HDMI, and a backup computer back thinking to get back up computer wake up and have backup computer set up here pretty soon. So that's about it. I think that is all right for open lines 877207227 such a way to give McCall come up with talk to Andrew from Durham, North Carolina Andrew, welcome you on here. I am doing all right. Hang in Internet dinner. We got I will not make low when when we went with Bibles, but this time the season. The Bible is been edited we need is been corrected and A lot.what will the cycle of the second one thing that's okay. The Roman Catholic Church did not correct. The Bible gave Don if anything against against Roman Catholicism, but if anything, through history, I will preserve the documents so Roman Catholic Church did not correct. The Bible is not been corrupted.

Talk about that if you want but is not been corrupted.

Okay I will now wait wait wait wait you look as you like jumping in a deep pool your paddle all over the place.

Gotta get a word in edge wise here. Do you know do you know why we worship on Sunday. His son is a Saturday on who changed you all… Yeah I know because Nessie who changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. All I did not.why did they bad okay let's tackle that in a minute the first of all, the Bible says one man regards one day above another note. Regards every day alike. Let each man be fully convinced of his own mind. Romans 14 five.

So one man regards one day above another Saturday or Sunday, another regards, every day alike. But each man become convinced in his own mind. Why is Paul teaching us that we should be convinced that her own mind about which data we we hope we hold to.

If what you're saying you say what a second with a second I asked a question about Romans 14 five Paul said and you just ignored it. So Paul said one man regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike. Let each man be fully convinced of his own mind. Why would Paul say that if were supposed worship on Saturday. I know what you say excuse me all use me I'm focusing on this verse and what you doing is you just basically ignoring it and jumping someplace else I'm going to hold your feet to the fire. Why would say this if were supposed to worship on Saturday.

That's my question. I'm saying why did Paul say one man regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike. Let each man be fully convinced in his own mind if I so if were supposed to worship on Saturday. Why did Paul say that one regards every day alike.

Let each man be fully convinced of his own mind if which was cited should he be saying hey you got worse on Saturday and not say that every day is like what you Paul is called by Jesus Christ, and whatever Paul whatever Paul says is Paul. Whatever Paul said is just as inspired as Jesus okay I just who is Jeff Lucia.who's you lose you will you who show where is that in the Bible. When we make what what you mean the Old Testament that's the Hebrew is not in the Old Testament book about I usually excuse the Hebrew is Old Testament, the Greek is the New Testament so the time yes it is that's that's correct. The greatest New Testament. Yes, we were to get the words get this Hebrew version. When was it written that way to model for way back doesn't really help me to just way back okay so was was the Hebrew New Testament written after the Greek New Testament was written, and somehow was the Hebrew New Testament written before or after the Greek New Testament so you then you telling me that all of the New Testament books were written in Hebrew. If you're going to happen Up Held on You. Do You Have Not Studied Obviously Been Brainwashed Now Is to Have the Greek New Testament Is What We Have. Excuse Me You Don't Have.

You Don't Have Any of These Ancient Hebrew Texts of the New Testament.

They Don't Exist like the Ones We Have the Most That Is the Oldest regarding New Testament Are All in Greek.

Okay. And so There in Greek Steps with the Written You Don't Yes We Do We Trust It Because That's What God Had It Written and You Know Why He Had It Written in Greek and Not Hebrew. When the Light I Can Tell You Because Because 300 Years Earlier, Alexander the Great, Had Conquered the Mediterranean Area and He Brought Greek into the Whole Mediterranean Area. The Hebrews, the Jews Spoke Hebrew. There's a Very, Very Few People Who Can Speak Hebrew, Who Could Read Hebrew Very Few Greek Was the National Language of so Many of the Countries around That They Could Greek Was All over All These Different Countries in the Roman Empire All over the Place so It Was Written in Greek, so People Could Read the Truth.

It Was Written in Hebrew with Breakout Right That Folks after These Messages That I Call 77077 Charismatic Slave All Right Back to the Show We Have Three Open Lines of Joint 772072276.

All Right, Andrew, Are You Still There but Backed out with the Father's Name. There Is No Name of the Father Really Would've Probably You Mean You Believe That in Front of the Left Start so You Deny the Trinity Right so You Said You Did Do You Deny the Trinity Is One God in Three Distinct Simultaneous Persons.… I Have To Click on Ask You Question You You Afraid of Talking the Trinity That There's One God in Three Distinct Simultaneous Persons. The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit's Three Distinct Simultaneous Persons by Can You Show Me Can You Show Me in the Bible with the Name of God the Father Is. Every Senate Was Conversing All Not Just Give Me the Verse Please Just Give the First Okay with the Lord God.No Name Told Her Not Name I What's the Verse Said the Father Is Able to Set… Okay, since Now You Know It's It's Not in the Bible Where You Getting That You Making Enough Okay Legal and Likely Move along, Tell You Something You Have Been Entering Will You Been Brainwashed by Whatever Cult You're Not and You Don't Know What the Historian Don't Know the Facts. You Don't Know What the Greek Really Says You Don't Understand the Issues You Been Greatly Misled. There's a Group Called the Sacred Name for the Sacred Name Movement Where You Have To Have the Right Name of Jesus Is Not Jesus in Greek but It Yeshua How Mushy You Mess with the Usual Say and I'll Say That There's a New Testament Written in Hebrew, or That There Certain Gospels Written in Hebrew, but They Been Lost and Corrupted Because the Roman Catholic Church Is the Think the Body That Denounce Them in Order to Get Its Corrupt Doctrine, but You Don't Have Any Evidence of That.

And Believe Me I Would Have Found out after 40 Years of Research on This. I Would've Heard about This and Some Evidence for It, and It Doesn't Exist.

What You're Doing Is Making Things up, or Listening to People and Make Things up and They Couldn't Argue Their Way Out Of a Wet Paper Bag. Don't Know What They're Doing, but to See Long so I Appreciate That.

Let's Get on the Phone with Benjamin from Missouri.

Benjamin Welcome Year on Year or so and I'll Call and .0. I Got Okay: Profit and Burn. My Question When Doing Question or Type of Liquid. When Questioned at Work.

Let's Do One Question at a Time. Okay It's It's That's Fine.

So Your First Question Was Why Do Christians, I Did Quite Understand Christians Focus on Prophecy. Mortensen Deals with His Why Do It on the Record Book O Assumes a Guide People I Don't Know Exactly. I've Never Heard of Some Is Good Preacher Preach That I Remember, but I May Have Pursuant to the Churches, but There Are Many in and in the Charismatic Movement Quite a Bit and so They like the Idea of Prophecies and Things like That They Will Focus on That and Nothing Wrong with Focusing on on the End Times Prophecy Longer. Don't Do It to the Exclusion of the Truth in Scripture so You Know It's Okay to Do That Okay by That You Know I Call I Heard Was Finished It Was Lord's Supper or Baptism. I Can Hear the First Part Was against Why They Deny Why They Deny Something Is Really Hard for Me to Understand and Forgiveness of Sin Why They Deny Forgiveness of Sin by Taking Communion and Are Participating in Baptism, Love Is a Question Element so God Christian and I Looked up to since Found in Baptism of the Lord's Supper. It's Really Hard for Me to Understand You. I Want to Get Exactly What You're Saying. So Yeah Solicitors Question Type It out for Me Because I Could Understand Exactly Say One Word Can Make a Big Difference.

So, Are You There Would Always Okay Oh I Do It and Lie with Them about Important Public Because There Is No Forgiveness of Sins in Baptism and Work.

Supper Though There Where You Find Forgiven of Your Sins by Getting Baptizer by Taking Communion, Where Does It Say That the Bible Landward Nothing. The Scripture Says I Baptism Is What Gives You Persistent People to Go There to See Maggie Wrong It's First Peter 321 Baptism Now Saves You What They Don't Do Is Read the Whole Verse Is As Corresponding to Exact Baptism Now Saves You Not Removal of Dirt in the Flesh, but Appeal to a Conscious for Clean Conscience so Corresponded That Your First What Happened before the Verse and Was Referring to Is the Ark and the Flood Responded That That Saves You What Saved. Know What the Article the Water.

It Was the Ark, so That Verse Is a Difficult Verse to Get through.

For A Lot Of People Because What Peter Says There, and It Often Go to Acts 238 Repent, Be Baptized Jesus for the Producing Percent in the Safe. That's How You Get Forgiveness of Sins in the in the Wrong on That Because It Understand the Verses Exercise and Let Me Ask You a Question. Do You Know What Justification Is Just Facial Great Older Great All Justification Is Been Declared Legally Righteous. Coordinate Law by Amicus Observed by Fatally Weakened by Faith.

Having Therefore Been Justified by Faith. Romans 51 Maintain the Manner Justified by Faith Apart from the Works of the Law.

328 so Here's a Question for You. Are We Justified When We Have Faith We Justified by Faith We Have Faith We Not Justified by Faith We Have Faith, Scripture Will Work They That It Is James 214, 226 but I Asked Him Specific Questions Justified by Faith We Have Faith despite My Faith in Baptism Is the Long for the Lord Bless You Right Back up His Gift to Open Lines 877207276 Max Y Call 770727 Charismatic Sling on Year Here with Who We Lost Users How to Be Happy with God You Want to Call Back to Talk about That and See That We Talk with the Open Lines 877-207-2276 Courtney from Ohio Courtney Welcome You on Here Area Okay. Hang in Inner Morehead.

Again, There Are I the Liner That I Okay Thank You I Know You Had Heard Any of the Things the Car with Only One I Never Heard Andy Stanley Is 40,000 You Can Sing It about Imported You. We Were He Set I Am Looking at Right Now I Tell You What Time You Think about What This Is Always How It Has To Be I When People Say He Set It in. Maybe He Did. Maybe He Didn't Always like to Have Primary Sources Where He Says Were Book Quote or Radio This or That Recess at Then I'll Believe It. People Have Said Things That I Said It's Never Not True. Rumors Get Started and Some of Printed up. It's a Statement Said That I Never Said It so 20 Primary Sources, but You Have Primary Sources on These Things, Then I Would Love to Have That Information Because I Would Stop My Work on Carmen Transfers of Writing Article Naming Names If I Could Prove That They Were in Support of Homosexuality. I Would Call Heritage Is That Correct. Now I Know Have Everybody on the Crazy That You Would Know Everybody Back to Me.

Would You Mind If I Emailed I Sent You the Information You Can Please Do Check the Boston and Was a Lengthy at the Absolute You Do Is Email It to Mad or Just in and down his mailing information there and say this for me not know the documentation on Christian saying homosexuality is okay. Whatever it is okay and that okay okay but holding it like it sometime people will do the similar book and say the answers in this book is only 350 pages going read it.

I just tossed on and now I and in what sentence it is sentences here on page then I can go look because it years, people said you know something I can find it, you find right now, gone. Now you know that I hurt.

I never heard of.

The one Wednesday Jonathan Mary is the subject know the mayor has since go ahead and got McKnight never heard of that. This is in daylight on that one. Under no okay Cameron training strain strain that ghostlike is in strange know in the Ukraine host drank strong string okay well now if that's invited. I do know I just hope that he would be too strange to be straight to the point like lunch to get anyone like jump to conclusions about the ion. I don't think you like what I was wondering if you like to read books on people, you may not find out any right you find things like waste your time on you know you find out something that's just cannot. That's it.

That's why I asked people if they didn't give me any documentation or anything you want me to research, they have to provide the video the URL the book the page the sentence – still like the look I've wasted so many hours trying to find people's documentation. I just gave up years ago and it is necessary that if they do that. I love it when people do that a Gore. This page is this quote is in a confined context is lifetime since been taken out of context as well.


Okay, you stand Andy Stanley effort and some not so good stuff about them.

So let me just say that it would be nonslip to commit documentation if he supports are: our okay okay what not really related, general, wondering how much you know lately about bounding in politics about our creek always referred evangelical like I got word in the Bible. Evangelical. Well, I did not think the word evangelical comes in the Greek doing galea and Beyoncé laying evangelical's were comfortable and galea, which is found first 2015 3 to 4 things the gospel number first one is the word gospel just means evangelical someone who evangelize us. That's what it is evangelical so it's okay fine word where it came from. That's where you don't hear them referred to the babies because they don't want to use what Christ Christians this crown allow. Maybe that's it. People hate the truth of God's word.

They hate the person of Christ. So we'll see how pleased alright thanks I think if elsewhere for the lines. If you want to give me a call eight 772-072-2760 McAuliffe open like this get to Matt from Fort Worth, Texas, met welcome hi Matt, thanks for all I wanted to get what your thoughts were on the one about day long-winded, but I've been born again for nine years now about and I one thing I've noted in it, confirm for me. I've noted that often times in response to airspeed all teaching Christians will tend to depend on the up the all the other way and go in the direction that that that isn't exactly biblical example would be like if they got a call about baptism you know the next area in our course is not necessary for salvation, but I see a lot of Christians not really taking it.

I thought person you never been baptized in the dozen seem to bother them at all little thing to have Lincoln emerging unit and they need to do to be obedient. There's a couple other things like the one day go weekday dish you I you knobby family. We are state what state we are saved eternally. But that the writers of Scripture have so many warnings against falling away. I don't yell a lot on that on a lot of preaching and teaching as the context is that Paul was writing to groups of people in large groups and there were converts of the levels that were intellectual converts a true conference. We can tell the difference so you can carefully fall away. Plus, there's a covenantal aspect to the stuff I get with the covenant aspect is but that's one of the reasons she would speak like what I good example would be important to you directly warning Timothy that there are people have made shipwreck of the fate and then and hope that a clear conscience that I don't like you wanting you know you possibility up shipwreck.

I remember after my youngest by the fact that you know the writers of Scripture. They're not just talking the way they're actually wanting the way where you know it possible to make shipwreck line it says so.

The context first 218 to 20. This can come and I trust you, Timothy, my son, in accordance with the prophecies previously make you that by them you fight the good fight, keeping faith in good conscience, which some have rejected and suffered shipwreck regarding faith.

Among these are Hymenaeus and Alexander whom I've handed over to Satan so they can be taught not to blaspheme. So there are blasphemers against God and have someone who was really a true believer become a blasphemer of God.

It does right get a sense he's speaking generically sis. What is new and also find the first, second Corinthians 10 seven the city over seven, 10, 710 says some of the sorrow that is the will of God is to involve on every folks McAuliffe for open lines 70776 Matt Y. Call 772-0727 charismatic sling right looking back showed one map still there. Okay I'm right after mine you would like the fact that United is not going to lose your salvation, but anything that you can lose your faith because there's people wrap up that that's not dating fate a minute so he saying that people can lose faith.

That means are saving enough believers know now anything you thing that that there prove their proving himself, not be believer not to be faith and not cited begin with, yet write the letter that the writers of Scripture are our warnings are basically wanting again. You know, shipwreck, shipwreck of the faith, and thought, and I often find especially the one thing going for conversation it like people get it comfortable with. Okay, so I carried my salvation. But then there's all the other aspect. We have to work out our salvation with fear and trembling and I just I feel like God is a lot. It says there for his God was working both in you and through you will work for his good pleasure. Right. So context is everything but look again the question though a specific question why I just wanted to know your thoughts were on several issues. I get that back to the mall though and then I'll get a mention about the conversation on work salvation which I yeah yeah there in response to the ED, there is always the I don't believe that. But I think often times, in response that out my thing you you not daily, but like I've had conversations that are Christians that inflate that they swing the pendulum all the other way and then it's like monthly billing and that baptism is a really necessary are that it's not important that waiting for question I wanted to know if it you you you find the same thing among Christians that they have a reform understanding of Scripture you find that anything am I the only one people that I know who are reformed in your theology. Don't speak like saying that you met him speak that they're very concerned about the lost ticked and race graciousness of God for granted. Get baptized quickly.

They believe that they should do and work for the Lord God believe in abusing the grace of God so you know that so that's my experience. I know about other people.

Okay, I am Bridget and I would like or I thought I felt your YouTube video and then some, like all your teaching work like and you have movable people that you don't it work for Kelly. I cannot comment on hold on, I can't comment on what people comment on on a video were I don't know anything about the video or the context or what was said. So when you say that it's not really helping anything because I'll be don't know we don't know what they're saying but people abuse their theological perspectives and IT happened and they need to stick with Scripture and be faithful to God's work as possible right you have a concern over many churches not having baptism every week and it is an important thing I think what we don't. I don't have a battle. Let me answer you do not have to have a baptism every week. Don't get baptized all yeah I understand that the place I go I might in general like normally be baptized quickly okay okay okay thank you okay all right list in the phones with Harry from Kentucky hey Harry, welcome you on here I I you're doing okay I have a question are you grant Jeffrey L me that no because I don't know anything about all you don't think sorry I don't I get I baby and mother. I don't know and will fade if he's on TBN is on TBN. He's from, I've got to get me idling on his wrist.

Yeah, I don't later, but that he was in the walk there with that line back down I lead and I don't know I write very with their well he died in 1012, Jeffrey online, died May 11, 2012 Canadian Bible teacher. Sue is still got up late that I delay I'm not enough within the comment just don't know a thing about yeah okay I get I like mastering out the book that you get out there for like property outlawed like there's a grant Jeffrey and grant Jeffrey can get through the you know what I know.

I don't know what I later what positive that they were expected a faster way thoughtful way downright because it got a website everything is dying and dying and they can get your what you learn. They will keep.

I don't like to comment and okay I don't know.

So that's is that stagnant.

Okay, I is the fate very good now or the webpage. Your discussion fate forms no yet 1/4 had nothing but problems and I am absolutely sick and tired of working on it and that's alluding to do allow all yeah I got you updated their tried and upgraded and you probably made yes it's a problem if you get have a good evening. Okay thank you very much. I okay goodbye okay you need me call we have for open lines 877-207-2276 Michael from Utah. Welcome you on the air flow. Sorry. The last guy was talking so much as just silence the contrast WF okay you on the year. Michael sorry we got all I thought of the product. Well, what I think is it's interesting and I don't know if it's authentic or not authentic. I just know the father would work.

Father would want to take a picture of the most important day of earthly the resurrection from the dead snow camera wasn't developed for so wasn't invented until 18 okay. Late 1800 the image on the shrouded a photographic negative. Yeah, I've seen some specials on it to submit enigmatic issues but there's also been evidence that it can be repeated by a certain procedure so I forget what that was but I'm intrigued by your statement that God would want to photograph on day like that about you not want special that that's the way one.

One of the scientific I explained the way that the image was kind of burned on the on the shroud that it was like a recoil thing. It seems to me it seems to me like you're convinced it's legit.

I'm not convinced. I'm not convinced it's not like it for anything more like a crime. Evidence going to think alike. The pollen grain from the shroud. Although thing impossible. You, you know right salon or like this is a lot of evidence that has examined for and against. And you know I'm seeing a show on it years ago where the talk of the pollen would have to be in the training area in Israel area and I looks like my work on the rest of the feet to the side. It looks right in the beard and I think at grounds of the eyes, but I don't remember.

That's accurate and yet there was someone who said that they were able to get a similar effect by doing something with a with some something a body of some sort of animal or been tests and data for special spices and stuffing and in heat or some I forgot in his article on at least be research more and so I don't know. I don't know if it's legit or not you think about it. The Romans can understand here the Romans didn't like the idea of anybody else being a king they had to clinical seasonal papers on which is Emperor worship and the Jews did not want Christ to be shown to be resurrected and the Romans wouldn't want that either that shroud if it was retained would have to be retained in a great difficulty and how would we know that original one and some outages a lot of issues there okay for a lot of years. It felt one night out with one sister came on. That was like 100 years after the original photograph by the condo. Making 98 one of the guys it was on the turkey was now to find. One of those photograph from Turin Italy under BPH analyzer and it came out. 3D could only happen it could only happen if body with the image on the shroud with warm daughter was draped over a three-dimensional object like a body right so that got them.

In his mind's eye I like science and I always just sissy I we want to see both sides and stuff like that is a lot of evidence to suggest its original and some blood noise the background or so, I don't tell you okay okay all right you welcome Conklin's program will think you okay let's see if we have enough time to get to Paul from Virginia Beach phone. We have less than a minute. We got a questionnaire.

Again, whatever you think you world next world renowned. We lost our space role and Robbie got to arrive. I don't know God will raise the personnel and the will. This person will have the ability to to speak well and make sense and and maybe in a public forum just because a public assuming a good apologist. I've heard something from Robbie, what you know not that good but most parties very very good so you know having a standard of what is good is established for a rent timely call back tomorrow you folks sorry about that.

We are at a time of the Lord bless you. It was interesting day and so by God's grace will back on there tomorrow and hopefully will you will see

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