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August 10, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 10, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What are the best resources to use when witnessing to JW's---2- Are we in the last days---3- What are the theories about the Nephelim---4- A caller wanted to dispute Matt's view on wearing masks.--5- What Bible software do you use---6- What verses do you use to best support that Jesus is still a man---7- A caller continued the discussion of the end times and where our country is headed.

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Viewpoint on Mormonism
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A previously recorded Nats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine. Why and what you recall, we are both well three open lines 87720722760. Newbie listening is a Christian apologetics showed up only punches tell the truth about the word of God and defend the faith against all things are going through the word of God, which amounts to a whole bunch of stuff around the room. My interpretation of your scriptures give references. Check it out for yourself and do something to present things in a slightly different light than a lot of groups and denominations do the pleasure of that is to be annoying, fun, tongue-in-cheek there but so people like we like it that I challenge him. And so I'm grateful that they accept those challenges and want to face the truth of the word of God.

If you are interested in our calling three open lines 877-207-2276 if you want to know your theology. Theology. How do apologetics better.

That is a defense. The Christian faith. If you want to know how to think critically, but I think better, but we have some schools online in all you do is go to and on the right-hand side of the page, you'll see that column and and there's a laptop that's school like and you can check about and we charge for them. So you see the rates there, but if you can afford it when you want them all you do is just email us so you can afford him a new one.

We could do for free. I we do use them however to keep the lights on and things like that. So the very helpful phrase for that and help maintain payment for the missionaries and all the other stuff to do so is giving you a heads up on that one. We just jump on the phone said let's get to Abraham. I guess for North Carolina. Welcome your on the air.

I'm not like will compile what he got. Yes, friend, and I got for the know much about the now united one of her friends would know more about her and I'm about that. Wondering if you have, I'm not sure how I you have a pencil and paper some articles that I would recommend you read on my websites that will be very helpful if you are interested over some stuff to want to do is to go look at the long article, but you want to read the first few paragraphs to understand what's going on, but it's on call upon the name of the Lord. That phrase call upon the name of the Lord type it into the karma search engine and look up the article about that because it will show the JW something that they can't answer, and you'll be able to present it okay because so the basic argument is that the phrase call upon the name of Jehovah in the Old Testament is always reference to God Almighty and it needs prayer, worship and adoration of the phrase was translated into the Greek by the Jews and was called the Septuagint that's the Greek translation of the Old Testament did that around 200 BC 250 BC yourself and they translated it phrase call upon the name of Jehovah into the phrase call upon the name of the Lord and that phrase call upon the name of the Lord in Greek is applied to Jesus in verse 20 is 12. Why would Paul the apostle use a phrase designating worship and adoration to the true living God.

Why would you like to frequent is 12, but you need to go to the article you go. The article called dealing with just look up call upon the name of the Lord and and you'll find out okay, another one you want to do is look at the plurality study. The plurality study and it so is it. It's a study that been using for 40 years and the usual find a lot of verses in the Old Testament where God is seen in with your Jehovah's Witness whenever they see God in the Old Testament has to be the father never the son, and so I show them verses in the Old Testament lots of them, but in particular, Exodus 6 verses two and three where it says verses and God spoke for Moses, and said to him, I am Jehovah, and I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty well that's I asked who was who was listening they have to say God Almighty because it says God was was. As is my name is Jehovah. So it it at said it's God you take him to to a John 646 first Jesus as numb as ever seen the father at any time, so they were not seeing the father in the Old Testament, but they were seeing God Almighty, who was God Almighty, who is not God the father. That's a question they will building and so that's is more to that, but that's in the study, plurality, study, and then I would do this and write down these verses with the question asked him to tell you with the gospel. This ask him to tell you what is the gospel right disabled pleas to move the gospel that that you know the gospel message that saves us from our sins. Okay asking that question of depending when you want to do this you sooner or later, and be very careful because you don't want to run out the door and okay so then you tell us and I think it's from watchtower magazine 1983, page 12. In February of February member at any rate it they say that that the door to be saved. You have to keep commandments and courses false to ask what the gospel is just ask him what the gospel is and then you get it wrong or right. Then you go to the first contains 15 verse 19 make known to brethren.

The gospel which I preached you, which also you received which also you stand in fact on the redress of this put out a minute challenge all the listeners what is the gospel message that saves us from our sins without looking it up without asking your neighbor, your friend, what is the gospel. Okay, that saves you from your sins, what is people say different things that the jig up stuff when you get the answer from them.

He notes the truth of what Jesus do sacrifice was on the cross on the torture steak and does that forgive us of our sins.

He asked does that forgive us know well, you gotta keep commandments you do stuff like that. Okay girls can add works to salvation. Okay, now, and I make known to brethren, the gospel which I preach to you, which also you received which also you stand by which you are saved, if you hold fast the word which I preached you unless you believed in vain.

For I delivered to you as a fort first importance what I also received that Jesus Christ or the Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, and he was raised on the third day according the Scriptures to the gospel that saves us is a death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ with me yet and there to get it wrong if anybody did get it wrong out there. Listen to this is a second Corinthians 4 verses three and four of the Mormons are disabled in the Gospels, the laws and the ordinances the Mormon church. They JW the say it's the make, they might go to Jesus on the torture steak and following God's truth. At this distance, the discreet slave, faithful and discreet slave organization of Joe's witnesses. This was sacred is for three and four, says, and if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those were perishing, in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, so that they may not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God that what you're doing is your say what's the gospel they get it wrong. And then you're showing them what to get wrong because there perishing accent either.

They lose you.

Hello hello yes okay so did you hear all that I did want 50 late to bring that along the firstborn of all creation.

But 88 eight yeah and what you do is you go to a car okay okay this website that I've understand why I wrote it I got helpers now, but I wrote it because do not be doing apologetics for for years and years and people, Christians did not know how to answer questions not not saying I'm smarter than everybody else and all. I'm not saying that is just that you know is what God called me to do so.

I wrote the. The site to answer questions and to give Christians means of being able to answer stuff that that's a problem. So what you do is you go to Carmen look at work firstborn and it'll take you to an article 1st car Colossians 115 firstborn of all creation. I analyze what the Jehovah's Witnesses say in the text and then I show how the term firstborn is a title of preeminence that is transferable. In Genesis 4151 to 52. Ephraim and Manasseh, and the switch was called the firstborn firstborn does not mean first created because per firstborn's protocols and first graders protect us. It does not mean first created thing to transferable title and that's how you can answer the information on current Right like you're welcome. So much so called back later and let us know how it went okay. You're well and also Matt if they invite you to go to the Kingdom Hall go and don't don't witness to too much of their go in and listen where it'll help you a great deal to know what you're up against. Because there watchtower heights. They believe that if the watchtower tells him to think and do and you'll see how that works.

If you go there you will get a JW cooties know you'll be okay, but I didn't get books translation get the wood called the purple people eater. The early interlinear stuff that's that's their way for years with lot of stuff but that'll help you okay okay thank God bless all rights going to call three of the lines 877-207-2276 Thomas from Seattle, Washington Thomas Dreyer quote about the life of the quote by the last day as we are in the last days. You know you know this is a citizen. For example in action two people don't get this notice is accepted to Pentecost. If you were speaking in tongues for these men are not drunk, as you suppose. Fort is only the third hour of the day, but this is what was spoken through.

I think the prophet Joel and it shall be in the last days, God says I will pour forth my spirit and all mankind. It's been the last days for 2000 years.

So many people say it's the last days. Yes, it is the last days because of fulfillment of that other Joel was there and Pentecost. God's time frame is different than ours know what you're really asking is, is it really towards the end of the last days. That's what you really want to know.

And the answer is yeah I think so.

I know a lot of stuff.

I've not talked about over the radio and for for years have been gathering information and I'm not real optimistic about our future, not hold out of the river talk more about the size of the they both arrive at Kathy's messages every open line 707-2276 max Y call 77077 charismatic sling back while I do know that going to Scripture, so let me this before many times on the radio because I got an article on Carmen called signs of the end times and we just read through some of the things that it says this is not even complete list but there be the presence of false Christ's and false prophets know that's true. We have false messiahs who are alive today and false prophets, Mormonism and Joseph Smith would have the washer Bible track society and we have the false doctrine of the false gospels of out of four Catholicism and we have a lot of things that are happening within the church as well. A lot of false prophets in the Protestant denominations. There's also many more. And there's the persecution of the faithful of this is occurring and it will continue to incur to occur is going increase is giving apostasy on this is important because at a second Thessalonians 2 the apostasy must come first before the Antichrist is revealed. Apostasy means of falling away the truth and when I say things like this. I'm always wary because I have a radio platform and I'll say that the Christian church at large is moving apostate in my correct well the thing is I know my theology very, very, very well. I've been debating it, teaching it for 40 years doesn't mean I'm right about everything but I know with the basics of the Christian faith are no more advanced Christian theological perspectives, and I know that the majority of Christians don't know the basis of the Christian faith, and I know also that the reason they don't know the basics of the Christian faith is because the pastors and teachers are not teaching them doing something else, such teaching them what needs to be taught in order for them to grow and mature in the faith and become warriors for Christ instead of that radiance and this is a real concern for me and so on one hand I know stuff so well. I look my too big to judge mental or am I just my observing it correctly. This is something I was wrestle with but nevertheless when I see the issue of apostasy. Matthew 2410 first Timothy 41 talks about things like this. It talks about the Spirit expressly says in the latter days some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons out some of these things are better filed with the faith of these false doctrine doctrines of demons or things that are being taught by Kenneth Copeland even seriously and enjoy hosting and when I say this to people they think I'm crazy, but they don't understand what the Bible really says don't have the precision of the understanding of the word of God to know that this is this is serious stuff and so when I say this to people.

I often gets negative responses, mostly because I believe that Christians don't know what the truth of God's word is in the list to the deeper more specific areas and so it's a concern I have and I'm I went back and forth about what level of apostasy. The Christian church is is undergoing the Roman Catholic Church as apostate is already fallen away. It is not Christian. The official Dr. Jerome Catholicism or Antichrist regarding salvation regarding Mary it it's it's as bad, doesn't mean there are Christians within the. The Church but we have within Christian Protestantism. We have many false teachers who are teaching all kinds stuff. In fact, if I want to get my blood pressure up. All I could do was sit on Sunday morning and watch TV legislations and you know anointed oil known for 1995 Senate in because I blessed it, and you'll be able to heal this to take these drops of water from this this thing this pouch that we prayed over and personally I have touched and if you did a few drops in your tongue a daily basis you will find a this charlatan idiocy that people buying into these people are apostate servants of the devil who are abusing the place of what they have in and out the truth so this is a big deal just give you an increase in lawlessness and lovable cold. We see lawlessness increasing all of the world and now it's increasing more and more in America and it's going to get worse. Earthquakes, famine, plagues an increase in selfishness.

The be lovers of self and money and pleasure. The arrogant, disobedient, ungrateful, unholy, haters of what is good be considered is considered what it was that conceited appearing godly, but are not now haters of what is good what's happening in America is if you're a Christian, you stand against homosexuality and pedophilia. Pornography that you're a big narrowminded there, haters of good, and want to persecute those who are good and follow the Lord Jesus Christ we have the issue of mocking of Christ was prophesied in Junot 17 to 19 second Peter 3334 where we have the mocking of God where is God when is he knows he can think about backing out do this do that hurts horrible things they use God's name in vain constantly and even Christians you… Any of God with uncle for the coronavirus. The coronavirus we have pandemics you had lots of pandemics. The thing to do is not because all the people to wear masks to distant studies are finding it really doesn't help do with Sweden and they they were masks that they did some stuff but they they washed her hands, and they kept the businesses open ended memory problems so this II suspect that the coronavirus thing is being used in a nefarious fashion because there's false positives you found out you do researching predators false positives. If you receive the vaccine in the past five years. You can get to a false positive for corona there people who die in auto accidents that are being designated as is corona virus deaths. The numbers are coming in for you and also house cannot have them hot hospitals have a monetary reason for promoting reporting extra coronavirus test to get more money from the government and things like this is simply been sick was going on and now all of a sudden the mascot but not that I think I don't know. I am just all you gotta do is go on the web and start searching and it's hard to get people to the truth, and the error.

Why is it that the left, for example, will shut down churches so this is the spread of the coronavirus is in occur but yet they allow gangs in and and T for members and VLAN members of direct to going to Townsend mass and protest cause problems, mayhem, and nothing is done about that. The hypocrisy of the left altar by Noah Cotto. I know 2 cups when an unknown LA cop and he tells me some of the things are going on it see this when I look at look at stuff like this. The coronavirus thing is wearing masks.

It bothers me that every just to so quickly just buys into it and messing don't wear master this. It just bothers me. Has anybody checked anybody checked. There are doctors on the web were saying that things are like that. The left is allowing riots to occur all the time and doesn't get them shut down churches what's going on this that I have a breakable bit. Okay you folks going to call to open lines 87720722 mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling back so you welcome you on your everything you've done for me the email like out of water and lack quality godlike.

I believe that were in the last days I think we are a lot about God in a pot of boiling water, like the wrong don't even know it by questionnaire that get big while in a building tradename women God were taking women called thought it meant that that your relationship now. I don't need that that aid will be the Mary Bonilla given a demand right that we become like them so I think that the son of God with from the line that And the women, beautiful women came from the lidocaine ice bacon on that but that might series when he can help you know that the line of Seth idea did not come into existence until the 1500s when the methylene issue. The halfbreed fallen Angel thing became ridiculed so the Jews always taught the nestling with the offspring of the fallen angels and women and the Christian church always taught it to Uppsala 1500s. So the issue is what are the the of the nestling well if you go to general do this right now if you were to go to Genesis chapter 6 and the choice of the things that are interesting is actually just have a three verse nine excuse my license six hi to me things my head 69 yes sir, but that just Genesis 69 these are the records of the generations of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his time. Noah walked with God now is is blameless in his time, but what it actually says there is perfect or pure in his generations so because of that some people think that it is talk about his genealogy will look at this issue. If it's the nestling the halfbreed's then what was going on. What was the reason for one of the theories that's attached to this is that the enemy of the gospel was trying to corrupt mankind to stop the arrival of the Messiah. And so the flood was there to wipe out all the evil like the halfbreed's as well as bad people that were there mix.

This is where the theories along with this theory is the idea that those deaf Aleem who died the spirits left their bodies and our call demons blessings is true. Things the business of the theories and to the demons always one and have a human body so some theologians think that that may be the case after the release deaf Aleem spirit things and they wanted have a bodies. We don't know I'm just giving it some of the information which interesting is Genesis 69 does seem to imply that the genealogy of Noah was pure and that lends some credence to the idea of an ethylene being average. And then we go to Daniel chapter 2 verse 43.

You'll read in Daniel chapter 2, which is prophetic and has the statue gold down to clay the few head of the golden counterclaim, the feet and the mixture of the iron and clay at the feet most store theologians who study eschatology affirm that this is dealing with the end times and pretty much is pretty much where we are now this is what it says in Daniel 243 and in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men which interesting about that is says they will combine with one another in the seed of men.

Some commentators look at this construction in the Hebrew and that they doesn't seem to be able to be people because they seem to be different. They will combine with one another in the seed of men was going on there could be with the seed of men with the seed of men in all its people as a group and so they somebody other than that, so this is why you look at this ago was going on. Then you will hear 24, 37, as the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. For in those days before the flood they were eating, drinking, Mary given in marriage to the day that Noah and the ark flood came and took them all away. Luke 17 says the flood came and destroyed them all. It's the wicked who were taken in this context is not a good tube in the field was taken was left. It's the wicked in this context were taken so well know. We don't know exactly what's going on, but it seems to. The Bible seems to support the idea that the nestling were the halfbreed's and that this may continue on towards the end time yardwork that the thing when they read the monthly within the path one God thought that the lessee with you why with them.

They'll Anaheim got is this I decided with a history of what's going on. My article on the sons of God on Carmen, you look up and went to every instance of it and occurs 10 times in the least.

In the NASB, and in Genesis 6 to which you just go to Genesis 6 for the sons of God came into the daughters of men. Job 16 now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, that those are angels Job to one again.

It there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord that that's angels again.

Job 38, seven, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.

That's those are angels. Matthew 59. However, when this using the New Testament the terms of the God refer to people. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God, and this 59 Luke 2036 because they are like angels, for they cannot die anymore because are like angels and are sons of God being so, the resurrection rest of people and so what I did what I study that will allow that the term of the Old Testament refers to angels in the New Testament refers to people with existing switch and in the Old Testament at 123455 in the new.

That's us in the NASB, I need to do one in the Hebrew and in the Greek takes more study time and in working out with everything going with the King James, let's see if I were to go to sealed this quickly got some is called with you going for this, but this is worth discussing. But anyway, sons of God and King James occurs six times so no talking and not John.

And if I put that in the English, the term son son or sons of God to go out and find out what it means, in a way that there's there's a pernicious so this is a tough one. This is a very difficult one. Okay. Issue subject given you what some of the people have said about it, you study and make up your mind about okay right but it rang many welcome goblins.

Let's get to see that would be Adam from North Carolina, Adam, welcome around here anything for having me. I get a bigger thing to do. Medically going to gotta go quit calling about your talking about, there's research thing that are effective but I'm looking at a return article here that the clock not for protection against the pure acute repertory syndrome credit art to I would buy a bra are a life and how we feel hereon on the country. I got my mail I got to get you if you know what size the conclusion of the article-based 8 o'clock mass are less effective, just that healthcare workers where court and 95 and corporate tax mode or at least they should. They article so you think like his glasses and I got a source here. Let me jump in the I think it's good to where where masks I have no problem with that. There's also studies that show that some of you 95 S. isn't doing the job supposed to be doing. I like to study now, not off, had now become a venue where where would you like them not hold on Hyundai hold on hold I know but I say well okay I when they will see later by when I say hold on my own radio show means hold on why because my own radio show, don't tell me no, and were not to have a discussion we would've continued to have a discussion of the guided and polite. So I tell people, as do the research. There are videos out there. There are things about both sides you have to do the research and see I would prefer to have an and 95 I preferred having a 97 which is even better. There are studies that show both things and some of the doctors think different site which is correct.

That's one asking and did you also know that in the studies that children and infants rarely ever get infected with why is that the things of finding out right back F is vestiges of the man's leg.

Why call 770727 charismatic slave gathered from Ohio. Gavin welcome on your own there yet. He finds a little bit distant but yet here you better go ahead okay but with time you export from Malaga now and I don't what the word first and then copy and eight the Excel know what I'll do is a search for example and then I right now on the upper right-hand corner of the area has three dots click on that and says print export click on match and then it'll say on the right-hand side of Microsoft Excel that had never gone so inward says what you do is do a search. For example, and something and am getting a bunch of results is not just in of a in know Scripture reference you can do that and never have tried over there is a bit different way of doing things, but in fact the outlook of any window any pain on the right hand side in the upper right corner of his pains are the three dots click on that and it shows print export control P so fear in their control P and because of the print export option. There you go.

Okay, okay… Thing out here on the apple pie Thing and usually behind by looking at. The other debris or can I go back to the guy that didn't believe that you was still the got man like when a man anymore and I was wondering the birth of black box out loud in bodily form when I realize that well then that you versus I do use is present tense. That's an awesome first of the 251 mediator between man and God. The man Christ Jesus. How can you be mediator is not a man. This is the man Christ Jesus Sosa Mortensen were to deny that Jesus Christ is the man right now and what they're doing is denying the Scripture clearly teach plus Jesus was raised in a physical body glorified resurrected body, which is what were to be raised first 2015 35 to 45 talked about this, so this is what the issue was and am remembering you… I got okay are I God bless thank okay hey let's get the phone with Matt from Texas met welcome you on the iMac. They might all I wanted you had on the coronavirus thing yeah that's really mind-boggling. The hypocrisy of the left. I don't know if you're aware but the governor of Pennsylvania you would like criticized for being really strict on the regulations and lockdown everything and a couple month ago he was actually in the streets protesting with everybody.

Yet he is like. All we need to be safe everything down and you know a lot of that Bill had abortion clinics running on there saying nonessential operation are aren't permitted and all the things mind-boggling, but yeah I just is the DC the past resolution, whatever that the politicians don't have to wear the masks around to doing whatever else does. This is a bad sign. So the leftists are the essentials that week you need to have her liquor stores, casinos, abortion clinics, the nonessentials are things like churches and schools, where children go to and the churches are increasingly becoming attacked is not the main media is not talking about it all you can gather to read Bible, you can't get it read Bibles, but you can gather to burn the and what about the other letter… Releasing prisoners why Glenn wanted a covert prisoner so miserably bad and and what was it I just read an article yesterday where a guy with salty police officers and had was violent and have been arrested couple title IV and usage if they were they then go this girl please get back on the streets.

You know when I hear stuff like this. I read stuff like this is really disturbing what was in the mindset of people that they want to do what is bad. Why would they say liquor stores are okay casinos or ROK abortion clinics are okay, but you can't have schools in skin open and you can have churches open. If you video about like diverting a lamb somebody with the part of an abortion clinic during the got bought a police officer came by late on your your dinner nonessential. You're not allowed to be out here in the right wall one getting the divorce and panic down the Internet what they know what the deal is if you look our life but you would. What gets me is why is it that the way things are flowing is that that which is good is bad and that which is bad is now good design of Isaiah 520 so this is a very great concern that I've seen this kind of stuff in the Colts for years and years and years. Now I'm seeing it in the population and through our so-called leaders. There's there's just something you it's wrong why the letting prisoners out wire the shutting down churches why this thing that the church can only have 50 people and Max in some areas and get the they allow the killing of a baby six right it's bad news on the trumpet not reelected them with mobile applicant that the election in America has great really believe that. I think they were ready for having I pray to God, reelected five hurtful. It's another thing I'm concerned about is a theologian not a politician. I know my theology, but more more people calling about this, but when I'm concerned is when I see the patterns of evil that are that are are told to be good in the patterns of good that are said to be evil. And then the Christians are penalized and the iniquities that are there. The hypocrisies that's their this is a great concern to me because it means that those people in power are doing those things which are evil in the sight of God. How much longer is God in a lower country to do okay these are the questions we have to ask and if we think is Christians working to get out of this, we gotta be the more enlightened is not to be a pretrip rapture skate thing. If you read the Old Testament sort of judges start reading scanning through look for everyone did what was right in their own eyes.

God allows the country that turned its back on on him which is what America is done and is doing violence to the innocent. This is one of the big things that God detests in the violence of the it to the any the innocent is abortion and the it. If this is happening a lot and people are so used to abortion a talk about it very much, but human life in the womb is being obliterated because it's inconvenient and well what would I think that you will thing like pre-born live.

Never been arrested on the right and on the sidewalk with the talk may not yellow black one like matter of there being a protester defiling provided glider not been arrested and it didn't make anything or this is this is the world we live in the Bible talks about things like this and tells us what to do. It says, run to the hills when you see the abomination of desolation.

That's not yet when you see the rise of the Antichrist and the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem.

This is one Jesus is eager to be very wary here and with the rise of Islam and its it's a death cult is what Islam is in the Bible talks about people being beheaded, will you know these are this is not popular, easy, comfortable stuff to talk about its nine the second. The lessor written in the Quran is not abrogated by anything after it, and what it's nine tells the Muslims to do is to go out and seek and kill those who are against who are not Muslim until they completely submit to Muslim rule and its oppressive for the Christian suppressive and so this is this is bad. Their FEMA camps out there that are built in it. You go online and look, I know that a lot of the stuff I thought about since the 80's and some things that have known that I'm very disturbed and so people talk about this. You know, I'm concerned. And so the Bible says to prepare should prepare which we praying we should look to the Lord is the one to provide opportunities to share the gospel with people who should not be fearful, but we need to be wise and expect that the culmination of the end times is going to come and if people were to read their Bibles and fortune America the somebody mentality is to work with to go through anything and I see people written verses out of context to justify the idea that knowing we can escape it because were America nest. Not true. So we begin to do well crucially to wake up the Christians need to wake up leaves are praying and asking God to be used and need to be preparing still just enough as the Bible says we should be prepared for tough times and SF like that and get ready to preach the gospel in the Bible even talks about people dying for the faith.

Towards the end. Is this only going to happen in South Africa is a good habit here in America you can happen in North Korea which is which is happening now or is only to happen in the Middle East and people here in America think were immune were not in it when I preach and teach like this. People don't want to hear it the same in alarmist non-alarmist. I'm just telling the Bible talks about this stuff. It talks about and it says watch for the signs look for the sign you, you look at the heavens you can see a storm is coming. Likewise, pay attention.

Watch for the storm that's coming upon the world and it says it to everybody you don't find anything in the Bible and I'll say this, I believe it you fighting the Bible. This is we get out of the tribulation. That we escape it.

If anything we go through it and people's site. These verses were point not appoint a rapid salvation wrath means damnation.

There I played to wrath, but salvation will find anyplace in the Bible where the Christians us escape tribulation. You know I he escaped know he went through the tribulation of the flood. He went through it. He had to prepare to go through it.

It was delivered through it and so is one of the things the pacification and the weakening of the Christian church let the years through the idea of man's sovereignty in the escapist mentality and we live in America and because were so great, so strong that were going to be fine. I think it was a Khrushchev I forgot who who said that they were going. The Russians will get to destroy us from inside in a way that will destroy us from the inside was politically and socially, and to destroy our people and the more morality of our people.

This what were saying so. The Bible says pay attention, you warn people of the buyers alarmist. While the Bible says to do this like to tell you to do it in the sink.

Don't be fearful when saying is do with the Bible says #RMN jobless hypos are sorry about that. They get from Louisiana for tomorrow. More more about pray I God is around you is God talk you later

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