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A Nation in Crisis

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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January 24, 2021 4:00 pm

A Nation in Crisis

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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January 24, 2021 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. In light of the events that took place at Capital Hill on January 6th. Will took a poll of 200 people to get their reaction and thoughts on the storming of the Capital. Roy and Will discuss the results of that poll.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.


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This is Hans Schile from the Finishing Well Podcast.

On Finishing Well, we help you make godly choices about Medicare, long-term care, and your money. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Welcome to Man Talk, brought to you by TAWCMN, talking and walking Christian men's ministry, where they're devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination, and challenging men to take their God-assigned role.

Here's our hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr., a black guy and a white guy. Okay, which role am I playing today, Will? Am I the black guy or the white guy today?

Hey, you can be any guy you want to be today. Okay, I'm going to be blended. Since the topic we're getting ready to get on, we need to be blended, right?

Exactly. Because there don't need to be any differentiation and brothers sitting in here today. Exactly, and today we want to just speak to the listener. We want to talk to you because generally Roy and I talk like back and forth to each other on certain things, but all of you out there that are listening, of course you're familiar with the events of January 6 with the storming of the Capitol, and so we want to talk about that. And so what I did is I went out and I called it the word from the street. So I went out and basically kind of polled 200 people, 100 in the Triad area, and I asked the question, what are your thoughts regarding the recent events regarding the storming of Congress?

This is just the one question. I didn't ask you if you were Democrat, Republican, saved, unsaved, young, old, rich, poor, it does not matter. And surprisingly, many of you who I approached, and of course I know most, I don't know, these were random people who I just asked. And so we asked that question and then I formulated the responses and narrowed them down, grouped them together and narrowed them down to about 19 or 20 responses that you gave. And so we have that in front of us, and so we want to just read through the list of some of the things that you, the people in the surrounding area, talked to us about. Some of you had questions, some of you commented about the events, so we're just going to go through and read some of these now.

Okay, Will, thank you for that lead in. What are your thoughts regarding the recent storming of Congress on January 6th? That was the question that was posed to the folks you surveyed here.

So the first response, I assume you've got this in numerical order here, the way that the responses recur based on the number of responses, but I don't understand why people are attacking the Republican reps to join the efforts to not certify the election, because to do so would defy the Constitution and the will of the people. And then we had a man who said the President doesn't seem to want to take responsibility for anything, or should I say ex-President. And then you say, it's sick of me to hear one of the protesters praising the Holocaust. So did you hear that?

Of course I haven't listened to any of this, I won't say any, I've listened to a little bit of stuff, just news reporting, but I haven't gone back and researched any of this. Was that an accurate statement? That is an accurate statement. Of course, all things listed here were things that people heard on the news, saw on clips, or they had on cell phone video. So these things have been verified. All right, the next, there was a woman who responded and she said, I don't understand why protesters turned on Lindsey Graham at the airport when he was leaving Washington calling him a traitor.

And that response, I think, was centered around the fact that Lindsey was, you know, simply doing his job in the US Senate and coming to the standpoint of the certified election and congratulate the incoming President. So number five. Number five said there must be more going on inside the Capitol that we don't know or we'll never know because cabinet members are resigning, jumping ship.

Yep. And so we saw that happening right there at the tail end of the administration. People started abandoning ship and, you know, they were leaving and resigning their position. So we had a man who said, if the president pardons himself, people inside the White House suggest that this will be an admission of guilt and his critics will come after him. So that's what we had a man saying. Again, these are grouped according to various responses from people. And so we had more men who made that particular statement right there.

So it will in this survey. Is there more than one person that said this or would you say there's a man that said this? Is this was this one person that this was their response to your question?

Again, this was grouped. So there the majority were men. So if you when you see that, that's what that represents. Right. So you're saying there are multiple men that said that. Yes. And again, they were grouped according to their response.

Right. So number six, the president pardons himself. People inside the White House suggest that this will be an admission of guilt and his critics will come after him.

So which that didn't happen, obviously, didn't pardon himself. So that was a concern. You did this before. Exactly. Exactly. So we had to do it in advance, obviously. So there were some things that we might see on here that, of course, are not down to the second because there were events that happened or things that changed during that time. So we said, why?

A majority of the women said, why are people continuing to say that the election was stolen when there had been no evidence? So that again, that was something that's an ongoing thing. All right, sir. It appears that the president just wants people to like him.

And if you don't, he will turn on you, just like he did his supporters telling them to come up to Congress and protest, take back their country to later say that none of his supporters would riot like these people did. This is not right. So that was that was a young couple who responded to that. And again, couples, they were multiple and we just grouped them according to the majority.

All right. Number nine, we had a we had some other couples, young couples who responded and said that the president really say go in and storm the Capitol. I believe the people who wanted to go in did it on their own. So that that was the majority of the young couples responses.

And then another gentleman said the president had a poor choice of words, but I believe that this is not an impeachable offense or high crime. So, again, that was a thing that came about as a result. And another young couple said everyone at the Capitol did not storm the inside and should not be singled out with those who did.

And I think that's that's a very good comment in the sense that we have a tendency to group and loop everybody in the same category to say everybody that was out there were acted improper. You know, they were mobsters or they were rioters. And that was not the case.

Same case as we saw this summer. There was only a handful of people who were out there rioting, burning stores and looting. And you had the same thing here, individuals. There were all of the people who were there did not storm the Capitol.

They did not riot. They did not assault the police force and etc.. Have you seen any monetary damages yet, Will? I haven't.

I tried to look some up the other day. See what they if they put a financial estimate on the damages at the Capitol or are the buildings that have been damaged with, you know, windshields or glasses or mirrors, whatever all has been broken. No, I didn't. I didn't see that at all.

Cars in the office building. So I haven't seen a dollar amount. But to your to your point, there's not everybody's looped in. But I guess the thing that comes to mind is the stuff that went on in 2020 in terms of damages and murders and results of some of those things. There's a lot of a lot more frequency, obviously, just because of the nature of the length of time that that spanned. And I think the latest estimates I saw, speaking of financial, between one and two billion dollars worth of damage done in 2020 to different businesses, government buildings, the whole nine yards between one and two billion dollars. So I was curious what this just how this thing shaped up against one day event.

How how did it turn out? And the fact they crossed the line when they went into the Capitol, you and I talked about this, that's protesting was certainly what they had the right to do. Everybody has the right to do in America and march, whatever needs to be done. But when they crossed the line and went into the Capitol, that's where they broke the law. And they the highest of highest of offices in our country was was violated in terms of integrity of the building, the security. And that should never have happened. And we need to call it what it is.

It was wrong. Exactly. Exactly.

And then we had a bunch of you that, you know, I interviewed said that all those who stormed the Capitol should be brought to justice. That's what our justice system is for. Yeah. Yeah, they should be. Yeah. Our justice system should do that.

All right. Next, I don't understand why some talked about hanging the vice presidents, the the QAnon horned hat guy lifting up for Mike Pence at Red's Justice is coming. So again, you know, and again, that's that's taking the behavior of one person and looping. I assume is what they're saying to your point earlier. The behavior of the few should not define the purpose of the group. And that's that's the ideology should be across the board, regardless of who it is. And of course, we'll be getting to that a little later.

All right. Next, why did the mobsters attack police officers if they say they support police officers? That was some women who who majority of the women that I asked, some of them had that question. And so we we put that on here. Why did they attack a police officers if they say we support the men in blue? Now, some of the people who arrests are now saying that the president's words inspired them to storm the Capitol. Of course.

What would you say if you're in custody? You know, that's a certainly easy way to say, OK, well, he made me do it. Yes, he made me do it. Well, you know, a lot a lot of a lot of us, we we have a tendency, I think, to put a lot of things on the enemy and say, well, the devil made me do that. And we heard that saying in in in a jovial and passing way in sitcoms that have come across the air.

OK, then we had the majority of the men. I felt the president threw the protesters under the bus by saying that a supporter of his would not riot and do damage the way that they did on January six. Yeah, that's that's an interesting statement because I don't know what he would have expected because he's helped to build this momentum in terms of some of the dialog about the inaccuracies and some of the reporting on the on the election.

You know, there's been narrative about that. And, you know, you just you keep feeling the engine at some point. It's going to start moving. And I think that's part of what happened here is that it started to move and got out of control really quick.

It did. So let's let's read that last one there. I couldn't believe what I saw when after the riot storm, Congress, they prayed to God for what they did. And then finally, there is no political savior in Washington.

And when we come back from the break, we're going to continue talking about this nation in crisis. TAWCMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month. They have Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town. The meeting location is at their gracious host church, first Christian church in Kernersville, 1130 North Main Street in Kernersville. They have a hard start at seven o'clock and a hard stop at eight o'clock. First time visitors eat for free.

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Call 336-885-1987. Welcome back to Man Talk Radio. And so we just finished up going through a lot of the questions and responses that people gave and a lot of those were interesting.

And we can comment for the rest of the broadcast on those. But I listed some of the individuals and I just did this on my own. I listed some of the people who were arrested during that actually went into the Capitol and did damage.

There was a CEO of a company and then later he said he regret doing what he did. There was two Virginia State Troopers. There was a newly elected Virginia State Representative. There was a middle school therapy teacher. There was a Texas real estate broker. There was a retired firefighter.

There was a sitting judge's son. There was numerous current and ex-military personnel. And then there was an active duty captain of psychological operations who also stormed. These are all people who were arrested for taking part in going into the Capitol and actually doing damage.

And last but not least, we had an Olympic swimmer who was out there and stormed the Capitol. So again, the reason for that is the mentality of people who actually went inside. The rioters who actually went inside, not the protesters who were outside protesting and exercising their amendment right to do so. We're talking here about the individuals who went inside and actually did the damage.

And it ranges again from a CEO all the way down to an Olympic swimmer. So if when you see this listener, what frame of mind does it put you in if you're a born again believer? Because we're talking to you today. We're talking to the individual who is born again. And when you read this, it doesn't matter what side you are on because we should not be taking sides.

This is the point. We should not be taking political sides, period. Political, when you get down into the weeds where Satan wants you to dwell, this causes damage to you mentally. It upsets and disrupts the Spirit of God wanting to lead and guide you because your mind has been refocused and reformatted, if you will, in that direction, which is ungodly.

It's an ungodly direction. No, you're right, Will. And I think it's important for listeners and for each of us always to hold each other in check. And you and I've had this conversation a few years back. I think it was the day of the Martin Luther King parade. I come out and we walked the Martin Luther King parade together in Greensboro.

And then you and I went and had lunch. We were talking about this very thing. It was maybe a year or two into the election.

I guess maybe Trump's candidacy a year or two in. We got to talking about what lens do people look through and how a person should look through. They should be looking through a biblical lens for all their decisions, for all their direction, for all their thought process, for all their beliefs. And when you try to water that down and make it fit back to a political view or to a particular side of the aisle, then you're going to do just what you're referring to. Satan's going to get a hook in you. You're going to get sidetracked. You're going to get distracted. And you're going to lose sight of what's really important.

And that's what God's direction is on your life. And so having said that, these things that we're talking about that are wrong, that were wrong in storming the Capitol, were wrong in all the riots last year that tore up buildings, that killed people, all those things were wrong. Period. You broke the law. You went beyond exercising your right. And we know there are instigators out there.

We know there are instigators in Washington, D.C. We know there are instigators in a lot of these protests. But what you've got to say to yourself is, is this a wise decision? And does this line up with the word of God? Yes. And see, when you say it, individuals are exercising their right.

We're not talking about the individuals who were rioting because, see, they their purpose was to come out and riot. Yeah. Just like the purpose at the Capitol.

There were individuals who were intending to go in. Yeah. And disrupt the whole process. But again, human nature has a tendency to put everybody within the same category. And so when we do this mentally, we again disrupt and block the Holy Spirit from speaking to us because we're looking at this. We're listening to other people. And so these things are now taking precedence over the spirit. Now, do we supposed to be doing that as born again believers?

Absolutely not. So listener, if you categorize yourself politically, instead of putting yourself in the body of Christ and say, I am a believer and I'm going to call sin, sin. I'm going to call out those things that are lawless. I'm going to call them out regardless of who doing them, when it's happening, where it's happening, who they are. I'm going to call sin, sin. And when you do that, then and only then will you be being led by the spirit because God hates all sin. Amen.

And you're standing on your standards, which are should be biblical standards. Absolutely. You're not being swayed because of a person's skin color, because of the person's political alliance or and that means on either side. Absolutely. Whether it be supporting or objecting or denying them, you know, because of their skin color, because their political relationship, because you're not worried about those things. Because, you know, you're loving your neighbor and you're caring for your neighbor. Right. You're serving your neighbor. So all these other things kind of go off the radar if you're doing that.

This other stuff really doesn't matter. So, you know, it's it's a healthy discussion, Will. So let's talk about this. You know, when I when you of course, you reached out to me the day this happened and I had not even been in front of the news. We were one of those couples who've elected to do away with that, you know, a thousand dollar a month cable bill and all that other stuff that goes on.

We're just using rabbit ears in today's time, I guess, digital antenna. But and we don't get very good news reception out there in the country. But point being, when you called me about this, I had no idea to what extent it happened, because it was just I think it was in process when you and I spoke that afternoon.

So, you know, as I got back and did get an opportunity to pull a few things on the Internet and look at what little bit of news I could gather. You know, it was quite disappointing to see that that the very thing that has allows people to protest and allows people to be present, that they were jeopardizing the lives of the people that are charged with upholding upholding all those regulations and putting all the laws in place and enforcing and being representative of the people. So that part was very disappointing.

So, you know, I I struggle with this whole last year and a half with all this stuff because I can't stand. And you know me, I can't stand for people to say I'm a follower of Christ and then their behavior looks different. You know, I'd rather them just say they're not a follower of Christ or just not claim it and live the way they want to live, as opposed to saying this is who I am. But yet their actions speak different than that. So and it's funny. I don't know that the one person said that on here about how they circled up and prayed. I don't I don't.

That was kind of kind of a real contrast, was it not? You know, here you're breaking the law and then you turn right around. And if indeed I didn't see this person, but maybe you have and and certainly this person has seen it somewhere that you turn around and pray. And how do you what are you going to pray?

You need to be praying for repentance in that moment, not praying to God. Hey, thanks for allowing us to break into the capital. So yes, indeed.

And we can take one one of these responses we could spend a whole show on. So I had I put down some other bullet points. These are just things that I put down that when when the people who I saw that were arrested. They hurt their family. Because if they were business owners and all of a sudden their face got out there on Facebook and YouTube. Now, people start not coming to your business as a result of your actions of storming the Capitol.

And this is what's happening. One individual within a family. And now the whole family is suffering as a result. We had five people who lost their lives, lives needlessly. There was a Georgia man who committed suicide over his part in storming the Capitol. All of these are in the news. One man was heard saying, stop, stop calling this a march. Congress need to hear glass breaking and doors kicked in.

And we just talked about that. Another headline said that now some that were arrested were seeking clemency. The FBI and CIA put out an APB out on a lady who took Nancy Pelosi's laptop, tried to sell it to the Russians.

But since that time, she has turned herself in. And then we had Major General Paul Eaton make a statement. He was retired. U.S. Army said that the ex-president was unfit for office. General Barry McCaffery, he said, stated failure of the Capitol Police for not providing sufficient and adequate protection for our policymakers. These are all men who served our country. Generals, major generals.

And when we hear comments like this, these comments, I believe, have a lot of credence. But I don't know to what extent the heart of that general, where his heart is when he make the statement. He's based on what he sees.

But I'd like to know what he believes. Yeah. So I'm curious what his comment, what the relevance of his comment says when he says the ex-president is not fit to serve. Well, that's one man's opinion. Exactly. Right. So, I mean, that's. But actually, but actually, before that, before that, there were several retired generals and admirals who made that statement. Yeah. So they were there were several.

It's just not one. Yeah. So, I mean, that's like anything. Well, any position, people will not like you.

And especially if you're doing things different than they've always been done. So, I mean, I'm going to play the I don't know that you're putting credence in four or five generals saying that he's not fit to serve. No, I'm putting credence in the fact that there were a lot of people who made the statement prior to him even taking office. Even some of the individuals in the primary who was running against him made the same statement. Ted Cruz and some of the others. And I'll say it. Well, that's OK. Kamala Harris called Joe Biden.

I don't remember. She has some very negative things to say about him before they became running partners. Absolutely. I mean, again, people have an opinion. So I think we as brothers need to be very. And see, it was heading in that direction. It's heading in that direction because you heard it here.

See, it's easy for you to for any one listener to gravitate and take that side. So we come back to join us next week. The rest of this conversation is going to get heated. Come back. We're going to be back here again next week. See you later.

Bye. As we wrap up today's show, be assured that TAWCMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men that are Christ followers with the desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings. Drop us a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on Man Talk today. Visit us at Men Walking the Talk. This is the Truth Network.
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