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The Sovereignty of God and the Elections; and Should Christians Boycott?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 25, 2016 4:20 pm

The Sovereignty of God and the Elections; and Should Christians Boycott?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 25, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/25/16.

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So when we elect the president is that God's will being done. Our will being done or combination of both. And when it comes to Christians and boycotting is a technique we should assure news for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown when I was in Alabama this weekend. Gentleman came up to me and said that when here's things happening in the news. Things that concern things that frustrates him. He knows that soon enough I'll be talking about them on the radio and when he listens. He appreciates that the subjects will be discussed with biblical clarity that gives him hope and I said then that's exactly why were on the air to discuss the issues in this world with biblical clarity in such a way that will give you courage and that will give you hope Michael Brown delighted blessed to have the opportunity to be with you driving up to the studio. My car today. I was praying Lord, let the shall be worthy of the great audience that we have the great doors you've opened up for us. Let it be worthy will learn together.

When you grow together again to sharpen each other together, and the number to call to get in the conversation. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 as always a lot going on a lot to talk about around the world, especially right here in America. I do have a very special prayer request from the feral islands to share with you shortly. But let's start right here Barack Obama is he president of the United States by God's sovereign choice. The words God ordained and decided Barack Hussein Obama would be the president of the United States or is it not quite so simple is he, the President of the United States, because of the way people voted, and God, let us make the choice or is it somehow a combination of both of those things God working through our choice and his choice of on the one hand, and the Old Testament says he sets up kings and removes kings in the New Testament. Satan makes the claim that he puts people and powers.

Was he lying was he saying that because people worship and follow him and therefore they make choices that cause these things to happen, or could it be that God works through what the devil does and through what people do or could God be saying you choose you choose right will be blessed you choose wrongly you will be cursed and that's where God's sovereignty gets involved. We think the upcoming elections. Donald Trump ends up being the president.

Bernie Sanders is up in the present, the confidence to be the president to Chris ends up in the president or someone to play the unexpected, which be more far-fetched now.

Can we say that is God's choice. Can we say God chose it. God ordained it. That's why happen or do we feel that in the Democratic Republic the way the nation is set up. This is our choice to make. God will bless the choice we make war be displeased with the choice we make, or someone is raised up for the purpose of judgment. So in other words, God giving us over to our choices, they could before divine judgment and his plan. How do we how do we bring together the sovereignty of God with the will of man, how do we bring together God's plan. God's purpose with human choices when it comes to the president of the United States, 866-3478 84. What's your take on this paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to line of fire served as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity, this is Michael Brown, call 866-34-TRUTH okay.

We look right now what's happening in the political scene and if you are for any of the four candidates that remain, of course, Don K-6, Dylan, but let's look at the four primary candidates. If you're strongly for any one of the four that means you probably have pretty strong feelings about the other three.

And you would be quite concerned if one of the other three was elected that perhaps the differences would be more intense between Republicans and Democrats there plenty people be terribly upset to see Donald Trump's president terribly upset to see take cruises, Pres. or Hillary Clinton or Bryce Akers, and for sure the direction of our nation will be greatly affected. For example, if you had Hillary Clinton in power and she selected Supreme Court justices. Let's just say that Pres. Obama is not able to select a Supreme Court justice and the Republicans don't let him do that.

So the replacement for justice, Korea would be in the hands of Hillary Clinton you be 100% sure, barring divine intervention that her choice would be totally different though choice of Ted Cruz, probably different from Donald Trump. We don't know for sure maybe similar to Ray Sanders but totally different Santa Cruz.

What about Second Amendment rights right to bear arms. What about other issues that pertain to life and family and other critical decisions that will be made by the court. Let's sit next president is in for two terms. Eight years that Pres. could potentially pick for Supreme Court justices would we say well we failed to get the vote out. We didn't vote the right candidate in and things went in the wrong direction.

We can pray adequately or would we say God's will is going to be done and the scenario unfolding now, especially the Republican side and embrace and are still being in the race. It's quite an unlikely scenario if a year ago you said the most likely candidate for president of Republican side is going to be Donald Trump or Debbie Ted Cruz people to such a crazy and if you said Bernie Sanders would be doing as well as he is as a socialist say you gotta be crazy will. Is it God saying I'm raising someone up to do something for America, far beyond what you understand or or looking like this, things need to get much worse before the church wakes up in the key to America's restoration is the church waking up and the key to fulfilling its God-given destiny is America wait a waking up all right is is that the case so perhaps we get the worst possible possible president in terms of Christian values and freedoms and the things on which our country was founded, but it is because of God's purpose it's because of God's purpose to raise someone up. Contrary to what we think is best because things need to get much worse for the church to wake up and if we had someone in office that we liked and we felt good about that.

We continue the sleep we continue to put her trust in the government. So do we need something even worse than what we had for the last eight years in terms of conservative moral values and religious freedoms and things like that I could that be the case so doesn't matter what efforts we go through in and how we vote.

God has a plan and God is going to raise some relic there are many who say God is raising up Donald Trump and God will use Donald Trump in positive ways for the good of the nation at one guest on who said that Donald Trump you like it divine wrecking ball to someone else's words with his same sympathies and then after that Ted Cruz would be raised up and in he would be the one to set things right.

So Donald Trump would be the one to come in and demolish and destroy. And then take Chris to be the want to come in and build up and restore to that be the case. Is there any other rational explanation for the success of Donald Trump or Chris of course the million rational explanations it there.

This is a Jerry Springer generation Americans of vulgar course generation is the reality TV star generation.

Donald Trump is just good business man appear into the fierce anger of of of many Americans explain his cards right and leaves behind a pretty good crust in a general election, so there is no mystery to hate.

I'm putting questions up, but as a believer. At the end of the day. As you pray as you seek God is my prayer.

It is someone who endures to Cruz. My prayer is not God bring Santa Cruz into office. My prayer is God. Your will be done for America because I ultimately don't know what God is going to do. I know what I can do in my responsibility. I know the judgments I can make it.

We each have to make as we vote assistance but the end of the day when whoever is is sworn in as our next president is sworn in. We be able to say I feel confident God's will was done because he is sovereign and we pray for God to have his way, or would you say will because we didn't pray or because we were led by the flesh or because we went for the wrong candidate, whoever you think that candidate is. We ended up with our choice and will suffer the consequences of it.

That's just the way it works in the Democratic Republic we think it's a theological question. It's a political question.

It's a social question, and it ultimately affects our attitude. It ultimately affects our mindset, our viewpoint because right now if if we say will the only reason that we have Barack Obama's presence because not enough evangelical Christians voted in the last election would say that your position will was at me.

So we didn't get God's will or how these things work. Just put these questions out 866-348-7884. Let's go to the phones beginning with Lee and Silver Springs, Maryland. Welcome to light a fire are very I'm doing very well thank you, about you for your great break. I out to go over the graph… Directory quality and chemically similar to work here with you by gaining honor, but like here. I don't think about that that thinking or thinking it is documented in that bill, but bring back the plan epic but my thinking is it where it powers that be are thing of God. Three.

President Barack Obama the God ordained may have in the world may have been of the divine will, however, it will work out America.

Yet look brought them back could be held up well done as well." So whoever gets in there it will be God, but it divine will be it will and regard in their plan and action.

Bill will be carried out. Got it Haley thank you for the thoughts I appreciated Romans 13 is what you speaking up with every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.

Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad.

Would you have no fear of the one whose authority than do what is good to receive his approval, is God's servant for your good golf courses raises the interesting question, doesn't it, that one of the authority is doing evil.

What if the authority is someone like Adolf Hitler. What if Hitler says you must tell us of any Jews you know hiding in your neighborhood, disable yes sir, you're the authority. Therefore, I do it say no. We have an explicit command not to murder therefore not complicit with murder and because of that we do not obey. We disobey the authorities as we have a pattern when Scripture, and whatever the authorities tell us to disobey God either. His explicit word or to disobey based on conscience or only right responses. Sorry, we must obey God rather than men. We must obey God rather than man. However, the point that Lee was making was not about that. It was about who put that person in power who raise that person up in authority that every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist are ministered by God or is the office of the president instituted by God.

That's the authority the person feels that that our choice as a work will talk this through. I got some constructive thoughts for you but I want to get your take. This is a great way you can sharpen one another to think, pray and ask a few very important announcements. We come back stage is joined Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott developed for unique behind the scenes tour of Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017. Space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner or color office at 704782370. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (line of fire.

I put this question up on Twitter Barack Obama is president of the United States, primarily those were primarily by God's choice. Our choice or combination of both 29% is his first 85 voted students a few minutes ago. 29% say God's choice. 24%. Our choice, 47% combination of both 866-34-TRUTH 784 okay if you important announcements just heard about our second ever Israel trying to talk you more about that tomorrow but find out about it now going to asked her to UC run on the homepage first or second batter that comes up click on that, you'll get a lot of information we got a special discount for torchbearers or monthly support is so find out about this is going to be an amazing trip gobbling less than one year from now some of you may remember in January I was in the Faroe Islands FAROE where they speak Sara Lee still under Danish sovereignty. I was in the Faro islands off the coast of's Iceland and I was there to do a debate with parliamentary members who were pushing for a bill that would redefine marriage. The risk quote gay marriage.

The Faro islands.

This is a country with a conservative Christian background, but under Danish influence.

There's a lot more liberalism now strong gay activist component and I was supposed to debate to parliamentary members about this. They ended up dropping out on short notice. No one else was willing to debate it with me. So I did a lecture which was very well attended.

Hundreds of people there 18 Islands 49,000 people great turnout on the lecture. The video was then distributed through the island for people islands for people to watch and right now it is scheduled for a vote tomorrow is scheduled for a vote tomorrow. The Faro islands redefine marriage or not there is a strong prayer request from intercessors pray that they will say no words pray for righteousness. Pray for God's will pray for God's best. Why would it be God's best. Why would it be God's righteousness to redefine marriage.

Obviously, it would not. So they are asking for for prayer. So can I ask you may be the only time in your life you've ever prayed for the Faro islands. Can I ask you to pray God help the parliamentary members there. 33 of them. Help them to do what is right. We can all agree to pray that help them to do what is right in your site.

Help them to do what honors you now when that vote is made will we say God's will was done. Whichever way it went. Will we say if it went the wrong way government does if it went the wrong way people disobey God. We do have choices to make, don't wait. If we can disobey on an individual level if I chose to to watch sports all day yesterday when God was calling me to pray that I disobey God. I can't say well because I did it. It made it God's will write if God was calling me to spend quality time with my grandchildren and and get into the word with them, and instead I said, let's just go see some stupid movie and have popcorn all day like disobey God.

I can't say will be so the stupid movie and had popcorn because that was the will of God is because it happened we make many choices that are contrary to God's revealed will.

We can say well I did it is God they be doing so they can say the devil may be do it, how much less yes it will. God may be dry sink is God they be do well is the same with national elections is the same with national elections and we are making choices and God will bless the right choice and judge the wrong choice, 866-348-7884 about to go back to the phones just reminder check out my latest article should be boycott target.

I plan to talk about that in the second hour broadcasting today. Also, my latest video, which asked the question what about tongues speaking in tongues is that for today was the Bible say she could find that it asked her to Brown air skate you are all right. We go to Columbia, Maryland, DAG, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown hello Dr. Brown answer. Go ahead. Talk a lot about children listening to everything around you mentioned how you know tomorrow and I'll make sure my butt prayer part of our Part of the action of the official being played like you have just mentioned.

If they go against God's will is not God's will, but is God placed them there.

Bob do believe we do have will be accountable for action by government.

I believe God placed them there officially look at the United States of America. Now think of gone with Obama being an alternate year. Christians have created something called Medicare.

The church is waking up and I believe gay marriage has been one of the greatest things that ever happened to now we have the business to standing up against the vileness and waking up and were helping each other a lot more US as an ambassador of homosexuality. The world and more more Christians are starting to see how Valdis is starting to pray more and I think Obama is God's choice because of all got it all right. So interestingly I very much appreciate the perspective's are that although these things are bad and under Pres. Obama. Let's just say abortion activists homosexual activists of the things like that. These are the negative. These have been in the worst interest of the country, but they are serving God's purposes and waking the church up and that's the bigger issue not having a godly president who will do the right thing. While the church sleeps on, but having a president who will make choices that we object to morally spiritually. But that's what it's going to take to wake the church up. The big question sir big question for all of us is what's it really going to take to wake up the church of America because my assumption is as long as we put food on the table flows we can have nice services as long as our kids are doing well. Many Christians will sleep right on. Therefore, it's imperative that we we don't wait for calamity to wake us up. We don't wait for disaster to wake us up.

We wake up because we love the Lord will shine brightly in this role. Thank you sir for the call.

I am going to continue to discuss this the next 30 minutes. You can join me on your radio stations you can join the online and asked Dr. just click on listen live capture every minute later today by going to archives by subscriber my podcasts God's sovereignty and the will of man, always complex issues. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to want to fire 866487884 this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you when I endorse Ted Cruz for president in my heart I knew there's no possible way you can make it in less God brings it about. In other words, I knew he was considered too conservative. I knew he was considered to anti-establishment that in the natural, there is no way he was going to get in. But that's exactly how it was when he ran for Senate that there was no way he was going to make it in and from what I was told he didn't do with the Texas Republican establishment told him he needed to do to get income to do it our way or else he did what he felt was the right thing to do based on principle and ended up getting elected by 14 points which, who would've expected that. So for the day I endorse to my feeling was, it can only happen by God's will that he could make it now some you might see at same with Donald Trump because it's too unlikely. Good that maybe your perspective or the cerebrum Sadducees to radical hate whatever I'm I'm just not putting to cruise in a certain light on to say that was my perspective on the radio. I do my best to just speak things as I see them as a burden as I'm concerned not to try to help. This will hurt that one so if I have a particular perspective say concern about Donald Trump. I share that not because under Santa Cruz but because our concern about Donald Trump.

Same with Hillary Clinton with Bernie Sanders and the senator said so that it degree without say what I wish you'd sit like this like that. The point I'm making is that ultimately I feel that if God wants him to be the president, he will be the president is a simple course of goblins that know what I mean is that if it's God's choice for him to be the president that gobble so arrange things that he becomes president. I don't see it happening any other way. Now, it doesn't mean I'm not involved, it doesn't mean I don't care.

It means ultimately that's my mentality.

Now, at the same time because I just say okay of Hillary close presence because God wanted that to have every that's it's interesting how we process things. Is it not. That's what were discussing today we go to Springfield, Virginia, Edwin, thanks for calling the line of fire. Whatever. Hey, go for you know I really like Orcutt Kruger really excited. Unlike notetakers are making art and I can check off every box in copies of everything. But you know I haven't seen think the campaign, worrying me and in thinking our are my being, you know you can't leave very but everybody.

Everybody what I what they say about either their actions so you know it, the whole thing with Ben Carson and with with was in Iowa in the mailers and and now him.

You know joining up with our case it to get Trump out.

I mean you know a loan from Goldman Sachs. All these things are kind of wordy immunity yet illegally says he is in a yellow tab in the I was saying is was completely ridiculous the bone. I reported nothing do with Santa Cruz.

It had to do with a bad reporting on CNN that was then passed on by one of his one of his people and then it ended up getting passed on misleadingly really goes back to Ben Carson taking a few days off and in and on time but supersymmetry spent out about. He apologized publicly and privately in the mail or you don't like that was campaign manager doing that is, standard practice, I don't like it. Wish he didn't do it. Ivan wrote you know privately just as an endorser saying that the young none of that's been repeated or taken alone, he took a loan repaid on II had loans from banks on my current mortgage unless mortgage was held by a bank that's super pro-gay activists, and this came out of the stances after doesn't say anything about the less it was so the cruises know he stood all the stuff he stands for. He stayed for you right now like on the bathroom transgender issues with Stan clear. I I look at his track record on his face things on that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown America America America America where are we headed, I don't want to get too much into specifics with different candidates back and forth but Edwin just one more comment. I wanted to make and finish the common I was making at the break number to call 866-34-TRUTH. The main thing I want to discuss is can we say that God's will was done with an election. Can we say well, God gave us what we deserve. Can we say at the end of the day the president we have is the president that God wanted us to have was God grieved and set never want you to have that president that you made wrong choices made sinful choices.

That's the discussion were having today but to finish the point I was making before the break, Edwin. As far as the values that's taken stands for. The values for which I endorsed him. He's been 100% steadfast on that and refused to move an inch. For many of them, and he's the one that stood up for the vote in North Carolina for HB two for the bathroom privacy act, and he's the one standing up for religious liberties consistently. He's the one taking Donald Trump to task for saying transgender is just use the bathroom of their choice and it doesn't matter what door that opens to heterosexual predators that doesn't matter what the work opens the inconvenience and embarrass others know go and do it to Sen. cruises stood strong and in fact eat came out was yesterday and said that that if Donald Trump dresses like Hillary Clinton, it doesn't doesn't make him a woman so he stood fast on those things.

And as far as your allegedly stealing delegates only just explained by the rules, but he's got a good grounding Barack Obama had an excellent strategy for election brilliant strategy and used data well to know exactly where to concentrate to get votes and how to use social media and things like that. Good grounding. Santa Cruz has a set of brilliant ground game much but in Donald Trump's. Of course Donald Trump is the power of his personality, his social media and so is nothing going on its illicit or illegal wrong it's disclaimer the rules and once doing a better job of it than the other but the other thing is far as John K Sik and Ted Cruz working together. I don't own the problem with it. Marco Rubio said all right he's dropping out of Ohio letting case acquittal highly concentrated his efforts on Florida case 16 didn't do the same and in Florida, but there was talk about her reviewing and and Ted Cruz draw with you when they're at their strongest. Right before Marco Rubio's decline people to team up team up because together, you two are stronger in Donald Trump would make a great president, vice president, eat whichever way it would go something that the least problem with that Donald Trump's power to team up with somebody if he wants tremendous why not to do what you want to try to get the right person indicates 1% according to prospective and everybody votes according all right. Thank you sir for the call. Let's go to. Let's see we go to Charlotte, North Carolina Stephen, welcome to the line of fire, you bet you're welcome, my character, comment, with all God in human responsibility except the great when it comes to president or any type of leader. I'm pretty convinced I'm not too dogmatic about it but I'm fairly could grant that the Bible from and Revelation. I found number over 80 record… Anyone, pacifically talking about your appointing team then ruler make the nation arrive make make him fall in excellent support and respect and honor the Kenyan and and under that nature.

And so, from what I gather where I stand and know how I interpret your very well think that God is completely sovereign, placing people ruler. Specifically, president and authority, but there is an out human responsibility on the responsibility maybe perhaps we got it in but more so we're not an apology to credit our job iPad is actually in a way in which English adamantly want to, but we want and often but we needed you found trying to put on voting and endorsement, correctly and on the Bible stand on biblical principle and think if if if the nation's United States of America truly was a Christian nation. It's not but if it were a true authentic follower of Jesus Christ gospel will nation and God would have no reason to put someone near bad enough to make bad ungodly, but we aren't then note that definitely out of the conversation or that become.

Clement, who is going to make ungodly choices to let like you mentioned to rattle the church and get on the act and when it comes document, not he doesn't force them to do anything wrong. He rather just put somebody in office and they have their choice. They had their free will, the responsibility to God to be a godly leader or an ungodly job I hate II appreciate the perspective and you rightly bring up there lots of layers to this in terms of everything that's happening what God is doing behind the scenes, how he's interacting with choices that we make and what he doesn't doesn't do actively. I appreciate the call sir, I thank you much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH we go to Boston in Jack. Welcome to the line of fire. Think of the Brown for your children you today. Thank you. You're welcome.

I Eileen O yeah I listen to the my way to my appointment, you'll show and I'm barely written about your question about relabeling show theme the president or any get any any leader or political leader in any nanny country political monomeric. I strongly believe that God is behind being daddy in control, and even though that we'll have title of involvement on that on the election by no got to know what boat godly their ultimate being the ultimate disposition, you know, and in comparing American in my opinion I strongly believe that these elected to be crucial and in my hope is that the next president can be a person. God but but also the Bible: the Bible that good of the Bible. I can be that the Bible prophecy is fulfilling on the dot email displacement turning away from God. The church leaping the church. If not, they can expand that use of postal. I think we wait too long to take Dan and now the church is an area that offer the persecution in order for us to wake up and because we are sleeping with lumbar we are not taking care about where ministry as we post so God has to be persecution denoted to wake up the church in order for the for the church to depend on God completely because we are sleeping like I bet all God has to wait the leader and liking the early church that God make that that the Emperor old and they getting the question, but the gospel was growing rapidly and I will respect and like in the different way so we need back today and I think we are heading that way MA.Jack if you think, for example, fax a F to the martyrdom of Stephen and Saul breathing out threats against the believers. There's a terrible persecution in the believers are scattered from Jerusalem, the apostle stay in Jerusalem. The others are scattered within the gospel is advanced through the on the other hand, you could say look at persecution in the Middle East and northern Africa. It's virtually destroying the Christian witness there that's been there for many centuries been destroyed by radical Islam persecution is terribly destructive, but for sure. Jack often it's only things going wrong that wake us up.

I appreciate the call so is it possible that God by his choice because of the sleeping state of the church will raise up an ungodly or destructive president so that rather than us. Looking to the White House. We will be forced to wake up. Is it like someone who for decades is not eaten in a healthy way. And now gets a serious heart attack didn't kill them but it's debilitating and they must eat super healthily and then have a regimen of exercise and if so they could live a long healthy life, but without that heart attack. They might've had a fatal heart attack is that we find ourselves today. That's impractical thoughts. I want to grab a couple more calls Fred Kevin your next we come back and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back to want to fire 866287884 I would say for sure.

One thing that we are in agreement with is that much of the church in America sleeping that it could be that God raises up or allows us to choose a wrong president for the purpose of waking us up because the hope of America is a vibrant church, the hope of America is God's principles, God's ways being our ways. The hope of America is not a theocracy where unelected clergy rule over the nation by force, the hope of America as a return to God. So the question is what can we do now. Do we want to wait for the heart attack.

So to say. Drew wanted wait for things to get worse.

Things are crazy now and still many Christians are still sleeping when we do to wake up. It starts with each of us individually to earnestly go after God starts with each of us individually to to recognize the seriousness of the hour starts with each of us individually making choices to seek God to to turn off the distractions to get into the word determine our families and say we've got to get hold of God and be witnesses and stand for what's right. Starts with us going before the Lord sinks search me out more to my sleeping. My compromise, remember when you sleeping you don't know it 86634 sure. Let's see we go to Richmond, Virginia.

Fred welcome to light a fire. I don't think Mark all I think we need a Oglala prayer and really take the letters out but it think I'm ready to engaging people we know you know a workplace family, friends, church, everywhere no and Sharon and get involved in this whole thing now I think it's up to me after not just the eight years of what we've been through with Obama by you before that we can't really wake up and and and GW need a change in out link were doomed.

We had several heart attacks and was still not eating well. We have a true yeah we had enough reason to wake up to say we need something even worse in terms of server the values in terms of of of moral stance. Yeah that's that's a little scary what what I've done is not go to get the first time you're reading about the initiation of King Saul and get extra water reminds me out and and the people's desire to want somebody needing care and God told him they would regret it in yeah I sent. I think this is there's a parallel there's a theological parallel at as well. Fred writes that the Johnson file.

Do this and here's the one to raise up, but I'm giving you over to your choice and to your your will and will be consequences hay in this. I want to grab a couple more calls but thank you I I think these are important comments.

Fred, thank you for weighing in 866-34-TRUTH I Kevin in the Bronx. Welcome Sir to the line of fire… Mark all I yeah what can we do now and the only thing I like the word of God once we get to date, we get dealing with the will of God will people perfect will of God will all we can do now is repent and turn a hot back and got the interesting thing with that though it don't God make vendor forgiveness. I think we were under the delusion, thinking that that mean God will and judgment pronounced on America be called out. Turning away from God, repenting and coming back into it, but didn't love it. I let let's not black belt judgment is going to calm one, if we keep turning away… Big people eat you the will of the people. If you will then think again recognize the error by way and that we need to come back so I like going out.

It but I think people are deluded into thinking that they we have to change in turn back to God. We think that God did not pronounce judgment.

The house right to make it. Yes, the limit is immediately responsive. Thank you Kevin for for weighing it. On the one hand I could point to Jeremiah 18 whenever God's gonna bless nation if that nation turns Wayne sends us that a blessing or curse occurs nation, a nation turns away from a from their sin returns to God, then instead of cursing helpless. We do have that principle at the same time, we see that that God did not forgive what Manasseh did even know he repented at the end of his life in order to silo the nation repents to so much innocent blood had been shed. Even though God personally forgave Manasseh and received the repents of Josiah. There was so much that had been done that some judgment had to come so my perspective, Kevin is this if we turn to God for mercy. He will have mercy, but there will still be discipline in the mercy because the blood of the unborn is still crying out and the blood of of of the inner cities still crying out and the perversion of many things and got established in our land or crying out, and those sold into human trafficking, slavery, and or exporting of porn around the world and all of the negative that these things are crying out so I believe we can still receive mercy, but I believe that there will be discipline in the mercy or at the least the consequences of what we done job Wolf forgive the lifetime cigarette smoker and may even extend that person's life, but there's no guarantee that after seven years of cigarette smoking. He suddenly got clear up the lungs.

Hey, I wish I had more time for calls.

I'm out of time. I do want to say this number one. Pray your will be done.

God your will be done in elections number two. Do what you know how to do turn to God and and to turn away from sin and to pursue his righteousness because were living in urgent revolutionary times there going the wrong direction now, but by God's grace that could be turned in the right direction number three get involved still time to get informed about who candidates really are and what they really stand for get past the political talk it past the rhetoric and really look concern read and understand and pray and think for yourself right and then get involved. Accordingly, with voting, but friends, my simple way of looking at all of this is that there's human responsibility in this divine responsibility and they do work hand-in-hand and ultimately I believe that God's choice for America will reflect the state of the church in the action of the nation.

My commentary on Jeremiah we have a very special resource offer to sign Jeremiah commentary and exclusive teaching on DVD go to my website. Asked Dr. Brown. The Lord find a more very relevant to today's discussion. My bottom line today. What we do know is this. We can pray and repent can act both worship our sovereign God. So when we elect the president is that God's will being done. Our will being down or combination of both. And when it comes to Christians and boycotting is a technique we should assure news stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown the last hour we had a fascinating discussion about Pres. elections God's sovereignty. You can catch that whole hour on the website asked Dr. Brown the legislator today. Click on latest broadcast or if you don't subscribe I podcast now go ahead and do that you do that on the website asked her to and get involved. By not missing a minute of the show, but we welcome all of you to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown enthusiastic thrilled blessed with the privilege and opportunity of speaking to on radio via computer or cell phone podcast when gentleman told me he never misses a broadcast. I am his running companion so as you are jogging, sir, and or ma'am whoever's jogging with me right now. Hopefully this'll smile on your face and sprinting your step can't push through.

You can do it. That said, over K if you're jogging for two hours listening to me than you are running the marathon for doing that on a regular basis all right 866-34-TRUTH 7841 a focus on the subject of boycotts, boycotts, let me look right now.

American family Association when I left my office Friday afternoon, the announced boycott was what a couple of days old at that point a boycott on target when I left my office Friday afternoon to fly to Alabama for weekend of ministry. There by the way, my one hour flight from Charlotte North Carolina Birmingham Alabama was delayed for hours yeah could driven there that time when I left my office. It was summer over 200,000 signatures ready for people saying they were boycotting target when I look at it just now it's 543,659.

This is become somewhat of an Internet sensation. A lot of news outlets talking about it. People just said enough is enough targets crossed the line.

Enough is enough.

On one of the signers. I also plan to call and explain why. As others have been asked to do so.

It is this something we should do the should we engage in boycotts.

All we are hurting our Christian witness. If we do or are we getting involved in earthly things. We should be thinking that heavenly things or are we being inconsistent because if were going to boycott companies that are aggressively supporting LGBT activism while hanging on right now. I'm sure the computers I'm using Microsoft so PCs. Microsoft is long since been a aggressive pro-LGBT activist company switch over to Mac. Well, that's even worse. Let's see, I've got up at home a Hewlett-Packard computer.

I think there high on the list of active companies supporting gay activism of flu on American Airlines the other day. They've they've long been champions often fall overseas on Delta. They've long been champions of the car you drive car manufacture gay activists credit cards you use words Visa, MasterCard, Discover I mean, most of these companies American Express.

They check off well on gay activist causes food. I mean probably close you where places you shop so should we even bother. I just have to, live in a cave and a rock somewhere boycott everybody always set out the purpose of boycotting at all something else going on here what you think 866-348-7884) file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown not not discussion we've had in years past on the line of fire how we feel.

When Bruce Springsteen cities I can come to North Carolina because he doesn't like the bathroom privacy act when Pearl Jam says they're not coming when Ringo Starr says he's not coming when Cirque du Soleil L say they're not coming this read about someone else today. Forget who it was said they are not coming to protest North Carolina values how we feel when they do that was to hate that you're right that your call and react accordingly. Would you say how dare you the wrong thing to do with them what makes their boycott wrong in our boycott right there is an interesting perspective on the Christian Post by Carmen fallow the burgers not familiar with her president of the Presbyterian Lake committee and she says no know we shouldn't boycott number one is it's true that sexual predators exploit the freedom and trust in our society. Let's true predatory behavior remains illegal at all times and all places target is on notice that there's concern and fear that the policy bites predation, they should be given the opportunity to prove to be good corporate citizen by announcing specific plans to ensure the safety of all people in the stores tell you what. Tell you what I'm not for playing games on not receiving well, let's see if they can have a good safety policy in place. What about all the people for whom it's not an issue of safety, but they're just terribly uncomfortable. My wife Nancy said she would go into a fitting room there, knowing that a biological male may come walking in the not not notice you say your average transgender person is not a sexual predator. Of course, how can you make a statement that your average Christian to present your average person is not a sexual predator.

We agree average person is not a sexual predator and presumably a man watches the ladies room whose transgender is not using ladies room because he wants to check the ladies out the WebQuest is he so attracted to women since roughly 98% of men are attracted to women as opposed to attracted to men as her primary attraction and same with women primary attraction 90% even higher. Women are attracted to men rather than to women, yet there might be a lesbian woman. It's going to a fitting increase was try to check some out will look over door checks and money out of something with that. Presumably, the vast majority present. Let's not the case that we know the case with veteran with with with tragedy, but either way either way. Why play Hamlet sound target does will soon predators get it, and aside from that, what about those are just uncomfortable. I suppose from a grandmother… If not going in the bathroom for Gazan walking on and be uncomfortable even if he identifies is one icing videos were people done tests and end women screaming to get out on transit to get out what she says we need to step back and knowledge was actually having a larger scale, deeper level of culture shifted and nonsense has replaced common sense and many sectors. Yeah nonsense like if a man identifies his woman is therefore woman Dr. Keith ablative psychologist appears on Fox News. He said look into what what if you you are convicted for crimes he committed your 30 years old, but you identifies a 14-year-old you consciously identifies a 14-year-old. Should you not be tried as an adult goes on and on and on with other other illustrations. If perception is reality then anything goes. Then we need to have litter boxes in the bathrooms for for the people identifies cats number three.

The boycott was neither persuasive nor effective. States colleges professional sports associations global corporation performs a bulge on the boycott of states laws require that public environments refuse the restroom that corresponds with their birth certificates in a boycotting target is to protect turnaround's verified was accomplished well, let me suggest this, and I appreciate the point she's raising and I'm raising this question on the air here to have a discussion, but but think of this with me right. Think of this. What if, in good conscience, you simply can't do business with the place.

What if that's your big issue.

I'm sorry I can't do business with you because I have a strong difference of opinion. I I can't in good conscience give you my business what I know how you are scorning our values ever read my latest article which addresses this question should be, boycott or not. Please just click on latest article. Let's let's think about this a little further. A man goes to target with his little daughter he asked her how you'd feel if a man came into the bathroom. Why would you want what we want to come to the girls room because he thinks is a girl. She was uncomfortable with it. She felt it was weird. And here's a girl say, why would fight him and so you got there daddy. This is little girl could be uncomfortable while they go and speak to target and targets is yes it is true that a man could use that the ladies room ladies bathroom dressing room but what a target for post on Facebook. Hey, there's a handicap bathroom so why not use that would propose on Facebook.

Why not use that that handicap bathroom you can take advantage of that so high up so 99 point whatever percent of the people who were not Christian. 4.2.identifies Christian and for which there is still not a fixed and clear and definite medical or psychological diagnosis. To say that were not dealing with perception versus reality that every body then all the men and women are uncomfortable with this to the 99% percent plus of the population should use the handicap room and less than 1% abilities. The men's lizard, so it should be the opposite wall that would be discriminatory. That would be discriminatory.

Hang on, hang on, aren't you discriminating against everybody else. Aren't you discriminating against that father and his daughter. Why discriminate against the 99+ percent to accommodate the less than 1% and in then what if the demands of that less than 1% become more and more unusual or more and more bizarre at what point do we draw the line.

But for me, my question is is there a time to boycott when it's right. Is there a time when you simply say I can't give you my business now look, I order from Amazon all the time I order books from Amazon almost day and night. I they have been extremely good with customer service. Their prices has been having very good now I know that Jeff is us that the head of Amazon has given a lot of money couple million plus I was own pocket to gay activist causes.

I know that Amazon celebrates Gay pride month in June at the same time. Amazon carries my books quickly happen to America. Can you began Christian, outlasting the gay revolution.

Amazon carries all of those books of mine and Amazon has worked with me when people have a together conspired to to post negative reviews. For example, if I can document that this particular gay activist website. On this particular day of summer will send me the link Dr. Brent, have you seen this on this particular day. This particular again activist said go after Brown's book post negative reviews and pintos the most vulgar, dense comments and things like that and so that you get 10 one star reviews that just came in and they've got the most obscene links at the end and things like that. They've they've told some of those they've actually done that so I'm happy to work with them because I'm still in this world and I work with them to get my message out. Same with Facebook. We know that Facebook is famously gay activist from an end under transgender activist pressure even came up with 50 different ways to define your gender, including 10.

At the same time. And on top of that, when that wasn't enough, you fill in the blank come up with whatever change you want, but at this point, Facebook has worked with me or Facebook community over 360,000 people asked her to run a scan of your brown and they have worked with me up to now and they have when things have gotten pulled posts that people complained about radical Islamic posts that were complained about post them to do with gay activist issues. Maybe my account was shut down temporarily because of protest, but they have been fair to reinstated and to work with me so because of that I did work with them now. We work with PayPal for years and of course do whatever you want that respect on PayPal you can be buying a million of my books and outlets in the gay revolution through PayPal or or supporting our ministry through PayPal don't stop you but went PayPal crossed the line and said they were not going to come to North Carolina and open new business here and create 400 new jobs in Charlotte because of the North Carolina bathroom privacy act to me that crossed the line to me as someone living in North Carolina that was a direct slap in my face because of which ministry is working hard to replace PayPal with just about set to do the on the website. So where does one draw the line. Take your call as soon as we come back, stay right there for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of 87884 is never called to boycott or not to boycott, let me throw three thoughts and then go straight to the phones. One is conscience. If I know a certain company has crossed the certain line if I know that Joy given my business is one question Sackett can the boycott be used to awaken people to initiate to to draw attention to something in the society I've been addressing things about LGBT activism for years now.

People now waking up through the target boycott through other things that are happening they are waking up so is is that a positive purpose and then lastly we send the message do we send a message through these boycotts or are we hurting things more than help. We hurting our witness that your greatest concern. What do you think we go to the phones starting in Fairfax, Virginia Claire, welcome to light a fire back around half can you hear me yes loud and clear. Okay great I should boycott, and I believe that we need to be strategic about it on and off band together to boycott one at a time to have happened with the target store yet yet we've we've got to be strategic. Otherwise, you know, we are fighting 10,000 things at the same time and again that the goal is not like the target out of business. The goal is we awaken people to the issues involved. We awaken people to the madness of our society. We awaken people to larger cultural, moral, social issues, and we sent target a message saying look, if you want to get so radical on this and disrespect 99% your clientele or whatever the numbers 80% your clientele.

You have to, if you want to disrespect us so as to not offend tiny minority of people and their allies. Sorry we we can't in good conscience give you our business and then it also calls us to make righteous choices may be target with your favorite store in the most convenient and the closest reef you get everything you needed and the best price is new. So, spend little more and drive a little further.

That's also something healthy in that regard. So, so clear, are you married or have children okay so as as a single woman.

Why does this affect you. Brown felt very uncomfortable. I would not want to transgender 90 when I went a transgender person acting but they are in a different location affect me that often at one time. I like and accurately. He came in and you to exit early.

All he totally covered all of the stall and I would like eye contact with a transgender and that was very uncomfortable, so it very uncomfortable yet… Realistically it doesn't mean you hate people visiting your quote transfer over the charwoman. It's only natural.

When you see there is a male next to me and and cannot in a tall enough to to look over and you don't you know number one you don't know who that person is. Are there sexual predator or not.

If they weren't allowed in the bathroom because men are not allowed. The women's bathroom so that makes life a lot easier than anything I could get in the first place is not a predator. The vast majority of men are still attracted to women is an uncomfortable thing and it look is it fair, it's a bathroom it's is private.

In fact, that thanks for for sharing your perspective Claire.

I'm totally with you.

Listen, I was in Alabama over the weekend and I was speaking to one fellow who works at a YMCA and he said Stephanie is strong see a strong Christian emphasis there and they every year if they're involved in working at the Y. I guess he does volunteer work in the midst of other responsibilities. Everyone every year has to go through a test. There's an exam you have to answer certain questions you have to be aware of certain public safety issues and laws and things like that and it consistently because have the presence of children, families, big big big big issue massive issue is child safety massive question is sexual predators and always comes up on the questions he was telling me that what's the right answer. Where is it most common for children to be abused or taken advantage of in private areas like bathrooms, while then what you do what you do about some sort of Jesus didn't say anything about all of us certainly didn't. Matthew 18. He said whoever causes one of these little ones to stumble better than a millstones hunger is next on the deaf. Sincerely, said that the angels in heaven who look at the father. They're always looking at the wall for these little in other words someone hurts a little ones that something that is reported to the father immediately by the Angels. That's how serious these things are and again the question is do we have compassion on those who struggle yes but we do not we do not turn the world upside down to accommodate the 20% struggling. We look to help them in the midst of their struggles rather than celebrate them. Bruce Jenner woman of the year we have compassion try to help them if they say we don't need your help. When not handicap. We don't need your compassion will find and make your bed and sleep in it was a piece. It is not a disorder is not a problem. When I handicap were perfectly whole in every way and it and and Bruce Jenner is a woman just get over it. Well, if my wife is uncomfortable with Bruce Jenner in the bathroom or the locker room was for my wife. I was for my wife that's really simple and a bruschetta and I don't need help. I don't need sympathy I don't have an issue I don't have a problem must also pray for him to pray little find wholeness and really come to know the Lord but I have so I can celebrate that mask again if you get a blind kid in school, you cause require all children to close their eyes and read with braille or decelerate. Let's do our best to help out this one child is handicap again. Of those who identify strands don't think they're handicapped in any way womanand special treatment that if you say we don't have a leader handicap a disorder of any kind, emotional, psychological, biological, fine blend don't come from just appealing for all kinds of special treatment right. But if you say that we do have a need and can you imagine what it feels like to not be at home in the body you were born in okay then, let's work with you to try to help rather than celebrate it and become a man is woman of the year, 866-348-7884 number: hear from you all right, Matt, Tara, we come back, you are next. I got some neat news for everyone who lives in greater Charlotte, North Carolina with everyone in North Carolina as a whole. I got some great news. Stay right there. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown what time to time in our nation's history. Boil. Boil boy this is Michael Brown. What a privilege to be on the air with you to address life-and-death issues together.

Talk about the fate and the direction of our country and to talk today about boycotts to boycott or not to boycott that's the topic of my latest article now that target is declared war on gender. Should we boycott target 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Remember last year Target announced that it was doing away with the concept of boys toys versus girls toys. Instead, all toy aisles are now gender-neutral. Since target didn't want to promote gender stereotyping as if it's bad to say that most boys prefer G.I. Joe toys to little Princess toys. Most girls prefer dollhouses to Nerf guns or girls like pink and boys like blue's were target said last year in the toys aisles will also remove reference to gender including use of pink, blue, yellow, or green paper on the back walls of our shelves so target within the vast majority of its customers rather than offend a handful of customers who have a problem with gender distinctions okay then Facebook now says all bathrooms fitting rooms gender-neutral you identify certain way you can go in the bathroom or fitting room of your choice.

This was targets official statement to get more on this read my article should be boycott target asked Dr. ask your you can read.

There are so many websites and at the moment, the AFA called to boycott target less than a week old has 554,000 signatures. Be sure to call their customer relations number as well. That's one 800-440-0680 1-800-440-0680. If you miss that disc with American family Association website FA just read the boycott target article just called politely explain why you won't be doing business with target anymore targets official website statement. Inclusivity is a core belief or target something we celebrate.

We stand for equality and equity strive to make our guests and team members feel accepted respected welcome in our stores and stores workplaces every day. Translation translation of it. This will target really means exclusivity is a core belief target. If you don't accept a radical transgender activism, you will not feel accepted, respected, and welcome in our stores workplaces every day.

In particular, if you don't want exposure kids to grow men and ladies rooms are pure and comfortable sharing a fitting room with someone of the opposite sex.

That's why millions of Americans will soon be sent target resource shopping or stores which radical activism in your scorning of our concerns has driven us away, all right. I am going straight to the phones.

I mean immediately straight to the phones when we come back. I've only got a minute now before the break if he didn't hear this. You want where there was a rally in North Carolina today in support of the bathroom privacy act, HB to thousands came to show their support of Gov. McCrory and the state legislature for passing the bathroom privacy item looking at a great great crowd that showed up to peacefully stand in support and if you recognize that the greatest need that we have is awakening the church if you live in greater Charlotte join me this Friday night. I'll be joined by my son-in-law Ryan Ross and the whole purpose of our Friday night services to encounter got a fresh to experience a reviving in our own hearts and lives. So this will be hosted by fire church right near the Charlotte motor Speedway in Concorde. Find out more. Discover my website asked Dr. Brown. Ask if your Brown door click itinerary. That's four nights from tonight, Friday night 7 o'clock no additional charge. Of course we want you there. When encounter God will be right back with your calls joined Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott Melvin for unique behind the scenes tour of Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017. Space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner four-color office at 704782370 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown gender the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire to boycott or not boycott obviously can't boycott everybody but are there so many circuit across the line need to send a message that is the great question were asking today 866-34-TRUTH and we go straight to the phones as promised Matt in Carmer Iowa. Welcome to the line of fire. Curator everywhere around this area comment about boycotting. I think I love Daniel share directly circular going to go some great boycott and how they handled the situation.

And, you know, despite outgoing church. I cannot do this. They didn't do you know something that was wrong and auditor that I used to work at target your manager target and I was really convicted of how they handle things that I am the quitting work emeritus I could handle what specifically did you run into Matthew couldn't handle just when experts are the LGBT here, whatever that transfer director Stella bothered me how they I once his telephone hours were skirt to work it would better allow circular backroad at this particular store, but Scripture allow that were skirt and I was ridiculed and made fun of him told me what you want to get made fun of them door strict work and now it's really funny because now I've changed all this by pink how are. How ironic that a partly ridiculed me, but years later they care for many governments bathrooms women government bathrooms that I would say that's that's the height of irony there. Matt, what, what do you the three young Hebrew men doing in Daniel three won't bow down to your idle throws in the final by that your idle was Daniel doing Daniel six told not to pray. But I will pray through in Launceston that will pray so how does it translate out target you say okay in good conscience, we can give your business trashing our values.

You're not caring about our concerns.

You are catering to a tiny tiny tiny minority there concerns their set sail with the toy isle with gender stereotyping have less what percentage of the people who shop at target.

Do you think Rupp said with the hear the boy toys are the growth was what what percentage you think Rupp set 2% 5% things even 10%. Even so, there's no way under the sun. I could believe that the majority of people shopping at target were offended that they had peers boy toys his growth was and I could almost guarantee of the vast majority of boys that went in there gravitated certain toys in the vast majority of girls gravitated certain other toys. No gender stereotyping. No one offends trans community and others with the sensitivities to turn the world upside that makes no sense. 86634 Charlotte there is no let's go to Linda in Salt Lake City, Utah. Walking to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. Yes, I can thank you for taking my call. I doubt I never angle boycott community. I got back at that affect me. I got her with that medical problem with juvenile diabetes and expanded the paraplegic under both in bathroom. My daughter have to change her insulin pump for her glucose monitor very exposed doing at time my paraplegic friend have to empty a catheter bag every few hours were already vulnerable in the bathroom are made to be even more vulnerable by the rat in bathroom where creditor had have barriers removed now and and they have extra access to people who are especially vulnerable. Like my daughter and I don't have.

I know now. We've talked about handicap community in the public debate about the personal Linda I I'm sure that as you listen to general debates on many issues that we touch on say your daughter or your friend that the vast majority of the time were not really thinking about the handicap and that we're we tend to leave them out of the discussion a lot and I think what we need to do say okay this is a legitimate issue a legitimate physical issue with your daughter and may God give her grace to be in overcome her rent and even bring healing and physical healing to her life but she has these particular struggles paraplegic having who can imagine those those struggles and challenges that the that your friend has there, but we recognize it is a handicap and or even in that case, we are sensitive to it. So for example you have the handicap spaces should be the closest to to place a people try to access get into a store I get into buildings, church services, you know that you have a handicap so because there is a handicap for some of the wheelchair here.

Some of us walking with a cane and that will moves very slowly to recognize that that you don't then say were making a whole lot handicap and we have two spaces for healthy people with target has said they said this on their Facebook page. My wife Nancy saw with their own lives.

When people were upset with the bathroom policy. They said well we have a handicap bathroom want to use that self why don't all of the people who are not struggling use that in the ones who are struggling out take over the other bathrooms. That makes no sense. And then here's the other thing does the transgender identified person want to say I have a handicap drink.

Do they want to say that I have a handicap.

Most don't they. They work strenuously to get the word disorder removed from the DSM-V. The diagnostic and statistical manual of the American psychiatric Association sources gender dysphoria notices gender identity disorder so you don't want to be treated like you have any handicap so why you try to turn the whole world upside down.

Then, you instill the question no one can answer right now in North Carolina if if a man when it's is this a public right is a private place can do whatever he wants. They they going to the YMCA. I go in there with a wig identifies a woman right now so we can stop me and sister. You can't go in that locker. No identifies home. It doesn't matter sir, you can go on that locker room right now. Let's say that there is somebody else tall guy like me sexual predator but he's going to put the weight on okay is good for the weight and he's gonna go on there saying identifies his will. She can't get either right, but if the law changes at target. That guy could get it because you can't distinguish between the two. So we play games with this are we going to say and then how is your daughter going to feel certain you legitimately trans and your harmless and in your struggle.

Your Frates was gonna punch in the face as you and you know what if one of my father sees you come as you punch in the face of you legitimately trans in your scared as I am and and and and or are you a sexual predator. How can I tell the dirt you put on your daughter. Come on in my dark paper my friend Kate getting to deliver your implant in order empty. You can't click the file door necessarily look at wheelchair when you're angry. And after that, and finally happened to identify that day and the opposite gender, then and they have access to somebody who cannot get out of bed, vulnerable situation.

Yeah. And in this this way by someone. Target says that's not a concern or concern is we don't want to offend or trans customers and their allies than what they're doing is spitting in the face. Everybody else an assumption I would dare say that the Community much larger community and half a percent of the population exactly and if you do with handicap so it's it's everyone handicap that would be wheelchair handicap it's it's handicaps and in others that you mention states either your daughter with with that issue and then then there there are others out there with the percentages of people who are blind or people or some other physical handicap, so I'm quite sure it's way way way higher than transmitted and it once again, in the vast majority of cases were not even dealing with something that's clearly definable, medically, that look. I can imagine José for the thousandth time what what someone deals with that's tormented and is convinced the ringer on body and their good use of its culturally very difficult and dress differently and in venous hormones and even of radical surgery on the downtime struggle I'm saying let us help you in the midst of the struggle.

Rather than ask us to celebrated internal world upside down.

If you haven't signed the target boycott yet go to right on the homepage, which the current number C was 554,000 seconds ago commencing out hundred 57,000. Let your voice be heard.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is so that I see several thousand gathered today at a rally came from different parts of North Carolina to support Gov. Cory to support the bathroom privacy act that was passed HB two and 42 of red ABC news about 20 counter protesters were there so look this is this is where the sentiments are. This is common sense this, that even religious freedoms issue.

This is common sense in this if I as a consumer was shopping in the store. My favorite grocery store right and II got in organic fruits and vegetables there and everything was fresh and that store, then said we hate Christians, we despise Christians, we think you are primitive bigots while I try to witness some of their share the gospel. It was okay, can you be my business. That is a bit of a ridiculous scenario but you you understand what I'm saying. Many years ago Starbucks responded a certain way when they were actively sponsoring activism in Charlotte, North Carolina, and when I reached out to them and said hey this is what's taking place there in the public events much more vulgar than they been in recent years, and I somewhat took pictures I select. I hate even do this but look at these pictures. This is what happened at the event.

And here it hurt pornographic displays in full view of little children and I can look through the pictures you sentiment in this, they said that we sponsor all costs of diversity said okay how about this we would you tell me when you sponsor pro-life rally or hesitant how we don't like the way this conversation is going under no circumstances with a sponsor that kind of diversity center for the life of the unborn would stand up for marriage and family so even on not a coffee drinker, but a coffee drinker, I don't go to Starbucks and at airports all the time and often you no longer bother water and will have on the water in years past, ragged brownies and sweets was an even more. But yet Starbucks we could place you have this as a matter of conscience for me not to hurt them know it is one person unconscious article and if someone says hey let's go Starbucks get it, that's fine. If they take me, and they do something that's their conscious on file with the just personally that's the case, so that was target went when you are now going to disrespect Christians on this level and and disrespect moms and dads because friend that night and Christians's common sense really show that level of disrespect. Well, sorry I can't give you my business. By the way, go back to the phones in the moment, but my special resource offer. This week our special resource for this week is my Jeremiah commentary which deals with so many critical life-and-death issues in the history of the nation. What about God's sovereignty.

What about human will and what about God's heart.

What about the role of the prophet I had such an incredible experience writing the commentaries over 550 pages. It's package together one volume over 900 pages with the commentary Lamentations and Ezekiel by other top evangelical scholars and I've got some exclusive teaching a couple of hours of teaching on a DVD and I will sign the commentary for your so we got a special value special package for go to my website. Asked Dr. check out the resource offer and also check out my latest article, should we boycott target and check out my latest video just a question speaking in tongues for today I we go to North Carolina, Lawrenceburg, North Carolina Linda, welcome to light a fire hi Dr. Brown hello I have taken on the company at a time like target that perhaps we can make it is not in their best interest to get in the middle of cultural or spiritual battle that they should remain neutral yet that's only saying this. Stay neutral yet that's all were saying stay neutral.

Tell them that we're doing and to stay out of it.

Don't you don't have to go in one way or the other if you want your business to go on.

It is exactly yeah and we send with strategic and we send a message.

Yes, thank you for the call. Much appreciated.

That's what average Christian players in the NFL.

For example, to do this in the NFL.

Just stay neutral in the culture wars don't use us as pawns of the culture wars disrespect religious beliefs and conservative values and common sense values don't use us as pawns for LGBT activists, much as play football, that's over saying we go to Raleigh, North Carolina Patrick, welcome to the line of fire. Hey how are you doing very well thank you good good good. I first want to start off by saying that I am Christian, I have been raised or other matters.

My whole life on my my grandma berated about going up. I just wanted to maybe help shed some light on the issue. I am a homosexual male, and I do want to maybe help people understand that this is just about back the law that was passed actually prohibit equal rights to transgender and homosexual couples in the workforce as well. By not allowing them the same rights to job security and employment opportunities and heterosexual people like Jamie cut their patch at Lily to say this is towards the end of the show time is limited. However, I would love to speak with you more later in the week. If you're able to: I don't want to rush this conversation okay normally if someone calls back we tell them you can call for a few weeks because we want to be fair to other callers, but I'm taking note and and my call screen is taking note of Patrick in Raleigh. I don't think really get finished.

In this conversation but I want to have it all right so if if you're able to call back a little later in the week.

Then we can II assure you, I'll give you more time to talk these things to so first you think you'll be able to call in another day this week maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. You think you be able to call in to talk should be fine.

I'm just curious how you have time for everybody else, but while another one. I have it but Patrick.

The first thing I have other callers. I haven't gotten to yet. Okay. We probably had 10 college dropout are ready because they couldn't get through. I've got others behind you.

All I do is I take them in the order they call and I had no idea who you are but I'm at a time. There was a been taking calls.

Now get your call. The last call was on for maybe 30 seconds expressed review. We went on, so I had no idea who you are. All I see is Patrick, Raleigh, North Carolina boycotting issue and I'm at a time so so let's do this. If you have the ability to call tomorrow or Wednesday when I see your name up on the do my best to get you on earlier will have a civil discussion, I want your point of view to be heard and I want you to hear my response fair an officer or parent) but let's see. Can you call tomorrow at 230 will make a point all right you go for it and will get you on right friends of my bottom line. Today it is wake up time for the church time to examine our own hearts and lives in say Lord you want to use somebody start right here with me

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