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Lessons from the Debate on Homosexuality and the New Testament

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 10, 2018 4:50 pm

Lessons from the Debate on Homosexuality and the New Testament

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 10, 2018 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/10/18.

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Once the Jewish new year and a whole lot has been happening over the week and want to catch you up and take you into important debate. We just stalk the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience as president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on this Monday, on the one file. Welcome to the broadcast. Just who in a couple hours ago from little airport in Melbourne, Florida. I was in Jacksonville Florida Friday night and Saturday night and then after the debate, right, teamed up together with Dr. James White to you more about that in a moment. Go with my sister Dylan about 3 Hour Dr. getting in early in the morning like one something in the morning over to Vero Beach and preach Sunday morning, Sunday night got up early this morning go about an hour to the airport in Vero Beach and we were delayed little airport 67 gates were delayed for half hour 45 minutes an hour they had a little maintenance issue, but the maintenance gentleman that was present was not authorized to sign off on the work done. So we had to wait for someone else from the company to arrive.

Again, that could happen with little airport overweighting an older woman on the plane had a seizure so any doctors had to help out than police officer came onto try to keep the woman, and EMTs came on.

Then she was taken off the been we took off. I think she's okay but eventful morning. Great to be with you here on the line of fire, 866-348-7884 if you have a question regarding the debate that took place this weekend, which asked the question. Is homosexuality consistent with New Testament obedience.

Any any question I'm to do with the Bible and homosexual practice or having to do with the cultural issues of the day and where we stand as a church, glad to take your calls. Also, it is the Jewish new year.

The biblical calendar.

It is the feast of trumpets the time of the sounding of the shofar and the bottom of the hour I will play a clip for you.

I'll explain the significance of the clip, but you don't want to miss it. Trust me, it's unique and it's recorded and no one was looking for attention, but it's gotten attention sung in a play it for you having to do with what could well be a supernatural shofar blast yeah out save more we get into it but if you have a question about this season on the calendar.

Give me a call as well.

866-348-7884 okay so I normally don't look at the airline magazine just because I have reading material with me when I'm flying because I got my cell phone in my hand until we take off either emailing or texting or reading things and then pull my computer out right busy etc. so I normally am not looking at the airline magazine while today I happen to look is just sitting right in front of me and and there I see some effect. Tell them you could put this up. This is the cover of the American Airlines magazine and and it's it's got a story about woman of well-known TV personalities is a surreal thing and then I look across the top it says Aussie drag queens and then some of the stories is a feature of the month was hot this month Aussie great Australian drag queens in and then the actual article. So II flip through the pages and I find the actual article. The outback is a real drag.

That's a story about Australian drag queens so I I I am going to write to American Airlines. The site look whatever your policies are in terms of treatment of employees and making sure that the discrimination against LGBT employees and various things like that that your internal business to treat you act as you feel is right and fair.

Don't put this stuff on your average traveler that somehow we are. We want to read about Australian drag queens on the plane with generic stuff in all kinds of stuff in there. This Best Foods in this place of the famous music here. The tour sites.

There are no some bio store you put in the don't don't do this, really.

Anyway just wanted to share part of my morning with you 866-34-TRUTH before I give you the backdrop to the debate that Dr. White and I did talk about the significance of working together for the common good. I want to bring on the year with us. Tammy Fitzgerald, she's been on with us a number of times over the years. She is the executive director of the North Carolina values coalition. She has served North Carolina and the general public for many many years is another issue we want to bring to your attention now we been on daily radio all over North Carolina for over 10 years and of course different parts of the nation. Different parts of different seasons, but from day one we been alive in North Carolina so many of you listening to me, be it Raleigh or Winston-Salem or Charlotte or other parts you even listening Wrigley for 10 years so what were your talk about is within North Carolina but it is of national interest, so everybody give us your best, your Tammy thanks so much for joining us today on the line of fire and how are you Dr. Brown doing very well thank you Tammy so what's what's the latest news. What is it that you need to tell the listeners about today, well remembered. Orden hopped up in Charlotte about to air out here now, which would have added sexual orientation and gender identity is a list that collapses their category against him. You could not discriminate and that would let let it be habit of house built here by the state. Let biker North Carolina well the city of Fayetteville had attempted to pass an ordinance that would have effectively done the thing thing and it popped up late last week I get in a working session last Tuesday night right after Labor Day. If any counsel agreed to put this on the agenda for the regular city Council meeting tonight and spent all and we can't quick action work with our friends that the North Carolina family policy Council on Christian action might let people in Fayetteville now about that threat to their freedom, especially their religious liberty and down. Thank the good Lord and the people who responded an example that city announced Friday light Friday afternoon.

They were taking the item off their counsel again effort this evening, but we do understand they might be considering it for a future meeting and that no we responded quickly with the petition that government at the city Council members and the mayor thought that and I've heard from the people in Fayette all 99% of the equal amount that were spent directed some work from Fayetteville to the faculty Council and art that we thank the city Council and payable for responding people are let's let's clarify something you may have folks listening and watching our new thinking well of course we don't want to discriminate against someone just because they identify as gay or lesbian, or transgendered. How cruel of Christians propose the just disproves it were bigoted so that I think the two things we need to address one. Is there a legitimate problem with people are being discriminated against simply because some identify scale. Her boss finds out that this person or private life is has a same-sex partner identify as transgender number one. It is there legitimate discrimination going on in restaurants won't serve you were that kind of thing and then to if the bill did pass. What would be the negative implications of it. Well let me address your first question had there actually been reported discrimination going on again. People who are homosexual in the city of payable in the answer to that question now. It is the list in search of a problem and what you have going on in Fayetteville is an activist group trying to trying to advance an agenda and intent at this being a reaction or resolution. A national problem that been recorded as as followers of Christ we are to be loving and looking out for the best interest of everyone, including that would identify the belt at day let her transgender but this goes far beyond that and that this is the answer to the second question you asked and what would be the impact of a lot like their current ordinance like this and this is the same type of ordinance that led to a punishment of Dacula. The Baker in Denver is because of his religious faith declined to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. It is the same type of ordinance that led to the situation in the state of Washington where they are now set in the florets to had been serving as a long-term client for nine years in a long letter way just said she could not because of her religious belief.

Arrange flowers for this customer, same-sex wedding and the state of Washington aching now had threatened her to the point of taking away her home and all of her life fading it. Thank The law that led to the situation in Mexico with the photographer Elaine photography, which for that woman to pay enormous fine Mexico because she didn't want to use her creative services for. I think that wedding and saddle while people some of the people advancing it ordinance and payable have tried to downplay its potential impact, and a shank that is about to oppose it it it is not something that is benign. All her should be considered.

It should not be considered something that you would just want to ignore and let happen because this is the exact type of ordinance that takes away the freedom of people in the city of payable to practice their professional lives and their businesses and their ministry according to God's principal, it would not only impact business banners but it would impact within like Christian adoption agency or foster care agency. It would also impact public school children and their bathrooms and showers and locker room and we stay just a general yeah because we were right at the end of the segment here with Tammy.

You are not the fear mongering you're giving examples, and if we had ours. We can give hours of examples of what's happened from around the country. So friends go over to NC If you live in North Carolina go to NC sign up so that you get announcements from them emails information this what you can know exactly what's happening in your city. Let's stay on the positive aggressive side of Fayetteville reach out love stand against this unjust legislation.

NC hey Tammy work so much. Thank you Z city Council meeting thought it all right ever say it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael.

Let's talk about that talk about moral cultures, revolution there is a lot of concern about a hurricane coming to the East Coast United States concern of hitting Carolinas of North Carolina is ready to clear the state of emergency in light of the pending storm could hit heavily later this week and this is nothing you go looking for. This is something you react to you respond to when it comes your way you respond in the same way Tammy Fitzgerald myself.

Dr. James White different ones who are on the front lines biblically, culturally, we did not go looking for this particular battle we have enough battles were fighting enough issues were standing for. We did not go looking for this moral, cultural, social, battle it came to us. Gay activists have an agenda now in their mind, let me say this again in their view, their fighting for what's right there fighting for justice there fighting for equality.

They say treat us the way you treat everyone else.

That's the view of gay activists to them. It's a liberation and justice movement and Dr. White and I debated the gay pastor lesbian pastor Saturday night. They said we don't promote homosexuality. That's not what we do. We don't think anyone would ask to be gay but we're gay. We tried not to be. We prayed against it. We fought against it and then were convinced through prayer and study Scripture this the way God made us and we could serve him like this. We build our partners.

These many years.

Are same-sex partners. That's what they sincerely believe, as I said towards the end of the debate Saturday night problem with deception quoting someone else.

The problem with deception is its very deceiving. So these are issues we didn't ask to get involved with. When the Lord laid on my heart in 2004 that I needed to begin to tackle these issues and help turn back the tide of homosexual activism. I understood number one. At that point it was too late that the culture was too far gone, at least for this generation so that we needed divine intervention, rather than just a social Band-Aid. That's 12.

Wondered why me, my PhD's near Eastern languages and literatures I come out of heavy drug use, the whole rock rebel seem to think about homosexuality, so I can't relate to them a personal level. I never had particular burden of calling to to reach out to the LGBT community specifically like I do say to reach out to my own Jewish people.

Why me and I realize that this is not just me that this was the amount of all hands on deck that this was the great moral, cultural, social, spiritual issue that our generation would face.

Nothing is more important than other issues. A bore has anything to be more important than abortion and the plenty of other issues that our society faces that are massive, but this is the one with the aggressive push to transform thinking in the church and society in the schools through the media in the courts and politics, etc. so this is something came knocking at our door and what we have sought to do is respond with grace and truth, not grace or truth, but grace and truth.

Some of you are more called like Tammy Fitzgerald to the political, cultural, moral side of things. Some of you are more called to tackle those issues in the world and to to stand up for what's happening in community and to get voters guys out to people or to make a difference in the workplace. Others are more called to do personal evangelism and outreach to pastor a congregation where broken people can come in from every background in and meet with the transforming love of God, but all of us are called to walk in grace and truth.

All of us are called to make a difference together some in one realm of this in another room but we never compromise one for the sake of the other. What I mean if you called to stand for righteousness and the society for moral and cultural righteousness. You never do that at the expense of compassion never do that at the expense of the love of God you never do that at the expense of kindness to your neighbor if you are primarily called to do compassionate outreach. You never do that at this at the expense of truth and justice. It's a matter of emphasis on calling, so I know my calling is to be more public than most and to tackle cultural issues more than most and to write about them, and to speak about them at the same time.

I always want to do it with love with compassion for those with whom I differ. In fact, God willing. A week from Monday night's a week from tonight. If you are near Wilmington, North Carolina. I'm scheduled to speak at a college campus there will see if the protest could going like the last one that was in state North Carolina scheduled to speak about homosexuality in the church and where the church is failed and where we need to do better in and where we compromised in and get the message out with love and truth on the college campus. We shall see what happens. In any case over to you more about the debate from Saturday night.

So the real lessons learned from that. Before I do, let's go to the phones and will start in Canada with Danny. Welcome to the line of fire. I do very well thank you got a quick question on the church plant churches we thought them homosexuals celibate, but are still same-sex attracted I had one nonviolent technocratic client come in.

Parents are evangelical T-1 spirit filled love the Lord study played for three days fasted just can't get rid of the gay attraction so now we stocking the lifestyle so I got my question is this concerning homosexuality.

Dr. Brown on. We know the Bible talks about not going into the acts of homosexuality with everything in the Scripture that would affirm or deny that a person can be worn.

Same-sex attracted what would you say about the thanks for your work in Canada.

Certainly, church planting seeds everywhere but in particular country like Canada today okay number one is no Scripture that explicitly speaks of homosexual attraction as being inborn or innate that we know at the time of the New Testament that there was some speculation in the Greek world. Could it be that someone was was born this way or Bourns insert astrological signs that impact them. So there is even question, then, about being inborn, but the emphasis through the Bible is on behavior as you mention, but in terms of specifically with same-sex attraction. Not only is there no reputable or certain scientific and evidence that someone's quote born gaze was his point.

Same-sex attracted but there's nothing in Scripture that says that's number one number two if you make a larger issue that it's really not up for debate.

In terms of its kind of immaterial in that human beings are born fallen born flawed, you don't have to teach a child to say no, you don't have to teach a child to rebel that that we understand that that there is sinful nature in every human being, so be it up you fight pride beat you fight heterosexual lust beat you fight romantic same-sex attraction, jealousy, greed, insecurity, self-righteousness in a million things and the answers you must be born again. Now let's apply that to this area okay so someone comes out of homosexual practice right where they had one partner 50 doesn't matter come out of homosexual practice. They begin to follow Jesus and holiness right that is the calling and and that is what matters. First and foremost let's say that that your big sin, you are full of pride when you got just full of pride.

You are always right you humble yourself, you cried to God for mercy saves you are you are free from product you now never have to deal with pride again will know you. It may be there for many years. You have to learn to humble yourself before the Lord learn to renew your mind, and it could be that prideful thoughts pop up here and there to the day you die but you don't act on it, you will give place to be recognized that is is wrong and that's not who I am anymore. That's what someone needs to do with same-sex attraction.

I know very few people just through prayer and fasting who got free, same-sex attraction, but I know many who are free. Some of them got free as they pursue holiness and grew in the Lord and little by little, they saw their desires change. Others had godly counseling in the God of the counselor was able to to get to the root and when they got to the root of things they realize all this is. This was my bigger issue this was. This is my biggest struggle if if you can get on my website and look for my show last week with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi think it was midway through the week was Wednesday but we talk about these issues.

So he is coming from the viewpoint of a professional psychologist and talk about root causes and issues and things like that. I know people that are following Jesus living holy laws, but there celibate and they just say no to their same-sex attractions just like a heterosexual got good friends that are heterosexual single slip 50, 60, 70, never married, some of wanted to marry but never met the right person so they live celibate laws, although wasn't sure they had to do with heterosexual attraction was the times and say no to it to be the same here, but like I said I know many that are come out of homosexual interchanged some of the been happily married to the heterosexual partner for decades. Someone had a massive reduction in same-sex attraction are much happier with themselves. Some of found true heterosexual attractions, but you don't want to major on do you have attractions you want to major on let's follow Jesus and holiness.

Let's pursue him together, and like any other issue of the flesh, God can give us grace through his word is Spirit working allies through godly counsel to fellowship through discipleship through many different ways to grow to become more holy and to become more free from the things that plagued us, but if someone says well the thing didn't go away will. It may not go away especially immediately. Lots of things don't go away.

We say no to them. We deny ourselves daily. It says in Luke nine and take up the cross and that's part of being a disciple and an Danny of got a break here, but my book can you be gay and Christian.

You'll find very helpful. The website restored hope restored hope you'll find that households will less resources and more info with recommended resources just right for ministry God bless the USA the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown over the last 24 hours all over the Jewish world is the sound of the shofar last Scriptures teach. The Torah teaches that this time of the year. First day of the seventh month of the biblical calendar is to be the blast of the shofar and in the biblical text doesn't tell us a lot about it. It doesn't go into detail about the significance of it. But obviously it's been understood as a wake-up call, and over the centuries. This became the time of the Jewish new year and scald roast hush on the roaches is heads to the beginning question of the beginning of the year so in synagogues all around the world. Messianic congregations all around the world. The blast of the shofar was heard. Now I I want to play something for you, and you can make of this what you want but I got it via email today from a good friend to share with you in a moment. You are participating in. Yeah, listening, watching, participating in the line of fire.

If you have a question about the Jewish new year about some of this sacred time on the biblical calendar time of great importance in the Jewish world. Give me a call 86 634-8784. Also there were many thousands who have watched the debate that Dr. James White and I did together with a gay pastor, lesbian pastor this past Saturday nights whistling Community Church not in Switzerland. Even though Switzerland was a place in Florida, but it is right near Jacksonville.

So, thousands have watched this already, and you may have a question you'd like to ask phone lines are open for that as well.

866-34-TRUTH okay if you're watching on RS Dr. Brown Facebook or YouTube page, you'll be able to see this otherwise just listen carefully as you listening on radio podcast this congregation in England, maybe 35, 40 people. They are at a meeting someone testifying about Israel and their own life experience and person mentioned pastor.

Some would be great to have the shofar blown in the service. I love you have been insert services may be totally under culture, but many church services. I've been in people pull the shofar is just that you know maybe the but shout to the Lord and blow the shofar and things like that. Well, especially in charismatic circles you see that one guy did it. I I tried many years ago the kids about the shofar and had a real hard time doing it.

People really learn how to do it well. It's very powerful so one guy in the car geisha was the shofar blower but he happened to leave at home. He didn't bring it someone else made the comment well gobble take care of it. Out of those they were joking or what but during the worship suddenly to their shock.

They hear crystal clear shofar blessed. Now if you're watching you'll see people are little bit overwhelmed. Is there worshiping with hands raised like what in the world is going on and the one guy went over to the guy. The sound was like are you playing something he sitting there shaking try to figure out what is going on here. Where is that sound coming from the I was in the service many years ago with a dear friend, a reliable colleague, a sharp guy loves the Lord where and when it was came out on tape.

The shofar blast was heard and nobody there had one that you can take this or leave it commencing this proves God is real him. That's his crews, charismatic churches are true about sales proves this is an important time of the year from just reporting this and sharing an interest of the folks in Boston. We were trying to get this out, but people have heard about it will hear more. So let us take a look at what happened at this little gathering in England just a few days ago we get it up there we have it ready and there were ready to play it.

Did we.

We all so that was the toughest clip give thanks for grabbing that in playing that and if you heard if you heard people scream out or they were shocked. Now there is Scripture.

When God came down on Mount Sinai.

The people heard the blast of of the shofar. They heard the blast of the ram's horn when God came down the mountain so it it did happen and that set it is raising Scriptures as it could happen today. No.

Do I know for sure that this was supernatural.

No drive reason to doubt the people involved.

No, but since it is this time of year and I wanted to play the blast of the shofar on the air today. I thought well might as well play this for you and leave it there right now. Let me say a couple of things and then then I will take some calls as well. People love the fact that Dr. James White and I work so closely together.

He is a staunch Calvinist and I'm not a Calvinist. So once you say you're a minute while I my police would line up with her many, but I don't somewhat identify with that system is my friends and it was somewhat identify with that system but Dr. was Calvinist. I am not we interpret and number Scriptures differently and Dr. White is a cessation is not a hard cessation is to believe God still doing miraculous things of different sorts and would not think I would never heal someone today. But always he's a cessation. This does not believe that the apostolic scientists are normative today. I believe they are. So he's a cessation of some continuation of, and our own correlational backgrounds very different and a lot of our life experience very different in our personalities different and yet we have a deep unity in the Lord.

A mutual love and respect. No problem with either one publicly or privately differing with the other and sometimes I'll be doing a broadcast thinking to myself all yet James is going to go after this on his neck, showing another nasty way, but I know is going to take issue with me or play something in whatever we have each other's back. When it comes to unfair attacks from critics and things like that. I know his integrity and his desire to follow the Lord, and he knows my sincerity in the Lord.

But what, and in fact at Gordon Kumble theological seminary in Cashel Florida on Friday.

Friday night we did a talk but how we can work together and how we have this deep friendship and mutual esteem. And of course were both involving front-line apologetics and in that sense of have stood up for what was right, regardless of potential consequences, and we know the deposition that the gospel does receive in the superficial messages often found in churches in Americus. It is what unites us is far far far far far far far greater than what divides us. But what troubles me is that this is so unusual this be the norm. This should be the norm in the body. It is not caused our theological differences to be blurred is not affected our clarity of thought is not affected our interpretation of Scripture is not been some greasy slack ecumenical mentality when you throw out differences and what it is is a unity around the fundamentals of the gospel and a refusal to divide over what are ultimately secondary issues. Yes, they are and when you make them primary issues you do something beyond Scripture and beyond the heart of God. And II could easily raise charges and exaggerated caricatured Calvinist attack and so you make God into a monster in human beings and for robots and and Calvinist could launch a caricatured exaggerated attack against me what you just claimant man is the Savior and ditto both those positions are utter nonsense, but but bottom line. Bottom line is this, that this should not be so exceptional. This should not be so unusual and we constantly hear from people just my tweet asking for prayer before the debate it was hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of likes and retweets and people with expressing appreciation little we were together were on either one shows. It just boosts viewership and listenership in this.

This should be the norm in the body and it exists on a certain level, but it does not exist on a major level and it should and and if you haven't watch the debate. Just go to war our Facebook page will have an open high-quality gobbling on YouTube soon just go to war or Facebook page.

S. Dr. Brown and it's put up into parts because there was a 10 minute break in the middle of it and you'll see the blessedness of teamwork. You'll see the joy of the two of us working together, each in our special areas of strength in the flow that we have together in I told him within the debate S&M up my favorite part was the rebuttal because for the opening statements and in the topic was is homosexually consistent with New Testament obedience. So the the RR debating opponents one first a woman and a man so lesbian and gay pastors with their same-sex partners for years and they they won first because they were affirming the position we went second so we split this 20 minutes. We split that opening time when it came to rubato which was which was a a 15 minute excuse me at the tendon segment rebuttal that we wanted to cross examination. Whatever it was 50 minutes on port. What we did is we just cut swung back and forth went back and forth and and just the flow was beautiful.

He'd say something immediately led to my point. His point and think you know their cause smiles on that unity and God clearly blesses that unity and it's the same that it is so exceptional. This should be the norm.

One major lesson though to learn is that experience must be tested by the word of God feelings must be tested by the word of God. Beliefs must be tested by the word of God in the moment you begin to push against scriptural authority. The moment you begin to have to say while Paul was in perfect or will you have the Old Testament said that but everything out changed even though you can't give me a single explicit example of that change in the New Testament.

That's were danger, danger, danger raises its ugly head. Everything. Everything must be tested by the word of God like you go back to write your calls and a few more reflections about the debate on Saturday. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends for joining us on the modifier you live in Fayetteville, North Carolina. If you live in Fayetteville North Carolina really port to get to the city Council meeting tonight. If you can at 7 o'clock tonight.

433 Hayes St., Fayetteville, NC. We had Tammy Fitzgerald on earlier from their Col. North Carolina values Association and important meeting. If you can get there do so again. 7 o'clock tonight. 433 Hayes St. in Fayetteville, NC and is something I'm really getting a kick out of my I have to admit I'm a bit amused of my new book Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the men he supports as president.

It's fascinating to see people responding to the book without reading it and attacking me or defending me for writing it without reading it and coming to all kinds of assumptions without reading it and not even under even after all, explain why written at some those that hear and understand a little press thrust it's it's fast this amazing coverage. I just the books worth just for the cover alone, but you can preorder your signed hardcover numbered edition. You can get paperback e-book online at Amazon in different places, but if you want to get the exclusive hardcover edition, which were printing numbered and signed which will have out before the actual book comes out the website asked her to Brown, the Lord comes out October 23 but would love to get your order in place, the city order. The higher your number so that's all your website.

Ask Dr. great way for us to be a special blessing. She was kind of a collectors item edition it's with you can help support our own ministry and our own work out list go to Grand Prairie, Texas Samuel, welcome to the line of fire rubbing Dr. good afternoon sir Dr. Brown. I don't have a question, but I wanted to make of them to call me directly supported. Thank you for the great work that you and Dr. and God looked like to develop my first so you together your elder Buell on one of the debate but you had pretty little unity. I think I don't know what some server from someone I don't remember exactly, but it was it was definitely no money mentally. I learned a lot from the forgotten Trinity Michael about the Trinity when I was putting up 100. Me and my wife we are reformed theologian going up followed up on theology. To the extent that you look at Dr. White follows Jill again. We have agreed to disagree with all the things in the pump urology agreement all the things in and I am in the cosmetic, clinical/you know, I've been human credibility. But like you rightly point out, Dr. Paxton delivered you measure everything through the Scripture so far. Thank you for the great love that you and Dr. White have been doing kind of armed report to the bill.

The debate on YouTube you like a limit on Saturday just was able to watch part of it but thank you once again. And if you're ever in the Dallas area please you know you dropping by my humble home you can because if the mother does this.

That's very gracious of you Samuel and be sure to check my itinerary asked her to Brown, the Lord is cagey, or Brown, the Lord we could find out where going to be and it Samuel what's really interesting is that Dr. White and I have debated against each other. A number of times but this is only the second time that we been able to team up and debate side-by-side, which is just a real joy and there is real power in the expression of the gifts and abilities and graces together but thank you for the very kind words. Much appreciated, and here are some alone point out, you might say well I watch that debate and it wasn't fair what you mean well the people you're debating got up and both said, we've never debated anyone before them in the public setting. Now the. The gentleman that one second the presentation. First was the the woman a Ruth Jensen and then the that's that the forming truth was Ruth Jensen for both of us. What a feeling I get that wrong. She went first set. I've never debated anyone in the next pastor Duane Robinson. He said it's never debated been in the debate, but they have a panel discussions church every year and they discuss these issues you civil how fair is that the debate people never debated before number one they represented their position with passion and they spoke from personal experience and I don't agree with their theology or with their doing. But professionally they have been ministers of the gospel for many years now I believe their preaching deceptive gospel. Whatever the truth they preaching, deceptive, destructive, damnable gospel when they say that God will bless committed homosexual relationships, and I told him that lovingly, plainly, but in this look we don't wake up in hell.

Wonderment is a very candid open debate on the one hand, the or in ministry in the circles and they have studied the Scriptures about these issues in their convinced in their passionate so in that respect. They represented their viewpoint and they argue their viewpoint and account starts but you have to understand they were the ones who stepped forward. I commend them for doing that. Don't criticize them for stepping forward. We said were happy to debate. Some organizers, this would be do be said absolutely with joy, with joy we gladly do it and and can you find adequate representatives of you have a gay pastor, lesbian pastor, one with the current interrogation ones like obligations for years of service and leadership in the major gay denomination MCC Metropolitan community churches so for sure they were ready to represent their viewpoint.

It's not our fault that others won't step up to the plate.

I may be writing an article making a public appeal yet again sing if you don't like the people it's that while they were academic and you and Dr. White. You have a lot more academic credentials. Okay all their people on the other side will academic credentials is laid out well. You two are a skilled debate is whether skill debate is on the other side come forward, lay out the issues. Let's put them on the table were 100% sure of the truth of what were positioned presenting and 100% sure it lines up fully with God's heart. Say again grace and truth go hand and hand. Jesus did not come with grace or truth, but grace and truth.

So we bring the two together so whoever you are out there scholar, debater, leader, the LGBT camp and or LGBT ally supported the position that you can practice homosexuality and follow Jesus. At the same time Dr. White and I would love to engage you get your two best people, let's do it in a fair, formal setting, and anyone wants the debate will have to know that we will be fair that we call for a fair format and even format and that we will speak the truth in love. All right there is the invitation. Once again, let's go to chrysolite in New York. All right, Christine. Hang on your listening to me if you got your listening rater so just turn it down all right and let's give it a chance. I their ER hi Christine hello, hello, happy new year happy new year. Thank you.

I'm calling to let I was wondering how do we observe the soap Christine number one there is nothing in the Bible.

Beyond the corporate sounding of the shofar, and this being set apart as a holy day and in other words, there's nothing saying and you do this and this is a Jewish tradition is develop all kinds of things. If you're part of a messianic Jewish congregation, and there are some I see you're in New York City. There are some in New York City. Then I would gather with a messianic congregation and we have special prayer together and time of worship and time of reflecting and praying for the larger Jewish community. What I do in my own life is take this is a time of of extra sobriety before the Lord. Sometimes all all search my own heart and in use it as a time of self-examination before God. But what I especially do is is pray for our people. So I pray all God open the hearts and minds were people because these next 10 days. The traditional Jewish community is in deep repentance and soul-searching in nonreligious Jews becoming more religious.

So I pray that the Holy Spirit would convict of sin and would show the need for Redeemer which show the need for Savior would show the need for someone to come and offer mercy and compassion and an atonement through the blood, which is missing on the day of atonement's that celebration, but but the day of atonement, details and happenings 10 days from now nine days from now throughout the Jewish world so this is a time when I especially pray for Israel and I can prove this. Christine spiritually scripturally, but I always have a certain sense of something in the air like a holy foreboding because of which I really try to open my heart mind to hear what God is saying with the Holy Spirit is saying to his people. At this time in the world, but the personal level but it be a time of of awakening of our own hearts and souls renewing our dedication to the Lord and since the New Testament causes self-examination examine yourself wholly specifically since the pain.

It's a great time to do that and intercede for a thanks because tomorrow September 11 have important drug publishing

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