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Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Bible Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 10, 2021 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Bible Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 10, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/10/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, let's do it. Phone lines are open to questions we got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry under the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH air again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on our broadcast today, 866-34-TRUTH that is number to call 866-34-TRUTH 784 any question of any kind that you have the ties in in any way subject matter that we talk about here on the line of fire anything at all that we touch on with gas anything I've written about you want to ask me about go for Biblical theological, spiritual, cultural Israel related will take all your calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Often we start the broadcast of the phone lines are jammed even before we start or store) gets in early today. We got some open lines of this is a great time to call early in the show will get to as many of your calls as possible before I go to the phones that are rendered very shortly tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks here in New York City. If if you are here in New York City. Here in America. I speak as a New Yorker someone born in New York City raised on Long Island. If you're listening, watching live. It is tomorrow otherwise whenever your taking this end, please.

Are these words, it isn't especially painful anniversary. Not just because it's 20 years, but because of the debacle in Afghanistan because we went into Afghanistan to punish the Taliban for supporting and protecting Osama bin Laden.

Yes, he's been taken out since but with no help of the Taliban. Obviously another back in power and and now they will inflict their tyrannical ways on the people of Afghanistan and that's on us in terms of how we pulled out Pres. Biden's disastrous decision in the American laws of the law.

Since then, and paralegal still endangered within within Afghanistan. It turns out that a few years ago when I was on Jim Baker's TV show talk about one of my books that had come out the gentleman drive me back to the airport had served in Afghanistan and he was a gunner in in these attack helicopters and I said to him, you must've lost friends and colleagues over the years, and he said, with real seriousness were expendable assets. That's what were there were fighting against the enemy. We don the process we die.

I had him in mind when this happened in Afghanistan, and I wondered how useful it turns out, just this past week I was there again this this Thursday so yesterday during a broadcast on the book has God failed to forge and Baker and the same gentleman drove me back to the airport that was with another brother. We were talking about that.

I asked him before we we got in the vehicle how he felt and he said look at it and I'm accordion directly, but he said we were there to protect American lives ultimately and the idea that we would pull out and and and guard American soldiers and protect American military casualties before we get all of our people out anyone.

He said he would think in that way is not worthy of being in the military is look we are there to protect lives if we dine the process so be it. We don't want to. We rather not.

But if we do we do the idea now that that we be pulled out the military and leave Americans to fend for themselves was shocking to him and I was the painful but this year's dress will communicate you and I wrote an article about himself and asked her to and will be up at other sites over the course of the day one communicate is this yes it's tragic and painful to see the Taliban now back in power in Afghanistan after all these years and with American weaponry at their hands as well and the humiliation.

America suffered worldwide, and the pain that this means for people in Afghanistan and all and all of that in the retreat.

This represents the Islamic terror it's it's all terrible, tragic but evil is always good to be here. Even if the Taliban were out evils going to be here. There's going to be another Islamic extremist group there's gonna be another religious extremist group. This can be a nonreligious extremist group there's gonna be some more son conflict began more in your city be a domestic conflict evil is present in this world and will be until Jesus returns.

We will not eradicate evil, but we can do good as evil as this world is. It means there is a lot of opportunity for us to do good.

We have the antidote for the poison. We have the cure for the sickness we have with this world need.

So rather than being overcome and paralyzed by evil, that is, be motivated to say let us do the good that we can in the time that we have for the glory of God the glory of Jesus name and and for the good of her hurting and dying world to let me share that with you before we go to the phones made me administer grace, encouragement and hope to my wife Nancy lost her brother in the World Trade Center 9/11 2001 and he of course left behind his wife and two children. You don't get over that that is a lifelong scar a lifelong wound. May God bring redemption and healing and hope to to those who suffer terribly on that fateful day all right with that friends. We now go to the phones really start in Ada, Oklahoma with Chandler welcome sir to light a fire hi Dr. Brown, can you hear me okay yes I can offer mom first on call love your show. Thank you. I listen to your video on KJV only people and I know that there is a lot of debate between minority tech and the majority text, and I actually meant a Bible study group were kind of talking about this.

One of my friends that that that he always hears debate about this, but he never hears a good reason to trust the minority tech so my question for you, to part. Why do you. Why should we trust the minority tech accused of being corrupted by people that had strange belief and do you actually trust the minority text or do you support it or do you not supported and water like some resources that you get this information from sure it's right so number one. My issue with King James only is not people enjoy the King James version or that leave the majority text. The Greek text is superior to the minority. My issue is with King James only mentality that the King James is somehow the uniquely inspired true English edition it's it's a fine translation but it's flawed in many ways it is many errors in it.

The King James translators were alive today, they would not be using the King James Bible they be using an updated edition in the language of the people, which was the whole thing they were doing so I I militantly oppose King James only beliefs which are often fanatical and even irrational. That being said, if someone still prefers the King James version for today.

I have reasons not to some big issue. If they prefer the majority text this not a big issue to me. But my answers to your questions number one in terms of that part. The idea that the people that are behind your endorsing the minority text that is very strange belief that is one of the myths that commonly circulates that that is one of the guilt by association type of things when you dig deeper to find out that these are textual variants when you dig deeper to find out that that a lot of this is just bogus. It's it it does have the good effect. Just like the media saying in a Trump is a white supremacist anyone voting for him as a white supremacist stirs up a lot of emotion. This really not based on on facts or history or or accurate information and arguments and resources, and that in a moment. The second thing is, the vast majority of New Testament Greek scholars are believers. This is why they're so interested in the text and the vast majority don't come in with presuppositions about which is right, which is wrong.

Textual criticism is a scientific endeavor, textual criticism is not like why I I like this right don't like this. It's a matter of scientific analysis. For example, the whole argument that well the majority text, it is more references to the blood of Jesus and and and who would argue with that.

And therefore it's the true Texan minority trust remove the blood of Jesus know that the better scientific argument is that scribes in certain places added it in because it was a familiar phrase or familiar concert.

For example, if I had a manuscript and mention you 10 times Chandler from ETA Oklahoma Chandler from either Oklahoma and the one time adjusted Chandler Chandler from Ada, a scribe might well think all they left out Oklahoma that time or just added in unconsciously letting real real is another words scientifically strive we see in this is a manuscript from around the world. Ancient text from all kinds of different languages and traditions that scribes tend to add rather than take away the they tend to simplify rather make more difficult. For example, there's a principal collect your differential your which is that the more difficult reading is to be preferred that it's more likely that someone smoothed something out or simplifies it rather makes it more difficult when they're copying it, or if reverse seems to say things a little differently than what you're expecting. A scribe might intentionally or unconsciously adjusted so it sounds more orthodox. So again when it winced when scholars look at this to just look at this scientifically and evaluating so the third thing is that the so-called minority text is the more ancient it has, the more ancient attestation. It has the earlier pedigree and seems to better explain how things got expanded in the so-called majority text now that being said, if for the rest of my life. The Bible I had was say in new King James when MTV or something like that, based on the majority text to be fine with me. That was half a foot and struggle with that there would not be a major issue to me. However I do believe that the minority text is the more accurate and that's why it's the basis of the vast majority of them with translations that are used today. All right, so a couple of resources.

If you look at the books by DA Carson and James White about King James only controversy so DA Carson when the world's foremost New Testament scholars and James White leading theologian and apologist. If you look at their books that deal with King James only controversy. They will also deal with some of the larger textual issues.

Also, if you search online for Daniel Wallace, one of the leading evangelical Greek manuscript authorities.

You'll find information on his website is blogs. I'm sure with these addressed some of these things. It's nothing that we divide on ultimately because overall is Texas saying the same thing, and over all the same truths are being reinforced for salvation and ever so divide over it and you missed anything.

Hey, thank you for being a first time caller). The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire. 6634. Truth is member called let's go to Justin in Providence, Rhode Island.

Welcome to the line of fire.

I can hear you but what thank you number question two.

With regard to the documented different, and offered motor nor do I got my back being noble, medically and all the way your prospective biblical perspective because on the one hand after my family and the fact that I am breadwinner and provided my family. On the other hand, I have my conscience by that I don't want to put back noon for Pharaoh you know could be my help in other reason but considering what you might pick about that from a biblical perspective right so obviously this question is coming up constantly since Pres. Biden's announcement yesterday and there's tremendous pushback against it.

I plan to comment more on the mandate issue on Monday a long time to collect my thoughts so I want to read some legal opinions in terms of authority, etc. see how others are responding, so be sure to listen in to the Monday broadcaster or listen to it after when you have the time to and then the goblin we also have a guest scheduled for next week and strong Bible believer PhD in chemistry whose pro-vaccine. He's he's against the mandates is pro-vaccine and he's going to give his arguments next week as well so that will be helpful to start this that can be on Wednesdays show Dr. Jonathan certified either Wednesday or Thursday or or Tuesday will confirm that for you but the big issue obviously is the either or, that's that's the big issue and if I were in your shoes and I was given that choice what what I would do is this, I would first do whatever medical research I could. I'm sure you been doing that. I would ask God for wisdom and talk with other friends as well to some of select hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of people around the world and vaccinated. If there was a real problem with it would be evident to see it and and so on and and then the counter arguments against that.

But if if I was in your shoes, it would be a matter of do I have faith that God will help me and provide for my family.

If I stay true to these convictions or do I have faith that since people mean well and in science is trying to work against the real pandemic that is deadly that if there is anything wrong that I'm putting in my body that God will protect me that that I can have peace about that. So I would ask the Lord in the midst of this for for peace. So my choice would be okay Lord if if you don't want me to do this then either gimme clear data or make me so uncomfortable on the inside that I know that I know and and and and and my spouse confirms it with me know I'm not to do this argument. Trust God together and he's gotten us through more difficult things in the past and and their other jobs and other things he can provide or pay hundreds of millions of others have been backslid, including plenty of our friends and colleagues are not dying there fine so this is what it takes to keep my job that I'm to do this in an honor the authority and trust God that if I'm putting anything dangerous. My body I'm doing a toddler authority help protect me.

I'm not being presumptuous in it and then I would I would go with that way of peace is at peace and in the first case of that confidence that God will provide in a different way or is it confidence that okay if I put this my body document kill me or have long-term effect on trust God for that. So I and then you have to make that decision. But that's how I would approach it it said helpful at all where the Lord will bring you that you will provide good, good, and, ultimately, is that when everything comes down to write father. I'm a do your will is best as I understand it and and trust you for the best results for all of you and Justin situation right now. May God give you wisdom the God give you wisdom and may God give each of us wisdom where we are. In other words it in my situation. We do not have over hundred employees. Nowhere near that we don't have a situation where I'm being faced with a decision as the leader ministry and organizations to what I'm going to do in response to that government mandate, but I have responsibilities of voice that people are looking to again not as a scientific voice about the vaccine. I am not that keep telling you don't look to me for that because I am not that, but rather is a voice in terms of how we respond biblically to things like this a just and thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go that alley in Dallas Texas right this was the day. Welcome to the line of fire along the way. Today I'm doing well thank you sir. I quickly move from Luke 2334. I would argue father forgive them for they do not know what you're doing and divided up" by casting lots such an acute the following in a minute. Have any type of impact eternal impact on the people like specially like soldiers who are you know crucified Jesus, and if it bit you know like out of the applicable unit to modern-day. You know like enemies of Christ today. Yes yes what wonderful questions are.

We do not have definite attestation for sure about the people back then, other than the New Testament. One of the soul describes a truly this man must be the son of God at his death.

Right when when when water and blood come out of the sized something impact somebody realizes who he is. You have stories like the role below.

These movies and things and some based on ancient traditions and accounts about what happened to different soldiers, but in the New Testament itself. We don't have that data. Other than that one response. But here's what we do know we do know that when you get to ask seven and Stephen is being stoned to death that is being stoned to death. He looks up to heaven sees sees Jesus at the right hand of the father is the glory of God. And then as he's dying. He says Lord don't lay the Senate their charge.

He follows in the same spirit and in whose the man egging them on who's the that the one keeping the close of those that are going crazy and throwing stones at Saul of Tarsus, who then launches all the persecution right and he now himself becomes transformed.

I have to believe that the believers did what Jesus taught to to bless those who curse them to pray for those who persecute what when Paul is writing about the way he lives as an apostle of first Corinthians 4. He says when were slandered, we reply kindly in first Peter three. It's the same thing to do and first Peter two and three both follow the example of Jesus, don't retaliate, don't attack what were not talking about it for the midst of war right were going to bomb the Nazis did to two when World War I stopped there. The rain of madness in Europe and and and the destruction of my time at that when I talk about some some guy breaks into your home and tries to attack you and rape your wife and and can kill your kids and run a timeout if you get a baseball bat by the side of the bed. You him over the head stop up rest of the issue which about persecution for the faith being attacked for the gospel, being hated because of identification with Jesus. It is absolutely essential that we are not overcome with evil.

Paul's words in Romans 12, but that we overcome evil with good. It is essential that we bless those who curse us and for sure for 2000 years people have been converted by this they been transformed by this. This is been one of the key sayings that is open the eyes of the persecutors and the haters that were different that we don't respond with anger and vitriol all in and garbage you attack me I attack you back. Instead, we respond with grace and with forgiveness and with mercy, with compassion so absolutely it makes a difference and it makes a difference in our hearts to because now we have more of God's heart and we see the world through God's eyes.

This is one of the thing. It's what we have to really be careful about a partisan political spirit will we start acting as if say for service to the Republicans. That's God's party and the Democrats that Satan's party and and it's us versus them and we get this political spirit of attacking and mocking is supposed to say hey we differ with policies but were praying for these people these people for whom Jesus died that we should never those of us of platforms and and and all of us can potentially these days of social media should never sound the way the world sounds were attacked when were maligned for our faith. For values we should respond with grace which responds truth when our compromisers when it was in fact it's a lot harder to respond with grace and pressure than this to lash out.

It's a lot harder to lay your life down for the sake of others rather than preserve your life and take the lives of others. That's the easy worldly response of God calls us to a higher ethic and again look at the end of first Peter two it says that when Jesus was reviled. He didn't revile back and he set an example for us and even if someone is not instantly changed, they will see the difference they will recognize this is the kind of thing. Over time that God works into people's hearts like why are you different. Was it the more I attack you and mock you make life difficult for you them, the more you pray for me and show love to me something different about yes it's Jesus. He changed us so that example for the forgive them for they know what to do. Paul says he was forgiven for us to be the one, because he acted ignorantly in unbelief. Many people don't fully understand will be right back over the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred you've got questions, we've got answers and with that we are going straight to the phones starting with Avery in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Welcome to the line of fire think you are you doing Dr. Brown honor to be here with well thanks that you know we we need to come up with a plan for call screener we get a name like your city name Teva Whaler breach is go off and get credit with calls on a Friday. It's like our let me spell that out here anyway. Yeah, welcome to the broadcast. Thanks. Covered her you about the property is about our broader micro 52 but what he said is that that you know the Bethlehem effortful computer is like the different Bethlehem.

I get that you born in and how the new bit the New Testament even gets it wrong, but I can you explain that her you know talk about the little bit that there was just an answer.

This the better answer would be easier to say yes. We recognize it is a messianic prophecy but that's because it goes back to David and in Bethlehem so that the Messiah will be a descendent of David, and in other words, the Messiah doesn't have to be born in the physical city of Bethlehem, but rather that the that the Messiah goes back to David, and when it says from from days of eternity old mom that it actually just means ancient days and was going back centuries back to to David that would be a nor a more normal rabbinic answer of, I mean you could try to make this Bethlehem is a different place and's argument, but it's really it's not one that would normally be brought so for example if if if I look at a a Jewish translation of of of of the verse of Micah chapter 5 verse two here.

Let's just grab it of biscuits another version appear so. Micah chapter 5 and it will be one verse different in Hebrew the B verse one and you will Bethlehem of FFR efforts. This is a Jewish translation, at least among the clans of Judah from you one shall come forth to rule Israel for me. One's origin is from of old, from ancient time so they're saying it's not from from everlasting as we would argue speaks of the Messiah's internal origin but rather he was way back from ancient times, meaning way back to David and Beth love that would be the normal Jewish response.

The one that is a different Bethlehem's is not the normal one that would be raised as a it was not a different gotta work there different location of both your right so if you were if you were looking this question often. This is a where a customer for people right.

Check out net Bible and ET net and then you will go to to Matthew the first chapter and let's just see here okay I'm just looking to see those. If there's a controversy about something they they will normally raise it and discuss it. So if you don't if you don't see that they are to Bethlehem's right I would our I would search were there to different Bethlehem's in the Bible right and then let's comes up of the two businesses will introduce the north the pharmacies.

Those frame of the letter remains is is is more anonymous, so in, in other words, hear us just go to Tom's visual article was Jesus born in a different Bethlehem antiquities Authority archaeologist argues that Christian Savior hail from Galilee, not Judeo, so there is really it's it's it's a very minority or argument Have to dig to find it, that there was a Bethlehem that was up north that would be Galilee versus the Bethlehem and Judeo were the Messiah. What were David came from and where Jesus was born, so yes you could argue that there is this other lesser Bethlehem that was not know, but that's not the one that Luke speaks of it it's it's it's very clear and explicit what's being spoken over the significance of it and and what Matthew records and in Matthew two with with the Magi coming and coming to Herod about this and they seen what's written because everyone knows it's the city of David.

That's the issue that's really Joseph goes and that's were his genealogy points etc. so it's just the new test. This was it's really based on ignorance.

You have to scroll out the clear New Testament witness about where they were going and why they were going there to make this other city it's it's really an obscure very weak argument so you find some arguing for it, but it's it's an obscure argument that they siesta did neither a testimony of the New Testament to to come out with that and the question is one of the New Testament construct this whole thing.

Construct to construct if you make it up make it up correctly. No so you know it yet. I was just curious to see even how much is written on this are discussed but it is it is a very much minority obscure view and that would be responsible.

You tell me. Not only did the New Testament writers make it up but they made it up wrong. So yeah all right hey keep reaching out man got busted very effectively for your you're very welcome 866-34-TRUTH call got a couple lines open which doesn't often happen on a Friday's a great time to call in. We go to our buddy Eddie in Madison, Connecticut. Welcome to the line of fire your gradebook are you going doing great man. I caught a little trouble blocking the Bible we go pop would be an abortion. What went on in the country and everything that I like the great thing about what I would bump walking everywhere but you know what you said there like… I think they said about I don't know if you got members elected by your babies or your work will be low.

I don't like that but reported every year, according to what you said that waters the way for structured and many are about way you said narrows the fact that pro-life babies were born on every facet of abiding I made it like a million today are hundred percent have slowly not as though I understand what I'm saying. I said, but think about it both 2 million babies that were reported.

Every one of the.if they were born that Elizabeth, wife. According to Christ walk away, but I don't want anyone to make it right so I don't could you ask you the same would hold true for like a one month old baby that was killed right yeah okay so want to kill all the babies that and assure that they go to heaven Lala your life right right right.

In another words it's it's a meaningless point that that's the point.

It's utterly ultimately has no meaning.

Otherwise, we should be.

We should thank Adolf Hitler for all the Jewish babies and children. They kill it. It's ultimately submit has no meaning right so others are Dr. Greg Biden what if I was one of the baby that was born out early with God or the other way if I was born it out through the pointer finger light that you would've missed Christ about your eternal you know that I wish I was a boy I was a crazy product will not out right you're right right sister here are right so I will those that were watching. Notice it when you said wrist abortion cause some trouble in the Bible study. I smiled, not because the subject of abortion, but because your call is always based on the latest controversy because the Bible study so there's two sides to this one. The Bible is very clear about killing babies, killing children and killing the innocent. Merging them. It's a monstrous evil in God's sight because of which God can judge whole nations so so millions, hundreds of millions of people can ultimately suffer not just the babies but but the nation as a whole can come under divine judgment.

Because of this monstrous horrific sin. That's the first thing the second thing is God is an incredible Redeemer and an what people mean for evil.

One of the worst things human being can do is is destroy the life of an innocent child including a child in the womb that God is an incredible Redeemer will take those children safely into his presence forever. That being said, again you you understand the argument itself is meaningless. Interest was right or what's wrong.

The argument itself has no bearing whatsoever other, otherwise let's just end the human race right here not bring anyone else into the world because most will end up not following Jesus. So obviously we make no decisions based on that that would be the end of the human race right here now. None of the child would ever be born so the good thing is in the midst of the evil gods Redeemer. The bad thing is it's evil. Nonetheless, and it brings all kinds of other problems, issues and judgments with all the me to say this to those of you who have abortions and you're just stunned by my words if you don't know Jesus, you need to come to him for forgiveness of your sins, including the sin of abortion. If you are the man that was complicit in the source or the abortion Dr. worker need to come to him confessing your sins, including the sin of abortion and asking for mercy and forgiveness. Jesus died for that sin to and you can be forgiven and redeemed at the can give you hope if you are a believer, but you're stung again.

Take hold of that grace when when Jesus died on the cross.

He knew that sin and he paid for and let him use you in a redemptive way.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Jamaal in Baltimore. Welcome to the line of fire.brown so they could talk to.

I am glad it burning? So I've been putting the Bible recently and I would like to look up online.

I learned it like it the Bible.

At one point had like more books but it might start from counsel of people like remove certain books at some point and bikers like a mother yet on that but that to question one. If that's true on what authority will those books remove and to if there any merit to reading those books that have been removed by now.

Is there any yes or answer a great question Jamaal number one no is is false notebooks were removed and number two, it's false that some counsel just made a decision on which books to remove rather from early on. Certain groups were books were universally accepted as God's word and there was dispute from early on about the other books whether they should be included or not and ultimately some groups chose to include them. Some groups chose not to include them but there was never universal agreement. This part of the Bible and in some glimpses of him him remove them as to your second question about reading the books that are disputed all answer that on the inside breaks to stay right there. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown has friends for joining us on the line of fire. So Jamaal of weeks back couple months now.

I had a guest on Steve Christie, who wrote a helpful little book why Protestant Bibles are smaller. Get online Amazon of the places why Protestant Bibles in smaller defense of the Protestant Old Testament canon associate. You'll find that helpful, but in short, the Catholic Bible will have books that are called the Apocrypha in them. It's fine to read them. It gives you insights into some of what happened between the old and the New Testament there some edifying wisdom in their and there some things that we wouldn't fully agree with doctrinally but it's not on the level of the inspiration of Scripture. So it's it's good reading. It's informative. I would put it between a good book in the Bible. Mother was something that was these books were highly regarded in the ancient world, but not on the level of Scripture there other books that are called see the epigraphy it's a big word it just means writings that are falsely described the book of Enoch describes if Enoch wrote all of it which which he didn't, etc. so those are interesting to read the secondary quote wow that's fascinating stuff. But again, you don't want to confuse it with Scripture. So nobody took books out that everyone accepted Scripture rather the books like the apocryphal books were debated for centuries about whether it's part of the Bible or not.

None of them are quoted as Scripture.

In the New Testament and therefore that and other reasons we don't accept them as Scripture today in that little book by Steve Christie why Protestant Bibles are smaller. You'll find helpful. He feel free to call in again. Jamaal would be at peace 66 books of the Bible that we understand Scripture have been considered to be Scripture. Virtually with without much dispute about almost all of them. Once these things were widely accepted in the body. Thank you again for the call.

Let's go to Wanda in Providence, Rhode Island. Welcome to the line of fire. How are you doing well. Thank you so what I wanted to bring up that I would bring apostolic old in a Christian household all my life I've been taught that it abomination and in full for a woman to wear pants based on Deuteronomy 22. However, when a doll and studied the Scriptures more and that I realized that it does not specifically say that if the web can you know. In fact, it does say that a woman should dress modestly, and not specifically not to wear pants know my question to you is, is it painful for a woman.

No and less for that woman before God. It said it was a lesson her own heart.

She's convinced it sin, no in itself certainly not. So what we do is Deuteronomy 22. While that law was given because of gender distinctions that the law that may have it. It may have tied it with other cultural issues as well, but the issues gender distinctions self romance addresses a woman or a woman to dress as a man, those things were sinful in God's sight, and obviously anything that breaks down the distinction between male-female blurs. It confuses that it is attacked on the image of God and humans in us as he made us mail and female. That being said, there is nothing inherently male or female about pants. There is a colleague that I preach for in Louisiana decades ago, highly respected man of God there but when he first went to interview the preach he was pretty new in the ministry and he got to the village to preach, and in this village. The women were like these pantsuits and the men were like these gowns and he got up and railed on them. The whole village your it's an abomination which he did what he did realize was that in their eyes. He was wearing women's clothes consumers) so there there may have been a time and culture. You know in our American culture that for a woman to wear pants since a certain message but it's it's ubiquitous now, and certainly a woman can wear slacks that are far more modest than a woman in a miniskirt you know and and agreed right so the key thing is always modesty you know we don't we don't ever want to dress in a way as to address sexual attention to ourselves, for those outside of of of of marriage with a husband and wife dues is their business, but you don't want to wear things up publicly to draw sexual attention to yourself and I can be with pants or they can be with address, etc. of modesty honoring the Lord in that respect is important, but know there's nothing inherently male about pants or inherently female about address even though were used to in our culture now that being said, from man to wear a dress that is making a distinct statement that there is something in our culture. To this day, that when a man puts on address. He is dressing as a woman and therefore I would.

I would say absolutely from man to wear a dress is sinful because in our culture and absolutely has a message now if there's somebody from Saudi Arabia over in America and he's wearing one of those long flowing gowns right that's that's a different thing. That's a that it sends a totally different message that is not dressing as a female suitor, study of Scripture is correct in terms of the conclusions you came to hear you're very welcome 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to José in Ventura, California. Welcome to the line of fire.

Well Michael Brown got a few unless you thank you my question regarding the Trinity discerned him, but before I get my question. I give him I want different maybe could understand better. A while back there was a show called the Donning commercial insurance company, what you remember that yeah yeah and him a Walter Martin was debating the UPC.

I think what you a few feet of the structure on the sister okay yeah and my question is him regarding where do we draw the line when we could call someone a brother about why do I affect it because I know that between you, you consider yourself a brother with with James White right yes and we ran and ran one of the charismatic and in one of the reformed person.

There's a lot of different a lot of differences regarding God and and you know predestination on that software. Some people wouldn't even consider a charismatic person, a brother because of the different and origin of mom how everything came to be and conversely that weight others would not consider Calvinist believer yeah exactly you answer my question is that it we could call it like I'm more, I lean more into the reformed view of man, but I but I have charismatic friend. Well Anna, but might my question is that if if for example you have the person that people look up to you and feeling and all people will follow you and even follow your own belief where where do you think you causing quite a brother and you reformed and you're more leading to the charismatic side and you have our brothers in Christ. Where do I draw the line with the with the oneness Pentecostal Christian that they have a heart for God, they have harbored Jesus but yet they believe what they believe yeah just jump in on only has some money at a time and want to answer you. Okay first thing is a lot comes down to the person of Jesus and James White and I believe exactly the same in terms of him being the eternal son in terms of God incarnate in terms of his blood alone saving in terms of everyone who puts their trust in his work on the cross. His death and resurrection being eternally saved. So though those are fundamentals of fundamentals, a oneness person ultimately has a different view of Jesus. Yes, they affirm his deity and you could argue from first John two that whoever has the son has the father also this a discussion James White not have had, so I have met oneness Pentecostals according to everything I can see they are believers and they recognize others outside of the group as believers James what are you it is because of ignorance of the full teaching that ultimately they don't believe rightly about the sun and and that would be where it breaks down that they do not truly believe in the eternal nature of the sun and and that's where it becomes problematic. I would also say that many oneness Pentecostals or cultlike and other doctrines they have that they would say if you are not baptized by one of their bishops in the name of Jesus would use that exact formula in the name of Jesus that you are not saved, that if you cannot speak in tongues.

I am a tongue speaker.

If you do not speak in tongues you are not saved.

You have the spirit and if you do not believe what they believe about the nature of God, you are not safe.

So the most strict among them rule out everybody else so I have worked with oneness people coming closely, but over the years to preach. For some, only to find out afterwards.

They had oneness beliefs or interact with them on other things, only to find that out James White's argument would be, they may be believers, but that's based on ignorance of of what they truly believe if they fully understood what they believed they could not be believers in other words, it is heretical in that regard. I actually affirm it. Then there is one God and one God only, but you feel that their beliefs: a dangerous and heretical direction so to the extent they can affirm the right doctrine about the sun awoken his brothers and sisters, to the extent they are wrong on that they can be wrong on other essentials where that line is drawn, though all that God be that judge specifically as to each one of them or any of them saved and who was lost but we must hold essential truths about the something can divide over that he friends last 15 minutes from now to resume on you to the weekly chat 20] another program powered by the Truth Network

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