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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Social Media Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 11, 2020 4:00 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Social Media Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 11, 2020 4:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/11/20.

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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You got questions. We got answers stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, a friends, this is Michael Brown. As always, on Friday were here to answer your questions.

I'm not giving out the phone number because were not taking calls today. This is the last day during the week where I have been separated away, spending time with the Lord seeking his face doing some writing, and I have not been doing live broadcast. We have prerecorded all of these free me up so I can concentrate on what matters most, and hopefully serve you. Even better, glorify the Lord even more be a greater blessing to you and to many more people.

So, thanks.

Those of you who have prayed this case we pray for me during this week for this time away and those of you who have donated and donated help with urine gifts.

Thank you, thank you so much deeply appreciated so were doing today is taking questions that I previously solicit solicited on Facebook so don't post the questions now but sit back and enjoy the broadcast. I trust you'll find it to be informative as always right. Let's start with Elio.

This is what he says blessings. I have a question about the harbinger to. I enjoyed the book. I was wondering if you had a chance to read it. I knew you had. Jonathan, on your show and was wondering what are your thoughts on what he reveals in the book. Okay, I have the book on my desk. I was actually sent in an extra copy of it as a speaker at the return event this past September September 26 in DC and because I have some audible credits I just give the book away and listen to it on audio so I have not yet done it long answer. I've not yet done it. I was moved by the conversation, Jonathan.

I had on the air. I was stirred by it. I would say I was stirred by that more than any interview we've done. If that reflects the contents of the book that I trust will be stirred by the contents of the book but assisted with all of his books. I absolutely believe God has raised him up to bring a wake-up call to America to warn of impending judgment or judgment. Even in our midst to call us to repent and turn to God. I believe he's been super actually raised up to do that is for each point he argues in his books tested by Scripture. Evaluate them historically to see if they're accurate and he would welcome that as well and in fact he has a manned me making this very statement. Okay, let's see. Haley Haley joy. I have a question about the passion translation Bible is it correct to consider it a paraphrase like the message I've heard many, many pastors, including my own reference and from time to time, and I've heard some of my friends so leaves the translation most because of how beautiful poetic it is also the few prominent pastors have decent arguments as to heresy and absolute garbage to abbreviate the two are long videos I watched what extent can we base our biblical beliefs in this translation would look to your thoughts about yes Haley I'm I'm actually address this many times, but I'll address it once more number one.

It is a paraphrase. I don't care what anyone says it is a paraphrase is not a direct translation is a paraphrase in that sense, similar to the message that someone Brian Simmons is calling me know. I'm assuming many many years a preacher from years ago. I believe he loves the Lord loves the word as a serious student of the word. If he says it's a translation I differ as a paraphrase, that if you're not convinced of that. Do this, take out any findings. Translation to go to Bible right we can get a multitude Bible translations and go to the Beatitudes right Matthew 533 12 go through them, read them in the King James new King James, NASB, ESV, and IV CSB NET, you name it.

Rinaldo's right TLV tree of life, right messenger read any of those then read it in in the passion and use this paraphrase. Most notably, the same Greek word that occurs at the beginning of most of those verses Machias should be the equivalent of Hebrew ashtray truly happy truly blessed is translated differently in verse after verse. Now Brian was a spring at the meaning of it that's fine.

It's a paraphrase. It's a paraphrase.

Now I believe at times is beautiful and powerful and all freely quoted in that respect, but use it as a primary translation. No, no, absolutely, categorically no you are getting the Bible as interpreted and understood by a godly man who loves the Lord to you as opposed to translators doing their best to just get what it says to you without their clear mediation and interpretation of interacted some with Mike Wenger, Pastor Mike Wenger about this. II may not come to a superior conclusions as he would be his critique is a fair critique.

His critique is for another was he's not just some crazy heresy.

Hunter speaking vainly in and out of turn.

Okay, let's see, let's go to Misty Lynn, I will ask the question that I've tried to have answered in the past and my believer was backslidden for many years became back to God. In March, I want to know if and when the Holy Spirit leaves a person if they were filled, but they leave the faith because it's hard for because I don't feel the way I used to back when I was first saved and baptized with the Holy Spirit. Many years ago, but maybe that is because I messed it up. I used to feel God, but now that I'm back to being a believer I don't anymore. Have you get the baptism of the Holy Spirit back.

I know this time I'll never leave God again. I just want to know I'm say this is a basic faith related question, but I'm sure there are many more who live to the Brown survival in the same situation as me. I was a preacher's kid Misty I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles but I would encourage you not to speculate about when the Holy Spirit leaves or if he doesn't leave. I would encourage you to focus on the fact that God has staked his reputation on the fact that the cross is enough and that he restores you and forgives you, I would encourage you every day, even multiple times a day to read through all of Luke 15, from beginning to end until it becomes clear to you that the father was longing for you to return and as you were returning to him. He had initiated the process. He's the one that put it in your heart to come back and he's the one that came running out to greet you. That's the truth. Read the last two verses of the book of James.

That's the truth.

When restoration comes it comes fully beautifully in the same cross that brought you forgiveness the first time around brings you forgiveness the second time around. In fact, although it's painfully grievous to walk away from the Lord for so long, it can be even more beautiful to be back with him than ever because you realize the error of your ways realize the bankruptcy being separated from him you realize how how how wrong it was and what you are missing and now you want to cling to him like never before. But I would I would throw myself on him and rather than sell never leave you again this it will hurt you know the weakness of my heart on trust you to keep me I'm putting all my eggs in your basket that you will keep me read through Luke 15 over and over again until the full revelation hits if you need a book to read about the love of God check out David Harward HAR W OOD a dear friend and colleague many years has taught classes for us afire for many years. The true love of God or God's true love David Harward HAR W OOD or you can take a class that he teaches on that video class. Just go to Ovitz.

He is fire school of ministry will find that you will be enriched by it blessed by it helped by encouraged by, and the Holy Spirit is in you and upon you. That's through his grace if he spoke in tongues before you can speak in tongues now and and I would dare say that the biggest reason you don't quote feel God is because you still feel guilty, you still feel like I let him down.

I betrayed him II was dishonorable but to him thanking him for for complete forgiveness through the blood of Jesus thinking that the same God who started the work will finish it that his gifts and calling her revocable and begin to worship him as if you felt them, and trust me soon enough.

His presence destroy will be. In fact, I won't pray Lord bring the release of love, forgiveness and grace to Misty to enjoy intimate fellowship with you once again to never stray Jesus name, amen.

All right lead us go to joy. What you think about the car length scandal in light of all the concerns people had about them before he was caught in adultery. Would you say to the Muslim woman involved. First, my heart goes out to Carl and his family by I hope he's found a true place of repentance. I hope his family can be restored and stronger than ever as marriage and whether he's used by God to preach again are not public ministry. That's really very secondary to the larger issues that's first and foremost I don't condemn him. I don't judge him on us that he was holier than thou.

To the contrary, to the contrary, I said there go I, but by the grace of God I now I have some differences with him on some points in the way he presented things some controversial moral and cultural issues we interacted privately about those things and the fact that he got to hang out with different celebrities a song about whatever religious people right now is a habit that's that was what brought him down the path cable. What about the holiness preacher. What about the guy preaching holiness from the pulpit using a King James Bible wearing a yellow black suit, black tie and white shirt never gone to the never going to the movies in his life doesn't own a computer once they were from Internet and he commits adultery. You have anybody that's my point on I can sit here and NC always see us because he was doing this this this I don't I don't always happen in his private life on the Lord's standards were right, and GE could have been having very high standards but just foolishly opened the door and started playing games with sin. So you haven't anyone so I'd say the one we pray for her brother. We pray for his wife and kids for grace for restoration, and above all, that the testimony of Jesus would be recovered to up to a watching world into the celebrity showing no Justin Bieber and Haley that you know that look to him that that that he be able to minister grace to them.

You notice that may be disappointed right pray for that separate issue when he was preaching how we live. That's what was preaching, we can evaluate based on the word how he lived. God knows all right but but plenty of holiness preacher's fall 20 people who rail against pornography from the pulpit or addicted to a privately that's that's why we we do our best to restore the spirit of gentleness concerning ourselves, us were also tend to question six right as for the Muslim woman. But what a terrible shame, terrible shame, not just that she got brought into an adulterous relationship with a man and almost made her own choices but that somehow she will look at Christianity supercritical or pastors Lisa subscribe hypocritical so hopefully out of this. Some believers can reach out to her double put them in contact and she could find people that really love the Lord at a mess and call the sum of the Lord, but that they can minister grace to her. So we should pray for her as well be. We must not forget her as pray for Carl and his family. We must absolutely pray for her and my attitude is you hold standards very very high. We must hold very very high.

The word is clearly don't play games Illinois we can play with my will get done. This fact, have mercy on those who fall have mercy especially if they demonstrate the repent attitude all the more cumbersome error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. I am delighted to be with you. It is a joy it is a privilege. I hope you can feel the joy in my heart if you're watching see the joy in my face.

If you listening feel the still feel the smile is there can tell you how much I love being with you on the radio over 12 years, five days a week and I enjoyed look forward to just as much now as ever.

So thanks for taking time at your data to let reporting to you. I'm not taking calls today. I'm answering questions that were previously posted on Facebook, but if we've been a blessing to if our ministries help to strengthen you if it's answered questions. If it's been there at difficult times. If you value your voice if you feel that we are redoing something worthy for the for the church and for the world and for Israel. Then to stand with us in prayer. If you're able to help with the year-end gift that's awesome just go to the website asked Dr. Brown.

Double-click on donate or read in the Facebook page.

Click on the donate button on YouTube all right beneath the chat box. You can click on the $there. Thank you.

All the funds go right back out to touching people like you. So we go back to Facebook. Deborah did Jesus have the body of fallen man, like all men born after the fall of Adam or the body of man before the fall.

Pursue biology and function perhaps unaffected by disease. No genetic abnormalities, etc. after all he is the last Adam. The new prototype wonderful question Deborah, but the answer would be. He had the body of a fallen man. The Bible says that he was like us in every way that he took on flesh and blood so you be like us in every way even experience the reality of temptation usable Adam and Eve experience the reality of temptation, yes, but we see other indications of his full humanity getting tired right to take a nap in the boat or getting hungry after fasting for 40 days Moses was fully human in that respect if if he was it if if he his body was real deliverable here… Adam and Eve had eat of the tree of life to live forever anyway. But yes, he is the new Adam and that he starts things over, but was the first Adam born of a woman know first that was great directly by God. Where is the. The last Adam comes down from heaven, but through the womb of a vote of the woman in the virgin to the parallels are not meant to be exact in every way but Jesus was fully like us. There's no indication that he was immune to disease or anything else like that. All right then. What is your opinion broadly on scholarly opinions of the authorship of the Old Testament such as the for source theory if you want to include thoughts and other books such as the authorship of Isaiah works to specifically to believe that anybody noticed McKenna was finalized before the destruction. It's interesting the last two weeks. Question centaur ministry asked in social media asked on the air is probably like 10 times the same question came up in the last couple weeks so I guess there's some stuff out there that a lot of people reading yeah of course I believe there were books finalized before the destruction of the first Temple no reason not to. No reason not to ask for authorship.

I believe that whatever whatever the Pentateuch ascribes to Moses was that he wrote it down that he actually wrote things down that we know there are additions, but the last 12 verses of Deuteronomy are universally considered to be added later timeout Moses death in the reflecting. Many years later that no one like Moses is yet risen up right but even with that the this the documentary hypothesis. The for source theory that you mention that allegedly there were four different writers J that the Yahwist writer in the logistic writer and the general and atomic writer and then the priestly right of the door or schools that that at least two of them would have been well preexilic the J and the E which of D would've been considered preexilic MNP exilic or postexilic souvenir. Those sources were allegedly been earlier. We high-five no reason to to think that that there were books that were finalized before the destruction of the first Temple absolutely now as to Isaiah. I'm in the early stages of a commentary Isaiah and you say you been saved in early states, really, because there's no heavy time limit on like I have to get out now. But my overall reflection is is that I believe that Isaiah himself had visions well beyond his lifetime, but they may have been been transmitted and finalized to his disciples in the subsequent generations. That's why we just have one book of Isaiah supposed to multiple books with Isaiah wrote this event is Isaiah's disciple Hilton on wrote this in your finance disciple, you shall wrote that know there's there's no evidence of that that we have, but the fact that some of the prophecies are clearly for generations after Isaiah's day to me. I have no problem synagogue reveal things to him that within transmitted to his disciples, perhaps further developed and then released later, Josephine. Choosing people of dreams which are messages from God, and if so how can we better understand them all. Yes, for sure.

Losing people of dreams which are messages from God and he tells us explicitly in the New Testament right and ask the second chapter where Peter quotes from Joel to and and your sons and daughters will prophesy right near your old men will dream dreams, young men will see visions dreams in the New Testament is while you act 16.

For example, so yeah there is there is no reason I mention act 16 as opposed to, say, Matthew one and two with with Joseph because this is now after the cross, right and God still revealing things in dreams no reason why he wouldn't give you an example of something. When I lived in Maryland.

This is I'm trying to think where we were when this happened, I would say it's around 93, 94 of my friend Sid Roth came into my office one day about you that are called me and said and said Mike Goss instructed me to put a book together and I'm to get the testimonies of 10 different Jewish believers know this one was a Holocaust survivor and this one who was a former Hindu guru in this wheel just this whole range supposed to get these and of and I want you to write one as well and in the room to publish this and this can be an outreach tool for Jewish people. Well I did write a chapter in that it initially came out called a thought for themselves the books total between English, Russian, maybe Spanish Hebrew. The total distribution of these books in terms of how many nonbelieving Jews. The book was sent were given total between these languages maybe is 4 mm 5 million amusement extra extraordinary in terms of the level of outreach extraordinary that was the first prophetic dreams that had in a dream he felt God gave him a directive. He knew it was Lord he acted on. Now I've been saved 49 years now, and maybe I've got a couple prophetic dreams.

Maybe my dreams and I prophetic otherwise I know other friends that get prophetic dreams or directional dreams all the time all the time. I am also not expert at all in interpreting dreams is not a gift. I have people some of their dreams in a lookout slick room but I will get the insight that the symbolism the meaning the language there is a brother with the Lord that John Paul Jackson, prophetic brother, who seem to really be gifted in interpreting dreams and he's got probably book out her teaching seriously, check out John Paul Jackson and dreams are to the John Paul Jackson, dreams, and one time he said to me when the few times we got to hang out together. He said in note.

Dreams tell you more about yourself than anything else is, reveals what you're thinking is going on inside of you, but it in any case, that's what I would recommend but that being said, don't just read and interpret every dream or what's the meaning of this.

I was on a roller coaster, which became a mushroom and then the mushroom turned into Elvis Pressley and suddenly Elvis Presley became a brontosaurus and then the brontosaurus became my grandmother's pet dog and then the dogs chase me down the street and the next thing I was I was flying or I will tell you what if the Lord has a message for you and that let's trust to get it across us, get us in spending hours trying to figure that out but if you kept getting the same dreamer when you got the dream you woke up with a sense of the Lord saying there's something here then you and you pray about it US for further insight. All right, Kelsey, which parts of the Bible were for the time. The verse was written which applies to a salvation applies to all course, that whosoever believes in John 316 present. One guy was talking to Joshua's is not to be discouraged as actors for Joshua for us also to use this principle got these verses down Romans 15 for Romans 15 for which says that everything that was written before hand was written for hope and encouragement. Strength first Corinthians 10 one through 11 first Corinthians 10 one through 11, and there Paul says that the things that happen with God judging Israel in the past, those were warnings for us to look at what happens then be worn by restricting look what happens then be encouraged by and in second Timothy 316, 17 second Timothy 316, 17, about the inspiration of God's word and it was profitable for teaching and profitable for for for ministry for the man of God to use in a certain way. Okay, so in short, there are things that God gave to Israel for certain. Time for certain purpose. From then we learn right from them. We make application we we come to understand that Winston is a direct word to us there other things that are universal principles of the principles of Proverbs are universal principles of wisdom went when God says I'm gonna judge the nations for this as well as Israel so that it applies to everybody or whatever is written in the New Testament directed to all believers. That is probably so learn from everything grow from everything gain insight from everything makes spiritual application support is appropriate when God tells Israel. Don't be discouraged about those Joshua, don't be discouraged when it comes to the moment you being discouraged take hold of hope in the Lord at the same time that which is a universal directive are clearly written for us and it's directed to a special New Testament take is God speaking directly to you to act on the things the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on today's Friday broadcaster print with the blessing and smile of gobble flood your life that will draw near to the Lord as we come to the end of this tumultuous year that his word will be the grounding of your life.

The Holy Spirit will be close to you that you will make Jesus known Yeshua known like never before. All right, I'm not taking calls today. I'm answering questions that were previously posted on Facebook. So, post them now I'm asking questions that were previously posted let's see will go to Brian hey Mr. Brown, shalom aisle seven similar testimonies with you with drugs.

The young age I been a child of God. The site would be. Sure for about four years now but my question is to have a short and to the point video clip of what you can began a Christian at the same time. I've assisted a strength that lasts a few years ago after third kid I want to show the clip and try to explain to her that it's not okay to think like that. Also, please pray for me and all of us to be better and more obedient children of God, Disciples of Christ, Yeshua. Please and thank you God bless you and your family forever and ever.

Amen. All right guys, I need you to post the link for Brian to our video.

I consider this video Kenny began Christian. All right. So yes Brian, we have we have a six minute video. Kenny began Christian Amberg and our teams is a your moment will post that in response to Sue before I answer this on the air. You will see your response.

Okay so can you began Christian is our YouTube channel Esther Cabral it's on our website Esther to this and then you'll see it. Can you be gay and Christian. Concisely, we lay out the issues we do in love. Also check out in his if you watch this, it may really minister to her she may get mad at the short video, but this movie in his that may be something that you take the time to watch and then my book can you began Christian, which is written with real compassion. Can you began Christian. May the Lord touch her and strengthen you and your family all right.

Let's see Marie. Marie Eve hello would you know of any charismatic theologians community online.

I'm searching for new theologians, charismatic friends to talk with us.

I live in a little town in the desert just have fun charismatic friend here I distorted my second book of yours excited to read it.

Okay, so a charismatic theologians community online on the trip. Sam storms has a community search for Dr. Sam storms Chris Dr. Craig Keener of their there. The plan charismatic theologians out to anybody but a good number. Boy I I'm not sure there probably there just don't just don't know about them. I'm in is the Society for Pentecostal studies, but that's academic that scholars there is the Society for evangelical Armenians. Some of them are charismatic. This more focused on Armenian theology versus Calvinist boy, am really not sure.

But there plenty of messages and teachings and materials that we have online that can be a blessing and help to you.

May the Lord strengthen you with fresh encounter of his spirit. Andrew was Cain and Abel reptilian's are weird humans, not the image of God. I have no idea where you God that idea. Cain and Abel were sons. The first sons of Adam and Eve created God's image in an image of the of of Adam and Eve. So I'm no idea where you get the idea that there quote reptilian's or weird humans. The image of God.

There absolutely in the image of God. Absolutely humans while when we got that from knowing so for the question is when will you got from that. This is the place to ask the questions of Timothy hi Dr. Brown I was wondering what you do not like or disagree with in the book called Christ the healer by FS Bosworth.

Thank you very much. It's a great book. I haven't read it in many many years but FF Bosworth was a Pentecostal leader, and in fact a man who helped disciple AW toes are yes the toaster was charismatic bottoming the toes would've liked some charismatic TV preacher today, but toes himself will evenly disempower this before today. Yeah but FF Bosworth was one of the men who discipled toes of Christ the healer is an excellent book, what might I disagree with. I might disagree with what could be an over application of by his stripes you were healed. I forget exactly where he comes down on that but you know he's got a classic line because some of the early faith healers. The rejected doctors the rejected medicine and a lot of it was that the best medicine then the practices were not we have today and still growing right there gotta be better cures for cancer chemotherapy. For example, right but the sum of the once completely rejected going to doctors under any circumstances etc. they felt was sin or compromise your faith Bosworth had a great statement that that if God is the one that's putting sickness on people. Then every doctor is in rebellion to God that every hospitalist is a house of rebellion that every nurse is working is the purpose of God because God's putting sickness is on people and the doctors and try to get them off, but then flip that over the same doctors are working with God.

Hospitals are working with God. Nurses are working with God to bring relief of people suffer, but we use as a textbook many years ago I remember using first time as a textbook in the mid-1980s, teaching on on divine healing. I'm sure there be some interpretations assert lines, I differ with, but otherwise it's it is a classic book in many ways the city may revisit this line of I is in many years as a look at it and I looked at Morrissey okay edifying and recommended as opposed to reading it critically so I can tell you every point a different all right.

Another question from Andrew Bunker to try to only answer one from each person of Jesus were tasked with the court a blue white is going on his followers wear them. That was something under the Sinai covenant were not under the Sinai covenant. God never called the Gentiles to where the might just pick that out, why not many, many other things under the law that would have been practiced or that are required in Torah many many many many many others that we don't even think of of practicing or following know that those things were outward reminders under the Sinai covenant remembering the children of Israel to keep all his commandments. There also part a garment that was born those women where that kind of garment today but it's almost worse between them and God. I have friends that witnessed between them and God, Jewish and Gentile believers that begins between them and God. But the emphasis on the new covenant is that God writes these things in our hearts their internalized, but there's no command in the New Testament to do it. You're not under the Sinai covenant, especially as Gentile.

All Laura, I just finished your book, not afraid of the antichrist.

I see I die with you and your views on in times I wonder if you can give an overview commentary on Daniel chapter 11 thank you yeah Daniel chapter 11. Can I give an overview of let's let's just take a look at it and glad that you are a great step for step so Daniel 11 first year there is the media stance to confirm strength and so will get away from controversies about chronology and exactly who's who tell you the truth. Three more kings will arise in Persia the fourth before Richard and MC of the Medo Persian Empire right begun by Cyrus. So this is a description of those things by the power against his riches. Everyone is the king of Greece so that the kingdom of Greece.

It and and Alexander so that ultimately displaces that the Medo Persian Empire. So as we all know you have these major empires. The Assyrian Empire, after which is the Babylonian Empire, they awfully go back and forth the dose to who was in supremacy and just kind of all under the rubric of Babylon right but begin with Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar in the Babylonian empire is the first major invention so Babylonian Empire that's displaced by the Greco-Roman Empire excused by the Medo Persian Empire, and that's displaced by the by the.

The Greek Empire that's displaced by the Roman Empire and it's during that time that the Messiah comes from the time of the Roman Empire right so this is still laying out some of the conflicts that are going to to take place and arise under Alexander and his successors in the divisions that will take place under the Grecian Empire and then ultimately a a key leader who who symbolizes you have a several times and Daniel T hostile anti-God antichrist like Antiochus epiphanies the second century that prefigures or personifies a later antichrist, and hence there can be some prophetic application to the end of the age based on what happened in the centuries before the time of Jesus. That's my very broad overview Holly had explained a lot offering his daughters to wicked men in Genesis. It does show how messed up and depraved everything was. That's part of why the account is there and it reminds us of the fact that women had lower status than men in the ancient world and it reminds us of the extraordinary place of honor that you would put on guest that if if you had a guest staying with you and now the people of your community were going to attack your guest that it would be better for you to let your own family suffer than to allow a guest in your home to suffer. But that being said, even though lot is called righteous in in second Peter. The second chapter of the fact is, his soul was vexed by the ways of Sodom and he was a man of his times so it's there to show the depravity of the whole situation again. It does underscore the degree to which women have a much lower status than men. So we will look at that as a positive, obviously, are some of the emulate and it does remind us of the incredible place that that protection honor of a visitor had in the ancient world rather have your own.daughters defiled than than the visitors. That's the reality. There, on that note, no pretty picture to put on it.

Anti-how you reconcile the alleged contradictions in Genesis 1 to 6 of the Genesis was a polymer allegorical.

In the Genesis to section creation story based my reading and research attention to the Genesis 1 is an overview of the creation story. Genesis 2 is more specific, zoomed into the creationist or the focus is on that yet that's exactly how I read it just was up home Genesis was not primarily the Telus science is primarily to teach us about who God is and how he works in the order with which he works on the earth, that is, that is primarily why it is there is to give us revelation of God as well as to tell us about the history of his creation of yes, Genesis 2 is is focusing and so Genesis 1 a massive wide-angle lens Genesis 288 superpowerful telephoto lens and those can we keep you recapitulated me further details like a story that your reading your watching some some thriller as a colleague again. Alice was can happen and then the next episode take a little deeper behind the scenes intelligent was actually happening yet. So I read it the same way you do and many scholars really like that as well. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

As promised, I'm getting to as many questions as possible, he said previously been posted on Facebook so don't post anything that outdone caucus were taking calls today, but I hope you enjoy this that I love getting to lots of questions and and and as always interesting questions. Daphne hi Dr. Brown I been searching answers on Matthew's genealogy and how and how many generations.

They are doesn't add up. And if the master of the infants really happen. Why would such an important event not be mentioned in the other Gospels, especially Luke's account. Thank you. All right if you check out volume 4 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 4. I do get into some depth about the apparent contradictions between Matthews genealogy and Luke's genealogy, but for sure.

Matthew is leaving out certain generations, as happens constantly in genealogies just on the left to the office today.

I was was listening to the book of Ruth and audio dispensing judges than Ruth and when Naomi witnesses when Ruth is her first child, right when Ruth first child is born, so this Naomi's grandson. Everyone says she has a son, so all that to say that you could skip genealogies, the son of this woman. Some of that when you can skip genealogies that or skip generations. That's communist in the Old Testament genealogies. So Matthew strategically placed things out to make sure he got key people and in key events and that's involving women and things like that and foreigners.

You know like Rahab and Ruth getting those things and and then dividing it into three equal groups of 14 to make a total of 42, and perhaps he did that because the numerical value for the name David David Heber dollars, five dollars, 464 is 14 so this is symbolic reporting to David, the Messiah, that's that speculation, but it could well be the problem is it seems like 1414 13 so one of them, you end up counting twice and that's just somehow we did it.

There is an argument from Syriac that there's another generation to put in the per sheet diversion and I'm not convinced that that that that really works is interesting, but I'm not convinced. So this is that the counting of one generation twice for whatever reason, but that's just the way he lays it out to divide and 14 1414 and indicative easily added other Xander taken others out.

But that was is designed to communicate a certain point now. As for the massacre of the infants. There are key things that one Gospel reports on another doesn't only Luke reports on one of the thieves on the cross of turning it and and coming to faith readily 23 or only Matthew reports on the.

The earthquake with season with with the dead rising in conjunction with the death and resurrection of Jesus. At the end of Matthew's gospel when he reports on the Jewish report about, but the body being stolen and that being circulated.

The Roman soldiers were paid off and there are numerous accounts, it only Luke tells in and in shares things involving women organ of the good Samaritan parable and thing so these other purposes, I could well be Matthews telling his story. Looks like okay you told that they are on the telly here, but that's why they have the different voices you say about how is it that is not recorded elsewhere. Well, how many other accounts do we have the ancient world. The gospel sells things that that Josephus doesn't he let certain things out but it's no surprise that someone cared to do something like that, based on who he was but just as we have hundred sources only.

Matthew told him you like to or three all right and only Matthew told you might ask the other thing if it really happened. Matthew did recorded by did we know turn around and asked that Juliann or those who claim to be gay Christians considered to be brothers and sisters in the Lord. Please explain. Thank at first just a very black-and-white scriptural state. Paul says that those who practice homosexuality, just like those who practice adultery. Those who practice fornication. Those who practice drunkenness numbers. This is the unrepentant lifestyle they will not hurt the kingdom of God. They are sinners and there will not inherit the kingdom of God. I can say that categorically based on what Scripture says right now now and in the whole argument. While the Bible is nothing about loving monogamous same sex relations first. Who says the Bible knows nothing about. Did the writers in the New Testament live in the Greco-Roman world pressure those things existed using the entire history of the Old Testament. Nobody ever came across. It committed loving same-sex relationship went out was all just about prostitution.

Pederasty in an and temple idolatry can prove that Sen. there are no gays that let just love each other in the ancient world, so there is no evidence that the biblical writers did know about it, but the biblical writers inspired by the Holy Spirit who knew everything said that this behavior. This practice, the sexual relations. Domestic relations are blatantly contrary to what God ordered and we got established.

God gave us the proper order categorically waited out made us biologically and sociologically to be one with another male with female female was male, not male plus male and female. Female. Those who practice this are in direct violation to his will, and therefore will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Now what if it's a couple that their brand-new and their ignorant how much ignorance did God put up with in your life is a new belief, so they put up with a whole lot in mine and I when I said I'll never put a needle in Oregon December 17 of of the 1971 at that moment I know that I know that I know that my sins were forgiven that I was right with God that that was the point of surrender. He was waiting for that all the guilt was removed all the junk I've done before that but I didn't fully realize the getting high at at all was wrong. I just motioned for Neil Mark two days after that was hang out with some friends in a small Tash with them and not 100% sure I was say I'm not hundred percent sure if I died the midst of an elegant string to the presence of God. I was forgiven to the blood of Jesus. I was ignorant as I was taking the bus home is like to think I should do this I learned on the Qiagen by his grace and never did after the and now Susan profanity in LF. This enough that in telling people about Jesus. I was saved was ignorant I and and so I mean that's how God's patient. II know one woman that got baptized while she was still in a relationship with her lesbian partner actually heard that from some others who are ex-gays that they were they could come to faith. They were working through these things, but there were still a relationship.

This woman, it may be like a two-year period the first of having sexual relations with her partner. Then she stopped sleeping in the same bed with her partner. Then she stopped living in the same house with a part, but it was a period of time, so maybe there's a couple and they they claim to love the Lord and their brand-new believers and they said they been in a church that says you can be gay and Christian God's there judge but once they are aware and understand they cannot live like that. All right it it is it is forbidden and will disqualify with someone from entering God's kingdom. Now there are people who say I'm not the gay relationship.

I believe it's wrong. I believe it's sinful. I don't I don't fantasize IRC to live a godly life but identifies gay Chris exam since extract don't do that. Don't do that. It's a mistake. Don't qualify yourself.

Don't put the don't make that part of your identity. What what if what if I was a married man struggled with adulterous thoughts but I don't commit adultery. Should I settle on adulterous Christian what if I'm a single woman and NI. I struggle with with lustful thoughts for other men. Even though I don't act on that relationship should I say I'm a fork in Christian what what I mean why should I put a qualifier in front so there are people who segregate Christian that's what they mean Irish them.

Don't make the partier identity as I can. Damn you to hell, but don't make that part of your them in your follower of Jesus your struggles with same-sex attraction of the people struggle with this is that that doesn't define us all right. Patricia, why did God stop the Holocaust deal.

Why didn't he stop the Holocaust. Why didn't he stop Joseph Stalin from his murderous Persian Russia widen the stop amounts of time with his murderous Persian China what he stop Paul taught with his murderous Persian, Cambodia, what is the stop a man right now abducting a three-year-old girl in them by the end of the days can a) color what is the stuff that there's so much evil on the planet so it's terrible suffering resort people doing things to other people. What is a God stoppage. Certainly we wish you would write me. Don't let these things happen. The monstrous evil that the unspeakable suffering, but bear in mind when he created the world he made a choice that he was going to create the world in which human beings with her freedom of choice, and within that they might choose evil dastardly evil when the firstborn sons Adam and Eve Kane killed his brother Abel to the firstborn son born was a murderer.

Wiping dust off the one God stop Adam and Eve from sitting in the first place, and disobeying and that was saved all the suffering human race because God is our seven people of 11 freely and be with him forever and that somehow out of the mess. The pain, the agony, the loss eternally. You will make something good out of it eternally. It will make sense, but he does not stop us from doing evil and otherwise enough to take away our will or existence. We have to do is work with him against evil. We have to do is bring redemption to those who been hurt through the cross bring redemption to them, who's been hurt by by human evil by human wickedness. We can be used by God to bring about change and in this world, people can do evil things wasn't God, stop us from the smaller evils that we do the things we learn to regret. That's the freedom that he gave us so we pray for God's mercy and that's also why we pray for the Lord to return because it's only when he returns that this madness. With incredible saying God brings good out of evil. Even the horrors of the Holocaust and the unspeakable losses to the Jewish people and others out of the ashes that the modern state of Israel as members which might save millions more lives. It doesn't minimize the loss that is to say God can bring life out of the good out of evil and like darkness best golf survey. Have a blessed weekend before to be back with you live doubling up on

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