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Zach’s Best Draft Bets (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 25, 2024 4:07 pm

Zach’s Best Draft Bets (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 25, 2024 4:07 pm

3 Players Zach is most confident in I Future of Bengals with Higgins and Hendrickson wanting out I Celtics Concern


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Yes, that's right. A Thursday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all of our great local Infinity Sports Network affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, the free Odyssey app, and of course streaming live on YouTube. 855-212-4227 is the number to jump on in. 855-212-4227. You could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old sass pool of Twitter at Zach Gelb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. We have a full house here today. Perfect attendance. Moist Mike Stewart, Kovacs rocking and rolling all the way up until 6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific. Andrew Perloff of the Maggie and Perloff show right here on many of these same Infinity Sports Network affiliates. He's going to join us in studio at 4 PM Eastern, 1 PM Pacific today if you thought I was obsessed with the draft and if I was considered a draft nerd. Just wait until you hear Andrew Perloff just rant and rave about these draft prospects. He has an against the grain take coming up and he also did text me and he was asking my permission if it would be okay on this show that he has a list of five players that will be big, big, big draft hits. He said, I would love to run them by you today.

And I said, absolutely. So it should be fun an hour from now. And that got me thinking, by the way, we sit here pretty much ever since the season ended, right? Regular season for these teams that need players in this draft early for the most part in the top 10. And you sit here in January, it really gets going in the middle of February once the NFL season with the Super Bowl comes to a close. And for the middle of February, all the way up until the end of April, it's draft draft draft draft draft and more draft. And I would say that if you never watch football before, and you had no clue how the draft did work, you would think that just by 90 to 95% of the conversation being quarterback quarterback quarterback that only quarterbacks are eligible to get drafted in the NFL draft tonight.

Now, if you're a super duper series sports fan, like ours, like all of us here on the Infinity Sports Network, you know, that isn't the case. But it did get me thinking, who are the three players that you trust the most in this NFL draft. And when I did this exercise, I actually did not have a single quarterback. So the three players I have, Marvin Harrison, Jr., Roma dunes a, and then Joe all.

I'll explain why in just a second. But let's start around the quarterback pot a little bit. And let's examine why those quarterbacks in this draft, I don't really trust as much as the other three players that I just mentioned in two wide receivers, and then also an offensive lineman. So Caleb Williams is the quarterback that I trust the most.

And I've been pretty consistent with this. It's been Caleb Williams one, it's been Jayden Daniels to Drake May three, Michael Penn, X4 and JJ McCarthy five in my rankings. The concern I have with Caleb Williams, and it may not be something that's valid, but it's just the fatigue.

And it's the prospect fatigue. When you hear generational talent, when you hear for two years that the guy is going to be the guy, and I look at recent history, I heard for a bunch of years Andrew Luck was supposed to be the guy. I heard for a bunch of years Trevor Lawrence was supposed to be the guy. Andrew Luck was on his way to being the guy. He was awesome in Indianapolis, but his career was cut short due to injuries. For Trevor Lawrence, it was one bad year, you blame it on Urban Meyer, one good year, and then this past year he did regress a lot of it because of an injury. So I just look recently at the two prospects, not that in one year took the biggest jump, but for multiple years, that's going to be the first overall pick of the draft whenever he's eligible to go to the draft.

And in recent history, Andrew Luck did not end up working out, and neither did Trevor Lawrence. So I know people will pinpoint, oh, well Caleb Williams, he paints his nails, and Caleb Williams, you wonder how he's going to relate in the locker room, and Jalen Johnson said you got to cut the Hollywood crap out and all that stuff. All right, if those are your concerns, like I don't care, I don't think Caleb Williams should have painted bleep Utah on his nails, but that's not a reason why I wouldn't draft him. And don't get me wrong, Caleb Williams absolutely should be the first overall pick in this draft because of the need that the Chicago Bears have had forever at the quarterback position. But there is a little concern with Caleb Williams just because of recent history when I've seen guys be tabbed as the guy, the guy, the guy, the guy, and then either they've had some good moments, they don't end up meeting the generational hype that was bestowed upon them. Jayden Daniels, Zach, you sat here for two months and you have implored your football team to hopefully be in a position, which I now not, to get Jayden Daniels in the draft.

I'm a huge fan of Jayden Daniels. The thing with Jayden Daniels though, at Arizona State, he wasn't the quarterback that he was at LSU. And not only that, when he left Arizona State, I thought it was very bizarre.

And I don't know, maybe this is like a draft day kind of reference. You know, his teammates didn't show up to Bo Callahan's birthday party, but it did feel weird to me. And I remember the videos when it was announced that Jayden Daniels was going into the transfer portal where his Arizona State teammates like went right to his locker and just stole all of his items in his locker. That was very Le'Veon Bell like to me when Le'Veon Bell bailed out on the Steelers.

And I just wonder if there was something more to that. But with Jayden Daniels, the big concern is just going to be able to stay healthy cuz he is a thinner person. Like he is not a big hulking figure that we've seen from some of these mobile quarterbacks. But we all know the upside of Jayden Daniels.

I've said it. He reminds me a lot like Lamar Jackson except with a better arm. And that's so slight at Lamar Jackson. I've been one of the biggest supporters of Lamar Jackson. I thought it was ridiculous in the coverage of Lamar Jackson leading up to the NFL draft. But the appeal for Jayden Daniels is absolutely, this was a guy that had 1,100 rushing yards this past year and threw for 40 touchdowns. Drake May, what's my concern?

Why don't I put him in the top three in terms of players that I trust the most in this draft? It's the difference from what people tell me what his floor could be to what his ceiling could be. His ceiling could be like Josh Allen. Yeah, sign me up for that. That would be excellent. But we've heard with some of these guys that have low floors and then high ceilings, a lot of times for every Josh Allen, there's a Trey Lance or there's a Zach Wilson.

So that is a concern. JJ McCarthy, I know he's a winner everywhere he goes. I know they did not ask him to be a stud and throw the football 30, 35 times a game.

But we haven't seen him really do that. Do I believe in JJ McCarthy's athleticism? Do I believe that JJ McCarthy has a better arm than what people think?

Yes. But I don't think JJ McCarthy has a ceiling of being a Hall of Fame elite quarterback in this league. I don't think JJ McCarthy is one of those guys where you're talking about him in the same breath as the great elite quarterbacks right now, like a Patrick Mahomes, like a Joe Burrow, like a Josh Allen. Or can JJ McCarthy even be a CJ shroud? I know that JJ McCarthy beat the snot out of CJ Stroud in college, but CJ Stroud looks like a totally different player than what he was in college compared to what he's now done in the NFL. And then you have Michael Pennock, Jr., who Michael Pennock, Jr. Stu, I think he's going to your Raiders.

I do. I would like to see Michael Pennock, Jr. go to the Seahawks because his offensive coordinator from college is now out there. And not only that, you look at a good landing spot for him. Geno Smith, his story was two years ago. You know, I know they traded for Sam Howell. That doesn't really move the needle for me. And I think Sam Howell could be solid, but do I ever think he's going to be a great quarterback in this league?

Absolutely not. But I look at Michael Pennock, Jr., just how I look at Drake May and JJ McCarthy, where those guys land will really dictate where their careers are. Like, I believe you could put Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels in a bunch of different spots, and they have the ability to be elite on their own.

But for McCarthy, Pennocks and May, where they land is essential. And if you could put Pennocks on a team with DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Jackson Smith and Jigba, and in a backfield of promising backs and Kenneth Walker and Zach Charbonnet, that's enough for Michael Pennocks, Jr. to succeed in the NFL. So I'm not trashing the quarterbacks, but I have some individual concerns with all five quarterbacks, obviously more with some than others. But the reason why I said the three players I trust the most in this draft are Marvin Harrison, Jr., Roma Dunze, and Joe Walt.

Well, these are the reasons. I saw Marvin Harrison, Jr. this past year with Kyle McCord. No disrespect to Kyle McCord. But Kyle McCord was not a great quarterback. There's a reason why Kyle McCord left Ohio State and is now going to be the quarterback at Syracuse. And Marvin Harrison, Jr., there were so many games where you could tell, even if he didn't have the best quarterback, he was by far and away the best player on his team.

And you look back at that Michigan-Ohio State game, which I was at, and I had a few beers in the parking lot, a few jello shots, a few tequila shots as well. And even with my state of mind for that game, it's crazy that Ohio State only got the ball to Marvin Harrison, Jr. four or five times, and he still had like 110 or 120 receiving yards, and they should have thrown him the ball more because he was the only reason they were in that game. And I know football lineage isn't make or break, but it is important, his football lineage with who his father was at the same position. And as much as I like Malik Nabors and as much as I like Roma Dunze, and I'll talk about Roma Dunze in a second, I think if you watch the games this year and you look at those situations, we all know who was playing with the worst quarterback.

And Marvin Harrison, Jr. still was the Heisman Trophy finalist. So I have no doubts that you could plug Marvin Harrison, Jr. anywhere, and he'll be great. I quite frankly think he is the best player in this draft. And if you said, Zach, you got to throw a large sum of money on one player to one day don a Hall of Fame jacket from this draft class without hesitation, it would be Marvin Harrison, Jr. Now for Roma Dunze, I don't know if he will be elite.

I don't. But I know bare minimum, he's going to be really damn good. I think Roma Dunze is a consummate professional. I don't think Roma Dunze is going to be one of the wide receivers that is bitching about targets in a game that they win if let's say someone else is getting fed the ball more. So look at what a Dunze did and his big physical frame this past year at Washington. I love Roma Dunze. And I think just Roma Dunze, when you look back at his career, he will be a guy that will easily be a six or seven time Pro Bowl wide receiver. You know, sometimes wide receivers always tough to determine if they'll be Hall of Famers or not.

And there's always like a log jam and a pileup at that position. But I'm just a big believer of not only Roma Dunze, the football player, but Roma Dunze, the human being as well. And Joel, he's six nine.

Think about that. And not only that, he's athletic. You heard him with us the other day. He played quarterback. He played wide receiver. He played tight end. He played linebacker before settling in on the offensive line. And he comes from a family where his father was inducted into the Chiefs Hall of Fame.

His brother played ice hockey. And throughout the year, you knew he was the best offensive lineman in the country. And Stu could tell you this, watching Notre Dame football, everyone raved about Joel for the last two years. And I still don't think with how late he got to the offensive line position, even though it's in his DNA and even though it's in his bloodstream, I still don't think we've seen the best version of Joel. But I think you put it at left tack. I think you put him at right tackle.

And even though he is a enormously tall human being, his athleticism should not be forgotten in this case. So yes, I know that this won't these won't be the first three players off the board. I fully understand that the first three picks off the board are going to be quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. We know Caleb Williams going one to the Bears. And I hope for the Bears fans say Caleb Williams is good as advertised because that's a fan base that they deserve a franchise quarterback for the next 10 to 15 years. Jayden Daniels is the right pick at two for the Washington commanders. I do believe my team will take phone calls, but I think my team will end up selecting Drake May. So yes, the first three picks of this draft will be quarterbacks. But right now, the three players I'm most confident in are Marvin Harrison Jr. or Roma dunes a and then also Joe Walt the offensive lineman at a Notre Dame. Who are the players that you're most confident in? For this NFL draft 85521242 27 85521242 27. We'll take a time out on the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network when we return the future of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Few days ago wouldn't have been a big concern. Now some people are finally starting to doubt the Cincinnati Bengals, but I'm not one of them. We'll tell you why next. Hey, I'm Andy.

If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous. But I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's. The idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades.

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See All right, football fans. The NFL draft is almost here and the free Odyssey app brings you the latest coverage from the biggest sports radio stations across the country. Which players will help your team the most? Who will make a draft day trade?

Will they be ready for week one? The local conversations about the team you love. All streaming free right here on the Odyssey app A U D A C U I. Download it today. All right, that's right, boys and girls. It is the infinity sports network.

This is the Zach Gelb show. Two pieces of information from Adam Schefter, one who gives a rat's ass about the other. Pretty significant, if I may say so myself.

Here is the non story. Marvin Harrison Jr. has yet to sign a preliminary NFL PA licensing agreement that all draftees typically sign, which would allow his name and likeness to be monetized after he's picked tonight and before the NFL contract is signed per source. So his jersey will not be made available for purchase and he will not be featured in video games until his NFL PA group licensing steal is signed.

So I don't understand why you wouldn't sign this. I think this is my first concern that I've had about Marvin Harrison Jr. Is there a way? Because he can't use the Colts. I'm thinking of his dad, but he can't use whichever team he gets drafted by.

So let's say it's the Cardinals. He can't use like the Cardinals logo and then try to sell his own jersey with his name on it. I don't know what he's trying to do here. Is he just trying to let's say he's 18 in the NFL. Is he just trying to create these random 18 jerseys for Marvin Harrison Jr. and just sell him on himself? I don't think that would be a pretty smart idea, but that is bizarre that that has not gone down that way.

Now here's the other piece of information. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, according to Adam Schefter, underwent back surgery three weeks ago, has recovered well, but it remains uncertain whether he will be able to offer his patent draft day hugs. It is a draft time decision that is going to be very unfortunate because I always love now it's really not Goodell hugging someone, but I love when the players do like a chest bump or they pick up Goodell like he's a rag doll and throw him around. Like I don't know Santa about you, but if I was drafted in the NFL, I would almost because assuming I'd be an offensive or defensive lineman, I would get in a three point stance when I'm coming across that stage and I'm running.

I would say 1000 miles per hour, but I don't run 1000 miles per hour and I'm running. I'm trying to take out the commissioner. That would be me, but I think we're gonna have a lot of awkward bro hugs tonight because now this news is out there and I don't think the players in the moment are going to be worried about Roger Goodell's back. But Roger Goodell is going to be worried about his back. Like let's say you have Joe Alt who's six foot nine and he comes out on the stage after getting selected by let's say the Tennessee Titans and he goes and picks up Roger Goodell.

That's not good if you just had back surgery three weeks ago. I think they may have to put like Goodell. Maybe they bring out his big comfy chair once again. Remember the pandemic in that for a commissioner with his salary probably should have had a nicer chair, but hey, it looked like an old comfy, reliable chair. Maybe they kind of like put him on a pedestal tonight and you have him with that chair and he just kind of does like some fist bumps because that seems like a health issue. I mean, could they wrap him in bubble wrap?

Just like having like a suit and you're like all these players that like these blinged out suits. Just have Roger Goodell come out and bubble wrap. Don't touch me. Now here's the other question. You're talking about like straight up tackling Roger Goodell. Take him out.

Here's a question. Let's say a player who just like maybe doesn't like Roger Goodell or whatever. Well the college guys have no reason to dislike Roger Goodell. No, not yet, but like maybe there's a guy or two who just like, you know, sees negatively about things about Roger Goodell. What do you think the punishment would be for a guy who actually like went up there and like hurt Goodell? I don't think there's any punishment in the moment, but the first time you have some sort of infraction off the field, you're getting a severe punishment because the commissioner never will forget. I think if you tackle Goodell or you hurt Goodell on that stage, you're getting suspended for at least the first six teams of the season. Pretty stupid by the way.

I'm not saying what you're saying, but I'm saying it's pretty stupid by the way. And I don't know his medical history, right? There is a HIPAA laws, obviously, but pretty stupid that you need back surgery and you wait until three weeks ago to get it. And you know, now that you're at a job where people are going to be picking you up and throwing you around, Roger Goodell, you couldn't hold out here for three more weeks to get the back surgery. Yeah, you probably could have held out cause you couldn't do it earlier.

You had the owner's meetings and everything like that. So you couldn't hold out till later, but listen, I'm sure why not? Why couldn't he hold out later? You're waiting till after the draft. No, I'm sorry.

You couldn't have done it earlier is what I meant. No, but the other part is we just don't know. Listen, he, he, he has multi-million billion dollar, you know, TV or doctors to no, no TV or writes things to negotiate. Who knows what other kinds of things he has going on over the next few weeks. Him hugging a couple of guys coming onto stage.

What is it? 15 guys at most who were in the green room. Him hugging 15 guys is not going to dictate, you know, his entire office. He's not.

I also wonder who's the green room fall. That's another big thing. That's the big thing every year. Like the most iconic one in my lifetime was Aaron Rogers where he didn't go one and then he fell all the way down into the twenties and then he threatened the 49ers basically afterwards.

They're going to regret it. They kind of did until you get to some of those championship games in recent years when Rogers was with the Packers going up against the 49ers. But listen, I love Alex Smith, but Aaron Rogers, I think it's pretty simple to say, Oh, you have to take Alex Smith. You're saying no, obviously you'd rather take Aaron Rogers, but my former quarterback, but here's the thing with, with Aaron Rogers and the green room fall, at least he went in the first round, like last year, we'll Levis. This is why I don't buy any of these stupid odds.

Like, Oh, the odds are moving up. Will Levis was like the odds on favorite for a little bit to be the second overall pick. Like the day before the draft at one point, the number one overall pick, and no one ever believed he was going to be the first quarterback off the board. No one ever believed he was going to be the second quarterback off the board, but the odds shifted that way. And he fell not only like fell out of the top 10, he fell to the first round period. Like that's humiliating.

I don't know about you. Like, let's say if you're a fringe first round guy, or like you're, you're projected to go like 20, 24, somewhere in that range, 20 to 25, 32 picks in the first round, would you go to the draft with the possibility that maybe you're, you were being over-evaluated and overestimated where you were going to pick and then you fall out of the first round? I mean, maybe like you this year it's in Detroit, so maybe I'm not dying to go to Detroit. Detroit's fine, but like two years ago, it was Kansas City, the delicious barbecue, two years ago it was Vegas, you know, so like, you're saying Vegas a little bit better location than Detroit? I think so, for years it was New York City, so like there was, it was a destination type of thing. Like the Pro Bowl used to be in Hawaii, guys would go to the Pro Bowl because they wanted to go to Hawaii, all expense paid vacation. Now that it's not there, it's not as enticing to go, you know, to do it anymore. So maybe the experience of going to the draft, sitting in the green room with other guys, while you're there you get to glad hand, network, you know, kiss babies, shake hands, talk to some other GMs who may be down the road when your contract is up with this team, you might be able to sign a new contract because you met so-and-so on draft night.

So there is a value there for sure, and I'm sure there's plenty of PR people and brand agents and all these different other kind of things. Didn't Will Leviss' girlfriend also like dump him after that, like shortly after that? I kind of remember. Why would she dump him? Maybe once he was in the first round pick, she's like, I'll latch myself onto somebody else. I happen to enjoy my conversations with Will Leviss on and off the air, but mayo in the coffee. That was a gag. Not taking the peel off the banana. Another gag. I don't know.

I don't know if you want to live with that person necessarily. I think Will Leviss just knows how to troll the media. All that was nonsense. Also, like let's continue this favorite draft memories. First off, I would go to the draft. Even if I was in a locked first round pick, I would go.

I think it's fun. I'd probably wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I think you want to stand out that way instead of doing like some flashy suit. I would try to tackle the commissioner, but the memories that I have with the draft, I still think nothing is better than the Laramie Tunsil gas mask. That whole story where Laramie Tunsil has the gas mask today, that would be no issue. People wouldn't be freaking out, but it did make him fall a few picks. Gronk with his family was pretty damn good, and there was a piece that was really put out there, and someone was like, Gronk was saying, Bellatrix probably like, why the heck did we draft this guy? And Bellatrix was like, yeah, let someone tell Gronkowski to get off the stage, which is awesome.

And he was just celebrated this family, a CD lamb when his girl took his phone and he snatched it right back. And I want to say this guy was a bust. I'm pretty sure it was him. Remember the the lineman Isaiah Wilson with Tennessee? And then he was in Miami.

Just he had so many off the field problems. I guess his girlfriend was on his lap as the cameras went to him and the mother comes in and he yanks the girlfriend like out of the camera shot, basically saying, this isn't your moment. Like I always thought it was a nice sweet shot, right? I'm pretty sure it was Isaiah Wilson with his girlfriend. She's sitting on his lap like a nice couple, pretty cool.

And the mother just drags her right out of the TV shot. So those are some of my favorite memories that I do remember. So my favorite moment is also my least favorite moment. I used to go to the draft all the time when it was at Radio City. I would go to the draft every year. Actually used to be at MSG.

Now time out. Did you just yes or no? Did you enjoy going to the draft? I mean, I was a kid.

I, you know, this was, I was 15, 16. I loved it. It was so much fun because I was a fan because it was like a home game for just fans. It is amazing how the, and it shows you the power of the NFL, what the draft has become, because we have gone the last two, three years, two years. And how many people show up to just see a commissioner walk to the podium and announce the pick and then you got to wait 10 minutes in between every pick. It's mystifying to me. I understand the power of the NFL, but unless if I was going for work, I don't think I would enjoy like getting drunk with my buddies and going to the draft.

I personally, I wouldn't go ahead. Give me your story. We had the best time. So the one for me was 95 years at MSG, the paramount theater before the NFL took it away from MSG since Dolan blocked the Jets from building that Westside stadium. But back in 95, I was a Jets fan, all decked out of my Jets gear. We had the ninth pick and somehow Warren Sapp, who everyone thought was going to be the number one pick, kept sliding because he smoked weed or tested positive for weed and he kept sliding and sliding and sliding. We get to nine.

The whole place is all Jets fans and we're all chanting. We want Sapp. We want Sapp.

The place has erupted with Sapp chance. It was amazing. We just knew we were definitely going Sapp. We knew we needed a defensive lineman.

It was like a dream come true. And then they get up to the podium with the number nine pick. Kyle Brady, right? The New York Jets select tight end. And then they said tight end and the whole place goes, no, no sound. Dead silence. You could hear a pin drop. Tight end.

Penn State, Kyle Brady. And the shock was there for like a good three or four seconds. We were all like, what the hell did they just say? And then we just booed. And for the next, and we ended up getting Hugh Douglas later in the first round who ended up being good. But by that point we didn't care. The place erupted. We thought we were going to riot. Warren Sapp's a Hall of Famer.

Yes. And we went with Kyle freaking Brady. It was one of the worst draft moments in history.

But because in New York and all just fans there, it was one of the most powerful, passionate, exciting moments ever been a part of. Who was the player that your team drafted? Let's go around the room. And Stu's probably has a laundry list. Yeah.

Do you have time? Who is the team, the player that your team drafted that you were certain that player was going to be a stud was going to be great. And they ended up being just terrible. I think I could guess, dude, but go ahead.

So I want you to relive that. I mean, I thought your Marcus Russell was going to be generational quarterback. Yeah, I thought he was. It's a fair assessment. Yeah.

And he was not even read or watch the film in the playbook and all that. Sam, who's yours? Oh, man. I thought D. Rick would be a little bit better than he was.

The British off Ferguson. Yeah, he was good. He was good. He was good.

But are you talking about? He was a good player. He was the fourth overall pick. He was not. You know how many bums your team has drafted. He's the farthest thing from I thought he was laughing right now at those.

How stupid of a statement. I thought D. Rick was going to be a generational tackle that we just plugged in there for 15 years, multiple all pros. He made a couple very good player, not. But my expectation was he was going to be like Hall of Fame caliber. I think he made like two Pro Bowls, maybe three, which is fine. But with the fourth overall pick, I thought he was going to be a legendary time Pro Bowler. He's in the Jets Ring of Honor.

Sam to pick the guy that's in the Jets Ring of Honor. Yeah, but my expectation is so wrong. My expectation was so much more. I thought he was going to be amazing. Scrubs you guys have recently. Yeah, but he's a thing as a jet fan. A lot of times I didn't think that the pick would pan out because Sam Arnold. Yeah, but I also even at that moment I was like, I don't like Sam Donald here. We've been beat up by so many draft picks that I never got my hopes up for any of the draft picks because we've been beat up so bad by draft picks.

So I get like Dwayne Robertson when we traded up to get him. I think Vernon Golston was going to be damn good. No, I hated that. Oh, I hated the Vernon Golston. That was the one for me as a Pats fan.

I was miserable when they passed right behind the end. You guys selected. There haven't been a lot of guys that we drafted early on that I was really excited about because we've been burned so early. D Milliner wasn't that excited about and we were burned. Calvin Pryor I kind of liked, but no, that's a brick of Shaw Ferguson. When you called him D Brick at first, I'm like, maybe there's some other guy.

I was like, what the heck are you talking about for me? It had to be Chad Jackson, second round pick out of Florida, but with Brady winning a few Super Bowls, everyone's going Chad Jackson's going to be amazing. He's going to be a stud. And that was one of the players that I remember that just was like a bad run of wide receivers that the Patriots were selecting that just never panned out. So for me, it was Chad Jackson, by the way, the future of the Cincinnati Bengals, Trey Hendrickson requested a trade. T Higgins has requested a trade. People are now going to panic with the Cincinnati Bengals.

I'm not one of them. You still have Joe burrow. Just keep him upright.

A concern. You still have Jamar chase. You'll hammer out a new deal for him.

Trey Hendrickson really has no leverage here. He has two years left on his contract this year and next year. He's not a free agent till 2026.

I say suck it up too bad to him. And then for T Higgins, that's a name that you could possibly see get traded tonight or tomorrow because he's on the franchise tag, but I don't think Cincinnati should do it. I think you maybe have to deal with some of the contentious relationships and you deal with it for one more year unless the team blows you away with an offer and you could get a wide receiver. But you know, we saw what happened with AJ Brown and then Trey Lonn Burks and all that. I don't know if that's a smart idea, but you could do that if you get a first round pick or an early, early, early second round pick with the Super Bowl window that you still have. And you could be a Super Bowl team this year. I would make sure that you just tell both those guys, Hey, you guys signed contracts, maybe a sweet in the pot a little bit with some extra money, but we're not going to trade you. That'd be my preference if I was a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, but still, even if they lose one of them, you still got burrow, you still got chase. And as long as you have burrow and chase, you'll be a player for years and years to come. As long as they can stay healthy.

Are you concerned with the Celtics? We'll discuss next. First up with the latest infinity sports network update though.

Here is the Ackman rich Ackerman. This portion of the show, the Zach Gelb show is sponsored by the new Hyundai Tucson available with complimentary class leading blue link. Plus now it's easy to use your phone to control your Tucson buddy of mine. The other day actually bought a Hyundai Tucson. So looking forward to getting in that mobile and stealing from him probably right.

8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. I think everyone's trying to fatten me up today. People are like in the mood today to eat like pigs because it's the NFL draft. Cause like during the football season, Saturday eat like a fat pig for college football and then Sunday eat like a fat pig for, for the NFL.

So I think since we have an NFL event tonight that people are just like in the mood of trying to fatten everybody up. There was pizza here and I was in the newsroom. I was going to get a cup of coffee before the show and I see the pizza. I'm like, Oh, it's free pizza. I'll take a slice and I'll eat. I'll eat a slice of pizza. There was also like a big bagel spread as well, but I just had the pizza.

So I had one slice of pizza. Then bill writer from writer than you right here on the infinity sports network. He's in town. He usually does a show out in LA and bills in town and bills around the office. And he walks over to the pizza at the company.

He's like, eh, I'm in New York. You know, that looks like solid pizza. I feel like I get better pizza. And I said, you're not wrong. I said, there's actually a place four minutes from our work.

It's called the industry. Pizza said, you got to go. I said, places do it's great pizza. You got to go.

So bill goes and bill is a mensch, right? So bill goes and he goes, Hey, you told me about this pizza place. I wanted to bring you a slice back. So then I just had two slices of pizza.

The one that the company gave us and the one that bill just got from one of my favorite pizza places ever. And it's only three 47 in the afternoon. And I know tonight because the draft is like a big event.

It's a huge event. And the last two years I've been at the dress Vegas and then also Kansas city. And I was doing the draft show. So I'm not sitting there eating like a fat pig, but I know tonight I'm going to eat like a fat pig, but I wasn't expecting the appetizers here to be two slices of pizza tonight. Stu, what are you eating for the draft? Just wondering, what are you, what are you ordering? Are you having like a big man's man's type of meal tonight? Not, not like that kind of a meal. We have pork chops that we have to make.

So they are being made tonight. Okay. But that's good. Yeah. It's not like a fast food pizza wings type of thing, but it's a nice pork chop dinner.

You tell me you get a pork chop to go watch the draft. I'm good with that. All right. Awesome.

All right. Sam, what are you cooking up tonight? What do you got? Probably some matzah.

You're right. I've been a bad Jew I guess in the last two hours. Matzah and some, uh, maybe some blue cheese to dip in. I don't know something kosher.

Okay. So you're going to go matzah with blue cheese or maybe some chicken, maybe like a matzah chicken. Maybe matzah with hump. Why don't you do matzah brine tonight? Soak the matzah. You got a little pepper on that.

I got a little matzah far full at home. A little, some gefilte fish maybe. Yeah.

Most people have no clue listening to what the heck you're talking about. Oh, gefilte fish is, imagine a hot dog, but it's fish. No, it's disgusting. It's basically just take a bunch of fish and you grind it up like, you know, canned tuna. And then you like mush it into a fish meatball. That's gefilte fish. That's the, I honestly despise gefilte fish. Oh, it's amazing.

I love it. Gefilte fish is gross. My mom makes a great spinach matzah pie, which is just to die for. Um, the brisket's always good.

This year, I forget what it was. They made some dish with pastrami in it and it was sensational. I'm debating tonight. And I think the two slices just mess me up because like before I was going to go to the local diner and I was going to go get a cheesesteak. They make good cheesesteak at the local diner with fries. Now I'm kind of think I'm going to pivot to wings because I just got like a good base get the wings and the blue cheese. Now that's what I think I'm going to do tonight. I think I'm going wings and blue cheese especially.

I was very annoyed yesterday. Joe Alt. See, that's my biggest red flag on Joe Alt.

He says he likes ranch over blue cheese for his wings. I couldn't find the flaw with Joe Alt before this draft process until that answer yesterday. I know I just led the show with saying he's one of the three prospects that I trust the most.

But that's not the second prospect that I've loved that now I have trust issues with Joe Alton and Chris Jenkins. So Chris Jenkins, Santa, one of our favorite human beings ever join us here on the Infinity Sports Network. Such an infectious personality. He is awesome. He is fun. I loved his dad, too. He was on the Jets for a bit and he was good. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And more memorable for the Panthers. Yeah. But when he said ranch over blue cheese, I was like, dude, I fell in love with him even more.

And this relationship that Chris Jenkins and I were like kind of brewing up here where we're being like big time friends. It's over with. I think I think it's time for you to change, buddy. No ranch is disgusting. Ranch is amazing.

You listen, you're living in 1986. Can you do me a favor? Can you rewind the show about like three minutes ago when Santa said he was going to dip his matzo into blue cheese? Notice how he didn't say ranch. All right. Ranch isn't kosher. What?

No. How is it not kosher? The ranch. So it's buttermilk and the ranch seasoning. Yeah, there's ranch seasoning isn't kosher. Oh, I had no clue. You might be able to find kosher ranch, but it's disgusting.

Gotcha. Blue cheese is just cheese. I had gluten free matzo the other night.

That sounds interesting. Yeah, it tasted normal. Couldn't tell the difference. There's no point in having gluten free matzo because like you have gluten free foods that become kosher for Passover because there's no yeast or whatever. But like matzo already is kosher. So why would you want gluten free?

It makes no sense. All right. Let's get to the cell. Well, one of my friends at the Seder was gluten free. That's why he did like it health wise.

You have to have, you know, lack of gluten. I get it, but otherwise no reason. So let me get to the Celtics. The Celtics are going to beat the Miami Heat. They're going to win this series.

This series at most will go to six games. But I'm concerned with the Boston Celtics. Like, I don't think the Boston Celtics are winning the championship this year. They could get to the NBA finals, but if they get to the NBA finals, I don't see them beating Denver. And if somehow, someway Denver doesn't get there, whoever beats Denver, I'll put my my money on them to win the NBA finals over the Boston Celtics.

Like I look at the east. Milwaukee doesn't have the honest healthy. The Knicks are good. I don't think the Knicks are going to be great. The Sixers, they're down to oh, maybe they would one game at home, but they're going to go back to Madison Square Garden down 31.

I'm not going to trust Indiana, you know, out of the east. You just look at the eastern conference. The Celtics should get there. But I know the heat last night.

They just shot a ridiculous rate at three. They made 23 three pointers in the game, which you do that you're going to win when you also then shoot 49.3% from the field. But that's a game last night where the Boston Celtics just kind of remind you. Hey, we're still the old Boston Celtics, and I'm not talking about your grandfather's Boston Celtics. I'm talking about the Boston Celtics of the last few years, where one night they look like, okay, that's a team that's going to take care of Miami very easily. No Jimmy Butler in this series, and then a few nights later in Game two, they lose a game like that. And I think that was a reminder why, even though all throughout the year, the Celtics had this great record, there's 64 and 18. They the number one seed by 1415 games in the eastern conference.

Everyone's like, Yep, something's great. But let's see if they could get over the hump. And for them getting over the hump is hoisting another Larry O'Brien trophy. Because as good as this group spin, and this group overachieved early on, they should now be in a spot where they have one championship trophy with this group and they don't. And I lost like that last night. Just as a reminder, Celtics when you want to buy in on them and you want to think that this could be this year, they give you a reminder.

Do not trust us. I've said this all throughout the year. Nuggets are bust. I think the Nuggets win the championship, and I believe that it will be Denver going up against Boston. But I'll reiterate this once again. If someone takes down Denver in the West, I don't care if it's the Clippers. I don't care if it's the Mavericks Thunder, Timberwolves, like whoever, whoever it is, whoever takes down Denver, I would then pick them over the Celtics because I'd be so much more impressed by that team taking down Denver than anything the Celtics could do in the build up to get to the NBA finals. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network.

Andrew Perloff, I believe he is in the building, the host of the Maggie and Perloff show right here on the Infinity Sports Network. We'll have a comprehensive trap breakdown with Perloff next. We really need new phones. T-Mobile will cover the cost of four amazing new iPhone 15s, and each line is only $25 a month.

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