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What Can We Learn About God through Creation?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 29, 2020 4:10 pm

What Can We Learn About God through Creation?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 29, 2020 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/29/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

So this creation really point us to the one true God would say it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire.

You may know that tonight Tuesday night the first of three presidential debates. But this would be the first before early voting starts in many states, so there will be a lot of eyes on this will talk about it briefly, but I will open up the phone lines any subject of any kind, just like on Friday if you want to call SP question raise an issue 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 bottom of the hour we will be joined by creation scientists talk about will be learned can learn from creation and we maybe feel some questions regarding that as well.

But any question of any kind missing one interact with me on 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so I did this poll on twitter and assess if there is a decisive victory in tomorrow night's debate.

Let affect your vote. So the still six hours left for people to vote.

We got 1042 votes. As of this moment I get four choices. Yes, if Biden wins yes of Trump wins no and not sure. So the vast majority were no 80.2% no and we we put this discussion up on Facebook as well. Noticeable, but as discussion and hundreds of people weighing in with their viewpoints there, but it seems that almost 9/10 are saying my mind's made up, I know how I'm voting either way.

6.1's process is not sure Scott to see what happens and how defection, but interestingly, 1.5% said yes. If Biden wins that would affect their vote given to about a decisive victory, but 4.1 suggestive Trump wins indicating that there were more people that he could influence positively and by now. Again, this is just my little cross-section on portable yet 43 1/2 thousand twitter followers so I don't have tens of millions twitter followers that that we get the sampling from even so, it would be a sampling of people who are my followers who would for the vast part be conservative in their beliefs and biblically mind and things like that. In any case. In any case, my prayer going forward is God.

Your will be done has been my prayer that will be my prayer God.

Your will be done in the November elections. I know I'm planning to vote. I know what I believe is better weighing the options for American troops of my own views and at the same time I'm not praying for candidates you have never I've never prayed for a specific candidate to get it. I pray for God's will to be done. What is in the best interest of this country and God's perspective. Sometimes it's different than what we think we have to vote or conscience, but I pray to God's will would be done now. Here's how things could potentially unfold in a way that could influence voters is to figure the great majority of made up their minds what if former VP Biden really collapses in the debate it. In other words, he loses his way. If the concerns about failing mental health. What if that manifests itself. What if what if he he really bombs he loses track of Saudi he does like did the other day referencing that he's been in the Senate for hundred 80 years. What if that happens and there's there's a complete failure collapse and people realize what we can vote from it and is so it it could discourage people who are not that enthusiastic about him to start the just want to get Trump out that could get people that are may be wavering to not fold from sit out the election entirely or something like that.

On the flipside, if he strong if he's clearheaded if he seems to have good answers. He seems to be a nicer person than Trump than I can certainly energize more people to vote for them or get people that are on the fence to go his way. What if Trump just is stupid and nasty and insulting everybody, Chris Wallace and everybody but in ways that seem nuts go after fake news, but immature avoiding issues. What if he's nasty and Biden is nice that you have fence sitters that either won't vote or vote for Biden that would've voted for Trump mean it's easy to see something like that happening know if either one kinda self-destructs that could potentially affect the vote.

On the other hand, what if people seek that the real Donald Trump isa thought. What if they see that is not the races they thought he was with the xenophobe that they thought he was with a complete jerk that they thought he was an answers questions well and exposes Biden's record compared to his record on many key issues, then that could get fence sitters to goes white look, I heard from someone the other day who offered up until now has has been extremely hostile to Trump when he emailed me saying he believes is the antichrist seriously actually sent me that and the other day he said I actually heard him speak for the first time in a press conference and was very surprised that is not interested loses read so much about them in and read the quotes and other things but just hearing them interact at a press conference or it may been in becoming Barrett announcement really liked the style. This is nothing to vote for him. So obviously this disperses wavering in his in his views. Many people waiver in extreme ways, but it could be that people like get to know the person in a closer way because they been so demonized that they would like that. So on the one hand there's been so much said about vice Prince Biden. Biden's alleged declining mental health and strength and stamina that if he just does decently well doesn't really blow it and holds his energy through the whole thing that that that will be read victory flipside was Trump. This is been so demonized and so caricatured that it is just not that bad and and actually comes out is decent and caring in some ways, with good track record.

The neck can be a victory. We shall see. I I plan to watch tonight. I didn't watch 99% of either the conventions what some clips from them afterwards. I just am really just read transcripts afterwards and and don't watch all the stuff live but I made him a watch live in and I may live tweet my thoughts and my impressions 866-34-TRUTH big thing is don't get caught up emotionally in the elections. Either way, because Jesus is Lord matter who's in the White House Jesus is Lord.

God's kingdom is advancing the matter who's in the White House.

Yes the most important is many things happening of great consequence in America. Keep your focus route needs to be. If you've not yet ordered your copy of evangelicals at the crossroads we been really blessed to hear from readers in effect at the moment, since we might my most highly rated book on Amazon terms responses that it's really what people were looking for that lease out both sides of the issues clearly explains how we can vote for Trump without losing her testimony, but sink more important than that is a witness. More important, and that is putting the cross before the flag more important than that is uniting around Jesus.

Even if we differ about Trump so check that out there would set a stricter all right. Let's go to Jonathan in Jackson, Mississippi. Welcome to the line of fire. Good afternoon Michael hey what I wanted to talk about it. My concern allotted to eight scripted the basically the charismatic movement and expert particularly at Bethel and there's a book that I've read about that.

They got called busy of all, I have been there and according to what I've read there trying to rescue things from the new age that they feel like her. And bring them over into Christianity and there's nothing true in the new eight needs to come into Christianity and their video of the glory cloud come in and a lot of people in the I don't believe that the glory cloud up mommy if it was the glory cloud they would not be filming it with their fun beyond their face or God just like the Israelites were when they dedicated Solomon's Temple right so I share concerns about certain weird practices and scriptural practices coming into the charismatic movement or parallels with with the difficult and things like that. I'm concerned that I'm equally concerned about those who reject the gifts and power. The spirit for today. There is see error that concerns me on both sides. I got the physics of heaven book and this is not like a textbook in terms of the major thing that started Bethel but it's it's endorsed by folks from Bethel and has some Bethel folks in it. I read some of it. What I what I read concerned the butt and I read some of the parts that just seem to be trying to come at things from different angles.

I look at this. Satan counterfeits a lot of truth okay there were counterfeit healings or counterfeit miracles their caliphate prophecies.

There were counterfeit DVDs that that allegedly know each season they die and they rise from the dead their caliphate trinities so recognize that there are satanic counterfeits and to say but here's what we see the real truth. That's what we need to do so. I go through all the book carefully. And sometimes the critics can overplay things, but for the most part we got no business going there and that was with the word of God says in the reality of the Holy Spirit is is such that we we have no business going in these other ways are trying to find parallels if I'm trying to reach someone that's in and in a culture New Age try to build a bridge of understanding see you understand like this. But here's what we see it. This is a truth vibe may everything be screwed. We need to base things of Scripture on the simple gospel on on the gifts and power of the spirit. We don't need to interact with that so many any folks of going that direction. They really need to pull back to grounded including Scripture and and I believe that in many ways I don't know about the specific book Jonathan but in in many ways Bethel is is seeking to clarify things. It does believe and clean up some things that you need cleaning up on those that this book with with font category and in their eyes but to me your your your opening the door to spirituality don't need to. As for the glory cloud.

Remember, the Israelites fell to their face equipment when the fire of God fell and the priests could not enter the temple to minister because the club at the Israelites that I cut every day.

Jonathan and every day that was with them in the wilderness. So, for God to manifest his glory.

Today is a sign of his presence neck it will be.

I can speak to what happened or didn't happen at Bethel and give occasional wasn't there, but the idea of the cloud of glory appearing on surrendering test process that can happen is a sign of God's presence and power so I wouldn't say that if it happens automatically less based Israelites and holdings every day and the pillar of fire by night, dated deftly served some concerns of the word read the book for yourself. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown someone that that as well in the bottom half of the hour, 8664 truth so the reason that I encouraged Jonathan just called in consumer New Age practices in the church has ventured specifically as I encouraged him to read physics of heaven for himself is because I have found that the way hyper critics often represent what charismatics believe or teach her some charismatics remain things my own.

The way it's represented is often so caricatured many times completely inaccurate. Many times unfair and overthinking a statement out of context up looking at the larger context that clarifies was being made was being said. So if you really want to find out read for yourself, that you may read for yourself and say when this is worse than I thought that that's fine but it's always good to check for yourself why so quote from this video right but did you see the whole quote in context. You know what one guys was attacking Bill Johnson over quote on critic and when I watch the actual video. Well, when Bill Johnson kept talking. He explained exactly what he was saying. It happened to be thoroughly Orthodox was of the wrong with Bill's apologist recredit, but I'm to say what he said was fine. The critic pulled down situating a false impression so always dig to find out for yourself right and and here I give an example of I have this file of hate mail will just throw things the latest crazy attack on the or or or table set is your Dr. Brown. Here's a website attacking your new video and course of most of the websites or watch the videos that I feel bad for the people attacking me for two reasons. One, there wrong narrowly attacking and to I can help them was I like to be a blessing to their to their lives. But if they see Mr. where will be able help look is let let's throw these up as one of the time guys stolen and reposted this. You seem to be one of the most aggressive and aggressively dishonest apologist for the Jewish subversion of Christ's message is incredibly difficult to listen to poor Andrew Lord bless the sky so another words by pointing out the Jewish roots of the faith and by grounding the New Testament and what comes before it. The new fulfills the old resident abolishes the old I am subverting the message of Christ. Boy you wonder Jesus, the Jew in the Jewish apostles would feel less of this habit.

This will about about this Dr. Michael Brown is not even saved. What would anyone ask this idiot anything biblical pathetic so obviously this project smacked believes he is saved right so pray for him if he is not really know the Lord but is you think like somebody think seductive resident.

But why would he bother me while he bother me if someone completely misunderstands me misrepresents me is no clue who I am, what I believe it only bother me for his sake because I'm called to bless and serve and help as many as possible and there are some I can't so that's that's what bothers me for his site does mommy for my sake I'm blessed by the Lord called by the Lord, to the extent of monitoring the Lord is called me back by the Lord just like you. To the extent drawing him doing what is called your back by him. I feel bad for the people on the wrong side and where I learned rolling the constructive criticism which we get from many a regular basis.

I drink it in that's life. That's wonderful, but get attacked and malign hate that happens but but here this is about we go through that literally many thousands of things like this tens of thousands Godcheck this one out was his foes name of a business practice abusive screen for watching. Sometimes I see Mr. Brown is a Jesuit undercover agent or well hello my soul is like close before but still calls Constantine's phone number to ask questions and and directions so I guess that means that I guy look to the Catholic Church for guidance. This that's what it means and I'm actually just suet undercover agent I tell you what to if you promise not to tell anyone title store. Okay you have to promise not to tell just her secret, okay not only an adjustment undercover agent, but I'm a double agent sent in by Mossad to be an undercover agent working within the Jesuits is undercover agent, but also as an undercover agent working the evangelical movement to subvert the messianic Jewish movement, which I also work as an undercover agent to undermine the Jesuits with the ultimate goal being to undermine Mossad but no one knows that is just her secret, okay promise don't tell anyone our okay back to the phones, 86634 and and may the Lord help these folks who are so off-base. The Lord bring them into the fulsome truth.

All right, let's go to Robert in New York. Welcome to light a fire going.

Dr. Brown got to look good to talk with you what's up Sir I had a really quick question were young gentlemen, 20 at the end of service toward the preaching going on, and rebuked the past thing that both teaching going on deviant and talking to him afterward.

Interrupting service any non-obviously not between one or turned over the table as well. The correct verity, but biblically we look like where he was a line.

But how would how would you combat something like that currently what the biblical service interrupted with everybody there and get biblical backing for doing so right, so that the first thing is if I was the pastor and this was going on in something like that happened I would tell him sit down your out of order and the Scriptures are clear in terms of submitting to authority. You know, Hebrews 1317 is clear that we are called to to submit to to pastoral authority absent within bounds. The first Corinthians 14 says that the everything must be done indecency in order that first of the five says not to rebuke an elder. So I would. I would say to him you are you are out of order. Sit down and if they would not I would see her out of order. A review Q&A in the name of Jesus. Ushers please remove him and and I would do that very very simply and plainly, and over the years have had to do that here and there. Okay now what if the pastor is teaching heresy. He's gone completely off the deep end and God sent a prophet in to warn the church and to publicly rebuke him because he was you know the guy is stealing money from the banks that he has 30 prostitutes on the side and that is teaching the Bible is not God's word only listen to him. If that's the case that has the power and let him be rebuked, but as long as is the pastor. The congregation that he's the one entrusted with with with authority.

I've told many people over the years that if you differ with the direction of the congregation to meet privately with the leaders of they said this is the way were going then you leave. Respectfully, is not your job change in church because they've been given leadership responsibility and will give account to God so that's what I would show that person. He is not Jesus you're not dealing with with the corrupt moneymaker Syria dealing with the pastor seeking to preach the word of God and of the persons completely out of order now if I was dealing with that person one on one and they started to claim you know I'm a prophet like I tell mom a prophet your your you're not stressed or played a game. Find no God told you to come or will God told me you shouldn't, and I have the word of God to back so submitting to authority doing things in proper order and don't rebuke an elder. Those are the things that I write yet you absolutely, and then if if there you know there's some real serious issues going on and let them be discussed otherwise.

That's just foolishness and that's the some self-appointed profit that probably still at other churches as well. Another thing is sometimes some of the zealous and sincere, just wrong.

You have mercy on them. Other times there after stubborn rebels in the rebuke. Accordingly, hate Robert, thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH John in Tennessee.

Time is short before the break, so dive in real quick AO that last guy. Another question: thank God Like what you think of the fact that I Catholic Church has all of you being creased by that of him being laden with sticking on and product in people that pray general term. Not especially Tony Brandt is great but basically like they said that the Catholic Church really mechanic organization and never Say that the pedophile like that infiltrate the Catholic Church because of the one true Church of God so yeah sure. The short answer to the giant questions I do not like the, the crucifixes with Jesus hanging on the cross and I was a a physical depiction of Jesus. The statues of Mary and Jesus. I don't agree with those I don't like them. I have Catholic friends were genuine believers. That said, we don't worship the statues and these are just images that remind us of one's were praying to. But I don't believe they should be in our buildings with respect to my Catholic friends as to the Catholic Church is neither the true church alone, nor is it the Satan's organization to destroy the world.

There are aspects of truth and error within the Catholic Church there true believers within the Catholic Church, but on the Catholic for many reasons to give her a website asked Dr. just typing Catholic you find out why some of the simple reasons that are not Catholic, but I think of believers in the church any Connie Barrett seems to be one of them now Supreme Court nominees to replace like that her by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on one humanity is without excuse my guest that about to bring on Pres. chief operating officer at the Institute for creation research Dr. Randy Lisa get the right translation of his last name but just deal about his background.

He is a MD from University of Minnesota. It was the 28th bomb wing flight surgeon and chief of aerospace in the Air Force has a Masters in Public health from Harvard back to science and engineering from South Dakota school of mines and technology registered professional engineer, bachelor of arts in theology from Moody Bible Institute, author of a number of books including made this image examining the complexities of the human body clearly seen constructing solid arguments for design five minutes with the Darwinist and 20 evolutionary blunders among other books. So great delight to have Randy with us. Thanks so much for joining us today on the line of fire.

Thank you very much for the invitation and how we pronounce your last name correctly what you are really really close it. Randy Colusa Colusa right I did notice that I got past their okay well Dr. Colusa, Randy, thank you for joining us today. Let me just step back and ask the Lord's question. There is been been perception for years now that the more science you know, the less faith you'll have the more you study science more you realize the Bible can't be true. In notion of an intelligent creator can't be true in my perception as an outsider is been the opposite that the more you study science, especially in recent decades, the more these things .2 intelligent designer and the God of the Bible and am I right in thinking that way all your absolutely right. In fact, I don't know where that that lie got started that fate and science were in some kind of conflict but the reality is an image of those verses earlier. Psalm 19 in Romans chapter 1, which are totally true that the creation does declare the glory of God, but even more important. That and shows his handiwork in the verse in Romans chapter 1 that the invisible things of God from the creation of the world are clearly clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made that word made it very interesting.

In the Greek it is used only one other time. Ephesians chapter 2 verse 10 where it says we are in workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, so your intuition is right on through his handiwork and his workmanship and creation. It is revealing thing about us and revealing things about God and what we really see the more we dig down in the deeper we drill biologically from the organism level all the way down to the molecular level we see credible system that work together for purpose. We see many many places where you have to does multiple parts working together for purpose and the more we study the more we realized that there had to be not just the designer but Genia Genia engineer behind everything so it would be something like you. You come down for breakfast in the morning, there's no one in the house and you see that the breakfast cereal has has spilled but spilled with a a message that goes from one in your house to the other detail information of everything happening in the stock markets that's day that is being reported in in the newspaper that afternoon.

You just it's it's 30 feet long wrapped around her your house that that would be eight that would be an insignificant and unworthy comparison, say of human DNA and the ideal. It just happen in the box just spilled like like that with me that the a picture painted in the right direction, but woefully inadequate aspect that paints a picture well for a couple reasons one you mentioned that it connected spilled out all over the floor. The whole idea that things were are spilled or happen randomly if push for purpose pushed in colleges and high school, something, for purpose and that the purpose is really an anti-design or an anti-design or purpose, and that is because engineers and I'm an engineer.

We don't do things without a purpose. We designed for purpose of the purpose of the problem so engineers operate for purpose and when I went to medical school. I found that the physicians operate for purpose. So anybody want to accomplish something doesn't for a purpose.

So if you want to push an anti-design or anti-designer agenda you will argue strongly that there is no purpose, and things happen randomly and so that whole idea of something blowing out his push for that idea to just push back against the idea of random, but the second thing is that it is also right on target that you would have this line of letters which would be detailing the stock market and all the other thing and it still woefully inadequate because what you actually have the DNA is all the information to build that organism and I'm talking about every chemical every compound, every system, all in that information and it is an astounding amount of information Justin DNA molecule itself, and now we know multiple levels of information, not just the staggering amount of information in the DNA but there's a level of information actually above the DNA markers on the DNA which control regulation of the DNA called epigenetic information and then even the architecture of the shape of the chromosome themselves contain a level of information and then there's another level of information just in the cell. The way things are arranged in the cell.

It's like if you like it to your office right now, the way the lights are arranged in the switches on the wall in your chair – how those are arranged in and of themselves but also for information that you have just layer upon layer of information in the cell so as you said, even in the very first question, the more you look at that CD players, the more you would not have left me more, you would have incredible faith that this great Creator that we serve. It can hear your prayers can do things operate and act supernaturally and at what point does human being receive its DNA coding right at the moment of conception that you get the DNA from mom and dad so human being as one half of their chromosomal repertoire from mom and in the moment that sperm fertilizing a and then the two membranes will few so sperm will will only only human sperm fertilizing human egg. It will latch on to a specific receptor molecule on the outside of the eight and actually the sperm home in on that receptor molecule when it latches onto that that will preempt any other sperm fertilizing that a multiple mechanism stop multiple fertilization the membrane of the sperm use with the membrane of the eight tiny little micro fibrils from inside the egg will develop very very rapidly reach out, grab the nucleus, which is dad contribution of DNA from the sperm bring it inside the egg. The chromosomes will align at that time and that's when fertilization has taken place.

That is the very first cell with the DNA repertoire of not a potential human being, but a real human real human beings with programming that is far more complex than our most detailed computer programming and at the moment of conception. So, I mean how would this evolution say that it would be one thing if if evolutionary scientists had no clue about this they did know about DNA, they did know about epigenetic sitting about RNA didn't know about that, as is because the signature of the cell and so on. But they know these things. How do they explain them away. Well, they do not explain them away back that the important point. They want to explain away, but if if you were to really seriously look at the literature. The evolutionary literature and try to find a detailed explanation from an evolutionary perspective of how just sexual reproduction evolved, you're not going to find there is not a detailed explanation out there in the literature and if someone has a detailed acclamation of actually now that I love the paper because it's not out there.

There are stories and there is speculation that are out there and they're taught with the force and effect as if they were fact. But there's really not. But if you're looking for a well documented, biologically plausible and scientifically valid step-by-step explanation of even how sexual reproduction evolved. It's not out there, it's just not in the literature because nobody knows how that could happen in the fact of the matter is that sexual reproduction. I'm not whether it human sexual reproduction or any of the other creatures is so incredibly complicated so incredibly complicated that you cannot really document how this could happen, and in fact if we we had a whole hour thank you just go through some human reproduction you would be blown away and you would say it's a miracle that anybody is even full, to get everything to work together just right to bring about a human being so II read about more and more scientists from geologist to biologist chemists who have abandoned Darwinian evolution on for various reasons, and yet you read about the suppression of their views as if there's really a strong hold in academic stronghold. I also stronghold this is.

Thou shalt not dissent. We got about a minute before the break, but does that really exist in the academic world is that to some conspiracy theory no conspiracy theory. It it not that thou shalt not defend but thou shalt not dissent publicly about shalt not plant in a way that a lot of people can hear it. You can dissent among yourselves and but the whole idea is not conspiracy theory it that you must keep your defense relatively private.

You can be heated in your dissent amongst yourselves.

You can be very vocal amongst themselves and their descent and as you mentioned, there is a vocal defend but what you shall not do is let the public know to any degree. The extent of the of the defendant in the Of the defendant. That is what you shall not do very interesting and obviously there is the academia that has built itself around her when he evolution my guest Randy Colusa Dr. Renzi Colusa Pres. and CEO, COO at the Institute for creation research, we come back will direct you to that website find out what's there. The last of the larger questions we been kind of focusing on micro, macro questions what is and yeah I wish at about 10 hours to sit here and ask questions.

It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking with me, Randy, how can folks find the website and what material will they finally get there. Well, all right. Our website is really needed to find it IPR Stanford Institute for creation and our webpage.

It is a treasure trove of answers to questions that are really we offer Christians got question pastors have questions that hearing things from National Geographic discovery. Nova every day things are piling up school and high school, college, and your gear going to have questions you can't be listening carefully and attentively to what happening school not have questions. So if you go to you'll find over 14,000 article on covering all different kinds of topics. Everything from cosmology how we see you know starlight in a short period of time ago, and particularly in the area of geology and biology. We just specialize in those two areas, particularly and increasingly were getting more and more article on our webpage that are dealing specifically with the design that we see in living things and how we can explain biology, not from a Darwinian perspective but from it thoroughly.

Design-based perspective, and we like to call it an organism focused design-based perspective, which is radically radically different than what you're going to hear from Darwinian evolution is not tweaking it. It's not reforming it it's rejecting it altogether and coming up with a better explanation. I since this is moment kids in school are having questions raised losing faith over issues like this right to college, university, so the no there there scientifically factual and accurate answers that are there that that's that's a lifeline it's is not just information. It's a spiritual lifeline so Randy I've seen videos that will go like multiply five times a larger larger larger 50 again until your week in the universe and starting in it. You know where you are in your backyard and then smaller smaller smaller and we been talking about DNA and microorganisms and things like that so it it's almost like you get to something that's so small you could fit 100 of them on a human hair.

And when you when you multiply go on this olfactory. The people waving like give you the thumbs up, like, you know that you can't believe that there's so much complexity we get that small.

You touched on that some but what about the large picture the picture, the creator from the heavens from the universe expand on that for us. Well, your gear analogy of a lifeline is right on target right there and really when you go down the small level that you started out at what I really see that and at the small level is the genius of the Lord Jesus Christ as our Creator identity and credible genius in terms of design and getting everything to work together slightly for purpose.

When I expand out to the to the really large-scale the habit I found 19 one is really on target. The heavens declare the glory of God. And when I am looking at that area. What I'm seeing is his infinity is his vastness and his is all those Omni attributes that we have is omnipotent is omnipresent that he's out there and all of that and of course his omniscience, which is really really highlighted at the biological realm, so get one realm. I see Genia I see creativity I see those kind of things at the other realm icy power. I see just this unlimited, unlimited, almost mind-boggling and and scale that we would have to have to comprehend the Lord Jesus, I love the lives of contrasting those those images, because depending what you're focusing on you get a different aspect of who God is. So over the years, you've obviously studied with people who are not believers.

And then you're engaged in the literature from people who are critiquing raising points. What would you say is the strongest argument for one of the strongest arguments you've heard that that is thrown Christians troubled him to sift through Genesis 1. Is there something else that comes up, the age of the human race. Fossil evidence will comes up it in the most challenging and most common objection and how we handle that well.

To that era are the strongest 11 of them is really only strong because of the competent factor in that the question is how can so many scientists wrong that that's hard for a lot of people to understand the Bible involving tens of thousands of the scientists and they all be wrong. Are they all do.have they all bought into the parity theory do they all ate religion or something like that. And so the question is how can they all be wrong. The answer to that is, they really don't know anybody else's field and therefore that there really only taught one worldview and that of the evolutionary worldview and that it reinforced the two ways. One, there's peer pressure you don't want to be the person who doesn't go along with the crowd, even in the scientific community and to it gets reinforced. I hate to say at the professional level through a type of threats and intimidation that if you don't go along with that.

Your job is at stake your career that is what your entire livelihood is at stake so you you have backed that hard argument to perspective.

You know how academia really works, then it it it makes sense why so many people who to go along with evolutionary explanation by they do so. The second question which I think it's hard for people and why.

Why is it that creatures can look so similar. At times, you know, why do humans look like chimpanzees and why are we closer to chimpanzees that we are the dog and why do dogs look a little closer to us than you know.

I sponged and so you there seems to be this hierarchy that The ally, which advanced the little more complex life to little more complex life, and as you get closer and closer human being. That's why chimps and ate something close on that and it seems to indicate there was some kind of evolution over a long period of time, but the fact of the matter is that organism looks similar to each other because we have similar function and we have to similar thing on this planet and what you really need to explain is not the similarity that you need to explain the origin of the system. These incredibly complex system which enable us to turn the term food to eat a piece of bread you turn that into energy. How do you explain the origin of metabolism. We we face different challenges we adapt how to explain the origin of adaptation and we reproduce over time and we grow these are incredibly complex system made up of of other complex that's really what you need to explain the origin of how you get all the together and once you once you recognize how complex they are and what you recognized that all organisms need to do similar things in many ways on this planet, then you'll see a comment design to explain the similarities and part of it also makes sense that with a dog of the little genius that he is there to be much share in DNA. You don't need 10 trillion different models you have certain system and univariate to get these incredibly diverse results.

Randy have you seen over the years people come to that are struggling. Maybe they lost their faith or their on the edge of losing their faith and when they just get facts and information now that they become convinced again that God and his word are trustworthy. Yes yes you're here, you're afraid that this is a lifeline is so accurate because they are on the verge of losing faith in their doubting, and it it's really a traumatic situation for many of the college student that they are there, wondering if everything they been taught in church by their parents is all wrong and if they're being pounded incessantly through all the different avenues of school, particularly at college and they are on the verge and reality is there's good answers to things that are being told we can throw them out lifeline when they do get solid scientific answers. Not only do they regain their faith. But if they really listen carefully, they find out how foolish the things that are being taught in school really are unfamiliar with this in the areas where where I've specialized in apologetics were some of the struggling and ready to lose their faith and and then they get our materials and suddenly relief is there through my own life and when I was studying and and and being challenged early on, to come up with these answers but I have very little scientific background so I know the questions to ask. I can do a great apologetics presentation on a certain level, but the moment you challenge it. I can answer to some of the background but I'm okay with that because I know you're out there, and websites like yours there.

In other words, everyone watching and listening.

You don't necessarily have to master be subject, you just have to know that there were experts solid intellectually sound well-educated done the homework and they have answered scientifically, philosophically, theologically, and you just don't need to know where to go for these resources so Randy, thanks census for the work you're doing, but for making it available so many people through the website. will have to have you back on and get into some things in greater depth with thanks so much for joining us today. I really appreciate it. Your mother walking. Thanks for the great discussion alright so once more just as good as it yet. During interviews, glancing at the website. There a lot of fascinating articles that are there friends. Let's pray God's will. Lord, your kingdom come, your will be done in America you will be done in the upcoming election. Jesus glorify me for kingdom purposes.

That's our prayer

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