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Abortion: The American Holocaust

So What? / Lon Solomon
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January 21, 2022 11:00 am

Abortion: The American Holocaust

So What? / Lon Solomon

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January 21, 2022 11:00 am

What does God's Word say about abortion?

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Hi there this is on Solomon and not like to thank you for joining us today. You know God is blessed us and allowed us to be on hundreds of stations around the nation, declaring the uncompromising truth of his work. What a wonderful privilege and honor it is to do that. I want to thank you for your generosity because only with your help. Are we able to stay on the stations and hopefully one more stations with enough giving buyer partners and our friends. So go to long Solomon and everything there. You need to know is on that website and now let's get to the word of God as you well know, or to become one of the debate of our day after the historic Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Wade.

Legalizing abortion in America. The debate is actually more heated. I believe that it's ever been before. The abortion-rights group have embarked on an all out lobbying effort to keep Roe versus Wade from being changed in any way to keep restrictions from being applied in any way to abortion. You'll be hearing and reading much about that this morning. What I want to do is to take some time to talk about what is the word of God really have to say about abortion is wrong. Is it absolutely right or wrong.

Can we decide that and then once we decided that what we going to do in terms of reacting to. For the sake of Jesus Christ out with regard to what the Bible has to say about abortion. The key issue is that the Bible declares that life begins at conception in Roe versus Wade Supreme Court proceeded to legalize abortion. What I want to know and what I want you to decide is are the facts really as inconclusive as the Supreme Court implies, are they really that inconclusive. Talking about science and medicine first. Scientists tell us that when a sperm and an egg unite when there is fertilization, they become a complete genetic package program to develop into a mature adult. There is nothing else that is added to that fertilize a other than time and nutrition, and neither a sperm alone, nor an egg alone.

Individually, they need or want to have that kind of continuity, but once they come together and once they fertilize once they are combined they become a distinct individual with a distinct personal destiny and the development of this fertilize a comes very very early, much earlier than most of us realize.

For example, a babies heart begins beating between 14 and 28 days after conception. Often times before the mother even knows that she's pregnant. The foundation for the entire nervous system is developed by the 20th day by the 30th day almost every organist started to form by six weeks the baby can move its arms and legs have 42 days the body and the skeleton are complete and reflexes are present, there are electrical brain waves present as early as 43 days of development by eight weeks the baby has its own unique fingerprints and will jerk his head backwards.

If it's tickled it could urinate by 9 to 10 weeks.

The baby will squint in their eyes.

If you put light into the uterus. The baby can move his tongue and the baby can make a fist. If you stroke it's Paul by 8 to 10 weeks.

We know for certain that the child in the womb can feel pain, and by 11 to 12 weeks all bodily systems are up and functioning 11 weeks once you get to 11 weeks post there is nothing else is added, but time and nutrition. Everything else is done in the formation of this chart, the scientific and the medical evidence confirm a very high level of development very early in the life of an unborn child, and far more importantly than that, there is no scientific evidence there is no medical evidence anywhere which either proves or even implies that life begins at birth, rather than conception understand what I'm saying there is no medical evidence anywhere that in some way even implies that suddenly when a baby is born and comes out of the womb life begin to listen to the Scripture. Psalm 139. Let's see what the Scripture says now here in Psalm 139 were looking at David and David is writing about what it was like to be in his mother's womb. Now he did remember that obviously what is reflecting back is the spirit of God gives him inspiration and he is writing about what it was like to be developing inside of the womb, and he says beginning in verse 13 for you did for my inward parts, you didn't leave me in my mother's womb. Verse 13 tells us that when a woman is pregnant, God himself is at work for me oral reading that child within her first 14. I will give thanks unto the for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful all thy words and my soul knows it very well this morning your wonderful is a very difficult word to translate from Hebrew into English but it basically means something that is supernatural as opposed to something that is natural, something that is miraculous as opposed to something that is simply ordinary and so would David is telling us here with the spirit of God is telling us through David, is that the formation of a child in the womb is not simply a natural process. It is a supernatural process is not just an ordinary biological process, but it is also a miraculous process in which the hand of God plays a major role.

Verse 50. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth. In other words, when I formation was going on in the womb. God knew all about it from the day that sperm and egg met God knew all about it. It wasn't hidden from him. Pregnancy is a sovereign act of God, my dear friends. The Bible testified that there are cases where God closes the womb panel in first Samuel chapter 1 was one of them were God supernaturally prevented her from conceiving. And then there are cases where the Bible says that God opens the womb, and enables fertilization and conception to take place. He did this with Sarah. He did this with Rebecca he did with Hannah herself.

People may look at her pregnancy and think it was an accident but it was no accident. People might look at her pregnancy and think us Wednesday June make a mistake because every act of fertilization. The Bible declares is in the sovereign control of Almighty God. There is no such thing as fertilization. Any fertilization being an accident in the plan of a sovereign and Almighty God. Verse 16 is one of the most incredible verses all the Bible your eyes have seen my unformed substance in your book. They were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them. Yours they would. David is saying here what he is saying is before I was born before I came in the world before I had lived one single day outside of the womb on the face of this earth. God had already written down everything that was going to happen in my life. He already planned everything that was going to happen in my life. He had already ordained everything that was going to go on in my life. It was already written down in the book while I was still in the womb. Before I lived one day. On the face of this earth that is incredible David Shepherd boy have that kind of theological understanding, but it wasn't really him writing. This was the spirit of God telling us how God sees a fetus God has plans for fetuses focus is all written down about before they ever come out of the will. He said the same thing to Jeremiah he said to Jeremiah before I formed you in the womb I knew you know we could talk about that. What that means I'll have slightest idea what that but it does say and before you were born while you were still in the womb I consecrated you and I appointed you to be a prophet to the nation while Jeremiah was still in his mother's womb, God knew him and had his whole life course trotted out for John the Baptist Luke chapter 1 God said to his father. You have a son, and you can name him John and he will be great in the side of the Lord. He will be filled with the Holy Spirit while he is still in his mother's womb, and he's gonna turn back many Israelites to the Lord their God, and God distinguish the futures of Esau and Jacob while they were still in the womb. And what all this tells us is that God deals personally with human beings not only after their born. But even while they are still in the womb while they are fetuses as we would call them. God knew fetuses God has long fetuses.

God has named fetuses God has planned the life of fetuses and God has even feel fetuses with the spirit of God and post-God does not feel dead. Empty. Lifeless cells with the spirit of God. He only feels people with the spirit of God God dealt with fetuses in a unique personal way because they were people little people, but people in fact the Scripture makes no distinction between babies in the womb and babies out of the womb. In Luke chapter 1. Luke refers to a baby in the world as a breast fox as a an infant or child and then the same author in the same book uses the same word in Luke chapter 18 to refer to a baby outside the womb that they brought to Jesus and sat on his lap so the combustion stars. Luke was concerned. As part of the spirit of God was concerned baby and the woman a baby. I will is no difference about the baby so let me summarize. God declares in the word of God that he is in sovereign control of every act of human fertilization and that the process of formation inside of the womb is a supernatural, as well as a natural process that God oversee number two God tells us that he relates personally to the unborn child. Considering that unborn child to be a real human being. Even before that child becomes able to sustain life outside of the womb and therefore if we're going to answer the question. Where does life begin we have to pick up the word of God and we have to say that God's word stands absolutely firmly that the word of God is clear that absolutely life begins at conception. Life does not begin at birth but life begins upon fertilization and upon conception and that that little bunch of sales and that little person in the mother's womb has bars God's concern is a real living human being. As to the question of whether or not a fetus is a person we have to answer with a definitive yes. If God names fetuses and consecrate them to himself and plans their whole lives and fills them with the Holy Spirit, their people folks God declares that fetuses are alive and that they are their own unique persons. From the moment of conception know if that's true, if all that's true, then it means that abortion is killing abortion is not simply a medical procedure if all that's true abortion is killing abortion is not simply the disposing of some unwanted cells. If all of this is true abortion is killing. If murder means to take somebody else's life without their consent or their knowledge or their desire abortion is murder is to take the weakest and the most innocent and the most helpless member of the human race to kill it is to take a person from whom God has a unique plan. A person that God knows a person. God has a purpose for and not only destroy their but also rob them of the opportunity to live and fulfill God's special plan for them on the server is the cruelest of all punishments and it is perpetrated on somebody who is done absolutely nothing to deserve it, and upon somebody who can do absolutely nothing to defend themselves. Therefore, I declare to you that abortion is morally wrong and I declare to you, based upon the truth of the word of God. Abortion is morally evil and I declare to you, based on the truth of the word of God that abortion is a crime against another human being and it is a crime against all of humanity because it cheapens the value human life robs the world of people that God intended to come into this world and accomplish things for the betterment of mankind. That is the position of God and abortion.

I hope that your position on abortion. I don't see how anybody who names the name of Jesus Christ and reads the Scripture. Even if you did know what I told you before that hearing it today. I don't see how anybody who calls Jesus Christ Lord can hold any other position on abortion. This is morally evil as raw covers a lot of objections raised to my position to give you some of them and see if I can respond to the number one what about a woman becomes pregnant as a result of rape or incest you really mean God wants her to have that baby do you in responding that I say to you, first of all rape and incest practically never result in pregnancy because of the trauma involved. In fact, the number of pregnancies due to rape or incest in the United States of America represents less than 1% of all pregnancies report, but even in those cases were pregnancy does occur, I believe we got to acknowledge that that is in under the control of an absolutely sovereign God, and that such a turn of events have to be accepted as being from God. Besides, it's a strange sort of logic that would kill an innocent child for a crime that the child had nothing to do with. I'm not minimizing the trauma of rape.

Please don't get me wrong I'm not minimizing the trauma of incest, particularly when a pregnancy result but I believe that the church of Jesus Christ must stand and declare that with the supernatural help of God, that kind of situation can be transformed into a blessing for that family, or even if that family doesn't want to keep that child. It can be transformed into a blessing for some other family who adopts raises the child. What about this objection. What about abortion to save the mother's life ever since gynecology began physicians have agreed that abortion is acceptable in those cases where it is the only option available to save the mother's life, but we must understand today that with all of our modern medicine, a pregnancy almost never threatens the life of a mother see every Surgeon General of the United States, and I quote, protection of the life of the mother as an excuse for an abortion is a smokescreen in my 36 years of pediatric surgery. I have never known of one instance where the child had to be aborted to save the mother's life." About this objection will is a really fair to bring an unwanted child into the world. I mean, does not does lead to more child abuse. Actually, the unwanted baby idea is a myth.

Did you know that one couple in America out of six is infertile. Did you know that anytime there are approximately 2 million infertile couples in America pursuing an interest in adoption that is more couples want to adopt that abortion that are carried out in America. We got both left over one of the lady that we took every baby aborted and gave them a somebody with you would have people wouldn't have children that they want all the resources for adoption in this country are there is no baby in the world that has to be unwanted more than nine months regarding this child abuse issue proponents of abortion back in 1973 made a big deal out of the fact that if we would legalize abortion we would see child abuse figures drop dramatically because we get rid of all these unwanted babies and they saw all that nonsense to the American public is going legalize abortion and for 16 years. We have killed almost 20 million babies total and now what we find that rather than seeing child abuse going down. We are seeing child abuse on a dramatic rise in the American Association for protecting children report that the number of reported child abuse cases in 1976 was 669,000 and in 1986. 10 years later was 2.2 million. That is a 228% rise in 10 years and I believe there is far more responsible for this rise in the figure for just the people reporting it more now.

I believe that when we legalize abortion in 1973 we deliver a message to our culture that we were cheapening the value of the lives of children. We were cheapening the value of children and life in general and that as a result, we have seen much more violence being perpetrated upon children not because we got anymore unwanted children, but because we have cheapened the understanding of the preciousness to about this objection.

What about quality of life. I mean, what about a retarded child or somebody born with lots of congenital defects when any better just to abort that baby or let that baby starve to death when it's firstborn and spirit all those years of war quality life. There was once a mother who was pregnant. This is true with her fifth child. Her husband had syphilis. She had tuberculosis.

Her first child had been born blind.

As a result of the syphilis their second child had died there of her child had been born death as a result of syphilis. Therefore, child had tuberculosis at the time his mother was pregnant, not this woman pregnant with her fifth child. In considering abortion would've come to you and ask you what your advice was. Should you have an abortion or not. What would you have told the overwhelming majority of people surveyed said you better have an abortion. We recommend you have an abortion. And then after they had said that they were informed that they had just voted in favor of awarding Ludwig von Beethoven away with this nonsense, but the boredom because they won't have quality life. Last of all the classic one of all. A woman has the right to her own body. Margaret Sanger, a devout feminist said and I quote, no woman can call her so pre-who does not own and control her own body. No woman can call herself. Until she can choose whether she will or will not be a mother and if she goes on to say that that many feminist believe that nature has discriminated against them. Women are not better to say. Many feminist believe I was really my note that nature has discriminated against them by making them the fertility bearers of society and that the right to have an abortion on demand allows women to gain control over their lives equal to that which men have met father for abortion that so many times, the people are saying that the women are saying as a single women divorced women teenagers impacting you know the percentages around America of the women who have abortions heavenly 5% are unmarried, 32% are teenagers and 20% are repeat customers, but many times it is these women are saying all of this because what they really want is the freedom to go out and sleep around with whoever they feel like sleeping around and then when they get pregnant they want the quick fix of an abortion so they can go on and keep living the car lifestyle they been living without any air interruption without any consequences for what they been doing.

Now I am all for a woman having control over her body.

Believe me, but it seems to me that the time the woman had control over her body was before she had the intercourse to produce the baby to start with what the baby is produced when a whole different ballgame spokes is no longer a question of whether or not I have control over my body is a question that I have two bodies now one living inside of me a real life there's another innocent life estate and there is nowhere anywhere in human jurisprudence where we have ever agreed that a human being has an absolute right over their body if it means threatening the safety and the well-being of another human being. When they begin anew that we have always and what law is all about is the carving of those absolute rights over my body as those right in their exercise begin to affect you negatively. Other human beings around me. We have the right to tell a woman that she cannot have absolute control over her body. If it means killing another human being. All stand on that. I hope you'll spend on.

I want women to have control over their bodies, but I don't want to the kill of people, but to summarize and say, according to God, life starts at conception. There is no medical or scientific evidence. It says different number two. Abortion is not just a medical procedure. It is killing a human being. None of the objections are raised in favor of abortion can stand the test, I believe, of God's laws stand the test of the principles of the Scripture. I don't even believe those objections can stand the test of good common sense.

Consequently, I believe that the church of Jesus Christ. You and I as Christians we got stand up. We got to do everything in our power folks.

We have got to commit ourselves that, whatever it takes. We are committed to wiping the verdure of legalize abortion out of our logbook out of our legal code out of our hospital out of our clinic and out of the thinking of America once and for all. I believe will commit ourselves to that and were serious God will honor God will take abortion away scourge away from America given listening to say whether Dr. Lon Solomon said, when is an outreach in the salon.

Solomon ministries to listen to today's message, or for more information visit our website. Lon Solomon Thank you for your support.

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