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TUE HR1 050322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 3, 2022 11:44 pm

TUE HR1 050322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 3, 2022 11:44 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Tonight we have is our Sentry and new jitters both none of the mighty Andrew good evening Pastor and know you have tonight due to very courageous and bold preachers.

Pastor Joe Larson.

More later. There is a big night got a lot to cover.

We certainly do in yours truly pestering so were going to get more changing up tonight Scripture close to beginning of tomorrow or we left off on legitimate government.

Tonight were going to deal with the the killing the murdering of artisan children and there's there's extreme wickedness in our land, an extreme extreme wickedness and will ask all of you to join in with us and as we do some imprecatory prayers. It is time for imprecatory prayers you prissy preachers that say well past only he so mean no, listen, we believe, we love the things God loves elite things got hastened. We actually do believe the word of God, you prissy preachers you need to get some some courage some honor, some integrity and stand up like men equipped is honoring God with the lack of courage and your feminism, and so with that for you to start the first show we have three men, Kevin Miller Avella house and Andre know the history, Kevin is at home tonight. He's a member of doers of the word church and he's he's having labored breathing. Rojas is a death row inmate and he too called and he's having labored breathing and no Andre, he has stage IV pancreatic cancer and so let's start out by praying for those through whether to go ahead and pray for Kevin Miller and I'll pray for Rojas and Andre are how your Lord. Everything you care to bring your architecture know the brain, Lord, and in my heart. I just wish all those who can hear my voice would join me in prayer for Kevin and the Lord, you know what it is causing the labored breathing and Lord. I will we would just ask you to give miraculous healing that you would just strengthen Kevin to register him a wonderful testimony, but we always ask. I will. You may choose to work through doctors and other things we don't know that Ludwig would hold him up all those that love them and care about him that are worried about him. Comfort them and help them through this time, we have to things in the precious name your son Jesus on name in following God's Rojas Laura known him for long time, was pastor for many many years abundant, throw in the I know that he was told that he got the kill shot and my mom.

I'm afraid Lord that the well.

I just want to hold him up finally got.

I know you can overcome anything.

And Lord, as the Jewish just that he has a profession of faith. We discussed it many many times he says he saved in as a Lord I would just have probably got learned that you would touching healing blessing and healing and giving blessings all of the blessings you would have for him and the same for Andre. Andre. I've known Andre for Lord yes I've known Andre for over 65 years and I would just as father God, Lord, did again he's he's lived a very tough life.

He's had a very hard life of very, very hardluck Lord, I just went as father God, Lord, and she would be with him at this time whether I know is I know his mind is not what it used to be is not all clear anymore and I know he's in the prison hospital and I would as father God that you would intervene for him, Lord God, and that that you may touching. You may healing and Lord, that he might die of freemen of freemen father God or not. Not in that prison.

These things we ask in Jesus name, amen. Okay were going to start tonight, remember what we've always talked about when God gives divine institution of legitimate real human government real human government not what we have what we have in this country today is so perverted it is so soiled and then I just wish that we had more pastors appraise a good Lord for those that we do have that have the guts and the courage to stand up and I praise the Lord because there are number but the best majority are afraid. They fear Caesar more than they fear God and the reason for that is, the vast majority in pulpits are not saved. That's the long and short of it. There simply not shed saved and so I would just want to pray right now to tonight because of the wickedness in our land. The wickedness in our land out there. As we go into the word of God. As you know Joe will let me just little it will play after this is go to the Scripture first start tonight and Exodus. Well, actually, was stored in Genesis 9 we know not to go there to read and I just tell you verses one through seven makes it very clear when God gave us the five points of divine human government five points a divine human government very first one to whom it was given defined in Genesis 9 through 15 second point the intent.

The intent was God or man was to govern for God.

Verse one through four man was to govern for God, but the third point is the most important.

This is the entire purpose. The entire purpose of divine human government real government legitimate government was to preserve the image of God, that being met. That was the entire purpose got set in three places. There Genesis 1 through three are through nine, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth. Our government is corrupted and is filled from top down with would corrupt people wicked people really ungodly and evil people and they wanted to hate the very image of God. The hypocrisy is astonishing. The that the hypocrisy is ultimate. I don't think there's a limit to the hypocrisy in this extremely corrupt government and so here as we look at that. This is where we get the statute of capital punishment in verses five through seven that whoever transgresses whoever transgresses God's dominion and destroys his image God. Remember God gave man dominion over the environment, but Dominion a man for himself that Aetna has to forfeit their life because they've destroyed the image of God we have again of very very wicked very very wicked unclean and an abominable master government in this country. If the pastors could only find the integrity and the honor and the courage if we could only get enough pastors that were saved to stand up like men and and tell their people and lead their people. We could stop this, we could turn it around. We never would've come here had the pastors had the courage to be men mentally violating primary respect for everybody around what that encouraged women and children baby by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God made man that's pretty clear out your cats really quote for that is no stuttering there. If you go over and Exodus 21 and readme verses 22 through 25 you find there is no stun no stuttering there to do the message theirs is the same for today. Go ahead and hurt a woman with child so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no messenger follow early be punished according as the woman's husband will lay upon him, and he shall pay of judges determine and if any mischief follow.

Then Val felt the of life or life. I patronized her for two and her hand and foot for foot burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe price to these telling you very very clearly that if if that woman should die get hurt and dive mischief means that they will die or if the baby dies by then. Then whoever was fighting with a husband has to forfeit his life forever. Woman or child. Yeah, that's what that woman or child, or will have to give up his life right absolutely and so I watch abortion Dr. Pritchard need to tell every abortion doctor in the country goes verses of reason through them because I wonder how many really have never heard the word of God. Realize what they're doing well, you know the thing of it is it's like you know if if it's like talking to a very, very fat, skinny person you see is a here Joe. There is no such thing as an abortion Dr. Lum explains to Dr. physician, yet they abortion is kill babies to see.

That's one of that's where our opposition has beat beat our side to death.

They've they've thrown out language evolution, confusion and delusion in our side has picked it up. I don't use it when people come on this radio program if they use the word pro-choice. I give him warning the use of the second time there off here and in most cases their ban for life. I do not accept the language evolution confusion. There is no such thing as a pro-abortion Dr. these guys are animals there animals say their baby well in baby molesters. If you if you take it all. Webster's dictionary and what you look up the definition of rape in that old you know what the first definition is to remove one from its place. Yeah, I do not get it know that time is not to remove one from its place or to sexually molest okay so what happens when you remove it when you kill a child you remove it from a white dad's rights of these baby raping a child molesting. They're not together animals there animals read the book of Jude. Because the lease. Okay so here no and and again we when you know we have a position that we've had from day one. No compromise. We we are better than that we are not going to give than were not going to be conformed to the world.

We are not going to be conformed to the world. We will not use their to their language evolution. We will have nothing to do. Light has no fellowship with darkness so were not going to be conformed to the world were not going to accept the things and like a lot of the prissy preachers will say well I know I did.

I know it's wrong, but it's legal, you coward, you worthless unite just unbelievable and that that they would be that way in the state. No guts, no courage, no decency, no honor, no integrity, Development, we are to obey God rather than man program losses are congruent with God through thou shall not care about most about will not be better be obeying God not listening to the idiot make these laws that are antichrist let's go to Proverbs chapter 24 readme verses 910 1112 versus 10, 11, 12 F, outranking the day of diversity] small valve repair, deliver them that are drawn to death and those that are ready to be plainly about the hold we know not that not even ponder the heart consider and either keep it by soul not know, and shall not be render to every man according to his work. Now Joe just to simplify that when you standing before Almighty God, and he says what were you doing when they were killing my children what were you doing the only acceptable answer is everything I could to stop it, nothing else will. Nothing else will do. Suffice, and I know there's a lot of people out there to say well he no personally I could never do such a thing, but that I'm not can interfere with those that do your worthless, you know, first, that God's Word, the Bible says faith without works is is worthless doesn't existence there. Okay until you hear from somebody feeding her child. So somebody trying to run over a child on the street where the car on purpose to do so somebody shooting the children on the playground and you did nothing to stop it or just their own till I die. I wouldn't do it now on you know you somebody else were doing what you can do that in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia or New York. You can do it is actually it's is not against the law. At least they don't prosecute I never dreamed of finding people know.

But anyhow that's what we believe what we've come to today. So, if thou faint in the day of adversity lay strength is small. Another words if you don't stand up and act went into times come, the new you have no faith and how to know if you weren't really talk about God.

Children as to what ready to recruit things that affect other work to review grid through an even stronger form all the things that he's told us in Scripture are active verbs. I looked them up and there wasn't a passive verb in the place. Go over to Jeremiah 1 and read verse five Jeremiah 1 verse five before I formed the in the belly I knew the and before thou came us forth out of the room.

I sanctified the NIR again via profit under the nation locate elements to this is a prophet unto the nations, and a product of conception.

One of the same. Yeah, ironing the a prophet of their respective side of the room right so here is what they call product and get some tonight today. I was ashamed. I will was ashamed to Sean Hinton, candidate for using the term of the termination of the pregnancy hate.

He used I was ashamed of them if if I do been within what I can talk to them see that their terminology God's Word, the Bible calls it the murdering of a child murdering of the baby okay and see you live. If you feel better yourself. If you have more honor and integrity to stand up and say it the way it is and II guess so so sick of these pantywaist don't have the courage to use the correct terminology is murder, killing the child is murder and so there's no way you are an outgrowth killing and murder killing is when you are in war are your fighting somebody trying to harm you. Murder is when you are purposely taking a life and it's usually somebody who does not prepare their earlier snuck up on them or by stealth or by and or they are nervous and now I'm taken capable of defending themselves and less capable of defending themselves than a child in the womb.

Now God has a lot to say about these women. I've been watching the limited get to them in a minute here what's been taken place that the Supreme Court hears what he says about these women to kill their children in Jeremiah chapter 2 read verses 20 through 24. 24 Jeremiah 2023, endnote 23 and 24. I'm sorry 23 and 24. How canst thou say I am not polluted.

I have not gone after all.

See that we in the Valley. No, what thou hast done thou art a swift dromedary traversing her way a while – used to the wilderness, that's enough of the wind at her pleasure at her location can turn her away. All they that seek her will not worry themselves and her monthly show finder is talking about these women that they keep offering kill the children knows it's going a whoring after Belo and he compares them to wild jackasses and heat okay now go down the readme verse 34 also invites curtains around the block. The souls of the poor innocent.

I have not found my secret search, but upon all of these okay now what you think he means when he says I'm not funded by secret search secret search is what hidden. I had to go speak importance without the (what is apparent is referring to looking upon the hearts of God's enemies. He searches the hearts he didn't have to look upon their hearts. Okay. Another words, to see what they think that he knew what they did their very actions condemned them the very actions that the investor skirts with the with the blood of the innocent. Now he reads it goes over in chapter 3 and he says lift up thine eyes into the high places and see where thou hast not been clean with in the way so as set for them as the Arabian in the wilderness, thou has polluted Thailand with I hoard alms. And with thy wickedness. Therefore, the showers have been withholding and there have been no latter rain and thou hast a horse for head though has the horse for head that refuses to be ashamed. In other words, these women okay are shameless.

These are result horrible huskies and and that's what we do have what we have today. Turnover well just get it all just read this was of Jeremiah 7 verse eight behold you trust in line words. They cannot profit. Will you still you murder, and commit adultery and swear falsely, and burn incense in the bail so there you go here, he's condemning these now what you saw happen over the cognitive sacrifice.

But children under right. You remember remember what we saw happen in 2017. Would they call the woman's march was one of the filthiest things I've ever seen one of very filthiest things that I've ever seen in Washington DC.

These women, the death of Craddick's feminists down there. They came and on a cold 45° day out there where the Muslim women are with them dressed from head to foot the death of Craddick women, many of them were topless they went topless and they were horse very, very harsh women okay.I first of all I want to praise the good Lord above for the women in the church that I pastor and those ladies so many them tonight there listen to this radio program written all over this country that sends letters ladies relate is decent and honorable and clean because those women intend and that woman's march work were not decent. They were not honorable. There was unclean is unclean. He gets very godly as possible absolutely and like I said the things that out that aggravated they were wearing pussycats caps the talk about you proceeded all of home and then you had these women were in the Regina costumes. They were see that's that's what where their heads at their heads were sticking out from the middle of the big pre-custom that tells you where their brains erect that tells you right there with the help with.

They think with and but we got we got a joke want to be sexualized and yet they were sexualized.

Remember, so very basic. Very basic thing that they can do let you what what aggravated me the most. You know was what would they had these nine and 10-year-old boys and girls curing the placards and on their head.

The F word you trump Effie 12 and they had these kids screaming that word out.

These these wicked uncle ungodly horse.

That's what they are is wicked and got a horse were abusing these children and so here and then you as we went down to the art museum. The women that work there. My most of them were death of Kratz, but they were so ashamed to come out. They said that these women that came in there for the woman's march that we had a lot more people than they did. We had a lot more. We had ladies pro-life women pro-life ladies you know and they knew they knew they had the decency to if they had to go, they went if they had to walk out of Street farther to find another place for the bathroom. They did that they had. Then examine why Mr. Lyman waited, but these women they didn't think you did to hunt, disrespectful, dishonorable, vulgar, their language through folder folder. Vulgar language when they came on and they defecated on the steps and on the sidewalk right there hundred and corner door where all or it was incredible and in this is what's in my opinion, what would it means to be had with they call Democrats to death the grass today just they totally become just absolutely and completely abominable. Speaking of that Chucky Schumer Chucky Schumer was out today and he was saying.

Those that stand against a woman's right to kill her baby are an abomination Chucky Schumer listen to me Chucky Schumer you better listen as I meditate what God's Word, the Bible says Chucky Schumer unless you repent you will little weasel unless you repent you cowardly little weasel to burn in hell Chucky Schumer your wicked evil little cowardly hypocritical man Chucky Schumer unless you repent of that you're going to burn in hell Chucky your coward Chucky.

I'll betcha there's not a baby in the world you're afraid of you fight any baby wouldn't you cowardly and missed this little beast. Okay, now I know some prissy preachers there saying all passively.

He shouldn't call them names. Yet we know what the fella named Jesus, you may have heard of them and he was very very good and calling the wicked, wicked, okay Whited sepulcher. Whatever okay and so here that and Elizabeth Warren, that wicked uncle Connor being make-believe Indian very alkaline to get her degree recalling your now. Gary had lied about her route Eric so far off the wire two days ago.

She's the one is that freedom of speech will destroy the democracy, freedom of speech. This is a wicked wicked woman okay and then here. I just wanted to say deal because of where were at with us today in courts remember our infamous Hillary which he said there's never a wrong reason for killing a baby never a wrong reason for killing a baby and what did Chelsea say Chelsea said abortion is good for the economy, the more of it, the better. Better the economy hang tight will be up against the break will be right back after this I hear that training coming around that Ray is here because since the wrong decision and now that praying is arrives and I there is no use. There is no place to go. Now you know your your reading what you so you turn back Jesus didn't care what he done, now you're really just listen to see the happening here.

There we understand the blackness, you know you know and so horrible ways to be dormant and is already now: the loudest, your only hope you're at the end of the line you may not see your time is the meadow during the Mordechai considering listen with the issue. People usually do José's from hell. You better pay close attention is repent or perish Jesus at listen if God always does what he says you're up against a foe. You cannot defeat God is good to win in the end, and all of you out there if somehow you think that God is going to acquiesce to the political polls are to. He's not you know there is is not a God of political correctness, but actually he has a big survey. That what every knee will bow and every tongue will confess them. Lord, I will all learn naturally that wicked, evil woman and said thank God for abortion that wicked, evil woman that tells you right there that she is become reprobate.

That tells you right there that heard the defenses I had to hear from her. And so they also look at that picture of all by the way, there was also an instant rally that were there at the Supreme Court different places across the country.

Somebody put out the word. There were about 10 minutes so Supreme Court. What's the word I'm looking for the decision and is demonstration or plan made ready to go just as soon as this afternoon.

They were there and I'm looking at a picture and some of the women are wearing sweat like school jackets and Albany high school jacket and got thank God for abortion on a mental pastor and is talking about and that had been printed up ahead of time and they were all other signs and banners so we know that this is the stage of political action right. It is absolute look to death the grants no that they cannot survive an honest election anything is even close to that date there looking at the understand what's happening. The mood of the people of this country.

These they know that the people are aware of the did the Biden crime cartel are they trying to destroy America.

They wanted take away our freedoms of speech, eliminate the Constitution when I been telling you they're getting ready for this. In the ready to start burning down the cities. In other words, that will they want to give Joe Obama Biden this antichrist. He is an antichrist of they want to give him the ability to declare martial law were warning people right now of what they're up to.

So this is why they leak that out. This was done on purpose leak it out to try to activate the forces of evil though the dark forces the forces of death until right now and look letting them display this here they just passed a couple days ago in Maryland.

Wicked wicked like New York wicked in California extremely ungodly on wicked horror should state legislator just unbelievable going a whoring with death. Now here Joe. They passed legislation that says that you can can keep that to the babies 28 days after the babies born 28 days after the baby is born what they're going to go there and take these babies and notifying the worst ungodly antichrist satanic women.

The worst the ugliest evil women in the world to get pregnant on purpose now and they take these babies in a whole life baby they sell them to these animals and Planned Parenthood in these places. These these are based in date they dissect these babies. They remove their organs alive. Okay Nesta reality and there's no nobody, not one single person at NBC, ABC, CBS or Fox News. Not one person there or CNN.

Not one person not one single person at any of that that has the guts the decency enough on enough integrity to stand up and tell that in this say what we just said here tonight. There is no journalist. They have no journalist at all, that they completely gone, they become simply shot jocks and horse for the New World order. That's the reality. I went out a little are also very afraid I used to be.

Everybody had their first baby pictures in the hospital, you know that all the baby up in the bow buying the glass and they take pictures of the baby wrapped up the overall nurse holding the baby. Now everybody knows these ultrasounds. The first baby pictures are ultrasounds in the ultrasounds show these marvelous little children sucking blowing bubbles moving around and all of a sudden the world started to realize these are babies. These are not just in all globs of flesh like the left would talk about Thetis instead of characters cute little baby sucking her thumb and you can tell up with the boy or girl and I remember what your envelope or you know the just wriggling around so cute and all, certain science is now showing the world, even if the left of them tries to hide it that these are babies in there and the doctors that have operated on them the premium before they're born to save them. We now know these babies feel pain. We know the respondent. So with all the advances in science. The left is just desperate to keep abortion going because as long as were a society that allows our children, our future, our posterity to be killed than everything else that every other sin. They want is gonna be able to be allowed because once you kill your children. What else dental matters right now here is that everything was built in life. There is nothing in the entire left the death or credit Communist Party. There is nothing that is not announced. None that anything at all. Nothing at all about it. That is not been corrupted and not become dirty not anything in the entire Democratic time is like a party that is not become dirty. Now were going to I'm going to say some precatory personal even before I do that I do what I do not say this. The good friend Pastor Dave Nadel for the national Day of prayer. Prayer breakfast this coming Thursday, May 5 this coming Thursday at 7 AM at the Jericho center, 28, 78 Worn Meadville Rd. in Cortland.

It's it's $10 for the breakfast and commended for prayer again. Dave Nadel for the national Day of prayer. Dave's been a long time good friend of mine pastor out there to Jericho center and at 2878 Worn Meadville Rd. in Cortland and that starts at 7 AM. Prepare now. Also on that same day is coming front of Thursday doers of the word Baptist Church will only go back with Dave first. You can for more information you can text 330-883-6620. That's 330-883-6621 more time.

You can text 330-883-6620. I think if you call that number if you give you Donato text now also also also on Thursday, as every day, 52 weeks a year on Thursday. Well I should say 51 we don't do it on Thanksgiving. We have prayer, a doers of the word Baptist Church, 14781 Sperry Rd. is 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH right at the corner of Route 87 and Sperry and that starts at 9 AM that starts at 9 AM and if you really come out will be good cause and let us know so we would know how many prepare for and that number is 44033813674403381367 and we would need to know by tomorrow. We would need to know if you're coming out there and so now we going to prayer their and we started nine in the morning and we usually go wait till noon. Please legal right to loon and we hold up in all of you folks out there that send this prayer request, we have a stack of my foot high and we go through those prayer requests.

We spread them out and we pray for you because we believe in prayer.

We know this power in prayer and with that Joe. I'm going to pray simple for you.

At your next treatment. According to Elizabeth Warren here without ranting and raving you know today that charismatics that everything and yet there was a crowd around her saying Americans don't want the bodies of children to be dismembered extremist Warren said, raising her voice wavered enough of the extremists and where tired of it. So II just hope that Elizabeth Horn might listen and get very very tired because I think were just getting started right absolutely Rihanna's agreement. Amen. Right insert we see in the Bible who were God will turn that back in the wicked cake with a want for others.

You see, he will turn that back.

Come on. Remember old Mordechai in the and the gallows that was built for him a knowledge here was hung on the galaxy, built for someone else know not Mordechai was and it was that I made payment. I'm sorry I got yelled turn our name and the list listening on his own galaxy, built and built so let's do this. This list will get them what God did for the shift from pure those two women who saved the lives of the babies they were employed by the government and the and the government ordered them to kill the babies like this wicked, evil, ungodly government that we have and then they didn't obey God rather than the wicked, evil, ungodly government and God blessed them for that caper extracted from outlet okay so let's pray that he does like he did with payment that he would turn it around on the wicked that if they don't repent.

Let's do that witless playwright, not heavenly father Lord God, I just would play that you would turn it around that you would put it on on this wicked evil cowardly little president that we have is not our president at all. Who stole the election of father God, Lord, that he wait he he can. He's a pedophile.

Eddie he can't did.

There's not enough innocent blood right into the veins of these little babies is satisfied to quench his thirst for Laura what he wants.

For those children for the unborn, Lord, I would ask that you would turn around on him.

Leslie repent. Lord have he repent and do a public of not what I would ask that you would turn around on him and the same thing for Elizabeth war. Same thing for these all those huskies from hell.

There that because it when I saw what I saw the vulgar, the vulgar language you don't have to even be able to see you can be on the other side of the wall, you have to do is hear them talking and you know if there are hordes and not those vulgar, vulgar, boorish women and those warmongers that were with them today out in front of the Supreme Court Lord my prayer is that you break those bloodied people to repentance Re: removal that you remove the third you're harming the innocent out there.

Lord God that there there wicked their ungodly run clean their evil and so my prayers father God, you bring those bloodied people to repentance Re: removal each and everyone in and for these prissy preachers that they will pass the validity of such a mean man well in a Lord provide pink bloomers for those little ladies okay was little effeminate preachers and I don't mean ladies rather in this 80 I get so fed up with. We got a spineless wood who should be courageous. The Bibles of the righteous are as bold as Loggins and I can is awful or underground work that they certainly were, they certainly were the so and again here jungle had you had something he wanted to take on. So let's have well I remember back in 1965 before Roe V Wade, but when they created the emanation of the penumbra in all their founders right to kill the unborn, a big word meant nothing that Joe didn't you know what you know what that means. Emanations of the number Joe, you know what that is I you that I don't Joe emanations Joe are pulses like pulses of light like little pulses of light. Note the penumbra is a time where it's at.

Twilight words in between Dawn are light and dark explain. So somewhere in that penumbra out there, there, which is little emanations of light puppet around saying kill a baby killer baby tooth kill a baby you. It's in the Constitution, brought editors, that's a lie told by liars and and Joe, I am absolutely convinced that everyone of them black note and all of them that they are burning in hell today after grade without this prior to 1965 life magazine.

Remember that only the mountains showed that life begins at conception and I still have that I still have that.

I still haven't yet bettered all of that, it would be historical thing. The they called it a unprecedented photographic feet that documented the stages in the growth of an unborn baby from fertilization to 28 weeks, and in dealing the article said the birth of a human life really occurs at the moment the mother eggs well is fertilized by one of the father sperm cell and finance has repeatedly proven and shown itself be Supreme Court of the call themselves justice their supreme pool. They said no they weren't sure when life began life magazine new leader for about eight years and then we get this story back in 2016. It was April 27.

Science captures fireworks during the moment of step seven. They have captured the moment a human sperm need to make on film and found there is a union of fireworks show is CLE so white light yet and that the corporate University in Chicago. The brighter the firework the healthier the embryo the egg and I have about proven dental. This is murder of a child. There is no doubt anymore and they just keep perpetuating the Y and the defense has a wonder. Some of these women are different in defense of the total stated.

They've been lied to and coerced a native repeat the lie that God is not the author of confusion and if they went to a good Bible believing church. They would surely know the difference right answer to your questions found right there and say Clinton chapter 4 verses one through five tells you exactly why there. That way, doesn't it. Like the rest, the guys with the Bible that doesn't stutter.

That's you know it's it's very very clear think that we go over there that second Corinthians 5 chapter 4 or verses one through five.

Got it all right, go ahead and read. Therefore saying we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not. But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God. But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost and whom the God little G of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, but the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine under them or we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your servants for Jesus sake, for God commanded the light to shine out of darkness that shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the very face of Jesus Christ.

You go so there you go. It's right there, is because there there lost and this is why they're doing that, but they're in denial there in denial there.

These are the people out there these that the Graddy Communist Party people when the daily come to the Lord. Having because you got all of these apostate churches out there United States, the antichrist and method all of these the Episcopal. All of these that are that are preaching simply no matter what the sin is whether it's abortion, pedophilia, sodomy, lesbianism, whatever it is they tried to justify this by taking a twisting God's word and listen guys paying close attention to this piece for each plane very close attention to it and what was the first thing he said he's a repent or perish from 106 from looking at 10 6 1/3 of their idol or Toros narrative MBA. They sacrifice their sons and their daughters under double and shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and their daughters and they sacrificed under the idle cane and in the land was polluted with blood. That's where they defiled with their own work and went a whoring with their own interventions.

We need to ask the people to play with us out there again all of you folks at their listing. There is power in prayer.

There is power in prayer. If you but you gonna believe. If you believe that on an unlimited play. The God would remove Joe Bob and Biden.

These he's destroying our nation, and then pray that they would remove Chucky Schumer and Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi. These people are destroying our country there killing innocent children. Their wicked their evil and so this power there's a lot of power there is a lot of power in prayer. If you would join with me if you would join him. If God hears it okay so let's pray heavenly father Lord God Americans heard America's bleeding.

She's wounded like I remember what you would be willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah for 10 people for Gretzky to spare America by removing these wicked people by removing Joe Obama Biden. He's a wicked man is an evil landlord got that you would would remove Elizabeth born, and in that wicked wicked Chucky Schumer and nasty Pelosi the these are evil people in all of those the entire Democratic Congress Lord God the Huskies from hell the entire wicked Congress store that you remove them by the God Lord that there destroying our nation, and if said Lord, that the prayers of a righteous man avails much split Lord, hear the prayers of the people out there praying right now, Lord God that America might be back to one nation under God in America would be great again because she would once again be good. She's become totally G become a Bastrop nation Lord if the gun so many of us have fought our whole lives trying to bring her back fought against the killing of the will that the children fought against the pedophilia fought against all of the evil. The wickedness out there.

Those in the public forces them that want to harm the children follow Chien those that want to kill people. They wanted with a kill shot this the scam to make.

So again, we would ask that you would remove these wicked people, Lord. They refuse to repent they refused to repent the Lord, that you would listen and hear the cries in the prayers of your people Lord, that we might restore America and make America great again because America was good, but her back to one nation under God the way that you gave her to us Lord of these are the things Lord that were asking out there in the name of the Lord of Lord of the King of Kings and Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

A man named Maryland about your clarity right back with more though going to thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

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