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A Patient is a Person, No Matter How Small

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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April 13, 2022 6:00 am

A Patient is a Person, No Matter How Small

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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April 13, 2022 6:00 am

Dr. Bill Lile poses this question: if a fetus can have surgery and survive, doesn’t that make him or her a patient? In this fast-moving presentation, Dr. Lile outlines the medical aspects of the pro-life position. He describes the moment of conception, the life-saving benefits of fetal surgery, and the benefits of ultrasound technology.

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Patient is a person no matter how small, whether that is the patient like us, or whether this is a patient on the inside of the womb today on Focus on the Family. We have a fascinating look at a medical perspective on the sanctity of pre-born life.

Thanks for joining us your hostess focus presidents and other Jim Daly and I John 43 John Dr. Phil while is our guest today. He's been on the broadcast twice in the past two years and always brings a lot of energy to the pro-life. He does use a well spoken that Dr. Lyle is a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist and he has an active private practice where he has delivered over 4000 babies. He's also a medical instructor and an amazing pro-life speaker as you're about to hear in this presentation has a lot of visuals you want to visit our website and watch this presentation I get the full picture, so to speak. You'll find the link in the episode notes here now is Dr. Bill while speaking at a bringing America back to life conference was sponsored by Cleveland right to life on today's episode of Focus on the Family good morning my name is Dr. Bill, Lyle and I practice the tricks and gynecology and is an honor to be invited. It's an honor to be here. I love my job but I love this. I have a passion for this. I have a passion for teaching. We give you the tools that you can convince your family, your friends, your colleagues that we are created in the image of God. From that moment of conception and all pre-born need to be defended and protected. So who created new life. God did.

Genesis 126 and God said, let us make man in our image.

None of the other parts of creation were created in the image of God. We as individuals were all created in the image of God.

What questions will when we created in the image of God, am I up at 2 o'clock in morning, some is been pushing for two hours and no image of God, yet know image of God. Yet the baby comes out and then I deliver the baby and I hold and I hope you say behold the image of God. Now that's not when we were created in the image of God, we do that first ultrasound, we can see that heart beating on the inside is that when we were created in the image of God, no, only biologic sense is that we are created in the image of God. At that moment of conception one oneself in the mom and oneself from the dead got together. That's when we were created in the image of God. When the science say life begins to show you what happens with meant mammalian cells. Let's talk about conception and were going to talk about it politely high when it comes to conception. We have two people that are involved in the story we have the mom side of the family.

We have the dad side of the family. Mom produces one egg for this party. Guys can we get by with just oneself. We are over here and it might be 400 million maybe 500 million of ourselves to accomplish what she is providing with one egg to the moment of conception happens, and now everybody thinks that Michael Phelps get out and everybody is on the starting track and already to swim and the gun goes off and on all of them are swimming across and then they get to the top of the uterus and they have a choice.

It's their choice we make a left turn to doing make a right turn. They do not ask for direction, so half of them go to the wrong side. They go out the left tubing to get to the end of the there's no tag and the other half go to the right like we've got an egg. But guess what. Now it's not a matter of getting to the egg. Now they have to fight to see who gets on the inside. Now the real battle begins. God designed conception so that there was only a gold medalist in this race. There is no silver there is no bronze because dye sperm is not consistent with life so just like on Star Trek. You know, you come up and there's Klingons all over the place.

What does the captain say shields up. Guess what God did did the same thing. As soon as Michael Phelps burrows his way into the day and that miracle of conception happens in fertilization is happened at that moment shields go up and it's called the zone a pellucid when that zone of pellucid that protective shield goes up around the egg and says no lost all the other guys were all losers who did that all that swimming and racing Nata you as soon as that happens, there's a depolarization of zinc ions. What is that mean it means that there is actually a flash of light. At that moment of conception and this is what you see when that happens with there is literally a flash of light. When you look at the right frequency of like when we think hear people's it will be really don't know when life begins. There's a flash of what more do you need in a flash of like this expand. That's when life just occurred whenever somebody does that pregnancy test and that all my go to some pregnant you know this is time to celebrate.

I need to go to my doctor's office. They want the ultrasound you shown the ultrasound and were they went on the next visit another ultrasound. This is what shows the life on the inside that is the patient that is the person that is there within the womb, and that who we must defend anybody here ever had surgery before I sealed his gray hair y'all had surgery admit to it.

Now my daughter had never tonsils out yell over Christmas. She was asleep she was under anesthesia.

She could feel no pain. She could not respond to anything where she still patient and was she still a person.

Even though she couldn't respond and communicate yes when you had your surgeries, even though you could not respond, and you could not feel pain.

Were you still a person.

Yes, you are still a person. If I'm operating and I mess up and somebody dies.

Do I go out to the family and said you know what I'm sorry grandma passed away. We kind of messed up but she was under general anesthesia. So it's okay. She felt no pain while she was anesthesia know a patient is a person no matter how small, whether that is a patient like us sitting at tables or whether this is a patient on the inside of the womb.

A cog, a cog is not pro-life.

A cog is the American College of obstetricians and gynecologists and a cog in their practice bulletin number 439 talk about informed consent. Informed consent is not just a form that you signed informed consent is a process, it is a process where the risks, benefits, indications and alternatives are described to you before you have a procedure done well look at what they say. Seeking informed consent expresses respect for the patient as a person patient as a person, so I want to defend the pre-born I need to prove that there were a person so my next step.

According to a cog statement is then all I have to do is show that they are a patient on the inside and that's what were going to do really talk about how we treat the pre-born as patients in the womb. The technology has just changed just over the past year and it is changing month by month on the procedures that we are able to do to save the lives of the pre-born. This is a great example.

We do a lot of pro-life apologetics training for men. This is one of the examples that will give to men. So when no talking with their colleagues are talking with their friends they can use this example neck and safe. How about this. What's a delayed interval delivery. We had a patient a couple years ago came to Pensacola and this happens around the country so much that it doesn't even make the news anymore this mom came to Pensacola's concert going on. Pensacola might've been Toby Mac. I think it was just 25 weeks pregnant with identical twins one egg, one sperm Neo conceived at the same moment in time and somehow before day 13 dividing the two exact copies and she is there and she's just swaying to the music with Toby Mac. There and also in Pam we have a baptism up on the front because she just broke a bag of water as I know my goodness I don't think I'll be able to stay for the rest of the concert know you will you know so she comes to our hospitals comes to Sacred Heart Hospital before we could do anything she deliver that first baby. The identical twin that identical twin goes over to our NICU. All the doctors all the nurses and all the technology and the that baby is being cared for the other twin still has an intact sack of water are maternal fetal medicine doctors went up and said you know what we get to NICU's in our hospital with once all the doctors, nurses, and technology and we have the one that was created by God. And this one is actually doing a better job. As long as this baby in the womb is doing well. We like to keep this baby in the womb and then when we get to that point with this baby needs to go to that NICU. We will but for right now. We can use this one will guess what we get hours we get days. Oh yeah do we get weeks.

It was a case up in Tennessee just recently 6 1/2 weeks you have one baby that is born in June.

New habits identical twin born in August you go to register them for school and this one is in first grade and this one is in kindergarten. Identical twins, the technology is amazing. But here's the real key, one egg, one sperm conceived at the same moment in time before day 13 and divide up into identical copies, one baby is in the NICU. One baby is in the womb. If Mom were to choose she could legally say you know what I know we had to really only wanted one. You know, to just copy a lot of the hassle. I'm fine with this one. She could legally go to Virginia she could legally go to New York and she goes you know what, I just don't want the second one and she could legally take the life of an identical twin conceived at the same moment in time. This baby has rights and protection. Like if I was in the cardiac care unit. Yet the baby that is in the wound, that is the exact copy identical twin does not have those rights are rights come from God. It is the duty of the state to protect those rights and it is not dependent on our geographic location where one identical twin is over and the NICU and the other twin is in the womb. That is a great example for our guys to take home when they have their pro-life apologetics training for Ashley doing heart surgery known the babies on the inside we're doing heart surgery and spine surgery at 22 weeks gestation like heart surgeries, let's talk about aortic stenosis.

What is aortic stenosis. The left ventricle contracts. It put blood out to the rest of the body when it left ventricle contracts and go through the aorta if that aorta is normal.

You hero. If the aorta is closed. You don't hear that sound you hear. If we don't do something and open up that valve. That baby will die of heart failure on the inside to what we do.

We got a needle ultrasound guidance would go through the mom's belly rebuilt the wall of the uterus. We go right up to the baby's chest, we introduce that needle not just into the baby's chest, not just into that baby's heart. We then threaded up into the aortic valve which is all closed. We inflate the balloon at the end of that and we blow up that valve a little bit within 60 seconds, we see dramatic improvement so that baby's blood flow is that treating them as a patient on the inside of her doing valvular plasty were now doing septa plasty and were doing neurosurgery spinal surgery at 22 weeks gestation right at the earliest cusp of when a baby could even think of surviving on the outside it were doing heart surgery and were doing neurosurgery on the babies but you know there's a bioethicist from the Journal of medical ethics. He says you know what Dorling Ward suggested a woman's autonomy may be threatened if fetuses are regarded as patients in her own right. That was in 2011. Why got news for we do treat them as patients on the inside, and because that mom is a patient may mom is an amazing life support system. But baby is also a patient build on this before. 23 Manchester.I did it. It's pretty cool you give him $50 a single little to the drawing for five minutes and you send it off and it tells your family tree. This is my I am 38% Eastern European. Of course I underlined a 29% Iris when I was in Ireland last week. That's my family history. That is my story that this story starts when I was born. My mama pushed me out. That also, and I have 38%. This 29% 12% that no infective you were doing the study.

When I was one cell, one cell from my mom's on the family oneself or my dad saw the family you look at that DNA of that one cell. Guess what, it will be the exact same report. This was my 23 and me report whether I am 55 years of age or whether I have just been conceived and my total number of cells is one that is scientific proof that is genetics. Opioid's narcotics real problem with this in Florida. I know that out here in Ohio don't have a narcotic or opioid problem at all rights yeah you my kid knew when you have a problem.

I have a promise inner-city it's rural and suburban.

It is across the country.

In fact, 2017, with 72,000 people in the United States die of overdoses which one agent that used to save those lives, nor can, if you haven't seen nor can work it is a Disney movie. This is sleeping beauty that is out.

Cannot respond to pain. Cannot pray there is just the heartbeat. We give him a shot of Narcan and they will just rise like Lazarus. They will be up in the way how did I get here, Narcan's an amazing drug but you know what we have another blight are going across this country more so than art than narcotics.

It is already 46 mifepristone the abortion pill and do not confuse the abortion pill with the morning-after pill which was 72 hours. That was 72 hours.

This is 70 days where it can be 98% effective in taking the life of the baby in the womb with this medicine called RU-486 anybody ever work as a server. No waiters were okay if the chef has a special assistant, a specialist meatloaf and your cell in the meatloaf and then the chef says 86. The meatloaf was that mean you don't meatloaf done work out of it until it filled the special look at this drug. It's a question are you 486 and this pregnancy. This baby that they're on the inside that's the way I remember it as I serve myself through college, 39% of all the abortions in the United States and all chemical abortions.

With this because this is the business model of Planned Parenthood because the profit margin is higher again 98% effective or how does it work woman gets pregnant, husband. You know that there are couple changes that happen when your wife got pregnant lots of different changes well. There is a lot of change and there a lot of instruments in his orchestra.

But guess what, there's one conductor. If you have the orchestra tuning getting ready at the beginning of a concert doesn't sound real great until the maestro walks out the maestro walks out and also everybody is going be playing together.

The conductor in the orchestra of pregnancy is a hormone called progesterone. Progesterone is what keeps the pregnancy going. It is one that announces his hate.

Congratulations we are pregnant we are not going to have a cycle were going divert resources working to support this pregnancy are you 46 successfully blocks that hormone signal. The progesterone progesterone is a hormone that we use in obstetrics all the time we use it to prevent preterm labor. We use it to prevent recurrent miscarriage of somebody had IVF in vitro fertilization a different place.

Guess what mom was not expecting a pregnancy to arrive. So what are they do with their centers. They put them on progesterone to keep this pregnancy going. This is not some black box drug over Michelle, but something that I use every day on my patients on the inside, a cog American College of obstetricians and gynecologists. Ali nobody regrets having their abortion.

Nobody regrets taking the abortion pill abortion pill reversal is ridiculous because nobody has regrets were looking at Golden gate Bridge. What city San Francisco 1800 people have jumped off that bridge attempting suicide 1800 does everybody who jumps off the Golden gate Bridge die. No, in fact, they know that 29 people survived.

In fact the psychologist out in San Francisco tracked down and interviewed those 29 people wouldn't she find out and listen to what they're saying and listen to somebody and compare that in your mind with somebody was walking into an abortion clinic. They all said I walked out onto the Golden gate Bridge.

Nobody loves me nobody cares for me.

I have no hope. I have no other options. The world would be better without me. 29 people jumped off and survived.

But guess what, in the psychologist interviewed and they all had that story all them also said as soon as I saw that bridge up above me. I cried out to God and I said save me. I don't want to die today have regrets. Yes. Do people walk into an abortion clinic with that same mentality.

Nobody loves me nobody cares for me. I have no hope the world would better without my baby yes do we see women having regrets and contacting our hotline right after usually my experience of repair successfully verse six abortion pills and we've had healthy moms healthy babies and most of our calls come from the parking lot are on their way home where they have that immediate regret. So we have an a network of abortion pill rescue network. We have a toll-free number.

We have nurses that are many a 24 seven.

We have trained over 500 doctors in the protocol and policies and safeties of abortion pill reversal in December we had baby number 1000 that we were able to save throughout the abortion pill reversal network. That's myself that's Dr. George Delgado. This is one the first pregnancies I was able to successfully reverse. You know beautiful baby.

It was quite a trip. Mom name the baby journey are the let me tell you about the most recent one that I had mom lived in Destin.

She was nine weeks pregnant. You try to get into the abortion clinic in Tallahassee. They were too busy. She had to drive all the way to Jacksonville, Florida, six hours away. She gets the abortion pill and she is now driving home in Interstate 10. And guess what she sees Wanda's billboard that said heartbeat. It 18 days who put that sign up. I don't know.

Then she drives a little bit further and she sees another billboard it says your mom chose life, you should to also inches ago, my gosh, what have I done she pulls off the rest there and she looks up antidote for the abortion pill. She finds our network calls.

Our hotline speaks with the nurse nurse gets information she calls me. I call the patient get all the information. Find out what her pharmacy is; the reversal medication. She drives all the way home to Destin Florida. She gets to her pharmacy. She takes the medication seven hours after she took the abortion pill. She has just started the reversal therapy. She is now 37 weeks pregnant. In my practice and she better not deliver this weekend, but she is now 36 with 37 weeks pregnant and she has a healthy mom and she's going to have a healthy baby.

So when God and the Holy Spirit talk to you and say hey I want to get involved in this pregnancy center.

I want you to get involved in this ministry. I want to teach Sunday school. I want you to get involved in the nursery. Listen to what he's saying. I talked to some they put up a billboard got to do numbers put the billboard do I know who these people are no God works in a chain and we are all links in that chain.

This person put up a billboard. This person put up a billboard. This nurse was working over the hotline and you know what else is amazing. The pharmacist was involved in this too was the pharmacist and Bob because when I called her.

She said and I told her what I wanted. She said are you trying to reverse an abortion.

I said yes ma'am I am and I want to give you my credit card number because I don't what the patient have to pay for chose us. We don't worry about that. She was only to take care of this girl to them to pay for this medication out of my own pocket have I met this pharmacist before know I have never met that pharmacist. But that's how God works. He takes a bunch of links I want to be the missing link. I don't want to be the lymph link that dropped the ball in the chain was not effective. Would it cost $109 hundred nine dollars for the medication to save the life that baby you have a baby whose mom is taking the abortion pill has a 90% chance of walking to death. Yet we invest $109 and we buy back the life of that baby, what's the spiritual word for buying back we read deemed that baby this is an example use of churches and a lot of people said no I new redeemed was good I knew was a positive thing. I really didn't understand.

Now they understand it, a cog also says the so-called abortion pill reversal is unproven and unethical. This is the same group that advocates for taking the lives of the baby and now has a fellowship where you can spend an extra year after training where you can learn to do 1/3 trimester abortion because they do not feel that there is enough neo-supply of abortion is to fulfill the need. So is it a choice well will I look at it we see 62 million lives. This is not a choice like coffee or tea over on the side. We are engaged in a spiritual battle and if you are engaged in a spiritual battle and the better know to use the right tools. So what does the Bible say someone 39 you for my inmost being you knit me. My mother's womb. I praise you so wonderfully you made me dishonest a safe manner was some minor romance nine months ago a baby came out like I don't understand how that happened but I knew that it had to be God. God created that miracle knit you and your mother's womb. Jeremiah 15 before I formed in the belly I knew them before the came us forth out of the womb I sanctified you and I ordained to be a prophet, and nations. God had relationship with Jeremiah wanted him to serve his cause. Galatians 115 but he who had set me apart. Paul was saying before I was born in order that I might preach him among the Gentiles. God knew what Paul's role was going to be in his kingdom even before he was born quickly.

The stats 47 years 62 million lives. California's population is 40 million 20 million in Florida. We have taken the lives of every man woman and child in the state of California and the state of Florida.

My stats in Florida. We have abortions.

Yes, we have people die. We had people born at Florida State, stating that our capital, our state motto is in God we trust. We have 75,000 people at a Florida State game that same year, how many abortions were performed 76,000 we are losing the stadium full of babies year after year after year just in the state of Florida kingdom service you were gonna get maybe 70, 80, 90 years and then free medical advice. All y'all gonna die.

You're all gonna die let Jesus come drug in a dynamo going to be face-to-face with Jesus and were gonna think about what did I do for kingdom service here for all eternity that what that I do for kingdom service. While I was hearing from God put that little thought in my head and said I want you to be involved in this ministry. I want to be involved in that ministry.

What did we do what is our goal. Our goal is to look back on how we spent our lives here on earth and say you know what I did my best. I tried to serve the kingdom. We when Jesus told him he wouldn't be saying thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and we want Jesus to look at us, look us in the eye and say well done, thou good and faithful servant. So who did Jesus come to save all of us sinners knowingly look over in Romans 58 but God demonstrates his own love for us in this while we were still sinners, Jesus died for us. I mean I'm in that category. All anybody else your center and there are no doubt about it, but look at this in Psalms in the NIV when it talks about sinners. Surely I was sinful at birth but hey, I was sinful from the time my mother conceived me. So if Jesus came to earth and live the perfect life and gave his life on the cross, conquered death for all sinners and we were sinners. From the time we were conceived in Jesus died for the pre-born so with God loves us enough that he would send his son, his only son live a perfect life die on the cross for us to be buried for three days and conquered death and what if we believe that we can spend eternity with him. If God has that much love for you. If God has that much love for me and if God has that much love for the pre-born thing. Guess what if God loves the pre-born that much then I must have that much love for the pre-born and if I love the pre-born as much as God loves the pre-born that I will not be able to rest until I have protection and safety for every pre-born from the moment of conception. God bless you all and thank you very much. What a passionate message from GYN Dr. Bill while on this episode of Focus on the Family.

Return that was such a convicting message from Dr. Lyle and I know many of our listeners share his passion.

And that's why Focus on the Family launched our optional ultrasound program, which is save the lives of almost half a million babies since 2004 through the years, we've seen that 54% of abortion minded women who have counseling and an ultrasound will choose life.

That's the power of the visual image.

If you haven't donated to support optional ultrasound can I encourage you to do so today. Your support helps us equip pregnancy centers with equipment and training to provide free ultrasounds to mothers considering abortion every $60 that you give will save a baby from abortion. And right now special friends of the ministry who believe in life are offering to match your gift dollar for dollar. Your $60 gift could be doubled to $120 saving two babies and when you give a gift of any amount today will send you a CD of this message from Dr. Bill while so that you can share with a friend. Help us spread this message to others who need to hear it. You make a gift and save a life. When you call 800 the letter a in the word family or follow the link in the show notes to request that CD. It has quite a bit of extra content and remember when you visit us online.

You can see this presentation from Dr. Bill Lyle, complete with the photos and videos.

He shared with his audience will next time pastor Bill Smith shares how to strengthen your relationship with your child, one conversation at a time. How we talk to our kids like God talks to us recognizing that everything he says is tinged with grace doesn't mean that is necessarily soft or easy or doesn't deal well with sin but he deals well with it in a way that actually develops relationship rather than crushes on behalf of Jim Daly and the entire team.

Thanks for listening to this Focus on the Family podcast take a moment please leave rating in your app and sure about this episode with a friend will thank you in advance.

I'm John Fuller inviting you back next time. As we once more help you and your family thrive in Christ, I'm here asking people how they could both give and I don't know. Maybe. Love you both give and get love through body. It's also possible that the charitable gift annuity you get a secure source, F-16, and a charitable tax to decks and class giving a charitable gift annuity to Focus on the Family family thrive for generations to come. Find out more good if the and that's focus planned

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