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Bring On Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 31, 2020 4:40 pm

Bring On Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 31, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/31/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Lines are open questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist offered international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always.

866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. Got questions, we've got answers phone lines wide open for any question of any kind. If it's appropriate for Christian radio, TV, online content, were glad to take the questions anything I can be of help to you in any way. If you are curious about the biological development of the worm. No so I can help you if you would like details of the history of the Chinese alphabet haven't worked on that if you want the best tips for the stock market. Now I'm not a stock market guy, but host of other things I can help you with.

So give me a call 866-348-7884 and we start in Missouri with Walter. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown no longer tell you a pretty negative drive, but I really enjoyed your interview strand motor last night and covered everything educational and inspirational. So I will let her know. Thank you. Thank you.

My first positive note of the email on the particular negative note.

A little bit tricky are a lot that really concerned with scriptural relevance and accuracy and in some movies that have been promoted as Christian and wonderful and scripturally accurate on several mainstream Christian shows and are you familiar with some of God a little bit not in detail, but a little bit. Well, I showed that then a religion class and even the kids could work out the errors of all you do is read Matthew Porter Pershing was there inaccurate was traditional book and there was some stuff that was just weird new age looking stuff when Peter was supposed to walk on the water. He never set foot on the water all your solids and supposedly sunk in the nose like a psychedelic swirl of color under the water. That's only a couple of name examples spent the whole no but it was promoted on the quite a few. My main thing is how do I get the people that promoted them to realize what the content was and asked him to contact those directors and producers and perhaps still repent like the spirit of Timothy 225 and 26.

I don't want to be like him better than you made some mistakes so so here's here's the approach Walter number one it's it's highly likely that the people promoting this are aware that it's not an exact harmony with Scripture.

And honestly I don't think that you contacting them is going to then get them to contact produces directors and get them to make changes. So to me there are two major questions and I and I appreciate your question of what do we do about content in Christian movies that deviates from Scripture, or that may even be unscriptural and why do people do it. Let me answer the second question first.

I don't know why people, producers, directors, artistic people can't take the amazing accounts of the Bible. The incredible material in the about in the Bible. The breathtaking material in the Bible.

The almost unbelievable material in the Bible and just demonstrated in and make it come to life and use their creativity to do that. The chat why change certain things or give it some artistic flourish that takes away some of the force of it or changes the meaning I know people like to be artistic, but here are a few believe this is God's word and that God's telling it the way it happened in the office telling the way it happened then use your artistic gifts to convey it powerfully and beautifully.

The right actors scenery special-effects and all that there's enough of the Bible you can do that for sure. What should we do about it. There are really two choices in this regard, sir. One is we could say you know just offends us bothers us. We think it's 90% healthy and 10% poison. So for the 10% poison. We avoided and we don't promote that's that's one option won't let let's encourage this encouraged people to be more biblical and more accurate in their content per trail and and we don't have information. We are filling in blanks obviously can be more creative. There we have information you best be faithful to it but we have two choices. One is to say you know I don't like it. I think it's it's offensive or negative or harmful. The other is to say, you know, the overall message that it gets across so biblical the overall truth that he gets across so accurate overall message that he gets across his close enough to Scripture that some the other things that are secondary to I'm not to worry about that right now and I'm glad that the message is getting at. That's where most people fall. It's like all right it's not the Bible. It's a movie about something in the Bible it could be done better but overall it's good to get this out let people be exposed to it and then you sit down your group is okay. This was inaccurate that was inaccurate and and and you discuss it constructively. But if the overall message is biblical and the overall content is biblical and maybe more people will find out about the biblical message. Then, for the most part I be behind and said that was inaccurate that was inaccurate to emphasize the points that were all right. Thank you for the call Walter. I appreciated 86634 let's go to Matt in Minnesota.

Welcome to the line of fire picture taken my call. My question is about the rapture. Yes I don't I don't hold to a creature fracture around your booklet helpful link to upholstered rapture. Both somebody from church had been watching big deal. A new film called before the wrath that was the boat it was with the Galilee.

Again, wedding tradition and they said according to John 14 133 the ride with goal into the father's health have been a billionaire and the door would be shot and can portray that as the father during the tribulation and then been shut out. I was wondering what the wedding tradition was back in that right so is there support that through a Jewish wedding traditions that Jesus is alluding to that would indicate any pre-trip or a a post-trip rapture is not accurate. The answer is no.

The first thing is I would like to see those early sources that date back to around the time of Yeshua, or close to that time, that indicate that this was the tradition and Galilee.

I'd like to see the actual ancient Jewish sources. Many times we hear about these traditions we hear about the sources but when you dig deeper. They're not actually there.

So that's the first thing let me see those secondly is if I have a mountain of Scripture clearly teaching a particular thing that every reference to the Lord's coming is after the tribulation of those days that the event that we are waiting for is his coming that we only believe in a second coming that a second coming, and 1/3 coming that when he comes. We are waiting for his appearing and his visible appearing when he comes in flaming fire taking vengeance on those that don't know God when I see a mountain of Scripture indicating that there is not a preacher baptizing a small respect to my friends who are prescribers.

We work together we love the Lord together we we pray for his return together. But when I have a mountain of Scripture and alleged tradition. What golf with him and go with the mountain Scripture, even if there is an accurate Jewish tradition. From that day since when do I basis in Jewish tradition are based on Scripture's but John 14 John 14 is not saying that is Jesus saying that he has been preparing a place in heaven for us to go for seven years. During the tribulation that Woody St. John 14 that he's been going to prepare places and come get us there for seven years he's been working on it. All the stock and will be there for seven years and that's it.

Obviously not with interesting was when you keep reading in John's Gospel in John 14.

He uses the very same language in terms of dwelling with God.

To say that those who obey him. He is father will come and dwell with them the same language use from earlier in the chapter issues there that the place is preparing seems to be in the presence of God, not in a physical location so across the board.

There is zero support in terms of this argument, I I have heard this wedding tradition that wedding tradition. This is how it was done back then. That's how it's done back that you would be amazed at the paucity of documents you would be amazed at how little information is actually there in the ancient Jewish world that traditions that would've existed in the time of Jesus in Galilee. So ask your friend to please get you the original Jewish sources and when your friend does that then whoever is putting out this movie, then just send them to them through our website. Esther Gibran double-click on contact to send it to us and then we will review further response to that. The other thing is read John 14 starting verse one to the and of the chapter and see if it makes for the sense to you. By the way, thank you for the cost or speaking of Jewish tradition we were supposed to go to Israel in May. We had two buses filled and capped it off it that two buses hundred people so we can still keep it intimate and of course we had to delay it because the virus we shifted to October. Many were unable to go with that time because of school. Other things going on so we simply will will cut into one big bus will cut 60 people and that's it. But things are too iffy for October so we have moved our tour to march or Israel tour that the tour of a lifetime.

A life changing tour on the triple One bus to be. Either way will be an intimate group were Aventura by day I come to special sites do extra teaching and then every night we do something together. We pray together.

We do Bible study together US questions. We do radio show so I'm with you every night. I'm with you. Wiki sites to supplement with the amazing tour guides will give you that the word of God will come to life. It's just it's it's an incredible experience. We had people go multiple times of equation expressing Cronkite's of the summons to take it. So it's scheduled for early March, 20, 21 so, website.

Now Esther Gibran Askey dear If you plan to go sign up now because we may fill up very quickly okay when we come back we see within the go start in Gainesville Florida and then will move around Texas, Washington, NC 866-34-TRUTH and be sure to check out my latest articles, latest videos on a wide range of subjects.

Our website ask Dr. KSK dear also, if you been blessed by my new book evangelicals at the crossroads right before that when the world stops ready for that resurrection. Take a moment go to Amazon. is divided in just 30 seconds disposed of five star system causes let others know your team back with you both her and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown challenged rabbis rose from other faiths and how can you believe this one about this so was good controversy challenge questions. Great way to learn and grow.

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Let's see we go to Eddie.

No, we don't let's go to Abel in Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Quote hello you are on the air to question because I thought a debate on sexuality with Dr. David Wyatt and other guy can't remember the name but other guy he can hold the argument, and I'm really here like a good satisfying rebuttal from Dr. James White. I wonder know your opinion on it. Basically argue that Paul made up the word art and of course I and it was in reference to Leviticus 18 right hand in Leviticus, the conflict of that the Canaanite don't always with me, homosexuality in general. Only condemning with the Canaanite were doing with each other and with children so we think about that yet. I imagine Dr. it could be that the argument was so completely inane and ridiculous self-contradictory self refuting that Dr. White didn't give it a thorough demolition because this is what had he easily hit out of the park but that's the last argument anyone would ever want to bring the last thing you want to do is connect call it if you're gay activists is connect Paul's writings in first Timothy six or first Timothy is sitting first within six or first Timothy one where uses the term arsenic holidays and connect that to Leviticus 1822 in Leviticus 2013. Once you do that you have completely destroyed your case so number one either Paul or another contemporary Jew or shortly before that coin the term is putting the two Greek words together of of a man and and bedding saw a man lying with a man that's what it means okay and Leviticus 1822, is explicit. It is in the context of practices of the Canaanites that Israel was forbidden to do because they defiled the land that these things worse. Even when pagans did them. They were so wrong that if Israel did them.

Israel would fall under the same punishment and it was it was one reason God was expelling the Canaanites from the land because of their sins, what with the sins of the Canaanites, incest, adultery, beastie reality men having sex with men.

Okay, not does matter how romantic you are. Hello love you are, how committed you are the act itself was detestable in God's sight so detestable that even though they were pagans God judge them for that.

And God said, therefore you don't do that also.

This panel, this sin was so severe that, contrary to other sins under Israelite law, this one carried the death penalty just like adultery just like beastie reality so it is no question that the term derives from Leviticus 1822, Leviticus 2013. In the Greek is no question that it refers to a man lying with a man so here's the thing.

If he is detestable in God's sight. If you do it 100 times. This would become less detestable. If you do it with the same person, and a lifelong commitment. Does it become less detestable know it is contrary to God's order. Contrary to the way he established the family and in Scripture in the same class as beastie reality the same class as incest the same class as adultery and even the same class of sacrificing your child in the fire to an idol.

That's how ugly and severe. This is in God's sight. So even if people are caring and loving and committed to each other and want to be a lifelong relationship is contrary to God's will.

So the guy had a completely backwards.

I mean, you could not have had a worse argument to defeat role position than the one that he used all clear.

All right, very good, 866-34-TRUTH. Let me just say this one thing you may be same-sex attracted you may be in a committed relationship with someone that you really care for.

Of the same-sex, you may be very tender towards each other very protective of each other.

You may function in ways that are very similar to the way a husband and wife function, sharing responsibility, sharing life together. You may be best friends and and companions. And yes is a sexual componentry like that. That's of the central component of your life and you hear me say these things that are terribly offensive to their terribly ugly to you and they sound hateful. I'm sorry that they sound hateful, but I'm 100% sure that God did not make you to be the same-sex relationship that he did make you like that biologically emotionally, spiritually, and then he has a better plan, and that if you will just say God more than anything I want to follow you and please him he will show you the way that's on say, but I want to address that, because I know I said was very strong and you can say that is so insulting and so ugly question is was accurate scripturally.

The questions that God make you to be the same-sex relationship. The question is the Scott have been away you think about those things right 866-34-TRUTH.

The school her friend Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown from the account of the resurrection of Lazarus and Chapter 11 of John. There are a couple of words written that Jesus grounded the spirit and was troubled and I know that there is a obvious way your abating to that appear to find out is there a deeper understanding of Tampere yellows course the famous first Jesus wept.

John 11 want. Why would he weep if you no sooner raise him from the dead, so we know there are other accounts you mention. For example, him sign growing. Sometimes it's because of unbelief left. How want have to put up with you here. I am the healer and the one bringing life in your there, groaning and complaining or disbelieving or criticizing, but I believe there is a groaning which is in solidarity with the pain of the human race. My view obvious he can't be dogmatic on this but but my view, Jesus weeps because of the pain of the human race because of the pain of death. Because of the broken state of our world literally came down from heaven. He knows the way things were intended to be, he knows the way the earth was before the fall. He knows the way things will be in the new heaven and the new earth right now just even though he's gonna bring resurrection to be around death and to see the grieving and the pain in the morning it it moved him to even though he was about to raise Lazarus from the dead and again that's my opinion. We know, for example, when he restarts his daughter from the dead that he kicked out the people that were wailing and morning and and she just wanted atmosphere of faith.

And this is not the time for wailing morning. He's going to raise raw pace. She's just sleeping. She's not that body talking about leave to fix this, but my view is in solidarity with the pain of the human race that he weeps that he he groans sometimes again sometimes it's because of our unbelief.

Sometimes it's because of our wrong spirit and attitude.

But you know Romans eight we by the spirit growing through us travail with a fallen, broken world that it would it would come to life and be redeemed with the second coming. Thank you for your question 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Jonathan and Washington. Welcome to the line of fire alongside. Well, if you are calling from a garbage can submerge partly undersea.

It's not too likely. But if you're calling from landline somewhere. It's a little like Aaliyah little hard with you. Give it a try. We could try special-effects on our end and make it like you being caught up in an alien spacecraft or something that made by alien okay not go ahead and because I need teaching the Bible study on the book of Leviticus and I will. I was wondering if it will be a good way thing was very important in the vinegar by putting them into the breach and whoring category number one with the moral law category number two would be original law that way we don't. We are no longer under them. Number three would be national law that were law or the native Israel that you allow Leviticus right so can we divide total law, specifically Leviticus law into the three categories so you have moral law or ritual law, civil law is that fair to the text or maybe if it's not in the text is a right way or a practical way to divide it for understanding. I'll answer that on the other side of the break, but I have a question Jonathan what aliens care wire aliens ask that's one-on-one onto something here on the line you file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Jonathan from Washington wants to know and teach on the book of the videocassette is right and helpful to divide the laws into three categories, namely, moral ritual and civil/national on a practical level it's very helpful.

In other words, for our own analysis, or for asking what applies to us today or how we relate to these as believers, it is very helpful for sure, as far as is it intrinsic to the tour itself is it inherent within the book of Leviticus itself. The answer is no, these things are drawn together in a seamless way within the Torah, you will find ritual laws side-by-side with laws to honor your parents and things like that when you read was called the so-called holiness code beginning in Leviticus the 19th chapter or the surrounding chapters there so it's useful for our understanding.

It's not useful in terms of understanding how the text was given to Israel and how she would look at it. To this day. So I would do two things I say here is one way we can analyze these terms of questions about ongoing application in our own lives. Then let's look at Leviticus just for what it was teaching and what can we learn about consecration. What can we learn about purity. What can we learn about separation. What can we learn from those principles and what with Israel have learned from those I within treated in that regard, 866-34-TRUTH. Thank you David for your contribution on Facebook much appreciated.

I see a Facebook question asking if I've commented on Todd White yet.

You might say will what's up with Todd White, Todd preached a message. I guess last Sunday night it in a way spend a lot of time with the Lord felt God doing a deep running in his life been reading Spurgeon would feel different ones in like he had a new understanding were deeper understanding of the gospel and said by repent.I haven't brought the full message and so on and suddenly people from all sides of the Calvinist cessation's camp and critics and hyper critics weighing in articles announcing Todd White has repented he no longer preaches is it a success in life, prosperity gospel, and so on, at or maybe we'll see if he really produces repentance well Todd I met for the first time last September in Pensacola Florida and heard him preach and was a strong message there in terms of surrender and in repentance and holiness and he asked for my input as he got on his knees, asked me to pray for wisdom in his life as we speak into his life anyway that I wanted just humble and appreciate his heart, and I followed his ministry, but I never know I did not know that he was allegedly preaching a success in life, gospel, or prosperity gospel and heard that and the one time I heard recently did preach that so we've been talking this week and here's my perspective what's happened he's always understood the gospel meant the end of your old life in the beginning of a new life in Jesus is always understood. It required complete reversal of course that you were living for self that you live for God is understood that God hates sin, and that Jesus didn't simply die so we could be forgiven, but so we can also be changed is understood that but that a light went on in terms of a deeper understanding of how to present this kind of coming together reminds me when Keith Green was immersed in Charles Finney's writings and call this community together.

So I just got saved like Scott second was, like this new awakening pastors would come and visit the browser revival to bring their church they can my church needs. It may be the first was at the altar.

This event ovulated and saved all over again. So Todd is not repenting of preaching, so they never preach before work is as far as I know that was not his message, but rather a deep wow get it now I see it, understand it better and inducible.

What could happen to the people. I thought they still say man. I think they'll be thrilled that a man must go deeper so we been talking on the fourth this weekend and tell you his. His heart is burning for Jesus. I don't know everything he teaches on the wall of his docket on everything he believes we haven't talked about but I can tell you he is burning for Jesus and burning for the lost and just on the phone breaking down crying because he so burns he lost people saved so they just say this to the critics of the hyper critics World Series early, repented, or whatever, but only some assuring the Monsen come on man, get your way to go to James White listen to his message and said, tell my give him a hearty amen no evidence to tell the watch our debate on Calvinism. So I just thought I would give them to the link it but I will. But in others and hey go for Todd preach it for those like where will senior hey tell you it went when you shed tears for the loss, the way he does. Your hearts broken and burdened and and and you spent hours on your face for your life before God and an agonizing Pearl God save them. God give me a message to save the loss. Then you come back and criticize deal. All right, 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Sulphur Springs Texas, Rick. It sounds like it must be hot in Sulphur Springs Texas are right, go for it… But my question pretty much is do I need Elaine at what age the… Using it and at what time of day*unit K so should you. As a follower of Jesus using feeling also that the Hebrew name phylacteries so those of the boxes and straps that the traditional GU will will put on left arm and four head in in daily prayer, except on the Sabbath. Do you need to be doing that. No, absolutely not. Let me tell you two reasons why number one. There is debate as to whether God actually commanded. That is, remember in Deuteronomy 6, God says, you know, the severe front between your eyes will have in your hearts on and according to Jewish tradition on Mount Sinai.

God told Moses this is I want to do with these boxes.

With these passages of Scripture within I want made this particular way and in fact at the time of Jesus. There was even a dispute because one Jewish group had five mini boxes and inside the other four. And if you had five you are a heretic, but then you have other traditions that may be earlier that said this was all metaphorical. It was never meant as it is a literal box on the head and little box on the arm.

So by the heart.

That was never meant literally. Now we know it was commonly practiced in Jesus day, and it's possible Jesus practices himself. He never spoke against the practice.

He spoke against ostentation and showing off with your spirituality, but I do not personally believe that God commanded the physical boxes in this way. I believe it's something that was developed by Jewish tradition. So that's the first reason I would say no you don't need to do it. If you do it, it would mean following Jewish law, it would mean being in submission to the rabbis if you if you need to do it. It would mean saying the prescribed prayers American take part of the tradition. Take the rest.

However however the other reason I say you don't need to is the new covenant realities is that God writes these things in our hearts, so it's fine to have something to help you remember I'm not Catholic but no Catholic praise the rosaries right in the beads. Each one reminds them of her prayer, so I understand different people have different ways of remembering and reminding themselves.

However, we don't need a physical exterior thing that we put on. Rather, we renew our heart and mind to the word of God is written on our hearts. So rather than the exterior it's the interior so no need to to go in that direction. I know some Jewish believers in Yeshua who do it because they grew up doing it and it still is powerful to them.

I know others who do it because they live in a traditional Jewish community so they do it to be part of their community and they find value in it, but otherwise I see Apsley no reason for doing it as a follower Jesus, especially a Gentile follower of Jesus Rick, thank you for asking. Much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to tarry in Houston, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire call our department going all the background but we got a good congregation 1995 letter Gentile.

Yet, like really sweet green. We really loved okay my question as I've been reading relevant working clock to Jeremiah 31. I just can't yet why I sent that Gentiles are commanded to to follow the fee status, etc. one of my friends that go there made the statement that if it was it was given to the Jews. It might be good and then you know some 119. How good is the law. I'm having kind of back. I don't really have a problem with doing that you like some of them have a problem with not exactly right.

So is there a biblical obligation Gentile believers in Jesus to celebrate the biblical calendar to set aside the seventh day is Sabbath to celebrate the biblical feasts.

The answer is no, and I can be very clear on that.

No interesting you mention FF owes the firstfruits of Zion. They used to teach that it was obligatory for Gentile believers to do those things they abandon that teaching some years ago. They still believe that God calls Jewish believers to live this way. They do not look at it in some type of obligatory weight for Gentiles. If your friend was being consistent then your friend would have to do a lot of things that she's not doing better in the trial, Moses. You can ask, are you still think that we should stoned to death. The disobedient rebellious sonorous on that curses his mother and father should we be of boring burning sorceress is alive, she would be stoning adulterers, I would just go through a bunch of those, I would. I would ask you follow all of the ritual purity laws during during the monthly cycle.

According to Leviticus 15 go through many, many things that your friend is certainly not practicing.

And yes, all of it is good but it's also good just teach. It's not all commanded to to be practice so Romans 14 definitely addresses the situation with Jewish and Gentile believers living together in the same community and with the Jewish believers now in the minority in making clear that there is liberty as today's as to calendar as to dietary issues. There is liberty in the Messiah so you want to bless those that feel called to participate in live in this Particular Pl. in Honolulu but you absolutely want to resist the obligatory call and the fact is, none of them by total off could say right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and diligent Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the 58667884 less than 30 minutes from now continuing exclusive Q&A YouTube chat so that's Esther to run a SK, D. R.

Brown YouTube channel. If you don't subscribe subscribe today. If you're subscriber there's there's a Dell option to click on that whenever her videos are live, you will be notified so less than 30 mission of four. 15 Eastern standard Time will be continuing taking your questions right. We go to Michael in New York. Welcome to the line of fire around. I want to thank you for all of Scripture on them all very helpful but something I never started church fathers and I'm at work, church, and in our tradition, we hold Scripture to be inspired by God and in a very high we also incorporate the teachings of the church fathers. People like all things, on Christmas, basil think Gregory the theologian and we believe these people to be also… I want to ask leader perspective is people aren't noxious from the 300s but also the €2000. Janet yes it's a great question and I appreciated my views very simple. Remember I also, this is a Jewish believer in Jesus and that means I reject the traditions of the rabbis that have been passed on through the generations. Not all of them but I reject them as being binding and authoritative and and having an equal weight with Scripture or say bringing the right interpretation of Scripture. So I start with the perspective of a have to weigh and evaluate everything by Scripture, and Scripture indicates to me that that's the approach that I'm to take in whatever traditions were handed down, that are not recorded in Scripture have to be tested by Scripture. So the question is should I then be Roman Catholic because the Catholic Church says that they are the true church and that there traditions has preserved through the centuries are are accurate. Should I be Eastern Orthodox because of the claims of Eastern Orthodox would would be to have the original Jewish roots of the faith in the original New Testament faith carried out or should I find another tradition I claims to have apostolic greeting so to me when I end up doing is comparing everything to Scripture, and for example Scripture is given be without error without flaw. Where is John Chrysostom given the name Chrysostom after his death. Go the mouth because of his famous preacher. His his sermons led to the bloodshed of many Jews in history is seven sermons against the Jews in his thundering God hates the Jews in the synagogue is worse than a brothel and and what are the Christ killers deserve but to be heard together and fatten likely the animals to the slaughter of the Nazis love to sermons in and they were replacing years with all the good he did he was. It was also very flawed man and and other leaders and evaluate everything by Scripture. So my position is simple. I I am messianic Jewish/Protestant/evangelical holding to sell the Scripture, but with respect for what God has deposited in the church through the centuries, so be it. 50 years ago or be at 1900 years ago if their words of wisdom, especially the close of the people were to the apostles. If the words of wisdom insight. I find them valuable I find the Greek Orthodox spirituality often approaches things from a different angle than I'm used to. I got a book about years of back about salvation. Another book about homosexual practice from Greek Orthodox perspective settle out some different ideas.

Perspective here that I appreciated but then other things. I differ with salsa ultimate with with all respects her. I have to evaluate everything by Scripture because there's claims from Catholicism here Greek Orthodox here. Judaism here and then I look at what's comes after Scripture being of value but on a totally different plane. That's final perspective and and I am not a scholar of the church fathers that was on my can be giving great insights from the fathers, there thousands of people better equipped to do that than to me than I am. But that's all perspective.

So let me ask you this, or what you do if you find that one of the teachers violate Scripture in a certain viewer or you find it to be and in contradiction with your understanding of the Bible does the Bible still total.

First, how you evaluate that. So what wider body of the content of the fathers so often about, especially in different geographical locations, but in my perspective, especially on Scripture.

There's a clear consensus from the overwhelming majority of church fathers put together and compile country and I don't course. Some people like origin, he was condemned actually contradictory statement people he would listen to only heart-lung people like that.

One of the church father and call himself so I don't see a lot of contradiction between church fathers and what if there is a click of the fathers yes this and I don't mean this is an argumentative way at all. But how can you not Roman Catholic, And are converted to orthodoxy. Okay, I thought a lot of practices in Roman Catholicism compared to the early church, not just the Scripture, but the practices of the early Christian teaching the first century. I thought great, great, and tradition right so soon enough the got it got so your mind are being consistent. I appreciate that. But when Catholics cassock always told me they're doing with the early church consensus was and why am I rejecting the fathers because I've gotten calls like this, respectful as well from Catholics why you rejecting the consensus of the early church. What you believe this and this and this. But you left Catholicism because you felt there were holes in the tradition in the Greek orthodoxy was the authentic I'm single back. Further, go back to the Jewish apostles. When you do that you don't you'll end up casting off some of the other traditions but that that's my reason I'm going back even further back to Scripture and one of the biggest things that got lost is what Paul warned about Romans 11 is forgetting the Jewish roots of the faith, and eternal calling of Israel and the church thinking it had become the new Israel that the new spiritual Israel, which would lead to real error and that's what's happened through church history, so I am all for drinking is the wells of different teachers and leaders. But I recognize them as human beings, not carrying that level of divine inspiration of Scripture dose of Scripture stands alone. The word of God stands alone when I say if there's a consensus of church leaders that agreed on something contrary to Scripture that I stand with Scripture, and against them and we know which half of the church history and and with deviation from Jewish roots and even with anti-Semitism. So what I can see some of his greatest Chrysostom uses Miley as he was speaks of the ugliest words ever spoken by church leaders that have driven generations of Jews away from Jesus. I mean hurt constantly constantly constantly his words quoted as reasons that you cannot possibly believe in this Jesus business of the Nazis exporting his words that I say okay you will beings are very flawed on the stay with Scripture but Michael continue on the journey and thank you sir for the call and where we agree and stand together.

Let's do that. Thank you all right do have time for one more call. Let's go to Daniela in Pennsylvania if you can ask the question quickly. I'll try to answer quickly got around.

I have a lot of what doctrine I've talked much about what I am and I'm able to hold my own one?

Come up and I don't have an actor and I need answered. When I bring up Proverbs 30 hurt or about what it on the name yeah, man technique electing Chronicle where Ted Solomon with Yahweh. So I don't know what the answer is so not number one. According to second Samuel chapter 7, every son of David and sat on the throne would be considered a son of God, and in that sense, and Israel was also considered God's son about what's interesting is that what would be the mystery and effect conference. Why is Proverbs making this as a spiritual mystery and and all that it if it again if we know that any any son of David sitting on the throne of David was considered God sent second Samuel the seventh chapter it's explicit and that's why even in the Psalms.

This the king could be looked at as God's son, or even God's firstborn notices the Davidic king and then again Exodus for Israel is my son, my firstborn, so there is no mystery there but you can ask them to all the rabbinic commentaries agree will know of course not. What beak is some say it's just metaphorical.

It's not even meant to be an actual question I wouldn't make that my major points, though, and in demonstrating the messiahs as son of God through Scripture. I just make a kind of an interesting thing like wow that's an interesting question to consider and just say so. If it's so obvious right then that any Davidic king is God's son but is Wisconsin how come all the rabbinic commentaries don't agree on it if it's so obvious to some, just even think it's metaphorical and why is it presented in Proverbs is kind of a spiritual mystery. So that's how I approach it Jew have any of my books on answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Now I need to find out I was looking there yet. Volume 2 is where I get into this most specifically, volume 2, of answering Jewish objections to Jesus a thank you for the call. If you have more questions that come up. Feel free to write to us and asked her to there's a contact sheet and one of my colleagues specifically focuses specifically focuses on helping you with your Jewish questions and I'll send the questions to be looked at as well so that we can help you be equipped to answer as well as possible. Hey friends, 15 minutes from now I'll be back at the Esther Gibran YouTube channel for about 45 minutes to an hour of exclusive Q&A chat. So join me

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