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Gods Giving Hand

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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November 20, 2023 2:34 pm

Gods Giving Hand

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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November 20, 2023 2:34 pm

Listen as guest host Jerry Mathis talks with Derick and Evon about their foundation in Zimbabwe

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This is Rodney from the Masculine Journey Podcast where we explored manhood within Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Sit back, enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion.

Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. Now, live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. Good morning and welcome to Kingdom Pursuits. Robbie is on the men's boot camp this morning, so I'm filling in this morning for him. And it's a great morning to be in the studio.

Because I've had a, it's been a morning of all my friends coming in, so we've just been able to, as I said, we're just going to pull a chair up to the table and just talk. I've got Derek and Yvonne, actually Monday, with me and they're going to talk a little bit about their foundation and what's going on in Zimbabwe with the Village and opportunities for you, the listeners, to get plugged in. And if nothing else, be praying for the ministry because it's, I think it's so important as we, especially this radio show, being, you know, it's taking ordinary people, taking their passion to do some extraordinary things. And I tell you right now, I've got two people in front of me that aren't ordinary people.

And I think, I can't tell you how much I appreciate them and what they mean to me and the difference they've made in my life and be able to see their passion to care for people. And Derek, Yvonne, I'll let you just introduce yourselves. Yes, my name is Derek Mushayamunda from Mushayamunda Village in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. And I am Yvonne Mushayamunda. Derek and I have been married for 30 years and we live here in Winston-Salem, but travel back and forth between here and Zimbabwe, Africa, where we are originally from. Well, I'm going to throw out a couple of questions, but first thing, if you've got a pen or crayon or a magic marker close by, I'm going to give you the website that you can go on and just get more information and just see some of the ministry stuff and the great things that are going on in the village and great opportunity for you to be able to serve.

And if you've got a pen, write this down. It's Again, it's just or I think you can even go on Mushayamunda Village Facebook and that'll get you a link to get you all the way through. But as you just said, now you're living in Winston-Salem, but you have not got your roots and just tell me a little bit about the ministry, what y'all are doing. I know we don't have enough time to talk about all the things that are doing, but I just get such a blessing of seeing how God is working through you, through the foundation and what's going on on the ground, because we live in a world that has so many ways, there's so much stuff fighting against Christianity and stuff. And as you said, then we look in the whole, the whole continent of Africa, you know, Christianity is not Muslims and other religions are kind of trying to take that space and stuff. And we need to make sure that we are bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to people.

And this is a this is a great opportunity to do it. Yes, we are truly blessed in many ways. When you trust in the Lord, you find yourself being able to do things that you would have never imagined that you could do. Being here with people like Brother Jerry Mathis with the Ray Body Shop and Pinedale Christian Church and many other friends that we have around us who have supported us, encouraged us, inspired us to continue to support the people in Zimbabwe, in our village, especially in the surrounding areas. The ministry that we embark on mostly is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the many people who have beliefs in ancestral worship and traditionals that they grew up in, but just plucking them from that into Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

So we are preaching the gospel in many ways of which Yvonne can tell some of the things that we do in terms of how we preach the gospel as well. One of the things that we deeply care about is also not just the spiritual aspect of people's lives, but the physical aspect. And we want to make sure that these villagers are taken care of, that we're bringing the supplies that they need to ensure that their day-to-day lives are just good for them to be able to live healthy lives and be able to do the things that God has purposed for them.

And some of those initiatives include drilling wells so that we are making sure that they have clean water to drink, kids that are in school we are providing for their education and making sure that they are able to go to school to earn an education, and just giving the widows information and providing supplies with them so that they are growing gardens and are able to take care of themselves and sustain their families. Yeah, and I know this story a little bit, but just things that we take for granted in this country. I mean, one of the things that Derek and Yvonne will do when they're going back on a trip and stuff is something as simple, a lot of simple things that we overlook. But one of them is pencils. I mean, going to school, Derek, a pencil, what does that mean?

Because this is a story that just humbles me. Yeah, yeah, it's a pencil is something very dear to every child in the village, because my growing up, I was one of 10 kids. So my mother, when she would get a couple pencils, she would break the pencils or cut the pencil into three pieces, and she would make a groove at the top of every pencil and make it give us a string and tie around that. And then we would have our pencil as our necklace to where we would watch for our pencil wherever we are so that we don't lose that pencil. That's how dear and precious a pencil is. Because when you go to the village school, many kids do not have a pencil and they are sent away from school to go home and find a pencil for them to qualify to be in school, which is very difficult.

And for a lot of the parents that they're going back home to, they're not able to provide even such basic needs as a pencil. Yeah, and then other things that we just kind of take for granted. I mean, you mentioned digging, you know, drilling for whales and just the water aspect of this. Another thing we all we live in a in a country, we go in multiple rooms in our house and we turn a spigot and water is going to flow out of there.

It's entirely different in other parts of this world. And I've been fortunate enough to see some of the videos of the whales being drilled and when they hit the water and stuff. And it's not a cheap, I mean, it's expensive. I mean, that's part of the thing that you always do is trying to raise money to be able to drill more whales. Just kind of give us a glimpse of what it costs. And then also every whale isn't successful and they don't give you money back.

I don't think they don't either. Yes, that's the challenge with drilling water in the villages, because we are in the most arid part of the country. When you can be able to reach water table, it's at least 600 feet deep and it doesn't come cheap. When you hire the drilling rig company from the nearest place, which is at least 450 miles away, they charge you mileage per mile to get to your village. And it's very complex getting to the village because the roads are dusty and full of potholes and no one wants to drive out there. Because if the rig does break down, then it's complicated to bring it back out of the deepest of the woods. So coming out there, the whole process becomes expensive, at least drilling the well as well as putting solar panels on it, because we have plenty of heat, that's for sure, to pull out the water from the deep wells and supply and put in a water tank.

The whole process comes to $12,000. It sounds very expensive, but it's something that will be a well like Jacob's Well, when we hear of Jacob's Well in the Bible, where you can come for years and still see people lining up and getting water from. So assistance of friends and anyone who wants to contribute towards that is life changing for the villagers in our area. Good. We'll be back in just a moment, Kingdom Pursuits. We're going to hear more of the story of what's going on in the village. Again, the website is

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits this morning. It is a call in show, and if you have any questions or anything that you'd like to call in, just give us a call at 866-348-7884. Got Derek and Yvonne in the studio with it.

We're going to get back to them just a moment of what's going on in the village. Also, Fonda, I've got Fonda Bryant on the line. Good morning, Fonda.

Do you hear me, Fonda? Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, I can hear you. I'm sorry.

I have myself on mute. All right. Well, this morning, got you calling in. For one thing, go ahead and introduce yourself. And Fonda Bryant is, let me tell you what, I love this girl and love her passion for helping a segment of our community and the world that's in a place that's kind of gets neglected in a lot of ways. I'm going to tell that story real quick. And then also, you got some training going on today and opportunity to be able to do that in the future. Excuse me.

Yes, I'm still getting over flu, but good morning, everybody. My name is Fonda Bryant. I am a mental health and suicide prevention advocate. I'm also a 28 year survivor of suicide.

I deal with a mental health disorder that can cause us to die by suicide, clinical depression. And I'm also a certified instructor and QPR question, persuade, refer suicide prevention training in two hours. Anyone can learn how to recognize the signs of someone in crisis and save a life.

And the people that I've trained since 2020, thousands and thousands of people have done just that. So it's great training and everyone needs to take it. OK, we say everyone needs to take it. I mean, everyone.

And why is it important? Everyone needs to take it because suicide is the most preventable death of all deaths. I know people sometimes don't realize that, but suicide is preventable because the people would simply care. If people would pick up on those signs because we're not all playing on the arm saying, oh, my God, I'm a kill myself. You know, when the media puts up stories about mental health or suicide, they always show very depressing pictures. We're leaning over something.

It's very dark. We're crying. We can be smiling, laughing and standing right in your face and be in that pain to the point where we might be thinking about suicide. And so why everyone should take it is because anyone can save someone's life.

You don't have to be a professional. And I train, I do a QPR suicide prevention training for youth and youth have saved someone's life. So the thing is, we have got to get out of that mindset that people who are suicidal, we're weak, we're selfish, we're crazy. We just need to pray harder. Ninety percent of people who die by suicide have a treatable mental health condition.

I will say that again. We have a treatable mental health condition. And the reason why we don't get help is you're crazy nut psycho. Every time there's a mass shooting, everybody who anybody who has a mental health condition gets blamed. Pray about it.

It's a demon. People need to get educated on mental health and realize that mental health is health. And without treatment, it's no different than diabetes or hypertension. It can kill you.

And if it doesn't kill you, it can wreak havoc in your life. Absolutely. So today you have training. I think what time?

One to three. If someone would like to take the training today. And then also just just hope you give us a length and stuff, because I know I don't know what the rest of the year looks like as far as your training goes. But also, you have training that's that you have this free online.

But also, I'm going to when you throw that out there before I get out there, I'm going to make one other statement is if you are over a group or you're bringing people in. Fonda is available to come into groups and training. And I will tell you, I've been through the online, I've sat through the group training and so many times what surprises me, the big takeaway that I came away with Fonda is how many people didn't even know they were dealing with issues. And this gave them the opportunity to kind of clear the mind and just kind of kind of process everything that they also were having issues. And they were able to be helped by that.

Yes. And that's what that's why I'm such that's why my advocate, I love helping people. And the thing is, QPR suicide prevention training is more than about suicide training. It does three things. It helps you to help someone else who might be in crisis or suicidal. The other thing that it does is what you just alluded to. It helps you to gauge your own mental health, like maybe maybe I might be going through something. And then the third thing it does, which is just wonderful, is if you start picking up on those signs early enough, you can prevent somebody into going into full blown crisis or suicidal.

So it's three fold. And it's just a wonderful training. And once you get finished with the training, you get a certificate that lasts for two years.

You are a certified gatekeeper, which means you know how to help save a life. You also get a QPR booklet and PDF form. If I'm training you in person, you get the booklet in your hand and you get a resource card, which is attached to the booklet. And I tell everybody, when you take the training, one of the things I tell people to do is to know your resources. So you won't panic. You know, you can ask somebody, do you have an employee assistance program at your job?

Do you have insurance? But the more you know about the resources, the more you won't panic. And you'll be able to keep yourself calm and that person calm. So if anybody wants to take the training today, all they need to do is reach out to me in an email. Fonda, F-O-N-D-A, N-C, underscore the number 40 at And again, that's Fonda, F-O-N-D-A, N-C, underscore the number 40 at

There's no registration, but I tell everybody, please be on time and take the entire training, complete the entire training, because every bit of it, every slide is important. Absolutely. And I promise I wouldn't keep you long this morning because I know you've got to be preparing for that. But again, Fonda, just thank you for what you do. Thank you for your passion for this. And just also just thank you for being my friend. I really appreciate that. And I just when I talk and we will talk on the phone sometimes, I'm always encouraged when I get off of the phone.

And I just thank you for that. And if you're out there and you're listening, you think you may know somebody. And really, the thing is, a lot of times we think we don't know anybody. But as Fonda just mentioned, it can be anybody who's dealing with that and it may even be us. So I encourage you, if you can, just take his training.

Yes. And one other thing I'd like to say before I hang up, because you just alluded to it. As great as my QPR suicide prevention training is, the best way to save someone's life is simply caring, checking on people. If you know someone who lives alone, a neighbor, if you haven't talked to a family member, a friend, a coworker, check on them. And if you text them and then you text them and they say, hey, how are you doing today?

And they text you back and they say, I'm straight. I'm OK. I'm all right.

Pick up the phone and call them. And this is something I urge everybody to do. Sometimes we don't need you all to fix stuff. We really don't. Sometimes we just need a listening ear and you cannot be judgmental because if you're judgmental and you want to interject what you feel, we're going to shut down and we're not going to say anything to you. So the best way, besides the QPR training, is to check on people, ask them if they're OK and be there for them without judgment.

And sometimes, as I said before, all we need you to do is just listen. And if I can say this real quick, I trained police officers, the rookie officers this week at CMPD. And like I told you, I love what I do. One of the rookie officers told me, he said, thank you, Miss Fonda, for the QPR training. He said, I will take these tools and wear them on my belt for the rest of my life. That's probably one of the best compliments I've ever gotten from training. So it's worth it. You get spider sense.

You will look at people differently and you will listen more intently. And you will be able to help someone. Fonda, thank you for your passion. Thank you for thank you for your friendship. And thank you for the same thing. I appreciate our friendship.

Absolutely. Again, as Fonda gets off the air and again today, if you get the opportunity, please tune in or get in touch with her and take the training or some training coming up. Also, contact her through her her her website and stuff. If you're in an organization, I'll tell you, everybody needs this. And again, this Fonda NC underscore 40 at Yahoo dot com.

F o n d a n c underscore 40 at Yahoo dot com. Or you can even go on to Wellness Action Recovery dot org. And that's her website for her nonprofit.

I encourage you to take his training. And just as I said, just just appreciate all that Fonda does and her passion. Well, thank you so much. And thank you for the support and the love.

And you have a great day. And let's hope the Deeks can beak no today. I'm with you. I'll be cheering.

That's for sure. Fonda, go Deeks. Thank you. Have a good day. Go Deeks. Bye. OK, Derek and Von, we're back to the to the village. And as I said, Fonda, I encourage people if they may not today may not work out kind of short notice, but get on the Web site and see and take his training, because it is absolutely it is it can be life changing.

Yes. So I encourage you to do that as we were talking about just the just the price of drilling the whales. And we we kind of we take water for granted in this country and stuff and just so many other things. And I know that you can probably share plenty of those stories, but I'll just hear a couple of stories. And I'm sure the listeners would love to also.

Yeah, many, many of the stories we have, stories related to people and how they it's amazing. Like Brother Jerry just said that here when when we are in the States, the blessing of the United States of America is that God has really poured his heart on this country to bless many in this country, to be able to bless others as well. But just seeing getting into the house here, we just turn on the water. You can run the water as long as you want to. But in my village, you can't do that. People have to walk five miles, six miles, two miles to to just come to a water source to get the water and carry on on their heads back for five miles. And as soon as that 20 liter bucket or four or five gallon bucket is out of water, they have to walk again to go carry the water again. So it's really a challenge, you know.

So when we have water, water is life. Yep. And I want to also when we come back, also talk about some of the other events that you will also sponsor at the villages. When you go, I think of seeing the pictures of the soccer tournaments and then just the gatherings at the school. A lot of exciting stuff. So tune in with us and we'll be back in just a moment. You're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits.

I'm Jerry Mathis and I'm with Derek and Yvonne. And we're talking a little bit about the Christian Development Foundation, Masha Mande Village. And again, I'm going to give that Web site MCDF Ministry dot org. And we're just talking about the whales. And that was one of the things that that that y'all provide and stuff is just that water and how we live in a world that just seems so we just expect it. And we don't understand the value of just having water and just as simple as a pencil.

I mean, that a pencil can change a life in a way and stuff. And all of these things that you do. You are doing one thing and that's pointing people to Jesus Christ. And that's really the beauty of any ministry. I mean, we can do a lot of things. We can you know, there's a lot of organizations out there that give. But they don't they don't they give and they meet a need for the moment where the ministry that it brings Jesus Christ into it and brings that relationship in it.

We give and it doesn't just it helps at that moment, but also it's for eternity. And you we talked about and I've seen some of that has again, some of the pictures I just think about when I see the pictures whenever y'all go and we have like a sporting event like soccer or football. Just just the crowd and the number of kids and the excitement of being able to just you have tournaments and then just the gatherings at the school and it isn't 30 kids.

It's you can tell tell that story, but it's it's a it touches a lot of lives. So, what do you think, I mean, what would you sit there and you think when. What what do you when you sit there and you walk and you go into that environment and the first thing when you go to a school and there's what's the number of how many?

Well, what's the most you've ever had? And this is going to make you kind of take pause because if you're a teacher and you think I'm I can barely keep up with which I understand why my daughter is a teacher, 30 kids in the classroom. All of a sudden you walk up, walk down that road and get to the school and there's how many kids standing up there waiting for y'all to arrive. There's thousands of kids. We have gone to schools where we have had 1300 students. And you walk into a classroom and you have teachers who have 60 kids in their class.

Yeah, and it's I mean, the excitement is unbelievable. I mean, and one of the things that we talked about the pencils, but also y'all do that a nutrition drink that they. We do so, you know, like what we say to a lot of people that we talk to is that it back in the village and education is not a right. It's actually a privilege. You get the privilege to go to school. Not a lot of kids can go to school because their parents are not able to afford it. And education there is not free. So every child who goes to school has to pay school fees, has to have a uniform and has to have all the supplies to be able to go to school.

And if they don't or if their parents cannot afford it, then they basically will sit at home and will not have the chance to an education, which when we look at, we know that having an education is what is going to make a difference in their lives. So going to school, kids are excited when we go there, when we bring the supplies, they are just so joyous to see us. And they are so grateful for everything that we do and then just the encouragement that we're able to give. And everything that we do give to them, they take it as miracles because we have our pastors who go into these schools every day and preach the gospel and give devotions to the kids because we are trying to stay, make sure that everybody is rooted in the word of God because we are also having Muslims coming in from the east, coming into the country and the government is giving them permission to get into the schools and run the schools and they are teaching the Quran and everything else that they bring with them. And in our region, Mushayamunda area, what we are doing is to really try to drill the gospel into people's hearts and that they know that this is what is foundational to them, what they believe, that even if some other messages come to them, some other preaching come to them, they can say, you know, the Christ we know is our Lord and Savior, nothing else comes between that. So we are trying to really safeguard the area from all those other doctrines that are coming in from the Middle East now because our government is letting that happen. So when you donate, when you support us to support them and to support the preachers to preach the gospel, you are really saving a lot of souls for the kingdom.

Yeah. Right now I'm going to shift gears a little bit. We're talking about just presenting the gospel. Pinedale Christian Church this coming first of December and I'll get Christian Marks is on the phone with us. Now I'm going to get her to go ahead and give me a rundown and give us a rundown of a couple of programs that's coming up on a, I think it's, let me see here, the, I think it's the 10th. Christian, you better fill me in because I'll have it all wrong.

So what kind of, what all is going on? So we have our annual Christmas program on December 10th, three thirty and six o'clock, two programs on that Sunday. It's called An Unexpected Christmas. It's about a group of people who find themselves at the airport and all flights have been canceled and they end up celebrating Christmas and remembering the true reason for Christmas while they're sitting there in the airport.

Yeah. And it's at Pinedale Christian Church and Christian is the choir director and also drama director and at Pinedale, everybody wears multiple hats. But if you've ever been to a program that Christian has put on, you will know that just the quality and stuff. But the most important thing is the message in it.

And as I read over what this was about and stuff, stranded in an airport, I think there's plenty of people can relate to that. Maybe they can turn it into a Christmas program instead of a horror movie, which for some people I know it is. Right. I mean, I think they find that at the end, you know, what what the true meaning is, it's it's remembering Christ. That he came for us and also remembering that we have each other and to support each other and what the real meaning is. So they found that at the end of the program. And I think it's going to touch a variety of people because of the different situations that are taking place in the program and relationships that are formed. So I think everybody will find some kind of connection with it. Yeah, one thing I like about the timing of it is it's so relevant with today, I think.

And and also, I'm excited about the time that we're performing it because it's at three thirty is one of the time slots. So if you're involved in another church, we don't want you to pull you away from that. You can come spend an afternoon at Pinedale and watch a great program with a great message. Or if you don't have a church home or you're not doing something on a Sunday night, six o'clock and it's at Pinedale Christian Church, I'm going to go ahead and give the address is thirty three ninety five Peters Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem.

And if you want more information on it, you can go to Pinedale dot church is the website. And really, it's just I just encourage people to bring your family. It's a great time to just be with family, go have a meal afterwards, talk about what the program is about, because it's a great opportunity with our kids.

Right. And I do want to say, too, we have a little community support as part of our program. Bigby Coffee is going to be donating some items and things for our program.

Part of it has to do with the fun part of coffee and the holidays and everything. So Bigby Coffee really has helped out a lot and we want to thank them for helping to donate to our program. All right.

We'll be back in just a moment. So, Christian, thank you, Kristen. Thank you for calling in and thank you for performing and putting this program together. Pinedale Christian Church, December 10th, three thirty and six o'clock. Thank you so much. Thank you. You're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com.

Welcome back to Kingdom Pursues. I'm Jerry Mathis. And just real quick, just a quick reminder, a couple of quick reminders. Fonda Brown is doing her suicide prevention training today from one to three. You can go and get logged on or get information by going to a website.

Fonda NC underscore 40 at Yahoo dot com as F O N D A NC underscore 40 at Yahoo dot com or Wellness Action Recovery dot org. Also, Christmas program coming up December 10th at Pinedale Christian Church. Go to Pinedale dot church and get more information on that. And Derek and Yvonne, I'm going to ask as we kind of wrap up one thing that that's important. I'm going to ask what's the most important thing right now people could do, our listeners could do to help support what's going on there. And one of the most important things is just prayer.

Just just pray. And I always say, you know, we we need to when we realize that we have brothers and sisters throughout this this continent and this globe, it isn't just in our neighborhood and in our towns and stuff, we need to make sure we're there to support them and stuff. Maybe people we never meet, but we need to support them in whatever we can. And one of the biggest thing is just pray for them.

I'm going to give the website also again with this so I don't mess it up or forget it. M C D F M C D F Ministry dot org. OK, Derek, what could you tell us about what would be the one thing that if everything just one prayer was answered, what would it be? Well, that's that's kind of a loaded question and kind of a tricky question.

But yes, yes, that's for sure. But if one prayer would be answered, it's really just the resources, because our ministry is holistic. When you impact people's lives, you change them for the kingdom building, because it's only when we can be practical with the gospel that people can truly know that people care. Once people know that people care, then they can believe and trust in that Christ Jesus that have saved us.

And then people can see themselves as followers of Christ. So whatever you do to help us, whether it's a soccer ball, whether it's pencils, whether it's pens, whether it's funding for us that we can buy this soccer ball so that we can minister to the little boys and girls, so that as they grow up, they can know that each time we do devotions with them, each time we preach to them before they play soccer, we do ministry, we preach to them, we talk to them about Jesus. Before we do anything, giving them pencils, we preach about Jesus. Before we start the day at the well, the pastor is there to do a devotion. So all these are opportunities for preaching the gospel.

When we have the gardens, the pastor is there every day to minister to the people who come and work on the land and on the garden, because there's water and all these things become testimonies for what Jesus Christ has done for us on the cross. So you're giving to us, to this ministry, to fund this ministry and to help this ministry. You are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and impacting many lives for the kingdom building. So your partnership is very important in this preaching of the gospel. Thank you for what many of you have done with us on this journey. Many of you intend to do with us and many will do with us. So we pray the Lord will guide you and direct you so that when you make those decisions and commitments, you can feel and know that you are part of something big and bigger than us.

Absolutely. One of the, I know that Becca started a couple of years ago, kind of backing up on another story, was the fact that y'all remember the solar lights. That's another thing. We don't, we take that for granted. We walk into a house or a building, we turn a switch and we got lights.

We go out in the streets and the street lights. Y'all were providing solar. The solar lights were a huge impact. And we, you know, know that we knew that they would have a big impact, but we really did not understand that impact until those solar lights were actually there in the village and were put on. When you see little children running out in the evening and are able to enjoy just having the light, when you see them sitting under the light and are now able to study in the evenings, which they could not have done because when it got dark, there was no light. When you see even adults just coming out, sitting and enjoying the light and being able to see was just a very, very powerful testimony of just the light that God brings.

And then at the same time, many people were having snake bites in the evening. So when we have this, just this one solar light put at each little village homestead, it just lights up the homestead to where they can see what's crawling around, because at night it becomes dangerous with all these very dangerous snakes as well. So it has been a delight for many people and those who have given and who want to give towards that.

It's about 80 dollars, a solar light that can take care of each homestead and just bringing that light. It also brings the light of Christ Jesus to these families. Yeah. And that's what I love about what you're doing is just the fact that, as I said, we can meet a need for the day.

But how do we connect that to meet a need for eternity? And that's what you're doing. And that's just such a great opportunity. Again, Derek and Navon, thank you for being here this morning and thank you to the listeners for listening this morning. I'm going to give the website for Derek and Navon's ministry. It's at MCDF or the Mashaman Daya Village on Facebook. Again, Fonda Bryant's training today, Fonda NC underscore 40 at Yahoo, Honda Christian Church Christmas program, December the 10th, two times, three thirty and six. And again, if you're not involved in a local church, find a church today and tomorrow. I hope to see you. I hope somebody sees you in church. God bless. This is the Truth Network.
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