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From the Capitol to Christ

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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January 18, 2024 5:00 am

From the Capitol to Christ

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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January 18, 2024 5:00 am

Siaka Massaquoi stepped one foot into the Capitol, then turned around when ordered to leave by police. In return, he's being harassed for political reasons by the Biden Administration. But it's not all bad: Siaka shares with Charlie his incredible story of how Covid lockdowns and political persecution guided him into the Christian church. Plus, the two discuss new evidence of perjury by a Capitol police officer, and the federal government's wider obsession with terrorizing political enemies while letting violent criminals roam the street with impunity.

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Hey, everybody. Siaka Masukwai joins us for an amazing conversation. He's an American political prisoner.

That's a real heavy thing. Listen to his testimony carefully, and he has a great, great call to action at the end. Email us as always, freedom at and subscribe to our podcast.

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Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Joining us now is Siaka Masukwai. He's a January 6th defendant. He took a little step into the capital, step out, boom, air marshals tracked him, raided his home, and arrested him. This is the current regime. It's anarcho-tyranny. If you rape, if you murder, if you steal, if you... Government doesn't care.

But if you dare take a step into the people's house, they will hunt you down and try to destroy your life. Well, we're not going to let that happen. Joining us now is Siaka Masukwai. Siaka, welcome back to the program. Good to see you, my friend.

All right. What is the latest news that you have regarding January 6th? And tell your story again, please.

Well, so I guess January 6th is we're seeing everything coming out. It just looks like entrapment. I went there January 6th for Trump's speech. Went back to my hotel right after the speech and actually watched online or on TV, MSNBC, start to kind of say this narrative. And this lady was like, well, you know, it's a sad mood and everything. And I had just left a group of people laughing and having a good time. So my impetus to go down to the capital was to go over there and get behind the camera person and call them liars pretty much. But when I got down there, you know, I ran into some friends. We started doing an interview there.

People are singing a national anthem. And then I just started reporting things because I wanted to capture everything that was going on. As you said earlier, walked towards the door that now is the infamous door that everyone that they broke the glass and went into.

I had no idea of this. I walked over to the door. Cops were standing kind of in the front of the, or back in the archway, a little further back where they kind of stopped us from going any further. As you can see, I have footage up and I'm looking around a cop in riot gear comes out and says, you guys need to go back out. So, all right. In the video, you hear me say, we're being reasonable.

I turn around and tell everyone behind me, guys, go back the other way. And went around, went outside, reported a little bit more. And I left. Then in June, on June 10th of 21 or 15 agents came into my home around 5 45 in the morning with AR 15s, guns drawn, pointed at myself, my best friend, my God sons, three and six at the time, they took my computer, my cell phones, my flash drives, and my mega hats. And then for two years, I was never charged with anything. I wasn't arrested that day. And for two years, they've had this stuff. They wouldn't give it back.

They still haven't given it back. And on November 30th of 20 of 2023, coming back from the movie premiere of lady ballers for daily wire, landing at Burbank airport, they arrested me on the tarmac. They separated me from my wife who we had just recently married a couple of a year earlier. We're about to have our first child and didn't, they told her, well, he's being arrested based on January 6th. I spent a night in jail, uh, free of praise God.

I was able to get out the next day after spending all day locked up and chained from my wrist, ankles, and waist, like a drug, drug trafficker, or some type of select slaver or something. Um, then now, you know, we've been officially, I've been officially charged, arraigned and charged with four misdemeanors, including knowingly trespassing a restricted area and staying disorderly conduct in a restricted area, disorderly conduct in the Capitol and parading in the Capitol. Um, and we played, we pled not guilty, uh, on our arraignment, uh, where, you know, we're citing selected prosecution because after two years of following tracking and seeing everything that I've been up to, this is what they decided to charge me with. Um, and yeah, we, you know, this is where the fight is right now. And we're waiting to see if we can get our Brady material and get our seven Oh twos to see if they were watching before they had, uh, permission to, um, there's just, uh, now it's just going to go through the process of the waiting game. And I gotta say, you know, from people like you guys, uh, you personally and turning point and Rob McCoy and Gina Carano, daily wired, Gary B boring, like the, the amount of people that have come in and surrounded me in this moment, like, I think is an example of what we can do for so many other January six people that, um, are being plucked in the quiet of the night. You know, they don't have kind of the little platform that I have, but this hopefully can put a message on, look what your government's doing to you.

We have your back a hundred percent Siaka let's play cut 78, please. Lazarus Lazarus Lazarus, David Lazarus, special agent, Nancy Pelosi's head of security. Did Pelosi's security chief perjure himself on the very night of the release of this story, the house has voted to house the speaker. We lost our speaker of the house. The moment McCarthy, his seat was vacated. I lost my ability to release the video.

We were given permission to use a single screenshot. Therefore that Mike Johnson, the state of Louisiana duly elected speaker of the house representative course. Now we have a new speaker in place. We now have permission to release the video.

Siaka your reaction, bro. I like, um, I actually was fortunate enough to meet, uh, Steve Baker at the America project J six celebration, where we also got to hear the J six prisoners saying the national Anthem live at nine o'clock. It was Charlie.

If you haven't heard it yet, it's amazing. And he told me about this story. And when I finally saw it for myself, the first thing that I thought about is who, who made this employee lie to this level, because this lie paints a picture of that day that many of us knows isn't, isn't the full or true picture. So it's not, that's not the guy that made that decision. The employee that works for the Capitol building. Isn't the one that made the decision to cooperate with the Capitol police officer and make up a story to put people behind jail or put people in jail for a long time in federal prison. So the first thing I think about is we need to find out who made him do this to make this decision. We need to hold him accountable for lying and then putting human beings and fellow Americans behind bars, but again, federal prison based off a lie.

This is very important for everyone. This is not a Democrat or Republican thing because the government is establishing a pattern. The FBI, they're moving on misdemeanors for random people. Steve told me they called him two days after they arrested me. They're coming for him. So they're coming for anyone and everyone that is going to question this regime and they'll even have employees of the government lie. Who, who is authorizing that? That's the questions we need to ask and get the answers to.

The, the Steve Baker of the blaze was on that video. How much of the January six tapes are we still missing? So far, so far I know only 90 hours have been released and they're talking about within the next few months that the next 44,000 hours that are still held will be released. So we still have still in a sense of treasure trove that haven't been released yet when you only have a small amount that has to tell a story.

Like I've been in Hollywood, you know, since 2004. So I understand story. I also understand editing in order to tell a story and so now that we see this story is crumbling, that they told us for the last two years, that they tried to paint regular citizens who were, you know, practicing their first amendment rights as terrorists and traitors to this country. The reason why most people were there was because they loved their country.

Whether they're first generation like myself or people who have been here for generations, that's why they were there. Let's, let's find out the people who had the body cam that were telling people to go forward and then leave. Let's find out those people who were dressed in one outfit one minute and hide behind trees switching to Trump outfits and moving forward after. Let's talk about the over 200 agents that no one wants to identify or the people who were there 15 minutes before Trump speech even ended. I want to just repeat something you said only 90 out of 44,000 hours have been released.

Yes. Speaker Johnson just hasn't hasn't hasn't fulfilled his promise. I guess, you know, I had something that and I'm not a huge fan of FDR overall, but he said something that made sense.

And like I said before, I mean, I've been in the Hollywood industry for a while so I can tell story. And so what I'm seeing a lot of times, especially with Republican and Democrat moves, everything we see in politics is not by accident. So the political game will be played.

I think a lot of times even before just a humanitarian game should be played. And so there's a lot of people, even from a January 6 standpoint, that no one was talking about this for a long time. You know, you have been somebody who's been consistent turning points been consistent, but from Fox News, so a lot of the major names, no one talked about it. That was for a reason. Now they're talking about it because now it's politically expedient to help out.

So I look at it as. From a political standpoint, I can't rely on them to do the ultimate right thing right away, but I can rely on us to talk us to share the story and get people back on the right side. Hey, this is Charlie Kirk and I know a lot of you have been suffering under the Biden economy.

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And they crushed it for me. 10 out of 10. So check it out right now, After the complete timeline of video evidence released by the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, with some of the few hours he released, clearly indicates that Lazarus was not in the vicinity of Dunn when the alleged altercation occurred, but was a quarter mile away in the Senate office buildings.

Lazarus did not arrive in the stairwell where Dunn was located until after the Oath Keepers had already left the area and can be seen exiting the Capitol Rotunda through the east doors. I mean, Siaka, did no one fact check this guy's testimony? I mean, this is this is the most simple one on one stuff. Well, I mean, you got to look at the I would say the political will. You have lawyers that weren't willing to defend a lot of these J sixers.

So when everyone they're bulldozing this narrative down everyone's throat and not releasing the footage, who was going to fact check? Like, we can't we can never expect and I believe you can never expect evil to do the right thing. So it wasn't gonna it wasn't gonna come to this point until the light of day was shot was shown on it. Now this is where we are.

So, of course, they weren't going to do that because they're not going to hold themselves accountable to that level. And we've watched it. Yes. So, Siaka, there's something I want you to riff on here. I got in a conversation recently with someone who wasn't is not as conservative as I am. He's a good guy, though. And I said something I said, you know, our government is really treacherous and evil. And he said, I know I wouldn't go that far.

And I laid out the case and he conceded some points to his credit. But Siaka, you're not a political guy. Can you your own government is attacking you? You're not a drug trafficker. You're not choreographing the movement of females across the southern borders that they could be sold into sex slavery.

You haven't burned down Wendy's in the spirit of Floyd-a-Palooza. No, you took us a couple steps into the Capitol and then you went out. Can you comment on how it feels in your life to be targeted by a government that you probably once looked at at best positively at worst neutrally? I always like to tell people, you know, I was raised in Evanston, Illinois.

And yes, it's a liberal and it's actually far more liberal progressive than it was when I was growing up. But we were raised that America was great. We were raised that this country was working towards something better than humans have ever seen when it comes down to governance. And leaving a country or my family left a country where they actually locked people up and killed opposition leaders. And to be in this situation now and to know this is not what it's supposed to be. You know, I had this conversation yesterday with a good friend of mine I went to high school with. I'm like, stop talking about teams and look at it in the fact of our government is using all the resources that it has to terrorize their citizens.

Like, I haven't been always, you know, been a Christian or been trying to do the right things. I've done things where I've got put in jail for that I deserve to be. But to have your government paint a picture, then use all the force of our own tax dollars to then frame you as a terrorist, a traitor to your country. A traitor to a country is deserving of death. That's in our constitution. So when you watch people kind of sit back and go well, you know, yeah, you shouldn't have been there or yeah you're a traitor it's like no you don't understand what is happening right now and what is the movement that is going on because it's fun today because you think this is your team working it.

When Trump does win are the complaints going to be the same when people believe that maybe he's moving too heavy handedly because the standard has already been set. I can go after misdemeanors now, which they've never done in history to have that feel that feeling on top when you're just trying to make make your way when you're already been canceled because you didn't believe in the shot when you backed a certain president when you want to speak out against you know killing and assassinating babies in the womb. Now the government's going to put put themselves on top of you with guns in your face. Come in and take your property.

Wait two years. Sorry. Everyone should be mad. And it's not, it's not just about me. You know, this is about the direction of where we want our kids to grow up. Everyone should be mad that our government's moving like this.

Sorry. How can people support you and help you out here you're being persecuted by our own government. And as Dennis Prager said and Dennis Prager is a very precise man.

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Sayaka, your reaction. Like you said, before growing up I used to not think that and now as I watch what how things are moving. There's no reasonable conclusion to why they're moving like this on citizens outside of a strong disdain for I don't understand, you know, but as I was talking to your producer earlier. This is just reaffirm the glory of God to me from the evening of being locked up to getting a Bible that night and literally fall asleep with it in my arms to, you know, talking to the prisoners the next day and at the holding cell in the marshal's office and ended up being asked to pray for them and our and myself it before we went in front of the magistrate to having good godly friends looking after Charlotte. When I wasn't able to be with her to just the church church God speak and how they showed up at the hearing just for my bond hearing or at least 15 people and watching that work.

It's just honestly, after after the, you know, just the arrest, let alone these last this last month. I've seen the Lord work in such amazing ways that and they also mentioned how Jesus said look you know the the servant isn't greater than the master if you're going to to work in his name and in this favor, you're going to be persecuted so to watch these things happen but yet watch the Lord work. It sucks and it emotionally can hit you in the gut but there's a glory on the other side and there's a light on the other side that it just warms you and gives you peace and you realize you're more blessed that if you have to be at this place.

I'd rather be here with Lord on my back and behind me and in front of me around me then, then kind of be where I used to be alone in this darkness away from him. You know, because I was those are crazy times to Romans 828, we know that nothing's God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. He works all things out for his good for those who love him.

So Siaka, you're viewing this as a blessing. Can you talk more about God Speak run by Pastor Rob McCoy, my pastor? Every church in the country should be doing this but most churches are not very courageous, they run to the hills. What a great ministry opportunity, right?

Because you know I hear from you know the social justice warrior people you know we stand with the immigrant and we stand with the felon and they have prison ministries and okay great fine. But you know the lack of the church's compassion towards January 6th defendants has just been so telling to me. Most pastors in churches, they don't care, but talk about how I'm sure that was just a stimulus for you, the love that you felt from God Speak Calvary Chapel.

That is the love of Jesus Christ, isn't it? I mean, what else could it be, you know, God Speak has been one of those churches I even I first even heard of God Speak in 2020 when they stayed open. And my buddy was like let's go up there and support them and we were actually supposed to come and see you at Jack Hibbs church instead. And so my buddy mentioned that this church is being persecuted. Do you want to go there and I'll be honest with you and as this is not as before like I got baptized and everything. My buddy goes they're going to give out tickets for people so I don't know and I go, well, I go what do you think Jesus.

He said Jesus go to the church to be persecuted. So I'm like, all right, you know, I guess we got to go there. So we didn't get to come see you over at Jack's church. We had to go over there and that's when I got my first the first Bible that I've ever really owned for myself. And the service went on and I'll sit next to this older lady who had just driven in from Arizona that day because the Lord told her she needed to be there. And after the service ends, she opens up Ephesians 6 in her Bible that's like has all these stickers and are highlighted like crazy and she points he goes open up your Bible here points out Ephesians 6 10 armor of God and wants to circle it in my book the circles in her and she goes, you're going to need this.

The Lord told me to tell you you're going to need this. And that was August of 2020. And after that we find out I've got put on the censorship list of September of 2020 in California.

So the Secretary of State censored list. I get a ticket for not wearing a mask in West Hollywood in February and I get rated at you, but I meet my now future wife in September, who happens to be going to God speak because her church shut down. And she asked me, hey, do you want to go to church? I'm like, yeah, okay, you know, I haven't gone to church consistently since I was 12. So we started going to church together in in November or in just September of 21 or 21. And you can see that it went from just wanting to stand for freedom to all this stuff happening and then the woman that now is is my wife and they're going to have our first child together was actually going to the church because the church was standing up. So we started going started going to God speak there. We were able to connect with that community, so much so that we had 13 people in that church alone run for local office I was fortunate to be one of them because Charlotte also was doing Patriot Academy Rick Green's Patriot Academy I went to that and started getting even more turned up about what was the right thing to do and getting involved and running for local office. And then we had the first state assembly and 22 we had 13 people and God speak run for for local office. God speak to me was the church that I believe that I was missing and why I didn't didn't really buy into it growing up because I was like they're not active.

And I would say oh just kind of let it to me just let it happen God will take care of it. There wasn't the stand you know you know contend for the faith attitude that now I've started to see and start to learn more about and see. Yes, this is the way to move this is can give people purpose, and I watched God speak lead the way and to the point where I got baptized to God speak myself and man, it is just been from from their impetus of what turning point faith is and my wife being the leader of turning point faith out there and in Thousand Oaks to watching what you guys have done to activate the pastors, and I always said like this on a campaign trail.

Can you imagine what our country would be like if at least one person at every church or synagogue ran for local office. We wouldn't be having these arguments wouldn't be having a prop one in California past that you can kill a baby up to nine months and you can now have the death of a baby go on solve after you know 28 days later, you know, see it see aka what a beautiful testimony. God works all things out for his good in an amazing way did COVID and J six bring you closer to Jesus. Oh, man, COVID COVID turned me to the truth of who God was.

J six. Show me the peace of Jesus. COVID told me like man look at the amount of lies in the world that are going to be told you need to find truth and that's who God was to me. You know, I went to program for my alcoholism so I saw God saved my life personally, and then now I can go back and see how he did before.

So in 2020 that was like no you have to stand for something more than just being comfortable in your house. And that's what that's where like, who God was kind came out there but then the love of Jesus Christ, that just flourished, when you started to cancel and attack and put on the cover of, you know, la times lying about you and getting guns in your face and then in that little moment, finding that church and finding a woman that was at that that goes to that church. And then we started our spiritual journey together and read through the whole New Testament together so it was the first time I got to look at literally not a blurb, but I got to read Jesus's words firsthand was with my wife. And we did all that together it just, I mean, we could we could have, we could be here for hours discussing the amount of the amount of just glory that he shown and how much they exist and he wants to be there for us and especially now, especially when we're not too far from the Jews that in Exodus, or that and you know in Leviticus, or in Kings that were turning away from God and wonder why everything fell apart. Then they turned back.

The Lord even back then said hey, come to me just as long as you come to me and you're repentant. I'll get I'll get you. And so that hope was just so it became so much more palatable. Man, Charlie, I, I couldn't. Sometimes I just can't put it all into words but it has been so beautiful.

It's been some next level stuff, Charlie, next level. The shortest prayer in the Bible is Lord help me. It was a storm going on. We love Peter.

Peter's all over the map and it was just Lord help me. Yeah, not this long elaborate thing that this, you know, I'm on the catechism all that stuff's fine just Lord help me. Wow. Have you seen the movie nefarious know by Steve days but I've been meaning to do that make an impact on your life. Yes, there is a scene it made. Again, it makes the everything that happened made the gospel even more true, because it says in there and it's based off the screw tape letters. It's inspired by that with, you know, screw tape letters by by.

That's the name escape me right now by CS Lewis I'm sorry. And in that movie there's a moment the atheist cries out to the Lord at all he says was, God help me. And everything stopped, and I'm not, it's not taking the movie away at all because you have to go through it to understand like when this move this moment even happened, but it was just that little prayer that little prayer that opened up the floodgates come back into his life. When he was completely too smart for religion, if you will, too smart for God. Right, they say like the foolishness of God confines the wisdom of the wise, and it's so interesting how to watch that happen and to even watch. I don't want to just go back on me but watch how people have surrounded in a moment where I really thought I was like, well, that's it, I'm gonna be locked up and go by the wayside like so many other people from January six and, you know, happened but then the come out and see that support you're like, Whoa, and to see that the moment where Paul you know Paul talks about the walls coming down when he's in prison after just worshiping. And I was able to when I'm in there and that first night praying the Lord's prayer over getting the Bible reading the Bible in there. The next day, worshiping the Lord just praying while I'm in jail, actually to the point where in that little two by four room where you get to speak to your lawyer, I wasn't expecting my lawyer to show up because he was in Florida. He comes busting in with his bags. He's like we're here I got you I got a lawyer for LA we're gonna we're gonna, you know, get you out today. Please. I'm sitting in this room, and I fall to my knees, and the only thing I can do with my hands just kind of cuffed is put my hands up and just saying that Brandon Lake song gratitude.

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Go to my promo code Kirk. I'm going to read a tweet here Siaka if that's okay and I want to I want to get your reaction to it just only one part of it. So there's this Christian author Beth Moore who has a big following allegedly and she's attacking Trump. She's attacking Trump and all this and I don't want to pick on her too much but I do want to because I think this is really I think it involves you. She's attacking Trump supporters and she says that all Trump supporters want is a bully someone who's verbally abusive purposefully divisive all these things and I hear your story Siaka okay and I want to connect these dots and I say no no no we want for one thing justice. One of the reasons why I'm more in support of Trump than ever before is look how you're being treated.

Look how he's being treated 700 years in prison. Can you riff on that from a Christian perspective Siaka? You know, Jesus said he didn't come here to bring peace right and and that's something that we were like me my wife is reading we're just thinking man like what does that mean come here to separate mothers from daughters fathers from sons.

And what it meant was Jesus is the truth right when he says I'm the truth the way in the life. He's the truth. And it's so clear when someone makes a statement like that they don't understand why people enjoy Trump and why people and Christians are backing him. It's not because he's perfect. It's not because he has a spotless record in his past.

It's because he's telling the truth is because he's saying things that our culture has needed to be it needs to be said for a long time is because he's inspired individuals like yourself and so many others to stand up for truth in their spot. They don't they can't handle that. And so when I hear someone make a statement like that, it's really disheartening because then I know you have not talked to Trump. I told that was my response. You know, I'm tweeting back at her. I said come with me to a MAGA rally.

You're welcome Beth Moore. Just just check all of your biases and just come join a MAGA rally and yet and there will be some anger and stuff but mostly it's motivated by love and how we've been lied to. Yes, you know, and I said this yesterday. It's like we've been lied to so much that the American people didn't get a chance to enjoy. Probably the funniest fun president we've ever had. I've been to a few rallies and it's a comedy show and he's right. Most of the politicians can't do what he does.

He'll have you laughing. You may not agree with everything, but he has a jovial spirit and you said it is nothing but love and that jovial spirit echoes throughout any rally. I was here with the Trump rallies in 2020 that went on from June all the way till, you know, week after the election and we were singing dancing Dennis Prager's in the middle of the street being, you know, doing that.

I forget what it called the Jewish dancer and we're we have a live band and we have people flying planes overhead. That's what it is. It's a life movement and when you can't take don't take the time and you're only watching what the television screen which is run by a certain group of people want to show you. Of course, you're going to think oh they only want this that sounds like you've been digesting CNN and MSNBC when it comes down to program.

You've been programmed. So repeat the website and just your final plea here Siaka because you are you are a political prisoner and Siaka if you had a chance to read darkness at noon by Arthur Kessler encourage you to read it. It's all about political prisoners in the 1950s and it's really powerful, but you are a political prisoner and you're using it as a blessing. You're the first you are the first generation of political prisoners. I hope you know that we've never had it before in American history, even even through our nastiest times. We have not had a thousand plus people that have been put in prison because of their views.

First of all, thank you again for having me on Charlie. If you guys feel it and moved in your heart go to defend Siaka si This is not just about me. If anything, we can use this to put a light on what our government is doing to the average person, which they're not supposed to which is why this country was established in the first place.

Again, it's not a right or left thing. This is a government against its people. And right now the weight of the government are being used is being used against individuals like myself, and many others in worse positions that you may not know that some have been locked up since January 6. So this is a plea if you want to support me please come up, go to I also do updates January 6 updates to keep you informed of what's going on with other cases, and with our government, you know, in itself so go out there support please guys please be bold, move with Christ be as Christ was and be bold with your belief, don't be afraid anymore. Don't be afraid and you should you should go become a pastor Siaka that so you know your list. Excellent fortitude. God bless you man. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at Charlie Kirk calm. Thanks so much for listening, and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to
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